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301. Science of Self-Realization: A Guide to spiritual Practice in the Kriya Yoga Tradition (Patanjali's Yoga Sutra) / Davis, Roy Eugene
302. The Science of Yoga and His Consciousness / Mahajan, S.N.
303. Science of Yoga; 8 Volumes / Swami Sivananda
304. Secret of Spiritual Life (Intuitively Apprehanded) 407 Sutras / Singh, Mohan
305. Secret Power of Tantrik Breathing / Sivapriyananda, Swami
306. Secrets of Hatha Yoga or Yogi Philosophy of Well Being / Ramacharaka, Yogi
307. Secrets of Raja Yoga or Conquering the Internal Nature / Vivekananda, Swami
308. Secrets of Yantra, Mantra and Tantra / Chawdhri, L.R. (Dr.)
309. Secrets of Yoga, God & Universe / Mangla, Dharam Vir
310. The Self-Revealed Knowledge That Liberates the Spirit: A Handbook of Essential Information for Experiencing a Conscious Relationship with the Infinite and Restoring Soul Awareness to Wholeness / Davis, Roy Eugene
311. Seven Lessons in Conscious Living: A Progressive Program of Higher Learning and Spiritual Practice in the Kriya Yoga Tradition / Davis, Roy Eugene
312. Seven Quartets of Becoming: A Transformative Yoga Psychology Based on the Diaries of Sri Aurobindo / Banerji, Debashish
313. Shakti Sadhana: Step to Samadhi / Tigunait, Pandit Rajmani (Dr.)
314. Shakti: Shiva and Yoga / Shastri, Vagish
315. Siva Sutras: The Supreme Awakening, with the commentary of Kshemaraja; Revealed by Swami Lakshmanjoo
316. Siva Sutras: The Yoga of Supreme Identity / Singh, Jaideva (Tr.)
317. Soul Searchers: The Art of Breathing / Venugopalan, R.
318. Soul Searchers: The Healing Powers of Pyramid (with colour pictures) / Sri Rudrabhayananda (R. Venugopalan)
319. Soul Searchers: The Hidden Mysteries of Kundalini (547 Chakra 180 Nadis 16 Granthis) / Sri Rudrabhayananda (R. Venugopalan)
320. Speaking of Ayurveda, Yoga and Nature Cure / Devaraj, T.L. (Dr.)
321. The Spirit of Reiki: The Complete Handbook of the Reiki System / Lubeck, Walter; Petter, Frank Arjava & Rand, William Lee
322. Spiritual Authority and Temporal Power in the Indian Theory of Government by Ananda K. Coomaraswamy / Iengar, Keshavram N. & Coomaraswamy, Rama P. (Eds.)
323. Spiritual Awakening of Man: Talks of the Spirit Master Rishi Ram Ram Recorded by Auto-writing / Krishnaswamy, V.S.
324. Spiritual Healing: Doctors Examine Therapeutic Touch and other Holistic Treatments / Kunz, Dora
325. Spiritualism in Day-to-Day Life / Lakhotia, R.N.
326. Spirituality: Discovering Our True Self / Mittal, Indu
327. The Splendours and Dimensions of Yoga; 2 Volumes / Bajpai, R.S.
328. Sri Aurobindo, Jung and Vedic Yoga / Singh, Satya Prakash (Prof.)
329. Sri Siddheshwar Baba and Sri Kundalini Yoga / Ruhela, S.P. (Dr.)
330. Step-by-Step Head Massage / Bentley, Eilean
331. Step-by-Step Yoga for Stress Relief / Shivapremananda, Swami
332. Stress in Women: Manage with Ayurveda and Yoga / Mehra, Raakhi
333. Stretch Your Limbs for Balance: Yoga for Long and Healthy Living / Miller, Elise Browning & Blackmen, Carol
334. Studies in Jaina Philosophy / Tatia, Nathmal
335. A Study of Self Concept of Sankhya Yoga Philosophy / Catalina, Francis V.
336. Super Science of Yoga / Kumar, Kamakhya
337. Superconscious Meditation / Bharati, Swami Veda
338. Superconsciousness: How to Benefits from Emerging Spiritual Trends / Walters, J. Donald
339. The Supreme Yoga: A New Translation of Yoga Vasistha; 2 Volumes / Venkatesananda, Swami
340. The Supreme Yoga: Yoga Vasistha / Venkatesananda, Swami (Tr.)
341. Synthesis of Yoga: History of Science, Philosophy, and Culture in Indian Civilization; Volume XVI, Part 4 / Joshi, Kireet (Ed.)
342. A Systematic Course in the Ancient Tantric Techniques of Yoga and Kriya / Saraswati, Swami Satyananda
343. Tantra, Mantra, Yoga & Spiritual Bliss: The Holistic Yoga: Posture, Pranayama, Tattva-Shuddhi, Chakra-Dhyana, Kundalini Awakening, Mantrajapa & Svara-Vijnana / Gupta, J.L. 'Chaitanya'
344. Tantric Yoga and the Wisdom Goddesses: Spiritual Secrets of Ayurveda / Frawley, David
345. Tantric Yoga: The Royal Path to Raising Kundalini Power / Gavin & Frost, Yvonne (Trs.)
346. Tao Te Ching: A New Translation and Commentary by Ralph Alan Dale / Tzu, Lao
347. Tapping Your Inner Strength: How to Find the Resilence to Deal with Anything / Grotberg, Edith Henderson
348. Teachings of Swami Satyananda; Volume 1, 2, 3 & 6
349. A Text Book on Yoga and Health / Bhowmik, Sanjib Kumar
350. Textbook of Yoga / Yogeswar
351. Theories of the Chakras: Bridge to Higher Consciousness / Motaoyama, Hiroshi
352. Theory and Practice of Meditation / Ballentine, Rudolph M.
353. Therapeutic Tantra: The Power of Physical, Psychological and Spiritual Healing / Santideva, Sadhu
354. Theravada Meditation: The Buddhist Transformation of Yoga / King, Winston L.
355. The Tibetan Art of Healing / Baker, Ian A.
356. Tibetan Healing: The Modern Legacy of Medicine Buddha / Fenton, Peter
357. Tibetan Medicine with special reference to Yoga Sataka / Dash, Vaidya Bhagwan
358. Tibetan Meditation: Practical Teaching and Step-by-Step Exercises on How to Live in Harmony, Peace and Happiness / Tulku, Tarthang
359. Tibetan Power Yoga: The Essence of All Yogas (A Tibetan Exercise for Physical Vitality and Mental Power) / Mattausch, Jutta
360. Tibetan Wisdom for Modern Life / Arpaia, Joseph & Ragpay, Lobsang
361. Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrines / Evans-Wentz, W.Y.
362. The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep / Rinpoche, Tenzin Wangyal
363. To Be and Not to Be, that is the Answer: Umpire Exeriments for Tapping Our Infinite Resources / Harding, D.E.
364. Traditional Healing in Ladakh: Shamanic Trance and Amnesia, with the Shamans of the Changpa in Ladakhi Changthang / Rosing, Ina
365. Transforming Self through Yoga: Getting more than Exercise from an Ancient Spiritual Practice / Pilarzyk, Tom
366. Truth of Life: The Art and Science of Living / Mahapragya
367. The Twilight Language: Explorations in Buddhist Meditation and Symbolism / Bucknell, R.S. & Fox, Martin Stuart
368. The Two Traditions of Meditation in Ancient India / Bronkhorst, Johannes
369. Unconditional Bliss: Finding Happiness in the Face of Hardship / Cushnir, Howard Raphael
370. Understanding Mysteries of the Mind / Vanvari, Nandlal
371. Understanding the Kundalini: A Guide for Beginners / Beal, Yogi Harinam Baba Prem Tom
372. The Upasana Cintamani; (Vol2 Pt.1: Kavaca-Rahasyam) / Joshi, Rasik Vihari (Ed. & Tr.)
373. Vibrant Celestial Meditation / Sahib, Sri Bhai & Singh, Bhai Kirpal
374. Vijnana Bhairava: The Practice of Centring Awareness, commentary of Swami Lakshman Joo (Sanskrit text with English translation)
375. Vijnanabhairava or Divine Consciousness: A Treasury of 112 Types of Yoga / Singh, Jaideva
376. Vipassana: A Universal Buddhist Meditational Technique / Ahir, D.C. (Ed.)
377. Vital Energy: Energy for Normal Body Function / Sahi, B.B.
378. Vyayam Yoga: The Art of Dynamic Breathing / Plazas, Javier
379. What is Karma? / Brunton, Paul
380. The Wisdom of Sri Chinmoy / Chinmoy, Sri
381. Wonders that is Reiki: First Steps in Healing through Reiki / Vennells, David F.
382. World Great Yoga and Meditation Gurus / Kataria, Sundeep
383. Yantra Mahima: A book based on Classics / Shastri, M.H.K. & Vashistha Pt. Laxmi Kant
384. Yog Dwara Rogo Ka Upchaar / Sareen, N.
385. Yog Sadhana Pranayam (VCD in English) / Swami Ramdev
386. Yog Sadhana Pranayam (VCD in Hindi) / Swami Ramdev
387. Yog Sadhna Evam Yog Chikitsa Rahasaya (in Hindi) / Swami Ramdev
388. Yoga A Way of Life: A Comprehensive Multimedia CD-Rom based on Ashtanga, Yoga
389. Yoga and Ayurveda: Self-Healing and Self-Realization / Frawley, David
390. Yoga and Ayurveda: Their Alliedness and Scope as Positive Health Sciences / Mishra, Satyendra Prasad & Pathak, Ashutosh Kumar (Dr.)
391. Yoga and Meditational Psychotherapy / Singh, N.K.
392. Yoga and Psychotherapy: The Evolution of Consciousness / Swami Rama, Swami Arya & Ballentine, Rudolph
393. Yoga and the Luminous: Patanjali's Spiritual Path to Freedom / Chapple, Christopher Key
394. Yoga and the Sacred Fire: Self Realization and Planetary Transformation / Frawley, David
395. Yoga and the Supreme Bliss: Songs of Enlightenment / Tirtha, Swamy Rama & Alston, A.J.
396. Yoga and Western Psychology: A Comparison / Coster, Geraldine
397. Yoga and Your Heart / Datey, K.K.; Gharote, M.L. & Pavri, Soli
398. Yoga and Zen: A Monograph / Raghupathi, K.V.
399. Yoga as Philosophy and Religion / Dasgupta, Surendranath
400. Yoga aur Ayurveda (in Hindi) / Bhanot, Pinki & Kahre, Ravikant
401. The Yoga Book: A Practical Guide to Self-Realisation / Sturgess, Stephen
402. The Yoga Cookbook: Vegetarian Food for Body and Mind / Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres
403. Yoga Darsana: Sutras of Patanjali with Bhasya of Vyasa / Jha, Ganganath
404. Yoga Education: A Textbook / Kumar, Kamakhya
405. Yoga for All / Thakur, Bharat
406. Yoga for Back & Joint Disorders / Vyas, K.P.
407. Yoga for Backache Relief / Thakur, Bharat
408. Yoga for Body, Breath and Mind: A Guide to Personal Reintegration / Mohan, A.G.
409. Yoga for Busy People / Hota, Bijoylaxmi
410. Yoga for Common Diseases / Kumar, Kaul H.
411. Yoga for Easier Pregnancy and National Childbirth / Anand, Anjali Devi & Sri Ananda
412. Yoga for Every Athlete: Secrets fo An Olympic Coach / Kogler, Aladar
413. Yoga for Flat Abs / Thakur, Bharat
414. Yoga for Healing / Venkateswaran, P.S. (Dr.)
415. Yoga for Health / Sekhar, K. Chandra
416. Yoga for Health and Bliss / Mangla, Dharam Vir
417. Yoga for Health: A Systematic Presentation of the Discipline of Yoga / INYS
418. Yoga for Men: Postures for Healthy, Stress-Free Living / Claire, Thomas
419. Yoga for Peace / Raghupathi, K.V.
420. Yoga for Physical Fitness / Hittleman, R.
421. Yoga for Psychosomatic Diseases / Bhaskar, Sanjay
422. Yoga for Teens / Schenk, Shawna
423. Yoga for the Family: A Holistic Approach / Thakur, Bharat
424. Yoga for You / Devi, Indra
425. Yoga for Youngsters / Rao, Vellurisubba
426. Yoga for Your Spiritual Muscles / Schaffer, Rachel
427. Yoga for Your Type: An Ayurvedic Approach to Your Asana Practice / Frawley, David & Kozak, Sandra Summerfield
428. Yoga Illustrated Dictionary / Day, Harvey
429. Yoga in Hindu Scripture / Kaul, H. Kumar (Yoga Ratna)
430. Yoga in Modern India: The Body between Science and Philosophy / Alter, Joseph S.
431. Yoga in Practice / White, David Gordon (Ed.)
432. Yoga Karnika of Nath Aghorananda: An Ancient Treatise on Yoga / Sharma, N.N. (Dr.)
433. Yoga Mahavigyan / Kumar, Kamakhya (Dr.)
434. The Yoga of Herbs: An Ayurvedic Guide to Herbal Medicine / Frawley, David & Lad, Vasant
435. The Yoga of Kashmir Shaivism: Consiousness is Everything / Swami Shankarananda
436. The Yoga of Knowledge: Based of Sri Aurobindo's Synthesis of Yoga / Pandit, M.P.
437. The Yoga of Love: Based on Sri Aurobindo's Synthesis of Yoga / Pandit, M.P.
438. The Yoga of Self-Perfection: Based on Sri Aurobindo's Synthesis of Yoga / Pandit, M.P.
439. The Yoga of Tibet: The Great Exposition of Secret Mantra - 2 and 3 / Tsong-ka-pa
440. The Yoga of Works: Based on Sri Aurobindo's Synthesis of Yoga / Pandit, M.P.
441. Yoga Philosophy of Patanjali with Bhasvati / Aranya, Hariharananda
442. Yoga Philosophy: An Introduction (Translated into English) / Vasu, Srisa Chandra
443. The Yoga Philosophy: Traditions and Reflections / Das, S.C.
444. Yoga Power: The Path of Personal A Chievement / Nigam, Braj Bihari
445. Yoga Practices / Kilam, Lalit & Kilam, Manju
446. Yoga Psychology: A Handbook of Yogic Psychotherapy / Kumar, kamakhya
447. Yoga Pushpanjali: A Treatise on Astrological Combinations / Jha, Sunita
448. Yoga Rahasya (in Hindi) / Kumar, Kamakhya & Joshi, Bhanu Prakash (Drs.)
449. Yoga Sadhana Panorama: Satsang with Swami Niranjanananda; 3 Volumes
450. The Yoga Science for Everyone / Javalgekar, Ravi R. (Dr.)
451. Yoga Self-Taught / Lysebeth, Andre Van
452. Yoga Sutras of Patanjali / Styles, Mukunda
453. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali / Swami Venkatesananda
454. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali on Concentration of Mind / Tola, Fernando & Dragonetti, Carmen
455. Yoga Sutras of Patanjali with the Exposition of Vyasa, Vol.II: Sadhana-Pada. / Bharati, Swami Veda (Tr. & Comm.)
456. Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: A Study Guide for Book I - Samadhi Pada / Dass, Baba Hari & Diffenlaugh, Dayanand (Tr. & Ed.)
457. The Yoga System of Patanjali / Nair, P.K. Sasidharan
458. Yoga Tantra: Theory and Praxis: In the Light of Hevajra Tantra (A Metaphysical Perspective) / Augustine, Tomy (Dr.)
459. Yoga the Science of Living / Osho
460. Yoga Therapy in Asthama, Diabetes and Heart Disease / Rao, Velluri Subba
461. Yoga to Banish Backache / Hota, Bijoylaxmi
462. The Yoga Tradition of the Mysore Palace / Sjoman, N.E.
463. The Yoga Tradition: Its History, Literature, Philosophy and Practice / Feuerstein, Georg
464. Yoga Upanishad Samgraha; 2 Volumes (Sanskrit text with Hindi translation) / Swami Anant Bharati
465. Yoga Vigyan Pradipika / Shastri, Vijaypal (Dr.)
466. The Yoga Works: Based on Sri Aurobindo's Synthesis of Yoga / Pandit, M.P.
467. Yoga: A Study of the Mystical Philosophy of the Brahmins and Buddhists / Fuller, J.F.C.
468. Yoga: A Synthesis of Psychology and Metaphysics / Swami Rajarshi Muni
469. Yoga: An Introduction / Singh, Surendra
470. Yoga: Commentaries of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali; 4 Volumes / Osho
471. Yoga: For the Cure of Common Diseases / Sharma, Lakshminarain
472. Yoga: From Confusion to Clarity; 5 Volumes / Singh, Satya Prakash & Mukesh, Yogi
473. Yoga: The Alchemy of Yoga / Osho
474. Yoga: The Art of Integration (A Commentary on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali) / Mehta, Rohit
475. Yoga: The Divine Solution / Mehta, Anand
476. Yoga: The Indian Tradition / Whicher, Ian & et. al.
477. Yoga: The Key to Life / McCartney, James
478. Yoga: The Path to Holistic Health / Iyengar, B.K.S.
479. Yoga: The Science of the Soul: Commentaries of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali / Osho
480. Yoga: The Ultimate Attainment / Muni, Swami Rajarshi
481. Yoga: Theory and Practice / Kaul, H. Kumar
482. The Yogacara Idealism / Chatterjee, Ashok Kumar
483. Yogadarshanam / Pyarelal
484. Yogakshema / Sankhdher, M.M.
485. Yoga-Nidra: Yogic Trance: Theory, Practice and Applications / Panda, N.C.
486. Yoga-sara-samgraha of Vijnanabhiksu (Sanskrit text with English translation) / Jha, Ganganath (Tr.)
487. Yoga-Sutra of Patanjali / Bhaduri, Saugata (Tr.)
488. Yogasutra of Patanjali: With the Commentary of Vyasa (Translated from Sanskrit into English with Copious Notes) / Baba, Bangali (Tr.)
489. Yogasutras of Patanjali with Bhojavrtti called Rajamartanda / Ballantyne, J.R. & Deva, Govind Sastri
490. Yoga-Sutras of Patanjali: With 'Bhojavrtti' in English / Ballantyne, J.R. & Deva, G. Shastri
491. The Yoga-System of Patanjali / Wood, J.F. (Prof.)
492. Yoga-Tantra and Sensuousness in Art / Mishra, T.N.
493. Yogayatra of Varaha Mihira / Mishra, Satyendra (Tr. & Ed.)
494. Yogi Sutras of Patanjali: An Analysis of the Sanskrit with Accompanying English Translation / Choppel, Christopher & Viraj, Yogi Ananda
495. The Yogi: Portraits of Swami Vishnu-Devananda / Krishna, Gopala
496. Yogic Cure to Avoid Heart Surgery / Jain, B.L. (Dr.)
497. Yogic Pranayama: Breathing for Long Life and Good Health / Joshi, K.S. (Dr.)
498. Yogic Siddhiyaen: Ek Vivechnatmak Adhyayan / Sharma, Jaipal
499. You Too Can Be Ideal: A Spiritual Approach / Murthy, Vedula V.L.N.
500. Your Aura and Your Chakras: The Owner's Manual / Mclaren, Karla
501. Your Secret Energy Centre: Taking Care of Your Dan-Tien / Markert, Christopher J.
502. Your Sun Sign as a Spiritual Guide / Walters, J. Donald (Kriyananda)
503. Zen Kama Sutra: From Sex to Samadhi / Jain, Amit (Dr.)
504. Zen of Seeing / Sarabhai, Rajshree
505. Zen-Yoga: A Creative Psychotherapy to Self-Integration (Paramahamsa Jivanmukta Mahabodhisattva) / Saher, P.J.

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