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901. Livestock in Different Farming Systems in India: Conference Proceedings / Birhal, Pratap S. & et. al.
902. Lockouts in India: Indian Society of Labour Economics Institute for Human Development / Datt, Ruddar
903. The Long Transition: Essays on Poilitical Economy / Patnaik, Utsa
904. Lull after the Strom: Poverty and Integrated Rural Development / Mohsin, Nadeem
905. Machine Dreams: Economics Becomes a Cyborg Science / Mirowski, Philip
906. The Macro Economic Policies and the Millennium Development Goals / Patel, Vibhuti & Karne, Manisha
907. Macro Economics / Singh, S.B.
908. Macro Economics / Tyagi, P.K.
909. Macro Economics: Functions and Policies / Anand, Aishwarya
910. Macro-Econometrics on Some South-East Asian Nations / Datta, K. & Mukhopadhyay, C.K.
911. Madhyakalin Bharat Ki Samajik, Aarthik, Dharmic evam Rajnitik Samasyen (in Hindi) / Gajarani, Shiv (Dr.)
912. Man and Development in the Himalayas / Kapoor, A.K. & Singh, Dharamvir (Eds.)
913. Management Challenges of Service Economy of India: Issues and Trends / Prasad, P. Balaji
914. Management of Consumer Cooperatives / Tamilmani, B. & Kumar, Frank Ratna
915. Management of Non-Performing Assets in Banks and Financial Institutions / Reddy, B. Ramchandra (Ed.)
916. Managerial Economics / Choudhary, C.M.
917. Managerial Economics / Kumar, Shashi
918. Managerial Economics / Munjal, S.
919. Managerial Economics / Png, Ivon
920. Managerial Economics Theory and Application / Singh, K.D. & Nyandemo, S.M.
921. Managerial Economics: Theory and Applications / Mithani, D.M.
922. Managing Development for Future: A Study in Transition; 2 Volumes / Seth, Satish C.
923. Manmohan Singh: Visionary to Certainty / Bhushan, K. & Katyal, G.
924. Manmohanomics: Journey to South Block: Life of an Indian Prime Minister (With Common Minimum Programme) / Garg, Vivek & Mishra, Ravish
925. Manpower Planning and Development / Prakash, Abha Vijai
926. Man's Worldly Goods: Rise of Western Capitalism / Huberman, Leo
927. A Manual of Political Economy / Smith, A.
928. Manual of RBI Notifications; (2003-04 Edition) 2 Volumes + CD ROM / Kapila, Sona (Ed.)
929. Marginal Farmers and Agricultural Labourers: Socio-Economics Problems and Poverty Allevaition Measures / Chinna, S.S.
930. Marine Bioeconomics / Sundar, I. (Dr.)
931. Marine Fisheries Fish Farming Systems / Sen, Jayendra Kumar
932. Market Competitiveness in New World Trade Order / Kundu, Surinder Singh
933. Market Economy and the State / Sinha, M.R.
934. The Market that Failed: A Decade of Neoliberal Economic Reforms in India / Chandrasekhar, C.P. & et. al.
935. Marketing and Sustainable Development / Saxena, Pooja
936. Marketing of Jaggery: Problems and Prospects / Pawar, Puja Sunil (Dr.)
937. Marketing of Services: Quality Dimensions / Gupta, Garima
938. Marketing Strategy for Indian Rural Banks in New Millennium / Kaur, Gurjeet
939. Marketing Strategy of Indian Banks / Mathur, B.L.
940. Marketing System in a Backward Economy / Srivastava, R.K.
941. Marketing the Unrecognised Sector: Issues, Perspectives and Strategies / Taroi, Kamal
942. Marketing: Forms and Strategies / Pongiannan, K.
943. Marketing: Strategy, Implementation and Control / Rajagopal
944. Materialism and Mankind / Sharda, S.R.
945. Mathematical Economics / Chaudhary, S.K.
946. Measuring the Condition of India's Poor: The Physical Quality of Life Index / Morris, David Morris & Mcalpin, Michelle B.
947. Media, Economics and the Global Market Place / Malhotra, D.K. (Dr.)
948. Methodological Issues in Village Based Decentralised District Planning / Majumdar, Shankar
949. Methodology for Real Estate Market Analysis / Arulraj, A. (Dr.)
950. Methodology of Empirical Macroeconomics / Hoover, Kevin D.
951. MGNREGA and Rural Development / Purohit, Ashok
952. Micro Credit, Self-Help Groujps (SHGs) and Women Empowerment / Tapan, Neeta
953. Micro Economic Analysis in Agriculture; 2 Volumes / Kumar, K. Nirmal Ravi
954. Micro Economics / Kumar, R. Shashi
955. Micro Economics / Tyagi, P.K.
956. Micro Economics of Twenty First Century: Modern Advanced Analysis / Joshi, Mahesh V. & Thanki, Ila A.
957. Micro Economics: According to UGC New Syllabus / Tiwari, S.N.
958. Micro Enterprise and Rural Development in India / Ray, Subrata Kumar
959. Micro Finance and India's Rural Economy / Das, Sudhansu Kumar & Das, Sanjay Kanti
960. Micro Finance and Micro Enterprises in India / Jena, Sanjeeb K.
961. Micro Finance for Rural India: Institutional Arrangements and Policies / Bhagowati, Surajit Kumar
962. Micro Level Development Planning / Budhraja, J.C.
963. Micro Teaching: A Practical Approach / Joshi, Sunita & Sharma, Abha
964. Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the Indian Economy: Business Development Strategies / Pooja
965. Microcredit and Rural Poverty / Narasaiah, M.L.
966. Microeconomics Theory and Applications / Ghai, Pankaj & et. al.
967. Micro-Finance / Pant, Anoop
968. Microfinance and Sustainable Development in North East India / Sarmah, Gunindra Nath (Ed.)
969. Microfinance for Macro Change Emerging Challenges / Joshi, Deepali Pant
970. Microfinance in India: A Performance Evaluation / Feroze, S.M. & Chauhan, A.K.
971. Mid-Year Review of the Indian Economy 2002-2003 / Vohra, N.N.
972. Mid-Year Review of the Indian Economy 2003-2004 / Bery, Suman K.
973. Mid-Year Review of the Indian Economy 2005-2006 / Rao, M. Govinda
974. Mineral Resouces and Policy in India / Jetli, K. Narindar
975. Minorities in India / Bhuimali, Anil
976. A Modern Book on Economic Geography: Politics and Practices / Negi, Vishal
977. A Modern Handbook of Environmental Economics / Rana, S.S.
978. Modern Macro Economic Theory / Somashekar, Ne. Thi.
979. Modern Teaching of Economics / Sharma, Seema
980. Modern Technology Revolution in India / Verma, N.K.
981. Modern UGC NET/SLET: Economics by A Team of Experts
982. Monetary Economics / Kumar, N. & et. al.
983. Monetary Economics: Theory and Practice / Dev Raj
984. Money and Banking / Vasudevan, A.
985. Money Banking and Economic Reforms / Ghosh, A. & et. al.
986. Money Banking International Trade and Public Finance / Somashekar, Ne. Thi
987. Money, Banking and Economic Reforms / Ghosh, Alak & et. al.
988. Money, Banking and Finance in India: Evolution and Present Structure / Uppal, R.K.
989. Money, Banking, International Trade and Public Finance / Mithani, D.M.
990. Mongolia: Culture, Economy and Politics / Sharma, R.C. & et. al. (Eds.)
991. Morality of Markets / Shah, Parth J. (Ed.)
992. Multi-Faceted Rural Development / Reddy, K. Sateesh
993. Multinationals in Economic Development: Emerging Issues and Options / Singh, Deelip K.
994. Mutual Fund / Khatarkar, Yashwant
995. Mutual Funds in India / Ingle, D.V.
996. Mutual Funds in India: A Study of Investment Management / Gupta, Amitabh
997. The Myth of the Rational Market: A History of Risk, Reward and Dellusion on Wall Street / Cox, Justin
998. Narco Trafficking: Emerging Threats and Challenges / Azad, Nirmal Kumar
999. National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA): Issues and Challenges / Singh, S.R.
1000. Natural Resources and Economic Development / Mishra, Padmaja
1001. Natural Resources Management in North East India / Arunachalam, A. & Arunachalam, K. (Eds.)
1002. Naveen Arthik Neeti Evam Niyojan; (in Hindi) / Gangwal, Subhash
1003. The Nepalis of North Eastern Frontier of India / Sharma, Khemraj (Dr.)
1004. The New Bihar: Governance and Development / Singh, N.K. & Stern, Nicholas
1005. New Dimensions for Economic Growth: Human Ecology for Globalisation / Kumar, Shashi
1006. New Dimensions of Indian Foreign Policy / Khilani, N.M.
1007. New Economic Policy and Rural Development / Sounarapandian, M.
1008. New Economic Policy and Self Employment Schemes: A Case Study / Chennappa, D.
1009. New Economic Policy: Reforms & Development / Prasad, Siddheswar & Prasad, Jagdish
1010. The New Economy: Challenges, Opportunities and Choices / Markovic, Mirjana Radovic; Eric, Dejan; Hanic, Hasan; Redzepagic, Srdjan & Stosic, Ivan
1011. New Era in Indian Economy: Mega Economic Policy Highlights / Khanna, Kewal
1012. New Horizons: A Socio Economic Study of the Sixteenth Century India / Mattoo, Bindu
1013. The New Institutional Economics / Shanmugasundaram, Vedagiri
1014. New Instruments of Finance in India / Kaptan, S.S. & et. al.
1015. New World Economy: Changing Dimensions of 'Commerce Clause' / Chaturvedi, Swarupma
1016. Newly Industrializing Countries after Asian Crisis; 5 Volumes / Singer, Sir Hans; Hatti, Neelambar & Tandon, Rameshwar (Eds.)
1017. NGO and Socio-Economic Development Opportunities / Prasad, Kamta & et. al.
1018. NGOs and Development: The Indian Scenario / Pawar, S.N.; Ambekar, J.B. & Shrikant, D. (Eds.)
1019. NGOs and Development; 2 Volumes / Prasad, B.K.
1020. NGOs and Rural Poverty / Narasaiah, M.L.
1021. NGOs, Civil Society and Global Future / Pruthi, R.K. (Dr.)
1022. Nobel Economists: Lives and Contributions of Nobel Prize Winners in Economics; 3 Volumes / Puttaswamaiah, K.
1023. Non-Agricultural Employment in Rural India / Basant, R. & et. al.
1024. Non-banking Financial Companies in India: Functioning and Reforms / Akhan, Jafor Ali
1025. Non-Conventional Technology Based Services: Capabilities and Export Opportunities / Prasad, H.C.A. & Katti, Vijaya
1026. Non-Farm Economy and Rural Development / Mehta, G.S.
1027. Non-Performing Assets in Commercial Banks / Jain, Vibha
1028. Northeast and Globalisation: Issues Betwixt and Between / Behera, M.C. (Ed. & Prof.)
1029. North-West Frontier Province; 2 Volumes (Census of India: 1931) / Mallam. G.L. & Dundas, A.D.F.
1030. NREGA: Employment Guarantee Programme and Pro-Poor Growth the Study of a Village in Gujarat / Moodithaya, M.S.; Shetty, N.S. & Thingalaya, N.K.
1031. Objective Agricultural Economics: For JRF, SRF, ARS, NET, SET, Civil Services and Other Competitive Examinations, 3rd Revised Edition / Kumar, K. Nirmal Ravi
1032. Oil and Gas in India's Security / Singh, Jasjit
1033. Oil Economy of India / Sexana, V.K.
1034. On the Turnpike: Indian Economy Since 1947 and Indian Economic Service at 50 / Srinivasan-Raghavan, T.C.A.
1035. One World Divided: Existing Causes and Possible Results of the Coming Post-Economics Revolution / Inozemtsev, Vladislav L.
1036. Open Economic Development / Gowda, D.T. Nanje
1037. Ore Geology, Economic Minerals and Mineral Economics; 2 Volumes / Tiwari, S.K.
1038. Oriental Commerce: Containing a Geographical Description of the Principal Places in the East Indies, China and Japan, 2 Volumes / Milburn, William
1039. Outlook of the North East India: An Agricultural Perspective / Datta, Kamal Kumar & Mandal, Subhasis
1040. Outreaching Indian 70%: Rural Marketing and Communication / Chatterjea, Gautam
1041. Panchayati Raj and Rural Development / Bhadouria, B.P.S. & Dubey, V.B.
1042. Panchayati Raj and Rural Development / Kansal, Subhash
1043. Panchayati Raj Finances in Madhya Pradesh / Singh, S.K.
1044. Panchayati Raj: Gandhiana Perspective / Mishra, A.D. & et. al.
1045. Paradigms in Economic Development: Classic Perspectives, Critiques and Reflections / Kanth, Rajani (Ed.)
1046. Paradigms of Economic Development / Ghosh, Arun
1047. Paradigms of Regional Planning and Development / Shukla, Amitabh
1048. Paradox of Poverty and Economic Prosperity / Mani, N.
1049. Participative Management and Organisational Effectiveness / Hariharan, S.V. & et. al.
1050. Participatory Development: Issues and Lessons / Muraleedharan, K. (Dr.)
1051. Patterns and Process of Urban Development / Singh, Amit Kumar
1052. Patwari, Gharat and Ch'ai / Tolia, R.S.
1053. Peasants, Artisans and Entrepreneurs: Economy of Marwar in the 17th Century / Bhadani, B.L.
1054. Performance Banking and Rural Development / Giriappa, Somu
1055. Performance Evaluation of Mutual Funds in India / Arshdeep
1056. Performance of Regional Rural Banks in West Bengal: An Evaluation / Hadi, Abdul & Bagchi, Kanak Kanti
1057. Perilous Road to the Market: The Political Economy of Reform in Russia, India and China / Jha, Prem Shankar
1058. Periodic Tables and Periodic Properties / Patania, V.B.
1059. Personality: Issues In Assessments and the ProjectiveInventory Approach / Rath, P.K.
1060. Perspective in Modern Economics; 15 Volumes / Nagpal, C.S. & et. al.
1061. Perspectives in Economic Geography; 8 Volumes / Husain, Majid
1062. Perspectives in International Economics; 15 Volumes / Nagpal, S.C.
1063. Perspectives in Rural Management; 10 Volumes / Dubey, V.K. (Ed.)
1064. Perspectives on Jammu and Kashmir Economy / Yasmin, Effat & Khan, Javaid Iqbal
1065. Perspectives on the Economy of Manipur / Singh, Bijoykumar & Nepram, Damodar
1066. Petro Economics / Sarkar, A.N.
1067. Plan Modeling in India / Chaubery, P.K.
1068. Planet Protection: Biodiversity, Conservation Environmental Education & Degradation and Socio-Economic Development / Shukla, S.P. & et. al.
1069. The Planet Renaissance and Globalisation / Vitali, Constanlin Gruicci
1070. Planning and Development in India / Kumar, Shiv
1071. Planning and Development of Tourism and Hospitality / Sharma, Sunil
1072. Planning Auditing and Developing Human Resource / Sarathi, Parth
1073. Planning Commission Reports on Labour and Employment / Kapila, Raj & et. al.
1074. Planning Development and Disparities in Rural India / Kumar, Ashok (Ed.)
1075. Planning for Development / Kartikayan, C.; Balasubramani, N. & Vijaylakshmi, V.
1076. Planning for the Rural Poor / Singh, Sashi Bhushan
1077. Planning for Urban and Economic Development, 2 Volumes / Mittal, A.C.
1078. Policy, Technocracy and Development: Human Capital Policies in the Netherlands and India / Bjorkman, James Warner & et. al.
1079. Political Economy and Class Contradictions / Nedumpara, Jose J.
1080. Political Economy in Macroeconomics / Drazen, Allan
1081. Political Economy of Institutional Planning in Education / Rehman, M.M.
1082. Political Economy of International Monetary Interdependence; 7 Volumes / Singer, Sir Hans; Hatti, Neelambar & Tandon, Rameshwar (Eds.)
1083. Political Economy of Poverty: A Micro Level Study / Kumar, Manoj
1084. Politico Economic Ideas of Mahatma Gandhi: Their Relevance in the Present Day / Mazumder, Sukhendu
1085. Politico-Economic Ideas of Mahatma Gandhi: Their Revalance in the Present Day / Mazumdar, Sukhendu
1086. Pond Fish Ecology & Economics / Khanna, D.R. & Singh S.
1087. Port Infrastructure and Economic Development / Samanta, Pradeepta Kumar & Mohanty, Ashok Kumar
1088. Portfolio Selection and Investment / Mehta, Sushil Kumar
1089. Post-Reform Leading Issues of Indian Economy in 2 Volumes / Bajpai, A.D.N. & et. al.
1090. Poverty Alleviation and Rural Poor / Krishna, Meeta
1091. Poverty Alleviation Approaches and Women's Participation / Verma, S.B.
1092. Poverty and Economic Development / Gupta, V.K.
1093. Poverty and Economic Reforms / Luthra, V.P.
1094. Poverty and Food Security / Narasaiah, M. Lakshmi
1095. Poverty and Food Security in India: Problems and Policies / Bhatt, M.S. (Ed.)
1096. Poverty and its Alleviation / Misra, S.N.
1097. Poverty and Sustainable Development / Joshi, Deepali Pant (Dr.)
1098. Poverty and Sustainable Development: Third World Perspectives; 2 Volumes / Singh, Ravishankar Kumar
1099. Poverty Eradication and Development Through Innovations / Agrawal, Babita
1100. Poverty Eradication Through Health Promotion & Population Regulation: Expeditious Strategies / Mahadevan, Kuttan
1101. Prarambhik Arthshastra; (In Hindi) / Parik, Mathureshwar (Dr.)
1102. Price Formation Process in the Indian Economy / Sengupta, Keya
1103. Price Theory / Sharma, B.L.
1104. Pricing of New Issues in Indian Capital Market / Singh, S.K.
1105. Principles of Agricultural Economics / Sundar, I
1106. Principles of Agricultural Marketing / Kulshrestha, S.R.
1107. Principles of Economics of Education / Jawahar, R. & Sundar, I.
1108. Principles of Economics: An Introduction; 2 Volumes / Marshall, A.
1109. Principles of Economics; 2 Volumes / Marshall, Alfred
1110. Principles of Food, Beverage and Labour Cost Controls / Singh, Ranvijay
1111. Principles of Foreign Exchange Trading / Lilothia, Lalit
1112. Principles of Growth and Development / Sharma, S.K. & Tomar, Monica (Eds.)
1113. Principles of Health Economic / Sundar, I
1114. The Principles of Political Economy and Taxation / Ricardo, David
1115. Principles of Political Economy; 3 Volumes / Mill, J.
1116. Principles, Performance, Profile and Privatisation of Public Enterprises in India / Datta, Saktipada
1117. Private Development Aid in Transition / Veldan, Fons Van der & Schulpen, Lau
1118. Privatisation in India / Ganesh, G.
1119. Privatisation of Public Enterprises: Indo-French Perspectives and Global Relevance / Mishra, R.K. & et. al. (Eds.)
1120. Privatisation: Potential and Challenges / Mishra, R.K. & Kumari, Ch. Lakshmi
1121. Problems and Prospects of Serculture / Narasaiah, M.L.
1122. Problems of Population in India / Panigrahi, Rajib Lochan (Ed.)
1123. Product, Planning, and Innovation in Indian Market / Jena, Biswa Ranjan
1124. Productivity and Customer Service in Indian Banking / Mathur, B.L.
1125. Productivity and Factor Substitution: Theory and Analysis / Kumar, S.
1126. Productivity, Competitiveness and Economic Policies: National Management Forum of All India Management Associatio / Rao, S.L.
1127. Programmes, Banks and Development / Giriappa, S.
1128. Protecting Foreign Investment: Implication of a WTO Regime and Policy Options / Correa, Carlos M. & Kumar, Nagesh
1129. Public Budgeting System in India / Khandelwal, C.L.
1130. Public Debt and Economic Planning in India / Saket, Nikhil
1131. Public Enterprises and Performance / Mohanty, B. (Ed.)
1132. Public Enterprises: Policy and Performance / Mathur, B.L.
1133. Public Finance: Theory and Practice / Kumar, N. & et. al.
1134. Public Investment in Primary Health Care / Sarma, Suranjan
1135. Public Relations / Sharma, Seema
1136. Public Sector Banks in India / Rao, K. Nageswara & Rao, B. Appa
1137. Public Sector Banks in India: Impact of Financial Sector Reforms / Raul, R.K. & Ahmed, Jaynal Uddin
1138. Public Sector Enterprises in India / Kumar, Indra & Biji, James
1139. Public Sector Restructuring and Privatisation: Including Urban Infrastructure and Public Service Finance / Dhameja, Nand & Sastry, K.S.
1140. Public Support for Market Reforms in New Democracies / Stokes, Susan C. (Ed.)
1141. Punjab Today: General Introduction, Physiiography, economic development, HRD, Agricultural Development, Industrial Development, Infrastructure Development / Singh, Mandeep & Kaur, Harvinder
1142. Purchase Decesion and Consumer Behaviour / Vinayagamoorthy, A. (Dr.)
1143. Raj Dharma: A Theoretical Analysis for Social Achievements / Ozarkar, Govind T.
1144. Rammohan Roy: The Era of Socio-Economic Reforms / Mittra, Sangh
1145. Reading in Indian Railway Finance / Verma, K.B. (Ed.)
1146. Reading in International Economics / Kulkarni, Kishore G. (Prof.)
1147. Readings in International Economics: Selected Writings of Prof. Kishore G. Kulkarni
1148. Readings in Managerial Economics Accounting and Financial Analysis / Mishra, R.K. & Naveen, B.
1149. Recent Trends in Management Research / Baijal, V.M.
1150. Reconciling Work and Family Responsibilities: Practical Ideas from Global Experience / Hein, Catherine
1151. Redistributive Taxation and Public Sector Pricing / Murty, M.N.
1152. Refashioning the New Economic Order: Karnataka in Transition / Bali, Aruna P. (Ed.)
1153. Reflections on Anti-Poverty Programmes / Gaur, K.D. with Prakash, Jai & Bansal, Sadhana
1154. Reflections on Economy and Society of Tripura / Sinha, Amitabha & Chakraborty, Kiran Sankar
1155. Reflections on the Indian Economy / Bhadouria, B.P.S. (Ed.)
1156. Reform and Employment: Institute of Applied Manpower Research
1157. Reform Prospectus for Rural Development; 2 Volumes / Soni, Balbir
1158. Reforming from the Top: A Leaders' 20 Summit / English, John; Thakur, Ramesh & Cooper, Andrew F.
1159. Reforms and Economic Development of India / Sabanna, Talwar (Ed.)
1160. Reforms and Structural Changes in India / Pal, Prankrishna
1161. Reforms, Rural Development and the Human Face: Perspective, Perceptions, Prescriptions / Kaushil, S. & Singh, Surat
1162. Regional Disparities in Economic Development: Policies and Prospects for Balanced Regional Development / Gulati, Rajinder Kumar
1163. Regional Disparities in India / Goswami, Atul (Ed.)
1164. Regional Disparities in India's Socio-economic Development / Bagchi, Kanak Kanti (Ed.)
1165. Regional Economic Cooperation in South Asia: Nepalese Perspective / Banskota, N.P.
1166. Regional Economic Development / Bhadouria, B.P.S.
1167. Regional Economic Disparities and Area Planning / Bhullar, D.S.
1168. Regional Economic Trends and South Asian Security / Iftekharuzzaman (Ed.)
1169. Regional Inequalities and Fiscal Equalisation in India / Singh, Phanindra Kumar (Dr.)
1170. Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) in India / Agrawal, Meenu
1171. Regional Rural Banks and Development / Uddin, Naqi
1172. Regional Rural Banks and Economic Development / Kalkundrikar, A.B.
1173. Regional Rural Banks and Rural Development / Pariyah, A.K.
1174. Reliance: The Real Natwar / Agarwal, Arun K.
1175. Reports on Corporate Governance
1176. Reports on Investment Approval and FDI in India
1177. Research Methodology / Verma, R.K. & Verma, Gopal
1178. Research Methodology in Economics / Dasgupta, Manas
1179. Research Methodology: Methods and Techniques / Kapoor, D.R. & Saigal, Puja
1180. Research Methods in Rural Development / Nakkiran, S. & Ramesh, G.
1181. Resource Mobilisation Strategy for Indian States / Goel, N.C.
1182. Resource Use and Modern Indian Economy: A Changing Scenario / Rao, B. Krishna
1183. Responsible Global Governance / Rahman, Rita Dulci & Andreu, Jose Miguel
1184. Restoration of Split Milk / Chaudhury, S.N. Roy
1185. Restricting Greenhouse Gas Emission: Economic Implications for India / Gupta, Manish
1186. Restructuring Indian Financial System / Jain, Nidhi
1187. Restructuring Public Enterprises in India / Mishra, R.K. & et. al.
1188. The Retreat to Unfreedom: Essays on the Emerging World Order / Patnaik, Prabhat
1189. Revisiting Contemporary South Asia: Politics, Economics and Security / Lange, Klaus; Knapp, Klara & Panda, Jagannath P.
1190. River Interlinking in India: The Dream and Reality / Singh, S.R. & Shrivastava, M.P.
1191. Role of Commercial Banks in Rural Development / Verma, S.B.
1192. Role of Co-Operatives for Tribal Development / Padhy, Dwarika Nath
1193. Role of FDI in Generation of Income and Employment / Ramaiah, P.N. Sampangi
1194. The Role of Micro Credit and Ngos in Economic Development / Narasaiah, M.L.
1195. Role of Nationalised Bank in Rural Development / Rana, A.S. (Dr.)
1196. Role of Sez in Economic Development of the Country / Misra, Rabi Narayan
1197. Role of Warehouses in Indian Economy / Mishra, Prasanna Kumar & Misra, Devi Prasad
1198. Rural Agriculture and Marketing / Verma, S.B.; Jiloka, S.K. & Mandal, B.
1199. Rural Based Development Strategies / Verma, S.B.; Sankaran, P.N. & Shrivastawa, R.K.
1200. Rural Cooperative and Economic Development / Bhuimali, Anil

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