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601. Buddhist Monastic Architecture in Sri Lanka: The Woodland Shrines / Seneviratna, Anuradha & et. al.
602. Buddhist Monastic Discipline: The Sanskrit Pratimoksa Sutras of the Mahasamghikas and Mulasarvastivadins / Prebish, Charles S.
603. Buddhist Monks and Monasteries of India: Their History and Their Contribution to Indian Culture / Dutt, Sukumar
604. Buddhist Monuments of China and South-East India (Rare Book) / Sharma, I.K.
605. Buddhist Monuments of Sirpur / Sharma, A.K.
606. Buddhist Monuments: Their Role in the Development of Tourism in Andhra Pradesh / Kumari, J. Krishna
607. Buddhist of Kashmir / Nandou, Jean
608. The Buddhist Path to Enlightenment: Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy and Practice / Tulku, Lama Doboom
609. The Buddhist Perspectives on Human Rights / Das, A.N.
610. Buddhist Phenomenology: A Theravada Perspective / Varma, C.B.
611. Buddhist Philosophy / Dwivedi, Arvind
612. Buddhist Philosophy from 350 to 600 A.D. / Potter, Karl H. (Ed.)
613. Buddhist Philosophy from 600 to 750 A.D. (The Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies, Volume 21) / Potter, Karl H. (Ed.)
614. Buddhist Philosophy from 750 onward (The Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies, Volume 22) / Potter, Karl H. (Ed.)
615. Buddhist Philosophy in India and Ceylon / Keith, A. Berriedale
616. Buddhist Philosophy of Social Activism / Nithyianandam, V. (Dr.)
617. Buddhist Philosophy of the Theravada / Bhagwat, N.K.
618. Buddhist Philosophy of Universal Flux: An Exposition of the Philosophy of Critical Realism as Expounded by the School of Dignaga / Mookerjee, Satkari
619. The Buddhist Pilgrimage / Forbes, Duncan
620. Buddhist Pilgrimage / Tankha, Brij
621. Buddhist Poetry, Thought and Diffusion; 2 Volumes
622. Buddhist Positiveness: Studies on the Lotus Sutra / Tola, Fernando & Dragonetti, Carmen
623. Buddhist Practice of Concentration / Wai-Dau, Bhikshu & Goddard, Dwight
624. Buddhist Precept and Practice: Traditional Buddhism in the Rural Highlands of Ceylon / Gombrich, Richard F.
625. Buddhist Psychology / Barua, Amal K.
626. Buddhist Psychology: A Modern Perspective / Pio, Edwina
627. Buddhist Psychology: An Inquiry into the Analysis and Theory of Mind in Pali Literature / Rhys Davids, C.A.F.
628. The Buddhist Ramayana Phra Lak Phra Lam (Original Text Translation and Critical Study) Translation in English from Laotian Language (2 Volumes in 4 Parts) / Sahai, Sachchidanand
629. Buddhist Reflections / Govinda, Lama Anagarika
630. Buddhist Relic-Caskets in South India / Subrahmanyam, B.
631. Buddhist Religious Texts and Thoughts / Ahluwalia, S.P.
632. Buddhist Remains of Ujjain Region: Excavations at Sodanga / Ali, Rahman; Trivedi, Ashok & Solanki, Dhirendra
633. Buddhist Rules for the Laity: A Translation of the Sigalowada and Vyaggapajja Sutras / Subasinha, D.J.
634. The Buddhist Schools of the Small Vehicle / Bareau, Andre
635. Buddhist Scriptures: A Selection / Thomas, Edward J.
636. Buddhist Sculptural Art of the Lower Krishna Valley / Rao, Vinay Kumar
637. Buddhist Sculptures and Monuments
638. Buddhist Sculptures in Tibet; 2 Volumes / Schroeder, Ulrich von
639. Buddhist Sects and Philosophies / Mahendra & Mittal, P. (Comp.)
640. Buddhist Sects and Sectarianism / Baruah, Bibhuti
641. Buddhist Sects in India / Dutt, Nalinaksha
642. Buddhist Shrines in India / Ahir, D.C.
643. Buddhist Shrines of the World / George, Anna
644. Buddhist Sites and Shrines in India: History, Art and Architecture / Ahir, D.C.
645. Buddhist Sites of North-East India and Black Slipped Ware in North India: An Archaeological Study / Hasan, Syed Jamal (Dr.)
646. Buddhist Social and Moral Education / Sharma, Suraj Narain
647. Buddhist Sociology / Ratnapala, Nandasena
648. A Buddhist Spectrum / Pallis, Marco
649. Buddhist Stories / Dahlke, Paul
650. Buddhist Studies, 2 Volumes / Talim, Meena
651. Buddhist Studies: Memoirs of a Civil Servant / Ahir, D.C.
652. Buddhist Studies: The Journal of the Department of Buddhist Studies; Vols.1 & 2, 5-10, 12, 15 & 21
653. Buddhist Studies: The Legacy of Gadjin M. Nagao: Wisdom, Compassion and the Search for Understanding / Silk, Jonathan A. (Ed.)
654. Buddhist Stupas in South Asia / Singh, Sumit
655. Buddhist Suttas/ Sutras / Rhys Davids, T.W. (Tr.)
656. Buddhist Symbolism of Wish-Fulfilment / Senadeera, Karunaratne Gunapala
657. Buddhist System of Education: Modern Approach (2nd Edition) / Nithiyanandam, V.
658. Buddhist Tales of Kashmir in Tibetan Woodcuts: Narthang Series of the Woodcuts of Ksemendras Avadana-kalpalata / Rani, Sharda (Dr.) (Ed.) (Mrs. Lokesh Chandra)
659. Buddhist Tantra and Buddhist Art / Mishra, T.N.
660. Buddhist Tantra: A Philosophical Reflection and Religious Investigation / Singh, Lalan Prasad
661. Buddhist Tantricism, 2nd Edition / Singh, N.K. (Dr.)
662. Buddhist Textiles of Laos, Lan Na and the Isan: The Iconography of Design Elements / Bunce, Fredrick W.
663. Buddhist Texts / Mishra, Lalit V
664. Buddhist Texts and Traditions: Selected Papers International Conference on Buddhist Texts and Traditions 21-23 December, 2009 / Deokar, Mahesh A.; Gokhale, Pradeep & Deokar, Lata M. (Eds.)
665. Buddhist Texts from Japan / Muller, F. Max (Ed.)
666. Buddhist Theory of Causation and Einstein's Theory of Relativity / Bharucha, Filita P.
667. Buddhist Theory of Meaning and Literary Analysis / Mishra, Rajnish Kumar
668. Buddhist Theory of Momentariness / Aggarwal, Vibha
669. Buddhist Thought and Ritual / Kalupahana, David J.
670. Buddhist Thought in India: Three phases of Buddhist Philosophy / Conze, Edward
671. Buddhist Thought: A Complete Introduction to the Indian Tradition (2nd Edition) / Williams, Paul with Tribe, Anthony & Wynne, Alexander
672. Buddhist Tourism in India / Jacob, Robinet
673. Buddhist Tradition Series (60 Volumes) / Wayman, Alex (Founder Ed.)
674. Buddhist Translations: Problems and Perspectives / Tulku, Lama Doboom (Ed.)
675. Buddhist Tribal Women in Tripura / Das, Anamika
676. The Buddhist Triratna / Goyal, S.R.
677. The Buddhist Unconscious: The alaya-vijnana in the context of Indian Buddhist thought / Waldron, William S.
678. The Buddhist View of Knowledge and Reality / Pandit, Moti Lal
679. Buddhist Vinayas: A Focus (W.R.T. Mulasarvastivada Vinaya) / Ghosh, Anandamayee
680. The Buddhist Visnu: Religious Transformation, Politics, and Culture / Holt, John Clifford
681. Buddhist Way of Life / Pruthi, R.K.; Ram, S. & Chaturvedi, Archna
682. Buddhist Wisdom: The Mystery of the Self / Grimm, George
683. Buddhist Women Across Cultures: Realizations / Tsomo, Karma Lekshe (Ed.)
684. The Buddhist Women of North-East India and South-West China / Alam, Jayanti
685. Buddhist World Heritage Monuments in Asia / Ahir, D.C.
686. Buddhist World Peace and Harmony / Pathak, S.K.
687. The Buddhist World-View / Singh, Raghwendra Pratap & et. al. (Eds.)
688. Buddhist Yoga / Cleary, Thomas (Tr.)
689. Buddhist-Art, History and Culture: Essays by Prof L M Joshi / Ahir, D.C. (Ed.)
690. Buddhistic Contribution to Sanskrit Poetics / Shastri, Mool Chand (Dr.)
691. Buddhistische Triglotte (A Sanskrit-Tibetan-Mongolian Glossary): A xylographic print from Mongolia preserved in the Baron Schilling Yon Canstadt Collection
692. Buddhists and Glaciers of Western Tibet / Dainelli, Giotto
693. Buddhists Texts through the Ages / Conze, Edward (Ed.)
694. Buddhists, Brahmins, and Belief: Epistemology in South Asian Philosophy of Religion / Arnold, Dan
695. Buddhkaleen Samajik evam Sanskritik Adhyayan / Aharwal, Raju Prasad (Dr.)
696. Buddhopedia: Everyone's Essential Encyclopedia of Buddhism; 6 Volumes / Kulasrestha, Mahendra (Ed.)
697. Build A Better Buddha: The Guide Remaking Yourself Exactly As You Are / Robbins, James
698. Building the Sherpas' New Present in the Age of Globalization / Berg, Eberhard
699. A Bull of a Man: Images of Masculinity, Sex, and the Body in Indian Buddhism / Powers, John
700. Bu-mo Yungtso: With Illustrations / Khedup, Kalsang
701. Burma ki Baudha Murti Kala mein Bharatiya Prabhav (in Hindi) / Rao, Vinay Kumar
702. The Call of the Blue Cuckoo: An Anthology of Nine Bonpo Texts on Myths and Rituals / Karmay, Samten G. & Nagano, Yasuhiko (Eds.)
703. Cambodian Buddhism: History and Practice / Harris, Ian
704. Candi Mendut: Womb of the Tathagata / Long, Mark
705. Canon of Supreme Mystery: A translation with commentary of the T'ai Hsuan Ching / Hsiung, Yang & Nylan, Michael
706. Carrying Enemies on Your Shoulder: Indian Folk Wisdom in Tibet / Flick, Hugh Meredith (Jr.)
707. Caryamelapakapradipam of Acarya Aryadeva, edited by Janardan Shastri Pandey; (in Sanskrit and Tibetan)
708. Caste and Buddhist Philosophy: Continuity of Some Buddhist Arguments against the Realist Interpretation of Social Denominations / Eltschinger, Vincent
709. A Catalogue-Index of the Tibetan Buddhist Canons: Bkah-hgyur and Bstan-hgyur
710. A Catena of Buddhist Scriptures from the Chinese / Beal, Samuel
711. Catuhstavah of Acarya Nagarjuna, Translated and critically edited by Acarya Gyaltsen Namdol (Sanskrit text with Tibetan version and Hindi translation)
712. Causality and its Application: Samkhya, Bauddha and Nyaya / Shaw, J.L.
713. Central Asian Art: New Revelations from Xinjiang / Banerjee, P.
714. The Central Conception of Buddhism / Stcherbatsky, Th.
715. The Central Conception of Buddhism / Th Stcherbatsky
716. The Central Philosophy of Buddhism: A Study of Madhyamika System / Murti, T.R.V.
717. The Centrality of Ethics in Buddhism: Exploratory Essays / Shankar, Hari Prasad
718. Ceremonial Objects of the Tibetan Lamas / Sarma, V. Suguna (Dr.)
719. Cetana and the Dynamics of Volition in Theravada Buddhism / Devdas, Nalini
720. Changing Course of Brahmaputra: Dalai Lama the Change Initiator / Vyas, Bhaskar (Dr.)
721. Changing Dynamics of India-Japan Relations: Buddhism to Special Strategic Partnership / Khan, Shamshad Ahmad
722. Chanting the Names of Manjusri: The Manjusri-Nama-Samgiti (Sanskrit and Tibetan Texts) / Wayman, Alex
723. The Charisma of Tibet / Lokesh Chandra
724. Chatuhsatakam of Acarya Aryadeva (Along with the Candrakirti vrtti and Hindi and English translation) / Jain, Bhagchandra 'Bhaskar' (Ed. & Tr.)
725. Cheen mein Baudha Dharma (in Hindi) / Singh, Jagbeer (Dr.)
726. Chhoekay-English Dictionary: Dayig Ngagdon Composed By Palkhang Lotsawa / Dorji, C.T. (Dr.) (Comp.)
727. Chinese Buddhist Apocrypha / Buswell, Robert E. (Tr.)
728. The Chinese Hevajratantra: The Scriptural Text of the Ritual of the Great King of the Teaching the Adamantine one with Great Compassion and Knowledge of the Void / Willemen, Ch.
729. The Chinese Madhyama, Agama and the Pali Majjhima Nikaya: A Comparative Study / Chau, Bhiksu Thich Minh
730. Chinnamasta: The Aweful Buddhist and Hindu Tantric Goddess / Benard, Elisabeth Anne
731. Christ and Buddha: with an appreciation of the author by Henry Mellyile King and new introduction by Sanghasen Singh / Cushing, Josian Nelson
732. The Christ and the Bodhisattva / Lopez, Donald S. (Ed.)
733. Christianity vs. Buddhism / Kutty, M.C. Andrews
734. Chronological Identity in Indian Art / Paddhi, Braja Kishor (Dr.)
735. The Circle of Karma / Mack, Joshua
736. The Citrakarmasastra ascribed to Manjusri: Being Volume II of Vastuvidyasastra (Edited with an Introduction and an English translation) / Marasinghe, E.W. (Ed. & Tr.)
737. Civilisations at Saryupar in Buddhist Perspective / Lahiri, P.K. & Narain, A.S.
738. Civilization Hinduism, Buddhism and Vedic Religion / Singh, Chandrika & Sisodiya, Suraj Singh
739. Classical Buddhism, Neo-Buddhism and the Question of Caste / Gokhale, Pradeep P.
740. Classical Indian Ethical Thought: A Philosophical Study of Hindu, Jaina and Bauddha Morals / Tiwari, Kedar Nath
741. Clear Light of Bliss: The Practice of Mahamudra in Vajrayana Buddhism / Gyatso, Geshe Kelsang
742. Cloning the Buddha: The Moral Impact of Biotechnology / Heinberg, Richard
743. Collected Papers on Buddhist Studies / Jaini, Padmanabh S. (Ed.)
744. Collected Papers on the Tathagatagarbha Doctrine / Takasaki, Jikido
745. The Collected Works of Dilgo Khyentse (3 Volumes) / Ricard, Matthieu & Kurz, Vivian (Eds.)
746. The Collection of the Middle Length Sayings (Majjhima-Nikaya); 3 Volumes (Translated from the Pali) / Horner, I.B. (Tr.)
747. Colors of Truth: Religion, Self and Emitions: Perspectives of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Zoroastrianism, Islam, Sikhism and Contemporary Psychology / Marwaha, Sonali Bhatt
748. The Commentary of Manners Called "The Tree of Wisdom"; (in Tibetan, Transliterated and Translated into English) / Dorji, C.T. (Ed. & Comp.)
749. Commentary of Ratnavali (sNying-po'i Don-gSal-bar Byed-pa) by Gyaltsab Dharma Rinchen (in Tibetan) / Dhondup, Phuntsok (Acharya) (Ed.)
750. Comparative Ethics in Hindu and Buddhist Traditions / Hindrey, Roderick
751. Comparative Religious Ethics / Piet, John H. & Prasad, Ayodhya (Eds.)
752. A Comparative Study of Jainism and Buddhism / Prasad, Sital
753. A Comparative Study of the Pratimoksa: On the Basis of its Chinese, Tibetan, Sanskrit and Pali Versions / Pachow, W.
754. Compassion and Peace in Buddhism / Sai, Chintala Venkata Siva
755. Compassion in Buddhism and Puranas / Soonthorndhammathada, Phra
756. Compassion in the 4 Dharmic Traditions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism / Nanda, Ved P. (Ed.)
757. Compassionate Action: The Teachings of Chatral Rinpoche (Edited with Commentary) / Larson, Zach (Ed.)
758. The Compassionate Revolution: Radical Politics and Buddhism / Edwards, David
759. Compendium of Buddhist Literature / Varma, Chandra B.
760. Compendium of Philosophy: Translation from the Original Pali of the Abhidhammattha-Sangaha. Revised and Edited by Mrs. Rhys Davids / Aung, Shwe Zan
761. A Complete Guide to Bodhgaya: Land of Enlightenment / Sharma, J.P.
762. The Complete Works of Atisa: Sri Dipamkara Jnana, Jo-Bo-Rje; The Lamp for the Path and Commentary, together with the newly translated Twenty-five Key Texts (Tibetan and English Texts) / Sherburne, S.J. Richard (Tr.)
763. A Comprehensive History of Indian Buddhism / Chatterjee, Asim Kumar
764. The Concept of Bodhicitta in Santideva's Bodhicaryavatara / Brassard, Francis
765. Concept of Suffering in Buddhism / Dash, Narendra Kumar (Ed.)
766. Conception of Buddhist Nirvana: with Sanskrit Text of Madhyamakakarika by Theodore Stcherbatsky / Singh, Jaideva (Ed.)
767. Concepts of Dhamma in Dhammapada / Lien, Bhikkhuni T.N. Tiu
768. Concise Encyclopaedia of Early Buddhist Philosophy: Based on the study of the Abhidhammatthasangahasarupa / Verma, C.B.
769. Concise Pali-English Dictionary / Mahathera, A.P. Buddhadatta
770. Concordance of Tibetan and Sanskrit Texts / Negi, J.S. & Tshering, Tashi (Eds.)
771. The Concrete Buddha: A Collection of Stories from Corporate World / Jain, Rajesh
772. Conditional Relations: Patthana (2 Parts bound in one) / Sayadaw, U Narada Mula Pattana (Tr.)
773. Confession of a Buddhist Atheist / Batchelor, Stephen
774. Conrtributions of Buddhism for World Peace & Social Harmony: Buddhist Studies Seminar, Kolkata, July 2,2023 / Mahathero, Buddha Priya Dr.
775. Conservation of Buddhist Monuments in Central India / Agrawal, R.C.
776. Constitution of the Buddhist Sangha / Hazra, Kanai Lal
777. Contemporary Buddhism: Comparative Studies on Eurasia and South Asia / Chatterjee, Suchandana & Sengupta, Anita (Eds.)
778. Contemporary Indian Buddhism: Tradition and Transformation / Singh, N.K.
779. Contemporizing Buddha / Shukla, Rajesh Kumar
780. Contribution of Buddhism to World Culture; 2 Volumes (with Audio CD) / Ogawa, Ichijo; Sankarnarayan, Kalpakam & Panth, Ravindra (Eds.)
781. Conversational English-Tibetan Dictionary / Gupta, Anil
782. The Copper-coloured Palace: Iconography of the rNin ma School of Tibetan Buddhism, 3 Volumes / Herrmann-Pfandt, Adelheid
783. The Corporate Buddha: Strategies for Composure, Confidence and Control / Mehra, Randiv
784. The Cosmic Embrace: An Illustrated Guide to Sacred Sex / Stevens, John
785. Craving and Salvation: A Study in Buddhist Soteriology / Mathews, Bruce
786. Crazy Wisdom / Trungpa, Chogyam
787. The Creed of Buddha / Holmes, Edmond
788. A Critical Study in the Schism in Early Buddhist Monastic Tradition: Dasavatthu and Pancavatthu / Bhikkhu, Lokananda C.
789. Csoma De Koros: Buddhist Transcreations in Asian Literature and Art / Sarkar, Radha Banerjee (Ed.)
790. The Cult of Nothingness: The Philosophers and the Buddha / Vohnson, Pamela; Streight, David & Droit, Roger-Pol
791. Cultivating the Mind of Love: The Practice of Looking Deeply in the Mahayana Buddhist Tradition / Hanh, Thich Nhat
792. Cultural and Religious Heritage of India; 8 Volumes / Sharma, Suresh K. & Sharma, Usha (Eds.)
793. A Cultural History of Ladakh / Shakspo, Nawang Tsering
794.A Cultural History of Ladakh / Shakspo, Nawang Tsering
795. Cultural Horizons of India: Studies in Tantra and Buddhism, Art and Archaeology, Language and Literature; 7 Volumes / Lokesh Chandra
796. Cultural Interflow between India and Japan / Lokesh Chandra
797. Cultureal Heritage of Buddhism / Bhardwaj, Manohar
798. Current Perspectives in Buddhism: A World Religion; 3 Volumes / Sakya, Madhusudan
799. Cutting through Spiritual Materialism / Trungpa, Chogyam
800. The Cycle of Yuthok Nyingthik Teachings, 3 Volumes (in Tibetan)
801. Dagger Blessing: The Tibetan Phurpa Cult: Reflections and Materials / Marcotty, Thomas
802. Daily Prayer Book: A Collection of Essential Daily Prayers
803. Dalai Lama and Tibet / Sharma, S.K. & et. al. (Eds.)
804. Dalai Lama of Tibet: Succession of Births / Malik, Inder L.
805. The Dalai Lama: A Biography / Marcello, Patricia Cronin
806. The Dalai Lama: A Policy of Kindness: An Anthlogy of Writings by and about the Dalai Lama / Piburn, Sidney (Comp. & Ed.)
807. The Dalai Lamas / Pant, Jitendra
808. The Dalai Lama's Book of Love and Compassion / Dalai Lama, H.H. the XIV
809. The Dalai Lama's Little Book of Wisdom / Dalai Lama, H.H. the XIV
810. The Dalai Lamas of Tibet / Samphel, Thubten & Tendar
811. The Dalai Lama's Secret Temple: Tantric Wall Paintings from Tibet / Baker, Ian A.
812. The Dalai Lamas: The Institution and its History / Verhaegen, Ardy
813. Dalit and Neo-Buddhist Movements in India; 3 Volumes / Swami, R.P.N.
814. Dalits in Early Buddhism / Jaideva, Paramanshi (Dr.)
815. Dana: Reciprocity and Patronage in Buddhism / Singh, Anand (Ed.)
816. Dandelions of Tibet / Sonam, Bhuchung 'D'
817. Dasabhumikasutra edited by Dr. P.L. Vaidya
818. Dawn of Chinese Pure Land Buddhist Doctrine: Ching-ying Hui-yuan's Commentary on the Visualization Sutra / Tanaka, Kenneth K.
819. The Debate of King Milinda: An Abridgement of the Milinda Panha / Pesala, Bhikkhu (Ed.)
820. The Decline of Buddhism in India: A Fresh Perspective / Sarao, K.T.S.
821. Deeghnikayo: Pathamo Bhago by Prof. Mahesh Tiwari
822. Deepvamsa / Singh, Parmanand
823. Defining the Image: Measurements in Image Making / Willemen, Charles
824. Delog: Journey to Realms Beyond Death / Drolma, Delog Dawa
825. Depth of Humility: Commentaries on the Gnostic and Buddhist Concept of Humility / Weber, Jorg & et. al. (Eds.)
826. A Descriptive Catalogue of Sanskrit Manuscripts in the Government Collection; 10 Volumes in 11 Parts / Shastri, Mahamahopadhyaya Haraprasad
827. Development in the Early Buddhist Concept of Kamma/Karma / McDermott, James Paul
828. The Development of Buddhism in India / Rinpoche, Ven. Khenchen Thrangu (Geshe Lharampa)
829. Development of Buddhist Ethics / Misra, G.S.P.
830. Development of Iconography in Pre-Gupta Vanga / Basu, Sakti Kali
831. Developments in Meditation and States of Consciousness: Zen-Brain Reflections / Austin, James H.
832. Deviant Sex and Buddhism / Pannaloka, Wadinagala
833. The Dhamma-Cakka-Pavattana Sutta: The First Sermon of Buddha Delivered at the Deer-Park (Sarnath) about Two Thousand Five Hundred Years Ago in the Month of July (Asadha) / Sister Vajira
834. Dhamma-Nayaka: A Memorial Volume in Honour of Ven. Bhadant Anand Kausalyayan / Naik, C.D.
835. Dhammapada / Sharan, Mahesh Kumar (Tr.)
836. Dhammapada (Mool Pali, Shabdarth, Hindi Anuvada evam Visheshardha) / Gautam, R.N.
837. The Dhammapada: A Collection of Verses / The Sutta Nipata (Translated into English) / Max Muller, F. & Fausball, V. (Trs.)
838. Dhammapada: A Collection of Verses Being One of the Canonical of the Buddhists / Max Muller, F.
839. The Dhammapada: A Translator's Guide (with Pali text, Romanised version) / Sarao, K.T.S.
840. Dhammapada: An Analytical Translation / Sinha, Narendra K.
841. The Dhammapada: Pali text and English verses with clarifications / Arya, Jaipal Singh (Tr.) (Dr.)
842. The Dhammapada: The Sayings of Buddha
843. Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha; 12 Volumes / Osho
844. The Dhammapada: Verses and Stories / Tin, Daw Mya (Tr.)
845. Dhammapadapali (Pali text with English translation) / Pathak, O.P. (Ed.)
846. Dhammapadapali and Suttanipata, translated by F. Max Muller and V. Fausboll (Pali Text with English Translation) (2 parts bound in 1)
847. The Dhammasangani: Enumeration of the Ultimate Realities; 2 Volumes / Khine, U. Kyaw (Tr.)
848. Dharamsala Diaries / Chopra, Swati
849. Dharamsala: Tibetan Refuge / Russell, Jeremy
850. Dharani Samgraha / Bhosekar, Atul (Ed.)
851. Dharma and Gospel: Two Ways of Seeing / Houstan, G.W. (Ed.)
852. Dharma Diplomacy: Buddhism in India and China / Pallapothu, Vaishnavi
853. Dharma in Early Brahmanic, Buddhist and Jain Traditions / Sekhar, Vincent
854. Dharma Patanjala: A Saiva Scripture from Ancient Java (Studied in the Light of Related Old Javanese and Sanskrit Texts) / Acri, Andrea
855. Dharma Samagraha: An Ancient Collection of Buddhist Technical Terms / Kasiwara, M.N.
856. Dharma: That Illuminatives All Beings Impartially Like the Light of the Sun and the Moon / Rinpoche, Kalu
857. Dharmakirti on Compassion and Rebirth with a Study of Backward Causation in Buddhism / Franco, Eli
858. Dharmakirti's Rupavatara: A Critical Study / Lalithambal, K.S. (Dr.)
859. The Dharmakosa-Samgrahah: A Buddhist Iconographic text from Nepal / Mukherjee, S.C. (Dr.)
860. Dharmapadavyakhyanam
861. Dharmapravicaya: Aspects of Buddhist Studies: Essays in Honour of N.H. Samtani / 'Shravak', Lalji & Willemen, Charles (Eds.)
862. The Dharma-Samgraha: An Ancient Collection of Buddhist Technical Terms / Kasawara, Kenjiu (Ed.)
863. Dharmasamuccayah by Sri Avalokita Simha Bhiksu
864. Dharmasangraha-Kosah: Tibetan-Sanskrit Dharma Terms with Categories / Negi, J.S.
865. Dharmasutra Parallels: Containing the Dharmasutras of Apastamba, Gautama, Baudhayana, and Vasistha / Olivelle, Patrick (Ed. & Tr.)
866. Dhih: A Journal of Rare Buddhist Text (Volumes 2-55)
867. Dialogues of the Buddha: Translated from the Pali of the Digha Nikaya; 3 Volumes / Rhys Davids, T.W. & Rhys Davids, C.A.F. (Trs.)
868. Dialogues with the Masses in Ancient India / Rituraj, Arvind (Dr.)
869. The Diamond Sutra and The Heart Sutra / Conze, Edward
870. Diary of a Tantric Priestess / Bailey, Claire Marie & Bailey, Jack
871. Dictionary of Buddhism, 2nd Revised Edition / Gakkai, Soka
872. Dictionary of Buddhism: Indian and South-East Asian / Ling, Trevor
873. A Dictionary of Buddhist and Hindu Iconography: Illustrated: Objects, Devices, Concepts, Rites and Related Terms, 3rd Edition / Bunce, Fredrick W.
874. Dictionary of Buddhist Iconography; 15 Volumes / Lokesh Chandra (Dr.)
875. A Dictionary of Buddhist Proper Names / Akanuma, Chizen
876. A Dictionary of Chinese Buddhist Terms with Sanskrit and English Equivalents and a Sanskrit-Pali Index / Soothill, William Edward & Hodous, Lewis (Comps.)
877. A Dictionary of the Pali Language / Childers, Robert Caesar
878. Dictionary on Indian Religions; 2 Volumes / Rengarajan, T.
879. Didhanikayapali: with Hindi translation; 3 Volumes
880. The Different Path of Buddhism: A Narrative Histrorical Introduction / Olson, A.K.
881. Digha Nikaya: Text with English Translation; 3 volumes / Barua, Alka
882. Digha-Nikaya: Romanize Pali Text with English Translation; 3 Volumes / Barua, Alka
883. Dighanikaya: Sutta Pitaka ka Dighanikaya / Sankrityayan, Rahul & Kashyap, Jagdish (Trs.)
884. Dimensions of Buddhism and Jainism: Professor Suniti Kumar Pathak Felicitation Volume; 2 Volumes / Mukherjee, Ramaranjan & Bhattacharya, Buddhadev (Eds.)
885. The Dipavamsa: An Ancient Buddhism Historical Record / Oldenberg, Hermann
886. Discerning the Buddha: A Study of the Buddhism and of the Brahmannical Hindu Attitude to It / Joshi, Lal Mani
887. Discourses in Buddhist Classics / Saibaba, V.V.S.
888. The Discourses of Lord Buddha: The Wonderful Sutta Nipata / Fausball, V. (Tr.)
889. Distinguishing Dharma and Dharmata by Asanga and Maitreya, with a Commentary by Thrangu Rinpoche, Geshe Lharampa / Levinsion, Jules (Tr.)
890. The Divine Madman: The Sublime Life and Songs of Drukpa Kunley / Dowman, Keith & Paljor, Sonam (Trs.)
891. Divyavadana, edited by Dr. P.L. Vaidya
892. Doctoral Dissertations in Jain and Buddhist Studies: Including Pali, Prakrit and Apabhransa / Jain, Sagarmal & Arun Pratap (Eds.)
893. The Doctrine of Awakening: The Attainment of Self-Mastery According to the Earliest Buddhist Texts / Evola, Julius
894. The Doctrine of the Buddha: The Religion of Reason / Grimm, George
895. Dominant's Encyclopedia of Movers & Shakers: Saints Sages & Spirituals / Bennice, Warren G.; Seally, Peter & Menon, Meenakshi (Eds.)
896. A Dose of Emptiness: An Annotated Translation of the sTong thun chen mo of mKhas grub dGe legs dpal bzang / Cabezon, Jose Ignacio
897. Dr. Ambedkar Towards Buddhism / Chitkara, M.G.
898. Dr. Ambedkar, Buddhism and Social Change / Narain, A.K. & Ahir, D.C.
899. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar and the Dynamics of Neo-Buddhism / Pandyan, K. David
900. Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar / Ved Prakash & C.P. Raj (Drs.)

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