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Contribution of Buddhism to World Culture; 2 Volumes (with Audio CD) / Ogawa, Ichijo; Sankarnarayan, Kalpakam & Panth, Ravindra (Eds.)
Contribution of Buddhism to World Culture; 2 Volumes (with Audio CD)
Ogawa, Ichijo; Sankarnarayan, Kalpakam & Panth, Ravindra (Eds.)
List Price : US$ 149.95
Our Price : US$ 119.96

  Book ID : 32603
  ISBN-10 : 81-7039-263-2 / 8170392632
  ISBN-13 : 978-81-7039-263-7 / 9788170392637
  Place of Publication : Mumbai
  Year of Publication : 2006
  Edition : (First Edition)
  Language : English
  Papers Presented at the International Conference on Contribution of Buddhism to the World Culture Jointly Organized by K.J. Somaiya Centre for Buddhist Studies, Mumbai, Nav Nalanda Mahavihara, Nalanda, India, and Otani University, Kyoto, Japan, March 11-14th 2004.
lii+362p., iv+602p., Figs., Tables, Bib., 25 cm.


Volume 1 : Early / Theravada / Pali Buddhism:
1. Economic Ethics in Buddhism: Implications for World Culture / J. K. Sharma.
2. Buddhism - A Forensic-Criminological Approach / U. N. Biswas.
3. Contribution of the Jatakas to World Culture / Supriya Roy.
4. Social upliftment as depicted in Dhammapada Atthakatha / Vimal Shanker Sontakke.
5. The Buddha's Personality and Buddhist Culture / N. G. Kulkarni.
6. The Buddhist Path of Purification - Its Socio-Spiritual Significance / Kokila H. Shah.
7. Concept of Non-Violence and Compassion in Buddhism and Jainism / Bhagchandra Jain.
8. Ethicization of the Concept of Beauty - A Great Contribution by the Buddha / Angraj Chaudhary.
9. A Comparative Study of Bhavanga-Citta and Alaya-Vijnana in Abhidharma Tradition / Bimalendra Kumar.
10. Buddha's Method of Teaching as Refferred in Pitaka Literature / Hari Shankar Shukla.
11. Astangika-Marga: Some Points for Consideration / Mangala R. Chincore.
12. The Apotheosis of the Buddha in Early Buddhist Scriptures / Odani Nobuchiyo.
13. Deep Ecological Thinking in Buddhism / Harsha Mehta.
14. In Search of a Buddhist Economics / Vijay Kumar Thakur.
15. Unique Contribution of Buddhism to the World Culture / Bhau Lokhande.
16. Buddhist Developments in East and West since 1950 / C. D. Naik.
17. A Peaceful Revolution - The Significance of Dr. Ambedkar's Conversion to Buddhism / Dhammachari Lokamitra.
- Tibetan / Nepalese Buddhism:
18. Esoteric Buddhism in World Culture / S. K. Pathak.
19. Humanism in Buddhism through the Ages / Kalpika Mukherjee.
20. Tibetan Buddhism Aims at World Peace Through spiritual and Material Awareness / Buddhadev Bhattacharya.
21. Cultural Contribution of Buddhism through the Political Evolvement of Tibet / Arpita Chatterjee.
22. Concept of Dharma in the Bhadrakalpavadana - A Boon to World Peace / Soma Basu.
- Mahayana Buddhism:
23. Contribution of Buddhist Ethics and State Craft to World Culture / V. V. S. Saibaba.
24. Contribution of Buddhism to the world culture / J. Sitaramamma.
25. The Influence of Buddhism on Dharmasasta Cult of Kerala / P. C. Muraleemadhavan.
26. Suhrllekha - The Buddhist Centre of Friendly Epistle / C. S. Radhakrishnan.
27. Buddhist Disciplinary Conduct Integrates World Culture / Anandamayee Ghosh.
- Buddhist Literature (History):
28. Relevance of Buddhism in Tirukkural / V. Balambal.
29. Buddhist Influence on the Cultural History of Mongolia / Andrea Loseries.
30. International Conference on Contribution of Buddhism to World Culture / G. V. Strelkova.
31. Buddhist Literature in Mongolia / Enkhbayar Byambanorov.

Volume 2 : Buddhist Art and Architecture:
1. Statuettes in Buddhist Pantheon (A Study in Indonesian Iconography) / Edi Sedyawati.
2. Influence of Nalanda Art on Tibet / Dipankar Lama.
3. Dharma-cakra to Kala-cakra / R. Nagaswamy.
4. Trace of Buddhism in North Konkan ports of Sopara, Kalyan and Mahad / Neeta Mahendra Khandpekar.
5. The Role of Pali in the Inscriptions / Meena Talim.
6. Buddhist Aniconism and Wide-spread of Buddha-Images / M. G. Dhadhphale.
7. Buddhist Architecture in Bengal (Up to c. 1250 A.D.) / Enamul Haque.
8. Stylistic Comparisons of Selected Buddhist Wall Paintings from Bamiyan and Ajanta Paintings / Meenal Kapadia.
- South-East Asian Buddhism:
9. Past smiles in the Present: A case study of Brahmana-s in Thailand / Amarjiva Lochan.
10. The Recovery of Apocryphal Jataka-s transmitted in Thailand (With reference to the manuscript of Mahapaduma-jataka kept in the Otani University Library) / Shingyo Yoshimoto.
11. Buddhist Relics and Relic Shrines / Nandana Chutiwong.
12. Paritta or Pirit as a healing Power / Ven. Maduruoye Dhammissara.
13. Religious Beliefs in the Dvaravati Kingdom of Central Thailand / Phasook Indrawooth.
14. The Socio-Cultural Uplift of Humanity via: The Religious Instructions and Guidance of Early Buddhism / Ven. Dhammavihari.
15. Buddhism in the Eastern and Northeastern Parts of Thailand from 7th to 13th Centuries Based on Inscriptions and Archaeological Evidence / Chirapat Prapandvidya.
16. Danasala or Alms Halls / Roland Silva.
17. Brahmanic-Buddhist Interaction in Thailand / Satya Vrat Shastri.
- East Asian Buddhism:
18. Conceptual Transposition: A Discourse on Radicalization of Buddhism in China / Priyadarshi Mukherji.
19. Wei shi lun zong (Vijnaptimatra Sastra School): Its Rise and Development / Lalji `Shravak.
20. Canonical and Pictorial Sources of the De Infernis Libelli / Ineke Van Put.
21. The Spread of Gandharan Buddhist Yoga Manuals to China / Charles Wellemen.
22. Roushen Pusa and Corpus integrum-Whole-body relics in Buddhism and Christianity / Marcus Bingenheimer.
23. Secularization as a Historical Process of Ignorance / Noritoshi Aramaki.
24. Rationales for the Lax Adherence to the Precepts: Some Tendai Interpretations of the Precepts Based on the Lotus Sutra / Paul Groner.
25. Satori / Nilesh Dalal.
26. The Duliang tiandi pin or "Chapter on the Measure of Heaven and Earth": An Apocryphal Chapter of the Lotus Sutra in Medieval China / Daniel B. Stevenson.
- Research Fellow Sessions:
27. The Influence of Chinese Thought on Buddhist Meditation Techniques / Supriya Rai.
28. Economic Importance and Identification of Plants: Associated with the Buddha's Life / H. D. Khobragade / Meena V. Talim.
29. Tibetan Medicine in the Context of Buddhist Philosophy / Richard J. Bettini.
30. A Study of Dvarapala Images in Ajanta Caves: Focusing Primarily on the Dvarapala Yaksa Images in the Facade of Cave 19 / Kaoru Nagata.
31. Narrative Representation of Visvantara Jataka at Ajanta Cave 17 / Yasuko Fukuyama.
32. The World's Oldest Printed Sacred Texts: A Contribution of Buddhism through a Woman / Shobha Rani Dash.
33. History of Tibetan Buddhism - Tibetan Buddhism a living experience / Meenakshi Rajan.
34. Sama and Santa in Aesthetic and Spiritual Experiences / Suman Badami.
35. Buddhist Rock-Cut Architecture in the Sahyadri / Yojana Bhagat / Meena Talim.
36. Bodhisattva - Karuna Incarnate / Manali Londhe.
37. Dr. Ambedkar's approach to buddhism / Sunil Kamble.
38. An Evidence for Mahayana from Kanheri / Suraj A. Pandit.
39. Implications of Analogies in the Teachings of Buddha / Radha Kumar.
40. Symbolism of Five Elements in Vedic Tradition and Esoteric Buddhism / Mrunal Bhatt.
41. The Influence of Vajrayana Buddhism on the Natha Cult / Anita Rane-Kothare.

Still there is lust for power, or desire to dominate are barely restrained by fear the fear of man's own vastly improved instruments of destruction. Fear, however is not a very reliable brake on man's impulses and it constantly poisons the atmosphere by creating a feeling of instruction which again fan the fires of hate. The wrath of nature experiences in recent times leaves us bewildered and helpless. The phenomenon is not new. The magnitude has increased. From where to receive the remedy? How is it to be obtained? One cannot help and wonder at the foresight and wisdom of the Buddha that inspired the world more than 2500 years ago, which are so relevant in today's time. Ethics and values play the vital role in the present situation of globalization. The concern is an outcome of growing violence, fissiparous tendencies, ethnic, linguistic and religious conflicts the world. A sense of mutual distrust and fear of the other is visible everywhere. Never before, these apprehensions existed in such awesome proportions. Man still bungle only with the symptoms of their malady, remaining blind to the source of the illness which is no other than the three strong Roots of Everything Evil (akuala mula) pointed out by the Buddha- Greed (lobha), hatred (dveua) and delusion (moha). Buddha offer a great variety of methods of metal training and subjects of meditation suited to the various individual needs, temperaments and capacities. Yet all these method ultimately converge in the "Way of Mindfulness" called by the master himself "the only Way". This book will focus on the Buddha's prescription of "Meditation" which is the foundation for the Ethical values to strengthen one's Culture.



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