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601. Reservations for Women in Rural and Urban Local Bodies in India: Equal Partners in Decision-Making Process / Ram, D. Sundar (Ed.)
602. Rethinking Gender: Masculinity, Femininity and Queerity in Postcolonial Indian Fiction / Sinha, Sunita (Dr.)
603. The Right of the Child in India / Singh, Justice Rajkumar Manisana
604. Rights of Children / Gopalkrishnan, B.
605. Rights of Hindu and Muslim Women / Bharihoke, Neera (Ed.)
606. Rights of Muslim Women / Mullick, Iqbal
607. The Role and Status of Women in Sikhism / Gill, M.K. (Dr.)
608. Role and Status of Working Women / Astige, Shanta B.
609. Role Conflict Among Women Teachers / Devi, Shakuntla
610. Role Multiplicity of Lower Middle Class Working Women / Shrivastava, Abhilasha
611. Role of Banks in Women Development / Mehta, Basant & et. al.
612. Role of Women in Development Sector / Banerjee, Shruti
613. Role of Women in Legislatures in India: A Study / Mishra, Ramesh Chandra
614. Role of Women in Maratha Politics 1620-1752 A.D. / Vaidya, Sushila (Dr.)
615. Role of Women in Nation Building / Sagar, Rajiv
616. Role of Women in Nation Building; 11 Volumes / Kaushik, Vijay & Sharma, Bela Rani (Eds.)
617. Role of Women in Rural Development / Sagar, R.
618. The Role of Women in the Freedom Movement in Punjab (1919-1947) / Verma, Manju
619. Roles and Rituals for Hindu Women / Leslie, Julia (Ed.)
620. Royal Mughal Ladies and Their Contribution / Mukherjee, Sooma (Dr.)
621. Royalty, Feudalism and Gender / Bhargava, H.B.
622. Rural and Urban Women: Perspective and Nutrition / Shettar, Shakuntala C. & Hubballi, Santosh N.
623. Rural Landless Women Labourers: Problems and Perspectives / Balakrishnan, A.
624. Rural Landless Women Labourers: Problems and Prospects / Balakrishnan, A.
625. Rural Women / Sharma, Seema & Sharma, Kanta
626. Rural Women at Work / Kumari, C.A.
627. Rural Women at Work / Kumari, Punam
628. Rural Women Empowerment / Verma, S.B.; Jiloka, S.K. & Kushwah, K.J.
629. Rural Women Empowerment and Development Banking / Lalitha, N.
630. Rural Women Entrepreneurship / John, S Maria & et. al. (Eds.)
631. Rural Women in India / Sen, Manjula (Dr.)
632. Rural Women Workers in India's Unorganized Sector / Agrawal, Meenu
633. Rural Women Workforce / Singh, A.K. & Singh, S.
634. Rural Women Workforce in India / Nath, Madhuri
635. Rural Women: Maternal Child Health and Family Planning Services / Neeraja, K.P.
636. Rural Women: Work and Health / Singh, Abha Lakshmi; Sabir, Irfan & Asgher, Sarfaraj
637. Samkaleen Vimarsh / Verma, Kalpna
638. Sarojini Naidu: Charismatic Indian Woman / Rajkumar
639. Sarojini Naidu: The Traditional Feminist / Banerjee, Hasi
640. Self Help Groups: Key to Empowerment of Rural Women / Narayanaswamy, B.; Samanta, R.K. & Gowda, K. Narayana
641. Self-help Groups (SHGs) and Women Empowerment in India / Pangannavar, Arjun Yallappa
642. Senior Women Health Care: Problems of Ageing and Neglect / Kumar, R. & Kumar, Meenal
643. Separated and Divorced Women in India: Economic Rights and Entitlements / Singh, Kirti
644. Sex Awareness Among Rural Girls / Murthy, M.R.S.
645. Sexual Harassment: Threat to Working Women / Chaudhary, Reena
646. Shakti: Multidiciplinary Perspectives on Women's Empowerment / Harish, R. & et. al. (Eds.)
647. She Comes to Take Her Rights: Indian Women, Property and Propriety / Basu, Srimati
648. She: A Woman from India / Goel, Sangeeta
649. She: In Search of Light / Goyal, Santosh
650. Sheaf of Development Issues: Women, Agriculture, Human Resources / Eunice, B. Lilly Grace
651. Shifting Body Politics: Gender: Nation: State in Pakistan / Rouse, Shahnaz
652. Signposts: Gender Issues in Post-Independence India / Rajan, Rajeswari Sunder (Ed.)
653. Sikhism and Women / Pruthi, Raj & Sharma, Bela Rani
654. Single Women No Problem: Challenging Indian Realities / Kachru, Asha
655. Social Abuse on Girls / Kunwar, Varsha Neelma & Chaudhary, Akansha
656. Social Development in India; 8 Volumes / Chandra, Ramesh (Prof.)
657. Social Exclusion and Gender: Some Reflections / Rath, Navaneeta et. al.
658. Social Justice and Women in India / Dube, M.P. & et. al. (Eds.)
659. Social Legislation and Status of Hindu Women / Sahai, Shailly
660. Social Status of Indian Women; 2 Volumes / Qureshi, Muniruddin (Ed.)
661. Social Status of Women / Lal, Sunder
662. Social Status of Women in India / Majumdar, Maya
663. Social Structure and Female Infanticide / Thirukkani, V.
664. Socialisation of Women Education / Saxena, Alka
665. Socialisation of Women in India / Devi, Manju
666. Socialization of Women in India / Devi, Manju
667. The Socio-Cultural World of Women in Medieval Andhra (From 11th to 13th Centuries A.D.) / Padma, A.
668. Socio-Economic Development of Tribal Women: Changes and Challenges / Talmaki, Rekha K.
669. Socio-Economic Empowerment of Women in North East India / Saikia, Hemanta; Baruah, Taposh & Saikia, Archana
670. Socio-Economic Position of East African Rural Women / Rahman, Suraiya Tabassum
671. Socio-Economic Status of Widows / Padamanabhan, K. (Dr.)
672. Socio-Economic Transformation in India / Ray, Biswanath
673. Sociology of Gender: A Brief Introduction / Kramer, L.
674. Socio-Psychological Dimensions of Women Education / Mathur, S.S.
675. South Asian Feminisms / Loomba, Ania & Lukose, Ritty A. (Eds.)
676. Speaking for Ourselves: Women and Distance Education in India / Kanwar, Asha & et. al.
677. Speaking Peace: Women's Voice from Kashmir / Butalia, Urvashi (Ed.)
678. The State of Children in India: Promises to keep / Bose, A.B.
679. Statistical Survey of Women Education / Sharma, Usha & Sharma, B.M. (Eds.)
680. Status and Advancement of Women / Rao, Digumarti Bhaskara; Rao, Veeramachaneni Venkateswara; Lakshmi, Veeramachaneni Vijaya; Krishna, Veeramachaneni Vamsi (Eds.)
681. Status and Empowerment of the Girl Child: Aspects in Cross-Cultural Context / Behura, N.K. & Mohanti, R.P.
682. Status and Empowerment of Tribal Women in Tripura / Bhowmik, Krishna Nath (Dr.)
683. Status of Girl Child in India / Jha, J.K.
684. Status of Girl Child in India / Kusuma, A.
685. Status of Indian Women / Mishra, Saraswati
686. Status of Muslim Women in India: Law Relating to Marriage, Divorce and Maintenance / Tabasum, Mufti Samiya
687. Status of Muslim Women in North India / Roy, Shibani
688. Status of Women Among the Lepchas / Roy, D.C.
689. Status of Women Among the Muslims in India: A Case Study of Surat / Ghanchi, Samiullah M.
690. Status of Women and Family Welfare / Niranjana
691. Status of Women and Reproductive Behaviour / Das, N.P. & et. al.
692. Status of Women Entrepreneurs in India / Ganesan, S.
693. Status of Women in Contemporary World / Tandon, R.K.
694. Status of Women in Independent India / Dwivedi, Sharat
695. Status of Women in India (Set Of 3 Vols.) / Upadhyay, H.C.
696. The Status of Women in India: From Antiquity of Modernity / Biswas Manjari (Bhaumik)
697. Status of Women in Islam / Khan, Mohammad Shabbir
698. Status of Women in Islamic Society; 2 Volumes / Afsar, Bano (Ed.)
699. Status of Women in Modern India / Verma, S.B.
700. Status of Women in Modern Society / Dwivedi, Sharat
701. Status of Women in Rural Societies / Chaube, Ramesh & Saini, Kalpana (Eds.)
702. Status of Women Towards Empowerment / Mahapatra, Subhasini
703. Status on Crime Against Women in Different Countries / Mukherjee, Doel (Dr.)
704. The Stigma of Womanhood / Sinha, Mansi
705. Stolen Sunshine: A Woman's Quest for Herself / Jhavar, Smita
706. Strategies for Developing Women Enterpreneurship / Setty, E.D. & Moorthy, P. Krishna
707. Street Children and the Asphalt Life; 3 Volumes / Shukla, P.C. (Ed.)
708. Stress in Women: Manage with Ayurveda and Yoga / Mehra, Raakhi
709. Studies in Women Writers in English / Das, Krishan & Patra, Deepchand (Drs.)
710. Studies in Women Writers in English; 4 Volumes / Ray, Mohit K. & Kundu, Rama (Eds.)
711. Studies on Women in Buddhism (c. 6th century B.C. to c. 1300 century A.D.) / Jash, Sayamtara
712. Summit of Mind / Ahluwalia, H.P.S. & Singh, J.P. (Dr.)
713. Suppressed Womanhood: A Cry for Rights / John, Nilaufer
714. Supreme Court & High Court Judgements: Relating to Women & Children / Walikhanna, Charu & Rao, Nandita
715. Talks on Feminism: Indian Women Activists Speak for Themselves / Tejero, Antonia Navarro
716. Teenage Girls Health Development: Nutrition, Mental and Physical Growth / Kumar, R. & Kumar, Meenal
717. Television and Development of Women / Kumari, Preeti
718. Thailand: Buddhism, Society and Women / Kapur-FIC, Alexandra R.
719. Today's Women in World Religions Introduction by Katherine K. Young / Sharma, Arvind (Ed.)
720. Tolerance: A Golden Path to Peaceful Co-existence / Mahale, K.J.
721. Toward an Anthropology of Women / Reiter, Rayna R.
722. Towards Empowering Women: Views and Reviews / Sumanlata
723. Towards Empowerment of Women / Doshi, Nitin
724. Towards Gender Equality: India's Experience / Murthy, N. Linga; Rani, T. Jyothi; Rajaiah, G.; Narayana, K.V.; Ali, Mohd. Iqbal & Reddy, T. Papi (Eds.)
725. Towards Women's Rights Protection / Singh, Trilok
726. Tradition and Modernity Among Indian Women / Devi, S.
727. Traditional Health Practices in Komaoni Women: Continuity and Change / Capila, Anjali
728. Trafficking in Women and Children in India: Emerging Perspectives, Issues and Strategies / Singh, Awadhesh Kumar; Singh, Atul Pratap & Khan, Parvez Ahmed
729. Tribal Girls: Aspiration, Achievements and Frunstration / Choudhary, Damina
730. Tribal Woman Laboures: Aspects of Economic and Physical Explotation / Prasad, Sushma Sahay
731. Tribal Women / Thakur, Devendra & Thakur, D.N.
732. Tribal Women Empowerment and Gender Issues / Banu, Zenab
733. The Tribal Women in India; 3 Volumes / Sharma, S.P. & et. al.
734. Tribal Women in the New Profile / Sahay, Sarita
735. Tribal Women of Arunachal Pradesh: Socio-Economic Status / Rao, V.M.
736. Tribal Women of Assam: A Social Geographic Perspective / Das, Madhushree
737. Tribal Women Workers: A Study of Young Migrants / Alam, Jayanti
738. Two Child Family Norms in Rural India / Reddy, M.M. Krishna
739. Understanding Gender / Bhasin, Kamla
740. University and Working Women / Ohri, Renu
741. The Unknown Pilgrims: History, Life ans Spirituality of the Jaina Women Ascetics / Shanta, N.
742. Unwanted Daughters: Gender Discrimination in Modern India / Sekhar, T.V. & Hatti, Neelamber (Eds.)
743. Urbanisation and Child Labour / Narasaiah, M.L.
744. Urgency of Value Education and Primacy of Girl Child: National Agenda for Educational Reforms / Kashyap, Subhash C. (Ed.)
745. Valuation of Women Work in Manipur / Devi, Mayanglambam Sarda (Dr.)
746. Vedic Anarya Nari evem Adhunik Adivasi Nari (in Hindi) / Kujura, Skolastika (Dr.)
747. Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit: Great Daughter of India / Rajkumar
748. Violence Against Women / Ahuja, Ram
749. Violence Against Women / Kumar, Raj (Ed.)
750. Violence Against Women / Roy, Ashine
751. Violence Against Women / Roy, M.K.
752. Violence Against Women / Sood, Sushma (Ed.)
753. Violence Against Women and Children: Issues and Concerns / Singh, Awadhesh Kumar & Choudhury, Jayanta
754. Violence Against Women in North East India / Laltlinzo, Garce & Beeju, Kamei
755. Violence Against Women: Dynamics of Conjugal Relations / Madhurima
756. Violence Against Women: Issues and Perspectives / Goel, Aruna; Kaur, Manvinder & Sultana, Ameer
757. Violence Against Women: Women Against Violence / Kudchedkar, Shirin & et. al. (Eds.)
758. Violence and Protective Measures for Women Development and Empowerment / Goel, Aruna
759. Violence on Women / Shukla, Suruchi; Fellows, Anjna & Kunwar, Neelma
760. Violence on Women by Men / Bahl, Manish
761. Violence, Law and Rights in South Asia / Sagar, Rajiv
762. Visibilising Women: Facets of History Through a Gender Lens / Shah, Kirit K. & Seshan, Radhika
763. Voice Unheard: Women, Conflict and Kashmir / Suri, Kavita
764. Walking Naked: Women, Society, Spirituality in South India / Ramaswamy, Vijaya
765. War and Gender: How Gender Shapes the War System and Vice Versa / Goldstein, Joshua S.
766. Welfare Services for Women and Children / Sobha, I.
767. Widowhood: A Curse to Humanity / Kumar, Raj (Ed.)
768. Woman and Religion: An Encyclopadia on Women in Different Religions of the World; 8 Volumes / Anil Dutta Mishra (Ed.)
769. Woman Between Islam and Western Society / Khan, Maulana Wahiduddin
770. Woman in Indian Short Stories: Feminist Perspective / Bande, U. & Atma Ram
771. Woman in the Novels of Shashi Deshpande: A Study / Sree, S. Prasanna
772. Woman: Physiologically Considered as to Mind, Morals, Marriage, Matrimonial Slavery, Infidelity and Divorce / Walker, Alexander (1779-1852)
773. A Woman's life for Kashmir: Irene Petrie: A Biography / Wilson, Ashley Carus
774. Woman's Marrige in India: Cultural Practices, Age and Male Selection / Sheela, J.
775. Women About Women in Indian Literature / Singh, Charu Sheel
776. Women Across Asia: Isues of Identities / Ghosh, Lipi; Chakraborty, Suchandra & Mukhopadhyay, Ishita (Eds.)
777. Women and Achievement: Dynamics of Participation and Partnership / Dixit, Maitreya
778. Women and Bodoland Conflict / Dutta, Piyali
779. Women and Changing Power Structure in North-East India / Ray, Asok Kumar & Athparia, Rajendra Prasad (Eds.)
780. Women and Child Development / Roy, Kalpana
781. Women and Child Development / Tiwari, Satish (Ed.)
782. Women and Child Trafficking in India: A Human Right Perspective / Roy, Rekha
783. Women and Children: Sociological Perspectives from Jammu and Kashmir / Itoo, Gulam Nabi
784. Women and Crime / Aggrawal, Usha (Dr.)
785. Women and Crime / Kumar, A.
786. Women and Crime / Qureshi, M.U.
787. Women and Crime / Sharma, Seema & Sharma, Kanta
788. Women and Crime; 2 Volumes / Kumar, A.K. (Ed.)
789. Women and Crop Production Technologies / Somani, L.L. (Chief Ed.)
790. Women and Development / Kumar, Raj (Ed.)
791. Women and Development / Srivastava, Sushma
792. Women and Development in India: Reflections from Ladakh and Beyond / Suri, Kavita (Ed.)
793. Women and Development: The Changing Scenario / Joshi, Savita Thakur
794. Women and Development; 2 Volumes / Kumar, Ashok (Ed.)
795. Women and Economic Development / Banerji, Anita & Sen, Raj Kumar (Eds.)
796. Women and Economic Development: A Case Study of Uttar Pradesh / Chandra, Susmita
797. Women and Economic Reforms: Kerala Experience / Bai M., Meera (Ed.)
798. Women and Economy / Kumar, Raj (Ed.)
799. Women and Education / Kumar, Raj (Ed.)
800. Women and Education / Rao, R.K. (Ed.)
801. Women and Education / Sharma, B.M. (Ed.)
802. Women and Education: Issues and Approaches / Sharma, Nirmala
803. Women and Education; 2 Volumes / Dutta, Suresh
804. Women and Educational Development / Gupta, Mukta
805. Women and Educational Development Series; 11 Volumes / Sharma, Usha & Sharma, B.M. (Eds.)
806. Women and Empowerment / Pillai, Jaya Kothai
807. Women and Equality / Kumar, Raj (Ed.)
808. Women and Family Welfare / Kumar, A.
809. Women and Family Welfare / Kumari, Madhu (Dr.)
810. Women and Family Welfare / Srivastava, Sushma
811. Women and Food Security: Role of Panchayats / Chaturvedi, Pradeep (Ed.)
812. Women and Gender in Ancient India: A Study of Texts and Inscriptions / Singh, Vijaya Laxmi
813. Women and Health: Intersectional Issues and Social Constraints / Bijli, Heena K.
814. Women and Higher Education / Sharma, Usha & Sharma, B.M. (Eds.)
815. Women and Higher Education System / Sen, Rabindra
816. Women and Human Development: The Capabilities Approach / Nussbaum, Martha C.
817. Women and Human Rights / Aswal, B.S.
818. Women and Human Rights / Bhatt, Savita
819. Women and Human Rights / Gonsalves, Lina
820. Women and Human Rights / Jayapalan, N.
821. Women and Human Rights / Khan, M.A.
822. Women and Human Rights / Mishra, Jyotsna (Ed.)
823. Women and Human Rights / Narasaiah, M. Lakshmi
824. Women and Human Rights / Rastogi, Rekha
825. Women and Human Rights in India / Kausal, Rachna
826. Women and Indian Society: Options and Constraints / Andal, N.
827. Women and Islam: An Historical and Theological Enquiry / Mernissi, Fatima
828. Women and Law / Kumar, Raj (Ed.)
829. Women and Law: Muslim Personal Law Perspective / Ephroz, K.N.
830. Women and Leadership / Kumar, Raj (Ed.)
831. Women and Marriage / Kumar, Raj (Ed.)
832. Women and Media: Challenging Feminist Discource / Prasad, Kiran (Ed.)
833. Women and Media: Changing Roles, Struggle and Impact / Kataria, Pooja
834. Women and Microcredit / Narasaiah, M Lakshmi
835. Women and Nation / Kumar, Raj (Ed.)
836. Women and Nutrition in Himalayas / Pant, B.R.
837. Women and Panchayati Raj / Trivedi, B.R.
838. Women and Politics / Mahapatra, Subhasini
839. Women and Politics / Saxena, Kiran (Ed.)
840. Women and Politics / Sharma, Seema & Sharma, Kanta
841. Women and Politics / Vali, Md. Mastan
842. Women and Politics in Nagaland: Challenges and Imperatives / Jamir, Toshimenla
843. Women and Problems of Gender Discrimination / Upreti, H.C. & et. al.
844. Women and Professional Development in India / Sagar, Rajiv
845. Women and Professions / Sharma, Usha & Sharma, B.M. (Eds.)
846. Women and Protective Laws / Chawla, Monica
847. Women and Religion / Doshi, Nitin
848. Women and Religion: A Sociological Analysis / Renavikar, M.D.
849. Women and Reservation in India / Mandal, Jotirmay (Dr.)
850. Women and Rural Development Programmes / Verma, Binoy N. & Nath, Madhuri
851. Women and Science / Kumar, Raj (Ed.)
852. Women and Self Help Group / Manga, B.V.L.A.
853. Women and Sexual Exploitation: Harassment at Work / Sikri, Rehana
854. Women and Sexuality / Kumar, Raj (Ed.)
855. Women and Social Change / Pradhan, Krishna Chandra (Dr.)
856. Women and Social Change / Sharma, Seema & Sharma, Kanta
857. Women and Social Order: A Profile of Major Indicators and Determinants / Ranganathan, Sarala
858. Women and Social Reform in Modern India (2 Volumes) / Sarkar, Sumit & Sarkar, Tanika (Eds.)
859. Women and Society / Kumar, Raj (Ed.)
860. Women and Society / Parveen, Shagufta
861. Women and Society / Rahman, Zainab
862. Women and Society / Sharma, Usha & Sharma, B.M. (Eds.)
863. Women and Society in Ancient India / Vats, S. & et. al. (Eds.)
864. Women and Society: Equality and Empowerment / Mitra, Joyati
865. Women and Socio-Cultural Changes / Shirwadkar, Swati
866. Women and Sustainable Development: An International Dimension / Patel, Krishna Ahooja
867. Women and Tagore: Recreating the Space in New Millenium / Basu, Rajesh (Ed.)
868. Women and the Human Rights / Khanna, S.K.
869. Women and the Indian Freedom Struggle; 7 Volumes / Kumar, Raj; Devi, Rameshwari & Pruthi, Romila
870. Women and the Law / Bharti, Dalbir
871. Women and the Law / Chouhan, Laxmidhar
872. Women and the Law / Kant, Anjani (Dr.)
873. Women and the Law / Kaur, Gurkirat
874. Women and the Nation's Narrative: Gender and Nationalism in Twentieth Century Srilanka / Mel, Neloufer De
875. Women and the Wind of Change / Puri, Shamsher Singh (Dr.)
876. Women and Urban Crimes / Mukherjee, Doel (Dr.)
877. Women and Work / Kumar, Raj (Ed.)
878. Women and Work / Swaminathan, Padmini (Ed.)
879. Women and Work: Human Resource Management Perspective / Sharma, Anuradha
880. Women as Seen by Women: A Study of African-American Women Writers / Sethi, Navneet
881. Women as Victim of Alcoholism / Thavamony, J.D. & Gokilavani, S. (Dr.)
882. Women Child Welfare and Media / Gupta, Mukta
883. Women Criminals and Their Life-Style / Maniyar, Mridula
884. Women Criminals in India: Sociological and Social Work Perspective / William, A. Thomas & Christopher, A.J.
885. Women Development in India / Gupta, Shakuntla
886. Women Development in India / Narayana, E.A. & Lakshmi, E.V.
887. Women Development in India: A Statistical Profile / Latta, Lalit
888. Women Development: New Approaches and Innovation / Sharma, Rashmi
889. Women Education / Mishra, R.C.
890. Women Education / Pattanaik, Anjali & Swain, Snigdha Rani
891. Women Education / Sharma, Seema & Sharma, Kanta
892. Women Education / Sinhg, U.K. & Nayak, A.K.
893. Women Education / Venkataiah, V. (Ed.)
894. Women Education and Development / Misra, Rabi N.
895. Women Education and Development: A New Perspective / Kaushik, Vijay Kumari
896. Women Education and Empowerment / Ojha, Chitranjan
897. Women Education and Empowerment / Sharma, Aruna; Bakshi, Rita; Sharma, J.C. & Sharma, Poonam
898. Women Education and Social Change / Rajvanshi, J.
899. Women Education in Ancient and Medieval India / Sharma, Usha & Sharma, B.M. (Eds.)
900. Women Education in British India / Sharma, Usha & Sharma, B.M. (Eds.)

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