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901. Poetry Passion Politics: The Story of Madhumata / Verma, Amita
902. Police: The Human Face / Dikshit, R.C.
903. Policies and Politics in Grassroots Administration / Rao, M.G. Ramakant & Mathur, Prashant K.
904. The Political Agenda at the Turn of the Century: A Search for Alternatives / Mathias, Edward
905. Political and Administrative Integration of Princely States / Sadasivan, S.N.
906. Political and Cultural History of Orissa / Panda, S.K.
907. Political and Security Dynamics of South and Southeast Asia / Singh, Daljit (Ed.)
908. Political Auditing: Manifesto for Rescuing Democracy / Chowdhury, Gopal
909. Political Awakening in Jammu Region / Dhar, Sandhya (Dr.)
910. Political Communication; 2 Volumes / Prasad, Kiran
911. Political Culture and Democratic Development in Central Asia / Mohapatra, Nalin Kumar
912. Political Demography of India: Determinants and Consequences / Krishnan, Parameswara
913. Political Development in Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh / Sharma, Usha (Ed.)
914. Political Development in Manipur (1919-1949) / Chishti, S.M.A.W.
915. Political Developments in Afghanistan: Implications for India / Tennyson, K.N.
916. Political Dimensions of Development / Verma, S.
917. Political Disputes and Controversies: Conflict Resolution in India / Kulapati, Mekhala
918. Political Dynamics of Jammu and Kashmir; 2 Volumes / Sharma, Y.R.
919. Political Dynamics of Rule by the People; 2 Volumes / Singh, Naunihal
920. Political Economy and Class Contradictions / Nedumpara, Jose J.
921. The Political Economy of Armed Conflict / Ballentine & Sherman
922. Political Economy of Institutional Planning in Education / Rehman, M.M.
923. Political Economy of Rural Development / Manohar, K. Murali with Rao, K. Seetha Rama & Rao, B. Janardhan
924. Political Empowerment of Tribal Women / Dash, Susanta Kumar
925. Political Empowerment of Women / Panda, Snehalata
926. Political Ethics of Guru Granth Sahib / Kaur, Gurdeep
927. Political Evolution of Feudatory States in Orissa / Panda, Achyutananda
928. Political Geography / Adhikari, Sudeepta
929. Political Geography / Gupta, Rajeev
930. Political Geography / Husain, Ahmad (Dr.)
931. Political Geography / Mohanty, G.S. (Ed.)
932. Political Geography / Singh, I. (Ed.)
933. Political Governance; 3 Volumes / Chatturvedi, J.C. (Ed.)
934. Political Ideas and Institutions / Pruthi, Raj Kumar
935. The Political Ideas of Bipin Chandra Pal / Sinha, Madan Gopal
936. Political Ideas of Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia / Prasad, Chandradeo
937. Political Modernization in the Gulf / Ansari, Shahid Jamal
938. Political Participation in the USSR / Gupta, Matadin
939. Political Parties and Party System in Pakistan / Verma, Monika
940. Political Parties in India: Formation, Superintendence, Electoral Alliances and Coalition / Ahuja, M.L.
941. Political Parties of Jammu and Kashmir / Shah, Mushtaq Ahmad & Meena, S.
942. Political Perceptions and Government Policy / Bhandari, Ashish & Sen, Samar
943. The Political Philosophy of Antonio Gramsci / Misra, Aditi
944. Political Philosophy of B.R. Ambedkar / Jatava, D.R.
945. Political Question and Article 356 / Rathnaswamy, P. (Dr.)
946. Political Science Annual: 1998-99 / Mukherjee, S. & et. al.
947. Political Science for UGC-NET/SLET and Other Competitive Examinations (For Essay Type, Analytical/Evaluative, Definition and Text-based Questions) / Atlantic Research Division
948. Political Science: Major Ideologies / Khanna, S.K.
949. Political Science; 2 Volumes / Sarmah, Durga Kanta
950. Political Socialization of Student in Metropolitan Calcutta / Chakraborty, Roma
951. Political Socialization of Women: Study of Teenager Girls / Behera, Jyoshna Rani
952. Political Sociology / Jayapalan, N.
953. Political Sociology / Nagla, B.K. (Ed.)
954. Political Sociology / Narang, Ashok
955. The Political Sociology of Dalit Assertion / Louis, Prakash
956. Political Status of Women / Shukla, Anil Kumar
957. Political System in Pakistan; 10 Volumes / Grover, Verinder & Arora, R. (Eds.)
958. The Political System of the Islamic Republic of Iran / Mahmood, M. (Dr.)
959. Political Theory / Jayapalan, N.
960. Political Theory / Pradhan, Alok
961. Political Theory and Thought / Ray, B.N.
962. Political Theory: Interrogations and Interventions / Ray, B.N.
963. Political Thinkers of the World; 2 Volumes / Srivastava, Kamal S. & Srivastava, Sangeeta
964. Political Thought & Interpretation / Gupta, D.
965. Political Thought in Ancient India: Emergence of the State, Evolution of Kingship and Inter-State Relations based on the Saptanga Theory of State / Singh, G.P.
966. Political Thought of Swami Dayanand / Malhotra, Shanta (Dr.)
967. Political Thought; 2 Volumes / Sharma, Manoj
968. Political Thoughts in India (400 B.C. 1980) / Appadorai, A.
969. Political Trends: Revival of Two Party System in India: Ruling Vs. Combined Opposition / Jai, Janak Raj
970. Political Turmoil of Kashmir / Kaul, S.N.
971. Political Views and Thoughts of Nehru / Gusain, H.K.
972. Political Women: Country Experiences in Identity and Gender Debate / Siddiqi, Fatima Ehtesham
973. Political, Legal and Military History of India; 10 Volumes / Bhatia, H.S. (Ed.)
974. Political, Legal and War Philosophy in Ancient India / Bhatia, H.S. (Ed.)
975. Politico Economic Ideas of Mahatma Gandhi: Their Relevance in the Present Day / Mazumder, Sukhendu
976. Politics and Administration in India / Sharma, S.K. & Sharma, Usha
977. Politics and Beyond / Roy, Ramashray
978. Politics and Development: Theory and Strategy / Bhandari, Ashish & Sen, Samar
979. Politics and Government / Pruthi, Raj Kumar
980. Politics and Power in South Asia / Prajapati, Vishnu
981. Politics in Changing India / Narian, I. & et. al.
982. Politics in India / Sankhdher, M.M. & Kaur, Gurdeep
983. The Politics of Citizenship, Identity and the State in South Asia / Bhattacharyya, Harihar; Kluge, Anja & Konig, Lion
984. Politics of Conflict and Conciliation / Udara, Bhavana & Ramcharit, Sujatha
985. Politics of Congress Factionalism in Kerala since 1982 / Kurup, G. Radhakrishna
986. The Politics of Crime and Corruption: A Former CBI Officer Speaks / Singh, N.K.
987. Politics of Democracy and Decentralisation in India / Biju, M.R.
988. Politics of Economic Relations and Globalisation / Singh, Jagmohan
989. Politics of Ethnic and Religious Minorities in Pakistan / Pande, Savita
990. The Politics of Ethnicity in India, Nepal and China / Carrin, Marine; Kanungo, Pralay & Toffin, Gerard (Eds.)
991. The Politics of Global Governance / Diehl, Paul
992. Politics of Globalisation / Patil, V.T. & et. al.
993. Politics of Land Reforms in India / Thakur, Devendra
994. The Politics of Literary Theory and Representation: Writings on Activism and Aesthetics / Singh, Pankaj K. (Ed.)
995. Politics of Post-Civil Society: Contemporary History of Political Movements in India / Gudavarthy, Ajay
996. Politics of Presidential Rule in India / Singh, K. Indramani (Dr.)
997. Politics of Sharing Power: The Punjab Unionist Party 1923-1947 / Tanwar, Raghuvendra
998. The Politics of Sikhs: A Study of Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Managemnet Committee / Kaur, Jitinder
999. Politics of State Autonomy and Regional Identity: Jammu and Kashmir / Sunita
1000. The Politics of State Autonomy in Jammu and Kashmir / Ahmad, Feroze
1001. The Politics of the Ayodhya Dispute / Nayak, Pradeep
1002. Politics, Policy and Administrative Change / Mathur, R.
1003. Politics, Society and Development: Insights from Sikkim / Yasin, Mohammad & Chhetri, Durga P.
1004. Politics, Symbols and Political Theory: Rethinking Gandhi / Kaushik, Asha
1005. Portrait of a President: Pranab Mukherjee / Shewan, M.A.
1006. Post-Pokhran Nuclear Politics: Fresh Perspectives on Indo-US Relations / Sheth, Pravin
1007. Power Politics and Political Definitions: A Global Map For the New Millennium / Sen, Samar
1008. Power, Politics and Corruption: A Gandhian Solution / Sharma, J.N.
1009. Powers of President and Cabinet / Jain, U.C.
1010. Pramukh Rajnitik Vicharak (in Hindi) / Rajkumar (Dr.)
1011. Pratibha Patil: First Woman President of India / Syed, M.H.
1012. President A P J Abdul Kalam Day by Day Historical Study; 2 Volumes / Dhawan, S.K.
1013. President in Indian Political System / Sharma, V.
1014. Presidents of India 1950-2003 / Jai, Janak Raj (Dr.)
1015. The Press and the Indian Parliament / Singh, Shanti Swaroop
1016. Press in Indo-US Relation / Laxmi, G.
1017. Press: Political & Socialization / Mishra, Madhusmita
1018. Prime Ministers of India: Nehru to Manmohan Singh (1947-2007); 2 Volumes / Sharma, S.K.
1019. The Princes of India and Nepal / Barton, S.W.
1020. Principles and Theory in Political Science; 2 Volumes / Sharma, Urmila & Sharma, S.K.
1021. Principles of Political Economy; 3 Volumes / Mill, J.
1022. Problem of Stateless Persons in West Asia / Ahmad, Ishtiyaq (Dr.)
1023. Profile of Indian Presidents: From Rajender Prashad to K.R. Narayanan / Khanna, S.
1024. Profiles of Indian Prime Ministers: Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru to Dr. Manmohan Singh / Manisha
1025. Punjab 1998: Political and Socio-Economic Developments / Singh, Mohinder (Ed.)
1026. Punjab Politics and Congress (1947-1966) / Kinger, Michael Khirdo
1027. A Quiet Case of Ethnic Cleansing: The Murder of Bangladesh's Hindus / Benkin, Richard L. (Dr.)
1028. Radical Humanism: Political Philosophy of M.N. Raoy (Revisited) / Talwar, Sada Nand
1029. Rajasthan: Polity, Economy & Society / Panaghariya, B.N.
1030. Rajbanshis of Nepal / Gautam, Rajesh (Dr.)
1031. Rajiv Gandhi Ke Pradhanmantritva kaal Main Bharat-Pak Sambandh / Singh, Sanjay Kumar
1032. Rajkumari Amrit Kaur: The Dedicated Gandhian and Health Minister / Gajrani, Shiv & Ram, S. (Drs.)
1033. Rajnitik Vigyan Ke Siddhant; (in Hindi) / RajKumar (Dr.)
1034. Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh: National Upsurge / Chitkara, M.G.
1035. Readings in the Indian Parliamentary Opposition; 2 Volumes / Ram, D. Sundar
1036. Reconstitution of the Constitution of India / Sharma, Kanahaiyalal
1037. Recrudescence of Violence in Indian North-East States: Roots in Environmental Scarcity Induced Migration from Bangladesh / Gaan, Narottam
1038. Red Peacocks Commentaries on Burmese Socialist Nationalism / Badgley, John H. & Kyaw, Aye
1039. Redefining Islamic Political Thought: A Critique in Methodological Perspective / Fahad, Obaidullah (Dr.)
1040. Reforming Indian Political System / Khanna, S.K.
1041. Regionalism, Ethnicity and Left Politics / Basu, S.
1042. Religion and Politics in Indonesia / Tondon, Pradeep
1043. Religion and Work in Iran / Vesali, Said
1044. Religion in Politics: Gandhian Perspective in the Present Context / Singh, Amar
1045. Religion, Caste and Politics in India / Jaffrelot, Christophe
1046. Reluctant Partners Coming Together? Interface Between People, Government and NGO's / Rajasekhar, D.
1047. Remoulding the Sub-Continent / Saighal, Vinod (Maj. Gen.) (Retd.)
1048. Reorganisation of North East India Since 1947 / Ray, B. Datta & et. al.
1049. Restructuring India's Foreign Policy / Khilnani, R.K.
1050. Restructuring Pakistan: A Global Imperative (Including Afghanistan's Inside Truth) / Saighal, Vinod
1051. Resurgent Rural India: Decade After the Constitutionalisation of Panchayati Raj / Biju, M.R.
1052. Resurrection of the State a Saga of Bihar: Essays in Memory pf Papiya Ghosh / Ghosh, Papiya
1053. Rethinking Indian Federalism / Khan, Rasheeduddin (Ed.)
1054. Return to Roots: Emancipation of Indian Muslims / Lal, K.S.
1055. Revisiting Contemporary South Asia: Politics, Economics and Security / Lange, Klaus; Knapp, Klara & Panda, Jagannath P.
1056. Revitalising Indian Democracy / Saighal, Major General Vinod
1057. Revolutionary Movements; 3 Volumes / Ralhan, O.P.
1058. Rewriting the Language of Politics: Kisans in Colonial Bihar / Kumar, Arun
1059. Rights of Religious Minorities in India / Subhash, Manju
1060. Rip the Khaki / Nirmal, Anjali
1061. The Rise and Fall of Communism / Sarker, Sunil Kumar
1062. Rise and Fall of Vajpayee Government / Gupta, O.P.
1063. Rise of Terrorism and Successionism in Eurasia / Chopra, V.D. (Ed.)
1064. Roar of the Tiger: An Illustrated History of Operations in Kashmir by 4th Battalion The Kumaon Regiment (4 Kumaon) During 'India-Pakistan War (1965)' / Singh, Brig Jasbir
1065. The Role of Diplomacy in the Policy of the Prophet (PBUH) / Siddiqui, Suhaib Alam
1066. Role of Electronic Media and Film Artistes in Parlimentary Elections / Agnihotri, Ram Avtar
1067. Role of Japan and Nepal in Asian Politics / Dharamdasani, M.D. (Dr.)
1068. Role of NGOs in Development of Social System / Goel, O.P. (Ed.)
1069. SAARC: Political and Economic Aspects / Kher, R.S.
1070. Saffron Versus Green: Communal Politics in the Central Provinces and Berar / Mojumdar, Kanchanmoy
1071. Samajbad:Bhartiya Janta Ka Sanghars / Singh, Ayodha
1072. The Samajwadi Party: A Study of Its Social Base, Ideology and Programme / Shafiuzzaman
1073. Sampradayik Rajniti Va Bharat Ka Vibhajan: San 1940-1947; (In Hindi) / Singh, Tej Veer
1074. Sardar Sarovar: A Boon or a Disaster? / Sulaiman, Naushad A.
1075. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and Comrade Mao Tsetung: A Comparative Study with Reference to Peasantry / Kumar, Ravindra
1076. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel: India's Iron Man / Krishna, B.
1077. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel: Life, Work and Views / Kumar, Ravindra
1078. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel: The Maker of United India / Kumar, Ravindra (Ed.)
1079. Satyagraha and Social Change / Kwatra, S.
1080. Scene Changes in Kashmir, India and Pakistan / Chopra, Pran
1081. Scientist to President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam / Chandra, Ramesh (Prof.)
1082. Scope and Method of Political Economy / Keynes, J.N.
1083. Secrets of RSS: Demystifing the Sangh / Sharda, Ratan
1084. Secular and Nationalist Jinnah / Jawed, Ajeet (Dr.)
1085. Secular Common Sense / Kesavan, Mukul
1086. Secular India and Communal Politics / Sharma, R.C.
1087. Secularism in India: Theory & Practice / Yerankar, Shriram
1088. Secularism: Concept and Practice / Lal, A.K. (Ed.)
1089. Security and Development: The Political Economy of Insurgency in Manipur / Singh, K. Gyanendra
1090. Security and Diplomacy Old Issues New Challenges / Dixit, A.K.
1091. Security and Diplomacy: Essential Documents / Gupta, Arvind & Chaturvedi, Mukul
1092. Security and Foreign Policy in South Asia / Kayathwal, M.K. (Comp.)
1093. Security in South Asia: Comprehensive and Cooperative / Banerjee, Dipankar (Maj. Gen.)
1094. Security Threats to North-East India: The Socio-Ethnic Tensions / Narahari, N.S. (PVSM) (Retd.)
1095. Selected Documents on Nuclear Disarmament; 4 Volumes / Gupta, K.R. (Ed.)
1096. Shades of Kashmir: Landscape - Daily Life - People - Protest / Basu, Shome
1097. Shaheed Bhagat Singh: Unique Martyr in Freedom Movement / Saigal, Omesh
1098. Shifting Body Politics: Gender: Nation: State in Pakistan / Rouse, Shahnaz
1099. Shiromani Akali Dal / Ralhan, O.P.
1100. Singapore Government and Politics / Grover, Verinder
1101. Sir Chhotu Ram: A Political Biography / Gopal, Mohan
1102. Sir William Wedder Burn and Indian Freedom Movement / Rakesh, Virendra Pal
1103. Small States Syndrome in India / Kumar, B.B.
1104. Social and Political Changes in Utter Pradesh: European Perspectives / Jeffery, Roger & et. al. (Eds.)
1105. Social and Political Movements / Puri & Judge (Eds.)
1106. Social and Political Study of Modern Hindi Cinema / Agnihotri, Ram Avtar
1107. Social and Political Thought of Mahatma Gandhi / Tandon, Sumit
1108. Social Change and Political Participation / Naqvi, Syed Qurban Ali
1109. Social Ethos of South India / Seshadri, K.
1110. Social Justice and the Constitution / Bhattacharjea, Ajit (Ed.)
1111. Social Justice and the Constitution of India: With Reference to SCs/STs / Raju, C.B. (Dr.)
1112. Social Justice and the Politics of Reservation in India / Kumar,V Santosh
1113. Social Movements and Violence / Thomas, Joseph
1114. Social Security, Welfare & Polity: Explorations in Political Science - 3 Theoritical Perspective, Western Typology, Indian Experiment Globalisation and Emerging Trends / Sankdher, M.M. & Sharda Jain
1115. The Social, Political Processes and the Economic Development of Bihar / Kumar, Subodh
1116. Socialism: A Political Reader / Gettel, R.G. & Dunning, W.A. (Eds.)
1117. Socialist Leadership in India: A Tribute to Jaya Prakash Narayan and Rammanohar Lohia / Nath, Jyoti Bikash
1118. Socialist Movement in India / Ralhan, O.P. (Ed.)
1119. Socialist Register 1999: Global Capitalism Versus Democracy / Panitch, L. & et. al. (Eds.)
1120. Society and Politics in India / Beteille, Andre
1121. Socio-Economic and Political Development in South Asia; 3 Volumes / Sareen, T.R. & Bakshi, S.R. (Eds.)
1122. The Soldier and the State in India: Nuclear Weapons, Counterinsurgency and the Transformation of Indian Civil-Military Relations / Ray, Ayesha
1123. Sonia Gandhi: Trails of Triumph / Sood, P. (Dr.)
1124. Sonia in Power: UPA Government (2004-06) / Bhambhri, C.P.
1125. Sonia Verses Vajpayee: 14th Lok Sabha Elections-2004 / Sharma, Rashmi
1126. A Source Book of World Politics: Encyclopaedia, Historical Perspectives Political Developments and Sources; 2 Volumes / Gupta, V.P. & et. al.
1127. South Africa: The Land of Mandela / Naik, Vijay
1128. South Asia and Emerging Trends in International Relations / Kayathwal, M.K.
1129. South Asia: Political Priorities and Economic Imperatives / Prajapati, Vishnu
1130. South Asia: Polity, Literacy and Conflict Resolution; 3 Volumes / Pandey, Aditya (Ed.)
1131. South Asia: Power and Politics: Studies in Political Identity and Regional Resurgence; 3 Volumes / Prajapati, Vishnu (Ed.)
1132. South Asian Politics: Ideologies and Institutions / Sinha, Rameshwar P. & Dandekar, Surya
1133. South-East Asia: People's Struggle and Political Identity / Sinha, Rameshwar P.
1134. Speeches on Indian Questions / Montago, Edwin Samuel (1879-1924)
1135. Stagnancy and Change in Indian Society and Politics / Seshadri, K.
1136. Star Crossed India Let Down by Leadership / Bhargava, G.S.
1137. State and Minorities: What are their Rights and how to Secure them in the Constitution of Free India / Ambedkar, B.R. (Dr.)
1138. State Development and Alternatives / Pinto, Ambrose (Ed.)
1139. A State in Turbulence: Jammu and Kashmir / Sehgal, Narender
1140. The State of Rayalaseema / Reddy, A. Ranga
1141. State Political and Panchayats in India / Ghosh, Buddhadeb & et. al.
1142. State Religion and Politics: Selected Writings of Satyapal Dang / Dang, Satyapal
1143. State, Religion Politics / Dang, Satyapal
1144. The State: Origin, Content and Functions / Jagathpathi, Gajjala
1145. States of Violence: Nature of Terrorism and Guerilla Warfare / Jahangir, Ashima
1146. Status of Human Rights in India / Rao, Ashwini (Dr.)
1147. Status of Minorities in South Asia / Mishra, Naveen & et. al.
1148. Status of Panchayati Raj in the States and Union Territories of India 2000 / Mathew, George (Gen. Ed.)
1149. Strategies for World Peace / Narayan, Sachindra
1150. Students Politics in Assam: A Study of All Tai Ahom Students Union / Phukan, Monuj
1151. Studies in Development Administration; 6 Volumes / Sinha, P.S.N. (Ed.)
1152. Studies in Indian History: West India Through the Ages; 3 Volumes / Prasad, S.P. & Seth, R.R. (Eds.)
1153. Studies in Violence National Integration and Non-Alignment / Sharma, Sarojini
1154. Subhash Chandra Bose and Fundamental Problems of India / Pruthi, R.K.
1155. Suicides in Kashmir / Nisa, Sham Sun
1156. Supreme Court and Judicial Independence / Shekhawat, V.S.
1157. Swaraj Party; 2 Volumes / Ralhan, O.P.
1158. Teaching of Political Science / Mathur, Pawan
1159. Tehelka.Com: A Timp of the Iceberg / Jai, Janaj Raj & et. al.
1160. Telangana-Andhra: Castes, Regions and Politics in Andhra Pradesh / Thirumali, Inukonda
1161. Territory, Polity and Status: A Study of Shekhawats / Maharda, B.L.
1162. Terror on the High Seas / Bakshi, Aditya
1163. Terrorism in the New Millennium / Shiva, S.K.
1164. Terrorism, Insurgencies and Counterinsurgency Operations / Asthana, N.C. & Anjali Nirmal
1165. Terrorism: A Global Phenomenon / Singh, Sudhir Kumar
1166. Terrorism: Threat to Peace and Harmony / Mishra, H.B.
1167. The Thadous of Manipur: A Socio-Political Study / Haokip, Ngamkhohao
1168. Thailand Government and Politics / Grover, Verinder
1169. Thapa Politics in Nepal: With Special Reference to Bheem Sen Thapa (1806-1839) / Pradhan, K.L.
1170. Theories of Under Consumption / Mukherjee, Sajal
1171. Theory of Social Leadership / Banerjee, Anjana (Ed.)
1172. Theory of State: A Short Introduction: Plato to Marx / Arora, N.D.
1173. Tibet, India and China: Critical Choices, Uncertain Future / Kadian, Rajesh
1174. Tibet: The Himalayan Region: Religion, Society and Politics / Shah, Giriraj (Dr.)
1175. Tibetan Refugees: Search for Existence / Anand (Dr.)
1176. Tibetan War: Is China Ready for It / Singh, Manoj Kr.
1177. The Tidal Wave of Corrutpion / Shah, Giriraj
1178. Tiding of Troubled Times / Tewari, Manish
1179. Tilak and Gandhi: Perspectives on Religion and Politics / Sharma, Jyoti T.
1180. Tourism and Politics / Dixit, Saurabh Kumar
1181. Towards Hunger Free India: Agenda and Imperatives / Asthana, M.D. & et. al.
1182. Towards Political Empowerment / R., Rajeevan
1183. Trade Union and Politics: A Sociological Analysis / Bobde, P.S.
1184. Traditional Institutions of Meghalaya: A Study of Doloi and His Administration / Gassah, L.S. (Dr.)
1185. The Trans Himalayan - Tibet (3 Volumes) / Namgyal, Tsetan
1186. Trans-Himalayan Politics: China, Britain and Tibet / Khan, Chandra Kanta
1187. Treasure of Ambedkar Series (10 Volumes)
1188. A Treaties on Political Economy: or, The Production, Distribution, and Consumption of Wealth / Say, J.B.S.
1189. The Triangle, India-Nepal-China: A Study of Treaty Relations / Bhatt, S.C.
1190. Tribal Movement, Politics and Religion in India; 3 Volumes / Mittal, A.C. & et. al.
1191. Troubled Kashmir: Exasperated Essays in Its Contemporary Politics / Gupta, Mahander M.
1192. Troubling Tehran: Reflections on Geopolitics / Vishwanathan, Arun & Nagappa, Rajaram (Eds.)
1193. Trumpets and Tumults: The Memoirs of a Peace Keeper / Rikhye, Indar Jit
1194. Tulnatkam Rajniti; (in Hindi) / Paruthi, R.K. (Dr.)
1195. Tulnatmak Rajniti; (in Hindi) / Chauhan, Ghanshaym
1196. Twelfth Parlimentary (Lok SABHA) General Elections - 1998 / Agnihotri, R.A.
1197. Twenty Tumultuous Years: Insights into Indian Polity; 1973-1994; 2 Volumes / Syed, Ayub
1198. U.N. Development Co-Operation in the third World / Kamala, M.K.
1199. U.S. and India Changing Strategic Parameters / Sondhi, M.L. & et. al.
1200. Understanding Gandhi: Speeches and Writings that Reveal His Mind Methods and Mission / Mishra, Anil Dutta

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