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601. The Notebooks of Paul Brunton, Volume 6 : The EGO from Birth to Rebirth / Brunton, Paul
602. The Nyaya on Meaning: A Commentary on Pandit Visvabandhu / Shaw, J.L.
603. Nyaya Philosophy of Language / Vattanky, John
604. Nyaya Philosophy: Epistemology and Education / Jha, Arvind Kumar (Dr.)
605. The Nyaya Sutras: A New Commentary on an Old Text / Krishna, Daya
606. The Nyaya Theory of Knowledge: A Critical Study of Some Problems of Logic and Metaphysics / Chatterjee, Satischandra
607. Nyaya Vaisesika: Conception of Matter in Indian Philosophy / Mishra, Umesh
608. Nyayacandrika / Nair, C. Krishnan Kutty (Dr.)
609. Nyayadarshana Mein Anuman / Mishra, Sachhidanand (Dr.)
610. Nyayakusumanjali of Udayanacarya (A Critical Study) / Joshi, Hem Chandra (Dr.)
611. Nyayaratnadipavali of Anandanubhava, Volume 1 / Kanshi Ram (Tr.)
612. Nyayasara of Bhasarvajna: A Critical Study / Narayanan, T.K.
613. Nyayasiddhantadipah of Sasadhara; (In Hindi) / Dalai, B.K.
614. Nyayasiddhantmanjari, Edited with Nilakantha Diksita's Dipikatarkaprakasa by Gauri Nath Sastri
615. Nyayasutras with Nyayarahasya of Ramabhadra Sarbavhauma and Anviksikitattavavivarana of Janakinatha Cudamani; 2 Volumes / Sen, Prabal Kumar (Ed.)
616. Nyaya-Vaisesika Philosophy and Text Science / Hirano, Katsunori
617. Nyayavarttikatatparyaparisuddhi of Udayanacarya / Thakur, Anantalal (Ed.)
618. Nyayavarttikatatparyatika of Vacaspatimisra / Thakur, Anantalal (Ed.)
619. Nyaybhasyavarttika of Bharadvaja Uddyotakara / Thakur, Anantalal (Ed.)
620. The Ocean of Theosophy / Judge, William Quan
621. Of Grammatology / Derrida, Jacques
622. The Old Man and His Soul / Sharan, Farida
623. On Mind and Consciousness / Chakraborty, Chandda, Manas K. Mandal & Chatterjee, Rimi B. (Eds.)
624. Only Love is Real: The Story of Soulmates Reunited / Weiss, Brian (Dr.)
625. Oriental Heritage: Art, Literature and Thought; 3 Volumes / Durant, Will
626. The Original Gita: Striving for Oneness with Comments and Related Verses of the Bhagavad Gita (2nd Edition) / Kuiken, Gerard D. C.
627. Osho, India and Me: A Tale of Sexual and Spiritual Transformation / Allanach, Jack (Swami Krishna Prem)
628. Our Dilemmas: Life, Fate and Death / Dhawan, M.L.
629. Our Heritage of Thought: A Religious and Philosophical Study / Day, Barclay Lewis
630. Out of the Labyrinth: For Those Who Want to Believe But Can't / Walters, Donald
631. Outlines of Indian Philosophy / Hiriyanna, M.
632. Outlines of Indian Philosophy / Sinha, Jadunath
633. Overman: The Intermediary between the Human and the Supramental Being / Vrekhem, Georges Van
634. P.T. Raju / Srinivas, K.
635. Paippalada-Samhita of the Atharva-Veda (Books 1-20) / Raghuvira (Ed.)
636. Paksata: The Nature of the Inferential Locus (A Psychoepistemological Investigation of the Inferential Process) / Dravid, N.S.
637. Pancadasi; (A Critical Study) / Shakuntla, Punjani
638. Pancavimsa – Brahmana:The Brahmana Of Twenty –Five Chapters / Caland, W., Jha, .D.K. Dr.
639. Pancavimsa-Brahmana the Brahmana of -Twenty Five Chapters / Jha, D. k. Dr.
640. The Panchadasi of Srimad Vidyaranya Swami (Translated with Copious Annotations) / Dhole, Nanda Lal (Tr.)
641. Pandit N.R. Bhatt Felicitation Volume / Filliozat, P.S.; Narang, Satya Pal & Bhatta, C.P.
642. The Pandit: Traditional Scholarship in India / Michaels, Axel (Ed.)
643. Paramahamsa: A Vedantic Tale / Subramony, R.
644. Parasarasmrti; Translated into English by Manmatha Nath Dutt (Sanskrit Text, English Translation, Notes, an Introduction and Index of Verses)
645. Parivaar Family: The Art of Livig Life / Kogata, R.N. & Kogata, Lalita
646. Parmukh Prashasnik Vicharak: Eminent Administrative Thinkers (in Hindi) / Thory, Narendra Kumar
647. Path of Knowledge: Exposition of Spiritual Knowledge / Pradeep
648. Perception the Pratyaksa Khanda of the Tattvacintamani (with introduction, Sanskrit text, translation and explanation) 2 Volumes / Bhatta, V.P.
649. Perception: East and West / Jha, V.N. (Ed.)
650. Perennial Quest for a Psychology with a Soul: An Inquiry into the Relevance of Sri Aurobindo's Metaphysical Yoga Psychology in the Context of Ken Wilber's Integral Psychology / Vrinte, Joseph
651. Perfume of the Desert: Inspirations from Sufi Wisdom / Harvey, Andrew & Haunt, Eryk
652. The Personal Aura / Kunz, Dora Van Gelder
653. Personal Identity / Mohapatra, P.K.
654. Personal, Mind and Value / Mohapatra, P.K. (Gen. Ed.)
655. Perspectives in Gandhian Thought / Singh, Dashrath
656. Perspectives in Philosophy, Religion and Art (Essays in Honour of Margaret Chatterjee) / Balasubramanian, R. & Thomas, V.C. (Eds.)
657. Perspectives of Philosophy / Sinha, S.B.P.
658. Perspectives on Indian and Western Philosophical Thoughts / Ramanujam, A. Appan
659. Perspectives on Wittgenstein's Unsayable / Pandey, K.C.
660. Perspectives: The Timeless Way of Wisdom: The Notebooks of Paul Brunton: A Creative Synthesis of Eastern and Western Ideas; Volume 1 / Brunton, Paul
661. The Phenomenology of Mind; 2 Volumes / Hegel, G.W.F.
662. The Philosophical and Practical Aspects of Kasmira Saivism: A Study of Trika Thought and Practice / Pandit, Moti Lal
663. Philosophical and Sociological Basis of Education / Dash, B.N.
664. Philosophical and Sociological Perspectives in Education / Talawar, M.S. & Benakanal, V.A.
665. The Philosophical Concept of Samskara / Kapani, Lakshmi
666. Philosophical Consciousness and Scientific Knowledge: Conceptual Linkages and Civilizational Background (History of Science, Philosophy and Culture in Indian Civilisation, Volume XI, Part 1) / Chattopadhyaya, D.P. & Sen Gupta, A.K. (Eds.)
667. Philosophical Contributions of Bhaktas and Gurus to Indian Culture / Singh, Nirbhai
668. Philosophical Foundation of Bengal Vaisnavism: A Critical Exposition / Chakravarti, Sudhindra Chandra
669. Philosophical Foundations of Education / Shrivastava, K.K.
670. The Philosophical Heritage of Immanuel Kant (April 22, 1724 - Feb 12, 1804) / Singh, Raghwendra Pratap (Ed.)
671. Philosophical Perspectives of K. Satchidananda Murty / Boaz, Pusuluri (Ed.)
672. Philosophical Psychology of Soul Mechanism: Oriental and Occidental Studies / Bailey, A.
673. Philosophical Semi-Colons: A Rational Explanation / Bandiste, D.D.
674. The Philosophical Understanding of Human Rights / Dhar, Benulal
675. Philosophising Education / Pandey, R.S.
676. Philosophy and Ethics in Islam / Sharma, S.R.
677. Philosophy and Psychology in the Abhidharma / Guenther, Herbert V.
678. Philosophy and Religion / Kumar, Raj & Kulkarni, Jagmohan
679. Philosophy and Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and Other Essays / Joshi, Kireet
680. Philosophy for a New Civilisation / Skolimowski, Henryk
681. Philosophy for Health / Rastori, Sanjeev
682. Philosophy in Classical India: The Proper Work of Reason / Ganeri, Jonardon
683. Philosophy in Indian Politics / Mukherji, Rabindranath
684. Philosophy India / Muller, F. Max
685. Philosophy Modern and Postmodern / Singh, Raghwendra Pratap
686. Philosophy of Bhagawan Sri Ramana Maharishi / Sonde, Nagesh D.
687. Philosophy of Crime / Kumar, Pradeep
688. Philosophy of Culture and Literature / Gibbs, P.
689. The Philosophy of Daya Krishna / Chandel, Bhuvan & et. al. (Eds.)
690. Philosophy of Education / Biswal, U.N.
691. Philosophy of Education / Chandra, S.S. & Sharma, Rajendra K.
692. Philosophy of Education / Chandra, S.S. & Sharma, Rajendra Kumar
693. Philosophy of Education / Dhawan, M.L. (Ed.)
694. Philosophy of Education / Jogi, Premchand
695. Philosophy of Education / Sharma, Promila
696. The Philosophy of G.R. Malkani / Deshpande, Sharad (Ed.)
697. Philosophy of History: Some Reflections on North-East India / Daniel, S.C. (Dr.)
698. Philosophy of Indian Music: Contribution of the Trinity / Kommalapudi, John Christopher
699. Philosophy of Justice / Vyas, Nitin J. & et. al. (Eds.)
700. The Philosophy of K. Satchidananda Murty / Bhattacharyya, Sibajiban & et. al. (Eds.)
701. The Philosophy of Language in Classical Indian Tradition / Prasad, K.S. (Ed.)
702. The Philosophy of Language: And the Science of Poetry / Maxim, Hudson
703. Philosophy of Learning / Kumar, S. & Kumar, Narendra
704. Philosophy of Life and Death / Kamath, M.V.
705. The Philosophy of Linguistics / Riley, B.T.
706. Philosophy of Mysticism / Santideva, Sadhu (Ed.)
707. The Philosophy of Narayana Guru / Prasad, Swami Muni Narayana
708. Philosophy of Numbers / Burde, Jayant
709. The Philosophy of Organism: A Comparative Study of A.N. Whitehead / Singh, M. Kirti (Dr.) (Padmashri)
710. The Philosophy of P.F. Strawson / Sen, Pranab Kumar & et. al. (Eds.)
711. The Philosophy of Relations / Jha, V.N. (Dr.)
712. The Philosophy of Religion and Advaita Vedanta: A Comparative Study in Religion and Reason / Sharma, Arvind
713. The Philosophy of Sadhana: With Special Reference to the Trika Philosophy of Kashmir / Sharma, Deba Brata Sen
714. The Philosophy of Saivism: History Philosophy and Literature of Saivism; 2 Volumes / Kapoor, Subodh (Ed.)
715. Philosophy of Sankar's Advaita Vedanta / Chattopadhyaya, S.K.
716. The Philosophy of Sarvodaya / Das, Ratan
717. Philosophy of Science: A Study of Thomas S. Kuhn's Notion of Paradigm Shift / Shakeel, Quaisar
718. The Philosophy of Social Ecology / Bookchin M.
719. Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo / Banerjee, S.P.
720. The Philosophy of Swami Rama Tirtha / Maheshwari, H. (Dr.)
721. Philosophy of Symmetry / Srukkai, Sunder
722. The Philosophy of the Bhagavadgita: A Study Based on the Evaluation of the Commentaries of Samkara, Ramanuja and Madhva / Chari, S.M. Srinivasa
723. The Philosophy of the Mind / Douglas, J.
724. The Philosophy of the Tamil Siddhas / Ganapathy, T.N.
725. The Philosophy of Vaisnavism: General Characteristics of Vaisnavism / Kapoor, Subodh (Ed.)
726. Philosophy of Values East and West: An Introduction / Kolencherry, Antony
727. The Philosophy of Vivekananda / Jhanji, Rekha (Ed.)
728. Philosophy of Wittgenstein: Indian Responses / Pradhan, R.C. (Ed.)
729. Philosophy of World Religion / Kumari, Manju Lata Dr.
730. The Philosophy of Yoga / Kilam, Lalit
731. Philosophy Religion and Culture: Essays in Search of Definitions & Directions / Devaraja, N.K.
732. Philosophy, Grammar and Indology: Prof. Gustav Roth Felicitation Volume / Prasad, H.S. (Ed.)
733. Philosophy: Some Contemporary Issues / Khanna
734. Physics of God / Singh, Kartikey
735. Plato / Jayapalan, N.
736. Plato: An Interdisciplinary Perspective / Sharma, R.N.
737. The Political Philosophy of Antonio Gramsci / Misra, Aditi
738. Political Philosophy of B.R. Ambedkar / Jatava, D.R.
739. The Positive Sciences of the Ancient Hindus / Seal, Brajendranath
740. Postmodern Desire: Learning from India / McCarthy, Paul
741. The Power of Inner Choice: 12 Weeks to Living a Life You Love / Allen, Mary E.
742. The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment / Tolle, Eckhart
743. Practices for the Quest: Relax and Retreat (The Notebooks of Paul Brunton; Volume 3) / Brunton, Paul
744. Practicing the Power of Now: Essential Teachings, Meditations and Exercises from the Power of Now / Tolle, Eckhart
745. Prajna Upanisad / Prasad, Muni Narayana (Swami) (Tr.)
746. Prakaranapancika of Salikanatha with an Exposition in English / Pandurangi, K.T.
747. Prakrti: The Integral Vision; 5 Volumes / Vatsyayan, Kapila (Ed.)
748. Prameyakamala Martanda: A Commentary on Shri Manik Nandi's Pareeksha Mukh Sutra by Shri Prabha Chandra (in Sanskrit)
749. Pramukh Rajnitik Vicharak (in Hindi) / Rajkumar (Dr.)
750. Pranayama: A Classical and Traditional Approach / Iyengar, Prashant S.
751. Pratyabhijnahrdayam of Ksemaraja: The Essence of Self-Recognition (Introduction with Practical Notes) / Semenov, Dmitri
752. Preaching Vedanta / Iraian Ban, Swamiji
753. Present Moment Awareness / Duncan, Shannon
754. The Principal Upanisads (Edited with Introduction, Text, Translation and Notes) / Radhakrishnan, S. (Ed.)
755. Principles of Aesthetics / Parker, Dewitt H.
756. The Problem of Evil and Indian Thought / Herman, Arthur L.
757. The Problem of Perception / Smith, A.D.
758. Problems of Interpretation and Translation of Philosophical and Religious Text / Raman, N.S.S.
759. Prophets of Education; 30 Volumes
760. Psycho-Religious Studies of Man, Mind and Nature / Tripathi, S.M.
761. Public Journalism: A Comprehensive Text for Students and Practitiner / Dass, B.K.
762. Pure Philosophy: Simplified for Youth / Prasad, Swami Muni Narayana
763. Purna Viram Se Purva; (In Hindi) / Acharya Atreya
764. The Quest (The Notebooks of Paul Brunton, Volume 2) / Brunton, Paul
765. Quest and Reflections of the Sakti Tattva: A Study of the Sakti Siddhanta, Agamic Sahasranama and Stotra Mimamsa / Raina, Chaman Lal
766. Quest for Truth followed by Time, Space and Man / Lahiry, Banamali
767. The Question of Being: East-West Perspectives / Sprung, Mervyn (Ed.)
768. The Quiet Mind: A Journey through Space and Mind / Coleman, John E.
769. Rabindranath Tagore / Roy, Pabitrakumar
770. Rabindranath Tagore (Literary Concepts) / Pradhan, Gaurav
771. Rabindranath Tagore in Germany: Four Responses to a Cultural Icon / Kampchen, Martin
772. Rabindranath Tagore: An Educational Thinker / Gupta, N.L.
773. Rabindranath Tagore's Concepts of State, Nation and Nationalism / Mukherjee, K.N. (Dr.)
774. The Radical Monk: Social and Political Philosophy of Swami Vivekanand / Ray, B.N.
775. Ramana Maharshi: A Bibliography / Subramaniyam, K.
776. Ramana Maharshi: The Crown Jewel of Advaita / Grimes, John
777. Ramana, Shankara and the Forty Verses: The Essential Teachings of Advaita / Ramana Maharishi & Sankara
778. Rambles in Vedanta / Iyer, B.R. Rajam
779. Random Plurals: Fragments on Philosophy, Aesthetics and History / Sugathan, Ratnamuthu & Mishra, Kamal Kishor (Eds.)
780. Reading in the Philosophy of Religion / Gupta, Sanjay Dr.
781. Readings in Kautilya's Artashastra / Sinha, B.P.
782. Realism & General Word / Kasem, Abul
783. Realism Responses and Reactions Essays in Honour of Pranab Kumar Sen / Chattopadhyaya, D.P. & et. al. (Eds.)
784. Reality and Mysticism: Perspectives in the Upanisada / Puligandla, R.
785. Reason and Revelation / Krishna, Gopi
786. Reason, Dialectic and Postmodern Philosophy: Indian and Western Perspectives / Singh, Raghwendra Pratap (Ed.)
787. Recent Developments in Analytical Philosophy / Pradhan, R.C.
788. Recent Indian Ethical Thought / Nirmala Tandon Dr.
789. Recent Indian Ethical Thought / Tandon, Nirmala Dr.
790. Rediscovering India: Indian Philosophy Library; 71 Volumes / Kaur, G.
791. Reflections on Indian Wisdom: Philosophical Perspectives (Essays in Honour of Prof. G.C. Nayak) / Kar, Bijayananda (Ed.)
792. The Reincarnation Controversy: Uncovering the Truth in the World Religions / Rosen, Steven
793. Re-Interpretation of the Theory of Avataras / Kashinath
794. Relation of Epistemology with Ontology: In Contemporary Philosophy / Shukla, Jayendra J.
795. Relevance of Indian Philosophy / Verma, S.P.
796. Relevance of Indian Philosophy in Modern Context / Kumar, Shashi Prabha (Dr.) (Mrs.) (Ed.)
797. The Relevance of Relation in Snakara's Advaita Vedanta / Aleaz, K.P.
798. Religion And Philosophy Of The Hindus / Gangadhar, D.A. Prof.
799. Religion Philosophy Yoga: A Selection of Articles / Filliozat, Jean
800. Religious Mysticism of the Upanisads (Selected Sanskrit Texts with English and Hindi Translations and Notes, with Foreword in Sanskrit) / Lal, Krishna (Dr.)
801. Religious Pluralism and Truth: Essays on Cross-Cultural Philosophy of Religion / Dean, Thomas (Ed.)
802. Religious Positivity / Singh, N.K. & Tripathi, S.M. (Eds.)
803. Researches in Indian and Buddhist Philosophy: Essays in Honour of Prof. Alex Wayman / Sharma, Ram Karan (Ed.)
804. The Resurrection of Sin / Mukundan, A.P.
805. Retrieving Samkhya History: An Ascent from Dawn to Meridian / Gopal, Lallanji
806. Reunderstanding Indian Philosophy / Barlingay, S.S.
807. Revealing Advaita Vedanta / Nair, P.K. Sasidharan
808. Revisiting Mahatma's: Hindu Sawaraj / Chandra, Vinod & Sharma, Anshumali (Eds.)
809. Revolution in the Philosophy of Edmund Husserl / Shukla, Sanjay Kumar
810. Rgveda for the Layman: Satasuktaparidarsanam / Ghosh, Shyam
811. Rgveda with Commentaries of Skandasvamin, Udgitha, Venkata-Madhava and Mudgala; 8 Volumes / Vishva Bandhu (Ed.)
812. Rgvedic Aesthetics / Shastri, P.S.
813. The Rig Veda Samhitaa, Sanskrit text and English translation by Dr. Prasanna Chandra Gautam (4 Volumes)
814. Ritualistic Philosophy of Death and Disposal of the Dead; 2 Volumes / Singh, N.K. (Ed.)
815. A Role of Boon (Varadana) in Some Upanisadic Stories / Shete, Vaijayanti D.
816. Role of Reason in Sankara-Vedanta / Verma, S.P.
817. The Roots of Reference: The Paul Carus Lectures / Quine, W.V.
818. Rules and Regulations of Brahmanical Asceticism / Olivelle, Patrick
819. Rupa-Pratirupa: Mind Man and Mask / Malik, S.C. (Ed.)
820. Russia Looks at India: A Spectrum of Philosophical Views / Stepanyants, Marietta (Ed.)
821. Sabda: A Study of Bhartrhari's Philosophy of Language / Patnaik, Tandra
822. Sabdapramana: Word and Knowledge as Testimony in Indian Philosophy / Bilimoria, Purushottama
823. Sacred Australia: Post-Secular Considerations / Paranjape, Makarand R. (Ed.)
824. The Sacred Book Of The Hindus / Basu, Major B.D.
825. The Sacred Books of the East; 50 Volumes / Muller, F. Max (Ed.)
826. Sacred Books of the Hindus; 30 Volumes (in 38 Parts) / Basu, B.D. (Ed.)
827. Saiva Philosophy of Kashmir / Kaul, S.N.
828. Samarangana Sutradhara of Bhojadeva (Paramara ruler of Dhara): An Ancient Treatise on Architecture (2 Volumes) / Sharma, Sudarshan Kumar (Tr.)
829. Samarasya: Studies in Indian Arts, Philosophy and Interreligious Dialogue (in Honour of Bettina Baumer) / Das, Sadananda & Furlinger, Ernst (Eds.)
830. Samavaya Foundation of Nyaya-Vaisesika Philosophy / Shastri, Biswanarayan
831. Sambandhatattva: Gautamanyaya, Bauddhanyaya, Jainanyaya ke Sandarbha Mein (in Sanskrit & Hindi) / Raval, Tanuja
832. Same Soul, Many Bodies / Weiss, Brian (Dr.)
833. Samkhya Aphorisms of Kapila (Sanskrit text with English translation) / Ballantyne, J.R. (Tr.)
834. Samkhya Darsana: Text with Commentaries (2 Volumes) / Singh, Kiran
835.The Samkhya System / Kumar, S Vijay Dr.
836. The Samkhya System / Nair, P.K. Sasidharan
837. Samkhya System / Vijay Kumar s.
838. Samkhya-Karika of Isvarakrsna: With 'Samkhyatattva Kaumudi' of Vacaspati Misra; Text with Hindi Translation by Dr. Nigam Sharma
839. Samnyasin in the Hindu Tradition: Changing Perspectives / Rukmani, T.S.
840. Samyuktabhidharmahrdaya Sastra: Heart of Scholasticism with Miscellaneous Additions translated by Bart Dessein; 3 Volumes
841. Sankara on the Yoga Sutras: A Full Translation of the Newly Discovered Text / Leggett, Trevor
842. Sankara Philosophy and The Role of Religion in Indian Society / Adat, Dharmaraj
843. The Sankhya Aphorisms of Kapila: With Extracts from Vijnanabhiksu's Commentary / Ballantyne, James R.
844. Sankhya Darshan ka Itihas (in Hindi) / Keeth, A.B.
845. Sankhya Tattva Kaumudit of Sri Vacaspati Misra / Bhandari, Rama Shastri (Ed.)
846. Sanskrit and Development of World Thought (Proceedings of "The International Seminar on the Contribution of Sanskrit to Development of World Thought") / Sastry, Vempaty Kutumba (Ed.)
847. Sanskrit-Nibandha-Ratnavali (University Level: Praudha Prabandha) / Ratate, Janardan Gangadhar & Sharma, Acharya Shakti Dhar
848. Santakuti Vedic Research Series; Vol.1-21 (in 22 parts) / Vishva Bandhu (Ed.)
849. Santarasa and Abhinavagupta's Philosophy of Aesthetics / Masson, J.L. & Patwardhan, M.V.
850. Santhara: A Jain Ritual of fast unto Death / Kothari, Namrata (Dr.)
851. Sarva Darsana Sangrahah (in Sanskrit only) / Sayana Madhavacharya
852. Sarvadarsana Sangrahah of Madhavacarya (Sanskrit text with English translation) / Cowell, E.B. & Gough, A.E.
853. The Sarva-Darsana-Samgraha on Review of the Different System of Hindu Philosophy by Madhava Acharya / Cowell, E.B. & Gough, A.E. (Trs.)
854. Sarvajnatmamuni's Contribution to Advaita Vedanta / Bhattacharyya, Sujata Purkayastha
855. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan / Singh, Y.K.
856. Sastralokah / Ranganath, S.
857. The Satapatha Brahmana in the Kanviya Recension; 3 Volumes (bound in one) / Caland, W. (Ed.)
858. Satpatha Brahmanam: With Vedartha-parakasa by Sayanacarya; Edited by Sarva Vidyanidhana Kavindracharya Saraswati; 5 Volumes
859. The Satpathabrahmana: According to the Madhyalina Recension, With the Vedaraprakasa Bhasya of Sayanacarya, Supplemented by the Commentary of Harisvamin; 5 Volumes / Kaul, Madhusudan
860. Schopenhauer's Encounter with Indian Thought: Representation and Will and Their Indian Parallels / Cross, Stephen
861. The Science of Enlightenment: Enlightenment, Liberation and God: A Scientific Explanation / Trasi, Nitin
862. The Science of Philosophy: Theory of Fundamental Processes in Human Behaviour and Experiences / Kaushal, Radhey Shyam
863. Science, Literature and Aesthetics; Volume XV, (Part 3) / Dev, Amiya (Ed.)
864. Science, Spirituality, and the Future: A Vision for the Twenty-First Century (Essays in Honour of His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso) / Mehrotra, L.L. (Ed.)
865. Search for Simplicity: Travels of an Indian Philosopher / Naravane, V.S.
866. The Secret Doctrine; 3 Volumes / Blavatsky, H.P.
867. Secrets of Hatha Yoga or Yogi Philosophy of Well Being / Ramacharaka, Yogi
868. Seeking the Essence: An Investigation into the Search for the Absolute a Comparative Analysis of the Primary Philosophical and Religious Conceptions of East and West / Tridandi, B.S.
869. Selections from Vinoba / Tandon, Vishwanath
870. Self and Salvation in Hinduism and Christianity: An Inter-religious Approach / Vineeth, V.F.
871. Self as Person in Asian Theory and Practice / Ames, Roger T. (Ed.)
872. Self Knowledge: Adi Shankaracharya's 68 Verse Treatise on the Philosophy of Non-Dualism (The Absolute Oneness of Ultimate Reality) / Davis, Roy Eugene
873. Self, Society and Value: Reflections on Indian Philosophical Thought / Kumar, Shashiprabha
874. Self-Knowledge and Agency / Sen, Manidipa (Ed.)
875. The Seven Great Untenables: Sapta-vidha Anupapatti / Grimes, John
876. The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Practical Guide to the Fulfilment of Your Dreams / Chopra, Deepak
877. Shamanic Cosmos: From India to the North Pole Star / Mastromattei, Romano & et. al. (Eds.)
878. Shankara and Indian Philosophy / Isayeva, Natalia
879. The Shape of Ancient Thought: Comparative Studies in Greek and Indian Philosophies / McEvilley, Thomas
880. Shorter Philosophical Poems of Narayana Guru / Prasad, Swami Muni Narayana
881. Shree Krishna and Bhagvat Gita on Man's Dharma: A commentary on the Bhagavat Gita from the view point of Science and Secularism / Patel, Shanabhai Khusalbhai & Rangarajan, G.
882. The Significance of Prefixes in Sanskrit Philosophical Terminology / Heimann, Betty
883. Silence Whisper of the Divine / Kaushik, Jai Krishan
884. A Silent Journey-In Search of Oneself / Raghunandan
885. Siva Mahapurana: Translated into English by Shanti Lal Nagar (An exhaustive introduction, Sanskrit text, English translation with photographs of archaeological evidence); 3 Volumes
886. Six Systems of Indian Philosophy: The Sutras of Six Systems of Indian Philosophy / Agarwal, Madan Mohan
887. Sixteen Minor Smrtis, Translated into English by Manmatha Nath Dutt (Sanskrit Text, English Translation, Notes and an Introduction), 2 Volumes / Joshi, K.L. (Ed.)
888. Slokavartikam of Kumarila Bhatta: With the Commentary 'Nyayaratnakara' of Sri Parthasarathi Misra; Transalated into English from the Commentaries of Sucarita Misra (Prakasika) and Parthasarathi Misra (Nyayaratnakara); 3 Volumes / M.M. Ganganath Jha
889. Smrtis: A Philosophical Study / Sharma, Sharad Lata (Dr.)
890. Social and Political Thought of Mahatma Gandhi / Tandon, Sumit
891. Social Philosophy and Social Transformation of Sikhs / Singh, R.N. (Ed.)
892. Social Philosophy of B.R. Ambedkar / Jatava, D.R.
893. Social Philosophy of Manu / Ghosh, Subhra
894. The Social Philosophy of Rabindranath Tagore / Mukherjee, Aparna
895. Social Relevance of Philosophy / Victor, P. George (Ed.)
896. Social-Legal Philosophy of Bharat Ratna Dr. B.R. Ambedkar: In the Context of Weaker Sections of Society / Netragaonkar, Umakant N. (Dr.)
897. Some Issues in Nyaya, Mimamsa and Dharmasastra / Panse, Ujjwala (Dr.)
898. Some Logical Problems Concerning Existence / Shaw, J.L.
899. Soul Quest: Journey From Death to Immortality / Krishna, Anand
900. Soul-psychic Sleuthing: Techniques of Telepathy Clairvoyance and Psychometry / Vanvari, Nandlal

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