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The Secret Doctrine; 3 Volumes / Blavatsky, H.P.
The Secret Doctrine; 3 Volumes
Blavatsky, H.P.
List Price : US$ 143.69
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  Book ID : 42341
  ISBN-10 : 81-7059-057-4 / 8170590574
  ISBN-13 : 978-81-7059-057-6 / 9788170590576
  Place of Publication : Adyar
  Year of Publication : 2010
  Edition : (Seventh Edition) (Third Reprint)
  Language : English
  696p., xxiii+817p., vii+520p., 48+30 Illus., App., Bib., Index, 25 cm.


1. The Need of Such a Book
2. The Antiquity of Documents and MSS
3. What the Book is Intended to Do

I. Proem:
1. The Oldest MSS. in the World and its Symbolism
2. The One Life, Active and Passive
3. The Secret Doctrine-Pantheism-Atheism
4. " Space " in all Religions and in Occultism
5. Seven Cosmic Elements-Seven Races of Mankind
6. The Three Postulates of the Secret Doctrine
7. Description of the Stanzas from the Book of Dzyan

Seven Stanzas from the Book of Dzyan

Stanza I: The Night of the Universe:
1. The Seven Eternities
2. "Time"
3. The Universal Mind and the Dhyani-Chohans
4. Nidana and Maya: The Causes of Misery
5. The Great Breath
6. Being and Non-Being
7. The Eye of Dangma
8. Alaya, the Universal Soul

Stanza II: The Idea of Differentiation:
1. The Absolute knows Itself not
2. The Germ of Life was not Yet
3. The Universe was Still Concealed in the Divine Thought

Stanza III: The Awakening of Kosmos:
1. The Great Vibration
2. Nature's Symbols
3. The Power of Numbers
4. The Logoi and the Dragon
5. The Astral Light
6. Primeval Radiations from Unity
7. The Web of Being
8. Conscious Electricity: Fohat

Stanza IV: The Septenary Hierarchies:
1. The Sons of the Fire
2. The Vehicle of the Universe-the Dhyani-Chohans
3. The Army of the Voice
4. Speech and Mind
5. The Ogdoad and the Heptad
6. The Stellar "Sons of Light"

Stanza V: Fohat: The Child of the Septenary Hierarchies:
1. The Fiery Whirlwind and the Primordial Seven
2. They Produce Fohat
3. The Correlation of the "Gods"
4. Evolution of the "Principles" of Nature
5. The Mystery of the Fire
6. The Secret of the Elements
7. The Square of the Tabernacle
8. The Planetary Spirits and the Lipikas
9. The Ring "Pass Not"
10. The Sidereal Book of Life
11. The Soul's Pilgrimage and its "Rest"

Stanza VI: Our World, its Grgwth and Development:
1. The Logos
2. Mystery of the Female Logos
3. The Seven Laya Centres
4. The "Elementary Germs"
5. The Evolution of the Elements
6. The Building of the Worlds
7. A Neutral Centre
8. "Dead" Planets-The Moon

1. The Planetary Divisions and the Human Principles
2. The Moon
3. Transmigrations of the Ego
4. The Septenary Chain
5. Relation of the other Planets to the Earth

1. The Lunar Chain and the Earth Chain
2. The Earth, the Child of the Moon
3. Classification of the Monads
4. The Monad Defined
5. The Lunar Monads-the Pitris
6. A Triple Evolution in Nature

Stanza VI: Continued:
1. "Creation" in the Fourth Round
2. The "Curse" "Sin" and "War"
3. The Struggle for Life and the Birth of the Worlds
4. The Adepts and the Sacred Island

Stanza VII: The Parents of Man on Earth:
1. Divisions of the Hierarchies
2. Correlation of Beings
3. What incarnates in Animal Man
4. Formation of Man: the Thinker
5. Occult and Kabalistic Pneumatics
6. Akasa and Ether
7. The Invisible "Lives"
8. Occult Vital Chemistry and Bacteriology
9. The Watcher and his Shadow
10. Earth peopled by the Shadows of the Gods

1. The Pith and Marrow of the Secret Doctrine
2. Hermes in Christian Garb
3. Some Occult Aphorisms
4. The Seven Powers of Nature

I. Symbolism and Ideographs:
1. Emblem and Symbol Differ
2. Magic Potency of Sound
3. Mystery-Language

II. The Mystery-Language and Its Keys:
1. Egypt's many Religions
2. The Jews, and their System
3. Moses copied from Sargon
4. Identity of Ancient Symbols

III. Primordial Substance and Divine Thought:
1. Divine Thought, or Cineritious Matter?
2. Ether and Intelligence
3. The Seven Prakritis
4. The Mystic Fire
5. One Tree of Knowledge

IV. Chaos-Theos-Kosmos:
1. The Union of Chaos and Spirit
2. The Birth of Mind

V. On the Hidden Deity, its Symbols and Glyphs:
1. The Gnostic Idea
2. International Correlation of Gods

VI. The Mundane Egg:
1. Egg-born Logoi
2. The Winged Globe

VII. The Days and Nights of Brahma:
1. Human Gods and Divine Men
2. The Rebirth of Gods
3. The Puranic Prophecy

VIII. The Lotus, as a Universal Symbol:
1. Exoteric and Esoteric
2. The Purity of Early Phallicism
3. The Egyptian Lotus

IX. The Moon, Deus Lunus, Phoebe:
1. A Glance at the Lunar Myth
2. A Keynote to the Moon
3. Copies and Originals
4. The Moon, Bisexual

X. Tree, Serpent, and Crocodile Worship:
1. Degeneration of the Symbol
2. The Seven-headed Dragons
3. Dragon and Crocodile

XI. Daemon Est Deus Inversus:
1. Death is Life
2. The Fall of the Angels
3. Transformation of the Legend

XII. The Theogony of the Creative Gods:
1. The Point within the Circle
2. The Logos or Verbum
3. The Factors of Creation
4. Identity of the Hierarchies in all Religions
5. Difference between the Aryan and Semitic Systems

XIII. The Seven Creations:
1. The Gnostic and The Hindu Versions
2. The Seven Puranic "Creations"

XIV. The Four Elements:
1. The "Gods"and the "Elements"
2. The Language of the Elements
3. Pagan and Christian Worship of the Elements

XV. On Kuan-shih-yin and Kuan-yin:
1. Kuan-shih-yin and Phallicism
2. The Real Meaning

I. Reasons for These Addenda:
1. Occultism Versus Materialism
2. The Sabbath of the Mystic

II. Modern Physicists are Playing at Blind Man's Buff
III. "An Lumen Sit Corpus an Non":
1. The Hypothetical Ether
2. Scientific Theories of its Constitution

IV. Is Gravitation a Law?:
1. Intelligences or Blind Forces?
2. The Cause of Attraction

V. The Theories of Rotation in Science:
1. Conflicting Hypotheses
2. More Hypotheses

VI. The Masks of Science:
1. What are the "Forces"?
2. The View of the Occultists
3. Scientific and Occult Theories on Heat
4. The Atoms of Science

VII. An Attack on the Scientific Theory of Force by A Man of Science:
1. Ether and Atoms

VIII. Life, Force, or Gravity?:
1. Dr. Richardson on Nervous Ether
2. The Senses and their Action
3. Too much "Life" may Kill

IX. The Solar Theory
1. The Primordial Element
2. Elements and Meta-Elements
3. The Tree of Life and Being
4. Prof. Crookes on the Elements

X. The Coming Force:
1. Mr. Keeley, an Unconscious Occultist
2. Inter-Etheric Waves
3. The Secrets of Sound and Odor

XI. On the Elements and Atoms:
1. Metaphysical Chemistry
2. What are the Seven Planets?
3. The Cyclic Fall of the Gods

XII. Ancient Thought in Modern Dress:
1. All-Potential Unity
2. The "Seventh" in Chemistry

XIII. The Modern Nebular Theory:
1. Forces are Emanations
2. What is the Nebula?

XIV. Force-Modes of Motion or Intelligences?:
1. The Vital Principle
2. Occult and Physical Sciences

XV. Gods, Monads, and Atoms:
1. The Gods of the Ancients-the Monads
2. The Monad and the Duad
3. The Genesis of the Elements
4. Hermes or Huxley?
5. The Teaching of Leibnitz
6. The Monads according to Occultism

XVI. Cyclic Evolution and Karma:
1. Karmic Cycles and Universal Ethics
2. Destiny and Karma
3. Karma-Nemesis

XVII. The Zodiac and Its Antiquity:
1. The Jewish Patriarchs and the Signs of the Zodiac
2. Zodiacal Cycles
3. Hindu Astronomy

XVIII. Summary of the Mutual Position:
1. Science Confesses her Ignorance
2. Materialism is Leading Europe towards a Catastrophe.


On the Archaic Stanzas, and the Four Prehistoric Continents
The Imperishable Sacred Land
The Hyperborean
The Tropics at the Pole

Stanzas from the Book of Dzyan:
Stanza I: Beginnings of Sentient Life:
1. Man, the Third Logos
2. The Celestial Governors of Humanity
3. Parent-Stars and Sister-Planets
4. Three Kinds of Light
5. The Numbers of Creation
6. The First War in Heaven

Two Antediluvian Astronomers
Stanza II: Nature Unaided Fails:
1. The Monsters of Chaos
2. The "Double Dragon"
3. Who are the "Flames"?

The Chronology of the Brahmans:
1. The Race that Never Dies
2. Cosmogony, an Intelligent Plan

Stanza III: Attempts to Create Man:
1. The Various Classes of Creators
2. Man, a God in Animal form
3. "Fires," "Sparks," and "Flames"

Stanza IV: Creation of the First Races:
1. Pitris of the Gods and Demons
2. What Prometheus Symbolized
3. The Hammer of Thor
4. The Divine Rebels
5. Man's Father, the Sun

Stanza V: The Evolution of the Second Race:
1. The Secret Work of Chiram
2. The Outgrowth of Races
3. Leda, Castor, and Pollux
4. The Divine Hermaphrodite
5. Yah-Havah Androgynous
6. The Jewish God-name

Stanza VI: The Evolution of the "Sweat-Born":
1. Bi-sexual Reproduction
2. The Virgin Third Race
3. A Few Words about " Deluges " and "Noahs"
4. Various Deluges
5. The Arkite Symbols
6. Could Men Exist 18,000,000 Years ago?
7. Spontaneous Generation
8. The Solar System in the Puranas
9. Oceans of Carbonic Acid?

Stanza VII: From the Semi-Divine Down to the First Human Races:
1. Monads and Rounds
2. A Suggestive Explanation
3. A Saint-Hypnotized
4. Sweat-born Androgynes

Stanza VIII: Evolution of the Animal Mammalians-The First Fall:
1. Archaic Zoology
2. The Sin of the Mindless Men

What may be the Objections to the Foregoing
Stanza IX: The Final Evolution of Man:
1. The Hairy Men of China
2. The Separation of Sexes
3. Primeval Language

Edens, Serpents, and Dragons:
1. The Garden of Eden, a College
2. Flying Camels
3. Two Schools of Magic
4. The Flying Dragons

The "Sons of God" and the "Sacred Island":
1. The Magicians of Atlantis

Stanza X: The History of the Fourth Race:
1. The Mysteries among the Mayas
2. Satanic Myths
3. Mahasura and Satan
4. Man, the Pale Shadow of God
5. The Curse of Vasishtha

Archaic Teachings in the Puranas and Genesis:
1. From Worm to Man
2. Identity of Human and Animal Embryos

A Panoramic View of the Early Races:
1. The Natural "Fall"
2. The Symbolism of Kronos
3. The Golden Age
4. No Devils Outside Humanity

Are Giants a Fiction?:
1. The Seven Virgin-Youths
2. The Tibetan Lilith
3. The Races of Men not all Human

The Races with the "Third Eye":
1. Occult Physiology
2. The Evolution of the Eye
3. The Third Eye is now a Gland

The Primeval Manus of Humanity:
1. The Four Earlier Races
2. The Esoteric Meaning of "Fish"

Stanza XI: The Civilization and Destruction of the Third and Fourth Races:
1. Degeneration of Mankind
2. Atlantis now Ocean Floor
3. Changes of Climate
4. How To Read Symbols
5. The Antediluvian Buddhas

Cyclopean Ruins and Colossal Stones as Witness to Giants:
1. Living, Speaking, and Moving Stones
2. It takes a God to become a Man

Stanza XII: The Fifth Race and its Divine Instructors:
1. The Astronomical Dragon
2. Serpents and Dragons under Different Symbolisms
3. The Sidereal and Cosmic Glyphs
4. Our Divine Instructors
5. The Origin of the Satanic Myth
6. Noah was a Kabir, Hence he Must have been a Demon
7. The Oldest Persian Traditions about the Polar, and the Submerged Continents
8. Western Speculations, Founded on the Greek and Puranic Traditions
9. The "Curse" from a Philosophical Point of View

Additional Fragments from a Commentary on the Verses of Stanza XII:
1. The Oldest Records about Atlantis
2. The Doom of Atlantis
3. The Races, Sub-Races, and Family-Races


Esoteric Tenets Corroborated in Every Scripture:
XVI. Dam-Adami:
1. The Cabalistic Four Adams

XVII. The "Holy of Holies": Its Degradation:
1. Christian Symbolism
2. The "Four-faced" Brahma
3. The Old and the New Jehovah

XVIII. On the Myth of the "Fallen Angels," in its Various Aspects:
1. The Evil Spirit: Who and What?
2. The Gods of Light Proceed from the Gods of Darkness
3. The Many Meanings of the "War in Heaven"

XIX. Is Pleroma Satan's Lair?:
1. Jehovah, a Personating Spirit
2. The Mysterium Magnum
3. The Logos and Satan are One

XX. Prometheus, the Titan:
1. His Origin in Ancient India
2. The Boon he Gives

XXI. Enoichion-Henoch
XXII. The Symbolism of the Mystery-Names Iao and Jehovah:
1. Cross and Circle
2. The Fall Of the Cross into Matter

XXIII. The Upanishads in Gnostic Literature:
1. When Time be no Longer
2. The Divine Self's Wisdom

XXIV. The Cross and the Pythagorean Decad:
1. Poseidon's Five Ministers
2. The Mystery of the Number Six
3. The Cross, a Christian After-thought

XXV. The Mysteries of the Hebdomad:
1. Saptaparna
2. The Tetraktys in Relation to the Heptagon
3. The Septenary Element in the Vedas
4. The Septenary in the Exoteric Works
5. Seven in Astronomy, Science, and Magic
6. The Seven Souls of the Egyptologists

Science and the Secret Doctrine Contrasted:
I. Archaic, or Modern Anthropology?:
1. The Occult and the Modern Doctrines
2. Science is Silent on Every Problem

II. The Ancestors Mankind is Offered by Science:
1. Various Modes of Reproduction
2. A Pithecoid Man Wanted
3. Plastidule Souls and Conscious Nerve Cells
4. The Atoms of our "Father Bathybius"

III. The Fossil Relics of Man and the Anthropoid Ape:
1. Insurmountable Difficulties for the Darwinians
2. The Argument of "Rudimentary Organs"
3. "Epitomized History" in the Foetus
4. The Evidence of Skulls

IV. Duration of the Geological Periods, Race Cycles, and the Antiquity of Man:
1. Sayce's Sketch of Chronology:
2. Speculations on the Age of the Globe:
i. The Adept-Astronomer

3. On Chains of Plants and their Plurality:
i. Sates of Consciousness
ii. World Mentioned in the Bible

4. Esoteric Geological Chronology:
i. Paralleism of Life
ii. The Two Science Contrasted
iii. The Palaeolithic Landseer
iv. Astral Man-the Solution
v. The Kabalists and Science

V. Organic Evolution and Creative Centers:
1. Dhyani Chohans and these Centers:
i. Origin and Evolution of the Mammalia
ii. The European Palaeolithic Race-whence and how Distributed

VI. Giants, Civilizations, and Submerged Continents Traced in History:
1. A Mysterious Nation
2. The Seven Sabbaths
3. “Revelation” and the “Secret Doctrine”
4. Druidic Stones
5. Race of Giants
6. Mazdean “Seven Earths”

A. Statements About the Sacred Islands:
1. The Heirloom of Atlantis
2. The God-bearing Land
3. The Power of Names
4. The Sons of Caelus and Terra
5. Southern and Northern Atlantis
6. Niobe and her Children
7. The Cycles of Time
8. The Titans in Prison

VII. Scientific and Geological Proofs of the Existence of Several Submerged Continents:
1. Corroborations of Occultism by Geology
2. Evidence of the Flora
3. Atlantis, Necessary to Ethnology
4. Astraea Falls on her Head
5. Communication between South-Sea Islands
6. Evidence of Language
7. Ragon Explains Masonic Symbols
8. The End-a Fining Prelude to Truth.



The Secret Doctrine, originally published in 1888, is regarded by many as the fountainhead of modern esotericism. Based on ancient stanzas from the 'Book of Dzyan', it presents a breathtaking despcription of the beginnings of the cosmos as well as of sentient life on earth. It also describes humanity's long evolutionary journey through the awakening and actualization of inner subtle principles, one of them being the mind.

The author, Helena P. Blavatsky, was a world traveler and writer who was uniquely gifted to accomplish the task given to her by her Adept-Teachers with whom she studied in Tibet. In her works, she presents ample evidence that the Wisdom from the ancient peoples of our planet was based on a holistic and integrated worldview, at the same time one of reverence and profound understanding of the uncreated Intelligence present at the heart of natural and cosmic processes. The purpose of this book, in the words of Madame Blavatsky, is to awaken a new mode of consciousness.




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