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1. 555 Medicinal Plants: Field Guide and Laboratory Manual (Identification with its Phytochemical and in vitro studies data) / Farooq, S. (Dr.)
2. Academic Dictionary of Medicinal Plant / Chatterjee, Anita (Ed.)
3. Adaptive Management of Medicinal Plants and Non Timber Forest Products: Strategies, Implications and Policy / Kinhal, G.A. & R. Jagannatha Rao (Eds.)
4. Addiction and Drugs / Rizwi, A.K.
5. Advanced Morphology of Angiosperms / Baruah, Akhil
6. Advances in Controlled and Novel Drug Delivery / Jain, N.K. (Ed.)
7. Advances in Medicinal Plants / Agrawal, Sandhya
8. Advances in Plant Hormones Research: Indian Scenario / Malik, C.P.
9. Agro's Colour Atlas of Medicinal Plants / Prajapati, Narayan Das & Purohit, S.S.
10. Agro's Dictionary of Medicinal Plants / Prajapati, Narayan Das & Kumar, U.
11. Agro-Techniques of Medicinal Plants / Singh, Sadhana
12. AIDS and the Human Survival / Ramamurthy, V. (Dr.)
13. AIDS Care Manual / Samson, Luke & et. al.
14. All You Wanted to Know About Reiki / Sharma, Sumeet
15. Alternate Medicine / Nangia, K.B. (Dr.)
16. The Ambrosia Heart Tantra: The Secret Oral Teaching on the Eight Branches of the Science of Healing / Kelsang, Jhampa (Tr.)
17. Amchi Pharmaco-Therapeutics (in Tibetan) / Namgyal, Amchi Gurmet & et. al.
18. The American Homoeopathic pharmacopoeia, 1896
19. Analytical Profiles of Selected Medicinal Plants / Bhutani, K.K.; Singh, I.P. & Jachak, S.M.
20. Anatomica: The Complete Home Medical Reference Free
21. Ancient Hindu Surgery: Surgical Instruments of the Hindus with A Comparative Study of the Surgical Instruments of the Greek, Roman, Arab and the Modern European Surgeons; 2 Volumes / Mukhopadhyaya, Girindranath
22. Ancient Indian System of Rasayana Suvarnatantra: A Treatise on Alchemy/Rasayana / Palit, Chittabrata & Dasgupta, Nupur
23. Ancient Metria Medica: Sowa - Rigpa (Tibetan Science of Healing) / Phuntsog, Smanla T. (Dr.)
24. Ancient System of Oriental Medicine / Verma, S.P. (Ed.)
25. Annotated Bibliography of Tibetan Medicine 1789-1995: Kommentierte Bibliographie zur tibetischen Medizin 1789-1995 / Aschoff, Jurgen C.
26. The Anophelines of India / Rao, T. Ramachandra
27. Anticancer Botanicals / Bhattacharya, Sukanya
28. Antidiabetic Plants in India and Herbal based Antidiabetic Research / Pullaiah, T. & Naidu, K. Chandrasekhar
29. Antioixidants: Oxidative Stress Management in Plants / Ahmed, Parvaiz & Umar, Shahid
30. Antioxidants: The Miraculous Healers / Husain, Nisreen & Trak, Touseef Hussain (Drs.)
31. Antiquity of Hindoo Medicine / Royle, J.F.
32. An Appraisal of Tribal-Folk Medicines
33. Aromatic and Medicinal Plants / Shiva, M.P.; Lehri, Alok & Shiva, Alka
34. Aromatic Plants / Skaria, Baby P. [et. al.]
35. The Art of Getting Well: A Five-Step Plan for Maximizing Health When You Have A Chronic Illness / Spero, David
36. Aspects of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education / Wadhwa, Shalini
37. Atlas of Microscopy of Medicinal Plants Culinary Herbs and Spices / Jackson, Betty P. & Snowdon, Derek W.
38. Aura-Reiki: A Practical Guide to Using Reiki to Heal the Aura / Waites, Bill
39. Aushadhiye Paudhon Ki Unnat Shasya Taknik (in Hindi) / Sinsinivar, P.S.; Sharma, Ramphul & Singh, Pratap (Drs.)
40. Aushdhiye evam Sagandh Paudhon Ki Krishi Taknik (2nd Revised and Enlarged Edition) / Sharma, Ravindra (Dr.)
41. Aushdhiye Paudhe (Medicinal Plants) / Mishra, Navneet Kumar
42. Aushdhiye Paudhe (Medicinal Plants) / Shrivastav, Lokesh & Rani, Ritu
43. Aushidhiye Paadap: Sarankshan, Sanvardhan evam Upyogita (in Hindi) / Khanna, D.R.; Malik, D.S.; Chopra, A.K.; Prasad, G. & Bhutiani, R. (Eds.)
44. The Avifauna of British India and its Dependencies; 2 Volumes / Murray, J.A.
45. Ayurvedic Minerals, Gems and Animal Products for Longevity and Rejuvenation / Puri, H.S. (Dr.)
46. Ayurvedic Pharmacology and Therapeutic Uses of Medicinal Plants (Dravyaguna Vignyan) / Gogte, Vaidya Vishnu Mahadev (1910-1987)
47. The Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India; Part-I: Vols.1,4-9 and Part-II: Vols.1-4 alongwith 4 Atlas Volumes (SET of 15 Books)
48. The Ayurvedic Plants (Over 300 Plants with their descriptive details) / Kulkarni, P.H. & Ansari, Shahida
49. A-Z Sports Medicine and Health Management / Anisworth, Aron
50. Bark Drugs (Volume 1) / Khatoon, Sayyada & Mehrotra, Shanta
51. Bayaz-e-Kabir (in Urdu) / Hakeem Mohd. Kabeeruddin
52. Bayaz-e-Kabir, 3 Volumes (in Hindi) / Hakeem Mohd. Kabeeruddin
53. Bharat ke Pranacharya (Indian Masters of the Science of Life), 2 Volumes [in Hindi] / Shastri, Ratnakar
54. Bioactive Phytochemicals: Perspectives for Modern Medicine, 3 Volumes / Gupta, V.K. (Ed.)
55. Biochemistry and Therapeutic Uses of Medicinal Plants / Mahdi, Abbas Ali; Sharma, Y.K.; Abid, Murtaza & Khan, M.M. Abid Ali (Eds.)
56. Biodiversity and Conservation of Medicinal Plants / Tyagi, B.K.
57. Biodiversity Endangered: India's Threatened Wildlife and Medicinal Plants / Chaudhuri, A.B. & Sarkar, D.D.
58. Biodiversity: Herbal Medicine / Marngar, D. & Jyrwa, S.
59. Biomagnetic and Herbal Therapy / Tierra, Micheal (Dr.)
60. Blindness & Vision Impairment / Sardegna, Jill
61. Blood Flow Models: A Comparative Study / Biswas, Devajyoti
62. Bombay Materia Medica and their Therapeutics / Khory, R.N.
63. Botanical and Medicinal Plants: As Depicted in Ancient Texts, Arts & Archaeology from Dawn of Civilization to the Modern Age; 2 Volumes / Nagar, Shanti Lal
64. Botanical Microtechnique and Cytochemistry / Berlyn, G.P. & Miksche, J.R.P.
65. Botanical Miscellany; 3 Volumes / Hooker, William Jackson
66. British Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia, 1876
67. British Pharmacopoeia: Comparing the Strenght of its Various Preparations (4 Volumes) / Squire, Peter Wyatt
68. Bronchial Asthma Care in Ayurveda and Holistic Systems / Kulkarni, P.H. (Dr.) (Ed.)
69. Buddhist Healing Touch: A Self-Care Program for Pain Relief and Wellness / Yen, Ming-Sun; Joseph Chiang & Myrna Louison Chen
70. Bulletin of Tibetology: Aspects of Classical Tibetan Medicine (Special Volume of 1993)
71. Caralluma (Sensu lato) in India: Antiobesity Plants / Karuppusamy, S.; Ugraiah, A. & Pullaiah, T.
72. Catabolic Diseases: Nutritional Aspects and Diet Implications / Gupta, Barkha & Mishra, S.K.
73. A Catalogue of Indian Synonyms of the Medicinal Plants, Products, Inorganic Substances proposed to be included in the Pharmacopoeia of India / Sheriff, Moodeen
74. Catalogue of Medicinal Plant Exhibits / Bal, S.N.
75. A Catalogue of Synonymes of the Indian Medicinal Plants, Products, and Organic Substances; 2 Volumes / Waring, E.J. & Sheriff, M.
76. Catalogue of the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives: Vol.4: Tibetan Medicine and Astrology (Manuscript Library) / Shastri, Lobsang
77. Cecil Essential of Medicine / Andreoli
78. Chinese Herbal Medicine Made Easy / Joiner, Thomas Richard
79. The Chinese Herbalist's Handbook: A Practitioner's Reference Guide to Traditional Chinese Herbs and Formulas / Ehling, Dagmer & Swart, Steve
80. The Chinese Way to Health: A Self-help Guide to Traditional Chinese Medicine / Gascoigne, Stephen (Dr.)
81. Chronological History of Plants: Man's Records / Pickering, C.M.D.
82. Classical Uses of Medicinal Plants (Text with English Translation) / Sharma, Priya Vrat
83. Clear Mirror Tibetan Medical Painting (in Tibetan) based on Dri-med Shel-phreng (Bod kyi Gsoba rig pa'i sman rjes dpe ris gsal ba'i me lon) / Gyalpo, Dawa
84. Commemorative Issue: Centenary of the Discovery of Malaria Transmission
85. Commercial Cultivation of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants / Deshpande, Dhananjay J. (Dr.)
86. Commercial Drugs of India / Dutt, N.B.
87. Common Medicinal Plants of Darjeeling and Sikkim Himalaya / Biswas, K.
88. Common Medicinal Plants of India / Swami Brahmananda (Ed.)
89. Companion to Chopra's Glossary of Indian Medicinal Plants / Mehrotra, B.N. & Aswal, B.S. & Bisht, B.S.
90. Compendium of Indian Folk Medicine and Ethnobotany (1991-2015) / Jain, Vartika & Jain, S.K.
91. Compendium of Indian Medicinal Plants; 6 Volumes / Rastogi, Ram P. & Mehrotra, B.N.
92. Complete Aromatherapy: For the Family / Radford, Joan
93. The Complete Family Medicine Book; 11th Revised & Enlarged Edition (One-stop complete health reference) / Dandiya, P.C.; Bapna, J.S. & Khilnani, G. (Drs.)
94. A Complete Guide to Homeopathy / Schmukler, Alan V.
95. A Complete Handbookd of Reiki / Kale, Rekhaa (Dr.)
96. The Complete Herbal: Including the English Physician Enlarged with Illustrations / Culpeper, Nicholas
97. The Complete Homoeopathy Handbook: A Guide to Everyday Health Care / Castro, Miranda
98. The Complete Reiki Handbook: Basic Introduction and Methods of Natural Application (A Complete Guide for Reiki Practice) / Lubeck, Walter
99. The Complete Technology Book of Essential Oils (Aromatic Chemicals)
100. The Complete Technology Book on Herbal Perfumes and Cosmetics / Panda, H.
101. Comprehensive Medicinal Plants, 6 Volumes / Raghavan, G. Vijay
102. Concepts in Horticulture / Verma, H.K.
103. A Concise Introduction to Indian Medicine (La Medicine Indienne) / Mazars, Guy
104. Conservation of Medicinal Plants / Pati, R.N. & Tewari, D.N. (Drs.)
105. Consumerism, Medicine and the Law: Emerging Voices from India / Nigam, Shalu
106. Controlled and Novel Drug Delivery / Jain, N.K. (Ed.)
107. Cosmic Plants as Alternative Medicine (As special reference to Phyto-Chemicals) / Sharma, Sneh Harshinder (Dr.)
108. Cultivation and Conservation of Endangered Medicinal Plants: Tibetan Medicinal Plants for Health / Kalsang, Tsultrim
109. Cultivation of Aromatic Plants in India / Mishra, P.N. & et. al.
110. Cultivation of Medicinal and Aromatic Crops / Farooqi, Azhar Ali & Sreeramu, B.S. (Drs.)
111. Cultivation of Medicinal Plants and Orchids in Sikkim Himalaya / Sundriyal, R.C. & Sharma, E.
112. Current Concepts of Multidiscipline Approach to the Medicinal Plants; 2 Volumes / Govil, J.N. (Ed.)
113. Current Trends in Medicinal Botany / Iqbal, Muhammad & Ahmad, Altaf (Eds.)
114. Dalhana and His Comments on Drugs / Sharma, P.V.
115. Demand Study for Selected Medicinal Plants; 2 Volumes
116. Depressive Diseases / Rao, A. Venkoba
117. A Descriptive Glossary of Diseases in Ayurveda (Collected from Charaka, Susruta, Astangahrdaya, Madhava-Nidana and Kasyapa Samhita etc. with Symptoms) / Sudarshan, S.R. (Dr.)
118. Descriptive List of Trees, Shrubs and Economic Herbs of the Southern Circle, Central Provinces / Haines, H.H.
119. Dhanwantri krit Ayurvedic Nighantu (in Hindi)
120. Dictionary of Medicinal Plants / Brown, R.G.
121. Dictionary of Medicinal Plants / Verma, Vijay (Chief Ed.)
122. Dictionary of Sex and Genetics / Almast, S.C. & Gupta, L.C.
123. Dictionary of Synonyms Indian Medicinal Plants: With an Appraisal of Indian Systems of Medicine / Khare, C.P.
124. Disease and Medicine in India: A Historical Overview / Deepak Kumar (Ed.)
125. Diseases of Major Medicinal Plants / Janardhanan, K.K.
126. Divya Aushadhiya, Sugandhita Evam Saundaryakaran Paudha (in Hindi) / Swami Ramdev
127. Domestic Herbal Remedies / Puri, B.B. & Gupta, Madhur (Drs.)
128. Drug House Management / Agrawal, N.P. & Tailor, R.K.
129. Drug Plants of India; 2 Volumes / Agarwal, V.S.
130. Drug Plants, 4 Volumes / Awaad, Amani S. with J.N. Govil & V.K. Singh
131. Drugs from Plants / Trivedi, Pravin Chandra
132. Drumstick (Moringa): A Wonder Health Tree / Pandey, A.K.
133. Element of General Silviculture / Negi, S.S.
134. Emerging and Reemerging Infections / Emerging & Reemerging Infections
135. Empowerment Through Reiki: The Path of Personal and Global Transformation / Horan, Paula
136. Enchanting Scents: The Secrets of Aroma Therapy Fragrant Essences that Stimulate, Activate and Inspire Body, Mind and Spirit / Junemann, Monika
137. Encyclopaedia of Herbal Antioxidants; 3 Volumes / Pullaiah, T. (Ed.)
138. Encyclopaedia of Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia and Drug Index, 4 Volumes (Updated Edition) / Verma, P.N. & Indu Vaid (Eds.)
139. Encyclopaedia of Indian Medicine; Volume 2, 4, 5 and 6 / Rao, S.K. Ramchandra & Sudarshan, S.R. (Eds.)
140. Encyclopaedia of Medicinal Flora; 2 Volumes / Zingare, Arun K. (Dr.)
141. Encyclopaedia of Medicinal Plants of the World; 10 Volumes / Deshmukh, L.P. (Ed.)
142. Encyclopaedia of Medicinal Plants; 4 Volumes / Biswas, Probir Kanti
143. Encyclopaedia of Medicinal Plants; 8 Volumes / Sharma, Rajinder & Gupta, Tarun
144. The Encyclopaedia of Nobel Laureates Physiology & Medicine; 2 Volumes / Benette, Raymond & et. al. (Eds.)
145. Encyclopaedia of Tibetan Medicine: Being the Tibetan Text of Rgyud Bzi and Sanskrit Restoration of Amrta Hrdaya Astanga Guhyopadesa Tantra and Expository Translation in English; 7 Volumes / Dash, Vaidya Bhagwan
146. Encyclopaedia of Toxicology / Jasra, O.P.
147. Encyclopaedia of World Medicinal Plants; 7 Volumes (2nd Revised and Enlarged edition) / Pullaiah, T.
148. Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Bioethics; 4 Volumes / Ghosh, S.K. (Ed.)
149. Encyclopedia of Healing Plants / Usman, Rageeb Md. with Sufiyan Ahmad, Sunil P. Pawar, V. M. Shastry & Mohammed Zuber Shaikh
150. Encyclopedia of Himalayan Medicinal Flora; 3 Volumes / Basu, Shyamal K.; Mitra, Anupama; Pal, Dulal Ch. & Datta, Jayashree (Eds.)
151. Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants Used in Homoeopathy, Volume 1 / Gopi, K.S. (Dr.)
152. Encyclopedia of Myriad Herbs: Medicinal Herbs in Tibetan Medical Tradition, 2 Volumes / Norbu, Tsering (Dr.)
153. Endangered Medicinal Plants / Chaudhuri, A.B.
154. Endemic Medicinal Plants / Alagesaboopathi, C.
155. Energetic Bodywork: Practical Techniques / Mcnamara, Rita J.
156. Essentials of Pharmacology: Basic Principles and General Concepts / Sharma, V.N.
157. Essentials of Tibetan Traditional Medicine / Gyatso, Thinley & Hakim, Chris
158. Ethno Medicinal Plants of Manipur, North-East India (Thoubal District) / Khan, M.H. & Yadava, P.S.
159. Ethnobotanical Wisdom and Microbial Studies on Medicinal Plants / Khanna, D.R.; Gautam, Ashutosh; Bhutiani, R.; & Matta, Gagan (Eds.)
160. Ethnobotany / Saroya, Amritpal Singh
161. Ethnobotany and Medicinal Plants of India and Nepal; 3 Volumes / Singh, V. & Jain, A.P.
162. Ethnobotany and Medicinal Plants of Indian Subcontinent / Maheshwari, J.K. (Ed.)
163. Ethnobotany of Buldhana District Maharashtra / Patil, D.A.; Patil, P.S.; Dushing, Y.A.; Aher, U.P. & Ahirrao, Y.A.
164. Ethnobotany, The Renaissance of Traditional Herbal Medicine / Bhandari, Ramesh
165. Ethno-Medicinal Plants of Mizoram / Lalramnghinglora, H. (Dr.)
166. Ethnomedicinal Plants: A Biodiversity Treasure / Mohan, V.R. & Doss, A. & Tresina P.S. & Sornalakshmi, V.
167. Ethnomedicinal Uses of Plants / Trivedi, P.C. (Ed.)
168. Ethnomedicine and Aromatherapy / Malik, Vijai (Dr.)
169. Ethnomedicine and Human Welfare; 4 Volumes / Khanum, Atiya & Khan, Irfan Ali (Eds.)
170. Ethnomedicine of North-East India: Proceedings of National Seminar on Traditional Knowledge Base on Herbal Medicines and Plant Resources of North-East India - Protection, Utilization and Conservation (13-15 March 2001, Guwahati, Assam) / Singh, Gian; Singh, H.B. & Mukherjee, T.K.
171. Ethnomedicines of the Tribes of Arunachal Pradesh / Mibang, Tamo & Chaudhuri, Sarit Kumar
172. Eucalypts for Planting / F.A.O.
173. Evidence Based Safety of Ayurvedic Medicines / Ministry of Ayush
174. Experiences of Indian Homeopaths / Sudarshan, R.S.
175. Faith Healers in the Himalaya: An Investigation of Traditional Healers and their Festivals in Dholaka District of Nepal / Miller, Casper J.
176. Family Guide Coping with Chemotherapy / Fanton, Laura
177. Feng Shui for the Body: Balancing Body and Mind for a Healthier Life / Santos, Daniel
178. Five Hundred Indian Plants: Their Use in Medicine and the Arts (in Kanarese & English) / PEBA
179. Flora indica or Descriptions of Indian Plants / Carey, William & Roxburgh, William
180. Flora Indica: Being A Systematic Account of the Plants of British India, together with Observations on the Structure and Affinities of their Natural Orders and Genera; Vol.1: Ranunculaceae to Fumariaceae / Hooker, J.D. & Thomson, Thomas
181. Flora Indica: Cui Accedit Series Zoophytorum Indicorum, Nec Non Prodromus Florae Capensis / Burmann, N.L.
182. Flora Medica: A Botanical Account of All the more important Plants used in Medicine / Lindley, John
183. The Flora of British India; 7 Volumes / Hooker, J.D.
184. Flora of Haryana / Jain, S.P. & et. al.
185. Flora of Howrah District (West Bengal) / Bennet, S.S.R.
186. Flora of Nilgiri and Pulney Hill Tops; 3 Volumes / Fyson, P.F.
187. Flora of the Indian Desert: Their Economic and Medicinal Value, 2nd Edition / Bhandari, M.M. & Vyas, S.P.
188. The Flora of the South Indian Hill Stations: Ootacamund, Coonoor, Kotagiri Kodaikanal, Yercaud and the Country Round; 3 Volumes / Fyson, P.F.
189. Flora Sylvatica for Southern India, (Atlas Size) 3 Volumes / Beddome, R.H.
190. Floral Spectrum / Bedi, R.
191. Flowering Plants and their Classification; 2 Volumes / Rendle, A.B.
192. Flowering Plants and Their Evolution / Ronald, G.
193. Flowering: Physiological, Biochemical and Molecular Aspects / Purohit, S.S.
194. Flowers and Their Medicinal Uses / Burchett, Christopher N.
195. Flowers from Bulbous Plants / Dey, S.C.
196. Folk Herbal Medicine and Drug Discovery / Katewa, S.S.
197. Folk Medicine Folk Healers and Medicinal Plants of Chhattisgarh / Agrawal, S.C. & Pati, R.N.
198. Folk Medicine of Himalaya / Gulia, K.S. (Ed.)
199. Folk Medicine of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh / Akbar, Mohd. (Dr.)
200. Folk-Medicine and Aromatic Plants of Uttaranchal / Pande, P.C.; Tiwari, L. & Pande, H.C.
201. Fruit Drug Plants of India / Das, Doli & Agarwal, V.S.
202. Fundamentals of Medical Biotechnology / Rajagopalan, Aparna
203. Fundamentals of Pharmacy Practice / Agrawal, N.P. & Tailor, R.K.
204. Fundamentals of Reflexology: The Value of Foot Massage and Pressure Points / Vennells, David F.
205. Fundamentals of Tibetan Medicine according to the Rgyud-Bzhi
206. Gallery of Medicinal Plants (Dravyaguna Vigyan) / Sharma, Sahu
207. Gem Therapy in Vedic Astrology / Lalwani, Neeraj (Dr.)
208. German Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia including 13th Supplement (1 December 2016) (Loose Leaf)
209. Ginger and Its Medicinal Uses / Burchett, Christopher N.
210. Global Patterns of HIV/AIDS Transmission / Ramamurthy, V.
211. A Glossary of Ayurveda, Tibetan and Unani Medicines
212. Glossary of Indian Medicinal Plants (with Two Supplements) 3 Volumes / Chopra, R.N.; Nayar, S.L.; Chopra, I.C. & Verma, B.S.
213. Glossary of Phytochemicals / Saroya, Amritpal Singh (Ed.)
214. Glossary of Plant Tissue Culture / Donnelly, D.J. & Vidaver, W.E.
215. Glossary of Vegetable Drugs in Brhattrayi / Singh, Thakur Balwant
216. GMP for Botanicals: Regulatory and Quality Issues on Phytomedicines / Verpoorte, Robert & Mukherjee, Pulok K. (Eds.)
217. Gso rig bdud rtsi'i ban mdzod 'bum bzi / The Four Collections of Nectar Treasures of Medicines; 2 Volumes (in Tibetan)
218. Gyanendra Enumertio Planta-Medica / Pandey, Sumitra (Ed.)
219. Hamdard Pharmacopoeia of Eastern Medicine / Said, Hakim Mohammad (Ed.)
220. Hand Book of Indian Medicinal Plants / Joshi, M.C.
221. Hand Book of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants: Cultivation, Utilisation and Extraction Process
222. Hand Book on Herbal Medicines / Panda, H.
223. Hand Book on Herbal Products: Cosmetics, Toiletries, Medicines and Perfumes; 2 Volumes
224. Hand Book on Herbs Cultivation and Processing
225. Hand Book on Neem and Allied Products
226. Hand Book on Unani Medicines: With Formulae, Processes, Uses and Analysis
227. Handbook of Aromatherapy: A complete Guide to Essential and Carrier Oils, Their Application and Therapeutic Use for Holistic Health and Wellbeing / Ratan, Ravi
228. Handbook of Aromatic Plants, 2nd Revised Edition / Bhattacharjee, S.K.
229. A Handbook of Common Medicinal Plants used in Ayurveda / Chaudhry, Bharti (Dr.)
230. The Handbook of Herbal Medicine, Natural Foods and Herbal Remedies / Kloss, Jethro
231. Handbook of Homoeopathy / Wadia, Shirin (Dr.)
232. Handbook of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (2nd Edition) / D. Ram & Aditya Pratap Singh
233. Handbook of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of North East India
234. Handbook of Medicinal Plants / Bose, U.S. (Dr.)
235. Handbook of Medicinal Plants / Kumar, Anil
236. Handbook of Medicinal Plants / Vardhana, Rashtra
237. Handbook of Medicinal Plants, 5th Edition / Bhattacharjee, S.K.
238. A Handbook of Medicinal Plants: A Complete Source Book / Prajapati, Narayan Das; Purohit, S.S.; Sharma, Arun K. & Kumar, Tarun
239. A Handbook of Modern Immunology / Bahl, Bijender
240. Handbook of Sports Medicine / Vijay (Dr.) (Ed. & Comp.)
241. A Handbook of Tibetan Medicinal Plants, 4th Edition / Dekhang, Tsering Dorjee (Dr.)
242. Handbook on Herbal Drugs and its plant sources / Panda, H.
243. Hands-on Spiritual Healing / Bradford, Michael
244. Handy Feng-Shui Solutions to Day to Day Problems / Sameer, Rakkhi
245. The Hayashi Reiki Manual: Traditional Japanese Healing Techniques from the Founder of the Wester Reiki System / Petter, Frank Arjava; Yamaguchi, Tadao & Hayashi, Chujiro
246. Healing and Treatment of Disease through Water / Kneipp, Sebastian
247. The Healing Effects of Energy Medicine: Memoirs of a Medical Intuitive / Mcrae, Shannon & Miners, Scott E.
248. Healing for Everyone: Medicine of the Whole Person / Loomis & Paulson
249. Healing Herbs of India / Upadhyaya, Anubha; Nayak, Preeti Sagar; Agrawal, V.K. & Tiwari, A.B.
250. Healing Our Hormones, Healing Our Lives: Solutions to Common Hormonal Conditions / Crockett, Linda
251. Healing Power of Attunement Therapy: Stories and Practices / Henderson, Jaclyn Stein
252. Healing Powers of Water / Ramaiah, Savitri (Ed.)
253. Healing with Chinese Herbs / Tierra, Lesley
254. Healing with Gemstones and Crystals / Stein, Diane
255. Healing with Homeopathy / Chappell, Peter & Andrews, David
256. Healing Your Child: An A-Z Guide to Using Natural Remedies and Homoeopathy / Darragh, Frances & et. al.
257. Health Care and Development of Medicinal Plants / Puri, Sunil & Williams, Ajeet J. (Eds.)
258. Health Science in Ancient India / Raina, B.L.
259. Health through Balance: An Introduction to Tibetan Medicine / Donden, Yeshi (Dr.)
260. Herbal and Aromatic Plants - Allium cepa (ONION): Cultivation, Processing, Utilizations and Applications / Panda, Himadri (Dr.)
261. Herbal and Aromatic Plants - Allium Sativum (GARLIC): Cultivation, Processing, Utilizations and Applications / Panda, Himadri (Dr.)
262. Herbal and Aromatic Plants - Aloe Vera: Cultivation, Processing, Utilizations and Applications / Panda, Himadri (Dr.)
263. Herbal and Aromatic Plants - Azadirachta Indica (NEEM): Cultivation, Processing, Utilizations and Applications / Panda, Himadri (Dr.)
264. Herbal and Aromatic Plants - Carica papaya (PAPAYA): Cultivation, Processing, Utilizations and Applications / Panda, Himadri (Dr.)
265. Herbal and Aromatic Plants - Centella asiatica (INDIAN PENNYWORT): Cultivation, Processing, Utilizations and Applications / Panda, Himadri (Dr.)
266. Herbal and Aromatic Plants - Cuminum cyminum (ZEERA): Cultivation, Processing, Utilizations and Applications / Panda, Himadri (Dr.)
267. Herbal and Aromatic Plants - Curcuma longa (TURMERIC): Cultivation, Processing, Utilizations and Applications / Panda, Himadri (Dr.)
268. Herbal and Aromatic Plants - Emblica officinalis (AMLA): Cultivation, Processing, Utilizations and Applications / Panda, Himadri (Dr.)
269. Herbal and Aromatic Plants - Glycyrrhiza glabra (MULETHI): Cultivation, Processing, Utilizations and Applications / Panda, Himadri (Dr.)
270. Herbal and Aromatic Plants - Mentha piperita (MINT): Cultivation, Processing, Utilizations and Applications / Panda, Himadri (Dr.)
271. Herbal and Aromatic Plants - Momordica charantia (KARELA): Cultivation, Processing, Utilizations and Applications / Panda, Himadri (Dr.)
272. Herbal and Aromatic Plants - Nardostachys jatamansi (JATAMANSI): Cultivation, Processing, Utilizations and Applications / Panda, Himadri (Dr.)
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