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Ethnobotany and Medicinal Plants of Indian Subcontinent / Maheshwari, J.K. (Ed.)
Ethnobotany and Medicinal Plants of Indian Subcontinent
Maheshwari, J.K. (Ed.)
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  Book ID : 15059
  ISBN-10 : 81-7233-221-1 / 8172332211
  ISBN-13 : 978-81-7233-221-1 / 9788172332211
  Place of Publication : Jodhpur
  Year of Publication : 2003
  Edition : (First Edition)
  Language : English
  xi, 672p., Col. Plts., Tables, Map, 25 cm.

1. Ethnobotany: a review/H. Lalramnghinglova and L.K. Jha.
2. Ethnobotany of Indian Andrographis Wallich ex nees/C. Alagesaboopathi and S. Balu.
3. Traditional and medicinal importance of Azadirachta indica Juss in India/Jyoti Nargas and P.C. Trivedi.
4. Botany and ethnobotany of Urtica diocia L. (Stinging Nettle)/Narayan P. Manandhar.
5. Antiseptic property of Solanum surattense Burm. f./H. Prakash Pandey and S.K. Chauhan.
6. Ethnobotanical studies on Solanum trilobatum L.--an Indian drug plant/S. Madhavan and S. Balu.
7. Drumstick (Moringa pterygosperma Gaertn.): a unique source of food and medicine/M. Haseeb Mughal, Saba, P.S. Srivastava and M. Iqbal.
8. Potential medicinal pteridophytes of India and their chemical constituents/H.B. Singh.
9. Some plants in traditional and homoeopathic systems of medicine in India/D.C. Pal.
10. Some important plants used in homoeopathic system of medicine/S. Kumar and R. Mathur.
11. Ethno-medico botanical knowledge among tribals of Bangladesh/M.A. Rahman.
12. Ethnobotanical wealth of the "Druk-Yul" (Bhutan)/Goutam Bhattacharyya.
13. Ethnomedicinal uses of plants among the Satar tribe of Nepal/M. Siwakoti and S. Siwakoti.
14. Alternate source for some conventional drug plants of India/H.B. Singh.
15. Studies on indigenous herbal remedies for diabetes mellitus in India/T.S. Rana, K.K. Singh and R.R. Rao.
16. Medicinal plants and plant products used in children diseases among aboriginals in India/D.C. Pal, A. Guha and R. Sen.
17. Medicinal uses of various beads used in rosaries/G.V. Gopal and M.P. Sinha.
18. Ethnotherapeutics of some medicinal plants used as antipyretic agents among the tribals of India/K.K. Singh and Kaushal Kumar.
 19. Correlation of uses of medicinal plants by tribals of Chotanagpur with other tribals of India/Salomi Tapno and T.K. Ghosh.
 20. Cross-cultural ethnobotanical studies of Santhal Pargana (Eastern India) and Western ghats (Southern India)/A.K. Goel and A. Rajendran.
 21. Edible and medicinal plants of Ladakh (J & K)/M.V. Viswanathan.
 22. Taxo-ethnobotanical observations on the gymnosperms of Poonch District (J & K State), India/H.S. Kirn, B.K. Kapahi and T.N. Srivastava.
 23. Ethno-medicinal plants of arctic desert-Ladakh used in veterinary practices/O.P. Chaurasia, Brahma Singh and S.K. Sareen.
 24. Ethno-medico-botanical survey of Nubra valley/O.P. Chaurasia, Brahma Singh and S.K. Sareen.
 25. Traditional medicinal uses of plants of Himachal hills/B.D. Sharma and J.C. Rana.
 26. Ethno-medico botany of Indian trans-Himalaya: a case study from Spiti/C.P. Kala and Nima Manjrekar.
27. Ethnobotanical study of useful plants of Kullu District in north western Himalaya, India/Gopal S. Singh.
28. Ethnoveterinary plants of Gonda region, U.P., India/H. Prakash Pandey, B.K. Verma and S. Narain.
29. Exotic medicinal plants of Lucknow/S. Rajan, H.C. Gupta and Sunil Kumar.
30. Exotic medicinal plants of Lucknow District, U.P., India/S.C. Singh and G.N. Srivastava.
31. A contribution to the ethnobotany of SubHimalayan region of Eastern Uttar Pradesh/Ajai Kumar Singh.
32. Ethnomedicinal study of a remote tribal area of Almora District: a survey report Part I/K.R. Arya and Ved Prakash.
33. Ethnobotanical studies on gymnospermic plants of Kumaun Himalaya/Bhawana Pandey and P.C. Pande.
34. Plants used as henna dye by Bhils of Southern Rajasthan/Satish Kumar Sharma.
35. Ethnobotanical studies on wild plants for food from the Aravalli hills of South East Rajasthan/S.S. Katewa, Ambika Nag and Buddhadev Guria.
36. Ethnobotanical studies of Thane District, Maharashtra/M.J. Kothari and K.M. Rao.
37. Ethnobotany in human health care of Chikhaldara, Amaravati District in Maharashtra State, India/M.J. Kothari and A.N. Londhe.
38. Preliminary observation on the medicinal and economically important leguminous plant species from Amravati Tahsil/V.R. Deshmukh, G.D. Muratkar and S.P. Rothe.
39. Observations on some energy plants among the tribals of Madhya Pradesh/K.K. Singh, Anand Prakash and S.K. Palvi.
40. Ethno-medicine for anti-fertility used by the tribals in Bastar District of Madhya Pradesh/J.L. Shrivastava, Seema Jain and Abhilasha Dubey.
41. Plants used in rheumatism by rural people of Chhatarpur District, Madhya Pradesh, India/P.K. Khare and L.J. Khare.
42. Plants used for rheumatism by the tribals of Western M.P./Swati Samvatsar and V.B. Diwanji.
43. Traditional health care among tribals of Rewa District of Madhya Pradesh with special reference to conservation of endangered and vulnerable species/S.N. Dwivedi.
44. Wild edible plants used by the tribals of Chittor District (Andhra Pradesh), India/A. Sudhakar and S. Vedavathy.
45. Phyto-zootherapy of the tribes of Andhra Pradesh/N.R. Rama Rao, A. Rajendran and A.N. Henry.
46. Native phytotherapy for fever and malaria from Kurnool District, Andhra Pradesh/P. Sai Prasad Goud, T. Pullaiah and K. Sri Rama Murthy.
47. Ethno-medicinal uses of some plants of Mahabubnagar District, Andhra Pradesh, India/T. Dharma Chandra Kumar and T. Pullaiah.
48. Plants in ethnoveterinary practices in Anantapur District, Andhra Pradesh/K.N. Reddy and R.R. Venkata Raju.
49. Botanical remedies for diabetes from the Cauvery Delta of Tamil Nadu/S. Balu, C. Alagesaboopathi and S. Madhavan.
50. Weeds of medicinal importance in Tirunelveli District in Tamil Nadu/Jery Thomas and A. John De Britto.
51. Some traditional folklore medicinal plants of Kanyakumari District (Tamil Nadu)/P.J. Rosakutty, S. Stella Roslin and S. Ignacimuthu.
52. Preliminary phytochemical studies on some medicinal plants of Tirunelveli hills/V. Sundaresan and A. John De Britto.
53. Cultivated medicinal plants useful in homoeopathy found in Nilgiri District, Tamil Nadu/D. Suresh Baburaj, S. John Britto, G.K. Mathew and S. Rajan.
54. Plants used as medicine by tribals of Shevaroy hills, Tamilnadu/C. Alagesaboopathi, P. Dwarakan and S. Balu.
55. A survey of medicinal plants from Chitheri hills in Dharmapuri District, Tamil Nadu/A. Subramaniam.
56. "Touch me not"- a medicinal plant of the Nilgiri tribals-a study/M. Cyril Nayagam and M.S. Pushparaj.
57. Traditional crude drug resources used for human and live-stock diseases in Salem District, Tamilnadu/P. Dwarakan and C. Alagesaboopathi.
58. Some flowering plants used as cosmetics among tribals of Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu India/S.M. Rajendran and B.S. Aswal.
59. Ethnobotany of hill-Pulaya tribe in the context of biodiversity rehabilitation at Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Western Ghats of India/K.K.N. Nair and R. Jayakumar.
60. Ethnobotanical studies on the hill tribes in the shola forests of high ranges, Kerala, South India/K. Kishore Kumar, N. Sasidharan and K. Swarupanandan.
61. Some interesting phytotherapeutic claims of tribals of Jaipur Dist. (Orissa), India/K.B. Satapathy and M. Brahmam.
62. Taxonomic survey and systematic census of economic plants of Narayanapatna hills of Koraput District, Orissa/S.S. Dash and M.K. Misra.
63. Traditional treatment of skin diseases in Bhadrak District, Orissa/R.D. Girach, S. Singh, M. Brahmam and M.K. Misra.
64. Ethnobotany of Careya arborea Roxb- some noteworthy folk uses in Orissa/R.B. Mohanty and M.K. Rout.
65. Ethnobotany of Bangriposi, Mayurbhanj, Orissa/Nandita Sarkar, Sova Rudra and S.K. Basu.
66. Medicinal plant-lore of the tribals of Baliguda sub-division, Phulbani District, Orissa/P.C. Panda and P. Das.
67. Further additions to the bibliography of floristic and ethnobotanical studies in Orissa/P.C. Panda and P. Das.
68. Ethnobotany of a few plant species in the eroded soil of Birbhum, West Bengal/Archana Banerjee.
69. Ethnobotany of some trees in the Santhal villages of Birbhum, West Bengal/Archana Banerjee.
70. A Preliminary census and systematic survey of antidiabetic plants of Midnapore District, West Bengal, India/R.B. Ghosh and Debabrata Das.
71. Wild food plants of Midnapore, West Bengal during drought and flood/Debabrata Das.
72. A contribution to the enthnobotany of Bankura District, West Bengal/A.M. Saren, R. Sen and D.C. Pal.
73. Herbal veterinary medicine from the tribal areas of Bankura District, West Bengal/Ashis Ghosh.
74. Plant folk medicines for gynaecological urino-genital and other related problems among aborigines of Andaman and Nicobar Islands/H.S. Dagar and J.C. Dagar.
75. Ethnobotanical studies on the tribe Onge from Little Andaman Island/A.K. Awasthi and Anil K. Goel.
76. Ethnobotanical observation on the preparation of millet beer in Sikkim state, India/H. Birkumar Singh and Alka Jain.
77. Ethnobotanical observation on the preparation of Rokshi ( a local drink) in Sikkim, India/H. Birkumar Singh, B.R. Sharma and Bidhya Pradhan.
78. Ethnobotany of Khasi and Chakma tribes of north east India/Dipesh Chaudhury and B. Neogi.
79. Ethno-medico botany of the Tai-Ahoms of Assam, India/Malakshmi Dutta and Subhan C. Nath.
80. Folk and herbal medicine among Nepalese of Assam/U.K. Sharma.
81. A study on ethnomedicinal uses of plants among the Bodo tribe of Sonitpur District, Assam, India/P.J. Bora.
82. Ethnobotany of Rajbanshis of Assam/Kuntala Neog Barua, Iswar Chandra Barua and M. Das.
83. Contributions to the edible fruits of Manipur/H. Manoranjan Sharma, Sharma B. Manihar and A. Radhapyari Devi.
84. Some symbolic and superstitious botanical folklore about Mao Naga tribe of Manipur (India)/A.A. Mao.
85. Ethnomedicinal studies of some plants used to enhance vocalism by the traditional meitei singers of Manipur/P. Kumar Singh, Vinita Devi Elangbam and B.K. Singh Huidrom.
86. Ethnobotanical and agroecological studies on genetic resources of food plants in Mizoram State/H. Lalramnghinglova.
87. Frequently used ethno-medicinal plants of Bihar/Kaushal Kumar and A.K. Goel.
88. A contribution to some of the medicinal plants of Indo-Nepal border area adjointing the Districts of Madhubani and Sitamarhi/Priya Ranjan.
89. A contribution to some wild edible plants of Indo-Nepal border area/Priya Ranjan.

The book contains 89 papers on Ethnobotany, Medicinal Plants and Economic Plant of Indian Subcontinent.



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