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1. The Aboriginal Inhabitants of the Andaman Islands / Man, Edward Horace
2. Adi Tribes of Arunachal Pradesh / Rizvi, S.H.M. & Roy, Shibani
3. The Adivasi Question: Issues of Land, Forest and Livelihood / Munshi, Indra (Ed.)
4. Adivasis and the Culture of Assam / Chhetri, Harka Bahadur
5. Administrative Development In Arunachal Pradesh / Singh, Basanta Kumar
6. Adoption and Impact of New Agricultural Technology on Tribal Agriculture / Pawde, B.B.; Bhise, V.B. & Takle, S.R.
7. Adoption of Basic Factors for Rural-Urban Development / Setty, E.D. & Moorthy, P. Krishna
8. Ageing in North East India, 6 Volumes
9. Amazing Arunachal Pradesh: Land, People, Culture / Behera, M.C. & Misra, K.K.
10. Among the Endangered Hunter Gatherers: An Anthropological Exploration in Andaman Islands / Sarkar, Jayanta
11. Andaman and Nicobar Islands: A Sage of Freedom Struggle / Murthy, R.V.R.
12. Andaman and Nicobar Islands: Past and Present / Ram, S. (Ed.)
13. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands; 2 Volumes / Bonington, M.C.C.
14. Andaman and Nicobar Tribes Restudied: Encounters and Concerns / Mann, R.S.
15. The Angami Nagas / Suri, Renu
16. Anthropological and Archaeological Research and Development / Narayan, Sachindra (Ed.)
17. Anthropological Study of Bodily Height of Indian Population / Basu, Mahadeb Prasad
18. Anthropology and Child Labour / Nanjunda, D.C.
19. Anthropology and Historiography of Science / Chattopadhyaya, D.P.
20. Anthropology and Society: Issues and Applications / Ghosh, Abhik; Pathmanathan, Gayatri; Krishan, Kewal; Talwar, Indu; Mehta, Shalina; Sharma, Krishan & Gaur, Rajan
21. Anthropology in Human Welfare / Sharma, A.N.
22. Anthropology in India / Saksena, H.S.; Srivastava, Vinay Kumar; Hasnain, Nadeem; Chaudhury, Sukant K. and Maiti, Sameera (Eds.)
23. Anthropology in the Making the Indian Experience / Joarder, B.
24. Anthropology of Aging: Contexts, Culture and Implications / Akundy, Anand
25. Anthropology of Development: Commemoration / Malhotra, R.
26. Anthropology of Development: Demystification Relevance / Pathy, Jaganath
27. Anthropology of Indian Tribes / Prasad, Ravi Shanker & Sinha, Pramod Kumar
28. Anthropology of Primitive Tribes in India / Sharma, P. Dash (Ed.)
29. Anthropology of Sweetmeats / Sinha, Anil Kishore (Dr.)
30. Anthropology of Tourism: A Case Study of Chitwan Sauraha / Kunwar, Ramesh Raj
31. Anthropology Population and Development / Sharma, J.C.
32. Anthropology, New Global Order and Other Essays / Misra, Kamal K.
33. Anthropology: The Human Science: Application of Anthropology to Social Problems / Channa, S.M. (Ed.)
34. Anthropology: Theoretical Practice in Culture and Society / Herzfeld, Michael
35. Anthropology; 2 Volumes / Taylor, E.B.
36. The Ao Naga Grammar: With Illustrations Phrases and Vocabulary / Clark, Mary M.
37. The Ao Naga Tribe of Assam / Smith, W.C.
38. The Aos of Nagaland / Jamir, Wangshimenla
39. Applied Anthropology / Prasad, Gauri Shankar & Singh, Hrithesh K.
40. Applied Anthropology / Tyagi, Darshna
41. Applied Anthropology: Theory and Practice / Bhatia, Paramveer
42. An Appraisal of Tribal-Folk Medicines
43. Approaches of Tribal Development / Sahu, Chaturbhuj
44. Art and Culture of Marginalised Nomadic Tribes in Andhra Pradesh / Sadanandam, P.
45. The Art and Literature of Banjara Lambanis: A Socio-Cultural Study / Naik, D.B.
46. Arunachal Pradesh and the Tribes: Select Bibliography / Sen, Sipra
47. Arunachal Pradesh: The Land of Diversity (An Account of Diverse Ecology and Traditional Ways of Life of the Tribes) / Sarkar, Jayanta
48. Arunachal: Peoples, Arts and Adornment in India's Eastern Himalayas / Ham, Peter van
49. Aspect of Rural Communication: A Study on the Ethnography of Communication of the Santals of Eastern India / Ray, Manas
50. Aspects of Indian Social Anthropology / Mann, R.S.
51. Aspects of Tribal Studies / Sahu, Chaturbhuj (Ed.)
52. Assam Assembly Elections 2016: Understanding the Choices of the Communities / Ahmed, Abu Nasar Saied
53. Assam under the Ahoms / Gohain, U.N.
54. Backward Classes in India: Various Dimensions / Sinha, Sushil Kumar
55. The Baiga / Elwin, Verrier
56. Baigas: The Hunter Gatherers of Central India / Gautam, Rajesh K.
57. Balpakram: The Land of Spirits Garo Mythology / Marak, Julius L.R.
58. The Balti: A Scheduled Tribe of Jammu and Kashmir / Rizvi, B.R.
59. Ban-Gujars: A Nomadic Tribe in Himachal Pradesh / Verma, V.
60. Banks in Tribal Life and Development / Das, Y.L.
61. Basic Elements of Tribal Religion / Channa, S.M. (Ed.)
62. Bathudi & Southi Tribes: A Bio-Anthropologycal Profile / Singh, Swaran
63. Bauls of Bengal: In the Quest of Man of the Heart / Sarkar, R.M.
64. Beads of Arunachal Pradesh: Emerging Cultural Context / Chaudhuri, Sucheta Sen & Chaudhuri, Sarit K.
65. Being Tribal / Ratnagar, Shereen
66. Belief in Witch: Witch-Killing in Dooars / Baruya, Ananya
67. Between Sikkim and Bhutan: The Lepchas and Bhutias of Pedong / Awasty, Indira
68. Beyond the Thousand Petalled Lotus and the Science of Consciousness / Sahay, K.K.
69. Bhagat Movement: A Study of Cultural Transformation of the Bhils of Southern Rajasthan / Vashishta, Vijay Kumar
70. Bhangis in Transition / Shyamlal
71. The Bhils: An Ethno-Historic Analysis / Kumar, Bachchan
72. Bhotia Tribals of India: Dynamics of Economic Transformation / Prasad, R.R.
73. The Bhumihars: Caste of Eastern India / Sinha, Sushil Kumar
74. Biocultural Knowledge Systems of Tribes of Eastern Himalayas / Singh, Ranjay K. & Women, Adi
75. Bio-Cultural Profile of Dehradun City / Sharma, Madhu Bala & Kaul, V. (Eds.)
76. The Birhor / Sahay, Ajit Kumar (Dr.)
77. The Bodos: Emergence and Assertion of an Ethnic Minority / Choudhury, Sujit
78. Buddhist Tribal Women in Tripura / Das, Anamika
79. Caste System in India / Devi, Shakuntala
80. Caste System: A Holistic View; 4 Volumes / Das, Arvind & et. al.
81. Caste, Class & Politics in Rural India: A Comparative Study of Village Panchayats, Bihar and West Bengal / Sharma, Arjun
82. Caste, Marriage and Inequality: Studies from North and South India / Kolenda, Pauline
83. Caste, Race and Discrimination: Discourses in International Context Thorat / Thorat, Sukhadeo & Umakant (Eds.)
84. Castes and Tribes in India / Sharma, Anuradha
85. Castes and Tribes of Southern India; 7 Volumes / Thurston, Edgar & Rangachari, K.
86. Census of India 1931: With Complete Survey of Tribal Life and Systems; 3 Volumes / Hutton, J.H.
87. Census of India 2001-India-Tables on Houses, Household Amenities and Assests
88. The Chakmas: Life and Struggle / Talukdar, S.P.
89. The Challenges of Self-Managed Development: The "Fierce" Hill Bonda Case / Mahapatra, L.K. & Mohanty, R.P.
90. The Challenges of Tribal Development / Padhy, Kishore C.
91. Change and Continuity Among Tribes: The Idu Mishmis of Arunachal Pradesh / Mene, Tarun & Chaudhuri, Sarit K. (Eds.)
92. Change and Continuity in Tribal Village / Longkumar, Jungmayangla
93. Changing Character of Tribal Environment: A Study of Saharia Landscape / Gupta, G.P. & Singh, Usha
94. Changing Profile of Tribal Women Leader in Panchayat / Ramesh & Makwana, H.
95. Changing Tribal Life in British Orissa / Mojumdar, K.
96. The Chin Hills; 2 Volumes / Carey, Bertram S. & et. al.
97. Coal Industry and Labour in India / Sengupta, P.B.
98. Cochin Tribes and Castes: An Anthropological and Sociological Analysis; 3 Volumes / Ayyar, L.K.A.
99. Communalism and Indian Princely States: Travancore, Baroda and Hyderabad in the 1930s / Kooiman, Dick
100. Community Partipation in Natural Resourse Management / Mishra & Bajpai
101. A Comparative Grammar of Tibeto-Himalayan Languages of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand / Sharma, D.D.
102. A Comprehensive Dictionary of the World; 5 Volumes (in 10 Parts) / Wright, Thomas (Comp.)
103. Constitutional Safeguards to Scheduled Castes and Tribes / Goswami, B.
104. Constraint and Challenges to Social Science Research in North-East India / Gassah, L.S. & Thomas, C.J. (Eds.)
105. Constraints of Tribal Development / Chaudhuri, Sarit Kumar
106. Contemporary Research in Anthropology / Khongsdier, R. (Ed.)
107. Contemporary Society: Tribal Studies; 9 Volumes / Behera, Deepak Kumar & Pfeffer, George
108. Contemporary Society: Tribal Studies; Vol.3: Social Concern / Behera, Deepak Kumar & et. al. (Eds.)
109. Contemporary Society: Tribal Studies; Vol.4: Social Realities / Behera, Deepak Kumar & et. al. (Eds.)
110. Contemporary Society: Tribal Studies; Volume 6: Tribal Situation in India; / K. Behra, Deepak & Pfeffer, Georg
111. Contemporary Studies in Anthropology / D.C., Nanjunda (Dr.)
112. Contemporary Studies in Anthropomentry / Sharma, A.N.
113. Contesting for Space: Consequences of Non Tribal Migration into Tribal Homeland / Bandyopadhyay, Madhumita
114. Cosmology of the Sacred World: The Vision of the Cosmos of Different Peoples of the World / Saraswati, Baidyanath & et. al. (Eds.)
115. Criminal Anthropology / Tyagi, Darshna
116. The Criminal Tribes in India / Hollins, S.T.
117. Cross-Border Migration Mizoram / Sangkima
118. Cultural Anthropology / Prasad, Gauri Shankar & Singh, Hrithesh K.
119. Cultural Anthropology: Exploration of Behaviour and Meaning System / Channa, S.M. (Ed.)
120. Cultural Ecology of Indian Tribes / Reddy, K. Vishwanatha (Ed.)
121. Cultural Heritage of Tribal Societies; 2 Volumes / Nath, J.
122. Cultural Identity of Tribes of North-East India: Movement for Cultural Identity Among the Adis of Arunachal Pradesh / Dawar, Jagdish Lal
123. Culture of Indian Tribes; 2 Volumes / Sharma, S.P. & et. al.
124. Culture, Tribal History and Freedom Movement / Mishra, P.K.
125. Cultures and Cosmos: The Cosmic Anthropological Principle / Saraswati, Baidyanath
126. Customary Law of Austric Speaking Tribes / Bhowmick, P.K.
127. Customary Laws of Nyishi Tribe of Arunachal Pradesh / Hina, Nabam Nakha (Dr.)
128. Dairy Cooperatives and Tribal Development: A Study of Tribal Dairy Co-operatives in Madhya Pradesh / Singh, R.V.
129. Dalit and Tribal Leadership in Panchayats / Chaudhary, S.N.
130. Dalit Christians of Andhra (Under the Impact of Missionaries) / Rajpramukh, K.E.
131. Dalit Leadership in India / Kumar, Vivek
132. Dalit Studies: A Bibliographical Handbook / Yagati, Chinna Rao
133. Dalitisation of Dalits / Jha, Ashok Kumar
134. Dalits and Tribes of India / Kanmony, J. Cyril (Ed.)
135. Dalits in African American / Kapoor, S.D.
136. Dalits Past, Present & Future / Deulkar, Sita
137. Dalits, Tribals and Human Rights / Bhatt, Savita
138. Debating Tribal Identity / Dhanaraju, Vulli
139. Decision Making in Village Nepal / Miller, Casper J.
140. Demography and Health Profile of the Tribals / Adak, Dipak Kumar & et. al. (Eds.)
141. Demography of the People of Jammu and Kashmir / Nag, Shampa & Bhasin, M.K.
142. The Denotified (Ex-Criminal) Kuchbandiyas of Shahgarh / Sharma, A.N. & et. al.
143. Dependency and Common Property: Resource for Tribal and Rural Poor / Srivastava, H.C. & Chaturvedi, M.K.
144. Development of Denotified Tribes: Policy and Practice / Gandhi, Malli
145. Development of Primitive Tribal Groups in India / Mohanty, P.K.
146. Development of Scheduled Castes / Naidu, R.V.K.
147. Development of Scheduled Tribes in India: Policies and Programmes / Rao, D. Pulla
148. The Development of Scheduled Tribes in Madhya Pradesh / Shrivastava, Divya
149. Development of Tribal Women: Problems and Potential / Pasayat, Chitrasen
150. Development Programmes and Tribals: " Some Emerging Issues / Mitra, Kakali Paul
151. Dhodia: Industrialisation and Change in a Primitive Community / Sarkar, Amitabha
152. Diaries of Two Tours in the Unadministered Area East of the Naga Hills / Hutton, J.H.
153. Dictionary of Anthropology / Chopra, Ramesh (Ed.)
154. A Dictionary of Scheduled Tribes in India / Kapoor, A.N.; Gupta, V.P. & Gupta, Mohini
155. A Dictionary of the Abor-Miri Language / Lorrain, J. Herbert
156. A Dictionary of the Central Nicobarese Language / Man, Edward Horace
157. A Dictionary of the Pathan Tribes on the North-West Frontier of India
158. Dimension of Religion, Magic and Festivals of Indian Tribe: The Munda / Oraon, Karma
159. Dimensions of Displaced People in North-East India / Thomas C. Joshua (Ed.)
160. Dimensions of Researches in Indian Anthropology; 2 Volumes / Sahay, Vijoy S.; Singh, Pradip K. & Bera, Gautam K.
161. Dimensions of Social Exclusion / Mani, A. & Ponniah, M.
162. Dimensions of Transformation in Tribal Societies with reference to Andhra Pradesh / Rao, P. Venkata
163. Disempowerment of Tribal Women: Perspectives on 73rd Constitutional Amendment / Banu, Zenab
164. Do the Poor Matter Enough? A Comparative Study of European Aid for Poverty Reduction in India / Cox, Aidan & et. al.
165. Documents on North East India: An Exhaustive Survey; 11 Volumes / Sharma, S.K. & Sharma, Usha
166. Doyens of Indian Anthropology, 2 Parts / Sarkar, Amitabha & Dasgupta, Samira
167. Dynamics and Dimensions of Tribal Societies: Regional and Indian Perspective / Sahay, K.N.
168. Dynamics of Family and Kinship / Raja Reddy, K.
169. Dynamics of Identity and Intergroup Relations in North-East India / Aggarwal, Kailash S. (Ed.)
170. Dynamics of Power Relations in Tribal Societies of North-East India / Ray, Basudeb Dutta & Ray, Asok Kumar (Eds.)
171. Dynamics of Sustainable Rural Development / Reddy, G. Raghava & Subrahmanyam, P.
172. Dynamics of Tribal Development / Mehta, Basant & et. al.
173. Dynamics of Tribal Economy / Singh, Awadhesh Kumar (Dr.)
174. Dynamics of Tribal Village in Arunachal Pradesh: Emerging Realities / Mibang, Tamo & Behera, M.C.
175. Dynamics of Tribals Development: Issues and Challenges / Narayan, Sachindra
176. Early Man in Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh / Sharma, A.K.
177. Eco-Conservation for Tribal Development / Panda, Ram Prasad
178. Ecology and Rituals in Tribal Areas / Debnath, Debashis
179. Ecology, Culture and Health: A Primitive Tribe / Misra, Pramod
180. Ecology, Culture, and Change: Tribal of Sikkim (Himalayas) / Bhasin, Veena
181. Economic Anthropology / Tyagi, Darshna
182. Economic Life of Nomads in India / Thomas, A.T.
183. Edible Forest Foods of Tribal in South India / Rajyalakshmi, P.
184. Educating Tribals / Ananda, G.
185. Educating Tribals in India: A Study of Ashram Schools / Nagi, B.S.
186. Education for Modernising Tribals: With Special Reference to Andaman and Nicobar Islands / Rath, Nirupama
187. Education in Tribal India: A Study of West Bengal / Duary, Nabakumar
188. Education of the Tribal Children: Constraints and Strategies / Devi, D. Uma & Reddy, P. Adinaryana
189. Education of Tribal Women: A Comparative Study / Reddy, P. Adinarayana
190. Educational Performance of Scheduled Castes / Kanjaram, Ramaiah
191. Elementary Education in Tribal India / Mohanty, R.P. & Biswal, D.N.
192. Emergent Women: Mizo Women's Perspectives / Aleaz, Bonita
193. Emerging Pattern of Tribal Leadership in Arunachal Pradesh / Karlo, Rejir
194. Emerging Religious Identities of Arunachal Pradesh: A Study of Nyishi Tribe / Rikam, Nabam Tadar
195. An Empirical Study of Education of Tribals / Panda, Subhash Chandra
196. Empowerment of Schedules Castes / Naidu, R. Vijaya Krishna
197. Encyclopaedia Mundarica; 16 Volumes / Hoffman, John & et. al.
198. Encyclopaedia of Anthropology; 5 Volumes / Prasad, Gauri Shankar & Singh, Hrithesh K.
199. Encyclopaedia of Anthropology; 7 Volumes / Maini, Darshan Singh (Ed.)
200. Encyclopaedia of Anthropology; 9 Volumes / Tyagi, Darshna
201. Encyclopaedia of Backward Castes; 3 Volumes / Yadav, Neelam
202. Encyclopaedia of Backward Castes; 4 Volumes / Mathur, M.L.
203. Encyclopaedia of Dalits; 7 Volumes / Veer, Udai & Singh, Bharat
204. The Encyclopaedia of Dravidian Tribes; 3 Volumes / Menon, T. Madhava (Ed.)
205. Encyclopaedia of Ethnology: Types of Mankind; 3 Volumes / Nott, J.C. & Giddon, Geo. R.
206. Encyclopaedia of Faiths and Folklore: National Beliefs, Superstitions and Popular Customs, Past and Current, with Their Classical and Foreign Analogues, Described and Illustrated; 2 Volumes / Hazlitt, W. Carew
207. Encyclopaedia of Feminist Theory; 4 Volumes / Channa, S. (Ed.)
208. An Encyclopaedia of Human Races: All Over the World; 7 Volumes / Hammerton, J.A. (Ed.)
209. The Encyclopaedia of Humanities: Comprising Complete and Accurate Definitions of All Terms Employed in Literature, Philosophy, Mythology, Paintings, Music, Sculpture, Architecture, and All Kindred Arts; 4 Volumes / Ripley, G. & Talyor, B.
210. Encyclopaedia of India by Various Scholars; 32 Volumes
211. Encyclopaedia of Indian History: Land, People, Culture and Civilization; 30 Volumes / Saxena, Anil (Dr.)
212. Encyclopaedia of Indian Tribal Culture and Folklore Traditions; 18 Volumes / Prasad, Ravi Shanker & Sinha, Pramod Kumar
213. Encyclopaedia of Indian Tribals / Tiwari, S.K.
214. Encyclopaedia of Indian Tribes and Castes: Arranged Alphabetically Over 11,000 Entries Including India, Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Sikkim, and Bangladesh; 23 Volumes / Burman, B.K. Roy; Misra, K.K.; Choudhuri, Buddhadeb & Channa, Subhadra (Eds.)
215. Encyclopaedia of Indian Tribes; 12 Volumes / Shashi, S.S.
216. Encyclopaedia of Land and Peoples of Hills; 2 Volumes / Newall, D.J.F. (Maj. Gen.)
217. Encyclopaedia of North-East India; 3 Volumes / Raatan, T.
218. Encyclopaedia of North-East India; 5 Volumes / Prakash, Ved (Col.)
219. Encyclopaedia of North-East India; 7 Volumes / Husain, Majid (Gen. Ed.)
220. Encyclopaedia of North-East India; 8 Volumes / Bareh, H.M. (Ed.)
221. Encyclopaedia of Primitive Tribes in India; 2 Volumes / Mohanty, P.K.
222. Encyclopaedia of Scheduled Castes in India; 5 Volumes / Nandu Ram (Prof.)
223. Encyclopaedia of Scheduled Tribes in India; 5 Volumes / Mohanty, P.K.
224. Encyclopaedia of Scheduled Tribes in Jharkhand / Minz, Daiwakar
225. Encyclopaedia of South Asian Tribes; 10 Volumes / Kumar, Satinder (Ed.)
226. Encyclopaedia of Survey of Tribals; 11 Volumes / Nulkar, Vinay Kumar & Muthumani, M.K.
227. Encyclopaedia of the South-East Asian Ethnography; 2 Volumes / Bisht, N.S. & Bankoti, T.S. (Eds.)
228. Encyclopaedia of World Tribes / Panigrahi, S. K.
229. Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Anthropology
230. Encyclopaedic Ethnography of Middle-East and Central Asia; 3 Volumes / Khanam, R. (Ed.)
231. Encyclopaedic Ethnography of the Himalayan Tribes; 4 Volumes / Bisht, N.S. & Bankoti, T.S. (Eds.)
232. Encyclopaedic Profile of Indian Tribes; 4 Volumes / Sachchidananda & Prasad, R.R. (Eds.)
233. Encyclopedia of Schedule Tribes of Jharkhand / Menz, Diwakar & Hansda, Delo Mai
234. Environment and Tribes in India: Resource Conflicts and Adaptations / Menon, Vineetha (Ed.)
235. Environmental Anthropology / Sharma, Madhu Bala; Kaul, Vinod & Das, Jagadish Chandra
236. Eradication of Caste and Birth of New Humanity / Prasad, D.M. Ravi & Badru, G.
237. Essential Forest Produce in Orissa / Patnaik, Nityananda
238. Ethnic Diversities in India / Rizvi, S.H.M. & et. al.
239. Ethnic History of the Shans / Colquhon, A.R.
240. Ethnic Issues Secularism and Conflict Resolution in North East India / Deb, Bimal J. (Ed.)
241. Ethnic Movement in Transition: Ideology and Culture in a Changing Society / Palanithurai, G. & et. al. (Eds.)
242. Ethnicity and Identity: An Anthropological Viewpoint / Channa, S.M. (Ed.)
243. Ethnicity in Manipur: Experience, Issues and Perspectives / Zehol, Lucy (Dr.)
244. Ethnobotanical Wisdom of Gaddi Tribes in Western Himalaya / Singh, K.K. & Kumar, K.
245. Ethnobotany of Aborigines of Andaman-Nicobar Islands / Dagar, Jagdish Chander & Dagar, Harpal Singh
246. Ethnobotany of Cold Desert Tribes of Lahoul Spiti: New Himalaya / Sood, S.K. & et. al.
247. Ethno-ecology of Indian Tribes / Sarkar, A.
248. Ethnographic Atlas of Indian Tribes / Mehta, Prakash Chandra (Ed.)
249. Ethnographic Survey in South India / Thurston, Edgar
250. Ethnography and Personhood: Notes from the Field / Meister, M.W. (Ed.)
251. Ethnography of a Denotified Tribe / Burman, J.J. Roy
252. Ethnography of a Tribe / Bisht, B.S.
253. Ethno-Medico Botany of Arunachal Pradesh: Nishi and Apatini Tribes / Rawat, M.S. & Choudhary, S.
254. Ethno-Ornithology of Lepshas of Sikkim / Jha, Vanya & Jha, Ajeya
255. Exploitation and Atrocities on the Dalits in India / Mishra, Narayan
256. Exploitation of Child Labour in Tribal India / Tripathi, S.N.
257. Explorations in Anthropology: P.K. Bhowmick and His Collaborative Research Works / Pramanick, Swapan Kumar & Manna, Samita (Eds.)
258. The Fair Sex in Tribal Cultures: Problems and Development / Manna, Samita (Dr.)
259. Fairs and Festivals of Indian Tribes / Tribhuwan, Robin N.
260. Faith Healers in the Himalaya: An Investigation of Traditional Healers and their Festivals in Dholaka District of Nepal / Miller, Casper J.
261. Fertility and Family Planning in Primitive Tribes / Pandey, G.D.
262. Financing in Tribal Economy in India / Naidu, P.R.
263. Five Decades of Planning and Tribal Development: A Study with Reference / Ahmed, M. Sakil
264. Folk Tales of The Adis / Tyeng, Obang
265. Folklore and its Motifs in Tribal Literature / Jadav, Kishore (Dr.)
266. Folklore of the Santal Parganas / Bompas, Cecil Henry (Tr.)
267. A Forest Tribe of Borneo / Gonner, Christian
268. Frontiers of Anthropology / Mandal, Debabrata & et. al.
269. Frontiers of Social Anthropology / Dasgupta, Samira & et. al.
270. Garo (Achik) Tribe of Meghalaya / Rizvi, S.H.M. & Roy, Shibani
271. The Garo Tribal Religion: Beliefs and Practices / Marak, Paulinus R.
272. Gender, Land and Land Rights: Tribes and Caste Hindus / Acharya, P.K. & Mohanty, R.P.
273. Genesis of Indigenous Chakma Buddhists and Their Pulverization Worldwide / Talukdar, S.P.
274. Glimpses of Tribal and Folk Culture / Pasayat, Chitrasen
275. Glimpses on Tribal Development / Tripathi, S.N.
276. Global Encyclopaedia of the West Indian Dalit's Ethnography / Das, K.C. (Ed.)
277. Global Perception of Tribal Research in India / Patel, M.L. (Ed.)
278. Globalisation Tribals and Gender / Padma, K.
279. A Glossary of the Tribes and Castes of the Punjab and North West Frontier Province; 3 Volumes / Rose, H.A.
280. Growth and Rural Transformation: A Comparative study of the Republic of Korea and India / Rao, R.M. Mohan
281. The Gujjar Tribe of Jammu and Kashmir / Rahi, Javaid (Dr.)
282. Handbook of Indian Gerontology / Ramamurti, P.V. & Jamuna, D.
283. Health and the Supernatural: Disease and Cure in Tribal Societies / Channa, S.M. (Ed.)
284. Health Care Practices Among the AO Nagas: Socio-Cultural Study of Nagaland / Boruah, Pranjal
285. Health of Primitive Tribes / Tribhuwan, Robin D.
286. Health Studies in Anthropology / Sharma, A.N.
287. Hidden Tribes of India / Tiziana, Gianni Baldizzone
288. The Hill Bhuiyas of Orissa with Comparative Notes on the Plains Bhuiyas / Roy, Sarat Chandra
289. Hill Korwas of Chhattisgarh: A Study of Tribal Economy / Rizvi, B.R. (Dr.)
290. The Hill of Flutes: Life, Love and Poetry in Tribal India: A Portrait of the Santals / Archer, W.G.
291. Himachal Pradesh: Now and Then / Verma, V.
292. Hindu Tribes and Castes; 3 Volumes / Sherring, M.A.
293. Hindus and Tribes: Quest for Co-Existence / Dash, G.N.
294. History and Ethnic Identity Formation in North-East India / Hluna, John V.
295. History and Ethnology of an Indian Upland / Birt, F.B. Bradley
296. History and Historiography of Arunachal Pradesh / Dutta, S.
297. History of Anthropology / Haddon, Alfred C.
298. History of Dalits / Rajawat, Mamta (Ed.)
299. The History of Mankind; 3 Volumes / Ratzel, F.
300. A History of Modern Manipur, 1826-2000: A Study of Feudalism, Colonialism and Democracy, 3 Volumes / Kamei, Gangmumei

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