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Documents on North East India: An Exhaustive Survey; 11 Volumes / Sharma, S.K. & Sharma, Usha
Documents on North East India: An Exhaustive Survey; 11 Volumes
Sharma, S.K. & Sharma, Usha
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  Book ID : 1471
  ISBN-10 : 81-8324-086-0 / 8183240860
  ISBN-13 : 978-81-8324-086-4 / 9788183240864
  Place of Publication : Delhi
  Year of Publication : 2022
  Edition : (Reprint)
  Language : English
  xii+271p., xii+267p., xii+444p., xii+396p., xiv+418p., xii+272p., xii+163p., xiv+210p., xiv+446p., xiv+230p., xii+175p., Tables, Index, 23 cm. (First Edition pub. in 2006)


Vol.1: North-East India: A Bird's Eye View:
1. A Note on Garhgaon in 1663.
2. Treaty of Ghilajorighat, January 1663.
3. Inscription on Canon.
4. Forty Sempungs.
5. Agreement Between Rajah Poorunder Sing and the Honourable Company.
6. Petition from Chand Manick, Rajah of Moleem.
7. An Agreement with British Government and Singphoe Chiefs.
8. Nine Dooars on the Southern Frontier Zillah Kamroop.
9. Rights of the Assam Rajas.
10. An Agreement (2 Decemeber, 1843).
11. An Agreement (29 Maugh, 1250 B.E. -1844).
12. An Agreement (5 November, 1862).
13. Agreement Between Abor Communities and Government of Bengal -1862.
14. Statement regarding the Durbar of the Rebels by rajah of Cherra.
15. Letter of Dhurma Rajah to Governor Bahadoor.
16. Letter from Dhurma Rajah to the Lieutenant Governor.
17. Bor Abor tribes and the British Government -Agreement.
18. Inner Line Regulation of 1873.
19. Peace Treaty Signed by Medhi and Chandi.
20. Administration Rules -North East Frontier.
21. Administration Rules -Lakhimpur Frontier Tract.
22. Administration Rules -Sadiya Frontier Tract.
23. Jawaharlal Nehru and North-East.
24. Jawaharlal Nehru's speech at the Opening Session of Scheduled Tribes.
25. Committee on Setting up a University for the North-eastern region of India, 1963 -Report.
26. The North-Eastern Areas (Reorganisation) Act, 1971.
27. Committee on Rural Electrification ir, Eastern States, 1974 -report.
28. Working Group to Study the Problems of Bank credit in the North-Eastern Region, 1976 -Report.
29. National Committee on the development of backward Areas, 1978 -report on Development of North-Eastern region 30 November, 1978 -12 November, 1981.
30. Working of Militant groups in North-east India -State Wise.
31. North-East and Twentyfirst century.
32. North-East India -A Demographic Comparison with Other States/Union Territories.

Vol.2: Arunachal Pradesh:
1. Act No. XIV of 1874.
2. Regulation 2 of 1880.
3. Terms of Peace Imposed on the chief Offending Villages of the Minyang Abors -1912.
4. Rules for the Administration of Justice n the Dibrugarh Frontier Tract.
5. Rules for the Administration of Justice in the Lakhimpur Frontier Tract.
6. Regulation 3 of 1914.
7. Notification No. 4956P, Dated the 18 August, 1916.
8. Government of India Act, 1915, as Amended by Government of India Act, 1919.
9. Government of India Act, 1935.
10. The Government of India (Excluded and Partially Excluded Area) Order, 1936.
11. Regulation 1 of 1943.
12. Regulation 1 of 1944.
13. Regulation 1 of 1945.
14. The India (provisional Constitution) order, 1947.
15. Regulation 1 of 1948.
16. 43 of 1950 Representation of the People Act, 1950.
17. Notification No. TAD/R/35/5o/109, dated the 23 february, 1951.
18. Jawaharlal Nehru and North East Frontier Agency.
19. Regulation No. 1 of 1954.
20. Lingua Franca of the People.
21. Regulation No. 7 of 1965.
22. Study team on Tribal development Programmes, 1966 -Report on North East Frontier Agency.
23. Administrative reforms Commission, Study team on Administration of Union Territories and NFFA, 1967 -Report.
24. Regulation 3 of 1967.
25. The State of Arunachal Pradesh Act, 1986.
26. The Constitution (Fifty-Fifth Amendment) Act, 1986.
27. Report of the Women's Independent Enquiry Committee on the New Kamlow Religious Immolation case, Aug. 1996.
28. Report of the Women's Independent Enquiry Committee on the Russa Army Atrocities and rapes Case.
29. Distribution of Population by religion and their Percentage to Total Population at India/State/Union Territory Level as per 1991 census.

Vol.3: Assam (1664-1935):
1. Diplomatic Correspondences.
2. Opening of Free Trade with Assam.
3. Commercial treaty Concluded by captain Welsh with Gaurinath Singh (28 February, 1793).
4. Welsh's report on Assam, 1794.
5. Treaty Concluded between David Scott and rajah Govind Chunder Narayan.
6. Treaty Concluded Between David Scott and Rajah Govind Chunder narayan.
7. Translation of an Agreement in the Assmese Language Executed to the British Government by the Singphoe Chiefs, 1826.
8. Translation of Kuboolyut of Suddeya Khowah Gohain, 1826.
9. To S.C. 12 march, 1830.
10. East India Company's Treaty with Poorunder Singh, Raja of Assam, 1833.
11. Proceedings of the Government relating to the Currency of Assam.
12. Treaty made with Tooleeram Senaputtee.
13. Annexation of Assam.
14. Progress in Assam.
15. An Agreement on the 29th maug B.E, -1844.
16. An Agreement entered into by the Tagi Rajah of the Aka Purbat, dated 26th Maug 1250 B.E. -1844.
17. Extracts from a Petition Presented in person to A.G. Moffat Mills, Judge of the Sudder Court.
18. Statement of case Tried Under Act XIV of 1857.
19. True Copies of Letters.
20. Agreement between the British Government and the Meyong Abors, 1862.
21. J. Elwin's report on selloah Tea garden.
22. Assam Secretariat.
23. The Assam Association Meeting.
24. Note by bau Kamini Kumar Chanda.
25. From "Notes on the Sylhetee Dialect" by Benudhar Rajkhowa, Maulavibazar (Sylhet), 1913.
26. Witness of the Assam Association.
27. Report of the Assam Opium Enquiry Committee -1924.
28. The Assam Legislative Council -1924.
29. The Assam Legislative Council -1925.
30. The Assam Legislative Council -1926.
31. Forty-First Session of the Indian national Congress Gauhati -26-28 December, 1926.
32. Second Session of the All -India Volunteers' Conference Gauhati -27 December, 1926.
33. The All-India Political Sufferers' Conference Gauhati -27 December 1926.
34. Special session of the All-India Hindu Mahasabha Gauhati -28 December, 1926.
35. The Assam Legislative Council -1927.
36. The Assam Legislative Council -1928.
37. The Assam Legislative Council -1929.
38. The Assam Legislative Council -1929.
39. List of memoranda Submitted to the India Statutory omission by Associations in Assam.
40. The Assam legislative Council -1931.
41. The Assam Legislative Council -1932.
42. The Assam Legislative Council -1933.
43. The Assam Legislative Council -1934.
44. The Assam Legislative Council -1935.
45. The Assam Legislative Council -1936.
46. The Assam Legislative Council -1937.
47. The Assam Legislative Council -1938.
48. The Assam Legislative Council -1939.
49. The Assam depressed Classes Conference -1935.
50. The Assam Hindu Conference -1935.

Vol.4: Assam (1936-1957):
1. The Assam Legislative Council -1936.
2. The Assam Legislative Council -1936.
3. The Assam Provincial Political Conference -1936.
4. Rules for the Administration of Justice in the Balipara Frontier Tract.
5. The Assam Legislature -1937.
6. Jawaharlal Nehru and Assam Affairs.
7. The Assam Educational Conference -1940.
8. The Assam legislative Assembly -1940.
9. The Assam educational Conference -1940.
10. The Assam Legislative -1940.
11. The Assam legislative Assembly -1941.
12. The Assam Hindu Sabha Conference -1941.
13. The Assam Legislative Assembly -1941.
14. The Assam Legislative Assembly -1943.
15. The Assam Muslim League Conference -1945.
16. The Government of Assam.
17. The Assam Legislative Assembly -1945.
18. Regulation I of 1945 -The Assam Frontier (Administration of Justice) regulation, 1945.
19. A Note on Assam's Stand via a Vis British Government Statement of 6 December, 1946.
20. gandhi's Advice to Assam on Grouping.
21. North-east Frontier (Assam) Tribal and Excluded Areas Sub-Committee, 1947 -Report.
22. Jawaharlal Nehru and Administration of Assam.
23. Jawaharlal Nehru and Rni Gaidiliu.
24. The Immigrants (Expulsion from Assam) Act, 1950 (ACT X of 1950).
25. The First revolution of Assam Sahitya sabha on Assam's Official Language, 11-12 March, 1950.
26. Cachar Plantation Enquiry Committee, 1950 -Report.
27. Jawaharlal Nehru and State Matters -Assam.
28. The 12th August, 1950.
29. Jawaharlal Nehru and the earthquake in Assam.
30. Jawaharlal Nehru and Administration of Assam.
31. Jawaharlal Nehru and tribal.
32. The Assam maintenance of Public Order.
33. Jawaharlal Nehru and tribal affairs.
34. Laws relating to Foreigners.
35. Jawaharlal Nehru on Assam Oil Company.

Vol.5: Assam (1958 to Modern Times):
1. Indian National Congress (Sixty-Third session).
2. The Armed Forces (Assam & Manipur) Special Powers Act, 1958.
3. The Assam Official language Act, 1960 (As Amended upto 10 November, 1967).
4. The Shastri Formula and the Roy Recipe.
5. Report of delegation of Members of Parliament to Assam, 8 August, 1960.
6. Resolution of the Twenty-Eighth Annual Conference of Assam Sahitya sabha, 29 October, 1960.
7. Assam Sahitya Sabha's Memorandum to the Union Home Minister, 4 June, 1961.
8. Resolutions of the Executive Committee, Asam sahitya sabha, 24-25 June, 1961.
9. Asam sahitya sabha's Memorandum to the Union Home Minister, 29 June, 1961.
10. Influx.
11. Policy Instruction.
12. Top secret Intelligence Bureau (Ministry of Home Affairs) Illegal *Immigration of Pakistanis into Assam.
13. Commission on the Hill Areas of Assam, 1965-66 -Report.
14. Study Team on tribal development Programmes, 1966 -report on Assam.
15. The recoganisation of Assam -Federation or Clean-cut-Separate State.
16. Situation in Assam, Nagaland and manipur.
17. Agitations Hamper Progress.
18. Population by Language in Different Districts of Assam (1911-1971).
19. Shillong Agreements.
20. Agreement reached with Representatives of the UG at Shillong on 5 January, 1976.
21. PLP's Document No. 3, October 1978.
22. Governmentakl Crisis in Assam -CPI (M) Stand.
23. Polit Bureau Statement on Assam.
24. Situation in Assam.
25. Central Committee resolution on Assam.
26. Demonstration in Bengal Over the Situation in Assam.
27. CPI (M) Polit Bureau Statement on Assam.
28. Agitation Hurts People.
29. Polit in Assam.
30. Polit Bureau on Assam.
31. Election Bureau on Assam.
32. Election in Assam.
33. Varma Formula of 2 September, 1982.
34. Secret.
35. Press hand-Out by U.M.F. Assam.
36. Central Committee resolution on Assam.
37. The Illegal Migrants (Determination by Tribunals) Act, 1983 (Act No. 39 of 1983).
38. Resolutions of the Convention of the Minority Coordination Committee.
39. Problem of Foreigners in Assam.
40. Central Committee resolution on Assam Accord.
41. Minutes of Joint Action Committee of Assam Nepali Organization, held on 9 September, 1985.
42. Memorandum of the Joint Action Committee of Assam Nepali Organisations.
43. Assam Accord Statement of Objects and reasons.
44. Central Committee resolution on Assam Situation.
45. Resolutions of the Meetings of Different tribal Organisations of Assam.
46. One Year of Assam Accord -Implementation in Progress.
47. Language Policy Ultimatum.
48. Assam Proposal on Migrant Act.
49. 14-Point Socio-Economic Programme (April 1987).
50. On Dismissal of State Government in Assam.
51. United Liberation front of Asom (ULFA).
52. Polit Bureau on Assam Situation.
53. Distribution of Population by Religion and their Percentage to Total Population at India/State/Union Territory level.
as per 1991 Census.
54. Roll of Honour.

Vol.6: Manipur:
1. Anglo -Manipuri Mutual Defence Treaty of 14 September, 1762.
2. Treaty of Yandaboo, 24 February, 1826.
3. Anglo-Manipuri Treaty of 1833.
4. Agreement regarding the Kubo (Kabaw) Valley , 1934.
5. Agreement Regarding Compensation for Kubo (Kawab) valley, 1834.
6. Muneepcor.
7. Distrubances at Manipur.
8. A report on 1891 March Disturbance.
9. Comments on Regent's telegram to Ciceroy.
10. Proclamation.
11. Memorandum of Arguments on behalf of Kula Chandra Singh and Tikendrajit Bir Singh.
12. Extracts from Debate in British Parliament on Manipur (June 1891, Hansard).
13. Government of India's Resolution of Manipur (21 August, 1891).
14. Assam Secretariat Foreign -A No. 384 Progs., September, 1891.
15. Regnant of Manipur State.
16. Rules for the management of the State of Manipur for the management of the Satte of manipur (Eforced on 14 September, 1935).
17. Jawaharlal Nehru and Manipur.
18. Manipur State Constitution Act, 1947.
19. Salient Extracts from the Manipur State Hill Peoples (Administrant) regulation, 1947.
20. Manipur State Courts Act, 1947.
21. Inauguration of the First Manipur State Assembly on 18 October, 1948.
22. The Manipur Merger Agreement.
23. Provisions Which were Part of the Original manipur merger Agreement, 1949 Ommitted in the Final Draft.
24. Vallabhbhai Patel and Manipur.
25. Punjab security of State Act, 1953.
26. Jawaharlal Nehru and Legislative Assemblies for Tripura and Manipur.
27. The Armed Forces (Assam and Manipur) Special Powers Act, 1958 No. 28 of 1958 (11 September, 1958).
28. Study team on tribal development Programmes 1966 -Report on Manipur.
29. Situation In Assam, Nagaland and Manipur.
30. The Manipur (Hill Areas) District Councils Acts, 1971.
31. Distribution of Population by religion and their Percentage to Total Population at India/State/Union Territory Level as per 1991 census.
32. Unscrupulous Manoeuvres in Manipur.
33. On Communal Violence in Manipur.
34. Rank Opportunism of Congress (I) in Manipur.
35. For a Democratic Society with a Participating Culture.

Vol.7: Meghalaya:
1. Extracts from Scott's report on the Garos, 20 August 1816.
2. Treaty with Rajah Ram Sigh of Jyntia, 1824.
3. Articles of Agreement Entered into by Mr. David Scott, Agent to the Governor-General, on Behalf of the Honorable Company and Terut Singh Siemlieh, called the White rajah, Chief of angkhlaw -1826.
4. Agreement with Dewan Sing, 1829.
5. Agreement with Chief of Byrung Poonjee, 1829.
6. Agreement with the Wahadadars of Cheyla Poonjee 1829.
7. Agreement with Rajah Soobha Sing, 1830.
8. Agreement with Ahdor Singh of Mowsunram Poonjee, 1831.
9. Recognize of Oophar of Bhawul Poonjee, 1832.
10. Agreement of Rujjum Singh of Nungklow, 1834.
11. Conditions Imposed Upon the rajah of Nungklow.
12. Agreement Given by Chand Manick to captain Francis Jenkins.
13. Early Trade of Khasis as recorded by Col. Lister in 1835.
14. Memorial of rajunder Singh, 1835.
15. Lease of Coal Hill at Cherra Poonjee, 1840.
16. Engagement with Rajah of Mahram, 1864.
17. Perwannah Issued to Oosep Sing, of Mahram in 1852.
18. Compromise with Goalpara zamindars.
19. Boundary between the Khasi and Garo Hills Districts.
20. Regulation 3 of 1884 -The assam Fronitier Tracts regulation, 1884.
21. Administration of the Garo Hills District.
22. Notification regarding Beckett's Boundary between Goalpara and garo Hills.
23. Towards Autonomy -The Bardoloi Sub -Committee's Findings.
24. Sixth Schedule of the Constitution (Text).
25. United Khasi Jaintia Hills Autonomous District (Administration of Justice) Rules, 1953.
26. Pataskar Commission's Findings.
27. CPI (M)'s Concern Over Meghalaya Situation.
28. Distribution of Population by religion and their Percentage to Total Population at India/State/Union Territory Level as per 1991 census.
29. Glossary of Garo terms.

Vol.8: Mizoram:
1. Col. Lyster's reports in 1853.
2. Views of Lord mayo, Viceroy of Indian on the Lushai Country in January 1871.
3. Field Force Order -Brigadier-General G. Bourchier.
4. Release and Orders Under Local regulations.
5. Lushai Expendition, 1871-72.
6. Rates of Lushai Tribute and Labour.
7. Letter from Rev. J. Herbert Lorrain, Missionary to the Lushais to Colonel T.H. Lewin dated 25 Aprail, 1899.
8. A relic of Ancestor Worship (Mitthirawplam).
9. Mizo dan Siamtu N.E. Parry I.C.S. Mizo ram Bawrsap, 1927.
10. N.E. Parry's Monograph on Lushai Customs and ceremonies.
11. Some Important Questions and their Answers.
12. Mizo union Thupuan.
13. List of Superintendents of the Lushai Hills District (Mizoram) During the Period between 1 April, 1898 -24 April, 1952.
14. Notification No. 2107 AP dated 9 March, 1933.
15. Imposition of Duties on the Chiefs Under the Government Notification.
16. List of First Lushai Hills District Council Memebers (1952-1957).
17. Memorandum Submitted to the Prime Minister of India by the Mizo National Front on 30 October, 1965.
18. Text of the MNF Declaration of Independence, 1 March, 1966.
19. Representation Submitted by the Mizo Union to the Prime Minister, 15 december, 1970.
20. Malsawma Colney's Letter to Lalnunmawia,.
21. L. Malsawma Colney's Letter to lalnunmawia, 5 April, 1973.
22. Merger of the Mizo union with Congress.
23. Excerpts from the Memorandum Submitted by the Human Rights Committee of Mizoram to the Prime Minister of India in 1974 on Civil Military relationship in Mizoram as seen by Brig T. Salio.
24. On repression in Nagaland and Mizoram.
25. Text of the February 1976 Agreement.
26. Excerpts from Brig, T. Salio's Opening Address as a Convener of the Convention of North-East Hill Areas regional Parties.
27. Brig. T. Sailo's Reaction to 'Quit Mizoram' Notice Issued by the Underground MNF to Non-Mizos in Mizoram.
28. Brig. T. Sailo's Speech on Freedom of religion Bill.
29. Laldenga's Speech as the chief MNF Negotiator for Peace.
30. Brig. T. Sailo's Letter to Prime Minister Mrs. India Gandhi on the problems of Chakma Influx in Mizoram, 14 June, 1982.
31. Agreement between the Congress (I) and the MNF.
32. Historic Political Accord of 1986 between the Government of India and the MNF.
33. Laldenga's Speech after the Signing of Mizo Accord -Excerpts.
34. The State of Mizoram Act, 1986.
35. Laldenga's Speech while he was an MNF -Congress (I) Coaliation Chief Minister -Excerpts.
36. English Translation of the tape recorded Speech of laldenga which was Sent by him from Delhi to Mizoram in the Third Week of April 1987 Through Hranddawla, general secretary, M.J.P.
37. Political Parties of Mizoram.
38. Minutes of the Meeting Taken by Home Minister, 6 February, 1994.
39. Message from deputy Commissioner, Silchar to the Chief Secretary, Govt. of Assam, 9 February, 1994.
40. Minutes of the Meeting Held Between Chief secretary, Assam and chief secretary, Mizoram, 15 february, 1994 at 9.00 A.M. at Guwahati.
41. Memorandum of settlement (Hmar People's Convention and the Government of Mizoram).
42. Family and Branches of the Lushai Clan.
43. Genelogical table of the Lushai Chiefs.
44. Dynastic table of the Pytoo Chief Lalchukla.
45. Pedigree of the Lushai Chiefs of Cachar Frontier.

Vol.9: Nagaland:
1. Mr. Hinde's march From Wokha to Kohima.
2. Colonel Johnstone's March from manipur to Kohima.
3. Treatise between Political Officer, captain Wlliamson and Angami Chiefs.
4. Order.
5. Rewards.
6. The Indian (Foreign Jurisdiction) order in Council, 1902.
7. Government of India Act, 1919.
8. Government of India Act, 1935.
9. Naga Memorandum to Simon Commission.
10. Statement of Jadonang Before the Political Agent of manipur on 23 march, 1931.
11. Curriculum for Primary Schools in the naga Hills.
12. Naga Hills.
13. Regulation III of 1946 the 16th October, 1946.
14. Notifications -1866-1947.
15. Nine-Point Understanding or the Hydari-Naga Agreement, 1947.
16. A letter From jail.
17. A Letter to the President of India.
18. Jawaharlal Nehru and Nagas.
19. The Naga Hills -Tuensang Area Act, 1957.
20. The Naga Hills -Tuensang Area Act, 1957.
21. The Naga Hills -Tuensang Area (Administration) regulation.
22. The Armed Forces (Special Powers Regulation, 1958 No. 2 of 1958.
23. Sixteen-Point Proposals.
24. Lok Sabha Debates.
25. The Nagaland (Transitional Provisions).
26. The Consittution (Thirteenth Amendment) Act, 1962.
27. Ministry of law (Legislative department).
28. Speech by Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, President of India.
29. Suspension of Operations Agreement.
30. Bilateral Agreement of Cease -Fire.
31. Peace Mission's Proposals.
32. Statement of Negotiations between Underground rani Gaidinliu Party & D.C. Kohima on 5-6 January, 1996.
33. Study team on tribal development Programmes, 1966 -Report on nagaland.
34. The 14 -Point Proposals of the naga Underground Memorandum Submitted to the prime Minister During their 4th Round of Peace Talks held on 27 and 29 October, 1966, in new Delhi.
35. Suisa's Proposal.
36. Tackling Hostile Nagas.
37. Situation in Assam, nagaland and manipur.
38. Decisions of the Joint Conference of Ceasefire.
39. The Yehzabo of Nagaland (Constitution of the federal Government).
40. Interim Agreement between the Government of Assam and nagaland regarding Maintenance of peace and Tranquility in the Geleki reserved Forest and Constitution of a Portion of Amguri-Tuli Road.
41. Interim Agreement Between the Governments of Assam and Nagaland regarding the Boundary Between Assam and Nagaland from teok River to Disal River.
42. Interim Agreement Between the Government of Assam and Nagaland regarding the Boundary Between Assam and Nagaland from Gorojan Stream to Kakadanga River.
43. Interim Agreement between the Governments of Assam ad Nagaland regarding the Boundary between Assam and Nagaland from Disoi River to Gorojan Stream and Form Kakadanga River to Doyang River.
44. Text of the White paper Issued by the Government of Nagaland, 31 August, 1972.
45. On re[ression in Nagaland and Mizoram.
46. Shillong Accors.
47. desai-Phizo Talk.
48. Minutes of the Meeting on 28 January, 1979.
49. Agreement Between the Home Minister, Chief Ministers of Assam and Nanagald and the Governor of Assam.
50. Manifesto of the national Socialist Council of Nagaland.
51. Record of the Meeting Held between the Chief Minister Nagaland at Raj Bhavan, Kohima, 24 June, 1981.
52. Statement of the National Socialist Council of Nagaland, 3 January, 1984.
53. Central Committee Condemns President's Rule in Nagaland.
54. Record of Discussions Held Between the Chief Ministers of Nagaland and Assam (16 April, 1993).
55. High level Constitution Meeting resolutions Held on 12 June, 1993.
56. Area Transferred out of Naga Territory to Assam and Now Claimed by the Nagas.
57. Speech of Mr. Isak Chisti Swu, Chairman, National Socialist Council of nagaland at Geneva, U.N. Conference on Indigenous Peoples, 27 July, 1993.
58. UN Working Group session on Indigenous Peoples, Geneva, August 1994.
59. 51st session of the united nations Commission on Human Rights.
60. United nations.
61. Office of the general secretary Unpresented nations and Peoples Organisation.
62. The European parliament.
63. Coordinator European Alloiance with Indigenous Peoples.
64. Cultural Survival Canada.
65. National Socialist Council of Nagalim Announcement of the Cease -Fire Agreement Between the Government of India and the national Socialist Council of Nagalim.
66. Agreed Ground Rules for Cease-Fire and Finalised between the Government of India and the national Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN) on 12 December, 1997.
67. Ban on NSCN: 1996.
68. CPI (M) Demands fresh Poll in Nagaland.
69. The Question of Nagaland State.
70. Third Ceasefire Ground Rules Between NSCN (K) and Indian Armed Forces: 2001.
71. Bangkok Agreement.
72. Declaration Adopted at the Launchi9ng Ceremony at Kohima on 20 December, 2001.

Vol.10: Sikkim:
1. Treaty of Titalia, 1817.
2. Copy of a Sunnud Granted to the rajah of Sikkim, dated 7 April, 1817.
3. Treaty Agreement Between Honourable Ashley Eden and Maharajah of Sikkim.
4. Khureeta to His Highness the Deb rajah Intimating the Annexation of Ambaree fallacottah (Dated Simla, 9 June, 1864).
5. Luchmidas Pradhan's Appeal to the Government of Bngal for Protection of His Holding Which he Received in 1867.
6. Deed of Lease of Land to Luchmidas and his family in 1874.
7. Convention between great Britain and china Relating to Sikkim abnd Tibet -1890.
8. Regulations Regarding Trade, Communication and pasturage (to be appended to the Sikkim-Tibet Convention of 1890-1893).
9. Two Diaries of Travel in 1875.
10. A Diary of Travel in the British Portion of Sikkim, between the 6 and May, 1875.
11. Letters Permitting the maharaja of Sikkim to Mint Coins (Dooba pice) in his Territory.
12. Some Old Documents.
13. Economic Documents on Sikkim.
14. Letters received from the Minister of the Grand lama, or Penchen Rimboochay, of Tashi Lunpo.
15. J.C. White's StatementReprenting Payment for the Education Expected from Private Sources in Sikkim.
16. The Laws of Sikkim and Marriage Customs.
17. Indo-Sikkim Treaty of 1950.
18. Press Note of the Ministry of External Affairs, 20 March, 1950.
19. Letters Exchanged between the Political Officer and the Maharaja of Sikkim Regarding Article II para (3) of the Indo-Sikkim Treaty of 1950.
20. Proclamation of His Highness Maharaja Tashi Namgyal Maharaja of Sikkim Dated 23rd day of March, 1953.
21. Sikkim, Bhutan and Indo-Tibetan Trade.
22. Alleged Chinese Propaganda About Bhutan and Sikkim.
23. Text of Statement on Sikkim.
24. Text of the Sikkim Agreement 8 May, 1973.
25. Text of Constitution (Thirty-Fifth Amendment) Bill, 1974.
26. Proceedings of the Sikkim Assembly 10 May, 1974.
27. Proceedings of the Sikkim Assembly Held at 9.45 p.m. Thursday, 20 June, 1974.
28. Proceedings of the Sikkim Assembly held at 7 p.m.
29. Proceedings of the Meeting of the Sikkim Assembly Held at 3.45 p.m. at the Assembly House on Wednesday, 3 Jul, 1974.
30. Sikkim.
31. Resolution on Sikkim.
32. CPI (M) Central Committee on Sikkim.
33. The Constitution (Thirty-Eight Amendment) Bill, 1975.
34. Sikkim -Administrative machinery.
35. State Laws of Sikkim.
36. Names of Places.
37. Monthly rainfall in Sikkim (mm).
38. Recommended High Yielding and Improved varieties of Seeds of Selected Crops in Sikkim for 1989-90.
39. Farms Established by the department of Agriculture, Government of Sikkim for the Purpose of Demonstration and seed Multiplication.
40. Physical Achievements and Targets in Animal Products and Animal Husbandry Programmes in Sikkim.
41. Distribution of Population by religion and their Percentage Total Population at India/State/Union Territory Level as Per 1991 Census.

Vol.11: Tripura:
1. Copy of an English Letter Addressed to the Governor General by Mr. R. Leeke, Resident of Tipperah.
2. Tripura -Miscellaneous Documents.
3. Sanad Granted to His Highness the Raja of ill Tippera -1904.
4. A Brief Statement of facts referred to in Tippera State Durbar's Representation.
5. Tripura -Miscellaeous Documents.
6. Copy of Letter No. F.B. 11-12/37 dated the 16th June, 1937 from the Under secretary to the resident for the eastern States, Ranchi, to the Minister tripura State, Agartala.
7. War Supplement to the Tripura State Gazette.
8. Jawaharlal Nehru Tripura.
9. Sardar Patel and Tripura.
10. Tripura Merger Agreement.
11. Jawaharlal Nehru on Legislative Assemblies for Tripura and Manipur.
12. Study team on tribal Development programmes, 1966 -Report on tripura.
13. Statehood for manipur and Tripura.
14. Polit Bureau Statement on Tripura.
15. On Autonomous District Council in Tripura.
16. On Tripura developments.
17. Resolution on tripura.
18. Polit Bureau greets Left front in Tripura.
19. On Attempt to Postpone tripura.
20. Polit Bureau on Tripura Elections.
21. Polit Bureau Denounces Slander by Tripura Home Minister.
22. Memorandum of Understanding with TNV.
23. Polit Bureau Succesful Tripura Bandh.
24. Gruesome massacre of CPI (M) Workers in tripura.
25. Polit Bureau Condemns Attacks in Tripura.
26. Terror Follows bandh in Tripura.
27. Polit Bureau Indicts Rigging in Tripura.
28. Polit Bureau on the Role of Election Commission in Tripura.
29. CPI (M) decides to Withdraw from tripura Elections.
30. Central Committee Appeal -Funds for Tripura.
31. Congress (I) -TUJS Government in Tripura Must Quit.
32. On Situation in Tripura.
33. Resolution on Tripura Elections.
34. Ensure free and fair Polls in Tripura.
35. On Postponement of Elections in Tripura.
36. On Jammu and Kashmir and tripura Situations.
37. CPI (M) Condemns Tripura Killings.
38. On Extremist design in tripura.
39. Surjeeet demands More Forces for Tripura to Tackle the Grim Situation in the State.

The Mahabharata is the Bible of some hundred millions of Hindus. It is a vast repository of their traditional Lore-religion, philosophy and legend. But its bulk and the scattered nature of its contents make it difficult of references. It has often been called a 'Jungle' of information. The present Analysis suppliers a much needed map of this jungle of information. The present Analysis supplies a much needed map of this jungle, and makes it easy to locate any incident, legend or doctrinal teaching of which one is in search. It should therefore be if great service to all who make use of the great Epic. Being a book of reference, it will be especially valuable in libraries.



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