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1. 100 Years of Agricultural Sciences in India / Singh, R.B. (Ed.)
2. 50 Years of Arid Zone Research in India / Rao, A.V.; Ojha, D.C. & Saxena, Anurag
3. 50 Years of Crops Science Research in India / Paroda, R.S. & Chadha, K.L. (Eds.)
4. Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Crop Plants: Breeding and Biotechnology / Roy, Bidhan & Basu, Asit Kumar
5. Academic Dictionary of Agricultural Science / Ghosh, Ajay Kumar
6. Administering District Plans in India: Issues, Constraints and Choices / Jana, Anil Kumar
7. Adoption and Impact of New Agricultural Technology on Tribal Agriculture / Pawde, B.B.; Bhise, V.B. & Takle, S.R.
8. Adoption of Farm Mechanization in a Developing Economy / Bhatia, Bhim Sen
9. Adoption of New Technology: Production, Efficiency and Agrarian Relations / Swami, Bhagaban
10. Advance Studies in Agriculture / Sharma, Renuka
11. Advanced Agriculture Technology / Diwan, Balram S.
12. Advanced Commercial Floriculture; 2 Volumes / Bhattacharjee, S.K. & De, Lakshman Chandran
13. Advanced Learner's Dictionary of Agriculture: A Team of Experts
14. Advances in Agricultural Biotechnology / Harikumar, V.S. (Ed.)
15. Advances in Agricultural Biotechnology / Sagar, Rama Nand /Bajpai ,
16. Advances in Agricultural Research in India: 1994-2003, (Bi-Annual Journal); Volumes 1-24 / Pundir, Y.P.S.; Sharma, R.D. & Singh, Dhan
17. Advances in Agriculture and Ecology / 'Bharti', Pawan Kr.; Chauhan, Avinash & Ikemefuna, Ezeaku Peter
18. Advances in Agriculture Environment and Health: Fruits, Vegetables, Animals and Biomedical Sciences / Singh, Shashi Bala; Chaurasia, O. P.; Yadav, Ashish; Agnes M. Rimando & Terrill, Thomas H. (Eds.)
19. Advances in Agroforestry / Jha, L.K.
20. Advances in Arid Horticulture / Sharma, Sohan (Dr.)
21. Advances in Food Processing Technology / Mangaraj, S. & Tripathi, M.K.
22. Advances in Horticulture and Forestry; Volume 8 and 9 / Singh, S.P. (Ed.)
23. Advances in Horticulture: Strategies, Production, Plant Protection and Value Addition / Sharma, V.K.
24. Advances in Horticulture: Trends and Techniques / Gupta, Ranjan K.
25. Advances in Integrated Pest and Disease Management in Horticultural Crops; 4 Volumes / Parvatha, Reddy P.
26. Advances in Life Sciences / Sinha, Rajeshwar P.; Sharma, Naveen K. & Rai, Ashwani K. (Eds.)
27. Advances in Plant Physiology: An International Treatise Series, 16 Volumes / Hemantaranjan, A. (Ed.)
28. Advances in Protected Cultivation / Singh, Brahma
29. Advances in Protecting Cultivation / Singh, Brahma
30. Advances in Seed Science and Technology; 5 Volumes / Vanangamudi, K.; Umarani, R.; Natarajan, N.; Bharathi, A.; Natarajan, K.; Saravanan, T.; Bhaskaran, M.; Natesan, P.; Malarkodi, K. & Srimathi, P. (Eds.)
31. Advances in Soil-Borne Plant Disease / Jenking, Rob & Jain, C.K.
32. Advances in Stress Physiology of Plants / Panda, S.K. (Ed.)
33. Advances in Tropical Meteorology: Meteorology and National Development / Datta, R.K. (Ed.)
34. Afforestation in Arid Zones / Kaul, R.N.
35. Agrarian Change and Peasant Unrest in Colonial India Orissa 1912-1939 / Sahoo, Rajib Lochan
36. Agrarian Change from Above and Below / Rao, K. Seetharama
37. Agrarian Economy of Ancient India / Chauhan, Gian Chand
38. Agrarian Relations and Peasant in Modern Andhra: A Study of Kalahasti Zamindari / Reddy, D. Subramanyam
39. Agrarian Structure and Tenancy Movement / Joshi, G.V.
40. Agrarian System of Medieval Assam / Gogai, Jahanbi, Nath (Dr.)
41. Agrarian Systen in Medieval India / Malik, Z.
42. Agribusiness and Extension Management / Hansra, B.S. & Vijayragavan, K. (Eds.)
43. Agri-Business and Rural Management, 9 Volumes / Ahmad, Rais
44. Agribusiness Management / Hegde, Parameshwar
45. Agri-Business: Marketing and Management / Choudhary, S.N.
46. Agricultural Acarology / Mishra, Shubhrata R.
47. Agricultural and Industrial Applications of Biotechnology / Gautam, Hema
48. Agricultural Applications of Microbiology / Rajvaidya, Neelima & Markandey, Dilip Kumar
49. Agricultural Banking in India / Dubey, Manish
50. Agricultural Biodiversity / Sharma, Renuka
51. Agricultural Biotechnology / Biswas, Probir Kanti
52. Agricultural Biotechnology / Gaur, V.K.
53. Agricultural Biotechnology / Kumar, Ashok
54. Agricultural Biotechnology / Kumar, H.D.
55. Agricultural Biotechnology / Lal, C. & Nasim, S.A.
56. Agricultural Biotechnology / Rawat, Hemant
57. Agricultural Biotechnology / Shagufta
58. Agricultural Biotechnology in the Developing World / FAO
59. Agricultural Biotechnology: An Analysis / Singh, Bimla
60. Agricultural Biotechnology: Country Case Studies: A Decade of Development / Persley, Gabrielle J. & Maclntyre, L. Reginald (Eds.)
61. Agricultural Botany / Agarwal, Kirti
62. Agricultural Chemistry / Gusau, W.L.
63. Agricultural Chemistry / Kashyap, Pooja
64. Agricultural Communication: Opportunities for Sustainable Agricultre and Rural Development / Singh, Vir; Kashyap, Shivendra Kumar & Papnai, Gaurav (Eds.)
65. Agricultural Cultivation: A Bibliographic Study / Want, M.A.
66. Agricultural Development and Environmental Degradation / Sohi, Rintu
67. Agricultural Development and World Trade Organisation / Narasaiah, M.L.
68. Agricultural Development in India / Kumar, Dhananjay
69. Agricultural Development in South Asia: A Comparative Study in the Green Revolution Experiences / Singh, Jasbir
70. Agricultural Development through Credit in India / Mishra, Rabindra Kumar
71. Agricultural Development: Status and Trends / Chandrasekhar, P.K.
72. Agricultural Diversification in India: Potentials and Prospects in Developed Region / Chand, Ramesh
73. Agricultural Drainage and Water Quality / Pandey, Anupam
74. Agricultural Drainage: Principles and Practices / Kadam, U. S,; Thoka, R. T.; Gorantiwar, Sunil D. & Powar, A. G.
75. Agricultural Ecology / Kumar, H.D.
76. Agricultural Ecology / Yadav, S.S.
77. Agricultural Economics / Dash, Mrutyunjay
78. Agricultural Economics / Singh, S.R.
79. Agricultural Education / Singh, U.K. & Nayak A.K.
80. Agricultural Education: The Occupational Aspirations / Rahim, Mohammad & Nataraju, M.S.
81. Agricultural Engineering / Sharma, Renuka
82. Agricultural Exports of India: Lessons from East Asia / Sachdev, Santosh
83. Agricultural Extension / Manoharan, P. Muthilah & Arunachalam, R.
84. Agricultural Extension: Impact and Assessment / Singh, A.K.
85. Agricultural Extension: Innovations and Dimensions / Kumar, Dileep & Singh, Khajan
86. Agricultural Extention Worldwide Innovations / Umrani, Ramesh & Jain, C.K.
87. Agricultural Financing and Rural Development / Mohanty, B.K.
88. Agricultural Geography / Chauhan, Dharmender Singh
89. Agricultural Geography / Raina, J.L.
90. Agricultural Geography: Marketing and Development / Siddiqui, Zeba
91. Agricultural Growth and Economic Stability / Ranjan, K.V.
92. Agricultural Growth and Regional Economic Development / Roy, Niranjan & et. al.
93. Agricultural History of Ancient India / Bajpai, Sandeep
94. Agricultural Input and Environment / Palaniappan, S.P.
95. Agricultural Land Use and Groundwater Resources / Kumari, Priti
96. Agricultural Marketing in Backward Regions / Hoda, Md. Minhajul
97. Agricultural Marketing in India: The Case of Regulated Agricultural Markets in Uttar Pradesh (1998-99) / Dixit, R.S.
98. Agricultural Marketing Management / Sharma, Premjit
99. Agricultural Modernisation and Agrucultural Development in India / Vasu, M.
100. Agricultural Modernisation in Eastern Himalayas / Behera, M.C.
101. Agricultural Nanotechnology: Nanotech Inventions in Agricultural Sciences and Their Technical Implications / Heller, Knut H. & Atkinson, Bill
102. Agricultural Planning / Reddy, Rajendra & Shankar, J.P. Abhay
103. Agricultural Policy and Crop Management / Singh, Richa
104. Agricultural Pollution / Reddy, Rajendra & Abhay Shankar, J.P.
105. Agricultural Produce and Management / Singh, Benu
106. Agricultural Production Economics: Analytical Methods and Applications / Palanisami, K.; Paramasivam, P. & Ranganathan, C.R.
107. Agricultural Production in India / Venkatesan, C. & Namasivayam, D.
108. Agricultural Productivity and Cooperative Credit / Jain, Mahesh K.
109. Agricultural Productivity and Regional Imbalances / Roy, Tanushree Chaudhuri
110. Agricultural Research and Extension Systems Worldwide: Study of Human and Financial Resources / Bahl, Ram
111. Agricultural Science: Gene Sequencing and Mapping / Sharma, Ramniwas (Ed.)
112. Agricultural Statistics in India / Bansil, P.C.
113. Agricultural Statistics in India / Chaddha, Asha
114. Agricultural Subsidies and their Economic Implications / Gupta, Rajesh Kumar
115. Agricultural Terminology / Singh, A.K. & Singh, N.P.
116. Agricultural Trade in South Asia: Potential and Policy Options / Paswan, Nawal K.
117. Agricultural Transformation in a Developing Economy / Kaushik, K.K.
118. Agriculture Administration in India / Vijayragavan, K.
119. Agriculture and Environment / Khan, M.A. & Zargar, M.Y.
120. Agriculture and Food / Shrivastava, A.K.
121. Agriculture and Food Economics / Mishra, Mridula
122. Agriculture and Food in India: A Half Century Review from Independence to Globalization / Landy, Frederic & Dorin, Bruno
123. Agriculture and Food Security / Kumar, Dalip & Raza, Asmi
124. Agriculture and Irrigation / Doyle, Kinsley D.
125. Agriculture and Rural Development / Mohanty, B. (Ed.)
126. Agriculture and Rural Development in India Since 1947 / Prasad, Chandra Shekhar (Dr.)
127. Agriculture and Rural Development: A Foretaste / Ahmed, Jaynal Ud-din (Ed.)
128. Agriculture and Rural Development: A Gandhian Perspective / Reddy, K. Venkata
129. Agriculture and Rural Economy / Sahoo, R.K. & Dash, G.
130. Agriculture and Sustainable Development in India / Prasad, Chandra Shekhar (Dr.)
131. Agriculture and the WTO: Creating a Trading System for Development / Ingco, Merlinda D. & Nash, John D. (Eds.)
132. Agriculture and Water Management / Dubey, Manish
133. Agriculture and Water Management / Saxena, Sandeep
134. Agriculture Credit and NABARD / Shandilya, T.K. & et. al.
135. Agriculture Development and Capital Relation: A Modern View / Khurana, Mahesh
136. Agriculture Economics / Diwan, Balram S.
137. Agriculture for Beginners / William, Burkett Charles; Stevens, Frank Lincolon & Hill, Daniel Harvey
138. Agriculture Genomes / Sharma, Renuka
139. Agriculture in India Policy and Performance / Rao, B. Sambasiva
140. Agriculture in the Era of Economic Reforms / Bagchi, K.K.
141. Agriculture Policy, Planning in India / Pravin, T. Raj & Philip, H.
142. Agriculture Research in India / Singh, Benu
143. Agriculture, Rural Banking and Micro Finance in India / Ahmad, Rais
144. Agri-Food Crops: Processing, Value Addition, Packaging and Storage / Kumar, R. Sasi & Sivakumar, P.S.
145. Agri-Horticultural Biodiversity of Temperate and Cold-Arid Regions / Zeerak, Nazeer Ahmed & Wani, Shafiq A.
146. Agrimatters / Chopra, S.
147. Agro and Industrial Biotechnology / Chakraborty, P.K.
148. Agro Based Plantation Cultivation and Farming Hand Book / Gupta, Sudhir
149. Agro Cottage Industry Sericultural / Hiware, Chandrashekhar Jalba
150. Agro Forestry: Indian Perspective / Jha, L.K. & Sarma, P.K. Sen
151. Agro-Animal Resources of Higher Himalayas / Dwivedi, Deepa H.; Dwivedi, Sanjai K. & Gupta, Sandhya (Eds.) (Drs.)
152. Agro-based Industries: Problem and Prospects / Joshi, G.V.
153. Agrobiodiversity: Status Trends and Prospects / Kumar, A Biju (Ed.)
154. Agrobiology: Essays on Problems of Genetics, Plant Breeding and Seed Growing / Lysenko, T.D.
155. Agrochemicals and Pest Management / Sathe, T.V.
156. Agro-Climatic Regional Planning in India; 2 Volumes / Basu, D.N. (Ed.)
157. Agroforestry in India / Tejwani, K.G.
158. Agroforestry: Natural Resource Sustainability, Livelihood and Climate Moderation / Chaturvedi, O.P.; Venkatesh, A.; Yadav, R.S.; Alam, Badre; Dwivedi, R.P.; Singh, Ramesh & Dhyani, S.K. (Eds.)
159. Agroforestry: Systems and Practices / Umrani, Ramesh & Jain, C.K.
160. Agro-Industries and Economic Development: A Vision for the 21st Century / Misra, B. with Kar, G.C. & Misra, S.N. (Eds.)
161. Agromicrobes / Jha, M.N. (Ed.)
162. Agronomy A to Z / Vishwakarma, A.K.; Brajendra & Gopal Kumar
163. Agro's Dictionary of Horticulture / Prasad, Surendra
164. Agrotechniques of High Altitude Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (Bilingual in English & Hindi) / Nautiyal, M.C. & Nautiyal, B.P.
165. Agrotechniques of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants / Agrawal, V.K. et. al.
166. Agro-Techniques of Medicinal Plants / Singh, Sadhana
167. Agrotechnology for Dryland Farming / Dhopte, Arvind M.
168. Agro-Technology Transfer Programme: An Assessment / Gupta, D. Das & et. al.
169. Algal Flora of Paddy Fields of Vidarbha Region Maharashtra / Cherian, K.J.
170. Alkali Land Reclamation / Tripathi, R.S.
171. Allelopathy in Crop Production / Narwal, Shamsher S.
172. Alternative Land Use Systems for Sustainable Production / Mittal, S.P. (Ed.)
173. Alternative Perspective on Livelihood, Agriculture and Air Pollution / Mukherjee, Neela
174. Alternatives to Chemical Pesticides in Pest Management / Gupta, H.C.L.; Kumar, Ashok; Ameta, O.P. & Jain, Sudhir (Eds.)
175. AN INDIAN EPHEMERIS (A.D.700 To 1799)( 6 Volume in 7 Part / L. D. Swami Kannu Pillai, Diwan Bahdur
176. Analysis of Milk and Its Products: A Lab Manual / Milk Industry Foundation
177. Analysis of Soil Physical Properties / Majumdar, S.P. & Singh, R.A.
178. Animal Husbandry / Kumar, Ashok
179. Animal Husbandry / Reddy, R. & Shankar, J.P.A.
180. Animal Husbandry / Singh, Gyan Deep
181. Animal Husbandry: Objective Fundamentals / Lal, Laxmi
182. Annam Brahma: Organic Food in India: Growing, Selling and Eating / Pathak, Anjali (Comp. & Ed.)
183. Annotated List of Indian Crop Pests / Fletcher, B.
184. Apple Farming and Livehoods in the Himalayas / Jindal, K.K.; Bawa, Rajan & Partap, Tej
185. Apple: Production and Value Chain Analysis / Nazeer, Ahmed; Wani, Shabir A. & Wani, W.M.
186. Application of Remote Sensing to Agricultural Field Trials / Clevers, J.G.P.W.
187. Applications of Biotechnology in Agriculture / Gaur, P.K.
188. Applied Agricultural Geography / Sharma, B.L.
189. Applied Agricultural Geography / Singh, Vaishali
190. Applied Agricultural Science / Singh, Arun Kumar
191. Applied Agroclimatology / Bishnoi, O.P.
192. Applied Genetics of Oilseed Crops / Ramanathan, T.
193. Applied Soil Ecology / Sharma, Premjit
194. Appropriate Technologies for North East India / Murty, U.S.N. (Ed.)
195. Aquaculture: Principles and Practices / Pillay, T. V. R.
196. Area, Production and Productivity of Horitculture Crops / Gangaiah, C.
197. Aromatic Plants / Skaria, Baby P. [et. al.]
198. At the Crossroads Essays and Reviews on Contemparary Developments in India / Chopra, S.
199. A-Z Paleontology / Prakash, Prashant
200. Azolla Biofertilizer for Sustainable Rice Production / Kannaiyan, S. & Kumar, K.
201. Baby Corn / Thavaprakaash, N.; Velayudham, K. & Muthukumar, V.B.
202. Bagavani Aur Mulya Vardhan (in Hindi) / Chaudhary, M.L. & Prasad, V.K.
203. Banking Sector Reforms and Agricultural Finance / Mishra, R.K.
204. Basic of Horticulture / Simson, Sharon Pastor & Straus, Martha C.
205. Basic Operations of Animal Husbandry / Tomar, Sandeep
206. Basic Research for Crop Disease Management / Vidyasekaran, P.
207. Beef Production / Cooper, M.M.
208. Beekeeping: A Guide to the Better Understanding of Bees / Carter, George A.
209. Bee-Keeping: A Practical and Scientific Treatise on Bee-Keeping / Phillips, E.F.
210. Betelvine: A Traditional Cash Crop of Rural India / Jana, B.L.
211. Big Dams Dilemma / Padaria, R.N.; Singh, R.P. & Singh, Y.P.
212. Big Dams: Claims, Counter Claims / Dhawan B.D. (Ed.)
213. Big Farmers of Punjab: Social-Economic Profile, Cropping Pattern, Consumption and Investment Pattern, Political Affiliation, Career Plan of Young Generation / Chanian, Jasvir Singh
214. Bihar Agriculture: A Perspective Study / Bansil, P.C.
215. Bioanalysis and Biosensors in Agriculture Science / Bansal, P.B.
216. Biodiversity and Food Security / Kumar, Shashi
217. Biodiversity and Vegetation of Pachmarhi Hills / Singh, V.P. & Kaul, Ashok
218. Biodiversity in Horticultural Crops; 6 Volumes / Peter, K.V. & Z. Abraham (Eds.)
219. Biodynamic Agriculture / Sandhu, S.S.
220. Biofertilizer Technology / Kannaiyan, S.; Kumar, K. & Govindarajan, K.
221. Biofertilizer Technology / Shagufta
222. Biofertilizers and Organic Farming / Panda, Himadri & Hota, Dharamvir
223. Biofertilizers in Sustainable Agriculture / Gaur, A.C.
224. Bioinoculants for Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry / Reddy, S.M.; Reddy, S. Ram; Singarachary, M.A. & Girisham, S. (Eds.)
225. Biology and Cultivation of Edible Mushrooms / Kaul, T. N. & Dhar, B. L.
226. Biology of Enchytraeidae (Oligochaeta) / Dash, M.C.
227. Biomass & Cell Culturing Techniques / Sharma, Ramniwas
228. Bioseparation Process in Foods / Bansal, P.B.
229. Biotechnological and Biorational Approaches for Pest and Disease Management / Kalita, Homeswar; Rahman, H.; Koshore, Kundan & Chatlod, L.R.
230. Biotechnological Approaches for the Integrated Management of Crop Diseases / Mayee, C.D.; Manoharachary, C.; Tilak, K.V.B.R.; Mukadam, D.S. & Deshpande, Jayashree (Eds.)
231. Biotechnological Approaches in Soil Microorganisms for Sustainable Crop Production / Dadarwal, K.R. (Ed.)
232. Biotechnology and its Applications in Agricultural Science / Bansal, P.B.
233. Biotechnology in Agriculture / Sharma, Ram Niwas
234. Biotechnology in Agriculture and Environment / Arora, J.K.; Marwaha, S.S. & Grover, R. (Eds.)
235. Biotechnology in Animal Husbandry / Renaville, R. & Burny, A.
236. Biotechnology in Sustainable and Organic Farming: Scope and Potential / Yadav, A.K.; Raychaudhuri, S. & Talukdar, N.C. (Eds.)
237. Biotechnology of Horticultural Crops; 3 Volumes / Parthasarthy, V.A.; Bose, T.K.; Das, P.; Mohandas, S.; Mitra, S.K. & Deka, P.C. (Eds.)
238. Biotech's Dictionary of Agriculture Engineering / Arora, Dinesh (Ed.)
239. Biotech's Dictionary of Agronomy / Jain, J.B. & Jain, Sumit (Eds.)
240. Biotech's Dictionary of Animal Husbandry / Arora, Dinesh (Ed.)
241. Biotech's Dictionary of Dairy Science / Arora, Dinesh (Ed.)
242. Biotech's Dictionary of Horticulture / Arora, Dinesh (Comp. & Ed.)
243. Botany of Horticultural Crops / Ponnuswami, V; Padmadevi, S. & Kumar, Muthu S.
244. Brassica Crops and Allied Cruciferous Crops / Oldham, Chas H.
245. Breeding Crop Plants / Hayes, H.K. & Garber, R.J.
246. Breeding Field Crops / Sleper, David Allen & Poehlman, J.M.
247. Breeding of Horticultural Crops: Principles and Practices / Raman, Radha
248. Breeding of Horticultural Crops: Principles and Practices (3rd Revised & Enlarged Edition) [As per Revised ICAR Syllabus] / Kumar, N.
249. Breeding of Vegetable Crops / Ramachandra, R.K.
250. Breeding Technology of Crop Plants / Sharma, A.K. (Ed.)
251. Breeding, Biotechnology and Seed Production of Field Crops / Roy, Bidhan, Basu, Asit K. & Mandal, Asit B.
252. Buffalo Production / Bhat, P.N.
253. Capital Formation and Entrepreneurship in Indian Agriculture / Ghosh, A.
254. A Case Study on Indian Agriculture / Dubey, Mahish
255. Cenchrus Ciliaris L.: A Potential Pasture Species / Sharma, N.K.
256. Cereals and Millets: Genome Mapping and Molecular Breeding in Plants / Kole, Chittaranjan
257. Challenging Problems in Horticultural and Forest Pathology / Sharma, R.C. & Sharma, J.N. (Eds.)
258. Changing Agricultural Scenario in North East India / Deb, Bimal J. & Ray, B. Datta (Eds.)
259. Changing Patterns of Agricultural Landuse / Kaur, D.
260. Changing Scenario of Indian Agriculture / Gill, Khem Singh; Dhaliwal, G.S. & Hansra, B.S. (Eds.)
261. The Chemistry of Pesticides: Their Metabolism, Mode of Action and Uses in Crop Protection / Hassall, K.A.
262. Citrus Classification / Woodford, R.C.
263. Citrus: Climate and Soil / Srivastava, A.K. & Singh, Shyam
264. Climate Change and Agricultural Food Production: Impacts, Vulnerabilities and Remedies / Kibria, Golam; Haroon, A.K. Yousuf & Nugegoda, Dayanthi
265. Climate Change and Agriculture / 'Bharti', Pawan Kumar & Chauhan, Avnish
266. Climate Change and Agriculture Production / Raju, Mallikarjuna
267. Climate Change and Agriculture: Emerging Scenarios and Adaptation Strategies / Bisht, B.S.; Singh, Vir; Melkania, Uma; Srivastava, R.K. & Nautiyal, Nanda
268. Climate Change and Food Production: Impact, Vulnerabilities and Remedies / Kibria, Golam; Haroon, A.K. Yousuf & Nugegoda, Dayanthi
269. Climate Change and Natural Resources Management / Lenka, S.; Lenka, N.K.; Kundu, S. & Rao, A. Subba
270. Climate Change Effects on Agriculture and Economy / Khanna, D.R. et. al. (Eds.)
271. Coastal Soils and their Management / Bandopadhyay, A.K.
272. Coconut Production and Marketing / Babu, S. Suresh
273. A Colour Handbook On Practical Plant Pathology / Yadav, Vijay
274. A Colour Handbook On Rainfed Kharif Crops: Protection Constraints And Mitigation Strategies / Reena, Sonika Jamwal, Anil Kumar, A.P. Singh, Vikas Abrol, R. Puniya and Jai Kumar
275. Commercial Crop Technology / Jain, C.K.
276. Commercial Crops Technology / Kurian, Alice & Peter, K.V.
277. Commercial Fertilizers: Their Sources and Use / Collings, Gilbeart H.
278. Commercial Flowers; 2 Volumes / Bose, T.K.; Yadav, L.P.; Pal, P.; Das, P. & Parthasarathy, V.A. (Eds.)
279. Commercial Production of Horticultural Crops / Samaddar, H.N.
280. Communication through Farm Literature / Sawant, G.K. (Ed.)
281. Community Watershed Development: Experiences from Doon Valley - The Indian Himalayas / Kumar, K.; Dev, S. & Bawa, R. (Eds.)
282. Community Watershed Devlopment: Experences from Doon Valley-The Indian Himalayas / Kumar, K.; Dev, S.; & Nawa R.
283. The Complete Book of Gardening / Biles, Roy Edwin
284. A Complete Book on harvest Technolgy and Horticultural Crops / Subba, Tek Bahadur
285. The Complete Book on Organic Farming and Production of Organic Compost / NPCS Board of Consultants & Engineers
286. The Complete Technology Book on Bio-Fertilizer and Organic Farming (2nd Revised Edition)
287. The Complete Technology Book on Dairy and Poultry Industries
288. The Complete Technology Book on Processing Dehydration Canning Preservation of Fruits and Vegetables
289. Concepts in Horticulture / Verma, H.K.
290. Concepts in Nano Agricultural Chemistry / Singh, Parmeshwar
291. Concepts in Plant Breeding / Singh, Parmeshwar
292. Control of Water Pollution from Agriculture / Ongley, Edwin D.
293. Co-Operative Credit For Agricultural Sector / Radhakrishnan, N.
294. Cooperative Credit in Agriculture Development / Yadav, B.S. & Solanki, Kavita (Dr.)
295. Co-operative Marketing of Fruits and Vegetables in India / Subrahmanyam, K.V. & Gajanana, T.M.
296. Co-operatives and Dairy Development: Changing Destiny of Rural Women / Rao, V.M.
297. Corporatisation in Agriculture / Ramachandran, K.S.
298. Cow Keeping in India: A Simple and Practical Book on their Care and Treatment Their Various Breeds, and the Means of rendering them Profitable / Sinha, S.N.
299. Cows and Poultry in India: Their Care and Management / E.B.J.
300. Critical Issues in Insects Pest Management / Dhaliwal, G.S. & Heinrichs, E.A.

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