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1. 1000 Buddhas of Genius / Rhys-Davids, T.W.
2. 108 Buddhist Statues in Tibet: Evolution of Tibetan Sculptures / Schroeder, Ulrich Von
3. Absence of the Buddha Image in Early Buddhist Art: Toward its Significance in Comparative Religion / Tanaka, Kanoko
4. An Aesthetic Voyage of Indo Tibetan Painting: Alchi and Tabo / Singh, A.K. (Dr.)
5. Ajanta Paintings: Unidentified and Misinterpreted / Talim, Meena (Dr.)
6. Ajanta: Handbook of the Paintings; 3 Volumes / Schlingloff, Dieter
7. Amitabha and His Family / Mukhopadhyay, Santipriya
8. Archaeological Findings from the Homeland of Buddha / Chaturvedi, Prem Sagar
9. An Archaeological Journey of Nalanda (1838-2016) / Lama, G.K.
10. Archaeology of Buddhism: Recent Discoveries in South Asia / Garg, Sanjay (Ed.)
11. Archaeology of Early Buddhism / Fogelin, Lars
12. Art and Archaeology in Bihar / Sinha, C.P.
13. Art and Architecture: Remains in the Western Terai Region of Nepal / Giri, Gitu
14. Art and Iconography of the Buddha Images / Verma, Shailendra Kumar
15. Art and Vision of Aurangabad Caves / Quresi, Dulari
16. Art from India, Nepal and Tibet: In the John and Berthe Ford Collection / Pal, Pratapaditya
17. The Art Heritage of Nalanda / Lama, G.K.
18. The Art of Ancient India: Buddhist, Hindu, Jain / Huntington, Susan L. & Huntington, John C.
19. The Art of Awakening: A User's Guide to Tibetan Buddhist Art and Practice / Lhadrepa, Konchog & Davis, Charlotte
20. The Art of Bodhgaya, 2 Volumes / Biswas, S.S.
21. Art Treasures from Dresden / National Museum (Comp.)
22. The Arts of Hinduism, Buddhism and Zen: Its Religious Belief's and Philosophy / Ross, Nancy Wilson
23. Asoka: History and Inscriptions / Panda, N.C. (Dr.)
24. Bagh Caves: Painting and Sculptures / Talim, Meena
25. Bamiyan, Hariti and Kindred Iconics / Sharma, Nirmala
26. Bamiyan: Challenge to World Heritage
27. Bamiyan: Challenge to World Heritage / Warikoo, K. (Ed.)
28. Barabudur: Archaeological Description; 5 Volumes / Krom, N.J.
29. Baudh Kala Mein Nari / Rao, Vinay Kumar
30. The Bejewelled Buddha: From India to Burma / Bautze-Picron, Claudine
31. Beyond the Great Valleys Ladakh: Understanding the Monastic Architecture / Sarkar, Shomika & Shukla, Dipti (Eds.)
32. Bhaisajya-Guru-Sutra: Kashmiri Buddhist Manuscript (Original Sanskrit Text with Introduction and Commentary) / Hassnain, F.M. & Sumi, Token D.
33. The Bhilsa Topes or Buddhist Monuments of Central India / Cunningham, Alexander
34. The Bhilsa Topes: Buddhist Monuments of Central India / Cunningham, Alexander
35. Bimbamana of Gautamiyasastra as Heard by Sariputra: The Buddhist Iconometry / Marasinghe, E.W.
36. Bodhisiri: A Festschrift to Annapareddy Venkateswara Reddy (Buddhaghoshudu) / Reddy, P. Chenna & Reddy, E. Siva Nagi (Eds.)
37. A Brief Introduction to Buddhist Deities in Thangka / Pakhrin, Lama P.
38. Bronzes from Bangladesh: A Study of Buddhist Images from District Chittagong / Mitra, Debala
39. Buddha and Buddhist Synods in India and Abroad / Thakur, Amarnath (b. 1958)
40. Buddha and the Gospel of Buddhism / Coomaraswamy, Ananda K.
41. Buddha Gaya through the Ages / Ahir, D.C.
42. The Buddha Image: Its Origin and Development / Krishan, Y. & Tadikonda, Kalpana K.
43. Buddha in Gandhara Art and other Buddhist Sites / Nagar, Shanti Lal
44. Buddhism and Art / Pruthi, R.K.; Ram, S. & Chaturvedi, Archna
45. Buddhism and Maritime Heritage of South East Asia: Odishan Perspective / Patnaik, Sunil Kumar
46. Buddhism as/in Performance: Analysis of Meditation and Theatrical Practice / George, David E.R.
47. Buddhism in Mathura: A Detailed Study of Buddhist Tradition, Archaeology and Art / Gupta, Vinay Kumar
48. Buddhism: Aesthetics, Time and Quintessence / Lokesh Chandra
49. Buddhism: Art and Values: A Collection of Research Papers and Keynote Addresses on the Evolution of Buddhist Art and Thought Across the Lands of Asia / Lokesh Chandra
50. Buddhism: Art, Culture and History / Rana, Ganesh
51. Buddhist and Hindu Architecture in India (2nd Edition) / Grover, Satish
52. Buddhist Antiquities of Nubra Valley / Agrawal, R.C.
53. Buddhist Architecture of Western India: Century 250 BC to 300 AD / Nagarju, S.
54. Buddhist Art and Culture: Symbols and Significance; 2 Volumes / Sengupta, Arputha Rani
55. Buddhist Art and Thought / Shashibala
56. Buddhist Art in India / Burgess, J.
57. Buddhist Art in India / Gibson, A.C.
58. Buddhist Art in India and Sri Lanka: 3rd Century BC to 6th Century AD - A Critical Study / Dabral, Virender Kumar
59. Buddhist Art in India, Ceylon and Java / Vogel, J. Ph.
60. Buddhist Art in South-East Asia: The Indian Influence on the Art of Thailand / May, Reginald Le
61. Buddhist Art in Tibet: New Insights on Ancient Treasures: A Study of Paintings and Sculptures from 8th to 18th century / Henss, Michael
62. Buddhist Art of Bengal: from the 3rd Century B.C. to the 13th Century A.D. / Sengupta, Anusuya (1955- )
63. The Buddhist Art of Gandhara: The Story of the Early School: Its Birth, Growth and Decline / Marshall, Sir John
64. The Buddhist Art of Kausambi (From 300 BC to AD 550) / Tripathi, Aruna
65. Buddhist Art of Mathura / Sharma, R.C.
66. Buddhist Art of Orissa / Das, H.C.
67. Buddhist Art of Pagan; 2 Volumes / Rao, Vinay Kumar
68. Buddhist Art, 2 Volumes / Talim, Meena
69. Buddhist Art: An Historical and Cultural Journey / Beguin, Gilles
70. Buddhist Art: Mathura School / Sharma, R.C.
71. Buddhist Art: Objects in the Museums of West Bengal / Chakrabarti, Saktirani
72. Buddhist Art: Sanchi to Early Mathura, 2 Volumes / Asthana, Archana & Ashwani Asthana
73. The Buddhist Art: Vietnamese Perspectives / Kumar, Bachchan
74. Buddhist Book Illuminations / Pal, Pratapaditya & Meech-Pekarik, Jula
75. Buddhist Bronzes From Sirpur / Sharma, A.K. & Singh, Prabhat Kumar
76. Buddhist Bronzes of Odisha: A Study in Context of the Evolution of Buddhist Deities / Mohapatra, Sagarika
77. The Buddhist Canon of Iconometry: Zaoxing Liangdu Jing; With Supplement A Tibetan-Chinese Translation from about 1742 by mGon-po-skyabs (Gompojab) / Jingfeng, Cai (Tr.)
78. Buddhist Cave Temples of Ancient India / Lama, G.K.
79. Buddhist Cave Temples of India / Wouchop, R.S.
80. The Buddhist Cosmopolis / Lokesh Chandra
81. Buddhist Deities and Masters: An Introduction (An account of metal statues made by Nepalese artisans) / Shakya, Chandra B. (Comp.)
82. The Buddhist Diet Book / Holloway, L.C.
83. Buddhist Divinities / Niyogi, Puspa
84. Buddhist Heritage in India and Sri Lanka: Rediscovery and Restoration / Fernando, R.P.
85. Buddhist Heritage of Central Asia / Chandra, Lokesh
86. Buddhist Heritage of Gujarat: Representation, Preservation and Promotion / Patel, Ambika (Dr.)
87. Buddhist Heritage of Odisha / Ray, Himanshu Prabha
88. Buddhist Heritage of Orissa: From Kalinga to Sri Lanka / Mohanty, Bimalendu (Ed.)
89. Buddhist Himalaya: Studies in Religion, History and Culture (3 Volumes) / Balikci-Denjongpa, Anna & McKay, Alex (Eds.)
90. Buddhist Iconography in Bihar (A.D. 600-1200) / Mishra, Jayadeva
91. Buddhist Iconography in Thailand: A South-East Asian Perspective / Bhattacharyya, A.K.
92. Buddhist Iconography in the Butsuzozui of Hidenobu / Khanna, Anita (Tran. & Ed.)
93. Buddhist Iconography of Northern Bactria / Abdullaev, Kazim
94. Buddhist Iconography; 2 Volumes (bound in one) (Compact Edition) / Lokesh Chandra
95. The Buddhist Landscape of Varanasi: Sacred Landscapes of South and Southeast Asia / Jayaswal, Vidula
96. Buddhist Monastic Architecture in Sri Lanka: The Woodland Shrines / Seneviratna, Anuradha & et. al.
97. Buddhist Monuments of China and South-East India (Rare Book) / Sharma, I.K.
98. Buddhist Monuments of Sirpur / Sharma, A.K.
99. Buddhist Monuments: Their Role in the Development of Tourism in Andhra Pradesh / Kumari, J. Krishna
100. Buddhist Relic-Caskets in South India / Subrahmanyam, B.
101. Buddhist Remains of Ujjain Region: Excavations at Sodanga / Ali, Rahman; Trivedi, Ashok & Solanki, Dhirendra
102. Buddhist Sculptural Art of the Lower Krishna Valley / Rao, Vinay Kumar
103. Buddhist Sculptures and Monuments
104. Buddhist Sculptures in Tibet; 2 Volumes / Schroeder, Ulrich von
105. Buddhist Shrines in India / Ahir, D.C.
106. Buddhist Sites and Shrines in India: History, Art and Architecture / Ahir, D.C.
107. Buddhist Sites of North-East India and Black Slipped Ware in North India: An Archaeological Study / Hasan, Syed Jamal (Dr.)
108. Buddhist Stupas in South Asia / Singh, Sumit
109. Buddhist Tales of Kashmir in Tibetan Woodcuts: Narthang Series of the Woodcuts of Ksemendras Avadana-kalpalata / Rani, Sharda (Dr.) (Ed.) (Mrs. Lokesh Chandra)
110. Buddhist Tantra and Buddhist Art / Mishra, T.N.
111. Buddhist Textiles of Laos, Lan Na and the Isan: The Iconography of Design Elements / Bunce, Fredrick W.
112. Buddhist-Art, History and Culture: Essays by Prof L M Joshi / Ahir, D.C. (Ed.)
113. A Bull of a Man: Images of Masculinity, Sex, and the Body in Indian Buddhism / Powers, John
114. Burma ki Baudha Murti Kala mein Bharatiya Prabhav (in Hindi) / Rao, Vinay Kumar
115. Candi Mendut: Womb of the Tathagata / Long, Mark
116. Central Asian Art: New Revelations from Xinjiang / Banerjee, P.
117. The Citrakarmasastra ascribed to Manjusri: Being Volume II of Vastuvidyasastra (Edited with an Introduction and an English translation) / Marasinghe, E.W. (Ed. & Tr.)
118. Conservation of Buddhist Monuments in Central India / Agrawal, R.C.
119. Contemporizing Buddha / Shukla, Rajesh Kumar
120. The Copper-coloured Palace: Iconography of the rNin ma School of Tibetan Buddhism, 3 Volumes / Herrmann-Pfandt, Adelheid
121. The Cosmic Embrace: An Illustrated Guide to Sacred Sex / Stevens, John
122. Csoma De Koros: Buddhist Transcreations in Asian Literature and Art / Sarkar, Radha Banerjee (Ed.)
123. Cultural Horizons of India: Studies in Tantra and Buddhism, Art and Archaeology, Language and Literature; 7 Volumes / Lokesh Chandra
124. Cultural Interflow between India and Japan / Lokesh Chandra
125. Defining the Image: Measurements in Image Making / Willemen, Charles
126. The Dharmakosa-Samgrahah: A Buddhist Iconographic text from Nepal / Mukherjee, S.C. (Dr.)
127. Dictionary of Buddhist Iconography; 15 Volumes / Lokesh Chandra (Dr.)
128. Early and Buddhist Stone Sculpture of Japan / Bhattacharyya, A.K.
129. Early Buddhist Art of Odisha / Patnaik, Sunil Kumar
130. Early Buddhist Artisans and their Architectural Vocabulary / Settar, S.
131. Early Buddhist Metal Images of South Asia: With Special Reference to Gupta-Vakatakas Period / Sharma, Deo Prakash
132. Early Hunnic Invasions and Abandonment of Buddhist Temples in India / Singh, Rajesh Kumar
133. The Eighty Mahasiddhas of the Mother Tantra: The Sacred Art of Tibetan Thangkas / Wangyal, Tsadzin Lopon Geshe Monlam
134. Elements of Buddhist Iconography / Coomaraswamy, Ananda K.
135. Eleven Headed Avalokitesvara: Chenresigs, Kuanyin or Kannon Bodhisattva: Its Origin and Iconography / Neville, Tove E.
136. Empowered Masters: Tibetan Wall Paintings of Mahasiddhas at Gyantse / Schroeder, Ulrich von
137. An Encyclopaedia of Buddhist Deities, Demigods, Godlings, Saints & Demons: With Special Focus on Iconographic Attributes; 2 Volumes / Bunce, Fredrick W.
138. Encyclopaedia of Indian Architecture: Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and Islamic (Buddhist) / Suresh, K.M.; Sharma, D.P.; Qureshi, Dulari & Nagarch, B.L. (Eds.)
139. The Encyclopaedia of Tibetan Symbols and Motifs / Beer, Robert
140. The Esoteric Iconography of Japanese Mandalas / Lokesh Chandra
141. Essays and Studies in the Art of Kucha / Zin, Monika & Konczak-Nagel, Ines
142. The Eternal Food: Gastronomic Ideas and Experience of Hindus and Buddhists / Khare, R.S. (Ed.)
143. Evolution of Buddhist Architecture in Japan / Soper, A. C.
144. Female Deities in Buddhism: A Concise Guide / Vessantara
145. Five Hundred Buddhist Deities / Tachikawa, Musashi; Mori, Masahide & Yamaguchi, Shinobu
146. The Forgotten Gods of Tibet: Early Buddhist Art in the Western Himalayas / Ham, Peter Van & Stirn, Aglaja
147. Foundations of Oriental Art and Symbolism: Introduction to Hindu, Buddhist and Taoist Art / Burckhardt, Titus
148. From the Sacred Realm: Treasures of Tibetan Art from the Newark Museum / Reynolds, Valrae; Gyatso, Janet; Heller, Amy & Martin, Dan
149. Glimpses of Art, Architecture and Buddhist Literature in Ancient India / Krishnamurthy, K.
150. Gods and Masks of the Kathmandu Valley / Vergati, Anne
151. A Handbook of Buddhism: Art Architecture, Literature and Philosophy / Tripathi, P.
152. A Handbook of Buddhism: Art Architecture, Literature and Philosophy / Vashishth, Suraj
153. The Handbook of Tibetan Buddhist Symbols / Beer, Robert
154. The Heritage of Nalanda / Mani, C. (Ed.)
155. The Hermit's Hut: Architecture and Asceticism in India / Ashraf, Kazi K.
156. Hindu and Buddhist Monuments and Remains in South-East Asia / Khanna, Amar Nath
157. History of Indian Architecture: Buddhist, Jain and Hindu Period / Khan, Sharmin
158. History of Mahayana Buddhism: Its Art, Architecture and Literature in Southeast Asia / Jagarlamudi, Sitaramamma (Dr.)
159. The Iconography of Architectural Plans: A Study of the Influence of Buddhism and Hinduism on Plans of South and Southeast Asia / Bunce, Fredrick W.
160. Iconography of the Buddhist Sculpture of Orissa; 2 Volumes / Donaldson, Thomas Eugene
161. Iconography of the Thousand Buddhas / Lokesh Chandra
162. Iconography of Tibetan Lamaism / Gordon, Antoinette K.
163. Iconography of Vajrayana / Badmazhapov, T.S. (Comp.)
164. Imaging Wisdom: Seeing and Knowing in the Art of Indian Buddhism / Kinnard, Jacob N.
165. Impressions of Bhutan and Tibetan Art (Tibetan Studies III) / Ardussi, John & Blezer, Henk (Eds.)
166. In the Foot-Steps of the Buddha: Eight Buddhist Shrines in India / Bauddh, Shanti Swaroop
167. Indian Architecture: Hindu, Buddhist and Jain / Sahai, Surendra
168. Indian Architecture: Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and Islam (3000 B.C.E. to 1750 C.E.) / Murthy, V.L.N.
169. The Indian Buddhist Iconography / Bhattacharyya, Benoytosh
170. Indian Contribution to the Development of Far Eastern Buddhist Iconography / Bhattacharyya, Ashok Kumar
171. Indian Monastic Buddhism: Collected Papers on Textual, Inscriptional and Archaeological Evidence (2 Volumes, bound in one) / Schopen, Gregory
172. Indo-Tibetica; 4 Volumes (in 7 Parts) / Tucci, Giuseppe & Lokesh Chandra
173. Interaction Between Brahmanical and Buddhist Art / Sharma, R.C. & Ghosal, Pranati (Eds.)
174. An Introduction to Buddhist Art and Thoughts / Gupta, S.D.
175. Jatakas in Buddhist Thought and Art; 2 Volumes / Subrahmanyam, B.
176. Jatakas in South Indian Art / Subrahmanyam, B. (Dr.)
177. Lalitavajra's Manual of Buddhist Iconography / Lohia, Sushama
178. Life of Buddha in Indian Sculpture: Atasha-Maha-Pratiharya / Parimoo, Ratan
179. Madhya Bharat ki Bouddh Sanskriti evam Kala (in Hindi) / Rai, Vinay Kumar
180. Manjusri: An Exhibition of Rare Thangkas / Samten, Acharya Ngawang (Ed.)
181. Mathura: An Art and Archaeological Study / Gupta, Vinay Kumar
182. The Matrix and Diamond World Mandalas in Shingon Buddhism; 2 Volumes (bound in one) (Compact Edition) / Snodgrass, Adrian
183. Mithuna in Buddhist Art: Special Reference to Amaravati and Nagarjunakonda / Piratti, V.V. Sudha
184. Monuments of Sanchi; 3 Volumes / Marshall, Sir Jones & Foucher, Alfred
185. Mudras in Buddhist and Hindu Practices: An Iconographic Consideration / Bunce, Fredrick W.
186. The Museums in the Area of Lumbini and Kapilavastu / Giri, Gitu
187. Music in the Sky: The Life, Art & Teachings of the 17th Karmapa Ogyen Trinlety Dorje / Martin, Michele
188. Nagarjuna and the Art of Negation: Discerning Subjectivity, Emptiness, Transcendental Ethics, Tetralemma Logic, Binary Logic, Self-being and Negations / Varghese, Mathew
189. Nagarjuna: The Second Buddha (Great Indian Buddhist Masters) / Kent, Mohini
190. Nalanda and its Epigraphic Materials / Sastri, Hiranand
191. Nalanda Mahavihara: A Critical Analysis of the Archaeology of an Indian Buddhist Site / Stewart, Mary L.
192. Nalanda, 3 Volumes / Misra, B.N.
193. New Facets of Early Historical Archaeology and Buddhist Art and Architecture (Essays in Honour of Dr. R.C. Agrawal) / Patil, C.B. & Vinay Kumar (Eds.)
194. A Ngor Mandala Collection / Lokesh Chandra; Tachikawa, Musashi & Watanabe, Sumie
195. A Ninth Century Scroll of the Vajradhatu Mandala / Lokesh Chandra
196. Northern Frontiers of Buddhism: Buddhist Heritage of Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kalmykia, Tibet, China, Mongolia and Siberia / Behl, Benoy K.
197. Numbers: Their Iconographic Consideration in Buddhist & Hindu Practices / Bunce, Fredrick W.
198. On the Trail of Buddha: A Journey to the East / Aron, Deepankar
199. Oracles and Demons of Tibet: The Cult and Iconography of the Tibetan Protective Deities / Nebesky-Wojkowitz, Rene-de
200. Origin and Development of Buddhist Images / Srivastava, Shankar Kamal
201. The Origin of the Buddha Image / Coomaraswamy, Ananda K.
202. Padmasambhava: The Great Indian Pandit / Rinpoche, Neten Chokling
203. Painted Buddhas of Xinjiang: Hidden Treasures from the Silk Road / Gies, Jacques; Coutin, Andre & Feugere, Laure
204. Painted Scrolls of Asia: Hindu, Buddhist and Lamaistic / Sharma, Shiv Kumar
205. A Panorama of the Life of Lord Buddha / Haldar, Asitkumar
206. The Path to Liberation: The Tsering Art School Manual for the Basic Gradual Stages of Study of Deity Drawing (in Tibetan) / Lhadrepa, Konchog
207. Philosophy and Cultural Traditions of East Asia / Ramanujam, A. Appan
208. Rani ki Vav: The Abode of Bodhisattvas and Dakinis / Rao, Rekha
209. Reading Buddhist Art: An Illustrated Guide to Buddhist Signs and Symbols / McArthur, Meher
210. Representations of the Parinirvana Story Cycle in Kucha / Zin, Monika
211. Sacred Animals of Nepal and India, with special reference to Gods and Goddesses of Hinduism and Buddhism / Majupuria, Trilok Chandra
212. Sacred Sites: The Buddhist Monastery / Kelly, Thmas N. & et. al.
213. Sacred Treasures: Divine Wisdom / Cameron, Toni
214. Sadhanamala: Avalokitesvara Section: Sanskrit and Tibetan Texts / Sakuma, Ruriko
215. Sakyamuni's Return Journey to Lumbini (lumbiniyatra): A Study of a Popular Theme in Newar Buddhist Art and Literature / Buhnemann, Gudrun
216. Sanskrit Buddhism in Burma / Ray, Nihar Ranjan
217. Sarnath Ki Baudh Murtikala / Singh, Shashi Bhushan (Dr.)
218. Sculptural Art in Early Buddhist (Hinayana) Caves of Western Maharashtra (A Stylo-Chrono Study) / Kumar, Ajit
219. Sculptures in the State Museum, Ranchi / Roy, Arabinda Singha
220. Sculptures of Vajrayana Buddhism[OUT OF PRINT] / Krishnamurthy, K.
221. Sigiriya Paintings of Srilanka: Identification and Interpretation / Talim, Meena
222. Song of the Spirit: The Word of Sacred Music / Raghunathan Sudhamahi (Ed.)
223. Splendours of Himachal Heritage / Anand, Mulk Raj (Ed.)
224. Sri Lankan Monastic Architecture / Basnayake, H.T.
225. The Story of the Stupa / Longhurst, A.H.
226. Studies in Buddhist Art of South Asia / Narain, A.K. (Ed.)
227. Studies in Hindu and Buddhist Art / Mishra, P.K. (Ed.)
228. Studies in History and Archaeology of Vikramasila Mahavihara: The Last Beacon of Buddhist Philosophy / Sinha, Rajiva Kumar & Pandey, Om Prakash (Eds.)
229. Stupa and Its Technology: A Tibeto-Buddhist Perpective / Dorjee, Pema
230. Stylistics of Buddhist Art in India; 2 Volumes / Benisti, Mireille
231. The Sun: Tsering Art School Manual for the Basic Drawing / Lhadrepa, Konchog
232. Suramgamasamadhisutra: The Concentration of Heroic Progress: An Early Mahayana Buddhist Scripture / Lamotte, Etienne (Tr.)
233. A Survey of Buddhist Temples and Monasteries / Malik, Akhtar
234. Thangka: The Sacred Painting of Tibet / Santiago, J.R.
235. Thanka Painting of the Tsang-pa Tradition of Tibet / Sangpo, Phuntsok
236. Three Hundred and Sixty Buddhist Deities / Tachikawa, Musashi; Mori, Masahide & Yamaguchi, Shinobu (Comp.)
237. Tibet: Life, Myth and Art / Willis, Michael
238. Tibetan Art / Lokesh Chandra
239. The Tibetan Art of Healing / Baker, Ian A.
240. The Tibetan Iconography of Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and other Deities: A Unique Pantheon / Lokesh Chandra & Bunce, Fredrick W.
241. Tibetan Mandalas: Vajravali and Tantra-samuccaya / Raghuvira & Lokesh Chandra
242. Tibetan Painting: The Jucker Collection / Kreijer, Hugo E.
243. Tibetan Paintings / Roerich, George
244. Tibetan Paintings: A Study of Tibetan Thankas, Eleventh to Nineteenth Centuries / Pal, Pratapaditya
245. Tibetan Religious Art / Gordon, Antoinette K.
246. Tibetan Religious Dances: Tibetan text and annotated translation of the 'Chams Yig' / Wojkowitz, Rene de Nebesky
247. Tibetan Thangka Painting: Methods and Materials / Jackson, David P. & Jackson, Janice A.
248. Trans-Himalayan Wall Paintings: 10th to 13th Century AD / Singh, A.K. (Tr.)
249. Treasures of the Buddha: The Glories of Sacred Asia / Lowensten, Tom
250. Twin Mandalas of Vairocana in Japanese Iconography / Tajima, Ryujun (Ed.)
251. Two Lamaistic Pantheons: From Materials Collected by the Late Baron A.Von Stael-Holstein; 2 Volumes / Clark, Walter Eugene (Ed.)
252. Unfolding a Mandala: The Buddhist Cave Temples at Ellora / Malandra, Geri H.
253. Vajrayana Buddhism in Khajuraho Sculptures / Rao, Rekha
254. Vajrayana Buddhism: Study in Social Iconography / Mishra, Umakant
255. Vajrayana Buddhist Centres in South India / Subrahmanyam, B.
256. Vajrayana Images of the Bao-Xiang Lou: (Pao-hsiang Lou) Pantheon; 3 Volumes / Bunce, Fredrick W.
257. The Vastuvidyasastra Ascribed to Manjusri: Text with Translation; Volume 1 / Marasinghe, E.W. (Tr.)
258. Voice of the Void: Aesthetics of the Buddhist Mandala on the Basis of the Doctrine of Vak in Trika Saivism / Kim, Sung Min
259. When West Met East: Gandharan Art Revisited, 2 Volumes / Bopearachchi, Osmund
260. Women in Buddhist Art / Rao, Vinay Kumar
261. The Yantras of Deities and Their Numerological Foundations: An Iconographic Consideration / Bunce, Fredrick W.


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