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301. Feminine Sexuality: Deconstructing the Phallus / Mazumdar, Rinita
302. Feminism and Indian Realities / Kunjakkan, K.A.
303. Feminism and Its Strategies / Desai, Leela
304. Feminism and Women's Human Rights; 2 Volumes / Chatterjee, Mohini Dr.
305. Feminism in India / Rajan, Rajeswari Sunder & Chaudhuri, Maitreyee (Eds.)
306. Feminism, Tradition and Modernity / Padia, Chandrakala (Ed.)
307. Feminism: An Essential Reading / Gettel, R.G. & Dunning W.A. (Eds.)
308. Feminism: Theory, Criticism, Analysis / Singh, Sushila
309. Feminist Approach to Religion: Ancient Religion, Women's Role, Rituals, Spectral Sexualities, Feminist Perspective to Religious Systems / Channa, S.M. (Ed.)
310. Feminist Methodology: Gender Theory, Feminist Epistemology, Sex and Gender, Cross-Cultural, Feminist Ethics, Politics of Gender, Ethnography of Gender / Channa, S.M. (Ed.)
311. Feminist Psyche in World Women Novelists / Naik, N. Shantha
312. Feminist Social Thought: An Introduction to Six Key Thinkers / Bhagwat, Vidyut
313. Feminist Theory and Modern Drama: An Anthology of Recent Criticism / Abraham, Taisha (Ed.)
314. Fertility and Family Planning Behavioiur in Indian Society / Reddy, Krishna M.M.
315. Fields of Protest: Women's Movements in India / Ray, Raka
316. Figuring the Female / Usah, V.T. & Murali, S.
317. Films and Feminism / Jain, J. & Rai, S. (Eds.)
318. Financial Inclusion, Self-help Group (SHGs) and Women Empowerment / Das, Kartick & Sharma, Gopal
319. Flourishing Women in India / Agarwal, Shivali & Sharma, Indu (Drs.)
320. Forgotten Identities: Women Artisans of Kashmir / Jan, Salima
321. Founders of Women Education / Sharma, Usha & Sharma, B.M. (Eds.)
322. From Heroines to Beneficiaries: From Beneficiaries to Heroines? The Impact of a Small-Scale Irrigation Project on Gender in the West Bengal Terai / Schenk-Sandbergen, Loes & Niren Choudhury
323. From Myths to Markets: Essays on Gender / Sangari, Kumkum & et. al. (Eds.)
324. From Purdah to the People: Memoirs of Padma Shri Rani Laxmi Kumari Chundawat / Taft, Frances (Ed.)
325. Fundamentals of Psychology of Child Development; (In Hindi) / Chobe, Surya Prasad
326. The Future of Indian Muslim Women: Fatwa Versus Feminism / Gupta, Juhi
327. Gender and Development in India: Dimensions and Strategies / Rout, Himanshu Shekhar & Panda, Prasant Kumar (Eds.)
328. Gender and Governance / Brush, Lisa D.
329. Gender and Human Rights: Status of Women Workers in India / Saksena, Anu
330. Gender and Literature / Kaur, Iqbal (Ed.)
331. Gender and Politics in India: Experiences from the Northeast / Lokho, Kaini (Ed.)
332. Gender and Social Movements / Kuumba, M. Bahati
333. Gender and Women Development Issues / Ramachandran, V.
334. Gender Bias in Girl Child Education / Pant, S.K.
335. Gender Composition: Values, Preferences & Behaviour / Singh, R.
336. Gender Discrimination in the Kashmir Valley: A Survey of Budgam and Baramulla Districts / Dabla, Bashir Ahmad & Nayak, Sandeep K. & Khurshid-Ul-Islam
337. Gender Equality and Development / Anuradha, K.P.
338. Gender Equality and Sustainable Development (With Special Reference to North East India) / Lalneihzovi (Dr.)
339. Gender Equality Development and Women Empowerment / Pandey, A.K. (Ed.)
340. Gender Equality in India: Issues and Challenges / Devi, L. Bimolata & Singh, W. Pradip Kumar (Drs.)
341. Gender Equity and Equality / Saha, C.
342. Gender in the Hindu Nation: RSS Women as Ideologues / Bacchetta, Paola
343. Gender Inequality and Women's Empowerement / Rao, D. Pulla
344. Gender Issues and Social Dynamics / Menon, Latika
345. Gender Issues in India / Yadav, Shushma & et. al.
346. Gender Issues: A Road Map to Empowerment / Agrawal, Rashmi & Rao, V.L.N.
347. Gender Justice and Sexual Discrimination / Rastogi, Rekha
348. Gender Justice and Women Empowerment: Development, Domestic Violence and Human Rights / Singh, Sanjay Kumar
349. Gender Justice ans Women Empowerment / Singh, Sarbjeet & Dodh, Pankaj
350. Gender Justice: Women and Law in India / Chawla, Monica
351. Gender Justice: Women and Law in India / Chawla, Monica
352. Gender Mainstreaming and Issues / Barik, S.
353. Gender Mainstreaming and Women's Rights / Sharma, Usha
354. Gender Perspectives: Participation, Empowerment and Development / Mishra, Anil Dutta
355. Gender Politics / Chopra, J.K.
356. The Gender Revolution: A Study of Educated Women / Jain, Shashi Prabha & et. al.
357. Gender Role in Communication / Giri, Vijai N.
358. Gender Roles / Sudha, D.K.
359. Gender Social Change and The Media: Perspectives from Nepal / Schmidt, Johannes Dragsbaek & Berg, Torsten Rodel (Eds.)
360. Gender Violence: Women Victims in Man's World / Prabhakar, Vani
361. Gender, Girls and Women Education / Verma, Mahesh
362. Gender, Identity and Tibetan Buddhism / Campbell, June
363. Gender, Land and Land Rights: Tribes and Caste Hindus / Acharya, P.K. & Mohanty, R.P.
364. Gender, Peace and Development in North East India / Talukdar, Daisy Bora (Ed.)
365. Gender, Power and Democracy in South Asia / Chhetri, Durga P.
366. Gender, Sex and the City: Urdu Rekhti Poetry, 1780-1870 / Vanita, Ruth
367. Gender, Space and Resistance: Women and Theatre in India / Singh, Anita & Mukherjee, Tarun Tapas (Eds.)
368. Gender: A Cross-Cultural Perspective / Wadhwa, Jolly & Sonali, Kanwar
369. Gendered Realities, Human Spaces: The Writing of Shashi Deshpande / Jain, Jasbir
370. Genders / Glover, David & et. al.
371. Giftedness in Action: Theory and Practice / Maitra, Krishna
372. Girl Child and Family Development in Indian Society / Varma, Rameswari
373. Girl Child and Human Rights / Tripathy, S.N. & Chaudhury, Debadutta (Eds.)
374. The Girl Child in Crisis / Sherwani, Azim
375. Girl Child in India / Tripathy, S.N. & Pradhan, S.P.
376. Girl Child Labour / Jawa, Rachita
377. The Girl-Child in a Scaveniging Community / Mishra, Jayashree
378. Girls Education / Sharma, Usha & Sharma, B.M. (Eds.)
379. Girls' Literacy in India / Sisodia, Y.S.
380. Girls Primary Education / Pandey, V.C.
381. Globalisation and Women Empowerment: Multidimentional Approaches / Kumar, Bipin
382. Globalisation and Women's Development / Dhull, Indira (Ed.)
383. Globalisation, Media and Women Empowerment / Chaudhari, Anita
384. Globalization, Culture and Women's Development / Sethi, Raj Mohini (Ed.)
385. Globalization, Democracy and Gender Justice / Biju, M.R.
386. Goddesses and Women in the Indic Religious Tradition / Sharma, Arvind (Ed.)
387. Going Nowhere: Trafficking of Women & Children in International Sex Trade; 2 Volumes / Abraham, Shailaja
388. Golden Thoughts on Women / Kaushik, V.
389. Guide to Better Women's Health after Menopause / Kumar, Meenal & Kumar, R.
390. Guide to Cancer Free Life of Women / Kumar, Meenal & Kumar, R.
391. Handbook on Women and Human Rights: A Guide for Social Activists; 2 Parts / Siddiqi, Fatima Ehtesham & et. al.
392. The Happy Marriage Mantra / Maheshwari, Geeta
393. Harassed Husbands (2nd Revised Edition) / Kusum
394. Harnessing Child Development; 3 Volumes / Narayan, O.P. (Ed.)
395. Health and Nutritional Development of Women / Majumdar, Maya
396. Health and Nutritional Status of Indian Women / Kumar, A.
397. Health Awareness for Women Health / Samant, Vatsala (Ed.)
398. Health Development and Gender Equality: Healthcare System, Gender Bias and Legal Rights / Kumar, R. & Kumar, Meenal
399. Healthcare Gender and Conflict in Kashmir / Dabla, B.A. (Dr.)
400. Hindu Widows: A Study in Deprivation / Patil, Godavari D. (Dr.)
401. Hindu Widows: Myths and Presumptions / Pandya, Rameshwari & Shah, Preeti
402. Hindu Women and their Rights / Ram, S.
403. History and Gender: Some Explorations / Shah, K.K.
404. Home Management / Sharma, Niraja
405. Household Fertility Behaviour and Children's Schooling Amongst Tribals / Dutta, Sumanash
406. Human Ageing: Study of Rural Women in Andhra Pradesh / Himabindu, M.
407. Human Development, Equity and Gender Justice / Adhikari, Sudeepta & Sinha, B.R.K.
408. Human Rights and Women: A Global Perspective / Bhatnagar, Sanjeev
409. Human Rights of Minority and Women's; 4 Volumes / Gupta, Indrani Sen (Ed.)
410. Human Rights of the Adopted Girl Child / Deshkar, Mangala V. (Dr.)
411. Human Rights of Women / Roy, Ashine
412. Human Rights of Women in India / Sharma, Anjuli
413. Human Rights of Women: Legal Perspectives / Ramaswamy, B.
414. Human Rights of Women: National and International Perspectives / Reddy, D. Chenna
415. Identity and Gender: A Critical Study of Novels of Shobha De / Patnaik, Bharati (Dr.)
416. Identity, Gender and Poverty: New Perspectives on Caste and Tribe / Kumar, Unnithan
417. The Image of Women in Indian Literature / Bhat, Yashoda & Rao, Yamuna Raja (Eds.)
418. Immoral Trafficking of Women and Children: Transnational Crime and Legal Process / Goenka, Sunanda
419. The Impact of Armed Conflicts on Women in South Asia / Shrestha, Ava Darshan & Thapa, Rita (Eds.)
420. In Conflict and Custody: Therapeutic Counselling for Women / Shankardass, Rani Dhavan
421. In Search of Alternatives: Tribal Women in Desert Scenario / Dasgupta, Samira
422. In the Name of Child Labour: Eradication and Evaluation Programme / Zutshi, Bhupinder & et. al.
423. Indian Women Across Generation / Sinha, Rakesh K.
424. Indian Women Activists / Kang, Neelu
425. Indian Women in Development Perspective / Shahida & Sami, Lalitha K.
426. Indian Women in Librarianship / Samantarary, Moortimatte (Dr.)
427. Indian Women in Politics / Kumar, A.
428. Indian Women Marriage, Divorce and Adjustment / Sharma, K.P.
429. Indian Women Novelists in English / Dodiya, Jaydipsinh (Ed.)
430. Indian Women Novelists in English: A Critical Study / Chaudhury, Ivy & Saha, Shukla (Eds.)
431. Indian Women through Ages / Kaushik, Vijay Sharma & et. al.
432. Indian Women through the Ages / Janapathy, Varalakshmi
433. Indian Women Writers in English / Javalgi, P.G.
434. Indian Women Writers: A Critical Reinterpretation / Gaijan, M.B. & Prasad, Amar Nath
435. Indian Women Writing in English: New Perspectives / Sree, S. Prasanna (Ed.)
436. Indian Women: A Brief Socio-Cultural Survey / Tikoo, Prithvi Nath
437. Indian Women: A Historical Perspective / Kumar, A.
438. The Indian Women: Myth and Reality / Singh, J.P. (Ed.)
439. Indian Women: Status and Contemporary Social Issues / Kumar, A.
440. Indian Women: The Ushering of a New Dawn / Bhowmik, Krishna
441. Indian Women; 3 Volumes / Arya, Anita (Dr.)
442. Indian Women's Writing in English: A Bibliography / Kuortti, Joel
443. Indian Women's Writings in English / Mouli, T. Sai Chandra & Sarangi, Jaydeep
444. India's 50 Most Illustrious Women / Gupta, Indra
445. Indira Gandhi: Woman of India's Destiny / Janapathy, Varalakshmi (Dr.)
446. Insights into Womenpower Development / Singh, Trilok
447. International Encyclopaedia of Women and Crime; 2 Volumes / Pandey, B.N.
448. International Encyclopaedia of Women; 5 Volumes / Rao, D. Bhaskara (Ed.)
449. International Hand Book of World Great Women Scientists / Dobriyal, Neetu
450. Introduction of Adolescence Education in School Curriculum / Nagi, B.S.
451. Introduction to Women Education / Sharma, Usha & Sharma, B.M. (Eds.)
452. Invisible Children: A Study of Policy Exclusion / Alur, Mithu
453. Islam and Gender Justice: Questions at the Interface / Ashrof, V.A. Mohamad
454. Islam and Women / Purthi, Raj & et. al.
455. Islam, Women and Gender Justice / Engineer, Asghar Ali
456. Islam: Women Modernization in India / Hussain, S.
457. Issues in Feminism / Desai, L.
458. Jawaharlal Nehru and the Status of Women in India: An Analytical Study / Tagra, Vinod
459. Journal of Gender and Justice (Vol.1) / Barman, Kiran (Chief Ed.)
460. Kalpana Chawla: India's First Woman Astronaut / Salwi, Dilip M.
461. Karmic Divas: Success Stories of Eight Indian Businesswomen / Mishra, Prerna Kaul
462. Kashmir: The History and Pandit Women's Struggle for Identity / Bakhshi, Suneethi
463. Know Your Child / Pankajam, G.
464. Law and Child Labour in India / Kanna, V. Venkat
465. Law and Illegitimate Child / Kohli, Hari Dev
466. Law Relating to Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Working Women / Pandey, Pradeep Kumar
467. The Legal and Political Status of Women in India / Raj Bala
468. Legal Status and Remedies for Women in India / Mukherjee, Roma
469. Lengthening Shadows: Status of Woman in India / Chauhan, Poonam S.
470. Liberation of Muslim Women / Ahmed, Naseem
471. Liberation of Women in India and the Work of the NGO's / Desai, Tripta
472. Lost Innocence: A Perspective on Child Labour / Mohsin, Nadeem
473. Love, Eroticism and Female Sexuality in Classical Sanskrit Literature: Seventh-Thirteenth Centuries / Shah, Shalini
474. Managing Childhood Problems: Support, Strategies and Interventions / Reddy, G. Narayana & Reddy, Suma Narayana
475. Manipuri Women Leaders: Their Storyline / Lukram, Mamta
476. Marriage and Family: In Diverse and Changing Scenario / Ratra, Amiteshwar; Kaur, Praveen & Chhikara, Sudha
477. Marriage Customs and Modes of Courtship of the World / Moore, Theophilus
478. Marriage, Divorce and Morality / Rathnaswamy, P.
479. Marriage, Dowry Practice and Divorce / Gokilavani, S. & Jelestin, S.G.
480. Marriage, Love and Caste: Perceptions on Telgu Women During the Colonial Period / Thirumali, Inukonda
481. Media Utilization for the Development of Women and Children / Thakur, B.S. & Agrawal, Binod C.
482. Medical and Health Problems of Fasting and Non-Fasting Women / Chandra, Ruchi & Kunwar, Neelma
483. Micro Credit, Self-Help Groujps (SHGs) and Women Empowerment / Tapan, Neeta
484. Microcredit Management by Women's Self Help Groups / Jerinabi, U.
485. Micro-Finance and Women Empowerment; 3 Volumes / Ahmed, Rais (Dr.)
486. Microfinance Intervention and Empowerment of Women / Lalitha, N.
487. Migrant Women / Choudhary, J.N. & Jain, Padma
488. Militarism and Women in South Asia / Chenoy, Anuradha M.
489. Modern Encyclopaedia of Women and Development; 5 Volumes / Mahapatra, Subhasini (Ed.)
490. Modern History and Social Status of Women / Bakshi, S.R. & Sharma, S.R.
491. Modern Working Women and the Development Debate / Rana, Kranti
492. Modernity, Feminism and Women's Empowerment / Awasthi, A. (Ed.)
493. Modernizing Women / Moghadam, Valentine
494. The Modest Status of Women in Islam / Siddiqi, Muhammad Sa'eed
495. Mother Teresa: Seeker of Souls / Mathew, Joseph
496. Multi-Dimensional Problems of Women in Kashmir / Dabla, B.A.
497. Murder of Democracy in Child and After / Chaudhary, Sukhbir
498. Muslim Feminism and Feminist Movement: Africa; 2 Volumes / Samiuddin, Abida & et. al. (Eds.)
499. Muslim Feminism and Feminist Movement: Central Asia / Samiuddin, Abida & et. al. (Eds.)
500. Muslim Feminism and Feminist Movement: Middle-East Asia; 2 Volumes / Samiuddin, Abida & et. al. (Eds.)
501. Muslim Feminism and Feminist Movement: South Asia; 3 Volumes / Samiuddin, Abida & Khanam, R. (Eds.)
502. Muslim Feminism and Feminist Movement: South-East Asia / Samiuddin, Abida & et. al. (Eds.)
503. Muslim Feminism and Feminist Movement; 9 Volumes / Samiuddin, Abida & et. al. (Eds.)
504. Muslim Women / Sharma, Seema & Sharma, Kanta
505. Muslim Women and Islamic Tradition: Studies in Modernisation / Allana, Mariam
506. Muslim Women in India: Political and Private Realities 1890s-1980s / Lateef, Shahida
507. My Girlhood: An Autobiography / Nasrin, Taslima
508. National Rural Health Mission in Meghalaya: A Study on Maternal and Child Health / Sahu, B.P.; Kumar, Satyendra & Pradhan, D.K.
509. The Natural Remedy Book for Women / Stein, Diane
510. Nayar Women Today: Disintegration of Matrilineal System and the Status of Nayar Women in Kerala / Renjini, D.
511. Need for Women Empowerment / Tapan, Neeta
512. New Dimensions in Child Education and Learning Processes / Singh, Dolly
513. New Dimensions of Women Empowerment / Sinha, Ajit Kumar
514. A New Light Upon the History of Rani Laxmibai of Jhansi / Renick, M.S. (Dr.)
515. New Perspectives on South Asian Women / Das, P.S.
516. New Woman and Mass Media / Singh, Uma
517. The New Women in Indian-English Women Writers: Since The 1970's / Seshedri, Vijayalakshmi
518. Nine Degrees of Justice: New Perspectives on Violence Against Women in India / Datta, Bishakha (Ed.)
519. No Woman's Land: Women from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh Write on the Partition of India / Menon, Ritu
520. Notable Mughal and Hindu Women in the 16th and 17th Centuries A.D. / Nath, Renuka
521. Occupational Inclinations of Tribal Women in Meghalaya / Satya, Y.
522. Older Women in India: The Context Issues and Concerns / Nayar, P.K.B. (Ed.)
523. Organisation and Structure of Women Development and Empowerment / Goel, Aruna
524. The Other Revolution: NGO and Feminist Perspectives from South Asia / Sharma, Renuka (Ed.)
525. Participation of Women in the Panchayati Raj System / Mehta, G.S.
526. Participatory Experiment in Holistic Rapid Development Successful Strategies for Empowerment of Women, Regulation of Fertility and Rural Development in Andhara Pradesh / Mahadevan, Kuttan (Ed.)
527. Passionate Enlightenment: Women in Tantric Buddhism / Shaw, Miranda
528. Patterns of Gender Violence / Yadav, Sushma & et. al.
529. Peace and Bread in Time of War / Addams, Laura Jane
530. The Performance of Gender: An Anthropology of Everyday Life in a South Indian Fishing Village / Busby, Cecilia
531. Performance of Women Police: Tamil Nadu / Ali, A.P. Mohamed (IPS)
532. Planning for Women's Development / Kaushik, Vijay Sharma & et. al.
533. Plight of Child Labour / Bishaoyi, K.N.
534. Plight of HIV Infected Women: Plan of Action for Prevention and Control / Sakthi, S.
535. Pocket Guide to a Acupressure Points for Women / Bauer, Cathryn
536. Policies and Legislation for Children in India / Yadav, C.P.
537. Political Empowerment of Tribal Women / Dash, Susanta Kumar
538. Political Empowerment of Women / Panda, Snehalata
539. Political Socialization of Women: Study of Teenager Girls / Behera, Jyoshna Rani
540. Political Status of Women / Shukla, Anil Kumar
541. Political Women: Country Experiences in Identity and Gender Debate / Siddiqi, Fatima Ehtesham
542. Polity Reader in Gender Studies
543. Polyandry in India / Raha, M.K. & et. al. (Eds.)
544. Polygamy and Purdah: Women and Society among Rajputs / Joshi, Varsha
545. Poor and Pregnant in New Delhi, India / Vallianatos, Helen
546. Portrayal of the Women in Art, Architecture of Ancient Deccan / Deglurker, G.B. (Dr.)
547. The Position of Women in Hindu Law; 2 Volumes / Mitter, Dwarka Nath
548. The Position of Women in Indian Life / Maharani of Baroda, The & Mitra, S.M.
549. Post-menopausal Women: Health Risks, Prevention and Fitness / Kumar, R. & Kumar, Meenal
550. Postmodern Feminist Writers / Kottiswari, W.S.
551. Postmodernism and Feminism: Canadian Contexts / Kudchedkar, Shirin (Ed.)
552. Poverty Alleviation among Rural Women / Lakshmi, P.S.
553. Poverty Alleviation Approaches and Women's Participation / Verma, S.B.
554. Poverty and Human Rights of Women / Bhuimali, Anil
555. The Power of the Female: Devangana Sculptures of Indian Temple Architecture / Krishnan, Gauri Parimoo
556. Pratibha Patil: First Woman President of India / Syed, M.H.
557. Pregnancy and Antenatal Care: Healthy Mother and Healthy Child / Kumar, R. & Kumar, Meenal
558. Prevention of Discrimination and protection of Minorities / Rajan, R.C.
559. Primitive Tribal Women Health Status / Murthy, M.S.R.
560. Privileging the Privileged: Gender in Indian Advertising / Schaffter, Sharada J.
561. Privileging Women Agency in History: Work, Worship, Leisure and Pleasure / Lakshmi, I. & Satyanarayana, A.
562. Problems and Perspectives of Women Labour in India / Gajalakshmi, N.
563. Problems and Potentials of Women Professional: A Cross Cultural Perspectives / Sen, Anima
564. Problems of Mentally Handicapped Children / Rao, D. Bhaskara & et. al.
565. Problems of Widows in India / Reddy, P. Adinarayana (Dr.)
566. Problems of Working Children / Kumar, Bimal
567. Process and Performance of Gram Panchayat Women and Dalit Presidents / Palanithurai, G.
568. Progressive Women and Political Identity / Mehta, Arati
569. Property Rights of Women / Devi, K. Uma (Dr.)
570. Prosocial Development in Children: Helping Sharing, and Comforting / Chadha, Neerja
571. Prospectus for Women Empowerment / Singh, Sukanya Nihal
572. Prostitution in Thailand: Myth and Reality / Ghosh, Lipi
573. Protecting Our Women; 3 Volumes / Majumdar, Maya
574. Psyche of Indian Women / Shukla, Aradhana
575. Psycho-Feminism; 2 Volumes / Kerber, K.L.
576. Psychology and Child Development / Sharma, S.R.
577. Psychology of Indian Women / Tiwari, Geeta
578. Psychology of Interpersonal Understanding in Children / Dhawan, Rani
579. Psychosocial Influence of Convicted Women of Northern India / Bawa, S.K.
580. Psycho-Social Problems of Women Teachers / Kaur, Ravinder & Kaur, Naginder
581. Purano mein Naari = Purano me Nari (in Hindi) / Jain, Uma (Dr.)
582. Purdah and the Status of Women in Islam / Al-Ash-Ari
583. Quality of Life of Urban Working Women / Bhandari, Mala
584. Quality of Working Life and Women Construction Workers / Mathur, R.N.
585. Race, Ethnicity and Women / Kumar, Raj (Ed.)
586. Ramayanakalina Nari: Ek Anushilan (in Hindi) / Kujura, Skolastika (Dr.)
587. Readings in Feminist Psychology / Moorthi, K.S.
588. Reasserting the Co-Operative Movement: Published on the Occasion of Centennial Celebration of Indian Co-Operative Movement / Jugale, V.B. & Koli, P.A.
589. Recasting the Devadasi: Patterns of Sacred Prostitution in Colonial South India / Vijaisri, Priyadarshini
590. Recent Advances in Women Sports / Singh, Yengkhom Santikumar
591. Reclaiming Gender / More, K.
592. Red Light Area Social Environment of Sex Workers / Karmakar, Sumati
593. Reflections on Crime Against Women / Mahapatra, Subhasini
594. Rehabilitation of Addicted Street Children / Pandey, S.P. With Pathak, S.N. & Pandey, Ajay Kumar
595. Religion and Women / Sharma, Arvind & et. al. (Eds.)
596. Religious Beliefs and Practices in India / Kumar, S. & et. al. (Eds.)
597. Representations of Gender, Democracy and Identity Politics in Relation to South Asia / Sharma, Renuka (Ed.)
598. Re-presenting Women: Tradition, Legend and Panjabi Drama / Singh, Pankaj K.
599. Reproduction and Child Health / Yadav, Ankur
600. Reproductive Health and Adolescent Girls / Devi, M. Tineshowri

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