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1. Aadhunik Samashastriya Vicharak (Modern Sociological Thinkers) / Doshi, S.L.
2. Abortion in India: Myth and Reality / Kabra, S.G.
3. Academic Achievement of Girls in Meghalaya / Hangsing, Elizabeth
4. Achievement of Visually Handicapped / Sharma, Anjul
5. Achieving Broad-Based Sustainable Development / Weaver & Rock
6. Active Society and Behavioural Therapy / Agnihotri, Satwati
7. Addressing Regional Backwardness: An Analysis of Area Development Programmes in India / Mohan, Krishna
8. Adhunik Bhartiya Sanskriti: Modern Indian Culture (in Hindi) / Nagori, S.L.
9. Administrative Systems of Developing Societies / Sharma, R.D. (Ed.)
10. Adolescence in India: A Bibliography / Verma & Saraswathi
11. Adolescent Girls / Pati, R.N.
12. Adolescent Girls in Slum / Singh, Anupam
13. Adult Attitude towards Population Education / Mishra, B.C. & Patnaik, Santilata
14. Advance Techniques in Social Researches / Mahapatra, B.C.
15. Advances in Population / Severy, Lawrence J.
16. Advantages of Re-Marriage in Dalit Castes / Chaudhary, Akansha & Kunwar, Neelma
17. Affirmative Action in India / Singh, Bir Pal
18. Age at Marriage in India: Vision and Reality / Devi, D. Radha
19. Age Structure of Mortality in India and its Bigger States: A Data Base for Cross-Sectional and Time Series Research / Ponnapalli, Krishna Murthy & Kambampati, Praveen Kumar
20. Aged in Changing Social System: Their Problems / Behura, N.K. & Mohanty, R.P.
21. Ageing and Human Development: Global Perspectives / Modi, I.P. (Ed.)
22. Ageing in Twenty first Century; 2 Volumes / Joshi, Uma; Pandya, Rameshwari & Maniar, Avani
23. Ageing Life at the Edge / Srivastava, Shuchi (Dr.)
24. Ageing Some Emerging Issues: Profiles, Trends and Policy Perspectives / Yadava, K.N. & Kumar, Alok
25. Ageing: Indian Perspective / Bhai, L. Thara (Ed.)
26. Ageing: The Global Phenomena Issues and Strategies / Reddy, P. Adinarayana; Devi, D. Uma & Harinath, N.
27. Ageism: Problems and Prospects / Sharma, Ramesh & Thomas, C. Joshua
28. Agraraian Distress and Farmers Suicides in India / Charyulu, M. Yadagira
29. Agrarian Structure and Tenancy Movement / Joshi, G.V.
30. Agricultural and Economic Aspects of Tribal Landscapes / Gupta, G.P.
31. Agriculture and Rural Development: A Foretaste / Ahmed, Jaynal Ud-din (Ed.)
32. AIDS and Sexual Behaviour / Sharma, Savita
33. AIDS and the Human Survival / Ramamurthy, V. (Dr.)
34. AIDS Awareness through Community Participation: An Action Research / Sharma, Meenu
35. AIDS Care Manual / Samson, Luke & et. al.
36. AIDS Transmission: Challenges in the New Millennium / Satpathy, G.C.
37. AIDS: Problems and Approaches / Ahmad, Waseem Faridi
38. Ailing India / Jatava, D.R.
39. Alcohol and Drug Dependence Among Industrial Workers / Singh, Chandra Paul
40. Alternative Sexuality, Morality and Law / Gautam, Prem Kumar
41. Ambastha Kayastha: The Evolution of Family and its Socio-Cultural Dimensions / Sahay, K.N.
42. Ambedkar and Caste System / Sahay, Lalit K.
43. Ambedkar and Future of Dalits / Chaudhury, Sukant K.
44. Ambedkar and Humanism / Jatava, D.R. (Dr.)
45. Ambedkar Awakening India's Social Conscience / Jadhav, Narendra
46. Ambedkar on Law, Constitution and Social Justice / Shabbir, Mohammad (Ed.)
47. Ambedkar, Dalits and Buddhism: Collection of Dr Ambedkar Memorial Annual Lectures / Ram, Nandu (Ed.)
48. Ambedkar's People in India: With Reference to 'Chaityabhoomi' / Jadhav, Praveen
49. Ambedkar's Thoughts on Dalits, Politics and Women Empowerment / Barman, Binay (Ed.)
50. Ambedker's Perspective on State and Social Justice / Mehra, Shashi (Ed.)
51. Analysis of Poverty Reduction / Dhawan, M.C. (Dr.)
52. Anatomy of Crime and Criminology / Singh, Govind
53. Ancient Hindu Society: Including Races, Dynasties, Politics, War, Law, Enforcement, Social and Caste Systems, Economics, Life-Style, Women, Traditions and Habits of the Ancient Indians; 6 Volumes / Kapoor, S. (Ed.)
54. Ancient Indian Society: Continuity and Change / Kumar, Vijay
55. Ancient Political History of Kashmir (B.C. 300 - A.D. 1200) / Saxena, K.S.
56. Anna Hazare: His Philosophy and Struggle / Tripathi, Vinayak
57. Anna Hazare: Reformer, Socialist and Anti-Corruption Leader / Dua, J.C.
58. Anna Hazare: The Face of India's Fight Against Corruption / Thakur, Pradeep & Rana, Pooja (Eds.)
59. Anna Hazare: The Fakir Who Moved a Country / Reem Editorial Board
60. Anna Hazare: The Gandhi of 21st Century / Dutta, Sanjay
61. Anna Hazare: The New Revolutionary / Tiwari, Prateeksha M.
62. An Anthology of Gujarati Dalit Literature / Mishra, D.S. (Ed.)
63. Anthropo Medical Profile of Textile Workers / Jaiswal, Ajeet (Dr.)
64. Anthropological Study of Bodily Height of Indian Population / Basu, Mahadeb Prasad
65. Anthropology and Society: Issues and Applications / Ghosh, Abhik; Pathmanathan, Gayatri; Krishan, Kewal; Talwar, Indu; Mehta, Shalina; Sharma, Krishan & Gaur, Rajan
66. Anthropology in Human Welfare / Sharma, A.N.
67. Anthropology Population and Development / Sharma, J.C.
68. Anthropology: The Human Science: Application of Anthropology to Social Problems / Channa, S.M. (Ed.)
69. The Antiquity of Man; 3 Volumes / Keith, Sir Arthur
70. Anti-Social Patterns of Begging and Beggars / Goyal, O.P.
71. Apartheid, Fundamentalism and Humane Global Governance / Saini, R.S.
72. Applied Social Psychology: Understanding and Addressing Social and Practical Problems (2nd Edition) / Schneider, Frank W.; Gruman, Jamie A. & Coutts, Larry M. (Eds.)
73. Applied Sociolinguistics / Singh, Irom Gambhir
74. Applied Sociology: A Treatise on the Conscious Improvement of Society by Society / Ward, Lester F.
75. Applied Statistics: A Course for Social Sciences / Majumdar, P.K.
76. Applying Social Psychology / Sharan, A.K. (Ed.)
77. Approaches to Rural Development / Marasaiah, M.L.
78. Arbitration in Public Service / Rao, V. Bhaskara (Dr.)
79. Artists and Their Films of Modern Hindi Cinema: Cultural and Socio Political Impact on Society 1931-91; 3 Volumes / Agnihotri, Ram Avtar
80. Arya Samaj Movement in South Africa / Naidoo, T.
81. Asian Regionalism Canadian and Indian Perspectives / Wadhva, Charan D. & Woo, Yuen Pau (Eds.)
82. Aspects of Indian History and Culture / Bandyopadhyay, Sudipa Ray; Chaudhuri, Rita & Chakrabarti, Mahua (Eds.)
83. Assam Bhutan Trade Ralations 1865-1949: A Socio Economic Study / Das, Smriti
84. Autonomy Movements in Federal India / Singh, Bhupinder
85. A-Z Criminology / Dwivedi, Banshi Dhar
86. B.R. Ambedkar: A Crusader for Equality / Sharma, H.D.
87. B.R. Ambedkar: Man and His Vision / Yadav, Rajkumar
88. Backward Class Reservation and Concept of Creamy Layer / Gupta, Pallavi (Dr.)
89. Backward Classes in India: Various Dimensions / Sinha, Sushil Kumar
90. Backward Communities: Identity, Development and Transformation / Pant, V.K. & et. al. (Eds.)
91. Bal Vikas evam Shiksha Sandarshika / Child Development and Educational Guidance (in Hindi) / Shrivastava, Pramila
92. Basic Principles of Developmental Sociology / Jha, Jainendra Kumar
93. Bazaar India: Markets, Society, and the Colonial State in Gangetic Bihar / Yang, Anand A.
94. Beautiful Blacks Dignified Dalits / Simon, Shibu & Sudha, Sarojini
95. Behavioral Dimensions of Tribal Landscapes / Gupta, G.P.
96. Bengal: The Unique State / Nanda, J.N.
97. Bengali Culture and Society through its Riddles / Basak, Sila
98. The Bengalis: The People, Their History and Culture; 6 Volumes / Das, S.N. (Ed.)
99. The Bengalis: The People, their History and Culture; 6 Volumes / Das, S.N. (Ed.)
100. Beyond Borders: Look East Policy and North East India / Gogoi, Dilip (Ed.)
101. Bharat Main Gramin Vikas; (in Hindi) / Yadav, Ramji
102. Bharat Mein Samajik Samasyaen: Social Problems in India / Chandra, Soti Shivendra
103. Bharatiya Samaj Avem Sanskriti; (in Hindi) / Rajkumar (Ed.)
104. Bharatiya Samajik Saranchana: Indian Social Structure / Chandra, Soti Shivendra
105. Bhartiya Samaj aur Jati Vyavastha (in Hindi) / Shukla, P.
106. The Bhumihars: Caste of Eastern India / Sinha, Sushil Kumar
107. Bhutan: Society, Polity and Economy / Bhatt, Amitabh
108. Billion is Enough: India's Population Problem A Way Out / Gupta, Ashok
109. Biographical Encyclopaedia of Activists and Reformers; 2 Volumes / Gupta, Sunil Kumar
110. Biographical Encyclopaedia of the World Sociologists; 2 Volumes / Bisht, N.S. (Ed.)
111. Bio-Social Dimensions of Ageing / Bali, Arun (Ed.)
112. The Blackwell Companion to Social Work / Davies, Martin (Ed.)
113. Blind and Mentally Handicapped Children / Shrivastsva, Nidhi
114. Breaking Free of Nehru: Let's Unleash India / Sabhlok, Sanjeev
115. Bridging Imaginations: South Asian Diaspora in Australia / Sarwal, Amit
116. The Buddha and his Dhamma / Ambedkar, B.R. (Dr.)
117. Business and Society / Sengupta, Sunita Singh
118. The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Hunters and Gatherers / Lee, Rishard B. & Daly, Richard (Eds.)
119. Capacity Development Initiatives in Watershed Development / WDCU
120. Care of the Elderly in India: Changing Configurations / Bali, Arun P.
121. Case Studies in Politial Sociology / Kukreja, Sunil
122. Caste and Class in India / Sharma, K.L.
123. Caste and Communities in Conflict of Modernisation / Mehta, Balwant
124. Caste and Educational Development: Before and After Independence / Mathur, M.L.
125. Caste and Power: Changing Patterns of Stratification / Sengar, Shailendra
126. Caste and Reservation in India / Garg, V.K.
127. Caste and Reservation in India / Sengar, shailendra
128. Caste and Social Crime / Mishra, M.K. (Dr.)
129. Caste Dynamics & Tribal Society: Studies in Marginalised Communities / Munda, G.S.
130. Caste in Contemporary India / Kolenda, P.
131. Caste Society and Religion in India / Tripathi, Vishnu Kant
132. Caste System in India / Devi, Shakuntala
133. Caste System in Modern India / Ahmad, Zafar
134. Caste Violence and Dalit Deprivation / Sujatha, A.S. (Dr.)
135. Caste Violence in India / Hindwan, Sudhir (Dr.
136. Caste, Class and Social Inequality / Chaudhary, Nisha (Dr.)
137. Caste, Class and Social Inequality in India / Sengar, shailendra
138. Caste, Class Structure in India / Ranjan, Ravi (Dr.)
139. Caste, Marriage and Inequality: Studies from North and South India / Kolenda, Pauline
140. Caste: A Social Evil / Toppo, S.R.
141. Caste: Status and Socialization Among the Students / Pathak, Aditi
142. Casteism, Corruption and Social Development in India / Singh, A.K.
143. Castes and Tribes of Southern India; 7 Volumes / Thurston, Edgar & Rangachari, K.
144. Castes in India: A Historical Perspective / Sengar, Shailendra
145. Castes in India: A Historical Perspectives / Panigrahi, S.K.
146. Centre State Relations in India: Perceptions of Non-Congress Political Parties / Kabbur, A.S.
147. Challenges of Rural Education / Dhawan, M.L. (Ed.)
148. The Changing Bhangis in India: A Study of Caste Association / Shyamlal
149. Changing Face and Challenges of Urbanization: A Case Study of Uttar Pradesh / Parveen, Shahnaz
150. Changing Indian Society / Raman, K.V.
151. Changing Modern Society / Sharma, Abhishek
152. Changing Profile of Tribal Women Leader in Panchayat / Ramesh & Makwana, H.
153. Changing Role of the Caste System: A Critique / Kumar, Sangeet
154. Changing Rural Society in India / Patnaik, Shyam Kumar
155. Changing Rural Society in India / Rao, K.G.
156. Changing Scenario of Values in Society and Higher Education / Srivastava, Sushma & Agarwala, Vinita
157. Changing Societies of North East: Socio-Legal Perspectives / Das, Ranga Ranjan (Dr.)
158. Changing Status of Devadasis in India / Gupta, R.K.
159. Changing Status of Women in India / Raman, K.V.
160. Child Abuse and Exploitation: Some Reflections / Chakraborty, Sudip
161. Child Abuse and Human Rights; 2 Volumes / Jha, A.K.
162. Child Abuse and Human Rights; 2 Volumes / Tiwari, Jyotsna
163. Child and Crime / Bagulia, A.M.
164. Child as Human Resource: Policies and Approaches / Kumar, Arun
165. Child Care and Protection: Issues, Challenges and Response; 2 Volumes / Kumar, Arvind (Ed.)
166. Child Development and Process of Learning / Aggarwal, J.C.
167. Child Development and Welfare Service / Dass, N.P.
168. Child Development and Welfare Services / Puri, Sakshi
169. Child Development in India / Singh, B.K.
170. Child Development: Issues and Concern for the Well Being of the Child / Sapra, Rekha [Dr.] [Ed.]
171. Child Education and Creativity / Chakraborti, Mohit
172. Child Education and Social Development / Prasad, Janardan & Kaushik, Vijay Kumari
173. Child Exploitation Exposing the Unseen / Selvakumar, M.D. Allen (Dr.)
174. Child Human Rights: Legal Perspectives / Ramaswamy, B.
175. Child in the New Millennium / Singh, Vimala Veeraghavan Shalini
176. Child Labour / Sharma, A.K.
177. Child Labour / Singh, B.K.
178. Child Labour and Child Rights: A Compendium / Rehman, M.M. & et. al.
179. Child Labour Eradication: Problems, Awareness, Measures / Shandilya, Tapan Kumar; Kumar, Nayan & Kumar, Navin
180. Child Labour in Backward Area / Kharge, Malikarjun S. (Dr.)
181. Child Labour in Hazardous Sectors / Misra, R.N.
182. Child Labour in Home Based Sector / Kumar, A. Selva
183. Child Labour in India / Ahmed, Ashhad
184. Child Labour in India / Dak, T.M.
185. Child Labour in India / Sharma, Usha
186. Child Labour in India: A Bitter Truth / Mustafa, M. & et. al.
187. Child Labour in India: Right, Welfare and Protection / Das, Dipak
188. Child Labour in Informal Sector: A Sociological Study / Chander, Suresh
189. Child Labour in Rural Context: Concern, Causes & Cure / Chakraborty, Sudip
190. Child Labour Rights and Violations / Kanmony, J. Cyril
191. Child Labour: A Precarious Future / Gomango, S.P.
192. Child Labour: A Reality; 2 Volumes / Rai, C.P.
193. Child Labour: Different Dimentions / Gupta, M.S.
194. Child Labour: How to Investigate? / Siddiqui, M.I.
195. Child Labour: Socio-Economic Dimensions / Shukla, C.K. & Ali, S. (Eds.)
196. Child Labour: The Indian Perspective / Rajawat, Mamta
197. Child Labour; 2 Volumes / Bhargava, Gopal
198. Child Marriage in India / Yadav, K.P.
199. Child Marriage in India: Issues and Challenges / Kakkar, A.K.
200. Child Prostitution in India / Gathia, Joseph
201. Child Rights and Social Wrongs: An Analysis of Contemporary Realities; 3 Volumes / Singh, Dolly (Ed.)
202. Child Rights: A Perspective on International and National Law / Rao, D. Venkateswara
203. Child Survival and Child Work / Sharma, A.K.
204. Child Victims of Crime: Problems and Perspectives / Gupta, M.C. & et. al. (Eds.)
205. Child Welfare and Society / Bhatia, Vinita
206. Child Welfare in a Changing world / Rizwi, A.K.
207. The Christian Clergy in India: Vol.1: Social Structure and Social Roles / Oommen, T.K. & et. al.
208. Christian Social Reformers / Saji, Tina
209. Church, Private Property and the Scheduled Castes / Pulloppillil, Thomas
210. Cities of India: A Legal History / Mulchandani, Richa R.
211. Civil Society and Decentralised Governance: A Perspective in Manipur / Haokip, Sonkhogin
212. Civil Society and Governance / Mohanty, Rajesh & et. al.
213. Civil Society and Modern Politics, 2nd Edition / Saha, Dipali (Ed.)
214. Civil Society, Corruption and the NGO / Singh, Manoj K.
215. Civilizing Missions in Colonial and Postcolonial South Asia: From Improvement to Development / Watt, Carey A. & Mann, Michael (Eds.)
216. Classes and Elite in the Third World / Dattagupta, Rupak (Dr.)
217. Clinical Approach to Rural Development / Setty, E Desingu
218. Coal Industry and Labour in India / Sengupta, P.B.
219. Coastal Histories: Society and Ecology in pre-Modern India / Sharma, Yogesh (Ed.)
220. Cognitive Development of Culturally Deprived Children / Begum, Sara
221. Colonization and Rehabilitations in andaman and Nicobar Islands / Biswas, Swapan K.
222. Common Problems of Children: A Handbook for all Parents and Teachers to Tackle Contemporary Problems Relating to Children / Garg, Chitra
223. Communal Riots / Gupta, N.L. (Ed.)
224. Communal Violence / Singh, V.V.
225. Communal Violence Insurgency Terrorism and Security: Socio-Political and Religious Perspective / Khan, M.Z. & Gupta, V.K.
226. Communal Violence: A Sociological Study of Gujarat / Kannupillai, V.
227. Communalism, Ethnicity & State Politics / Basu, S.
228. Communicating Rural Development / Jain, R.
229. Communication and Education for Health Promotion and Population Regulation: A Global Perspective / Mahadevan, Kuttan (Ed.)
230. Communication Development and Civil Society: Essays on Social Development and Civil Society / Gupta, V.S.
231. Communication for Gender Sensitization: The Value Discussion Approach / Shelat, Manisha Pathak
232. Communication for Rural Development in India: From Green Revolution to 'E' Revolution / Patil, Dhanraj A
233. Communication in Rural Development: A Public Policy Perspective
234. Communication, Modernisation and Social Development: Theory, Policy and Strategies; 2 Volumes / Mahadevan, K. & Prasad, Kiran
235. Community Organization at the Grassroots / Gangrade, K.D.
236. Community Water Management / Narwani, G.S.
237. A Companion to Gender Studies / Essed, P. & et. al.
238. Comparative Sociology / Aggrawal, Usha (Dr.)
239. Compulsions of Population Scenarios 2001 / Malgavkar, P.D.
240. Concept of Equality & Ideal Society / Palekar, S.A.
241. The Concept of Equality in Human and Gender Right Discourse / Roy, Rekha
242. Concept of God and Religion: Traditional Thought and Contemporary Society / SVD, K. Jose;Bera, Gautam K.; Medhi, Birinchi K. & Athparia, R.P.
243. The Conduct of Inquiry: Methodology for Behavioral Science / Kaplan, Abraham
244. Conflict and Peace in New World Order / Joshi, Sarat C.
245. Conflict and Violence in Indian Society / Guha, Biswajeet
246. Consequences of Child Maltreatment / Gomango, S.P.
247. Consequences of Longterm Conflicts in Northeast India / Raghavan, V.R. (Ed.)
248. Constitutional Safeguards to Scheduled Castes and Tribes / Goswami, B.
249. Constitutionalization of Panchayati Raj / Jaoshi, R.P.
250. Construction of Evil in North East India: Myth, Narrative and Discourses / Biswas, Prasenjit & Thomas, C. Joshua (Eds.)
251. Contemporary Chronicles: Polity, Society and Culture / Al-Ahmed, Saikh Md. Sabah
252. Contemporary Discourses on Democracy / Ray, Asok Kumar
253. Contemporary Issues and Social Movements in India / Das, Asish Kumar
254. Contemporary Research Trends and Culture, Society, Economy and Polity of Manipur / Singh, Aheibam Koireng
255. Contemporary Social Problems and the Law / Tripathy, Prabhat Chandra
256. Contemporary Social Problems in India / Deb, Sibnath
257. Contemporary Society: Issues and Challenges / Kumar, A. (Ed.)
258. Contemporary Society: Tribal Studies; 9 Volumes / Behera, Deepak Kumar & Pfeffer, George
259. Contesting Reservations / Sagar, Preet
260. Contextualising Caste: Post Dumontian Approaches / Searle, Chatterjee
261. Continuing Dilemmas: Understanding Social Consciousness / Chandra, Sudhir
262. Continuity and Change in Indian Society / Pathak, Bindeshwar (Ed.)
263. Contribution of Tatas to Socio-Economic Development / Bose, Iti
264. Conversions and Shifting Identities: Ramdev Pir and the Ismailis in Rajasthan / Khan, Dominique-Sila
265. Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Rights / Patil, V.T. & Sharma, Sarbajit
266. Corporate Social Responsibility in India / Mandal, B.N.
267. Corporate Social Responsibility: Contemporary Issues in India / Kumar, Manoj
268. Corruption and Goverance in India / Kumar, A.
269. Corruption and Poverty / Narasaiah, M.L.
270. Corruption at the Grassroots: The Shades and Shadows / Narayanaswamy, N. & et. al. (Eds.)
271. Corruption Free India: Fight to Finish / Hussain, Yasir
272. Corruption in India / Gupta, K.N.
273. Corruption in Public Services / Dutta, N.K.
274. Creativity: Cultural Perspective / Hota, Ashok K.
275. Crime & Corruption in Digital Age / Shahi, M.P.
276. Crime Against Children / Baruah, Arunima
277. Crime Against Children / Vashistha, Sarita (Prof.)
278. Crime Against Women / Ashraf, Nehal
279. Crime Against Women / Giri, P.K.
280. Crime Against Women / Sharma, O.C.
281. Crime Against Women / Vashistha, Sarita (Prof.)
282. Crime Against Women / Veer, Udai
283. Crime Against Women and Police; 2 Volumes / Shah, Giriraj
284. Crime Against Working Women / Tripathy, Prabhat Chandra
285. Crime and Social Justice: Society and Law Enforcement / D'Souza, Eugene (Ed.)
286. Crime and Women / Dastidar, Ruchi Ghosh (Ed.)
287. Criminological Theories / Akers, R.L.
288. Criminology / Ahuja, Ram
289. Criminology / Rao, Digumarti Bhaskara
290. The Crisis of Global Capitalism / Soros, George
291. Crisis of Governance: The Case of Bihar / Sachchidananda & Mandal, B.B.
292. The Crisis of the Modern World / Guenon, Rene
293. Critical Social Work: An Introduction to Theories and Practices / Allan, June & et. al. (Eds.)
294. Cross Cultural Studies on the Family / Kukreja, Sunil
295. Cultural Ecology of Indian Tribes / Reddy, K. Vishwanatha (Ed.)
296. Cultural Factors in Rural Development / Shah, D.R. (Ed.)
297. Cultural Reorientation in Society / Khan, Yasmin
298. Culture and Society in India / Kumar, S. & et. al. (Eds.)
299. Culture Change in India: Identity and Globalization / Singh, Yogendra
300. Culture in the Modern World / Seikh, Azhar

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