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601. Globalisation and Agricultural Crises in India / Alagh, Y.K.
602. Globalisation and Dalits: Magnitude and Impact / Mallaiah, L.C. & Vishwanatha (Ed.)
603. Globalisation and Decentralised Economic Development / Raj, Dev
604. Globalisation and Development of Backward Areas / Satyanarayana, G. (Ed.)
605. Globalisation and Dimensions of Management in India / Atmanand (Ed.)
606. Globalisation and Economic Development; 3 Volumes / Ahmed, Rais (Dr.)
607. Globalisation and Emerging India / Sreenivas, Talluru [Ed.]
608. Globalisation and Financial Service Sector / Batra, G.S. & Dangwal, R.C. (Eds.)
609. Globalisation and Health Sector in India / Chatterjee, Biswajit
610. Globalisation and Indian Economy / Jhunjhunwala, Bharat
611. Globalisation and Indian Manufacturing Sector / Pendse, N.G. & Choubey, S.K.
612. Globalisation and International Business / Thakur, Devendra (Ed.)
613. Globalisation and International Finance / Mansabdar, Vijay
614. Globalisation and Socio-Economic Development / Ahluwalia, Hemant S.
615. Globalisation and Sovereignty of National-States / Sahni, Geetanjali
616. Globalisation and the Indian Economy / Yadav, Ravi Prakash; Deep, Ragini & Roy, Puja (Ed.)
617. Globalisation and Tribes / Rohtagi, V.D.
618. Globalisation and Uneven Development: Neoclonialism Multinational Corporations Space and Society / Sebastian, Thomas
619. Globalisation and World Economic Policies: Effects and Policy Responses of Naitons and their Groupings; 2 Volumes / Tisdell, Clem (Prof.)
620. Globalisation and WTO; 2 Volumes / Sabanna, Talwar
621. Globalisation Between Gloom and Prosperity / Singh, Arvind
622. Globalisation its Impact on Rural Development / Misra, R.N. (Ed.)
623. Globalisation, Decentralisation, Institutions and Development / Naidu, K.M. & Naidu, K.S.
624. Globalisation: One World, Many Voices / Kar, Samit (Ed.)
625. Globalised Indian Economy / Gandhi, P.J.
626. Globalization & Good Governance / Jain, R.B.
627. Globalization and Economic Growth / Narasaiah, M.L.
628. Globalization and Economic Recession / Singh, Kumari Ranjana
629. Globalization and Income Inequality: Cross Country Experiences / Shajan, Vandana
630. Globalization and International Finance / Mansabadar, Vijay
631. Globalization and its Impact on Indian Economy / Choubey, S.K.; Pendse, N.G. & Shukla, Narendra
632. Globalization and Liberalization: Nature and Consequences / Sudan, Falendra K.
633. Globalization, Economic Growth and Human Development / Misra, S.N. & Sahu, B.K.
634. Globalization, Liberalization and Economic Development / Sahoo, Basudeb
635. Globalization, Technology and Trade in the 21st Century; 3 Volumes / Singer, Sir Hans; Hatti, N. & Tandon, R. (Eds.)
636. Good Governance: Modern Global and Regional Perspective / Rao, M.G. Ramakant
637. Government and Economic Development: An Annotated Bibliography / Rao, V.V. Bhanoji & et. al. (Eds.)
638. Government Budgeting in India / Sury, M.N.
639. The Government of the Federal Capital of India / Kilawat, Satish C. (Dr.)
640. Gram Sudhar / Sahay, Shiv Pujan
641. Grassroots Economics: The Poverty of Agricultural Labourers / Yugandar, D.R.
642. Grassroots Entrepreneurship: Glimpses of Self Help Groups: Case Studies / Lalitha, N.
643. The Great Digital Transformation: A Saga of Sustainable Development / Ghosh, D. K.
644. Great Indian Economists: Their Creative Vision for Socio-Economic Development; 10 Volumes / Das, Debendra Kumar (Ed.)
645. Green Marketing and Sustainable Development / Singh, Amit Kumar & Mahanta, Priyanka
646. Growing Rural-Urban Disparity in Bihar / Sharma, S.S.P. & Kumar, T. Vijay
647. Growing Rural-Urban Disparity in Uttarakhand / Ghosh, Nilabja; Kar, Sabyasachi & Sharma, Suresh
648. Growth of Fishnet Industry / Scott, D. Andrews & Murugan, R. Pon
649. Growth of Totalitarianism in Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram / Balwally, Darshan
650. Growth of Urban Informal Sector and Economic Development; 2 Volumes / Rao, M. Koteswara
651. Growth of Urban Informal Sector: Problems and Prospects / Saidapur, Sharanappa (Dr.)
652. Growth Through Participation Quality Circle Way / Lomash, S.
653. Growth, Development, and Diversity: India's Record Since Liberalization / Pushpangadan, K. & Balasubramanyam, V.N. (Eds.)
654. Growth, Industrialisation and New Economic Reforms in India / Satyanarayan, B. (Ed.)
655. Gujarat: Governance for Growth and Development / Debroy, Bibek
656. Gulf Economies in Indian Perspectives / Narula, Subhash
657. Handbook of Agriculture Economics / Choudhary, S.N.
658. Handbook of Procedure Policy: 1st April 2002-31st March 2007 (As amended upto 31-3-2003)
659. Handbook of UGC Scheme: 11th Five Year Plan and UGC Draft of the 6th Play Commission; 3 Volumes / Joshi, Jagdish S.
660. Handbook of UGC Schemes: With special reference to 10th Five Year Plan / Kaushik, Vijay Kumari (Dr.)
661. Handicraft Exports: Global Trends and Future Prospects / Taneja, Nisha & Sharma, Pooja
662. Health Economics / Pattnaik, Pushpalata
663. Health Economics in India / Rout, Himanshu Sekhar & Panda, Prasant Kumar (Eds.)
664. Health Status and Economic Security of the Aged Population / Hariharan, R. & Malathi, N.
665. Health, Nutrition and Economic Development / Singh, Harinder
666. Hill Economy / Jeyakumar, R.
667. Himachal Pradesh: Now and Then / Verma, V.
668. History of Ancient Indian Economy / Sabahuddin, Abdul & Shukla, Rajshree
669. History of Economic Analysis (2 Vol. Set) / Schumpeter, Joseph A.
670. History of Economic Thought / Hum, E.K.
671. History of Economic Thought / Vohra, Munish
672. Human Development and Economic Development / Datt, Ruddar
673. Human Development and Economic Growth: A Global Perspective / Bhullar, Gurinder Jit Singh
674. Human Development and Globalisation / Chaturvedi, Inakshi
675. Human Development and natural Resources / Kumar, Anuradha
676. Human Development and Rural Indebtedness in North East India / Purkayasthan, Gautam
677. Human Development in India: Challenges and Policies / Rout, Himanshu Sekhar & Murthy, S. Bhyrava
678. Human Development: Experiences of North East India / Chakraborty, Kiran Sankar & Das, Gurudas (Eds.)
679. Human Relations and Organisational Behaviour / Singh, Nirmal
680. Human Resource Development in Urban Administration / Narayan, Rajeev (Dr.)
681. Human Resources Management in India Banking / Mathur, B.L.
682. Human Rights and Economic Development / Ramachandran, V.
683. Human Well-Being: Socio-Economic Indicators: A Global Study / Mazumdar, Krishna
684. Hydroelectric Project, Power, Dams and Environment / Gupta, Vishwa Jit
685. ICTs and Economic Development / Venkatesh, S.
686. The Illustrated Compendium of Prosthetic Heart Valves; (with CD ROM) / Banerjee, Amit
687. Impact of Energy Conservation on Indian Economy / Agrawal, Meenu (Ed.)
688. Impact of Globalisation on Indian Economy / Yadav, D.R. & Sharma, A.K. (Eds.) (Drs.)
689. The Impact of Globalisation on Small-Scale Industries / Gumma, Vijay Nagesh
690. Impact of Globalization and Liberalization / Vasu, M.
691. Impact of Mechanisation on Farm Income: Resource Use Efficiency and Income Distribution / Rao, R. Venkata
692. Impact of Recession on World Economy / Jain, Netra
693. Impact of the Policies of WTO on Indian Agriculture / Nehru, S.
694. In Defence of Freedom: Exciting Times and Quiet Meditations / Datta, Amlan
695. In Search of New Economics / Joshi, Mahesh V.
696. Income Inequality and Material Welfare / Chakraborty, Gurupada
697. India and Australia: Bridging Different Worlds / Stoddart, Brian & Weigold, Auriol
698. India and Central Asia: Cultural, Economic and Political Links / Gopal, Surendra (Ed.)
699. India and China: Comparative Economic Performance / Singla, Surinder Kumar
700. India and South-East Asia: Socio-Econo-Cultural Contacts / Chakravarti, Adhir
701. India and Sri Lanka: Economic Relations / Maheshawari, B.B.
702. India and the Indians; 4 Volumes / Risley, Herbert (Ed.)
703. India and the West: A Cultural Contrast / Madan, G.R. (Dr.)
704. India at the Death of Akbar: An Economic Study / Moreland, W.H.
705. India at the Death of Akbar: An Economic Study / Moreland, W.H.
706. India at the End of the Twentieth Century / Bhattacharya, Sanjukta Banerji (Ed.)
707. India Economy Today: Changing Contours / Singh, B.N.P.
708. India in Global Economy: Beyound Reform and Rhetoric / Bisht, Pushpa & aksena, Ajay
709. India Incorporated: The Missing Link / Ramchandran, K.S.
710. India Infrastructure Database 2005; 2 Volumes / Ghosh, Buddhadeb & De, Prabir
711. The India Mosaic / Debroy, Bibek & Babu, D. Shyam (Eds.)
712. India Rising: But Who Will Make It Happen? / Rampal, J.N.
713. India Social Economic and Political Aspects / Philip, Andre
714. India Towards Economic Super Power: A Journey of Economic Reforms / Sinha, Ajit Kumar (Ed.)
715. India Towards Planned Development; 2 Volumes / Yadav, C.P.
716. India Vision 2020: The Report + Background Papers
717. India, Global Powers and West Asia: Political and Economic Dynamics / Alam, Anwar
718. India: Economic Policies and Performance: 1947-48 to 2004-05: Year-Wise Economic Review of the Indian Economy Since Independence / Prasad, Chandra Shekhar (Ed.)
719. India: Health Care Patterns and Planning / Akhtar, Rais
720. India: Redeeming the Economic Pledge / Debroy, Bibek
721. India'a Transforming Financial Sector / Sharma, Manoranjan (Ed.)
722. Indian Agriculture and Information and Communications Technology / Soundari, M. Hilaria
723. Indian Banking and Rural Development / Mathur, B.L.
724. Indian Banking in Competitive Age: Need to Meet Customer Expectations / Uppal, R.K. & Chawla, Rosy
725. Indian Banking System; 6 Volumes / Ahmad, Rais
726. Indian Banking Vision-2020 / Uppal, R.K. & Kumari, Rachna
727. Indian Banking; 2 Volumes / Kothari, C.R.
728. Indian Economic Development and Business: Emerging Issue and Outlook / Aggarwal, Suresh Chand & et. al. (Eds.)
729. Indian Economic Development: Globalisation, Transformation, Equity, Crime and Economic Thinking / Sen, Raj Kumar (Ed.)
730. Indian Economic Issues; 2 Parts / Gandhi, P.J.
731. Indian Economic Planning: Analysis and Relevance of Economic Ideas of Dr. D.R. Gadgil / Rai, Chanda
732. Indian Economy / Qureshi, M.S.
733. Indian Economy / Rajaram, Kalpana (Ed.)
734. Indian Economy and Challenges of Globalisation / Khandela, Man Chand
735. Indian Economy and Reforms / Arora, Charu
736. Indian Economy and Socio-Economic Transformation / Misra, S.N.
737. Indian Economy and the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) / Kapoor, Seema
738. Indian Economy Documents: Yearbook 2003; (CD ROM)
739. Indian Economy in the New Millennium / Mungekar, Nachane & Rao, Manohar
740. Indian Economy Retrospect and Prospects / Prasad, L.S.N. (Dr.)
741. Indian Economy since Independence: Persisting Colonial Disruption / Kumar, Arun
742. Indian Economy Today: Changing Contours / Singh, B.N.P.
743. Indian Economy towards Inclusive Growth / Satyanarayana, G.; Raju, G. & Madhusudana, H.S.
744. Indian Economy Under Globalisation Process / Bhat, K. Sham
745. Indian Economy, 36th Edition / Misra, S.K. & Puri, V.K.
746. Indian Economy: A Performance Review; 1947-48 to 2010-11 / Prasad, Chandra Shekhar
747. The Indian Economy: A Ring Side View / Ramachandran, K.S.
748. Indian Economy: Before and Since the Reform; 4 Volumes / Prasad, K.N.
749. Indian Economy: Issues and Options / Kumar, Subodh & Pande, M.C.
750. Indian Economy: Reflections from the First Decade of Reforms / Das, Jayanta
751. Indian Economy: The Past Reform Scenario / Rajan, K.
752. Indian Economy: The Post Reform Scenario / Rajan, K.
753. Indian Economy: Visions, Reality, Challenges / Narula, Uma
754. The Indian Enigma: A Plea for Good Governance / Garg, Satya Prakash
755. Indian Financial System / Vohra, M.
756. The Indian Financial System and Development / Desai, Vasant
757. Indian Infrastructure Report 2003: Oxford
758. Indian Insurance Sector in 21st Century an Outlook / Vijayakumar, A.
759. Indian Modernity: Contradictions Paradoxes and Possibilities / Pathak, Avijit (Dr.)
760. Indian Railways: A Journey / Gautama, Q.L.
761. Indian Textile Industry: State Policy, Liberalization and Growth / Uchikawa, Shuji
762. India-Nepal Border: Regional Cooperation and Cross Border Trade / Naidu, Sushil K.
763. India's Agrarian Structure, Economic Policies and Sustainable Development / Vyas, V.S.
764. India's Banking & Finance Sector in the New Millennium; 2 Volumes + 2 CD ROM / Kapila, Raj & Kapila, Uma (Eds.)
765. India's Economic Development / Sudan, Falendra K.
766. India's Economic Policy / Agrawal, M.
767. India's Economic Policy / Mathur, Reeta
768. India's Economic Policy in South Asia / Prakash, Aditya (Dr.)
769. India's Economic Reforms and Development / Vaidyanathan, A.
770. India's Economic Relations with Developed Countries / Jain, Mahendra Kumar
771. India's Economy in the 21st Century: Challenges and Opportunities; (with CD ROM) / Kapila, Raj & Kapila, Uma
772. India's Economy: Some Issues and Answers / Acharya, Shankar
773. India's Five Year Plans - I to XI: 1951-56 to 2007-12; 2 Volumes / Sury, M.M.; Mathur, Vibha & Bhasin, Niti (Eds.)
774. India's Foreign Policy: Opportunities and Obstacles / Yadav, Surya Narain & Baghel, Indu
775. India's Framework for Rural Development / Shaym, Radhey
776. India's International Trade and Economic Reforms / Prasad, Narendra
777. India's Oilseeds Economy / Reddy, A. Vinayak
778. India's Rural Cooperatives / Kainth, Gursharan Singh (Ed.)
779. India's Trade and Economic Co-operation with Developing and Socialist Countries / Agarwal, Ashok Kumar
780. India's White Revolution: Operation Flood, Food Aid and Development / Scholten, Bruce A.
781. Indigenous Industries of Assam (1870-1925) / Purkayastha, Sudeshna
782. Indigenous Industries of Assam: Retrospect and Prospect / Goswami, Priyam
783. Indirect Tax Reforms: Challenge and Response / Krishnan, V.S.
784. Indo-Nepal Economic Relations / Singh, A.K. & Mishra, A.D.
785. Indo-Nepal Trade Relations / Singh, A.K. & Khanal, R.K.
786. Indo-Nepal Trade Relations: 1846 to 1947 / Tiwary, Vijay Kumar
787. Indo-South East Asian Economic Relations / Bhatia, Ramesh Chander
788. Industrial Civilisation, Economic Reform Reconstrution / Mathur, J.S.
789. Industrial Development / Nanda, Jayanta K.
790. Industrial Development and Economic Policy / Mohanty, B. (Ed.)
791. Industrial Development and Planning in India / Sharma, Vishwambhar Nath
792. Industrial Development: Performance and Role of State Promotional and Financial Enterprises / Kaur, Kanwaljit
793. Industrial Economics / Sharma, A.K.
794. Industrial Economics: With Special Reference to Cotton Textile Mills Industry / Dhanara, P. Prince
795. Industrial Environment: Assessment and Strategy / Agarwal, S.K.
796. Industrial Growth in India / Aggarwal, Shivali
797. Industrial Policy and Economic Development in India: 1947-2012 / Chatterjee, Anup
798. Industrial Policy of India: Changing Facets / Pathak, Bachcha
799. Industrial Relations / Giri, Ramadhar
800. Industrial Relations Management / Mathur, B.L.
801. Industrial Relations of Public Sector / Mathur, T.N.
802. Industrial Sector Reforms in Globalization Era / Jalan, P.K.
803. Industrialisation and Indian Village / Tripathi, Harish Chandra
804. Industrialisation in Backward Areas / Narasaiah, M.L.
805. Industrialization Economic Reforms and Regional Development (Essays in Honour of Professor Ashok K. Mathur) / Thorat, Sukhadeo with Pradahan, Jaya Prakash & Abraham, Vinoj (Eds.)
806. The Industry in Transition / Banerji, Srijeet & Banerjee Gangadhar
807. Industry Trade and Economic Development / Mandal, Ram Krishna & Singh, A. Ibotombi (Eds.)
808. Inequality Poverty and Consumption / Paul, Satya
809. The Informal Sector in Developing Countries / Kumar, B. & et. al.
810. Information Economy Report 2006: The Development Perspective
811. Information India 1997-98 and 1998-99: Global View / Agarwal, S.P. & Gupta, Mithilesh
812. Information Needs of Indian Craft Industries / Dalai, Braja Kishor & Das, Kailash Chandra (Drs.)
813. Information Technology & National Development / Dubey, Y.P. with Menon, V.V. & Prasad, H.N.
814. Information Technology (IT) in the Indian Economy: Policies, Prospects and Challenges / Bhatt, M.S. & Illiyan, Asheref
815. Infrastructure and Economic Reforms / Gupta, V.P. & Gupta, Sneh
816. Infrastructure Development and the Indian Economy / Dash, L.N.
817. Infrastructure Development Under Economic Reforms / Heggade, Odeyar D. (Dr.)
818. Innovation and Cometitiveness of Small and Medium Enterprises / Rathakrishnan, L.
819. An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations; 3 Volumes / Smith, A.
820. Inside Uttrakhand Today / Tolia, R.S.
821. Institution of Caste and Other Essays / Bhardwaj, Rakesh
822. Institutional Finance and Agricultural Development in India / Hati, S.K.
823. Institutions: The Economic Approach / Hajela, P.D.
824. Insurance Industry in New Millennium: A Case of LIC-Challenges and Response / Pal, Sushil Chandra
825. Integrating the Rural Poor into Markets / Debroy, Bibek & Khan, Amir Ullah (Eds.)
826. Intellectual Property Rights / Kumar, M. Ashok & Ali, Mohd. Iqbal (Eds.)
827. Intellectual Property Rights, Global Relations and Globalization: A Reflection through Indian Paradigm / Jena, Kashinath
828. Interest Free Banking / Uzair, Muhammad (Dr.)
829. International Banking / Bhatt, P.R.
830. International Economic Relations / Murthy Gautam
831. International Economics / Mathur, Reeta
832. International Economics / Singh, P.N.
833. International Economics: According to UGC New Syllabus / Sachdeva, N.K.
834. International Economy Liberalisation Process / Bhalla, V.K.
835. International Encyclopaedia of Modern Economics; 3 Volumes / Shukla, N. & Gupta, P.
836. International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and Indian Accounting Practices / Raiyani, Jagadish R. & Lodha, Gaurav
837. International Institutions and Economic Development of Underdeveloped Countries / Aggarwal, M.R.
838. International Monetary Fund and Its Responsibilities / Mathur, V.K.
839. International Political Economy / Goddard, C.Roe with Cronin, Patrick & Dash, Kishore C.
840. International Practices in Industrial Relations / Bhatia, S.K.
841. International Trade and Economic Co-operation: India's Approach and Perspectives / Murthy, Gautam
842. International Trade Reforms and Iranian Economy / MH, Karim & Mashallah, Salarpour (Drs.)
843. Interpreting the Arab Spring: Significance of the New Arab Awakening? / Singh, Priya & Chatterjee, Kingshuk (Eds.)
844. Introduction to Economics: Micro and Macro / Kumar, Narender & et. al.
845. An Introduction to National Income Accounting / Behera, M.C. & Sahoo, M.S. (Drs.)
846. Introduction to National Rural Employment Gurantee Act (NREGA) / Rohtagi, V.D.
847. Introspection for India: A Paradigm for Progress / Subramanian, V.K.
848. Investment Banking & Customer Service / Kothari, C.R.
849. Investment Behavior in Indian Sugar Industry: An Economic Study / Suresh, P. Srinivasa
850. Issues and Recommendations of Twelfth Finance Commission / Rao, R. Sudarsana
851. Issues in Environmental Economics / Hnaley, Nick & et. al. (Eds.)
852. Issues in Social & Economic Development / Ahmed, Ausaf
853. Issues of Globalisation and Economic Reforms; 2 Volumes / Narayana, N.
854. Issues of Media Content, Market and Technology / Saxena, Ambrish
855. Jammu and Kashmir Economy / Khan, Bilal Ahmad (Dr.)
856. Jammu and Kashmir: Impact on Polity, Society and Economy / Raghavan, V.R. (Ed.)
857. Japan's Economic Diplomacy / Singh, Arun Kumar (Dr.)
858. Jobless Future: Political Causes of Economic Crisis / Jha, Prem Shankar
859. Jute and Substitutes / Chaudhary, N.C.
860. Karkhanas Under the Mughals from Akbar to Aurangzeb: A Study in Economic Development / Verma, Tripta
861. Kashmir: State of Impunity ...Social, Economic and Poltical Issues / Iqbal, Javid
862. Kautiliya Arthasastra Revisited / Mital, Surendra Nath
863. Kautilya Arthasastra: Compilation of Articles; 2 Volumes / Mittal, P. & Dua, Geeta (Eds.)
864. Kautilya's Arthasastra in the Light of Modern Science and Technology / Sarma, Sunil Sen
865. Kerala: Development through Radical Reform / Franke, Richard W. & Chasin, Barbara H.
866. Kerala's Development Issues in the New Millennium / Prakash, B.A. & Nair, V.R. Prabhakaran (Eds.)
867. Khadi Economics / Mathur, J.S.
868. Konkan Economy and Society in Transition 1818-1920 with Special Reference to Ratnagiri Malvan and Vengurla / Nabar, Sheela Mohan
869. Labour and Development in Twenty First Century / Saibaba, G.; Erraiah,G.; Devarajulu, M. & Naidu, Chinnaswamy
870. Labour Economics / Sharma, A.K.
871. Labour Law, Work and Development: Essays in honour of P.G. Krishnan / Saini, Debi S. (Ed.)
872. Labour out Migration in Orissa / Sethi, Bishnu Narayana (Dr.)
873. Labour Restructuring in India / Hajela, P.D.
874. Labour Sector Reforms in India / Tiwari, Sanjay; Sharma, Ashish & Upadhyay, Bhupendra
875. Land and Caste Politics in Bihar / Barik, R.K.
876. Land Development Banking With Special Reference to Economic Development in India / Imran (Dr.)
877. Land Question in India / Murthy, N. Linga; Rani, T. Jyothi & Rajaiah, G. & Narayana, K. Venkat & Ali, Mohd. Iqbal & Reddy, T. Papi (Eds.)
878. Land, Labour & Rights: 10 Daniel Thorner Memorial Lectures / Thornre, Alice (Ed.)
879. Laws on Adaptation in Ancient India: A Study on Economic Status / Chakraborti, Dipanwita
880. Leading Issues in Indian Economy / Sharma, Manoranjan
881. Leading Issues in Monetary Policy / Rangarajan, C.
882. Leading Issues in Public Enterprises Administration / Mathur, B.L. (Ed.)
883. Learn and Teach Economics: Based on UNESCO ICT Initiatives / Reddy, Sadashiva
884. Learning Economics through Project Method / Garg, V.P.
885. Liberalisation and Development: Agenda for Economic Reforms / Nambiar, Vijaya
886. Libralisation and Globalisation of Indian Economy; 7 Volumes / Gupta, K.R. (Ed.)
887. Life is a Little Better: Redistribution as a Development Strategy in Nadur Village, Kerala / Franke, Richard W.
888. Livestock Handling and Transport / Grandin, T. (Ed.)
889. Livestock in Different Farming Systems in India: Conference Proceedings / Birhal, Pratap S. & et. al.
890. Lockouts in India: Indian Society of Labour Economics Institute for Human Development / Datt, Ruddar
891. The Long Transition: Essays on Poilitical Economy / Patnaik, Utsa
892. Lull after the Strom: Poverty and Integrated Rural Development / Mohsin, Nadeem
893. The Macro Economic Policies and the Millennium Development Goals / Patel, Vibhuti & Karne, Manisha
894. Macro Economics / Singh, S.B.
895. Macro Economics / Tyagi, P.K.
896. Macro Economics: Functions and Policies / Anand, Aishwarya
897. Macro-Econometrics on Some South-East Asian Nations / Datta, K. & Mukhopadhyay, C.K.
898. Madhyakalin Bharat Ki Samajik, Aarthik, Dharmic evam Rajnitik Samasyen (in Hindi) / Gajarani, Shiv (Dr.)
899. Man and Development in the Himalayas / Kapoor, A.K. & Singh, Dharamvir (Eds.)
900. Management Challenges of Service Economy of India: Issues and Trends / Prasad, P. Balaji

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