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1. 1962 and the McMahon Line Saga / Arpi, Claude
2. The 21st Century Army: Strategies for Future / Banerjee, Gautam (Lt. Gen.)
3. 50 Years of India's Independence / Subramanian, S. (Dr.)
4. Aftermath of a Nuclear Attack / Chauhan, Anil
5. Air Dominance: Procedings of the Seminar / Singh, Jasjit (Ed.)
6. Air Power and Challenges to IAF / Khan, J.A.
7. Air Power and Counter Insurgency - A Review: Jammu and Kashmir as a Model / Tiwary, A.K.
8. Airline Service Marketing / Sharad Goel (Dr.)
9. Airpower and Technology / Mets, David R.
10. Armed Conflict and Security in South Asia / Ranjan, Ravi
11. Armed Forces & the International Diversities / Parmar, L.
12. Armed Forces and Nation-Building / Sood, Sushma (Ed.)
13. Armed Forces in British India / Pruthi, Rajkumar & Rameshwari Devi
14. Armed Struggle for Freedom / Shastri, Bal Hardev
15. Arms Control: Cooperative Security in a Changing Environment / Larsen, Jeffrey
16. The Army Logistics and War Equipment / Prasad, Rameshwar
17. Art of War / Jomini, Baron De
18. As it Happened: Amazing Tell Tales of Army Life / Singh, Kanwaljit
19. Asian Defence Review 2012 / Singh, Jasjit (Air Commodore)
20. Asian Security Dynamic: U.S.A., Japan and the Rising Powers / Raghavan, V.R.
21. Atomic Energy in India / Chakravarty, Shubhra
22. Attack on Akshardham: Temple Terror / Bhushan, K. & Katyal, G.
23. Attack on Parliament: Challenges Before the Nation / Bhushan, K. & Katyal, G.
24. Australia's Defence Policy and South East Asia / Das, Shubhamitra
25. Banning Weapons of Mass Destruction / Mattis, Frederick N.
26. The Bengal Army and the Outbreak of the Indian Mutiny / David, Saul
27. Beyond Guns and Steel: A War Termination Strategy / Caraccilo, Dominic J.
28. Beyond Realism: Human Security in India and Pakistan in the 21st Century / Datta, Rekha
29. Bio-Energy Spectrum / Vimal, O.P. & et. al.
30. Black Days in Andaman & Nicobar Islands / Roychowdhury, Rabin
31. Brahmand World Defence Update 2018
32. British Lions and the Indian Tigers: Triumph of the Sepoy gainst the British Sword / Yadav, Kim (Brigadier)
33. By Land and Sea: The Punjab Regiment / Shorey, Anil (Col.)
34. CBI Headquarters: Victory or Mystery / Mukherjee, D.
35. CDS Bipin Rawat: A Great Indian Soldier / Chouhan, Ajay (Dr.)
36. Certain to Win / Richards, Chet
37. Certain Victory: The U.S. Army in the Gulf War / Scales, Robert H. (Jr.) Brig.) (Gen.)
38. Chain of Command in Defence / Bhatt, Amitabh (Dr.)
39. Challenges to Police, Human Rights and National Security / Mathur, Krishna Mohan (Dr.)
40. Chemical Warfare and Casuality Management / Gupta, R.N.
41. China and India Dispute: Subject to Negotiations / Singh, M.K.
42. China and Systematic Challenges to Rule based International Order / Roy, Prashant (Dr.)
43. China at War: An Encyclopedia / Li, Xiaobing
44. China Strides in Bhutan, Nepal and Myanmar: Options for India / Shahi, Subodh Kumar (Col.)
45. China Unveiled: Insights into Chinese Strategic Thinking / Ranade, Jayadeva
46. China: Military Modernisation and Strategy / Chansoria, Monika
47. China-Russia: Bhai Bhai / Chandra, Manish (Dr.)
48. China's Aerospace Strategy / Singh, J.V.
49. China's Approach towards Territorial Disputes: Lessons and Prospects / Hashmi, Sana
50. China's Assertive and Aggressive Behaviour / Arya, C.V. (Dr.)
51. China's Defence Policy: Indian Perspectives / Kanwal, Gurmeet & Katoch, Dhruv C.
52. China's Depredations on LAC / Singh, Mukesh Kumar (Dr.)
53. China's Himalayan Frontiers India's Attitude / Kumar, Ashutosh (Dr.)
54. China's India War 1962: Looking Back to See the Future / Singh, Jasjit
55. China's Military Modernization: Building for Regional and Global Reach / Fisher, Richard D.
56. China's Power Projection / Phadke, R.V. (Air Commodore)
57. China's Strategy at Line of Control (LOC) / Jha, R.K.
58. China's Territorial Ambition: Posing Challenges to India / Singh, M.K.
59. Chinese Air Force Threat / Kumar, R.V. (Air Commodore)
60. Chinese Military Modernisation / Kapur, C.K. (Lt. Gen.) PVSM, AVSM (Retd.)
61. Chinese Military Structure / Bhatt, Amitabh (Dr.)
62. Chinese: WMD Proliferation in Asia: US Response / Chansoria, Monika
63. Civil Nuclear Diplomacy / Bhandari, K.
64. Civil-Military Relations in Today's China: Swimming in a New Era / Finkelstein, David M. & Gunness, Kristen (Eds.)
65. Collective Security Under United Nations: Retrospect and Prospects / Dwivedi, Dhirendra
66. Communal Threat to Secular Democracy / Puniyani, Ram
67. Communal Violence Insurgency Terrorism and Security: Socio-Political and Religious Perspective / Khan, M.Z. & Gupta, V.K.
68. Communalism and Communal Riots in India / Kumar, Pravin
69. Comparative Security Dynamics in North East Asia and South Asia / Chari, P.R. & Raghavan, Vyjayanti
70. Complete Book on Indian Armed Forces / Prasad, Rameshwar
71. Composition and Regimental System of the Indian Army: Continuity and Change / Gautam, P.K.
72. Conduct of War / Singh, Narendar (Col.) (Dr.)
73. Cooperative Security Framework for South Asia / Nayak, Nihar
74. Corporate Warriors: The Rise of the Privatized Military Industry / Singer, P.W.
75. Corruption, Global Security and World Order / Rotberg, Robert I.
76. Counter the Dragon / Singh, Sanjay (Dr.)
77. Court Martial and Military Matters / Kumar, Nilendra (Brig.) (Now Major General)
78. Court Martial Process: Empirically Studied / Vidhu, Rama G.
79. The Craft of Intelligence / Dulles, Allen W.
80. Crime, Human Rights and National Security / Mathur, K.M.
81. Cruise Missiles: Technology, Strategy and Politics / Sinha, C.D. (Capt.) (Retd.)
82. Crusader or Conspirator? Coalgate and Other Truths / Parakh, P.C. (IAS [Retd.] Former Seceretary, Ministry of Coal)
83. Cyberpower and National Security / Kramer, Franklin D.; Starr, Stuart H. & Wentz, Larry (Eds.)
84. Dateline Kargil: A Correspondent's Nine-Week Account from the Battlefront / Sawant, Gaurav C.
85. Defence Acquisition: International Best Practices / Behera, Laxman Kumar & Kaushal, Vinay (Eds.)
86. Defence Development and National Security / Samadar, S. (Cap.)
87. Defence Development, and National Security / Samadar, Cap. Surjeet
88. Defence from the Skies: 80 Years of the Indian Air Force (2nd Edtion) / Singh, Jasjit
89. Defence Journalism in India / Saxena, Sangeeta
90. Defence Modernisation and Military Strategy / Vaidya, M.L. (Capt.) (Retd.)
91. Defence Offsets Unscrambled / Aggarwal, Sanjiv
92. Defence Offsets: International Experience and Implication for India / Srinivas, V.N. (Wing Commd.)
93. Defence Programmes of India / Mishra, H.B.
94. Defence Services: Financial Analysis and Resource Mobilisation / Athawale, Sanhita S.
95. Defence Yearbook 2010-2011 / Padmanabhan, S. & Pattabhiraman, S.
96. Despatches From Kargil / Chowdhury, Srinjoy
97. Dictionary of Military Terms / Prasad, R.
98. Double Talk on Weapons of Mass Destruction and Indian Security / Chopra, V.D.
99. Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control / Benjamin, Medea
100. Drugs and Contemporary Warfare / Kan, Paul Rexton
101. Dynamics of National Security / Verma, N.M. (Col.)
102. Encyclopaedia of Arms Race, Arms Control and Disarmament; 12 Volumes / Sinha, P.C. (Ed.)
103. Encyclopaedia of Defence in India; 4 Volumes / Dua, H.C.
104. Encyclopaedia of Global Conflicts, Issues and Controversies; 2 Volumes / Singh, Anil Kumar
105. Encyclopaedia of Great Military Leaders & Soldiers / Bennice, Warren G.
106. Encyclopaedia of Indian Army; 9 Volumes / Malhotra, V.P. (Brig.)
107. Encyclopaedia of Military Systems in India; 9 Volumes (in 10 Parts) / Kuamar, Raj (Ed.)
108. Encyclopaedia of Nuclear Arms Control and Non Proliferation; 5 Volumes / Mehta, R.S. (Gen.) (Ed.)
109. Encyclopaedia of Social Development: Law, Policy and Security; 10 Volumes / Sinha, Prabhas C.
110. Encyclopaedia of South-East and South Asian Security; 5 Volumes / Kumar, Satinder
111. Encyclopaedia of War, Peace and Global Security; 12 Volumes / Sinha, P.C. (Ed.)
112. Encyclopaedia of World Intelligence; 3 Volumes / Bradshaw, Michael J.
113. Encyclopedia of Wars; 3 Volumes / Phillips, Charles & Axelrod, Alan
114. Endgame in Afghanistan: For Whom the Dice Rolls / Karlekar, Hiranmay
115. Energy Security: India, Central Asia and the Neighbourhood / Doraiswamy, Rashmi (Ed.)
116. Environment, Security and Tourism in South Asia; 3 Volumes / Pandey, V.C. (Ed.)
117. Eroding Bufer States: Nepal and Bhutan / Mishra, Arun Kumar
118. Essays on China / Singh, Jasjit
119. Ethnicity and security of India: A Case Study of North East / Singh, Anand K.
120. Evolution of Maritime Strategy and National Security of India / Sugandha
121. Executive Secrets: Covert Action and the Presidency / Daugherty, William J.
122. External Security Challenges in Afghanistan and South Asia / Dhar, Y.S.
123. An Eye Witness Account of the Indian Mutiny / Roberts, Lord (Field Marshal of Kandhar)
124. The Fight for the Badlands: Conflict Resolution and Security along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) / Anirudh R.
125. Fighting Spirit: Psychological Factors in War / Richardson, F.M. (Maj. Gen.)
126. Firepower 2030 / Chakravorty, P.K.
127. Foreign Policy and Maritime Security of India / Pavithran, K.S.
128. Fourth Estate: A Force Multiplier for the Indian Army / Tyagi, S.C. (Col.)
129. Frontier Officers in Colonial: Northeast India / Chatterjee, Suhas
130. Future Defence Challenges: Armed Forces of the 21st Century / Ghosh, C.N. (Dr.)
131. The Future of Arms Control / Levi, Michael, A. & O'Hanlon, Michael E.
132. The Future of War: Organizations as Weapons / Mandeles, Mark D.
133. Genesis and Fall out of U.S. - U.K. Military Action in Iraq / Chopra, V.D.
134. Global Governance, Development and Human Security / Thomas, Caroline
135. Global Implications of India's Nuclear Explosion / Chopra, J.K.
136. Global Military Science / Anil, K.C. (Col.)
137. Global Security Paradoxes: 2000-2020 / Saighal, Vinod (Major General)
138. Globalisation and Regional Security: India and Australia / Rumley, Dennis & Gopal, D.
139. Globalization, Democracy and Culture: Situating Gandhian Alternatives / Kaushik, Asha
140. Glorious History of Indian Military / Vaidya, M.L. (Capt.) (Retd.)
141. A Grand Strategy for America / Art, Robert J.
142. The Great Disclosures: Secrets Unmasked / War, Hilal Ahmad
143. Greater China in an Era of Globalization / Guo, Sujian & Guo, Baogang (Eds.)
144. A Handbook of Chemical and Biological Warfare / Mauroni, A.I.
145. Handbook of Fire Control and Protection / Kumar, Arun
146. Handbook of Military and Defence Service / Radhakrishna, S. (Capt.)
147. A Handbook of Military Law: Reference Manual / Jha, U.C.
148. A Handbook of Nuclear Weapons & Nonproliferation / Diehi, Sarah J. & Moltz, James Clay
149. Handbook of Security, Intelligence and Anti-Terrorism Laws / Tiwari, Manish
150. Handbook of Warning Intelligence / Grabo, Cynthia
151. Historical Dictionary of Air Intelligence / Trenear-Harvey, Glenmore S.
152. Historical Dictionary of Cold War Counterintelligence / West, Nigel
153. Historical Dictionary of International Intelligence / West, Nigel
154. Historical Dictionary of Israeli Intelligence / Kahana, Ephraim
155. Historical Dictionary of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Warfare / Garrett, Benjamin C. & Hart, John
156. Hot War Cold War: The British Army Way of Warfare / Thapa, Major C.R. (Retd.)
157. Hours of Glory: Famous Battles of the Indian Army 1801-1971 / Das, C.N.
158. Human Rights and Social Security in North-East India / Haokip, George T.
159. Ideas as Weapons / David, G.J. & McKeldin, T.R. (Eds.)
160. India and China: The Way Forward / Rajan, D.S.
161. India and South East Asia: The Security Cooperation / Bammi, Y.M.
162. India and Southeast Asia: Towards Security Convergence / Devare, Sudhir
163. India-China Relations: Post Conflict Phase to Post Cold War Period / Chengappa, Bidanda M.
164. India-China-Doklam Standoff / Sharma, Gopal
165. Indian Affairs Annual 2005: Chronology of Events (1 April 2004 to 31 March 2005) 9 Volumes / Gaur, Mahendra (Ed.)
166. Indian Affairs Annual 2006: Chronology of Events (1 April 2005 to 31 March 2006) 9 Volumes / Gaur, Mahendra (Ed.)
167. Indian Affairs Annual 2007; 9 Volumes / Gaur, Mahendra
168. Indian Affairs Annual 2008; 9 Volumes / Sengar, Shailendra
169. Indian Air Force: Glorious Past to Present / Rao, K.L.
170. The Indian Cavalry: History of the Indian Armoured Corps till 1940 / Sandhu, Gurcharan Singh (Maj. Gen.)
171. Indian Defence and Security / Jain, U.C.
172. Indian Defence Review: Jan-March 2002; Vol.17 / Verma, Bharat
173. Indian Military Legal Systems; 2 Volumes / Kumar, Raj (Ed.)
174. Indian Military Thought: Kurukshetra to Kargil and Future Perspectives / Singh, K. Kuldip (Retd.) (Brig.)
175. Indian National Army: A Documentary Study; 5 Volumes / Sareen, T.R.
176. Indian Navy: A Photo Essay / Menon, Raja
177. Indian Ocean: Issues For Peace / Melkote, Rama S. (Ed.)
178. Indian Perspectives on China, Volume 2 / Rajan, D.S. (Ed.)
179. The Indian Police: A Critical Evaluation / Verma, Arvind
180. India's Energy Security / Dhall, Vivek (Lt. Col.)
181. India's Internal Security: The Actual Concerns / Asthana, N.C. & Nirmal, A.
182. India's Military Conflicts and Diplomacy: An Inside View of Decision Making / Malik, V.P. (General)
183. India's National Security in the Post Cold War Era / Chaudhary, Birendra Kumar
184. India's National Security: Annual Review 2007 / Kumar, Satish (Ed.)
185. India's National Security: Concerns and Strategies / Pillai, Mohanan B.
186. India's Neighbourhood: The Armies of South Asia / Chandra, Vishal (Ed.)
187. India's Nuclear Technology Dilemma: Projections and Realities / Reddy, G.B.
188. India's Policy of No First Use of Nuclear Weapons / Kamath, P.M.
189. India's Quest for Internal Security / Singh, Samarveer (Capt.) (Retd.)
190. India's Quest: Leadership of a Powerful Nation / Marwah, Jaswant Singh (Lt. Col.)
191. India's Special Forces: History and Future of Special Forces / Katoch, P.C. & Datta, Saikat
192. India's Spy Agencies: Shaken Not Stirred / Parihar, Sunil S. (Lt. Col.)
193. India's War on Terror / Kanwal, Gurmeet & Manoharan, N (Eds.)
194. Indo-Nepal Relations: Challenges and Opportunities / Shukla, A.P. & Tripathi, S.N.M.
195. Indo-Pak Relations: Beyond Pulwama and Balakot, 4th Edition / Singh, Uday Vir (Dr.)
196. Indo-Pak Relations: Glamour, Drama or Diplomacy? (Updated Edition) / Singh, U.V. (Dr.)
197. Information and Security: Where Truth Lies / Bhat, Anil
198. Information Operations: Doctrine and Practice: A Reference Handbook / Paul, Christopher
199. Inside C.I.A. Lessons in Intelligence / Chauhan, Sharad S. (Dr.)
200. Inside IB and Raw: The Rolling Stone that Gathered Moss / Nair, K. Sankaran
201. Insurgency and Counter Insurgency: A Dangerous War of Nerves / Chandrasekaran, A.V. (Group Captain)
202. Intelligence Tradecraft: Secrets of Spy Warfare / Dhar, Maloy Krishna (IPS)
203. Internal Armed Conflict in India: Forging a Joint Civil-Military Approach / Nanavatty, Rostum K.
204. Internal Conflicts: Military Perspectives / Raghavan, V.R.
205. Internal Security Threats to South Asia / Dwivedi, Manan & Chakravarty, Devaditya
206. International Encyclopaedia of Intelligence, Terrorism Laws and Security; 10 Volumes / Chaudhary, R.L.
207. International Security Management and the United Nations: The United Nations System in the 21st Century / Alagappa, Muthiah & Inoguchi, Takashi (Eds.)
208. An Intro to Intelligence Research and Analysis / Clauser, Jerome
209. Investigating the Mumbai Conspiracy / John, Wilson & Kumar, Vishwas
210. The Invisible Wall of China / Nayal, Mohit (Dr.)
211. The Iraq War: Strategy, Tactics and Military Lessions / Cordesman, Anthony H.
212. Japanese (Re)Militarisation and Asia / Kapoor, Rajesh (Dr.)
213. Japanese in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands: Red Sun Over Black Water / Dasgupta, Jayant
214. Jungle Warfare: An Ultimate Handbook / Asthana, N.C. (Dr.)
215. Kargil Blunder: Pakistan's Plight, India's Victory / Bahl, Y. (Maj. Gen.) (Retd.)
216. The Kargil War: A Saga of Patriotism / Sharma, Ram Nath & Sharma, R.K.
217. Kashmir Diary: Psychology of Militancy / Ray, Arjun (Maj. Gen.)
218. Kashmir Military and Human Rights / Teng, M.K. & et. al.
219. Khule Rahasya: Bharatiya Guptachar Vibhaag ka Pardafaash / Dhar, Maloy Krishna
220. Leadership in the Army in Peacetime versus Conflict: An Analysis / Lal, Shyam (Brig.)
221. Legal Safeguards for Defence Personnel / Kumar, Ranvir
222. A Legendary Force Ist Patiala: 300 Years of 15 Punjab (Patiala) / Shorey, Colonel Anil
223. Lens and the Guerrilla: Insurgency in India's Northeast / Bhattacharya, Rajeev
224. The Lies That Win: Army Promotions / Kadyan, Raj (Lt. Gen.)
225. A Life of Passion: Story of a Sapper / PVSM, TB Nanda (Lt. Gen.)
226. Lost Victory: The Rise and Fall of LTTE Supremo, V. Prabhakaran / Mehta, Raj Maj. Gen. (Retd)
227. Manas Defence Yearbook 2009-2010 (ARMY - NAVY - AIR) / Padmanabhan, S. & Pattabhiraman, S.
228. Manas Police and Security Yearbook 2010-2011 / Doval, Ajit & Lall, B.R. (IPS)
229. Manmohanomics: Journey to South Block: Life of an Indian Prime Minister (With Common Minimum Programme) / Garg, Vivek & Mishra, Ravish
230. Maoist Threat in India: A Red Corridor from Nepal to Tamil Nadu / Saha, B.P. (Dr.)
231. Maoists and Naxalite Politics in India / Das, S. (Dr.)
232. Maritime Forces in Pursuit of National Security: Policy Imperatives for India / Khurana, Gurpreet S.
233. Maritime Security for India: New Challenges and Responses / Singh, K.R.
234. Marshal Arjan Singh, DFC: Life and Times / Singh, Ranbir
235. The McMahon Line: A Century of a Disputed Boundary / Singh, J.J. (General) (Retd.)
236. Memories: Sweet and Sour / Mehra, O.P. (Air Chief Marshal)
237. Migrants and Militants Fun and Urban Violence in Pakistan / Verkaaik, Oskar
238. Militancy and Conflict Resolution in Manipur / Jassal, R.S. (Comdt.) (Retd.)
239. Militarisation of Space / Lalitendra, Kaza (Wing Commander)
240. Military & Society an International Perspective / Sood, S. & et. al.
241. Military and Democracy in South Asia: Challenges, Politics and power / Anil, K.C. (Col.)
242. Military Atlas of the First World War / Pagare, G.K.
243. Military Confidence-Building and India-China Relations: Fighting Distrust / Banerjee, Dipankar & Jacob, Jabin T.
244. Military Conversion: Impact on Science and Technology / Rao, D. Bhaskara (Ed.)
245. Military Ethics: Guideline for Peace and War / Radhakrishna, S. (Capt.)
246. The Military Foundations of the Modern Politics / Pagare, G.K.
247. Military Geography of South East Asia / Jadoan, Atar Singh (Dr.) (Major)
248. Military History of British India: 1607-1947 / Bhatia, H.S. (Ed.)
249. Military History of the World / Dixit, A.K.
250. Military Leadership for Tomorrow / Singh, Jasjit (Air Comd.)
251. Military Logistics: The Third Dimension / Sarin, Parmodh (Brig.)
252. Military Operation in Kashmir: Insurgency at Charar-e-Sharief / Gauhar, G.N. & Gowhar, Shahwar
253. Military Power: Explaining Victory and Defeat in Modern Battle / Biddle, Stephen
254. Military Rule and Democratization: Changing Perspectives / Gupta, Asha
255. Military Sociology: Global Perspectives / Parmar, L.
256. The Military Space Force: The Next Fifty Years / Singh, Samarveer (Capt.) (Retd.)
257. Military Strategy and Diplomacy / Juvale, R.P.
258. Military Technology and Defence Manpower / Gupta, K.N. (Col.) (Retd.)
259. Military Wars and Rescue Techniques / Dixit, A.K.
260. Missile Contagion: Cruise Missile Proliferation and the Threat to International Security / Gormley, Dennis M.
261. Missing Boundaries: Refugees, Migrants, Stateless and Internally Displaced Persons in South Asia / Chari, P.R.; Joseph, Mallika & Chandran, Suba (Eds.)
262. Mission R&AW / Yadav, R.K. (Former R&AW Officer)
263. Modern Warfare and Military Strategy / Emmerich, Viktor & et. al.
264. Modern Warfare; 2 Volumes / Pruthi, R.K.
265. Modernisation of National Security in South Asia / Chattopadhyay, H.P. & Sarkar, S.K.
266. Mumbai 26/11: Security Imperatives for the Future / Bhonsle, Rahul K. (Brig.)
267. Nation Keepers Central Reserve Police Force / Dogra, R.S.D.
268. National Security Dilemmas: Challenges and Opportunities / Gray, Colin S.
269. National Security in South Asia: A New Paradigm / Chari, P.R. (Ed.)
270. National Security Issues: Northeast India Perspectives / Ahmed, Abu Nasar Saied (Ed.)
271. National Security Lecture National Security Challenges for India In the Next Decade: National Security Seminar Conflicts in the North East / National Security Series 2008
272. National Security: Emerging Dimensions and Threats / Gandhi, Navniit
273. The New Afghanistan Pawn of America / Ram, Samay (Major General)
274. New Approach: National Security / Roy, Sekhar Basu
275. The New Soldier in the Age of Asymmetric Conflict / Sarkar, Rumu
276. The Next Arms Race / Sokolski, Henry D. (Ed.)
277. No Strings Attached?: India's Policies and Foreign Aid 1947-1966 / Boquerat, Gilles
278. Non-alignment and Peace Versus Military Alignment and War / Kuruppu, Nihal Henry
279. Nuclear Insecurity: Understanding the Threat from Rogue Nations and Terrorists / Caravelli, Jack
280. Nuclear Power and the Spread of Nuclear Weapons: Can we have one without the other? / Leventhal, Paul; Tanzer, Sharon & Dolley, Steven (Eds.)
281. Nuclear Security: Strategies and Techniques / Khan, I.K.
282. The Nuclear Tipping Point: Why States Reconsider their Nuclear Choices / Campbell, Kurt M.; Einhorn, Robert J. & Reiss, Mitchell B. (Eds.)
283. Nuclear Weapons and Global Security: Facts and Acts / Joshi, Hargovind
284. Nuclear World: Defence and Politics of Major Powers / Banerjee, Jyotirmoy
285. On the Weapons, Army Organisation, and Political Maxims of the Ancient Hindus / Oppert, Gustav
286. On War / Clausewitz, Carl Von
287. Open Secrets: India's Intelligence Unveiled / Dhar, Maloy Krishna (Former Joint Director, Intelligence Bureau, India)
288. Operation Triple X: An Indian Spy Run in Pakistan / Dhar, Maloy Krishna
289. Pakistan After 9/11 / Sreedhar (Ed.)
290. Pakistan at Crossroads: Balochistan in the Line of Fire / Bansal, Alok
291. Pakistan at the Crossroads / Nayyar, K.K. (Ed.)
292. Pakistan Betrayed Bangladesh: Rediscovering the War / Singh, N.B. (Retd. Air Cmde.)
293. Pakistan Occupied Kashmir: The Untold Story / Gupta, Virendra & Bansal, Alok (Eds.)
294. Pakistan's Failed Gamble: The Battle of Laungewala / Shorey, Colonel Anil
295. Pakistan's Intelligence / Raje, Sudhakar
296. Pakistan's Military and Its Strategy / Chawla, Shalini
297. Pakistan's Nuclear Policy / Pande, Savita
298. Pakistan's Tactical Nuclear Weapon: Conflict Redux / Kanwal, Gurmeet & Chansoria, Monika
299. The Panjab, North-West Frontier Province and Kashmir / Douie, James
300. Para-Military Forces: Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) / Dogra, R.S.D.

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