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301. Dialectics of Freedom in Somerset Maugham / Rahman, Adibur
302. Dialogical Theologies: Hartford Papers and Other Essays / Aleaz, K.P.
303. Dicken's Novels in the 'Age of Improvement' / Sen, Sambudha
304. Dictionary of Abbreviations and Acronyms / Shaffer, Lawrence
305. Dictionary of Grammatical and Literary Terms / Rajamouly, Katta
306. Dictionary of Indo-Persian Literature / Hadi, Nabi
307. Dictionary of Literary Disguises: Initials and Pseudonyms; 3 Volumes (3rd Revised Edition) / Cushing, William
308. A Dictionary of Science, Literature and Art; 3 Volumes / Brande, W.T. & Cox, Rev. George W.
309. Dictionary of the Kashmiri Proverbs and Sayings: Explained and Illustrated for the Rich and Interesting Folkore of the Valley / Knowles, J. Hinton
310. The Difficulties in English Contrastive Approach / Khan, Intakhab Alam
311. Diksha at St. Martin's / Chowdhury, Siddharth
312. Dimensions of Contemporary Sanskrit Research / Jha, Ujjwala & Mishra, Arun Ranjan
313. Dinkar Ki Kavybhasha: Shaili Vegyanik Adhyayan (in Hindi) / Arora, Sneh Lata (Ed.)
314. Discovering the Inscape: Essays on Literature / Mahapatra, Sitakant
315. The Disintegrating Psyche: An Analysis of Jean Rhy's Marginaziled Heroines / Subzposh, Huma Javed
316. Divan-e-Ghalib: Urdu-Hindi-English Selected Ghazals / Rana, Kunwar Rajinder Singh (Tr.)
317. Divine Doubts: Poems / Kunju, N.
318. Diwan-e-Ghalib: Complete Translation into English including all the Ghazals, Qasidas, Masnavis, Qitas and Quatrains of the published Diwan and a selection from the unpublished Diwan / Rehman, Sarvat (Tr.)
319. Doctrine of Sakti in Indian Literature / Chakravarti, P.C.
320. Doris Lessing: A Writer with a Difference / Iyer, N Sharda
321. Down Memory Lane / Ray, P.K.
322. Dowry Murder: Reinvestigating a Cultural Whodunnit / Oldenburg, Veena Talwar
323. Drama of Prince Arjuna / Imam, S.M.
324. Dream Passion: A Study of the Peotry of Thom Gunn / Shukla, Dinesh K.
325. Dream Sequence / Barnabas, Sarala
326. Dreamy Traveller: A Novel / Arif, M.D.
327. Durjanacharitam: Svopajnahindi-Anuvadasahitam Kavyam (in Sanskrit & Hindi) / Harinarayanadiksitah (Dr.)
328. Duty with Illustrations of Courage, Patience and Endurance / Smiles, Samuel
329. Dying Shadows: A Collection of Short Stories / Singh, S.P.
330. Dynamics of Culture and Diaspora in Jhumpa Lahiri / Das, Nigamananda
331. Early Nineteenth Century Punjab: Historical Analysis of European Travellers' Literature / Bajwa, Kulwinder Singh
332. Earnest Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea: The Atlantic Critical Studies / Rao, P.G. Rama
333. Earth in Space: Selected Poems / Malik, Keshav
334. Earth, Love and Doom: Mythico-Symbolic Dimensions of Sri Authrobindo's Savitri / Mishra, Nanda Kishore
335. East and West in Aesthetics / Marchiano, Grazia (Ed.)
336. Edgar Allan Poe: A Critical Study / Joseph, T. & Francis, S.
337. Edmund Spenser: A Critical Study / Joseph, T. & Francis, S.
338. Elegy and Dream: Akhtaruzzaman Elias' Creative Commitment / Dasgupta, Subhoranjan
339. Eliot's Early Poetry in Perspective / Mittal, C.R.
340. Emerging Trends in Contemporary Sanskrit Literature / Vaidya, Uma; Mahulikar, Gauri & Narsalay, Madhavi (Eds.)
341. Emily Dicknson: A Crritical Study / Joseph, T. & Francis, S.
342. Eminent Indian-English Writers: An Assessment / Karnani, C.
343. Encounter and Identity: Perspectives on Indo-Canadian Studies / George, Jacob
344. Encounters- Selected Indian & Australian Short Stories / Jankiram, A.
345. Encyclopaedia of American Literature; 5 Volumes / George, Stella Mary
346. Encyclopaedia of Commonwealth Literature; 2 Volumes / Gowda, H.H. Anniah
347. Encyclopaedia of Education, Culture and Children's Literature; 4 Volumes / Mohanty, Jagannath
348. Encyclopaedia of English Literature / Ghosh, Bashumitra
349. Encyclopaedia of English Prose; 2 Volumes / Partick, D.
350. Encyclopaedia of Folklore and Folktales of South Asia; 15 Volumes / Kumar, Sushil & Kumar, Naresh (Eds.)
351. Encyclopaedia of India by Various Scholars; 32 Volumes
352. Encyclopaedia of Indian Folk Literature; 12 Volumes
353. Encyclopaedia of Indian Heritage: Descriptive Work of Indological Research in Philosophy, Religion Sacred Literature, Society, Thought, Traditions and Ancient Sciences; 90 Volumes / Kapoor, Subodh (Ed.)
354. Encyclopaedia of Indian Literature; 2 Volumes / Pandey, Ravi Narayan
355. Encyclopaedia of Indian Literature; 6 Volumes
356. Encyclopaedia of Indian Writers: Akademi Laurels; 2 Volumes (Bengali) / Sinha, Biswajit & et. al.
357. Encyclopaedia of Literary & Artistic Achivers; 2 Volumes / Bennice, Warren G.
358. Encyclopaedia of Literature in English; 7 Volumes / Bhatnagar, Manmohan K. (Ed.)
359. The Encyclopaedia of Nobel Laureates Literature; 4 Volumes / Benette, Raymond & et. al. (Eds.)
360. The Encyclopaedia of Nobel Laureates Peace; 4 Volumes / Benette, Raymond & et. al. (Eds.)
361. Encyclopaedia of Pali Literature; 20 Volumes / Tripathi, Sridhar (Ed.)
362. Encyclopaedia of World Great Literary Critics; 2 Volumes / Nicholson, Rudolf
363. Encyclopaedia of World Great Novelists; 9 Volumes / Hudson, Robert & Arnold, Edwin (Eds.)
364. Encyclopaedia of World Great Poets; 11 Volumes / Joseph, T. & Francis, S. (Eds.)
365. The Encyclopaedia of World's Great Authors Literature: A Galaxy of Biographies of World's Most Memorable Literary Icons and a Critical Review of their Creative Works; 7 Volumes / Herbert, Wilson P. & et. al.
366. Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Asian Novels and Novelists; 3 Volumes / Malhotra, R.P. (Ed.)
367. Encyclopaedic Dictionary of English Language and Literature; 5 Volumes / Swaminathan, Meenakshi & Ramasamy, Pramila
368. Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Literary Criticism / Shaffer, Lawrence
369. Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Pali Literature; 2 Volumes / Singh, N.K. & Baruah, B. (Eds.)
370. Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Punjabi Literature; 2 Volumes / Malhotra, R.P. & et. al. (Eds.)
371. Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Sanskrit Literature; 5 Volumes / Bhattacharya, J.N. & Sikdar, Nilanjana (Eds.)
372. An Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Sanskrit on Historical Principles; 8 Volumes (Rexine Bound) / Ghatage, A.M.; Joshi, S.D.; Ranade, H.G. & Bhatta, V.P. (Eds.)
373. Encyclopaedic History of World Literature; 10 Volumes / Sinha, P.K. & Ghosh, J.K.
374. The Encyclopedia of British Writers; 2 Volumes / Krueger, Christine L.
375. The Encyclopedia of Word & Phrase Origins / Hendrickson, Robert
376. The Encyclopedia of World Writers: 19th Century 20th Century / Diamond, Marie Josephine
377. English Language Teaching / Raman, Meenakshi (Ed.)
378. English Literature Criticism / Atkin, J.W.H.
379. English Poets: Thoughts and Contribution / Agarwal, Charu (Dr.)
380. English Short Stories for Students / George, Sebastian
381. Environment and Ancient Sanskrit Literature / Goel, Aruna
382. The Epic Hero in Campu Kavya: A Study of The Campuramayana / Saikia, Indira
383. Ernest Hemingway: A Study of His Prose / Bajpai, Virendra Kumar
384. Ernest Hemingway: Short Stories and Humanism / Khan, A.A. & Talat, Qamar
385. Ernest Hemingway's A Farewell to Arms: The Atlantic Critical Studies / Rao, P.G. Rama
386. Erotics in Kaliasa II: Carnal Conditions, Type of Love, Stages of Love / Kulshreshtha, Sushma (Ed.)
387. Erotics in Sanskrit & English Literature I: With special reference to Kalidasa and Shakespeare / Kulshreshtha, Sushma (Ed.)
388. Essay on Human Love / Guitton, Jean
389. Essay Writing / Fernandez, Silvia M.
390. Essays in Longitudinal Thinking: The Best of IJTD / Tamotia, S.K. & Gautam Vinayshil
391. Essays on Ancient India / Kumar, Raj
392. Essays on Assamese Literature / Neog, Maheswar
393. Essays on Indian Art and Architecture / Kumar, Raj (Ed.)
394. Essays on Indology, Polity and Administration; 2 Volumes / Trivedi, S.D. (Ed.)
395. Essays on Modern Sanskrit Poetry / Panda, Rabindra K.
396. Essays on the New Literatures / Dhawan, R.K.
397. Ethics in Persian Poetry: With Special Reference to Timurid Period / Dalal, Gulam Abbas
398. The Ethics of Love in the Human Context / Stephen, M.
399. Exchange of Asiatic Poetry and Its Commentaries / Jones, Sir William
400. Existential Concern in Novels of Mulk Raj Anand / Mishra, Binod
401. Exploration in Australian Literature / Sarangi, Jaydeep & Mishra, Binod
402. Explorations in Australian Literature / Sarangi, Jaydeep & Mishra, Binod
403. Explorations in Indian English Poetry / Sarangi, Jaydeep (Ed.)
404. Exploring North-East Indian Writings in English; 2 Volumes / Swami, Indu
405. Expression of Emotion in Man and Animals / Darwin, Charles
406. Fables in the Indian Narrative Tradition: An Analytical Study / Singh, Dhananjay
407. Facets of Vedic Studies / Ray, Bidyut Lata (Ed.)
408. The Facts About Shakespeare / Neilson, W.A. & et. al.
409. The Fallen Leaves / Gupta, Saibal
410. Far Horizon / Chand, Meira
411. Fauna: Animal and Bird Kingdom in Sanskrit Literature / Kulshreshtha, Abha (Dr.)
412. Female Deities in Vedic and Epic Literature / Guleri, Vidya Dhar Sharma (Dr.)
413. Female Paradigms of Love: R.N. Tagores Novels in English Translation / Swain, Satyananda
414. Female Voice in Keat's Poety / Banerjee, Argha
415. Feminine Sensibility in the Novels of Margaret Drabble: An Interpretation and Evaluation / Tapaswi, Subasini
416. Feminist English Literature / Bhatnagar, Manmohan K. (Ed.)
417. Feminist Psyche in World Women Novelists / Naik, N. Shantha
418. Festivals of Fire: A Study of the Poetry of Niranjan Mohanty / Mishra, Binod & Arora, Sudhir K.
419. The Fiction of Alice Walker: A Study of Black Images / Murugan, Seema (nee Singh)
420. The Fiction of Anita Desai / Dhawan, R.K. (Ed.)
421. The Fiction of Bhabnabi Bhattacharya / Singh, Kh. Kunjo
422. Fiction of Ernest Hemingway / Meshram, N.G.
423. The Fiction of Nathaniel Hawthorne: A Study in the Theme of Morality / Misra, Rosy
424. The Fictional Art of Arun Joshi: An Existential Perspective / Dwivedi, Vachaspati
425. Fictional Styles of George Orwell / Joshi, Arun
426. The Fictional World of Ruskin Bond / Aggarwal, Amita
427. Fictions of India: Narrative and Power / Morey, Peter
428. Figures of Speech / Iyer, Vijayalakshmi
429. Films and Fiction: Word to Image / Mandal, S.
430. Five Indian English Poets: Nissam Ezekiel, A.K. Ramanujan, Arun Kolatkar, Dilip Chitre, R. Parthasarathy / Chindhade, S.
431. Flight of Pigeons: A Novel / Bond, Ruskin
432. Flora and Plant Kingdom in Sanskrit Literature / Kulshreshtha, Sushma; Sahai, Acharya Jagdish & Kulshreshtha, Abha
433. Flow of Soul: Selected Poems / Singh, Kanwar Dinesh
434. The Flute: Selected Poems of Rabindranath Tagore / Saha, Jadu (Tr.)
435. Focus India: Postcolonial Narratives of the Nation / Kumar, T. Vijay; Mukherjee, Meenakshi; Trivedi, Harish & Vijayasree, C (Eds.)
436. Folk Culture and Oral Literature from North East India / Mibang, Tamo & Chaudhuri, Sarit K. (Eds.)
437. Folk Tales from Haryana / Kaushik, Jai Narain
438. Folk Tales of Bengal / Day, Lal Behari
439. Folklore and its Motifs in Tribal Literature / Jadav, Kishore (Dr.)
440. Folklore and the Alternative Modernities; 2 Volumes / Sahu, Nandini (Dr.)
441. Folklore in North East India / Sen, Soumen (Ed.)
442. Folklore in the New Millennium: Festschrift to Prof. B. Rama Raju / Reddy, Chenna P. & Babu, M. Sarat
443. Folklore of Bombay / Enthoven, R.E.
444. Folklore of Gujarat / Jackson, A.M.T. & Enthoven, R.E.
445. Folklore of the Santal Parganas / Bompas, Cecil Henry (Tr.)
446. Folklore of Tribal Communities / Patnaik, Nityanand
447. Folkloric Motifs in Some Vedic Tales / Mukhopadhyay, Samir Kumar
448. Folktales and Literature of Himalaya / Gulia, K.S.
449. Folktales from Northern India / Crooke, William & Chaube, Pandit Ram Gharib
450. Folktales of Bengal / Dey, Lal Behari
451. The Food of the Gods / Wells, H.G.
452. Foreign / Jha, Sonora
453. Formalising the Difference Murrey Krieger's Literary Theory / Singh, Yashwant
454. Foundations of American Literature; 2 Volumes / Balachandran, Sukumar
455. Four Great Indian English Novelists: Some Points of View / Sharma, K.K.
456. Fourteen Novels of Sanskrit / Bharatiya, Pramod (Dr.)
457. Frank Moorhouse: The Writer as an Artist / Trikha, Pradeep
458. Fresh Perspectives on Fiction / Chandra, Suresh
459. From Chant to Script / Callewaert, Winand
460. From the Comic to the Comedic: Traditions of Comedic Bhasa and Shakespeare / Gopalkrishnan, Sudha
461. Functional Criticism Essays in British American Commonwealth Literature / Rao, C. Vimala
462. Fundamentals of English Literature / Das, Krishan& Patra, Deepchand (Drs.)
463. Fundamentals of Poetry / Barfield, Owen
464. A Future Approach to Shakespear / Marshall, H.E.
465. Gagana Vani: Collection of Sanskrit Poems / Sharma, Ram Karan
466. Gandhian Ideology and the Indian Novel Chaman Nahal's The Gandhi Quartet / Rayudu, A.V. Subba
467. Gandhian Strain in the Indian English Novel / Sharma, Ambuj
468. Ganesa in Indian Art and Literature / Yadava, Nirmala (Dr.)
469. Gangadhar Meher: Selected Works / Pati, Madhusudan (Ed.)
470. Garden of Eve: Feminist Literary Theory and Sigmund Freud / Srivastava, Poonam
471. The Garden of Mystic Rose: Selected Poems of Sheikh Noor-ud-din Noorani / Ullah, Abu Nayeem & Ali, Ghulam (Tr.)
472. Garland of Divine Flowers: Selected Devotional Lyrics of Saint Jnanesvara / Bobde, P.V.
473. The Garland of Letters / Woodroffe, Sir John (Arthur Avalon)
474. Gatakamala: Garland of Birth Stories of Arya Sura; (Translated into English) / Speyer, J.S. (Tr.)
475. Gems from Caves of Oceans Short Stories Book I / Kanwar, Ved Prakash
476. Gender and Literature / Kaur, Iqbal (Ed.)
477. Gender, Sex and the City: Urdu Rekhti Poetry, 1780-1870 / Vanita, Ruth
478. Gendered Realities, Human Spaces: The Writing of Shashi Deshpande / Jain, Jasbir
479. Generic Manifolds: Indian English Literature (Since 1950) / Budholia, O.P.
480. George Bernard Shaw's: Arms and the Man / Dwivedi, A.M.
481. George Eliot: Art and Vision in Her Novels / Budholia, O.P.
482. George Eliot: Philosopher as Novelist / Dalal, D.S.
483. George Eliot's Novels Language and Meaning / Sharma, Shalini
484. George Gissing: An Apostle of New Morality / Dubey, C.S.
485. George Orwell: A Critical Study / Hudson, Robert & Arnold Edwin
486. George Orwell: A Humanistic Perspective / Rahman, Adibur
487. George Orwell: The Way to Nineteen Eighty Four / Khan, A.A.
488. Gerard Manley Hopkins: A Critical Study / Swarnkar, Sanjay Kumar
489. Ghazalnama: In Devnagri Hindi Script with a Tri-lingual Dictionary; 7 Volumes / Nigam, Raj
490. Ghost Stories From the Raj / Bond, Ruskin (Ed.)
491. Giridhara Sri: Essays on Indology / Narsimha Murty, A.V. & Ramesh, K.V. (Eds.)
492. Girish Karnad's Plays: Archetypal and Aesthetical Presentations / Nayak, Bhagabat
493. Gitagovinda of Jayadeva: Love Songs of The Dark Lord / Miller, Barbara Stoler (Tr. & Ed.)
494. Gitanjali / Tagore, Rabindranath
495. Gitanjali: Song Offerings, A Collector's Edition with the Facsimile of Original Manuscript, Thirty-five Rarest of Rare Photographs of Tagore and Tagore's Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech / Tagore, Rabindranath
496. Glimpses of Ancient Indian Poetics: From Bharata to Jagannatha / Pandey, Sudhakar & Jha, V.N. (Eds.)
497. Glimpses of Indian Literature in English Translation / Naikar Basavaraj
498. Glimpses of Modern Urdu Literature / Manchanda, Madan Lall
499. Glimpses of Post-Independence Indian English Novel / Mouli, T. Sai Chandra & Ghanshyam, G.A.
500. Glimpses of Reality: A Complete Guide to Conscious Evolution / Donno, Benito De
501. Glimpses of Vedic Literature / Joshi, Kireet
502. God's Mischief / Mukundan, M.
503. A Golden Treasury of Quotations / Prasad, Amar Nath & Singh, Nagendra Kumar
504. Goldipika of Sri Parameswara by Mahamahopadhyaya T. Ganapati Shastri / Pandey, Vinay Kumar (Prof.) (Ed.)
505. Good Governance and Ancient Sanskrit Literature / Goel, Aruna
506. Good News for a Change: Hope for a Troubled Planet / Suzuki, David & et. al.
507. Goodnight Stories from the Life of the Prophet Muhammad / Khan, Saniyasnain
508. Goodnight Stories from the Quran / Khan, Saniyasnain
509. Gora / Tagore, Rabindranath
510. The Gorkha Urn / Friedman, Matthew S.
511. Graham Greene: A Critical Study / Hudson, Robert & Arnold Edwin
512. The Granthchatustayee / Mishra, Srikant (Dr.) (Ed.)
513. Great American: Short Stories / Wallace & Stegner, Mary (Eds.)
514. The Great Andamanese of Strait Island / Sharma, A.N. & Gupta, Purnima
515. Great English Poets and their Work / Brooke, Stopford A.
516. The Great Epic of India: Character and Origin in the Mahabharata / Hopkins, E. Washburn
517. Great Epics and Puranas in Sanskrit Literature / Panda, N.C. (Ed.)
518. Great Expectations / Dickens, Charles
519. The Great Feast / Bhandari, Mannu
520. The Great Literature of Italy; 2 Volumes / John, W.C. & Ashley, H.T. (Eds.)
521. The Great Literature of Small Nations: Literary Tradition of Spain, Latin America, Denmark, Belgium, Canada, Ireland, Switzerland, Hungary, Finland, Romania, and Greece; 2 Volumes / John, W.C. & Ashley, H.T. (Eds.)
522. The Great Mirror: An Essay on Wittgensteins Tractatus / Pradhan, R.C.
523. A Great Orissan Pilgrim: A Study of Niranjan Mohanty's Works / Sarangi, Jaydeep
524. Great Short Stories of the World; 3 Volumes / Clark, Barrett H. & Lieber, Maxim
525. The Great Tamil Treasure in an Outstanding New Translation / Subramuniyaswami, Satguru Sivaya
526. The Great Victorians: Literature of the Victorian Era; 2 Volumes / John, W.C. & Ashley, H.T. (Eds.)
527. Greek Genius and its Meaning to US / Livilngstone, R.W.
528. A Guide to English Literature / Jain, K.M. & Firdaus, Shabnam
529. The Gulistan or Rose Garden of Shirazi / Platts, John T.
530. Guru Jambheshwar: Vvidh Aayam / Bishnoi, krishnaram
531. H.G. Wells as a Novelist / Kemkar, K.K. (Prof.)
532. Habba Khatoon: Nightingale of Kashmir (with CD) / Wakhlu, S.N.
533. Hala's Sattasai (Gatha Saptasati in Prakrit): Poems of Life and Love in Ancient India / Khoroche, Peter & Tieken, Herman
534. Half a Face / Chatterjee, Nonda
535. Hand Book of Idioms and Phrases: How to use them Effectively / Attarde, I.P.
536. A Handbook of Literary Terms: Concept and Movements / Rajimwale, Sharad
537. A Handbook of Pali Literature / Hinuber, Oskar Von
538. A Handsome Man (A Novel) / Prem, P.C.K.
539. Haravijaya of Ratnakara: A Criticism / Sharma, Santosh Kumari (Dr.)
540. Hardy and the Rasa Theory / Sharma, Rama Kant
541. Harold Pinter's Screenplays / Asha, S.
542. Hatim's Tales: Kashmiri Stories and Songs / Aurel Stein
543. Heart of Darkness and Other Stories / Conrad, Joseph
544. The Heart of Hindusthan / Radhakrishnan, S.
545. Heaven's Face, Thinly Veiled: A Book of Spiritual Writing by Women / Anderson, Sarah (Ed.)
546. Heros of T.S. Eliots Plays / Singh, Ranjit Kumar
547. High Exposure: An Enduring Passion for Everst and other Unforgiving Places / Breashears, David
548. Highways and Byways in Sanskrit Literature, 2 Volumes / Unni, N.P.
549. A Himalayan Love Story / Gokhale, Namita
550. Himalayan Voices: An Introduction to Modern Nepali Literature / Hutt, Michael James
551. Hindi ke Shareshth Upanayas aur Upanayaskar (in Hindi) / Saksena, Dwarika Prasad (Dr.)
552. Hindi Sahitya Aur Sahityakar; 3 Volumes (in Hindi) / Jhari, Krishan Dev (Dr.)
553. Hindi Short Stories / Kumar, Shrawan
554. Hindi Upanyas ka Parichayatmak Itihas; 4 Volumes / Pravin, Shaista & Hussain, Tahir
555. Hindi Upanyason mein Stri Asmita ki Abhivyakti (in Hindi) / Yadav, Vina Rani (Dr.)
556. Hindoo Stories / Anaryan
557. Hinterland of Creativity: Essays and Lectures / Mahapatra, Sitakant
558. Hi-Rum-Cherry: Poems from Delhi - Mizoram - Pondicherry / Selvaraj, B.V.
559. Historical and Cultural Gleanings of Sandesakavyas of Kerala / Muraleedharan, M.T.
560. Historical Survey of Sanskrit Mahakavyas / Devi, L. Sulochana
561. Historicity of the Mahabharata: Evidence of Literature, Art and Archeology / Lal, B.B.
562. History and Development of Prakrit Literature / Jain, J.C.
563. A History of Amenrican Literature; 4 Volumes / Trent, W.P. & et. al.
564. History of Ancient Greek Literature / Murray, Gilbert
565. History of Classical Sanskrit Literature (3rd Edition) / Krishnamachariar, M.
566. A History of English Dramatic Literature; 3 Volumes / Ward, Adolphus William
567. History of English Literature / Jayapalan, N.
568. A History of English Literature; 2 Volumes / Thompson, A. Hamilton
569. History of Indian Literature (Buddhism) / Winternitz, M.
570. History of Indo-Persian Literature / Hadi, Nabi
571. The History of Kashmiri Literature / Ahmad, Mir Shabir
572. History of Literary Theory / Das, Krishna & Patra, Deepchand (Drs.)
573. A History of Mushikavamsa / Unni, N.P. (Dr.)
574. A History of Pali Literature / Law, Bimala Charan (Dr.)
575. A History of Sanskrit Literature / Keith, A. Berriedale
576. A History of Sanskrit Literature / Macdonell, Arthur A.
577. A History of Sanskrit Literature: Classical Period / Dasgupta, S.N. & De, Sushil Kumar
578. History of Sanskrit Literature; 3 Volumes / Vaidya, C.V.
579. History of the Dvaita School of Vedanta and Its Literature: From the Earliest Beginnings to Our Own Times / Sharma, B.N.K.
580. A History of Urdu Literature / Saksena, Ram Babu
581. A History of Urdu Literature / Zaidi, Ali Jawad
582. A History of Vedic Literature: Brief Survey and Stury / Tiwari, Shashi
583. History: Fiction in Indian English Novel Mulk Raj Anand Nayantara Sahgal Salman Rushdie Shashi Tharoor, O.V. Vijayan / Dhar, T.N.
584. Hitopadesa of Narayana (Edited with A Sanskrit commentary "Marma-Prakasika" and notes in English) / Kale, M.R. (Ed.)
585. The Holy and the Unholy: Critical Essays on Qaisra Shahraz's Fiction / Kidwai, Abdur Raheem & Siddiqui, Mohammad Asim (Eds.)
586. The Holy Cow and other Indian Stories / Chopra, Tarun
587. Home as Metaphor: A Study in Contemporary American Poetry / Padhy, Santosh Kumar
588. The Home-Bound Vision: Contemporary American and Indian Poetry in English / Padhy, Santosh Kumar
589. The Horizon Of Nissim Ezekiel's Poetry / Das, Bijay Kumar
590. House of Blue Mangoes / Davidar, David
591. Human Concerns in the Poetry of Thomas Hardy / Pandey, R.K.
592. Human Resource Development and Ancient Sanskrit Literature / Goel, Aruna
593. Humanism and Nationalism in Tagore's Novels / Singh, Kh. K.
594. Humanism in the Nikaya Literature / Truong, Bikkhu Duc
595. Humanist Wordsworth / Kant, Pralay
596. Hundred Best English Essays; 2 Volumes (Selected and Edited, with an introductory Essay)
597. A Hundred Devotional Songs of Tagore / Tagore, Rabindranath & Chakrabarti, Mohit
598. The Hungry Ghosts / Selvadurai, Shyam
599. Hymns of the Tamil Saivite Saint / Kingsbury, F. & Philips, G.P.
600. I Love Cinema: An Original Novel / Shiek, Isa

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