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601. Encyclopaedia of Indian Heritage: Descriptive Work of Indological Research in Philosophy, Religion Sacred Literature, Society, Thought, Traditions and Ancient Sciences; 90 Volumes / Kapoor, Subodh (Ed.)
602. Encyclopaedia of Indian Heritage; 5 Volumes / Chandra, Ramesh (Ed.)
603. Encyclopaedia of Indian Music / Priyamvada, Amrita
604. Encyclopaedia of Indian Music with special reference to Ragas; 3 Volumes (Bound in one)
605. Encyclopaedia of Indian Theatre; Volume 1-9 / Sinha, Biswajit & Choudhury, A.K.
606. Encyclopaedia of Islamic Architecture: India and Central Asia; 3 Volumes / Khwaja, G.S. (Ed.) (Dr.)
607. Encyclopaedia of Music / Mattoo, Sapna
608. Encyclopaedia of Music; 6 Volumes / Patnaik, Praveen
609. The Encyclopaedia of Oscar Achievers: The Collection Study of People and Films Who made it to Oscar in Last 75 Years; 8 Volumes / Muir, Allen
610. Encyclopaedia of P.T. Drill and Activities; 4 Volumes / Oxley, Charles & et. al.
611. Encyclopaedia of Physical Education / Aggarwal, Yaksha
612. Encyclopaedia of Physical Education and Sports; 15 Volumes / Kaushik, Vijaya; Sharma, Bela Rani & Mudgal, Rahul
613. Encyclopaedia of Physical Education and Sports; 5 Volumes / Murthy, J. Krishna
614. Encyclopaedia of Recreational Games; 2 Volumes / Sharma, Sita Ram & et. al.
615. Encyclopaedia of Sports and Games / Aggarwal, Yaksha
616. The Encyclopaedia of Sports and Games; 2 Volumes / Thani, Yograj (Ed.)
617. Encyclopaedia of Sports Economics: Theory, Evidence and Policy / Thakur, K.C. & Nagpal, Prem
618. Encyclopaedia of Sports Injuries / Kumar, Anil & Gupta, A.K.
619. Encyclopaedia of Sports Sciences; 3 Volumes / Sharma, N.P. & et. al.
620. Encyclopaedia of Sports Training; 5 Volumes / Shrivastava, Abhay Kumar & et. al. (Eds.)
621. Encyclopaedia of Sports, Games and Pastimes
622. The Encyclopaedia of Sports; 4 Volumes / Peek, Hedley & Aflalo, F.G. (Eds.)
623. Encyclopaedia of Textiles: Weaving and Knitting Technology; 4 Volumes / Naik, S.
624. Encyclopaedia of Textiles; 5 Volumes / Vidyasagar, P.V. (Ed.)
625. The Encyclopaedia of Tibetan Symbols and Motifs / Beer, Robert
626. Encyclopaedia of Track and Field; 3 Volumes / Thani, Yograj
627. Encyclopaedia of World Architecture: A Library of Introductions to Schools of Architecture (35 Vols) / Cummings, C. A.
628. An Encyclopaedia of World Architecture; 2 Volumes / Gwilat, Joseph & Papworth, Wyatt
629. Encyclopaedia of World Great Dramatists; 4 Volumes / Andrews, Henry (Ed.)
630. Encyclopaedia of World History of Physical Education and Sports; 5 Volumes / Gupta, Rakesh & et. al.
631. Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Music
632. Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Music; 2 Volumes / Pandey, Ashish (Ed.)
633. Encyclopaedic Survey of Commonwealth Games; 3 Volumes / Singh, Laxman
634. Encyclopeadia of Indian Temples; 3 Volumes / Rengarajan, T.
635. An Epic Pilgrimage History and Antiquity of Pehowa: Ancient Prithudaka: A Mahabharata Site on the Saraswati / Handa, Devendra
636. Epic Scenes in Indian Plastic Art / Kala, Jayantika
637. Epigraphy and Art / Singh, S.B.
638. Erotic Sculptures of Ancient India: A Critical Study (From the Earliest Time to 1200 A.D.) / Reddy, G.V. Bhaskar
639. Erotics in Kalidasa-III: Experiencing Bliss Samprayoga / Kulshreshtha, Susma
640. The Esoteric Iconography of Japanese Mandalas / Lokesh Chandra
641. Essays in Indian History and Culture: Padam Shri Mahmoodur Rahman Felicitation Volume / Ansari, Ishrat Husain & Hamid Afaq Qureshi al-Taimi al-Siddiqi (Eds.)
642. Essays on Indian Art and Architecture / Kumar, Raj (Ed.)
643. Essays on Jaina Art / Coomaraswamy, Ananda K.
644. Essence of Art and Culture / Biswas, S.S.; Ray, Amita; Das., Deepka R. & Mukherjee, S.K. (Eds.)
645. Essence of Art and Culture / Ganguli, Kalyan Kumar (Prof.)
646. The Essential Kerala Cookbook / Kannampilly, Vijayan
647. Eternal Romantic: My Father, Gemini Ganesan / Ganesh, Narayani
648. Ethics Erotics and Aesthetics / Mishra, Prafulla K. (Ed.)
649. The Ethics: Ethica Ordine Geometrico Demonstrata by Benedict de Spinoza / Spinoza, Benedict & Elwes, R.H.M.
650. Ethnic Needlecrafts / Goel, Gauri (Dr.)
651. Ethnicity and Identity: Global Performance / Chaturvedi, Ravi & Singleton, Brian (Eds.)
652. Ethno-Archaeometallurgy of Iron in India: A Research based on Chhotanagpur and Bastar Regions / Mishra, Ashok K.
653. European Architecture: A Historical Study / Strugis, R.
654. Everest from the First Attempt to the Final Victory / Morin, Miceline
655. Evolution from Rocks / Arora, Richa
656. Evolution of Art and Architecture of Central India / Manwani, S.N.
657. Evolution of Buddhist Architecture in Japan / Soper, A. C.
658. Evolution of Building Technology: Early and Medieval Period in Andhradesa; 2 Volumes / Reddy, Emani Siva Nagi
659. The Evolution of Indian Classical Music, 1200-1600 A.D. / Bhatnagar, Neerja
660. Evolution of Music, Dance and Drama / Biswas, Deepika
661. Evolution of Telugu Films: A Historical Perspectives / Rao, D.L. Narasimha
662. Excavating in A Cave, Cist and Church / Sharma, A.K.
663. Excavating Painted Rockshelters / Sharma, A.K.
664. Excavation at Lal Qila / Gaur, R.C. (Prof.)
665. Excavations in Gujarat / Rao, Shivananda V. & Kumaran, R.N.
666. Exotic Indian Interiors / Chopra, Tarun
667. Expanding Light Cookbook: Vegetarian Favourites / McCord, Blanche Agassy
668. Experiments in Music Teaching / Kumari, V. Prem
669. Explorations in Indian English Drama / Mouli, T Sai Chandra & Babu, M. Sarat
670. Explore Rural India
671. Expressions in Indian Art; 2 Volumes / Mani, B.R. & Tripathi, Alok (Eds.)
672. Expressions: Ethnic Indian Textile Designs / Prakash, K.
673. Exuberance of Indian Classical Dance / Banerjee, Utpal K.
674. Fabric Art Heritage of India / Das, Sukla
675. Fabric Treasure of Andhra Pradesh / Sharma, V.Suguna (Dr.)
676. Fabrics for Fashion and Textile Design / Khurana, Kamal
677. Facets of Indian Civilization: Recent Perspectives (Essays in Honour of Prof. B.B. Lal); 3 Volumes / Joshi, Jagat Pati (Chief Ed.)
678. Fall of Kalyana: A Historical and Religious Play / Kalburgi, M.M.
679. Fashion and Textile Design / Neelima
680. Fashion and Textiles / Naik, S.
681. Fashion Technology Hand Book / Narang, Meenakshi
682. Fashion: Introduction Life Style, Communication / Davis, Jenny
683. Female Attire in Miniature Painting: With Special Reference of Rajasthan / Bharti, Shalini
684. Female Characters in Modern Assamese Drama / Goswami, Pranati Sharma
685. Feng Shui for a Better Home and Office / Raju, N. Narayana
686. Feng Shui for Relationships: The Yin & Yang of Love / Hsu, Shan-Tung
687. Fields of Victory: Vijayanagara and the Course of Intensification / Morrison, Kathleen D.
688. Figures of Speech or Figures of Thought: Collected Essays on the Traditional or "Normal" View of Art (Second Series) / Coomaraswamy, Ananda K.
689. Film Stars in Indian Politics / Agnihotri, Ram Avtar
690. Fine Arts in Ancient India / Ganguly, Anil Baran
691. The Finishing of Jute and Linen Fabrics / Woodhouse, Thomas
692. Fire and Other Images / Sen, Paritosh
693. Fire Worship in Ancient India / Sharma, Madhulika (Dr.)
694. Five Hundred Buddhist Deities / Tachikawa, Musashi; Mori, Masahide & Yamaguchi, Shinobu
695. Folk Architecture of Asian Villages and Towns: A Comparative Study / Basu, Durga (Ed.)
696. Folk Ballet of India / Jain, Rajendra
697. Folk Bronzes of Rajasthan / Aryan, S. (Dr.)
698. Folk Culture and Oral Literature from North East India / Mibang, Tamo & Chaudhuri, Sarit K. (Eds.)
699. Folk Culture in India / Pandey, S.P. & Singh, Awadhesh kumar
700. Folk Culture of the Misings of Assam: Tradition and Change / Sarma, Ashok (Dr.)
701. Folk Dances of Chamba: Where every talk is a 'Song' and every step a 'Dance' / Sharma, Kamal Prashad
702. Folk Embroidery and Traditional Handloom Weaving / Naik, S.D.
703. Folk Music of the Himalayas / Ghosh, Mandira
704. Folk Songs From Uttar Pradesh; (in Hindi, translation and introductory matter in English) / Tewari, Laxmi Ganesh
705. Folk Theatre / Sinha, Biswajit
706. Folk Theatre Beyond Boundaries / Mohanty, Bharat Bhusan
707. The Folk Theatre of North Karnataka / Naikar, Basavaraj
708. Folk Traditions and Ecology in Himachal Pradesh / Bande, Usha
709. Folklore of Kashmir / Knowles, J. Hinton
710. Food Adulteration and Hygiene / Rani, Anupama
711. Food and Beverage Service in Hotels / Tyagi, Vijay
712. Food Nutrition and Cookery / Sharma, S.R. & et. al. (Eds.)
713. Food Preservation and Irradiation / Mahindru, S.N.
714. Food Processing Preservation and Storage / Rani, Anupama
715. Football / Goyal, Subhash K.
716. Football Coaching Manual / Kanika, K.
717. Footloose in the Himalaya / Aitken, Bill
718. The Forgotten Forms of Hindustani Music / Bharali, Rabindra
719. The Forgotten Palaces of Calcutta / Taylor, Joanne
720. Form in Indian Music: A Study in Gharanas / Karnani, Chetan
721. Forms of Devotion: The Spiritual in Indian Art (2 Vols) / Bahl, Sushma K.
722. Fort of Daulatabad / Qureshi, Dulari (Dr.)
723. Forts and Fortifications in India / Singh, A.P.
724. Forts and Palaces of Himachal Pradesh / Bande, Usha & Chatterjee, Him
725. Forts and Palaces of India / Baig, Amita
726. Forts of Andhra Pradesh from the Earliest Times Upto 16th c. A.D. / Murthy, N.S. Ramachandra (Dr.)
727. Forts of the Deccan (1200-1800) / Faucherre, Nicolas & Morelle, Nicolas (Eds.)
728. Forts Strongholds of Rajasthan / Mathur, L.P.
729. Foundations of Indian Musicology / Sengupta, P.K.
730. Foundations of Oriental Art and Symbolism: Introduction to Hindu, Buddhist and Taoist Art / Burckhardt, Titus
731. Fountain Stone Slabs of Chamba / Sethi, S.M. & Chauhan, Hari
732. Four Seasons Salads: Easy and Quick Recipes on Salads Dressings and Dips Including Low Calorie Salads / Kumar, Davinder
733. Fragrance: An Innovative Collection of Indian Textile Designs / Priya, Madhu
734. Frends in Music Therapy Today / Sharma, Lovely (Prof.) (Dr.)
735. From Majapahit and Sukuh to Megawati Sukarnopurti / Fic, Victor M.
736. From Stone Quarry to Sculpturing Workshop: A Report on Archaeological Investigations Around Chunar, Varanasi and Sarnath / Jayaswal, Vidula
737. From the Earthly World to the Realm of Gods: Kasturbhai Lalbhai Collection of Indian Drawings / Parimoo, Ratan
738. From the Mesolithic to the Mahajanapadas: The March towards Urbanization in the Ganga Basin / Lal, B.B.
739. From the Sacred Realm: Treasures of Tibetan Art from the Newark Museum / Reynolds, Valrae; Gyatso, Janet; Heller, Amy & Martin, Dan
740. Fudo Myo-o (Acalanatha Vidyaraja) in Art and Iconography of Japan / Biswas, Sampa
741. Fundamentals and Advances in Knitting Technology / Ray, Sadhan Chandra
742. Fundamentals of Architecture: A Handbook / Paul, Abraham
743. Fundamentals of Music Therapy / Mehta, Prabhu Sharan
744. Gaddi Land in Chamba: Its History, Art and Culture / Handa, O.C.
745. The Game of Rugby: Seven - A Side and Fifteen - A Side / Soibam, Ibocha (Dr.)
746. Ganga: A Divinity in Flow / Singal, Vijay
747. Ganjifa: The Playing Cards of India in Bharat Kala Bhavan / Chopra, Sarla (Dr.)
748. The Garden Tomb of Humayun: An Abode in Paradise / Misra, Neeru
749. Garuda in Asian Art / Yamamoto, Etsuo & Sharma, D.P.
750. A Gate to Ancient Indian Architecture / Mahajan, Malati
751. Gender, Space and Resistance: Women and Theatre in India / Singh, Anita & Mukherjee, Tarun Tapas (Eds.)
752. Geometrical Patterns of Ancient Icons / Singh, A.P. (Dr.)
753. Glass Paintings: An Ephemeral Art in India / Gupta, Samita
754. Glimpses of Art, Architecture and Buddhist Literature in Ancient India / Krishnamurthy, K.
755. Glimpses of Carnatic Music for NET. SLET. JRF. / Manikandan, T.V.
756. Glimpses of Early Indo-Indonesian Culture: Collected Papers of Himansu Bhusan Sarkar / Kumar, Bachchan (Ed.)
757. Glimpses of Indian Heritage / Misra, Ramesh Chandra
758. Glimpses of Karnataka Folklore / Nagesh, Hebbale K.
759. Glimpses of Paintings from Kala Mandapa of Jnana Pravaha / Chakraverty, Anjan
760. Glimpses of Tribal and Folk Culture / Pasayat, Chitrasen
761. Global Impact of Indian Music (with special reference to Maurituis) / Ramyad, Gautami Bhagat (Dr.) (Mrs.)
762. Global Rock Art / Malla, Bansi Lal & Sonawane, V.H. (Eds.)
763. Glories of Medieval Indian Architecture / Nath, R.
764. The Glorious Heritage of India; 2 Volumes (In Memory of Prof. R.C. Sharma) / Trivedi, S.D. (Ed.) (Dr.)
765. Glory of Ancient India / Yadav, Neeta
766. The Glory of Puttaparthi / Balu, V.
767. A Glossary of Natya Shastra / Gupta, Naresh (Comp.)
768. God & King: The Devaraja Cult in South Asian Art & Architecture / Sengupta, Arputha Rani (Ed.)
769. Goddess Worship in the Western Himalayas: Temples, Tradition, Art and Rituals / Rawat, Deepak
770. Gold Jewelry from Tibet and Nepal / Singer, Jane Casey
771. Golden Temple and The Punjab Historigraphy: From 1799 to 1923 A.D. / Singh, Nazer (Dr.)
772. Gopeshwar: Mirror of the Art of Uttarakhan (Himalaya) / Dimri, D.N.
773. Gothic Architecture / Corroyer, Edouard
774. Govindadeva Temple: A Dialogue in Stone / Case, Margaret H.
775. The Grammar of Carnatic Music (With CD) / Vijayakrishnan, K.G.
776. The Grammar of North Indian Ragas / Roychaudhuri, Bimalakanta
777. Grand Architecture of Medieval Rajasthan: Innovation and Imitation (2 Vols) / Zaweed, Salim
778. Great Masters of Hindustani Music / Brahaspati, S.V.
779. Great Monuments of India, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan and Shri Lanka / Punja, Shobita
780. Great Mystic Saints of the World / Spencer, Yogi M.K.
781. Greek Architecture / Marquand, A.
782. Griha Nirman: Vastu evam Jyotish ke Aadhar par (House Building - According to Vastu and Jyotish - in HINDI) / Sharma, Mohendra Nath (Dr.)
783. Growth and Tradition of Pahari Miniature Painting / Rahi, Onkara
784. Guide to Delectable Kashmiri Cuisine with Saffron / Razdan, S.
785. A Guide to the Indian Miniature / Ganpatye, Pramod
786. Guide to Trekking in Himachal: Over 65 Traks and 100 Destinations / Chaudhry, Minakshi
787. Guitar Quick Start / Disler, Marry Jo
788. Gujarati School and Jaina Manuscript Paintings / Parimoo, Ratan
789. Gupta Art and Architecture / Mishra, Sudhakar Nath
790. Hampi: Discover the Splendours of Vijayanagar / Gupta, Subhadra Sen
791. A Hand Book of Islamic Architecture / Ansari, Amir
792. Handbook for Fashion Designing / Jindal, Kitu
793. Handbook of Fashion Technology / Tyagi, Anita
794. A Handbook of Indian Art / Havell, E.B.
795. Handbook of Natural Fibres (2 Volumes) / Kozlowski, Ryszard M. (Ed.)
796. Handbook of Sports and Exercise Science / Ali, Jawaid (Dr.)
797. A Handbook of Sports Chronobiology / Micheal, R.M.
798. Handbook of Sports Injuries / Pandey, P.K. (Ed.)
799. Handbook of Sports Medicine / Vijay (Dr.) (Ed. & Comp.)
800. Handbook of Textile / Barker, A.F.
801. Handbook of Textile / Mehta, Jaishree S.
802. The Handbook of Tibetan Buddhist Symbols / Beer, Robert
803. Handbook of Weaving / Murphy
804. Handcrafted Indian Enamel Jewellery / Sharma, Rita Devi & Varadarajan, M.
805. Harappan Art / Sharma, Deo Prakash
806. Harappan Civilization: Homogeneity and Heterogeneity / Mohan, Vijneshu
807. Harappan Terracotta Art / Sharma, Deo Prakash
808. Hari Smriti: Studies on Art, Archaeology and Indology; 2 Volumes (Papers Presented in Memory of Dr. H. Sarkar) / Banerji, Arundhati (Ed.)
809. Hariprasad Chaurasia: Romance of the Bamboo Reed / Vasudev, Uma
810. Hath-Kaghaz: History of Handmade Paper in South Asia / Konishi, Masatoshi A.
811. Havelis: A Living Tradition of Rajasthan / Jain, Shikha
812. Heaven on Earth: The Universe of Kerala's Guruvayur Temple / Seth, Pepita
813. Hemakuta: Recent Research of Art, Archaeology, Museology, Numismatics and Epigraphy; 2 Volumes / Murthy, A.V. Narasimha; Suresh, K.M.; Poonacha, K.P. & Basavaraj, K.R. (Eds.)
814. Heritage of Rajasthan: Monuments and Archaeological Sites / Meena, B.R.
815. Heritage of Tansa Valley / Sharma, A.K.
816. Heritage: Palaeontological and Iconographical Aspects / Badam, G.L. & Ali, Rahman
817. The Hermit's Hut: Architecture and Asceticism in India / Ashraf, Kazi K.
818. The Hill of Flutes: Life, Love and Poetry in Tribal India: A Portrait of the Santals / Archer, W.G.
819. Himadri Temples (A.D. 700-1300) / Aryan, Subhashini (Dr.)
820. Himalayan Architecture / Bernier, Ronald M.
821. Himalayan Art / Chopra, Swati
822. Himalayan Rock Art / Handa, O.C.
823. Himalayan Traditional Architecture: With special reference to the Western Himalayan Region / Handa, O.C. (Dr.)
824. The Himalayas in Indian Art / Havell, E.B.
825. Hindi Chitrapat evam Sangeet ka Itihas (in Hindi) / Vimal (Dr.)
826. Hindi Natak: Itihas Drishti aur Samkaleen Bodh; (in Hindi) / Sharma, Prabhat (Dr.)
827. Hindu Architecture: Silpa-Sastra / Pillai, Govind Krishna
828. Hindu Deities in Thai Art / Gauri Devi
829. Hindu Iconography / Tewari, S.P.
830. Hindu Symbolism and Iconography: A Study / Srivastava, Kamal Shankar
831. The Hindu Temples in Southeast Asia: Their Role in Social, Economic and Political Formations / Sahai, Sachchidanand
832. Hindustani and Persio-Arabian Music: An Indepth, Comparative Study / Kaul, Divya Mansingh
833. Hindustani Kitchen: Recipes of Indo-Pak Cuisine / Saigal, Mohan & et. al.
834. Hindustani Music and the Aesthetic Concept of Form / Mittal, Anjali
835. Hindustani Music Today / Raja, Deepak S.
836. Hindustani Sangeat Mein Holi Gann: Udgam, Vikas-Parampara Aur Vartaman Swarup / Mathur, Neeta
837. Hindustani Sangeet and a Philosopher of Art: Music, Rhythm and Kathak Dance vis-a-vis Aesthetics of Susanne K. Langer / Saxena, Sushil Kumar
838. Hindustani Sangeet: Some Perspectives, Some Performers / Saxena, S.K.
839. Historical Development of Jaina Iconography: A Comprehensive Study / Bhattacharya, A.K.
840. Historical Geography of Vaigai River Valley / Rajan, K. & Balamurugan, P.
841. Historical Gurdwaras of Delhi / Pal, M.K.
842. Historicity of the Mahabharata: Evidence of Literature, Art and Archeology / Lal, B.B.
843. History and Antiquities of Raichur Fort / Sarma, V. Suguna (Dr.)
844. History and Architectural Remains of Sirhind: The Greatest Mughal City on Delhi-Lahore Highway / Parihar, Subhash
845. History and Culture of Tamil Nadu: As Gleaned from the Sanskrit Inscriptions, Vol.1 (Up to C.AD. 1310) / Madhavan, Chitra
846. History and Culture of Tamil Nadu: As Gleaned from the Sanskrit Inscriptions, Vol.2 (C. 1310 - C. 1885 AD) / Madhavan, Chitra
847. History and Heritage of Orchha Bundelkhand / Yadav, Neeta (Dr.)
848. History and Heritage; 3 Volumes / Shukla, S.P.; Bisht, R.S.; Joshi, M.P. & Srivastava, Prashant (Eds.)
849. History Miniature Art and Women: Medieval Deccan 15th-17th Century A.D. / Lavanya, B.
850. A History of Architecture in All Countries; 2 Volumes / Fergusson, J.
851. A History of Architecture in Italy: From the time of Constantine to the Dawn of the Renaissance; 2 Volumes / Cummings, C.A.
852. The History of Art: Contemporary Perspectives / Tripathi, Alok & Gehlot, D.R. (Eds.)
853. A History of Art; 2 Volumes / Carotti, G. (Dr.)
854. A History of Art; 2 Volumes / Cotterill, H.B.
855. History of Fashion Design / Tyagi, Anita
856. History of Indian and Eastern Architecture (2 Volumes) / Fergusson, James
857. History of Indian Architecture: Buddhist, Jain and Hindu Period / Khan, Sharmin
858. A History of Indian Painting: Pahari Traditions / Chaitanya, Krishna
859. A History of Indian Painting: The Modern Period / Chaitanya, Krishna
860. History of Indian Temple Architecture, Sculpture and Paintings; 2 Volumes / Rani, Madhu (Dr.)
861. History of Indian Theatre / Varadpande, M.L.
862. History of Mathura (c200 BC - AD 300) / Sharma, Aruna
863. History of Mughal Architecture, Vol.3: The Transitional Phase of Colour and Design: c.1605-1627 A.D. / Nath, R.
864. History of Mughal Architecture; Volume 4, Part I / Nath, R.
865. History of Music / Tagore, S.M.
866. History, Archaeology and Culture of Narmada Valley / Sharma, R.K. (Ed.)
867. History, Art and Architecture of Jaisalmer / Agarwala, R.A.O.
868. Hockey / Goyal, Subhash K.
869. Hockey Coaching Manual / Arora, Monika
870. Home Science and Textiles / Agarwal, Mamta
871. Home Textiles / Arora, Aashima & Kapoor, Hemant
872. Horse and Elephant Armour / Pant, G.N.
873. Hospitality Leisure and Tourism Industries / Kandari, O.P. & Chandra, Ashish
874. Housing Changing Needs and New Directions / Gandotra, Veena; Shukul, Maneesha; Jaju, Neena & Jaiswal Neeraj
875. The Hundred Thousand Songs: Selections from Milarepa Post-Saint of Tibet / Gordon, Antoinette K.
876. Iconographic Dictionary of the Indian Religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism / Liebert, Gosta
877. The Iconography of Architectural Plans: A Study of the Influence of Buddhism and Hinduism on Plans of South and Southeast Asia / Bunce, Fredrick W.
878. The Iconography of Hindu Images / Bhattacharyya, A.K.
879. Iconography of Jaina Deities; 2 Volumes / Nagar, Shanti Lal
880. The Iconography of Ritual of Shiva at Elephanta / Collins, Charles Dillard
881. Iconography of Sadasiva / Sharma, B.N.
882. Iconography of Sakta Divinities; 2 Volumes / Das, H.C.
883. The Iconography of the Brhadisvara Temple by Francoise L'Hernault / Gujral, Lalit M. (Ed.)
884. Iconography of the Buddhist Sculpture of Orissa; 2 Volumes / Donaldson, Thomas Eugene
885. Iconography of the Hindu Temples in Marathwada / Deshmukh, B.S. (Dr.)
886. Iconography of the Thousand Buddhas / Lokesh Chandra
887. Iconography of Tibetan Lamaism / Gordon, Antoinette K.
888. The Iconography of Vaisnava Images in Orissa / Donaldson, Thomas Eugene
889. Iconography of Vishnu from Khajuraho / Suresh, K.M.
890. Iconography, Art, Religion and Culture: Visualizing the Past / Krishnakumari, Myneni (Prof.)
891. Icons and Sculpture of Early and Medieval Assam / Bhattacharjee, Arun
892. The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Musical Instruments from All Eras and Regions of the World / Abrashev, Bozhidar & Gadjev, Valdimir
893. Illustrated Library of World Knowledge: Encyclopaedia of Art, Architecture, Literature, Science and Technology; 4 Volumes / Ogilvie, John & Andale, Charles
894. Images of Indian Goddesses: Myths, Meanings and Models / Wangu, Madhu Bazaz
895. Images of Varahi: An Iconographic Study / Rangarajan, Haripriya
896. Impact of Modernisation on Tribal Costume / Mehta, Sonu
897. The Importance of Tone, Tune and Text in Indian Music / Bhattacharya, Debashree (Dr.)
898. Impressions of Bhutan and Tibetan Art (Tibetan Studies III) / Ardussi, John & Blezer, Henk (Eds.)
899. Impressions: A Classic Collection of Indian Textile Designs / Prakash, K.
900. In the Absence of Jagannatha: The Anasara Paintings Replacing the Jagannatha Icon in Puri and South Orissa (India) / Fischer, Eberhard & Pathy, Dinanath

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