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901. Modern English Literature / Illay, Wyat
902. Modern English Prose / Boas, Guy
903. Modern Fiction and Criticism / Prakash, R.
904. Modern Goan Short Stories / Vas, Luis S.Rita (Ed.)
905. Modern Indian English Novel: A Critical Study of the Political Motif / Bhatnagar, M.K.
906. Modern Indian Literature; Vol.I to III
907. Modern Indian Plays; Vol. 1 / Kambar, Chandrasekhar (Ed.)
908. Modern Indian Writing in English: Critical Perceptions Volume 1 / Chandra, N.D.R. (Ed.)
909. Modern Literary Criticism Theory and Practice; 2 Volumes / Chandra, N.D.R.
910. Modern Sanskrit Literature / Shukla, H.L.
911. Modernism and After / Munir
912. Moments of Melancholy: A Basket of Short Stories / Kachroo, Nagindra Mohan
913. More Studies in Sahityasastra / Kulakarni, V.M.
914. More Studies in Sanskrit Sahitya-Sastra / Kulkarni, V.M.
915. Mosaic: New Writings from British and Indian Award-Winning Writers / Mukundan, Monisha (Ed.)
916. Mother Teresa: Saint of the Indian crossroads and other Vignnettes / Raju, R.K.
917. The Movement: A Study of a Contemporary Poetic Tradition / Ramanan, Mohan
918. The Mrichchhakatika of Sudraka (Edited with the Commentary of Prithvidhara (Enlarged Where Necessary), Various Readings, a Literal English Translation, Notes, and an Exhaustive Introduction by M.R. Kale
919. Mrs. Dalloway / Woolf, Virginia
920. Mudrarakshasa of Visakhadatta: With the Commentary of Dhundiraja (English Translation, Critical and Explanatory Notes, Introduciton and Various Readings) / Kale, M.R. (Ed.)
921. Mulk Raj Anand: The Raj and the Writer / Vijayasree, C.
922. Multicultural Literature in India, Volume 1: Critical Perceptions / Chandra, N.D.R.
923. Multiple Contexts and Insights: Studies in Contemporary Literature / Shukla, Sheobhushan
924. Music, Dance and Drama in Literature: Mainly Based on Buddhist Atthakatha Literature / Kulshreshtha, Sushma
925. Musings on Indian Writing in English / Iyer, N. Sharda
926. Musings on Indian Writing in English: Volume 2: Poetry / Iyer, N. Sharda
927. My Experiments with Untruth / Jain, Gyan C.
928. My Kashmir in Peace and Turbulence: Story of a Native in Exile / Kaul, B.L.
929. My Pial Teacher and Other Stories from South India / Venkataramani, K.S.
930. Mysticism Across Cultures: Studies on Select Poets and Saint / Dhar, A.N.
931. Myths and Symbolism in the Plays of Tennessee Williams / T. Sugarwala, Fatima
932. Myths, Legends and Reality in the Novels of Mulk Raj Anand, R.K. Narayan and Raja Rao: A Critical Study / Dubey, Meenu
933. Naam Ghosa: Hymns to the Blessed Lord / Pathak, Pranabananda
934. Naisadhiyacaritam of Sriharsa with Dipika Tika of Narahari, 2 Volumes (Critical Edition) [in Sanskrit only] / Sharma, Shuk Dev (Ed.)
935. Narendra Mohan Rachnavali (16 Volumes) / Singh, Gurucharan & Pandit, Suman (Eds.)
936. Narrative Models in Punjabi Novels / Tasneem, N.S.
937. Natakkar Kalidas / Shastri, Rakesh (Dr.)
938. Nathaniel Hawthorne: A Critical Study / Hudson, Robert & Arnold, Edwin
939. Nationalism / Tagore, Rabindranath
940. Nativity Rituals: The Poetry of Jayanta Mahapatra / Mishra, Indrajeet
941. Natyasastravimarsa / Natya Shastra Vimarsh (Sanskrit text with Hindi translation) / Bhoi, Shuk Dev (Prof.)
942. Need Vihin / Sharma, Yashpal
943. Nehru's Literary Writings / Chansoria, Alok (Dr.)
944. Nepal Gold: A Perilous Search for a Priceless Treasure; (A Novel of High Adventure) / Schoonover, Jason
945. Never a Disconnect / Shanker, Sadhna
946. A New Bibliography of Sanskrit Drama / Tripathi, Radhavallabh & et. al.
947. New Commenwealth Thesaurus / Gupta, P.S.
948. New Critical Approaches to Indian English Fiction / Mathur, O.P.
949. New Explorations in Indian English Poetry / Singh, Kanwar Dinesh
950. New Insights into the Novels of R.K. Narayan / Bhatnagar, M.K.
951. New Issues New Approaches: Essays in Literary Criticism / Chandra, Suresh
952. New Lights on Indian Women Novelists in English / Prasad, Amar Nath
953. A New Look at Kabir / Bahadur, Krishna Prakash
954. New Paradises: A Recent Visit to American Literature / Jha, Gauri Shankar
955. New Perspectives on American Literature / Shams, Ishteyaque (Ed.)
956. New Perspectives on British Authors: From William Shakespeare to Graham Greene / Kundu, Rama
957. The New Women in Indian-English Women Writers: Since The 1970's / Seshedri, Vijayalakshmi
958. Nietzsche After Hundred Years: A Cross-Cultural Dialogue / Ray, B.N. & Strong, Tracy B.
959. The Night Journey / Raimedhi, Indrani
960. Nine Gems of Sanskrit Literature; 3 Volumes (Introduction, text, English translation and notes) / Menon, K.P.A. (Dr.)
961. Nirvana / Sehgal, Charnjit Lal
962. Nissim Ezekiel / Niwas, Ram (Dr.)
963. Nissim Ezekiel Poetry as Social Criticism / Talat, Qamar & Khan A.A.
964. The Niti and Vairagya Satakas of Bhartrhari (Edited with Sanskrit commentary and annoted with English translation) / Kale, M.R. (Ed. & Tr.)
965. The Novel and the People / Fox, Ralph
966. The Novels of Amit Chaudhuri: An Exploration in the Alternative Tradition / Shukla, Sheobhushan & et. al.
967. The Novels of Anita Desai / Gupta, R.K.
968. The Novels of Arun Joshi: A Critical Evaluation / Pandey, Birendra
969. The Novels of Arun Joshi: A Critical Study / Kumar, Shankar
970. The Novels of Ernest Hemingway: A Critical Study / Shams, Ishteyaque
971. Novels of John Gardner / Bharathi, T.
972. The Novels of Manohar Malgaonkar: A Study / Sharma, Ashok Kumar
973. The Novels of Randolph Stow-A Critical Study / Bhagat, N.
974. Novels of Shashi Deshpande in Postcolonial Arguments / Sebastian, Mrinalini
975. The Novels of Virginia Woolf / Singh, Randhir Pratap
976. The Novels of William Golding / Kulkarni, Indu
977. The Novels on the Indian Partition / More, D.R. (Dr.)
978. Nupura: The Anklet in Indian Literature & Art / Tewari, S.P.
979. Oasis: A Far Cry / Maan, Basu
980. The Ocean of Story: Being C.H. Tawney Translation of Somadeva's Katha Sarita OR Ocean of Streams of Story; 10 Volumes / Penzer, N.M. (Ed.)
981. Of Clowns and Gods, Brahmans and Babus: Humour in South Asian Literature / Oesterheld, Christina & et. al. (Eds.)
982. Of Narratives, Narrators / Bhargava, R.
983. Old Deccan Days or Hindoo Fairy Legends / Frere, Mary
984. Old Demons, New Deities: Contemporary Stories from Tibet / Dickie, Tenzin (Ed.)
985. Old Man and the Sea / Hemingway, Ernest.
986. On the Episode of the Mahabharata Known by the Name Bhagavad-Gita by Wilhelm von Hunboldt: Edited and Trans. into English by Herbert Herring / Hegel, G.W.F.
987. On Wings of Butterflies / Nambisan, Kavery
988. One Last Mirror: A Novel / Harvey, Andrew
989. Oriental Heritage: Art, Literature and Thought; 3 Volumes / Durant, Will
990. Oriental Literature; 4 Volumes / Richard, J.H. Gotteil & Wilson, E.
991. Origin of the Young God: Kalidasa's Kumarasambhava / Heifetz, Hank
992. The Orphan: A Woeful Story / Chawak, Amol
993. The Other Universe of Man-Travel, Autobiography, and D.H. Lawrence / Apana, A.B.
994. The Other Voice: A Collection of Poems / Sahu, Nandini
995. An Outline History of English Literature / Hudson, William Henry
996. Pada Index of Classical Sanskrit Poems, Volume 1 / Narang, Satyapal (Prof.)
997. The Padumawati of Malik Muhammad Jaisi / Grierson G.A. & Dvivedi, Mahamahopadhyaya Sudhakara
998. Painted Words: An Anthology of Tribal Literature / Devy, G.N.
999. Pali Literature and Language / Teiger, Wilheim
1000. Pali Literature of Ceylon / Malalasekera, G.P.
1001. Pali-Prakrit Kavya (Pali Prakrit Poetry) / Shukla, Rajneesh
1002. Pancatantra of Visnusarman: Edited with a short Sanskrit commentary, a literal English translation of almost all the slokas occurring in it, and critical and explanatory notes in English / Kale, M.R. (Ed.)
1003. Pancavimsa – Brahmana The Brahmana Of Twenty –Five Chapters / Caland, W.
1004. Panchatantra and Hitopadesa Stories / Ayyar, A.S.P.
1005. Panchtantra Ki Kahaniya, Part 1 (in Hindi) / Sharma, Ganga Prasad
1006. Panditarajajagannathakavya-Granthavali - Pandit Raj Jagannath Kavya Granthavali (Sanskrit text with Hindi translation) / Dikshit, Hari Narayan (Dr.) (Ed. & Tr.)
1007. Panorama of Sanskrit Literature / Satyavrata
1008. Papers on Indian Writing in English; 2 Volumes / Deivedi, A.N.
1009. Paradise Lost and the Divine Comedy: A Comparative Study / Parmar, Hitesh
1010. Paradox of Confrontation in the Novels of Saul Bellow / Bajpai, Shobha
1011. Parsi English Novel / Dodiya, Jaydipsinh
1012. Parsi Fiction; 2 Volumes / Kapadia, Novy & et. al.
1013. Partition and Indian English Fiction / Gundur, N.S.
1014. Partition: A Human Tragedy: A Critical Study of Novels on Partition of Indian Subcontinent / Shaikh, Firoz A.
1015. Paryavarana-sahasrasrotasvini: Environmental Ecstasy in Sanskrit Literature / Kulshreshtha, Sushma; Shukla, Lakshmi & Kulshreshtha, Abha
1016. Patanjal Yoga Sutra - Patanjal Yogasutram: Bhojdevkrit Rajmartandvrittisametam: Dhareshwarbhoj, Tadgranth, Tanmatsamiksha, Patanjalsidhantadi Vivaranatmikya Bhumikaya, commentary in Hindi by Amardhari Singh / Bhattacharya, Ramshankar (Dr.) (Ed.)
1017. Patanjalayogadarshan: Ek Adhayayan (in Hindi) / Vedalankar, Raghuvir
1018. Path to Liberation From Known to Unknown, P232 / Jishi, Prakash V Dr.
1019. Pathos in the Short Stories of Rabindranath Tagore / Dominic, K.V.
1020. Pathways to Literature, Art and Archaeology; 2 Volumes / Singh, Chandramani & Vashistha, Neelima (Eds.)
1021. Pattern of Evolution / Arora, Richa
1022. Patterns of Feminist Consciousness in Indian Women Writers: A Study of Anita Desai's Cry the Peacock, Nayantara Sahgal's Storm in Chandigarh Attia Hosain's Sunlight on a Broken Column, Rama Mehata's Inside the Haveli, Shashi Despande's That Long Silence / Roy, Anuradha
1023. Paurohitya Karmapaddhati (Sanskrit text with Hindi translation) / Sharma, Acharya Dev Narayan
1024. Penguin Book of Modern Indian Short Stories / Alter, Stephen & et. al.
1025. Perfectly Untrditional / Vikram, Sweta Srivastava
1026. The Persian Mystic: Attar / Smith, Margaret
1027. The Persian Poets / Dole, N.H. & Walker, Belle M. (Eds.)
1028. Perspective on English Literature / Drinkwater, J.
1029. Perspectives in the Vedic and the Classical Sanskrit Heritage / Davane, G.V.
1030. Perspectives on Criticism / Ray, Mohit K. (Ed.)
1031. Perspectives on Indian English Fiction / Dodiya, Jaydipsinh (Ed.)
1032. Perspectives on Indian English Fiction / Dodiya, Jaydipsinh K.
1033. Perspectives on Indian English Literature / Maheshwari, Vinod Kumar (Ed.)
1034. Perspectives on Sri Aurobindo's Poetry Plays and Criticism / Patel, Amrita Paresh & et. al.
1035. Phases of Canadian Poetic Culture: From Par-Confederation to Modernist Period / Sharma, Shrawan K.
1036. Philosophic Vision in the Novels of V.S. Naipaul / Ganjewar, D.N
1037. Philosophy of Culture and Literature / Gibbs, P.
1038. The Philosophy of Saivism: History Philosophy and Literature of Saivism; 2 Volumes / Kapoor, Subodh (Ed.)
1039. The Plays of Girish Karnad and Tradition / Pandey, Manoj K.
1040. The Plays of John Osborne / Dubey, Arjun (Dr.)
1041. Pliable Pupils and Sufficient Self-Directors: Narratives of Female Education by Five British Women Writers, 1778-1814 / Bagchi, Barnita
1042. Poems & Plays / Tagore, Rabindra Nath
1043. The Poems of Ancient Tamil: Their Milieu and Their Sanskrit Counterparts / Harti, George
1044. The Poems of Suradasa / Bahadur, Krishna P.
1045. Poetic Art and Craft of Prof. P.K. Mishra / Mishra, Arun Ranjan & Panda, Tapan Kumar
1046. The Poetic Art of Sylvia Plath: A Critical Study of Themes and Techniques / Raza, Raihan
1047. The Poetic Corpus of Stephen Gill: An Evalution / Arora, Sudhir K.
1048. Poetic Justice in Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century British Fiction: A Study of the Novels of Henry Fielding, Charles Dickens and Thomas Hardy / Batra, Indu
1049. The Poetic Mosaic / Soneji, Anil L.K.
1050. Poetic Musings / Sharma, Jagdish Chandra
1051. Poetic Pearls a Soldier Unfurls / Sethi, Ashok
1052. Poetic Salute of a Soilder / Sethi, Ashok
1053. Poetic Spectrums of Soildiering / Sethi, Ashok
1054. Poetic Tribute to Bordermen / Sethi, Ashok
1055. Poetics: East and West / Sthitaprajna
1056. The Poetry of A.K. Ramanujan / Bhatnagar, Manmohan K.
1057. Poetry of Bahadur Shah 'Zafar': Urdu Text+ Roman & Hindi transliteration + English Poetic Translation / Mahmood, Khawaja Tariq
1058. Poetry of Faiz Ahmad Faiz: Urdu Text Roman and Hindi Transliteration English Poetic Translation / Mahmood, Khawaja Tariq
1059. The Poetry of Jayanta Mahapatra / Das, Bijay Kumar
1060. The Poetry of Jayanta Mahapatra: Imagery and Vision / Das, Nigamananda
1061. The Poetry of Jayanta Mahapatrap: Some Critical Consideration / Prasad, Madhusudan (Ed.)
1062. The Poetry of Keki N. Daruwalla: A Critical Study / Sinha, Ravi Nandan
1063. The Poetry of Nissim Ezekiel / Raghu, A.
1064. The Poetry of Robert Browning / Brooke, Stopford A.
1065. The Poetry of Robert Frost and William Carlos Williams / Rath, Hrihar
1066. The Poetry of Sarojini Naidu / Mishra, L.N.
1067. The Poetry of T.S. Eliot / Mishra, B.M.
1068. Poetry Passion Politics: The Story of Madhumata / Verma, Amita
1069. Poetry, Drama and Aesthetics (Selected Papers) / Tripathi, Radhavallabh & Chakraborty, Satyanarayan (Eds.)
1070. The Point of Vanishing: A Tale of Truth and Things Imagined / Maxwell, Rashid
1071. A Police Case and Other Stories / Sinha, A.K.
1072. The Political Theory of Robert Nozick / Bakaya, Santosh
1073. Polity and Administration in the Matsya Purana / Jaiswal, S.K.
1074. Portraits of Women: Selected Short Stories / Tagore, Rabindranath
1075. Positive Lives: The Story of Ashok and Others with HIV / Jain, Kalpana
1076. Post Independence Sanskrit Epics / Ranganath, S.
1077. Postcolonial Imaginings: Fictions of a New World Order / Punter, David
1078. Postcolonial Indian Writing: Between Co-option & Resistance / Sharma, M.
1079. Post-colonial Literatures in English: History Language Theory / Dennis, Walder
1080. Postcolonial Situations in the Novels of V.S. Naipaul / Mohan, Champa Rao
1081. Postcolonial Theory and Literature / Rao, P. Mallikarjuna (Ed.)
1082. Postcolonialism and Fiction in English / Shukla, Sheobhushan & Shukla, Anu (Eds.)
1083. Post-Independence: Indian English Fiction / Mittapalli, Rajeshwar & Monti, Alessandro (Eds.)
1084. Postmodern Feminist Writers / Kottiswari, W.S.
1085. Postmodern Indian English Literature / Das, Bijay Kumar
1086. Postmodern Literary Theory: An Anthology / Lucy, Niall (Ed.)
1087. Postmodern Literary Theory: An Introduction / Lucy, Niall (Ed.)
1088. Postmodernism and English Literature / Das, Krishan & Patra, Deepchand (Drs.)
1089. Post-War English Novel: A Study in Humanisn / Mahto, R.P.
1090. Power of Rome: The Literary Grandeur of Rome / Cunliffe, John W. & Thorndike, Ashley H. (Eds.)
1091. Prabal: A Novel by Sarasibala Basu / Saha, Jadu (Tr.)
1092. Prabodhacandrodaya of Krsnamisra: Sanskrit Text with English Translation, a Critical Introduction and Index / Nambiar, Sita K. (Tr.)
1093. Pracin Pramukh Sanskrit Sahityakaron ke Subhashit / Tandan, Kiran (Dr.)
1094. Practical Writing and Reading / Kleiser, Grenville
1095. Pragtivad Aur Nagarjuna ke Upanyas (in Hindi) / Gupta, Krishna Kumar
1096. Pragtivadi Kavi Mahendra Bhatnagar: Anubhuti aur Abhivyakti; (in Hindi) / Shukla, Madhuri (Dr.)
1097. Pratima Natakam by Mahakavi Bhasa (Descriptive Introduction, Analysis, Hindi translation, Chandrika Hindi commentary, Grammatical commentary with Sanskrit commentary) / Shastri, Rakesh (Dr.)
1098. Prayag-Mahatmya / Bhoi, Shuk Dev (Prof.)
1099. A Preface to Paradise Lost: Being the Ballard Matthews Lectures Delivered at University College, North Wales,1941 / Lewis, Clive Staples
1100. Prefaces to Shakespeare; 4 Volumes / Barker, Harley Granville
1101. Prem Chand: Novelist and Thinker / Sharma, Govind Narain
1102. Premchand Ke Upanayas / Singh, Tulsi Narayan (Dr.)
1103. Premchand Rachnavali: Collected Works of Munshi Premchand, 20 Volumes (in Hindi) / Ram Anand (Ed.)
1104. Premchand Sukti Kosh / Mumar, Anil
1105. Prescribed Telugu Literature and National Movement in Andhra, 1920-1947 / Sivunnaidu, Penta
1106. Primer of Greek Literature / Jebb, Richard C.
1107. A Primer of Literary Criticism / Hollingworth, G.E.
1108. Principles of Aesthetics / Parker, Dewitt H.
1109. Problems and Solutions of Teaching English / Sharma, R.K.
1110. Problems in Vedic and Sanskrit Literature / Deshpande, Maitreyee (Ed.)
1111. Problems of Literature Criticism / Durham, W.H.
1112. Problems of Violence: Themes in Literature / Singh, Birender Pal
1113. Professor Kane's Contribution to Dharmasatra Literature / Moghe, S.G. (Ed.)
1114. The Profile of Rabindranath Tagore: In World Literature / Sil, Rita D. (Ed.)
1115. Prometheus Unbound: Short Stories by Samaresh Basu / Choudhury, Sudipto Roy (Trans.)
1116. Proxy: A Collection of Poems / Ganguly, Amrita
1117. Psychological Conflicts in the Fiction of Anita Desa / Rani, Usha & et. al.
1118. Purano Ka Samajik Evam Sanskritik Aayam / Kumar, Sunil
1119. The Puspasutra: A Pratisakhya of the Samaveda; 2 Volumes / Tarlekar, G.H. (Tr.)
1120. The Quest for Belief: A Study of the Novels of Theodore Dreiser / Iyer, Hemalatha
1121. Quest for Self-Fulfilment in the Novels of Anita Desai / Chakravertty, Neeru
1122. R.K. Narayan and the Inhabitants of Malgudi / Alam, Mohammad Ejaz
1123. Rabindranath Tagore / Roy, Pabitrakumar
1124. Rabindranath Tagore (Literary Concepts) / Pradhan, Gaurav
1125. Rabindranath Tagore and Fifty years of Sahitya Akademi / Sinha, Biswajit
1126. Rabindranath Tagore Images of Women: Selected Poems / Saha, Jadu
1127. Rabindranath Tagore Omnibus I: Gitanjali, Post Office, Creative Unity, Hungry Stones & Other Stories, Gora, My Boyhood Days
1128. Rabindranath Tagore: A Miscellany / Chakrabarti, Mohit
1129. Rabindranath Tagore: An Educational Thinker / Gupta, N.L.
1130. Rabindranath Tagore: Mystic and Lyricist / Tare, Nilesh Arvind
1131. Rabindranath Tagore: Songs of Prayer / Chakrabarti, Mohit
1132. Rabindranath Tagore's Concepts of State, Nation and Nationalism / Mukherjee, K.N. (Dr.)
1133. Radha the Eternal Beauty of Indian Literature / Purkayastha, Shila
1134. Raghuvamsa of Kalidasa (Edited with critical introduction, English translation and notes) / Devadhar, C.R. (Ed.)
1135. The Raghuvamsa of Kalidasa: With the Commentary Sanjivani of Mallinatha, Cantos I-V (Edited with a Literal English Translation and Copious Notes) / Kale, M.R. (Ed. & Tr.)
1136. Ragini Gayan: Ek Samriddh Parampara (in Hindi) / Suraj (Dr.)
1137. Rainbow Redemption: New Bearing in Indian English Poetry / Mishra, Binod
1138. The Rainbow Troops / Hirata, Andrea & Kilbane, Angie
1139. The Raj Revisited / Nevile, Pran
1140. Raja Rao the Fictionist / Tripathi, J.P.
1141. Raja Rao: A Study of His Themes and Technique / Sharma, Kaushal
1142. Rajshekharsurivirchit Prabandhkosh (Sanskrit text with Hindi translation) / Bhardwaj, Pravesh (Dr.) (Ed. & Tr.)
1143. Ramacaritamanasa mein Paryavaran Chintan (in Hindi) / Gupta, Aparna (Dr.)
1144. Ramavataracarita: Composed in Kashmiri by Sri Prakasa Rama Kuryagrami, The Son of the Soil in the Nineteenth Century AD / Nagar, Shanti Lal (Tr.)
1145. Ramu: An Indian Boy's Story / Scholberg, Henry
1146. Rasa in Aesthetics: An Application of Rasa Theory to Modern Western Literature / Patnaik, Priyadarshi
1147. Rashtrakavi Maithalisharana Gupta: Shalivagyanik Aaddhyan / Goswami, Manmohan (Dr.)
1148. Rasikapriya: Ritikavya of Keshavdas in Ateliers of Love / Dehejia, Harsha V.
1149. Ratnavali Natika of Harsadeva (Descriptive Introduction, Analysis, Hindi translation, Chandrika Hindi commentary, Grammatical commentary with Sanskrit commentary) / Shastri, Rakesh (Dr.)
1150. The Rays from the Third Horizon / Mitra, Sandip
1151. Reading Skills in English / David, A.
1152. Readings From Literature and History: Same-Sex Love in India / Vanita, Ruth & Kidwai Saleem
1153. Readings in Indo-Anglian Literature: Prospective and Retrospective; 3 Volumes / Rao, M. Subba
1154. Readings in Literature / Hanes, E. & et. al.
1155. Readings in Modern English Literature; 2 Volumes / Christopher, C.
1156. Realism in American Fiction / Handa, S.
1157. Reason and Reality - A Novel / Jain, Mishrilal
1158. Rebellious Rani of Belavadi and Other Stories / Naikar, Basavaraj
1159. Recollection as Redemption: A Study in the Poetry of Jayantha Mahapatra, A.K. Ramanujan, R. Parthasarathy and Kamala Das / Sahu, Nandini
1160. Recritiquing John Keats / Nagar, Anupam & Prasad, Amar Nath (Eds.)
1161. Recritiquing P.B. Shelly / Patra, Pradip Kumar & Prasad, Amar Nath
1162. Recritiquing Rabindranath Tagore / Prasad, Amar Nath & Paul, S.K.
1163. Recritiquing William Wordsworth / Patra, Pradip Kumar & Prasad, Amar Nath (Eds.)
1164. Red Poppies: An Epic Saga of Old Tibet / Alai
1165. Reflection on Indian English Literature / Verma, M.R. (Ed.) & Agrawal, K.A.
1166. Reflections on Indian English Fiction / Verma, Mukesh Ranjan & Sharma, A.K. (Eds.)
1167. Reflections: A Collection of Poems / Lamare, Shobhan N.
1168. The Religious Poetry of W.H. Auden / Pandey, M.S.
1169. Religious Sensibility in Emily Dickinson / Gupta, Lucky
1170. The Reluctant Assassin / Parthasarathi, N.
1171. The Republic Plato / Singh, Shri Ram Kirpal
1172. Research Methodology in English / Seth, Kalpana
1173. Research Methods in English / Sinha, M.P.
1174. Resistant Voices / Kanwar, Neelima
1175. The Resisting Indian: Native American Experience through Postcolonial Lenses / Tripathy, Jyotirmaya
1176. Rethinking Gender: Masculinity, Femininity and Queerity in Postcolonial Indian Fiction / Sinha, Sunita (Dr.)
1177. The Retreat to Unfreedom: Essays on the Emerging World Order / Patnaik, Prabhat
1178. The Return of the Raj: A Novel / Scholberg, Henry
1179. Revisiting Indian Literature / Choudhary, Ashok K. (Dr.)
1180. Revisiting Literature, Criticism and Aesthetics in India / Singh, Avadhesh Kumar
1181. Rhyming with Reason: The Poetry of Thomas Gray / Pandey, K.M.
1182. Rhythms of Life / Borgohain, Nilakshi
1183. Riding the Nuclear Tiger / Ram, N.
1184. Rise of the Greek Epic / Murray, Gilbert
1185. Robert Browning: A Critical Study / Joseph, T. & Francis, S.
1186. Robert Browning: A Reassessment in the Light of Hindu Vision / Gupta, Arti
1187. The Role of Dhvani in Sanskrit Poeties / Swaroop, Sharda
1188. Romance and Realism in Modern France French Literature from 1848 to the Present Day: A General View; 2 Volumes / John, W.C. & Ashley, H.T. (Eds.)
1189. Romance of the Indian Frontiers / Macmunan, Sir George (Lt. Gen.)
1190. The Romantic Revival in England; 2 Volumes / John, W.C. & Ashley, H.T. (Eds.)
1191. Romantic Sensibility: In the Prose Works, Essays and Journals of Emerson and Thoreau / Sharma, Vikash (Dr.)
1192. Romanticism and Modernity: Conceptions of Art, Society and Politics in the Modern World / Lahiri, Sharmistha; Mazumdar, Shaswati & Wenner, Claudia (Eds.)
1193. The Rose of Tibet / Davidson, Lionel
1194. Royal Attendents in Ancient Indian Literature, Epigraphy and Art / Tewari, S.P.
1195. The Rtusamhara of Kalidasa / Kale, M.R.
1196. The Runaways (A Novel) / Pandey, Romesh
1197. Running Wild: Essays, Fictions and Memoirs presented to Michael Wilding / Brooks, David & Kiernan, Brain (Eds.)
1198. Rushdie in Essence / Sarkar, R.N.
1199. Rushdie the Novelist: From Grimus to the Enchantress of Florence / Bharat, Meenakshi (Ed.)
1200. Rushdie's Midnight's Children: A Book of Readings / Mukherjee, Meenakshi (Ed.)

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