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601. Iconoclast / Chattopadhayaya, Harindranath
602. Idamapi Srnuta Sakhayah (A Sanskrit Muktaka-Kavya with Self-Made Hindi Translation) / Dikshit, Hari Narayan (Dr.) (Tr.)
603. Identity and Gender: A Critical Study of Novels of Shobha De / Patnaik, Bharati (Dr.)
604. Ideology and the American Novel / Singh, Sukhbir (Ed.)
605. If I Die Today / Deshpande, Shashi
606. The Illicit Happiness of Other People / Joseph, Manu
607. Illustrated Encyclopaedia of English Literature; 4 Volumes / Garnett, Richard & Gosse, Edmund
608. Illustrated History of Ancient Literature: Oriental and Classical; 2 Volumes / Quackenbos, J.D.
609. Illustrated Library of World Knowledge: Encyclopaedia of Art, Architecture, Literature, Science and Technology; 4 Volumes / Ogilvie, John & Andale, Charles
610. The Image of India in English Fiction: Studies in Kipling, Myers and Raja Rao / Belliappa, K.C.
611. The Image of Women in Indian Literature / Bhat, Yashoda & Rao, Yamuna Raja (Eds.)
612. Images of Kabir / Horstmann, Monika (Ed.)
613. Images of Women: Selected Poems / Tagore, Rabindranath
614. Imaging India, Imaging Japan: A Chronicle of Reflections on Mutual Literature / Sachidanand, Unita & Teiji Sakata (Eds.)
615. Immortal Paradigms: Sri Aurobindo Home-Coming Centenary Volume / Singh, Charu Sheel
616. The Immortal Tales / Bhattacharya, A.D.
617. In Praise of Krishna: Translation of Gitagovinda of Jayadeva / Mukhopadhyay, Durgadas
618. In Search of a New Form William Carlos Williams / Soundravalli, K.
619. In Search of the Lotus Feet / Mitra, Arup
620. India in the Literature of Spain / Jardiel, Enrique Gallud
621. India Related Naipaul: A Study in Art / Sarkar, R.N.
622. Indian Aesthetics and Poetics / Jha, V.N. (Ed.)
623. Indian and Persian Prosody and Recitation (with CD) / Nagasaki, Hiroko (Ed.)
624. The Indian Critical Scene: Controversial Essays / Narasimhaiah, C.D.
625. Indian Dalits Voices, Visions and Politics / Das, K.C.
626. Indian Dance and Music Literature: A Select Bibliography / Kuppuswamy, Gowry & Hariharan, M.
627. Indian Diaspora in Asian & Pecific Region / Ghosh, L.
628. Indian English Fiction: A Critical Study / Naik, M.K. & Narayan, Shyamala A.
629. Indian English Fiction: Readings and Reflections / Kumar, Gajendra
630. Indian English Literature Since 1950; 2 Volumes / Singh, Charu Sheel
631. Indian English Literature, Volume 2-9 / Naikar, Basavaraj (Ed.)
632. Indian English Novel in the Nineties and After: A Study of the Text and its Context / Singh, Anita
633. Indian English Novel: Text and Context / Kumar, Gajendra
634. Indian English Poetry: Recent Explanations / Jha, Gauri Shankar
635. Indian English: An Examination of the Errors of Idiom Made by Indians in Writing English / Whitworth, George Clifford
636. Indian Fairy Tales / Jacobs, Joseph
637. Indian Fiction in English: Roots and Blossoms / Prasad, Amar Nath
638. Indian Folklore / Goswami, Indira & Pattanaik, Prakash (Eds.)
639. The Indian Imagination of Jayanta Mahapatra / Sarangi, Jaydeep & Jha, Gauri Shankar (Eds.)
640. Indian Languages and Texts through the Ages (Essays of Hungarian Indologists in Honour of Prof. Csaba Tottossy) / Dezso, Csaba (Ed.)
641. Indian Lexicon / Bharatiya Kosh; 2 Volumes / Kumar, Braj Bihari
642. Indian Literary Criticism in English: Critics, Texts, Issues / Rajan P.K. (Ed.)
643. Indian Literature and Culture / Sarkar, Subhash Chandra
644. Indian Literature in English: Critical Discourses / Kahtri, C.L.
645. Indian Literature in English: Critical Views / Barbuddhe, Satish
646. Indian Literature in English: New Perspectives / Surendran, K.V.
647. The Indian Literature of the Great Rebellion / Scholberg, Henry
648. Indian Literature: Issues and explorations / Gadgil, Gangadhar
649. Indian Literature: Paradigms and Praxis / Satchidanandan, K.
650. Indian Music Literature: A Compendium / Haroon, Mohammed (Dr.)
651. Indian Novelists in English: Critical Perspectives / Prasad, Amar Nath
652. Indian Poetesses: From Vedic to Modern Times / Margaret, M.
653. Indian Political Novel in English / Bhatnagar, O.P.
654. Indian Tales / Sharpe, E.
655. Indian Women Novelists in English / Bheda, P.D.
656. Indian Women Novelists in English / Dodiya, Jaydipsinh (Ed.)
657. Indian Women Novelists in English / Pandey, Birendra (Ed.)
658. Indian Women Novelists in English: A Critical Study / Chaudhury, Ivy & Saha, Shukla (Eds.)
659. Indian Women Writers in English / Javalgi, P.G.
660. Indian Women Writing in English: New Perspectives / Sree, S. Prasanna (Ed.)
661. Indian Women's Writing in English: A Bibliography / Kuortti, Joel
662. Indian Women's Writings in English / Mouli, T. Sai Chandra & Sarangi, Jaydeep
663. Indian Writers at Work / Kohli, Devindra
664. Indian Writing in English / Ray, Mohit K.
665. Indian Writing in English Perspective / Chakravarty, Joya (Ed.)
666. Indian Writing in English: A Critical Study / Agrawal, K.A. (Ed.)
667. Indian Writing in English: Critical Appraisals / Prasad, Amar Nath (Ed.)
668. Indian Writing in English: Critical Explorations / Prasad, Amar Nath
669. Indian Writing in English: Critical Ruminations; 2 Volumes / Prasad, Amar Nath & Joseph, S. John Peter (Eds.)
670. Indian Writing in English: Past and Present / Prasad, Amar Nath
671. Indian Writing in English: Speculations and Observations / Nawale, Arvind M.
672. Indian Writing in English: The Last Decade / Bhargava, R. (Ed.)
673. Indian Writing in English: Tradition and Modernity / Prasad, Amar Nath & Kanupriya
674. Indian Writings in English / Mishra, Binod & Kumar, Sanjay (Eds.)
675. Indian Writings in English; 9 Volumes / Bhatnagar, M.K. (Ed.)
676. Indira Gandhi & The Emergency as viewed in the Indian Novel / Mathur, O.P.
677. Indira Goswami (Mamoni Raisom Goswami) and Her Fictional World: The Search for the Sea / Satarawala, Kaikous Burjor
678. Indomitable Spirit / Kalam, A.P.J. Abdul
679. Influence of Kalidasa on Rabindranath Tagore / Howlader, Chinmoy (Dr.)
680. Inhabiting the Other: Essays on Literature and Exile / Lahiri, Sharmistha (Ed.)
681. Inner Courtyard (AANGAN) / Mastur, Khadija
682. The Inside View: Native Responses to Contemporary Indian English Novel / Bhongle, Rangrao (Ed.)
683. Inspirations from the Sadguru: A Kundalini Kriya / Guha, Pradeep K. (Dr.)
684. Intellect India: The Vedas, Upanishads, Buddhism, Jainism, Classics, Folklore, Technical Literature, etc. / Macdonell, A.A.
685. Intellegent Endings / Rothman, Richard M.
686. Interdisciplinarity / Moran, Joe
687. The Interior Landscape: Anita Desai's Novels from Cry, the Peacock to Baumgarter's Bombay / Swain, S.P.
688. International Encyclopaedia of India Literature; 9 Volumes / Garg, Ganga Ram
689. International Guide to Art Research Material, Vol.1: Indian Language and Literature / Choudhary, Ashok K. & et. al.
690. International Library of World Literature; 32 Volumes / Brandl, Alois & Mitchell, Donald G.
691. Interpretations of Literature; 2 Volumes / Heam, Lafcadio & Erskine, John
692. Interrogative Post Colonialism: Theory, Text and Context / Trivedi, Harish & Mukherjee, Meenakshi (Eds.)
693. Interviews with Indian Writers: Covering Thirth Five Writers of Fifteen Languages / Ranga, Ranvir
694. Introduction to Classical Indian Literature; 4 Volumes / Kapoor, S. (Ed.)
695. An Introduction to Literary Criticism / Kahn, M.I.
696. An Introduction to Nyaya Varttika of Srimadudyotakaracarya / Dwivedi, Vindhyeswari Prasad
697. An Introduction to the Poetry of Ghalib / Rehman, Sarvat (Tr.)
698. Introduction to the Science of Language / Sayce, A.H.
699. Investing Ties and Bonds in English: Diasporic Literary Consciousness / Mishra, Binod & Dhanasekaran, P.J. Paul (Eds.)
700. Inviolable Air: Canadian Poetic: Modernism in Perspective / Rao, T. Nageswara
701. The Invisible Influence: A Story of the Mystic Orient with Great Truths Which Can Never Die / Cannon, Alexander
702. The Iqbal's Poetry: A Critical and Evaluative Stury / Ghani, Abdul (Prof.)
703. Island of the Blue Dolphins (50th Anniversary Edition) / O'Dell, Scott
704. The Jagannatha-Vallabha Nataka: A Study with Introduction and Translation / Swain, Rajalaxmi
705. Jagged Lines Poems / Kharparn Daly, Brain D.
706. James Bladwin: Protest and Beyond: A Study of Afro-American Fiction / Sharma, Asha
707. Jane Austen: A Critical Study / Hudson, Robert & Arnold, Edwin
708. Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice: The Atlantic Critical Studies / Bhattacharyya, Jibesh
709. Janjiron Mein Jakadi Aurat / Firojpuri, Gopal Krishan Sharma
710. Jankiharana of Kumaradasa: A Critical Study (Cantos. 16-20) / Raghavan, V. (Ed.)
711. Jayantabhatta krit Agamdamber ke Kavyashastriya Aayam / Misra, Prayaga Narayan (Dr.)
712. Jews of Indian: Their Story / Israel, Rachanel Rukmini
713. The Jivanmukti-Viveka of the Path to Liberation in this Life (Translated into English) / Dvivedi, M.N. (Tr.)
714. Jnanasrimitras Vyapticarca; (Sanskrit Text, Ubersetzung Analyse) / Lasic, Horst
715. John Donne: A Critical Study / Joseph, T. & Francis, S.
716. John Dryden: A Critical Study / Joseph, T. & Francis, S.
717. John Milton: A Critical Study / Joseph, T. & Francis, S.
718. John Steinbeck: A Study of His Finctional Women / Arya, Sushma
719. John Steinbeck's Novels: A Critical Understanding / Singh, Elangbam Hemanta
720. Joseph Andrews / Fielding, Henry
721. Joseph Conrad: A Critical Study / Hudson, Robert & Arnold, Edwin
722. Joseph Conrad: The Gothic Imagination / Mahanta, Banibrata
723. Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness / Ray, Mohit K.
724. Journey to the Centre of the Earth / Verne, Jules
725. Joyce Cary: A Critical Study / Nirmala, A.
726. Kabir Legends and Ananta-Das's Kabir Parachai: With a translation of the Kabir Parachai prepared in collaboration with Jagdish Kumar and Uma Thukral with an edition of the Niranjani Panthi recension of this work / Lorenzen, David N. (Tr.)
727. Kabir: Selected Couplets from the Sakhi in Transversion (400-odd verses in iambic Tetrameter Stanza Form) / Karki, Mohan Singh
728. Kabir: The Weaver's Songs / Dharwadker, Vinay (Tr.)
729. Kadambari by Banabhatta / Tiwari, S.N. (Ed.)
730. Kadambari of Banabhatta (Sanskrit text with Kadambini Hindi translation) / Tripathi, Narmadeshwar Kumar (Dr.)
731. Kadwa Sach / Lal, Pyare
732. Kalhana's Rajatarangini: A Chronicle of the Kings of Kashmir; 2 Volumes / Stein, M.A. (Tr.)
733. Kalhana's Rajatarangini: Chronoicle of the Kings of Kasmir; Edited with 'Sobhana' Hindi Commentary by Shri Ramtej Shastri Pandey
734. Kalidasa Kosha: Thesaurus of Kalidasa; 2 Volumes / Shukla, H.L.
735. Kalidasa Sahitya Evam Kamakala; 4 Volumes / Kulshreshtha, Sushma (Ed.)
736. Kalidasa Sahitye Antyaksari (in Hindi) / Tandan, Kiran (Dr.) (Ed. & Tr.)
737. Kalidasa: A Fresh / Narang, Satapal (Prof.) (Ed.)
738. Kalidasa: New Perspectives / Radhakrishnan, C.S.
739. Kalidasa's Meghaduta / Hultzsch, E.
740. Kalidasa's Ritusamharam / Sehgal, S.R.
741. Kalidasa-sahitye Saundarya-Chetna (in Sanskrit) / Samantarai, Sharada (Dr.)
742. Kalidash Sarvaswam: The Complete Works of Kalidasa; Text with English Translation; 2 Volumes (2nd Edition) / Unni, N.P. (Tr.)
743. Kalpalata: A Collection of Devotional Poems / Pandey, Ramesh Kumar (Ed.)
744. Kamala Das: A Critical Spectrum / Mittapalli, Rajeshwae & et. al. (Eds.)
745. Kamala Markandaya: A Critical Study of Her Novels / Rao, A.V. Krishna
746. Kamala Markandaya's: Vision of Life / Garg, Neerja (Dr.)
747. Kama's Flowers: Nature in Hindi Poetry and Criticism, 1885-1925 / Ritter, Valerie
748. Kamla Markandaya: A Critical Spectrum / Bhatnagar, M.K.
749. Karmic Debts / Tandan, Mohini
750. Karmic Ties: A Novel of Modern Asia / Long, Stephen
751. Karmkand Pradeep / Karmakanda-Pradipah: Dasakarmadipaddhatih 'Sruti' Hindi vyakhyavibhusita (Sanskrit text with Hindi translation) / Sharma, Devanarayana (Dr.) (Tr.)
752. Kashi ki Kavyashastriya Acharya Parampara = Poetics Acharya Tradition of Kashi (in Sanskrit & Hindi) / Sarkar, Rajesh
753. Kashmir Bliss: Selected Poetry of Nund Reshi / Muqeem, Badruddin
754. Kashmir Folklore: A Study in Historical Perspective / Fayaz, Farooq
755. Kashmir is Free (A Novel) / Kumar, Arun & Kumar, Prasenjeet
756. Kathamritanidhi of Sri Anantabhatta; (Fresh version of Panchtantra) with critical edition and estimate) / Saxena, Rama (Dr.)
757. Kavita Ka Paripath; (in Hindi) / Pandey, Ramsajan (Dr.)
758. Kavya Kairavam (in Sanskirt only) / Satapathi, Swetapadma (Dr.)
759. Kavyadarpan: Shadullasatmak / Virchit, Sri Rajchudamani Dixit
760. Kavyadarsah of Dandin: Text with the Commentary of Jibanand Vidyasagar; Translated into English by V.V. Sastrulu / Panda, R.K. (Ed.)
761. Kavyalankara of Bhamaha: A Stylistical and Methodological Study / Lele, W.K.
762. Kavyalankara of Rudrata (Sanskrit text with Hindi translation) / Chaudhary, Satyadev (Dr.)
763. Kavyamimamsa of Rajasekhara (Original text in Sanskrit and translation with explanatory notes) / Parashar, Sadhana
764. Kayakalpa: The Elixir of Everlasting Youth / Bora, Lakshmi Nandan
765. Kekavali of Moropanta: A Series of the Peacock's Screams / Bobde, P.V. (Tr.)
766. Khushwant Singh: A Critical Study of His Novels / Dubey, S.K.
767. Khushwant Singh: Reality and Myth / Gupta, Ruby
768. Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti / Khan, K.D.
769. The King and the Corpse: Tales of the Soul's Conquest of Evil / Zimmer, Heinrich
770. The King in Exile: The Fall of the Royal Family of Burma / Shah, Sudha
771. Kiran Desai and Her Fictional World / Sharma, Vijay K. & Tandon, Neeru (Eds.)
772. Krishna Hari: A Play / Tulsiram, Nandlal
773. Ksemendra Studies of Dr. Suryakanta: Text with English Translation / Panda, R.K. (Ed.)
774. Kumara Sambhavam of Kalidasa (Fifth Canto text and English translation) / Panda, R.K.
775. Kumarasambhava of Kalidasa (Text with English translation and introduction) / Kale, M.R. (Ed.)
776. Kumarsambhavam of Kalidasa with Pancika of Vallabhadeva / Patel, Gautam
777. Kunti Kuntala Shakuntala / Mohanty, Binapani & Mohanty, A.K.
778. The Lalita Sahasranama Stotram (Text with English translation and annotations) / Sri Lalita Sahasranama Stotram: Thousand Attributes of Para Shakti Lalita (Text with Interpretive Translation from Kashmir Sakta Viewpoint) / Raina, Chaman Lal (Dr.)
779. Lalitasahasranamastotram: Text with Jayamangala commentary of Bhattanarayana / Lalye, P.G. (Ed.)
780. Lalla Rookh: An Oriental Romance / Moore, Thomas
781. Lalla to Nuruddin: Rishi-Sufi Poetry of Kashmir (A Translation and Study) / Odin, Jaishree K.
782. The Lambent Moon; (Poems) / Jha, Mummun
783. The Lamp is Lit: Leaves from a Journel / Bond, Ruskin
784. Landmarks in Modern English Literature / Roy, Virendra K.
785. Landour Days: A Writer's Journal / Bond, Ruskin
786. The Last Song of Dusk / Shanghvi, Siddharth Dhanvant
787. Last Wilderness / Verma, Nirmal
788. Lawrence Durrell and His Fictional World / Chaturvedi, A.K.
789. A Layman's Guide to Sanskrit Literature / Banerji, S.C.
790. Learn to Write A Short Story: The Art Craft & Anxieties / Das, Kishori Charan
791. Leaves from Kashmir / Shafi, Saba
792. The Legacy and Other Short Stories / Rahman, Tariq & Narang, Harish (Eds.)
793. Letter from a Lhasa Merchant to His Wife / Chittadhar 'Hridaya' (Mimmanahpau)
794. Letter Writing made Easy / Sawhney, P. & Gupta, A.
795. Leviathan / Hobbes, Thomas
796. Life and Works of Booker Prize Winners / Miller, Winnie
797. Life and Works of Saadat Hasan Manto / Bhalla, Alok (Ed.)
798. Life in the Fringes: The Aborigines in Patrick Whites Voss Riders in the Chariot and a Fringe of Leaves / Mahananda, Saroj Kumar
799. Life of John Keats: His Life and Poetry his Friends Critics and After Fame / Colvin, Sidney
800. Life of PI: A Novel / Martel, Yann
801. Lifelines: New Writing from Bangladesh / Ghuznavi, Farah
802. Literacy and Social Transformation / Pillai, P.G.
803. Literacy Programmes for all Adults / Fahimuddin
804. Literary Cascades: A festschrift for Prof. B. Gopal Rao / Kumar, G. Thirupathi; Pothen, Annie & Roy, Sumita (Eds.)
805. Literary Criticism / Jakhar, S.
806. Literary Criticism in Theory and Practice / Shrivastava, Ravindra Nath
807. Literary Criticism of R.S. Crane: Theory and Practice / Biswas, Asit Kumar (Dr.)
808. Literary Critism: An Introduction / Das, Ajay
809. Literary Debates / Kaul, R.K. & et. al.
810. Literary Gems from Sanskrit Literature: A Study of Rare Manuscripts / Wakankar, Siddharth Yeshwant
811. Literary Glory of Greece; 2 Volumes / Cunliffe, John W. & H. Thorndike, Ashley (Eds.)
812. The Literary Heritage: A New Anthology of Prose and Short Story / Prasad, Hari Mohan; Masih, Ivan Khristo & Singh, Chakradhar Prasad
813. Literary Polyrhythms: New Voices in New Writings in English / Gnanamony, S. Robert
814. Literary Spectrums: Recent Studies in English Literature / Mukhopadhyay, Partha Kumar
815. Literary Terms in Fiction and Prose / Sebastian, A.J.
816. Literary Terms in Poetry / Chandra, N.D.R. & Sabastian, A.J. (Dr.)
817. Literary Theory Today / Nayar, Pramod K.
818. Literary Theory: An Anthology / Rivkin, Julie & et. al. (Eds.)
819. Literary Theory: Possibilities and Limits / Singh, Charu Sheel
820. Literary Vision / Naikar, Basavaraj
821. Literature and Epigraphy of Tamilnadu / Krishnan, A.
822. Literature and Infinity / Manjali, Franson
823. Literature and Social Morality: A Gandhian Overview / Patil, Hemalatha V. & Patil, V.T.
824. A Literature-History Paradigms in Michel Foucault's Literary Theory / Rai, Sunil, K.
825. The Litterature As Art Theorist: Some Approaches to Art / Sharma, K.K.
826. Living Literature: A Trilingual Documentation of Indo-German Literary Exchange / Lauts, Barbara & et. al. (Eds.)
827. Living Thoughts of Immanuel Kant / Benda, Julien
828. Living With Honour: What's Easy to See is Easy to Miss / Khera, Shiv
829. The Long Transition: Essays on Poilitical Economy / Patnaik, Utsa
830. A Long Way Home / Brierley, Saroo
831. Lord Macaulay's Critical Essays; 2 Volumes / Goyal, Bhagwat S. & Tomar, Monica
832. The Lost Dreams: Collection of Poems / Salim, Mohammed
833. Love in Modern American Drama / Jain, Naresh K.
834. Love Poems of Ghananand / Bahadur, K.P.
835. Love, Eroticism and Female Sexuality in Classical Sanskrit Literature: Seventh-Thirteenth Centuries / Shah, Shalini
836. Lovescape Crucified: A Study of Gerard Manley Hopkins / Samanta, Soumyajit
837. Lunchtime Enlightenment / Dove, Pragito
838. Maa Meri Maa / Ranka, Binjraj (Comp. & Ed.)
839. The Mad Tibetan: Stories from Then and Now / Nawal, Deepti
840. Madhukari: Art of Honey-Gathering / Guha, Buddhadeba
841. Madhva und Seine Unbekannten Literarischen Quellen / Mesquita, R.
842. Mahadevi Verma ke Sahitya mein Anubhuti evam Vichar / Rajrani (Dr.)
843. Mahakavi Doctor Harinarayaan Dikshit ke Subhashita (in Hindi) / Tandon, Kiran (Dr.)
844. Main in Bellow's Fiction / Maggirwar, G.N.
845. Major Plays of Barry and Behrman / Joshi, B.D.
846. Major Trends in the Post-Independence: Indian English Fiction
847. Makers of Indian Literature: Shadaksharadeva / Naikar, Chandramouli S.
848. Making Sense of the First Quartos of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, Henry V, The Merry Wives of Windsor, and Hamlet / Bains, Y.S.
849. The Malavikagnimitram of Kalidasa: With the Commentary of Katyavema, Various Readings, Introduction, Translation into English and Critical and Explanatory Notes / Kale, M.R. (Ed.)
850. Malcolm Lowery-Novelist / Singh, Ravindra Prasad
851. Malgudi Milieu / Dhillon, Mohinder Singh
852. A Man Who Saw God: A Novel / Singh, R.A. (Brig.)
853. Managing Radical Change: What Indian Companies Must do to Become World-Class / Ghoshal, Sumantra & et. al.
854. Mandana and His Works: An Appaisal / Varma, Satyavrat
855. The Manidarpana (Sabdaparichchheda) of Rajachudamanimakhin (Samsodhakah) by Mahamahopadhyaya T. Ganapati Shastri / Shastri, G. Jayamanikya (Dr.) (Ed.)
856. Manisara (Anumaan Khanda) Samsodhakah by Mahamahopadhyaya T. Ganapati Shastri / Shastri, G. Jayamanikya (Dr.) (Ed.)
857. Manmohan Sahgal Rachnawali; 4 Volumes / Bedi, Harmahendra Singh & Mishra, Naresh
858. Mannu Bhandari ke Katha Sahitya mein Samajik Chetna (in Hindi) / Tiwari, Smita
859. March of the Aryans / Gidwani, Bhagwan S.
860. Marianne Moore's Poetry: Perceptions and Illusions / Menon, Sujatha
861. Marital Discord in Indian English Novel: An Indepth Study of Major Contemporary Indian Novelists in English / Khurana, K.K.
862. Mark Twain: A Critical Study / Hudson, Robert & Arnold, Edwin
863. Marriage in the Eighteenth Century English Novel / Singh, Sarup
864. The Masnavi; 2 Volumes / Rumi, Jalalu D-Din
865. Masterpieces of English Literature
866. Maukhik Mahakavya / Mishra, Manoj Kumar (Ed.)
867. The Maxims of Kabir / Das, G.N.
868. Meddling with the Middle the Novels of John Updike / Verma, Priti
869. Medieval Indian Literature; Vol.1-3
870. Medieval Literature: Song and Story; 2 Volumes / John, W.C. & Ashley, H.T. (Eds.)
871. Meditating Indian Writing in English: German Perspectives / Lange & Pandurang
872. Meghaduta of Kalidasa (Edited with a Complete Translation into English, Introduction, Notes, Appendices and Extracts from the Commentaries of Vallabha, Daksinavarta and Mallinatha) / Karmarkar, R.D. (Ed.)
873. The Meghaduta of Kalidasa (with the commentary (Sanjivani) of Mallinatha edited with an introduction, Hindi and English Translation, Critical notes) / Bharadwaj, Saroj (Dr.)
874. Meghaduta: Critical Edition with Sanskrit and Tibetan Index / Lama Chimpa, Bimalendra Kumar & Jampa Samten (Eds.)
875. Meghadutam of Kalidasa with verse translations in thirteen languages (Hindi, Garwali, Gujarati, Dogari, Mewari, Brij, Chhattisgari, Marathi, Rajasthani, Maithili, Bhojpuri, Nepali and Bundeli) / Bhargava, Dayanand (Ed.)
876. Meghadutam of Kalidasa with verse translations in twelve European languages (German, Italian, French, Swedish, Hungarian, Danish, Spanish, Dutch, Croatian, Czech, Portuguese and English) / Bhargava, Dayanand (Ed.)
877. Meghadutam of Kalidasa with verse translations in twelve languages (Tamil, Telgu, Kannad, Malyalam, Bangla, Oriya, Assamese, Manipuri, Sindhi, Urdu, Punjabi and Kashmiri) / Bhargava, Dayanand (Ed.)
878. Memories of Malgudi: The Dark Room, the English Teacher, Waiting for the Mahatma the Guide, the World of Nagaraj / Narayan, R.K.
879. Memories That Linger / Gore, M.S.
880. Merlion and the Hibiscus: Contemporary Short Stories from Singapore and Malaysia / Mukherjee, Dipika & et. al.
881. Metamorphosts / Kafka, Franz (1883-1924)
882. Migrant Voices in Literature in English / Shukla, Sheobhushan & Shulka, Anu
883. A Million Fires: A Novel / Gill, Raj
884. Milton's Paradise Lost / Dwivedi, A.M.
885. Minister's Wife / Misra, Amaresh
886. Miracle / Dadachanji, Parveez
887. Mirage and Mirror: Poems / Chattopadhayaya, Harindranath
888. The Mirror of Beauty / Faruqi, Shamsur Rahman
889. The Mirror of Composition: A Treatise on Poetical Criticism: Being an English Translation of The Sahitya-Darpana of Viswanatha Kaviraja / Ballantyne, J.R. & Mitra, P.D. (Dr.)
890. Mishmi Folk Tales of Lohit Valley / Tayeng, Obang
891. Modern American Literature / Mittapalli, Rajeshwar & et. al. (Eds.)
892. Modern Criticism / Rollason, Christopher & Mittapalli, Rajeshwar
893. Modern English Literature / Das, Krishan & Patra, Deepchand (Drs.)
894. Modern English Literature / Garg, Neerja (Dr.)
895. Modern English Literature / Illay, Wyat
896. Modern English Prose / Boas, Guy
897. Modern Fiction and Criticism / Prakash, R.
898. Modern Goan Short Stories / Vas, Luis S.Rita (Ed.)
899. Modern Indian English Novel: A Critical Study of the Political Motif / Bhatnagar, M.K.
900. Modern Indian Literature; Vol.I to III

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