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1. The 48 Laws of Power / Greene, Robert
2. Administration of Justice in India: Ethics and Accountability / Patel, Rajneesh Kumar
3. Administration of Justice in Mizoram / Prasad, R.N. & Chakraborty, P.
4. Administrative Law / Saha, Tushar Kanti
5. Affirmative Action in India / Singh, Bir Pal
6. The Afzal Petition: A Quest for Justice
7. Algebra of Infinite Justice / Roy, Arundhati
8. The All India Services Manual; 3 Volumes (6th Edition) / Sarkar, S.C.
9. Alternative Sexuality, Morality and Law / Gautam, Prem Kumar
10. Ambedkar on Law, Constitution and Social Justice / Shabbir, Mohammad (Ed.)
11. Ancient Indian Law: Before and After Coming Islam / Dhar, R.N.
12. Ancient Law / Maine, Sir Henry Sumner
13. Annual Digest of Human Rights Judgements 2008 / Antony, M.J.
14. Anti-Terrorism Laws: India, The United States, The United Kingdom and Israel; 2 Volumes / Gupta, K.R. (Ed.)
15. Antrashtriya Kanoon; (in Hindi) / Prasad, Mundrika
16. Arbitration Law / Sharma, Surender Kumar
17. Article 356 of the Constitution of India: Promise and Performance / Prasad, K. Surya
18. Ashoka's Law Relating to Women and Their Rights / Bhatnagar, J.P.
19. A-Z of Law in Management / Kumar, Nilendra & Chaturvedi, Neha
20. B.R. Ambedkar: Man and His Vision / Yadav, Rajkumar
21. B.R. Ambedkar: Study in Law and Society / Shabbir, M. (Ed.)
22. Banking System, Frauds and Legal Control / Nainta, R.P.
23. Basic Laws on Environment / Prabhakar, V.K. (Ed.)
24. Biological Diversity Acts / Ao, Imotemsu; Lakshminath, A. & Jha, L.K. (Drs.)
25. Black's Law Dictionary, 10th Edition / Garner, Bryan A. (Ed.)
26. Bureaucratic System and Public Policy / Rao, M.G.Ramakant
27. Capital's Guide to Information Technology, Cyber Laws and E-Commerce / Syed, Shakil Ahmed & Raheja, Rajiv
28. Case Studies and Legal Intervantions / Mahajan, Promila & Chand, S.
29. A Case Study on International Law and Political Science / Dixit, A.K.
30. Central Acts of India (1834-2019): Repealed and Unrepealed / Patel, Bimal N.
31. Centre State Relations in India: Perceptions of Non-Congress Political Parties / Kabbur, A.S.
32. Child and the Law / Chouhan, Laxmidhar
33. Child Labour and the Law / Shukla, C.K. & Ali, S. (Eds.)
34. Child Labour in India / Ahmed, Ashhad
35. Child Rights: A Perspective on International and National Law / Rao, D. Venkateswara
36. Children's Rights: Laws, Policies and Practice / Pandey, P.K.
37. Cities of India: A Legal History / Mulchandani, Richa R.
38. Citizenship, Nationality and Ethnicity / Oommen, T.K.
39. Civil Laws in Kautilya's Arthasastra / Sharma, Y.D. (Dr.)
40. Code of Criminal Procedure together with state amendments and short notes
41. Commentaries on Advocates Act with Bar Council of India Rules, Professional Ethics, Advocates Welfare Funds Act and Rules (Central and States) alongwith Important Allied Laws (5th Edition) / Subramanyam
42. Commentaries on Code of Criminal Procedure, as amended by Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2018 (Act No. 22 of 2018) With State Amendments, 2 Volumes (3rd Edition) / Woodroffe
43. Commentaries on Dowary Probhited Act, 1961 with Guroodas Banerjee's Tagore Law Lectures on Law of Streedhan; (1988 Edition with Supplement) / Beri, B.P.
44. Commentaries on General Clauses Act, (Central and States) Alongwith 16th Report on the General Cllauses Act, 1897 - Important Allied Acts and Rules (9th Edition) / Swamikamu
45. Commentaries on Insurance Laws alongwith General Insurance Regulatory Act, Rules with Regulations and Important Allied Laws with Latest Case Laws, 2 Volumes (8th Edition) / Kumar
46. Commentaries on Law of Citizenship, Foreigners and Passports Acts with Rules and Allied Laws, alongwith As Amended by Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 and National Register of Citizens at a Glance, 2 Volumes (New 4th Edition) / Seth
47. Commentaries on Law of Wills in India and Pakistan with Propositions under Law of Wills: Concept of Will under Muslim Law, Latest and Patent Ambiguities in Wills, 2 Volumes (New 11th Edition) / Ramamurti, Mantha
48. Commentaries on Limitation Act with Latest Case Laws, 9th Edition / Mitra, R.
49. Commentaries on Marriage and Divorce Laws with Latest Case Laws (3rd Edition) / Gour (Dr.)
50. Commentaries on Mohammedan Law in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh along with Muslim (Protection of Right, on Marriage) (Amendment Act. 2019) (14th Edition with Latest Case Laws) / Verma, B.R.
51. Commentaries on Motor Vehicles Laws and Rules alongwith Allied Laws, As Amended by Motor Vehicles Amendment Act (Act No. 32 of 2019), 2 Volumes (New 10th Edition) / Jaggi
52. Commentaries on Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act with Rules, (Central and States), 2 Volumes (4th Edition) (Revised and Enlarged) / Malik
53. Commentaries on Partition Act and Joint Property under Hindu Law with Model Forms and Useful Appendices, (New 10th Edition) / Basu
54. Commentaries on Penal Law of India, as Amended by Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2018 (Act No. 22 of 2018), with Draft Charges and State Amendments, Fugitive Economic Offenders Act, 2018 with Latest Case Laws, 4 Volumes (11th Edition) / Gour, H.S. (Dr.)
55. The Commentaries on Registration Act (Central and States) with State Amendments and Table of Registration Fees, 2 Volumes (New 16th Edition) / Row, Sanjiva
56. Commentaries on Societies Registration Act with Rules (Central and States) (New 9th Edition) / Anand
57. Commentary on the Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961 along with Tagore Law Lectures (1878) on Law of Stridhana by Sir Gooroodas Bannerjee / Beri, B.P.
58. Commissions and Omissions in the Administration of Justice / Jai, Janak Raj (Dr.)
59. Committees and Commissions in India 1947-80; 18 Volumes in 24 Parts / Kumar, Virendra
60. Company Law / Bansal, C.L.
61. Company Law / Tyagi, Madhu & Kumar, Arun
62. Company Law: Law and Practice / Jain, N.K.
63. Consciousness, Entropy and Evolution: The Laws of Biology / Sekar, D.M.R.
64. Conservation through Forest Conservation Act / Rao, M. Lokeswara (I.F.S.)
65. Constitution Acts and Administrative Policy / Khanna, M.M.
66. The Constitution of India / Nair, J. & et. al.
67. Constitution of India (Simplified) / Mathew, P.D.
68. The Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir: Its Development and Comments, 8th Edition / Anand, Justice A.S. (Former Chief Justice of India)
69. Constitutional Challenges to IPC Provisions: A Judicial Approach / Sood, Pooja
70. Constitutional History of India / Singh, M.K.
71. Constitutional Law and the Governance / Bhatnagar, Sukhbir
72. Constitutions of SAARC Nations / Sharma, Gokulesh (Dr.)
73. Consumer Education and Empowerment: Laws, Policies and Strategies / Singh, S.S.; Misra, Suresh & Chadah, Sapna (Eds.)
74. Consumer Protection / Mishra, Dharmanand
75. Consumer Protection Act and Banking Service with Digest of Case Laws, alongwith Banking Laws (Amendment) Act, (Act No. 4 of 2013) with Latest Case Laws (2nd Edition) / Elumalai, K. (Prof.)
76. Consumer Protection in India: Problems and Prospects / Ahmad, Farooq
77. Consumer Protection Law: Provisions and Prodcedure / Chaudhary, R.N.P.
78. Consumerism, Medicine and the Law: Emerging Voices from India / Nigam, Shalu
79. Contemporary Socio-Legal Problems / Dutta, Nalini Kanta
80. Conversion: Constitutional and Legal Implecations / Mustafa, Faizan & Sharma, Anurag
81. Copyright Law Economy and Development / Giriappa, Somu
82. Copyright Protection and Information Technology: An Indian Perspective, along with Copyright Rules, 2013 / Rafiqi, F.A. (Dr.)
83. Corporate Crime / Talwar, Prakash (Ed.)
84. Corporate Laws: Administration and Management / Jain, N.K.
85. Corruption in Public Services / Dutta, N.K.
86. Corruption, Money Laundering and Law; 2 Volumes / Shewan, M.A. & Veer, Udai
87. Crime & Corruption in Digital Age / Shahi, M.P.
88. Crime & Punishment in Indian Society / Walsh, Cecil
89. Crime and Corruption in Digital Age / Sahabi, M.P.
90. Crime and Criminal Justice in Asia / Thilagaraj, R.; Liu, Jianhong; & Latha, S.
91. Crime and Criminology; 4 Volumes / Padhy, Prafullah (Ed.)
92. Crime and Social Justice: Society and Law Enforcement / D'Souza, Eugene (Ed.)
93. Crime Trends and Criminal Justice / Mishra, R.C.
94. Crime Trends in Criminal Justice / Mishra, R.C. (Dr.)
95. Crime Victims and Justice: An Introduction to Restorative Principles / Sundaram, P. Madhava Soma; Jaishankar, K. & Ramdass, S. (Eds.)
96. Crime, Human Rights and National Security / Mathur, K.M.
97. Crimes Against Women and Protective Laws / Saxena, Shobha
98. Criminal Activities in Cyberworld / Barua, Yogesh
99. Criminal Administration in India / Sarangi, B.R.
100. Criminal Anthropology / Tyagi, Darshna
101. Criminal Attempt and Punishment / Chawla, Monica
102. Criminal Justice Administration in India / Sharma, P.D.
103. Criminal Justice and Beyond: An International Perspective / Mire, Scott M. & Hanser, Robert D. (Eds.)
104. Criminal Justice in Ancient India / Chakravarty, Haripada
105. Criminal Justice System Reconsidered: Victim and Witness Perspectives / Bajpai, G.S.
106. Criminal Laws and Social Justice / Singh, Subhash Chandra
107. Criminal Procedure Code Simplified / Mathew, P.D.
108. Criminal Psychology: New Trends and Innovations / Kaur, Rajpal
109. Criminology / Ahuja, Ram
110. Criminology and Penology / Sharma, Rajendra Kumar
111. The Crusades, Holy War and Canon Law / Brundage, James A.
112. Custodial Torture: Under International Law and Indian Legal Systems, 2 Volumes / Saini, R. Sa (Dr.)
113. Custom Reforms and Modernisation: A Global View / Bagchi, J.K.
114. Customary Law and Practices of the Maram Nagas / Tiba, Th. R.
115. Cyber Cops, Cyber Criminals and the Internet / Chopra, Deepti & Merrill, Keith
116. Cyber Crime / Bansal, S.K.
117. Cyber Crime / Goel, Harish
118. Cyber Crime / Suri, R.K. & Chhabra, T.N.
119. Cyber Crime and Law / Singh, Y.K. (Dr.)
120. Cyber Crime and Law Enforcement / Dudeja, V.D.
121. Cyber Crime: Impact in the New Millennium / Mishra, R.C. (Dr.)
122. Cyber Crime: Issues, Threats and Management; 2 Volumes / Jain, Atul (Ed.)
123. Cyber Crimes and Law; 2 Volumes / Dudeja, V.D.
124. Cyber Crimes and Legal Measures / Chaubey, Manish Kumar (Dr.)
125. Cyber Crimes: Notorious Aspects of the Humans and the Net; 4 Volumes / Barua, Yogesh & Dayal, Denzyl P.
126. Cyber Laws / Punia, C.K.
127. Cyber Millennium: Challenges and Opportunities / Bansal, S.K.
128. Cyber Security in the 21st Century / Verma, Nina
129. Cyber Terrorism Hoaxes and Law Enforcement / Dayal, Denzyl P.
130. Dalit and the Law in the 21st Century / Rawat, Gyanendra Singh
131. Dalit Rights, Landmark Judgements on SC/ST/Backward Classes / Antony, M.J.
132. Dalits and Law / Rajawat, Mamta (Ed.)
133. Death Penalty / Jai, Janak Raj (Dr.)
134. Decision Making in the Supreme Court of India: A Jurimetric Study / Gupta, Vijay K.
135. Delegation of Legislative Powers / Chawla, Monica
136. Democracy and Election Laws / Kafaltiya, Anand Bhallabh
137. Dharam's Law of Inquiry Commissions in India; 2 Volumes / Sharma, Dharam Paul
138. The Dictionary of Crime Terms / Sifakis, Carl
139. Dictionary of Land Revenue Terms in India / Singh, Sunil Kumar
140. Dictionary of Law / Curzon, L.B.
141. Direct Taxes Glossary: 1860-2012 / Rajendra. IRS
142. Disaster Management Process: Law, Policy and Strategy / Sinha, Prabhas Chandra (Ed.)
143. Dishonour of Cheque: Law, Practice and Procedure / Padmanabhan, T.K.A.
144. Dispensation of Justice: Role and Accountability of Judges & Advocates / Singh, Ravi Karan
145. Domestic Violence Against Women: Legal Control and Judicial Response / Misra, Preeti
146. The Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 (23 of 1940) with The Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1945 as amemded by (Fourth Amendment) Rules, 2021. The Drugs (Control) Act, 1950 Repealed by the Repealing and Amending Act, 2016 (23 of 2016). The Cosmetics Rules, 2020
147. Dynamic of Law & Order Administration / Bhatnagar, V.
148. Dynamism of Judicial Control and Administrative Adjudication / Bilal, Noor Mohammed
149. Economic Laws, Regulations and Procedures in India / Prasad, Chandra Shekhar
150. E-Crimes and Remedies / Deva, Vasu
151. Editing for Print and Electronic Media Trends, Ethics and Law / Sehgal, Vivek
152. Elder Law in India / Bhatia, Sugan
153. Electoral System in India / Nair, J.
154. Electricity Theft: Empowering People and Reforming Power Sector / Kumar, Surinder
155. Empowerment of Women and Gender Justice in India with Latest Case Laws (3rd Edition) / Gour, H.S. (Dr.)
156. Encyclopaedia of Administrative Law; 5 Volumes / Sharma, S.R.
157. Encyclopaedia of Constitutional Law; 5 Volumes / Sharma, S.R. (Ed.)
158. Encyclopaedia of Crime, Police and Judicial System: 1-28 Volumes (A Continuing Series) / Shah, Giriraj
159. Encyclopaedia of Criminology / Rana, Lokesh
160. Encyclopaedia of Criminology / Singh, S.P.
161. Encyclopaedia of Cyber Crime; 5 Volumes / Augastine, Paul T. (Prof.)
162. Encyclopaedia of Cyber Laws and Crime; 5 Volumes / Sharma, S.R. (Ed.)
163. Encyclopaedia of Human Rights and Duties; 10 Volumes / Dubey, R.K.
164. Encyclopaedia of Intellectual Property Rights; 10 Volumes / Trivedi, Priya Ranjan (Ed.)
165. Encyclopaedia of Intellectual Property Rights; 3 Volumes / Sinha, Prabhas Chandra
166. Encyclopaedia of Intellectual Property Rights; 4 Volumes / Sabanna, Talwar
167. Encyclopaedia of Islamic Law; 10 Volumes / Khan, Arif Ali & Khan, Mohammad Tauqir (Eds.)
168. Encyclopaedia of Jurisprudence; 5 Volumes / Sharma, S.R. (Ed.)
169. Encyclopaedia of Law / Rana, Lokesh
170. Encyclopaedia of Social Development: Law, Policy and Security; 10 Volumes / Sinha, Prabhas C.
171. Encyclopaedia of Terrorism, Law and Human Rights / Bharti, Avinash
172. Encyclopaedia of World Criminal Justice Systems; 2 Volumes / Bhardwaj, R.D. Singh
173. Encyclopaedic Survey of Handicapped; 2 Volumes / Prasad, B.K. (Ed.)
174. The Encyclopedia of High-Tech Crime & Crime-Fighting / Newton, Michael
175. Encyclopedia of World Constitutions; 3 Volumes / Robbers, Gerhard
176. Endangered Constitutionalism: Documents of a Supreme Court Case / Wadhwa, D.C. (Dr.)
177. Environment and Justice / Jariwala, C.M.
178. Environment Disaster and the Law / Mishra, Vinod Shankar
179. Environment Protection and the Law / Khitoliya, R.K.
180. Environmental Accounting and Reporting: Theory, Law and Empirical Evidence / Pahuja, Shuchi
181. Environmental Law / Kaur, Gurkirat
182. Environmental Law / Sharma, Surender Kumar
183. Environmental Law: Contemporary Issues / Udapudi, Shobhalata with Jagadeesh Chandra T.G., Bindu Vijay, Asha Verma & Viralkumar B. Mandaliya (Eds.)
184. Environmental Laws in India / Tiwari, A.K.
185. Environmental Laws on Wildlife / Trivedi, P.R. & Singh U.K. (Eds.)
186. Environmental Laws: Implementation Problems and Perspectives / Chatterjee, Benimadhab
187. Environmental Noise Pollution: Causes, Evils, Legislation and Controls / Mahandiyan, Vijendra
188. Environmental Pollution and Protection / Garg, M.R.; Bansal, Vijay Kumar & Tiwana, N.S.
189. Environmental Protection and Law / Prabhakar, V.K. (Ed.)
190. Environmental Protection and Law / Trivedi, P.R. & Singh U.K.
191. Environmental Protection and the Law / Khitoliya, R.K.
192. Environmental Protection and the Law / Mehta, Chetan Singh
193. Environmental Protection, Law and Policy in India / Thakur, K.
194. Environmental Science: Health, Education, Law / Sinha, R.K. (Ed.)
195. Essentials of POTA and the other Human Rights Law / Thakur, Lalit Kumar
196. An Ethical Hacking Guide to Corporate Security / Fadia, Ankit
197. Family Law of Muslims, Parsis and Christians of India / Saiyed, I.A.
198. Family Law on Divorce and Judicial Separation / Akhtar, N.
199. Food and Beverage Law: Food Safety and Hygiene / Negi, Jagmohan
200. Food Safety and Standards Act 2006, Rules 2011, Regulations, 2 Volumes (22nd Edition, 2021) / Nijhawan, Rajan (Revised)
201. Food Safety: Concept and Reality / Mahindru, S.N.
202. Foreign Investment Law and its Impact on Labour / Chaturvedi, Sharad K.
203. Forest Act, 1927 along with The Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980 and Rules, 2003 with The Compensatory Afforestation Fund Act, 2016
204. Forest and Allied Laws (H.P.) / Singla & Sharma
205. Forest Law (with Explanations) / Negi, S.S. (Comp.)
206. Forest Policy and Law / Negi, S.S. (Dr.)
207. Frauds and Financial Crimes in Cyberspace / Barua, Yogesh
208. Fundamental Human Rights / Deshta, S. & Deshta, K.
209. Fundamental Rights in Action / Mathew, P.D.
210. Future of Law and Justice / Sharma, Gokukesh (Dr.)
211. Gandhi's Law of Conscience / Valecha, Simmi
212. Gender Justice: Women and Law in India / Chawla, Monica
213. Gender Justice: Women and Law in India / Chawla, Monica
214. Glimpses of the Justice System of Presidency Towns: 1687-1973 / Choudhuri, Mrinmaya & Choudhuri, Mina
215. Global Sourcebook on Human Rights; 2 Volumes / Sinha, P.C.
216. GST Ready Referencer (4th Edition) / Goel, Pankaj (CA)
217. Handbook of Criminology / Purvi, Ramakant
218. Handbook of Security, Intelligence and Anti-Terrorism Laws / Tiwari, Manish
219. Handbook on Wildlife Law Enforcement in India / Sinha, Samir (I.F.S.)
220. Health and Law / Gupta, M.C.
221. Hereditary Genius: An Inquiry into its Laws and Consequences / Galton, F.
222. Higher Bureaucracy Development / Jitha, S.R.
223. The Hindu Law of Marriage and Stridhana / Banerjee, Sir Gooroodas
224. Hindu Law, 22nd Edition / Agarwala, R.K.
225. Hinduism and Divorce: From Dharmasastra to Statutory Law; 2 Volumes / Kohli, Hari Dev
226. Historical Development of Legal Literature on Customary Laws in Assam: A Critical Study / Rohman, Wakidur
227. History of Constitutional Development / Shamsi, Nayyar
228. History of Legal Education / Gupta, Sushma
229. Hospitality and Tourism Laws with Conventions / Murugan, Annamalai
230. Hotel Law / Singh, Jyotsana
231. Human Rights / Jayapalan, N.
232. Human Rights and Bail / Sharma, Roopa
233. Human Rights and Criminal Justice Administration / Thilagaraj, R.
234. Human Rights and Criminal Justice Administration in India / Bava, Noorjahan (Ed.)
235. Human Rights and Development in Emerging World Order / Samal, Sunita
236. Human Rights and Justice System / Gautam, Ashwani Kant
237. Human Rights and Legal Remedies / Sharma, Gokulesh
238. Human Rights and Refugees / Subramanya, N. (Dr.)
239. Human Rights and Social Justice / Sharma, G.
240. Human Rights and Social Work: Issues, Challenge and Response / Kohli, A.S.
241. Human Rights and the Constitution / Saksena, K.P.
242. Human Rights and the Law: Universal and Indian / Diwan, P.
243. Human Rights Complaints Systems: International and Regional / Subbian, A.
244. Human Rights Concern of the Future / Bhargava, Gopal
245. Human Rights Education / Mohanty, Jagannath
246. Human Rights in India: Problems and Perspectives / Sehgal, B.P.S.
247. Human Rights in the New Millennium / Shamsi, Nayyar (Ed.)
248. Human Rights Law in India: Protection and Implementation of the Human Rights Act, 1993 / Harsh, Bhanwar Lal
249. Human Rights of Accused and Juveniles: Delinquent in Conflict with Law / Jaiswal, Jaishree
250. Human Rights of the Non-Citizen: Law and Reality / Bandyopadhyay, Rathin
251. Human Rights Training; 2 Volumes / Subramanian, S. (Dr.)
252. Human Rights Violation: A Global Phenomenon / Sharma, Vinod
253. Human Rights: A Compilation of International Instruments: Universal Instruments; Volume 1 (in 2 Parts)
254. Human Rights: Acts, Statutes and Constitutional Provisions; 2 Volumes / Gupta, D.N. & et. al.
255. Human Rights: An Interdisciplinary Approach / Freeman, Michael
256. Human Rights: Concept and Standards / Symonides, Janusz (Ed.)
257. Human Rights: Conflict to Build Peace / Bhargava, Gopal
258. The Human Rights: Conventions and Indian Law / Gupta, U.N.
259. Human Rights: Global Perspectives / Kumar, Anuradha
260. Human Rights: International Challenges; 2 Volumes / Subramanian, S. (Dr.)
261. Human Rights: UN Initiatives / Rai, Rahul
262. Human Rights: Violations and the Law / Sahu, A.
263. Human Society at the Crossroads: In Search of a New Vision: Essays in Commenmoration of the Memory of Dr. L.M. Singhvi / Mohnot, S.R. (Dr.) (Ed.)
264. India and Human Rights: No.9-PRIS(POL) LARRDIS/98 / Gopalan, S. (Ed.)
265. Indian Administrative Law / Sharma, Manoj
266. Indian Bureaucracy and Politics / Nizami, Sadia (Dr.)
267. Indian Constitution / Palekar, S.A.
268. Indian Constitution / Syed, M.H.
269. Indian Constitution Under Communal Attack / Khobragade, Ram
270. Indian Constitutional Acts / Mittra, Sangh
271. Indian Judicial System: Need and Directions of Reforms / Verma, S.P.
272. Indian Judiciary and Politics: The Changing Landscape / Dua, B.D.; Singh, M.P. & Saxena, Rekha (Eds.)
273. Indian Police: Law and Reality / Srivastav, V.P.
274. Indian Political System and Law / Prasad, Lal Bahadur
275. Indianization of Rights and Duties / Sharma, Gokukesh (Dr.)
276. India's Coast and Ocean Management: Law, Polity and Strategy; 3 Volumes / Chandra, Prabhas
277. Industrial Law; 2 Volumes / Kumar, Arun
278. Information Technology and Cyber Laws: A Mission with Vision / Dudeja, V.D.
279. Information Warfare and Cyber Security / Mishra, R.C.
280. Infotech and Cyber Crimes / Ponnaian, M. (Ed.)
281. Insurance: Law and Practice / Tyagi, C.L. & Tyagi, Madhu
282. Intellectual Property Crime / Augastine, Paul T.
283. Intellectual Property Global and Indian Dimensions / Bagchi, J.K.
284. Intellectual Property Right, 2nd Edition / Cornish, Hyde W.
285. Intellectual Property Rights / N.S., Sreenivasulu (Dr.)
286. Intellectual Property Rights / Raju, C.B.
287. Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs): TRIPS Agreement and Indian Laws / Lokganathan, E.T.
288. Intellectual Property Rights and Conservation of Forest Resources / Gupta, Sudhanshu (I.F.S.)
289. Intellectual Property Rights and Human Development In India / Sabanna, Talwar
290. Intellectual Property Rights at a Glance / Singh, Phundan & Singh, Rajeev
291. Intellectual Property Rights Demystified / Ramkumar, Mu. & Jayakumar, A. (Eds.)
292. Intellectual Property Rights in India / Saidaiah, Pidigam & Reddy, K. Ravinder
293. Intellectual Property Rights in India: General Issues and Implications / Pal, Prankrishna
294. Intellectual Property Rights in the NAM and Other Developing Countries: A Compendium of Laws and Policies / Saha, R.
295. Intellectual Property Rights in WTO and Developing Countries / Sabanna, Talwar
296. Intellectual Property Rights Management in Developing Countries / Nyatlo, Sheila Mavis; Caballero, Catherina & Fernando, M.A.M. (Eds.)
297. Intellectual Property Rights of Farmers / Agarwal, Prem Kumar
298. Intellectual Property Rights Under Globalisation / Sabanna, Talwar
299. Intellectual Property Rights, Global Relations and Globalization: A Reflection through Indian Paradigm / Jena, Kashinath
300. Intellectual Property Rights: Basic Concepts / Karki, M.M.S.

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