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1201. Rural Empowerment through Agro-Based Industries / Yadav, B.S. & Rana, Sachi
1202. Rural Empowerment: Through SHGs, NGOs & PRIs / Verma, S.B. & Pawar, Y.T.
1203. Rural Entrepreneurship Development in Liberalised Era / Dwivedi, Amit Kumar & Sukhwal, Anita
1204. Rural Health Care and Housing / Verma, S.B.; Jiloka, S.K. & Pathak, A.C.
1205. Rural Indebtedness in India / Govindrao, Patil Narhari (Dr.)
1206. Rural Industrialisation and Infrastructure / Saurath, Vivek
1207. Rural Industrialisation in Karala: Its Dynamics and Local Linkages / Eapen, Mridul
1208. Rural Industrialization in India: Strategies and Politics / Narayana, N.
1209. Rural Industries Programme: An Evaluation / Rao, B. Sudhakar
1210. Rural Industries Under Liberalisation / Soundarapandian, Mookkiah
1211. Rural Infrastructure and Development / Reddy, P. Adinarayana; Devi, U. Uma & Harinath, N.
1212. Rural Labour & Public Economics / Mathur, S.
1213. Rural Labour Market / George, T.M.
1214. Rural Labour Market / Soundarapandian, M. (Ed.)
1215. Rural Management / Verma, S.B.
1216. Rural Muslims in Transition / Ahmad, Sarfarazuddin
1217. Rural Non-Farm Employment in India / Shukla, Vachaspati
1218. Rural Poverty Alleviation and Employment / Verma, S.B.; Singh, R.D. & Jiloka, S.K.
1219. Rural Poverty: Assessment and Livelihood Strategies / Sinha, M. Biswanath; Mindjimba, K. & Jarne, A.
1220. Rural Prosperity Oriented Programmes, NGO's & People's Participation / Verma, S.B.
1221. Rural Tourism and Tribal Development / Verma, S.B.; Jiloka, S.K. & Thryambakam, P.
1222. Rural Urban Fringe: Problems and Management / Jafri, S.S.A. & Bajpai, B.K. (Eds.)
1223. SAARC Perspective / Bhuimali, Anil & Mukhopadhyay, Chandan Kumar (Eds.)
1224. SAARC: Political and Economic Aspects / Kher, R.S.
1225. Samaj Shastriya Paddtiyan / Yadav, Ramji
1226. Samajik Shodh Avam Sankhyiki; (In Hindi) / Tomar, Devendra Pal Singh
1227. Satisfaction Level of Foreign Tourists Visiting in India / Singh, Reena
1228. Saudi Arabian Labour Market: Socio-Legal Status of Migrants / Roy, Surya K.
1229. Saving Behaviour in India / Mehta, Rekha
1230. Science and Technology for Rural Development / Wickremasinghe, Seetha I.; Abilay, Ma. Josefina P. & Gunaratne, Jayasamara
1231. Scope and Method of Political Economy / Keynes, J.N.
1232. Scope of Non-Economic Factors in Economic Development through Banking, India: A Case Study / Mandal, G.C.
1233. Search Light on Trade Logistics / Desai, H.B.
1234. Second Generation Economic Reforms Issues and Initiatives / Mirajkar, Mahesh
1235. Security Analysis and Portfolio Management / Ahuja, Ritu
1236. Security Analysis and Portfolio Management / Nandrajog, Anju B.
1237. Security and Development: The Political Economy of Insurgency in Manipur / Singh, K. Gyanendra
1238. Seed Economics / Karanth, Apoorva
1239. Select Essays on Indian Economy; 2 Volumes / Rangarajan, C. (Dr.)
1240. Self Employment & Government Policy: Future Challenges / Chennappa, D. (Ed.)
1241. Self-Employment and Successful Entrepreneurship / Patrick, Martin
1242. Serivces Sector in the Indian Economy / Gandhi, P. Jegadish & et. al.
1243. Service Quality Customer Satisfaction and Efficiency in Indian Banks: An Empirical Study / Uppal, R.K.
1244. Service Sector in India / Dwivedi, Syam Mohan & Mishra, Hridya Narayan
1245. Services Sector in the Indian Economy / Gandhi, P. Jegadish & et. al.
1246. Sikh Religion and Economic Development / Kaur, Upinder Jit
1247. Sir Hans Singer: The Life & Works of a Development Economists / Shaw, D. John
1248. Sixty Five Years of the Indian Economy: 1947-48 to 2012-13 / Prasad, Chandra Shekhar & Shekhar, Himanshu
1249. Small Enterprises and Regional Development: Challenges and Choices / Mathew, P.M.
1250. Small Industry Development in India / Suryanarayana, C. & Mohan, V. Krishna
1251. Small-scale Industries in India: Problems and Policy Initiatives / Vijayarani, K.R.
1252. Social and Economic Change in Haryana / Singh, Chattar
1253. Social and Economic History of Jammu and Kashmir / Kapur, M.L. & Kapur, Sindhu
1254. Social and Economic History of Modern India / Gohit, Rajeev Kumar
1255. Social Banking and Profitability / Kothari, C.R.
1256. Social Development / Gore, M.S.
1257. Social Development / Pandey, Janak & et. al.
1258. Social Justice and Empowerment of Disadvantaged Groups in India: Policies and Programmes / Pandya, Rameshwari
1259. Social Security of Labour in India and Economic Reforms / Naidu, K.M. (Prof.)
1260. Social Security, Welfare & Polity: Explorations in Political Science - 3 Theoritical Perspective, Western Typology, Indian Experiment Globalisation and Emerging Trends / Sankdher, M.M. & Sharda Jain
1261. Social Transformation in Urban India / Sharma, Satish
1262. Social Work for Community Development / Johri, Pradeep Kumar
1263. The Social, Political Processes and the Economic Development of Bihar / Kumar, Subodh
1264. Social-Economic Profile of Rural India; 3 Volumes / Agnihotri, V.K.
1265. Society and Economy in North-East India, Volume 2 and 3 / Momin, Mignonette & A. Mawlong, Cecile (Eds.)
1266. Society Economy Religion and Festivals of Tiwas in Assam / Baruah, Bandana
1267. Socio Economic Exploration of Medieval India from 800 to 1300 A.D. / Jain, Purushottam C.
1268. Socio-Economic and Political Development in South Asia; 3 Volumes / Sareen, T.R. & Bakshi, S.R. (Eds.)
1269. Socio-Economic and Political Problems of Tea Garden Workers: A Study of Assam / Singh, S.N.; Narain, Amarendra & Kumar, Purnendu
1270. Socio-Economic Condition of Adolescent Girls / Sinha, Ajit K. & Pankaj, Prabhat
1271. The Socio-Economic Conditions in Gulf Migrants / Nambiar, A.C.K.
1272. Socio-Economic Conditions in Rajasthan / Jawalia, Brij Mohan
1273. Socio-Economic Conditions of Tribes / Devi, A. Sailja
1274. Socio-Economic Development in India; 2 Volumes / Ray, Biswanath (Ed.)
1275. Socio-Economic Development in the 21st Century / Sen, R.K. & et. al.
1276. Socio-Economic Development of Tribal Women: Changes and Challenges / Talmaki, Rekha K.
1277. Socio-Economic Development Rural India: A Case Study / Deka, Parag Kumar & Longkumer, S. Rongsen
1278. Socio-Economic Empowerment of Women in North East India / Saikia, Hemanta; Baruah, Taposh & Saikia, Archana
1279. Socio-Economic Ideas of Nehru and Globalisation / Singh, S.R. & Shrivastava, M.P.
1280. Socio-Economic Impacts of Cooperative Movement in Rural Areas / Karunakaran, R.
1281. Socio-Economic Position of East African Rural Women / Rahman, Suraiya Tabassum
1282. Socio-Economic Problems of Child Labour / Pagaria, Harshda
1283. Socio-Economic Status of Widows / Padamanabhan, K. (Dr.)
1284. Socio-Economic Transformation in India / Ray, Biswanath
1285. Socio-Economic Transformation of Scheduled Castes in Uttar Pradesh: A Geographical Analysis / Mohammad, Noor (Prof.)
1286. Socio-Legal Aspect of Consumerism / Shrivastava, Sudha Rani
1287. Sociological Constraints to Industrial Development in North East India / Datta Ray, B. & Baishya, Prabin (Eds.)
1288. Sociology of Indian Tea Industry: A Study of Inter-Ethnic Relationship / Sharma, Khemraj
1289. Some Aspects of Agricultural Credit in a Developing Economy / Chaudhuri, Sarbajit
1290. South Asia and Multilateral Trade Regime / Sundaresan, C.S.
1291. South Asia: Political Priorities and Economic Imperatives / Prajapati, Vishnu
1292. Southeast Asian Crisis: An Economic Analysis / Lobo, Radhika
1293. Spatial Disparities in Human Development: Perspectives from Asia / Kanbur, Ravi; Venables, Anthony J. & Wan, Guanghua
1294. Special Economic Zones in India: Lessons from China / Das, Geeta
1295. Special Economic Zones in India: Principles, Problems and Prospects / Arunachalam, P.
1296. Speeches on Indian Questions / Montago, Edwin Samuel (1879-1924)
1297. The Standard Cyclopaedia of Modern Agriculture and Rural Economy; 12 Volumes / Wright, Sir Robert P.
1298. The Standard Encyclopaedia of Modern Agriculture and Rural Economy; 12 Volumes / Wright, R. Patrick
1299. State and Economy: In Pre-Colonial Manipur / Bhattacharjee, J.B. (Ed.)
1300. State and Industrial Development / Bhandari, R.C.S.
1301. State Level Fiscal Reforms In the Indian Economy; 2 Volumes / Srivastava, D.K. & Narasimhulu, M. (Eds.)
1302. State Trading in India / Tyagi, R.S.
1303. Statistical Outline of India (2008-2009)
1304. Status and Dynamics of Rural Employment / Tyagi, Ombeer Singh (Ed.)
1305. Status of Micro Level Planning in India / Thaha, M.
1306. Status of Rural Local Bodies Finance in Tamil Nadu / Palanithurai, G. & Sathish, Kalpana
1307. Stock Market and Financial Journalism / Aggarwal, S.K.
1308. Stock Market in India: Working and Reforms / Gupta, Saloni
1309. Stock Market Volatility in India / Kaur, Harvinder
1310. The Stock Market, Credit and Capital Formation / Machlup, F.
1311. Strategic Management Banking and Financial Sector Reforms in th Next Millennium / Deolankar, Vivek
1312. Strategies and Practices of Rural Development in India / Mathur, T.N. & et. al.
1313. Struggle for Economic Freedom & Social Justice of Scheduled Castes in South India / Kumar, Y. Ashok
1314. Struggle for Rural Development / Mishra, R.B & Singh, Chandrapal
1315. Studies in Economics of Microfinance / Gupta, Pankaj
1316. Studies in Indian Economy; 4 Volumes / Gupta, K.R. (Ed.)
1317. Studies in Urban Transport / Halder, Dilip
1318. Subsidies: Piercing the Veil / Ramachandran, K.S.
1319. Successful Entrepreneurship / Kulshreshta, Kalyani
1320. Survey of Research in Economics of North East India (1970-1990) / Srivastav, Nirankar
1321. Surviving the Global Market Place: Challenge of India's Foreign Trade / Mehta, Ashir S. (Dr.)
1322. Sustainability and Economic Development in Hill Agriculture / Kalita, Durga Charan & Mishra, Birendra Kumar
1323. Sustainable Agriculture, Poverty and Food Security: Agenda for Asian Economics; 2 Volumes / Acharya, S.S. & et. al.
1324. Sustainable Development Administration: An Analysis of Problems of Economy, Environment and Equity / Misra, Baidyanath (Prof.)
1325. Sustainable Development and the Indian Economy: Issues and Challenges / Debi, Sailaba & Annigeri, V.B. (Eds.)
1326. Sustainable Development Issues and Perspectives / Pati, R.N. & Odile Schwarze-Herion
1327. Sustainable Development of Water Resources / Jauhari, V.P.
1328. Sustainable Development: Concepts and Strategies / Jha, Ashok Kumar
1329. Sustainable Development: Economics & Policy / Rao, P.K.
1330. Sustainable Livelihoods: Collection and Marketing of NTFP by Scheduled Tribes with Special Reference to North Coastal Andhra Pradesh / Sagar, A. Vidya (IAS)
1331. Teacher's Handbooks of Economics / Mohsin, Muhammad
1332. Teaching of Economics / Garg, Bhuvan
1333. Teaching of Economics / Karthik, G.S.
1334. Teaching of Economics / Mustafa, M.
1335. Teaching of Economics / Sharma, K. & Tuteja, T.
1336. Teaching of Economics / Sharma, Kadambari & Tuteja, T.
1337. Teaching of Economics / Yadav, Amita
1338. Technological Change and Industrial Development: Indian Experiences / Mujoo, Rachna
1339. Technological Transformation and Development in the South / Ahoojapatel, Krishna & Veltmeyer, Henry (Eds.)
1340. Technology and Labour: Selected Essays / Majumder, Bhaskar
1341. A Textbook of Business Mathematics / Reddy, R. Jayaprakash & Reddy, Y. Mallikarjuna
1342. A Textbook of Economic Sociology / Mohanty, P.K.
1343. Textile Industry of India and Pakistan / Sharma, Milan
1344. Themes on Spatial Perspective / Seth, Vijay K.
1345. Theoretical Foundations of Development Planning; 5 Volumes / Dahiya, Shri Bhagwan (Ed.)
1346. Theories and Approaches of Environmental Economics / Joshi, M.V.
1347. Theories of Development / Peet, Richard
1348. Theories of Share Cropping: Evidence from North-East India / Dutta, Bijit Kumar
1349. Theory of Trade and Economic Growth / Kapoor, Nidhi
1350. Thoughts for Change: We Can Do It / Kalam, Dr. APJ Abdul (Former President of India) & Pillai, Dr. A. Sivathanu
1351. Thrust Sectors in India's Export / Saxena, S.S
1352. Tobacco Cultivation and Marketing / Chojar, Anil Kumar
1353. Tourism and Economic Development / Sharma, K.K.
1354. Tourism and Economic Growth and Development / Aggarwal, Prateek A.
1355. Tourism and Economics / Dixit, Saurabh Kumar
1356. Tourism in the Economy of Madhya Pradesh / Dube, Rajiv
1357. Towards Success: The Basic Elements of Entrepreneurship / Joshi., Mahesh V.
1358. Towards Sustainable Development / Pruthi, R.K.
1359. Towards Thirty Thousand Crores / Chopra, S.
1360. Towards Village Banking / Jugale, V.B.
1361. Tqm in the Service Sector / Mohanty, R.P. & et. al.
1362. Trade and Commerce in Western Rajputana: A Study of Four Princely States of Bikaner, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Sirohi (1818-1900 A.D.) / Sharma, Hari Shankar
1363. Trade and Economic Structure: Models and Methods / Caves, Richard E.
1364. Trade and Environment: Recent Controversies; 3 Volumes / Singer, Sir Hans & et. al. (Eds.)
1365. Trade and Growth: Models and Methods; 3 Volumes / Singer, Sir Hans; Hatti, N. & Tandon, R.
1366. Trade Finance and Investment in South Asia / Srinivasan, T.N. (Ed.)
1367. Trade in Invisibles / Prasad, H.A.C. & Kapoor, R.
1368. Trade Liberalisation, WTO and Indian Agriculture / Chand, Ramesh
1369. Trade Liberalization and Industrial Productivity in India / Paltasingh, Kirtti Ranjan & Senapati, Asis Kumar
1370. Trade, Territory and Technology: Economic Crisis in the Global Economy / Tripathi, Shrinivas
1371. Traditional Indian Economy: A Reconstruction Based on Sanskrit Epigraphs / Misra, Kamal K.
1372. Training for Rural Women: Fidelty Analysis / Mehta, Sudershan & Malaviya, Achla
1373. Transformation of Indian Banks with Information Technology / Padwal, Sharad & Godse, Vasant
1374. A Treaties on Political Economy: or, The Production, Distribution, and Consumption of Wealth / Say, J.B.S.
1375. Trends and Challenges to Indian Banking / Sharma, H.L.
1376. Tribal Education, Administration and Development; 3 Volumes / Mittal, A.C. & et. al.
1377. Twenty Years of Economic Reforms in India: 1991-2011 / Sury, M.M.
1378. Two Score and Ten: My Experiences in Government / Ramakrishna, G.V.
1379. U.S. Financial Aid and India's Economic Growth / Narian, Veena
1380. UGC 12th Plan: Grant Schemes, Guidelines and Model Syllabi; 10 Volumes / Dabral, Vinod (Dr.)
1381. Understanding Quantitative Economics / Sen, Rathindra P.
1382. Understanding the Sustainable Development / Rasure, K.A. (Dr.)
1383. Union State Financial Relations in India / Shrivastava, M.P.
1384. Urban Development and Goverance: Issues, Concerns and Challenges / Sandhu, Jasmeet & Bal, Gurpreet (Eds.)
1385. Urban Development and Sustainable Transport / Anbalagan, P. (Ed.)
1386. Urban Development and Urban Ills / Mills, Edwin S. & Mitra, Anup
1387. Urban Governance in India: Emerging Challenges in Liberalised Era / Mahala, O.M.
1388. Urban Informal Sector and Employment Generation / Yadav, B.S. & Verma, Padmini
1389. Urban Information Sector and Employment Generation / Yadav, B.S. & Verma, Padmini
1390. Urban Poverty and Urbanization / Bhasin, R.
1391. Urban Public Service: A Devlopment perspective / Nair, Padmanabhan
1392. Urban Sprawl: Cause Consequences and Policies / Singh, Abha Lakshmi
1393. Urbanisation and Transformation of Rural Environment in Madhya Pradesh / Shrivastava, Sourabh & Shukla, Santosh
1394. Urbanisation, Street Children and Their Problems / Behura, N.K. & Mohanty, R.P.
1395. Urbanization and Governance in India / Hust, Evelin & Mann, Michael (Eds.)
1396. Urbanization and Integrated Economic Development / Sharma, Jaya (Dr.)
1397. Urban-Rural Relations and Regional Development: Changing, Nature, Intensity and Interaction Mechanisms / Kaur, Ravinder
1398. Utilization of Health Services in Urban Kerala / Gangadharan, K. (Dr.)
1399. Uttarakhand Update: A Statistical Profile for Development Planning / Joshi, A.; Garia, P.S. & Hasnain, I.
1400. V.K.R.V. Rao and B.R. Shenoy: Economic Ideas in Contrast / Prasad, Kamta
1401. Valuation of Goodwill in India / Verma, Sawalia Bihari
1402. Value Added Reporting: Theory, Pratice, Research / Rao, P.M.
1403. Vedic Heritage for Global Harmony and Peace in Modern Context / Dwivedi, Surendra N. & Singh, Bal Ram (Eds.)
1404. Village Household Finance: A Micro Study / Satyanarayana, S.V. & Raveender, P.
1405. W.T.O. and the Indian Economy / Chadha, G.K.
1406. Wage Goods Approach to Development / Monga, G.S. & Goel, M.M. (Eds.)
1407. Wage Goods Model: The Concept and Controversy / Misra, Mukul
1408. Water and Sustainable Tourism / Narasaiah, M. Lakshmi
1409. Water Harvesting and Sustainable Supply in India / Athavale, R.N.
1410. Water Harvesting: Ecological and Economic Appraisal / Mishra, Archana
1411. Water Institutions in India: Economics, Law and Policy / Saleth, R. Maria
1412. Water Resources and Sustainable Development: Challenges of 21st Century / Prasad, Kamta
1413. Water Worries Bottling the Blue Gold / Sheeba, V.T.
1414. Watershed Management: Principles, Parameters and Programmes / Mani, N.D.
1415. Ways to Learn Tie Dye Batik and Candle Making / Pathak, Vinay
1416. Wealth from Waste / Shrivastava, A.K.
1417. Weapons, Wars and Economics / Narain, Partap (Major General) (Retd.)
1418. Western Classics in Economics; 10 Volumes
1419. Western Classics of Political Economy; 10 Volumes
1420. Whither Socialism: Quest For a Third Path / Sinha, K.K.; Sinha, Uma & Krishna, Priyam (Eds.)
1421. Widows in India: Social Economic and Policy Implications / Niswade, Jyoti
1422. Wildlife Resources and Economic Development / Eltringham, S.K.
1423. Women and Economic Development / Banerji, Anita & Sen, Raj Kumar (Eds.)
1424. Women and Economic Development: A Case Study of Uttar Pradesh / Chandra, Susmita
1425. Women and Economic Reforms: Kerala Experience / Bai M., Meera (Ed.)
1426. Women and Economy / Kumar, Raj (Ed.)
1427. Women Empowerment / Reddy, K. Rajender (Dr.)
1428. Women Empowerment and Twelfth Five-Year Plan: Approach Towards Twelfth Plan / Sharma, Arpita
1429. Women Entrepreneurs: Opportunities, Performance and Problems / Dhameja, S.K.
1430. Women Entrepreneurship and Economic Development / Tiwari, Sanjay & Tiwari, Anshuja
1431. Women Health, Empowerment and Economic Development: Their Contribution to National Economy / Kumar, R. & Kumar, Meenal
1432. Women in Society / Gandhi, E. Arumuga & Vijayanchali, S.S.
1433. Women Socio-Economic Empowerment / Samiuddin, Abida & Khanam, R.
1434. Women, Globalisation and Development / Bhuimali, Anil & Malakar, Bipul (Eds.)
1435. Women's Self Help Groups: Restructuring Socio-Economic Development / Parthasarathy, D.; Thekkekara, Thanksy F. & Poonacha, Veena
1436. Work and Well-being in the Age of Finance / Ghosh, Jayati & Chandrasekhar C.P. (Eds.)
1437. Working Capital Management Practices / Baig, Viqar Ali & Akhter Javaid
1438. World Economic Survey; 2 Volumes / Khandela, M.C.
1439. World Trade and Development Report 2003 / RIS
1440. World Trade Organisation (WTO) and Developing Countries: Diplomacy to Rules Based System / Bhandari, Surendra
1441. World Trade Organisation and Economic Growth / Narasaiah, M. Lakshmi
1442. World Trade Organisation and Indian Economic Reforms; 2 Volumes / Jugale, V.B. (Prof.)
1443. World Trade Organisational Regional Trading Arrangements and India / Basavaraja, M.G.
1444. World Trade Organisations and Food Security / Narasaiah, M.L.
1445. World Trade Organization and Third World / Singh, Kh. Menjor
1446. WTO and Asian Union: Ten Years of WTO, WTO and Bilateral Relations / Sen, Raj Kumar & Raj, John Felix
1447. WTO and Indian Agriculture; 3 Volumes / Ahmed, Rais (Ed.) (Dr.)
1448. WTO and Indian Economic Reforms / Sabanna, Talwar
1449. WTO and Small Enterprises in India / Padmanabhan, K.
1450. WTO and the Indian Economy / Chadha, G.K.
1451. WTO, India and Regionalism in World Trade / Ahmad, Jamil & Alam, Dastgir
1452. WTO: Concepts, Challenges and Global Development / Jain, N.K.
1453. Youth Development in the New Millennium / Narayanasamy, S.
1454. Youth Employment and Industrial Training: Problems and Prospects / Sudan, Falendra K.

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