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1201. History of Buddhism in Assam (c. 300 B.C.-1300 A.D.) / Sasanananda, S.
1202. History of Buddhism in Gujarat / Moray, M.S.
1203. The History of Buddhism in India and Tibet by Bu-ston (Translated from Tibetan) / Obermiller, E. (Tr.)
1204. The History of Buddhism in India and Tibet: The Jewelry of Scriputre by Bu-ston (Translated from Tibetan) / Obermiller, E. (Tr.)
1205. A History of Buddhist Philosophy: Continuities and Discontinuities / Kalupahana, David J.
1206. History of Indian Architecture: Buddhist, Jain and Hindu Period / Khan, Sharmin
1207. A History of Indian Buddhism / Chandrashekhar, B.K.
1208. History of Indian Buddhism / Goyal, S.R.
1209. History of Indian Buddhism / Rhys Davids, T.W.
1210. A History of Indian Buddhism: From Sakyamuni to Early Mahayana / Akira, Hirakawa
1211. History of Indian Literature (Buddhism) [Translated from original German edition] / Winternitz, M.
1212. A History of Indian Literature: Buddhist and Jaina Literature by Maurice Winternitz (A new authoritative translation from original German) / Sarma, V. Srinivasa (Tr.)
1213. History of Mahayana Buddhism: Its Art, Architecture and Literature in Southeast Asia / Jagarlamudi, Sitaramamma (Dr.)
1214. A History of Modern Tibet, Volume 1: The Demise of the Lamaist State, 1913-1951 / Goldstein, Melvyn C.
1215. A History of Modern Tibet, Volume 2: The Calm before the Storm, 1951-1955 / Goldstein, Melvyn C.
1216. A History of Modern Tibet, Volume 3: The Storm Clouds Descend, 1955-1957 / Goldstein, Melvyn C.
1217. A History of Modern Tibet, Volume 4: In the Eye of the Storm, 1957-1959 / Goldstein, Melvyn C.
1218. The History of Monasteries in Zanskar / Yangjor, Tsewang (Dr.)
1219. A History of Pre-Buddhistic Indian Philosophy / Barua, Benimadhab
1220. History of Religion: Buddhism / Melancon, Nevaeh
1221. The History of Sarnatha, or the Cradle of Buddhism / Bhattacharya, B.C.
1222. History of Theravada Buddhism in South-East Asia: with special reference to India and Ceylon / Hazra, Kanai Lal
1223. A History of Zen Buddhism / Dumoulin, Heinrich
1224. The Holy Buddha / Ahir, D.C.
1225. The Holy Mountain: Being the Story of a Pilgrimage to Lake Manas and of Initiation on Mount Kailas in Tibet / Hamsa, Bhagwan Shri
1226. Holy Shrines of Assam: Brahmanical, Bauddha, Christian, Islamic, Jain and Sikh / Sarma, Pradip
1227. The Holy Teaching of Vimalakiriti: A Mahayana Scripture / Thurman, Robert A.F. (Tr.)
1228. Horizons of Tourism Industry in Buddhist Circuit / Singh, Akhilesh
1229. How Buddhism Began: The Conditioned Genesis of the Early Teachings, 2nd Edition / Gombrich, Richard F.
1230. How Master Mou Removes Our Doubts: A Reader-Response Study and Translation of the Mou-tzu Li-huo Lun / Keenam, John P.
1231. How to Practise: The Way to a Meaningful Life / Dalai Lama, H.H. the XIV
1232. How to Read Classical Tibetan, 2 Volumes / Preston, Craig
1233. How Zen Became Zen: The Dispute Over Enlightenment and the Formation of Chan Buddhism in Song-Dynasty China / Schluter, Morten
1234. Hua-Yen Buddhism: The Jewel Net of Indra / Cook, Francis H.
1235. Human Life and the Teachings of Buddha / Pathak, Mandar Nath
1236. The Hundred Thousand Songs of Milarepa / Chang, Garma C.C. (Tr.)
1237. The Hundred Verses of Advice: Tibetan Buddhist Teachings on What Matters Most / Khyentse, Dilgo & Sangye, Padmpa
1238. Hundred Waves of Elegant Sayings of Gun-than (Translated into English) / Tashi, Yeshi (Tr. & Ed.)
1239. The I Concept: The Mahamudra Concerning the Union of a Buddha and His Consort / Balsys, Bodo
1240. I Give You My Life: The Autobiography of a Western Buddhist Nun / Khema, Ayya
1241. Iconographic Dictionary of the Indian Religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism / Liebert, Gosta
1242. The Iconography of Architectural Plans: A Study of the Influence of Buddhism and Hinduism on Plans of South and Southeast Asia / Bunce, Fredrick W.
1243. Iconography of the Buddhist Sculpture of Orissa; 2 Volumes / Donaldson, Thomas Eugene
1244. Iconography of the Thousand Buddhas / Lokesh Chandra
1245. Iconography of Tibetan Lamaism / Gordon, Antoinette K.
1246. Iconography of Vajrayana / Badmazhapov, T.S. (Comp.)
1247. Idealistic Thought in Indian Philosophy: Rise and Growth from the Vedic Times to the Kevaladvaita Vedanta up to Prakasananda of 16th Century, Including as Propounded in the Mahayana Buddhism / Divatia, Suchita C.
1248. Ideology of Buddhism and Jainism a Comparative Study / Panwar, Suresh
1249. Ideology of Buddhism and Jainism: A Comparative Study / Panwar, Suresh
1250. If Truth Be Told: A Monk's Memoir / Om Swami
1251. The Iksvakus of Vijayapuri: A Study of the Nagarjunakonda Inscriptions / Raghunath, K.
1252. Illuminating Silence: The Practice of Chinese Zen / Chan, Master Sheng-Yen
1253. Illuminations: A School for the Regeneration of Man's Experience, Imagination and Intellectual Integrity / Saran, A.K.
1254. The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Buddhist Wisdom: A Complete Introduction to the Principles and Practices of Buddhism / Farrer-Halls, Gill
1255. Imaging a Place for Buddhism: Literary Culture and Religious Community in Tamil Speaking South Asia / Monius, Anne E.
1256. Imaging Wisdom: Seeing and Knowing in the Art of Indian Buddhism / Kinnard, Jacob N.
1257. The Imitation of Buddha: Quotations from Buddhist Literature / Bowden, Ernest M.
1258. Impact of Buddhism on Socio-Religious Life of the Asian People: With Special Reference to Sri Lanka, China and Tibet (From 1st century BCE to 8th century CE) / Heera, Bhupender
1259. Impact of Tantra on Religion and Art / Mishra, T.N.
1260. Impressions of Bhutan and Tibetan Art (Tibetan Studies III) / Ardussi, John & Blezer, Henk (Eds.)
1261. In My Own Words: An Introduction to My Teachings and Philosophy / Dalai Lama, H.H. the XIV
1262. In Quest of the Buddha: A Journey on The Silk Road / Dwivedi, Sunita
1263. In Search of Dharma: Memoirs of a Modern Chinese Buddhist Pilgrim / Hua, Chan
1264. In Search of Reality: A Layman's Journey through Indian Philosophy / Krishnan, O.N.
1265. In the Foot-Steps of the Buddha: Eight Buddhist Shrines in India / Bauddh, Shanti Swaroop
1266. In the Lap of the Buddha / Harrison, Gavin
1267. In the Mirror of Memory: Reflections on Mindfulness and Remembrance in Indian and Tibetan Buddhism / Gyatso, Janet
1268. In the Shadow of the Buddha: Secret Journeys and Spiritual Discovery in Tibet / Pistono, Matteo
1269. Incredible World of Nichiren Buddhism / Jagtiani, Suraj
1270. India and China: A Thousand Years of Cultural Relations (Zhong-yin Qiannian Shi) / Bagchi, Prabodh Chandra
1271. India and China: Perspective on the Culture of the Hans and the Hindus / Chopra, S.N.
1272. India and South-East Asia / Lokesh Chandra
1273. India in China: The Gift of Buddha (Translated from the Chinese) / Beal, Samuel
1274. India: Buddhist and Jain Period / Saxena, Anil
1275. Indian Architecture: Hindu, Buddhist and Jain / Sahai, Surendra
1276. Indian Architecture: Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and Islam (3000 B.C.E. to 1750 C.E.) / Murthy, V.L.N.
1277. Indian Art: Vol.1: A History of Indian Art from the earliest times up to the third century A.D. / Agrawala, Vasudeva S.
1278. Indian Buddhism / Rhys Davids, T.W.
1279. Indian Buddhism / Warder, A.K.
1280. Indian Buddhism After the Buddha / Goyal, S.R.
1281. Indian Buddhism: A Survey with Bibliographical Notes / Nakamura, Hajime (Tr.)
1282. The Indian Buddhist Iconography / Bhattacharyya, Benoytosh
1283. Indian Buddhist Literature and Chinese Moral Books: A Comparative Analysis / Der-huey, Lee
1284. Indian Contribution to the Development of Far Eastern Buddhist Iconography / Bhattacharyya, Ashok Kumar
1285. Indian Gods and Goddesses; 5 Volumes (in 6 parts) / Nagar, Shantilal
1286. Indian Monastic Buddhism: Collected Papers on Textual, Inscriptional and Archaeological Evidence (2 Volumes, bound in one) / Schopen, Gregory
1287. Indian Mythology / Mukhopadhyay, Ranadip
1288. Indian Philosophy of Knowledge: A Comparative Study, 2nd Edition / Shastri, L.C.
1289. Indian Philosophy: An Introduction to Hindu and Buddhist Thought / King, Richard
1290. Indian Philosophy: Past to Present / Ramaswamy (Dr.)
1291. An Indian Rational Theology: Introduction to Udayana's Nyayakusumanjali / Chemparathy, George
1292. Indianization of Scientific Terms: Writings and Notes of the Late Prof. RaghuVira / Lokesh Chandra (Ed.)
1293. Indological and Buddhist Studies (Volume in Honour of Professor J.W. de Jong. on 16th Birthday) / Hercus, L.A. & et. al. (Eds.)
1294. Indonesia: Political History and Hindu and Buddhist Cultural Influences; 2 Volumes / Hazra, Kanai Lal
1295. Indo-Thai Historical and Cultural Linkages / Misra, Neeru & Sahai, Sachchidanand (Eds.)
1296. Indo-Tibetan Literature / Das, Sanjib Kumar (Comp., Tr. & Ed.)
1297. Indo-Tibetan Madhyamika Studies
1298. Indo-Tibetica; 4 Volumes (in 7 Parts) / Tucci, Giuseppe & Lokesh Chandra
1299. Inference and Fallacies Discussed in Ancient Indian Logic: With Special Reference to Nyana and Buddhism / Gokhale, Pradeep P.
1300. Insights into Buddhism: Selected Essays on Buddhist Philosophy, Art and History / Gupta, Sunil K. (Ed.)
1301. Intellect India: The Vedas, Upanishads, Buddhism, Jainism, Classics, Folklore, Technical Literature, etc. / Macdonell, A.A.
1302. Interaction Between Brahmanical and Buddhist Art / Sharma, R.C. & Ghosal, Pranati (Eds.)
1303. Interbeing: Fourteen Guidelines for Engaged Buddhism / Hanh, Thich Nhat
1304. Interfaith Insights / Chodron, Bhikshuni Thubten (Ed.)
1305. International Encyclopaedia of Buddhism (3 Volumes) / Gupta, S.D.; Chaterjee, S. & Bhardwaj, M.
1306. International Encyclopaedia of Buddhism; 75 Volumes / Singh, Nagendra Kr. (Ed.)
1307. An Introduction to Abhidharmakosa Bhasyam (Prathama Kosasthana) [Sanskrit Text in Devanagari and Roman Script with English Translation] / Singh, Indra Narain (Ed. & Tr.)
1308. Introduction to Buddhism: An Explanation of the Buddhist Way of Life / Gyatso, Geshe Kelsang
1309. Introduction to Buddhism: His Holiness The XIVth Dalai Lama Teaching in Ladakh, 2002-2003 / Dalai Lama, His Holiness The
1310. An Introduction to Buddhism: Teachings, History and Practices, 2nd Edition / Harvey, Peter
1311. An Introduction to Buddhist Art and Thoughts / Gupta, S.D.
1312. An Introduction to Buddhist Esoterism / Bhattacharyya, Benoytosh
1313. An Introduction to Buddhist Philosophy / Laumakis, Stephen J.
1314. An Introduction to Buddhist Philosophy in India and Tibet / Ahmad, Zahiruddin
1315. Introduction to Buddhist Philosophy: Vijnanavada and Madhyamika / Sharma, T.R.
1316. Introduction to Indian Buddhism / Dwivedi, K.S.
1317. An Introduction to Madhyamaka Philosophy / Singh, Jaideva
1318. An Introduction to Mahayana Buddhism: With Special Reference to Chinese and Japanese Phases / McGovern, Willam Montegomery
1319. Introduction to Pali / Warder, A.K.
1320. An Introduction to Tantric Buddhism / Dassgupta, Shashi Bhusan
1321. An Introduction to the Grammar of the Tibetan Language: With the texts of Situ Sum-Tag, Dag-je Sal-wai Melong and Situi Shal Lung / Das, Sarat Chandra
1322. Introduction to the Middle Way: Chandrakirti's Madhyamakavatara with Commentary, translated by the Padmakara Translation Group / Mipham, Jamgon
1323. Iron Market and Alms Bowl: Re-reading of Early Buddhism / Haldhar, S.M.
1324. Jagannath Upadhyaya Bauddha Nibandhavali, 2 Volumes / Vimalkirti (Ed.)
1325. Jain Darshan aur Bauddh Dharma (in Hindi) / Verma, R.P. (Dr.)
1326. Jainism and Buddhism: A Comparative Study / Jain, Brahmachari Sital Prasad
1327. Jainism and Buddhism: The Revolutionary Religions of Ancient India / Shweta (Dr.)
1328. Jamgon Mipam: His Life and Teachings / Duckworth, Dougls S.
1329. Jatak Tales: Birth Stories of Buddha / Beswisk, Ethel
1330. Jataka Mala or a Garland of Birth Stories / Higgins, Marie Musaeus
1331. The Jataka or Stories of the Buddha's Former Births; 6 Volumes / Cowell, Edward B.
1332. The Jataka Stories in Japan / Khanna, Anita
1333. Jataka Stories in Theravada Buddhism: Narrating the Bodhisatta Path / Appleton, Naomi
1334. Jatakamala by Aryasura, edited by Dr. P.L. Vaidya
1335. The Jatakamala or Bodhisattvavadanamala (Garland of Birth-Stories) of Aryasura (Sanskrit text with English translation) / Speyer, J.S. (Tr.)
1336. Jatakas in Buddhist Thought and Art; 2 Volumes / Subrahmanyam, B.
1337. Jatakas in Indian Art / Nagar, Shanti Lal
1338. Jatakas in South Indian Art / Subrahmanyam, B. (Dr.)
1339. Jatakas: Birth Stories of the Bodhisatta / Shaw, Sarah (Tr.)
1340. The Jatakas: Times and Lives of Bodhisattva / Kapur, Alexandra R. (Fic)
1341. The Jewel in the Lotus / Blofeld, John
1342. Jewellery of Scripture by Bu-ston (Translated from Tibetan) / Obermiller, E. (Tr.)
1343. Jewels of the Doctrine: Stories of the Sadharma Ratnavaliya of Dharmasena Thera / Obeyesekera, Ranjini (Tr.)
1344. A Jewish Mother in Shangri-la / Roseenzweig, Rosie
1345. Ji Xianlin: A Critical Biography / Yu Longyu & Zhu Xuan
1346. Jinacarita or the Carrier of the Conquer (Or Buddha) of Medhankara: A Pali Poem / Duroiselle, Charles (Ed. & Tr.)
1347. Jnanagarbha on the Two Truths: An Eighth Century Handbook of Madhyamaka Philosophy / Eckel, Malcolm David
1348. Jnanagarbha's Commentary on Just the Maitreya Chapter from the Samdhinirmocana-Sutra: Study, Translation and Tibetan Text / Powers, John
1349. Jnana-Yoga: The Way of Knowledge: An Analytical Interpretation / Puligandla, Ramakrishna
1350. The Journey and the Guide: A Practical Course in Enlightenment / Maitreyabandhu
1351. Journey to Enlightenment: The Life and World of Khyentse Rimpoche / Khyentse, Dilgo (Rinpoche)
1352. A Journey with the Buddha; 2 Volumes / Banerjee, Utpal K.
1353. The Joy of Living: Unlocking the Secret and Science of Happiness / Rinpoche, Yongey Mingyur & Swanson, Eric
1354. Joyful Path of Good Fortune: The Complete Buddhist Path to Enlightenment / Gyatso, Geshe Kelsang
1355. Joyful Wisdom: Embracing Change and Finding Freedom / Rinpoche, Yongey Mingyur & Swanson, Eric
1356. Kadampa School in Tibetan Buddhism / Rai, Meenakshi
1357. Kadampa Sites of Phempo: A Guide to Some Early Buddhist Monasteries in Central Tibet / Roesler, Ulrike & Roesler, Hans-Ulrich
1358. Kailasanatha Temple: The Realm of Immortals / Sengupta, Arputha Rani
1359. Kalachakra Meditations: Based on the Discussion Between J. Krishnamurti and David Bohm in the Ending of Time / Grover, Ramesh
1360. Kalyana-Mitta (Professor Hajime Nakamura Felicitation Volume) / Jha, V.N.
1361. Kamma / Silacara, Bhikkhu
1362. Karma and Rebirth: Post Classical Developments / Neufeldt, Ronald W. (Ed.)
1363. Karma and the Rebirth of Consciousness / Balsys, Bodo
1364. Karma, Destiny and your Career / Hucknall, Nanette V.
1365. Karma, Dharma and Moksha: Conceptual Essays on Indian Ethics / Pal, Jagat
1366. Karma: A Story of Buddhist Ethics / Carus, Paul
1367. Karunapundarika: The Whit Lotus of Compassion; 2 Volumes / Yamada, Isshi (Ed.)
1368. Kashmir's Buddhist Ladakh / Chitkara, M.G.
1369. Katantronadisutravrttih by Acharya Durgasimha; Edited with Hindi commentary and translation by Dharma Datt Chaturvedi;
1370. Kathavatthu: A Critical and Philosophical Study / Barua, Alka
1371. The Kathmandu Valley as a Water Pot: Abstracts of Research Papers on Newar Buddhism in Nepal / Yoshizaki, Kazumi
1372. Kevala-Bodhi: Buddhist and Jaina History of the Deccan; 2 Volumes / Sen, Aloka Parasher (Ed.)
1373. Khandha Samyutta: Group of Related Discourses on Aggregates
1374. Khenpo Sangye Tenzin and the Career of Serlo Shedrup Zungdrel Ling Gonpa, that evolved into one of the Most Important Monasteries Among the Sherpas of NE Nepal / Berg, Eberhard
1375. King of Samadhi: Commentaries on the Samadhi Raja Sutra and the Song of Lodro Thaye / Khenchen Rinpoche
1376. Klong chen Mdzod bdun: Seven Treasuries, 3 Volumes (in Tibetan)
1377. Knowing Buddha: Life and Teaching / Prasoon, Shrikant
1378. Krishnabhinandana: Archaeological, Historical and Cultural Studies (Festschrift to Dr. V.V. Krishna Sastry) / Reddy, P. Chenna (Dr.) (Ed.)
1379. Ksatriya Clans in Buddhist India / Law, Bimala Charan
1380. Kshatriyas in Buddha's Age / Chanchreek, K.L. & Jain, Mahesh K. (Eds.)
1381. Kumarajiva: Philosopher and Seer / Shashibala (Ed.)
1382. Kumarajiva: The Transcreator of Buddhist Chinese Diction / Sharma, Nirmala
1383. Kun mkhyen zhal lung rnam grol shing rta / The Words of the Omniscient One, A Chariot to Liberation - Instruction on the Preliminary Practices (in Tibetan) / Zhe chen rgyal tshab 'gyur med padma rnam rgyal
1384. Labrang: A Tibetan Buddhist Monastery at the Crossroads of Four Civilizations / Nietupski, Paul Kocot
1385. Ladakh Buddhist Culture and Tradition / Jina, Prem Singh
1386. Ladakh: A Buddhist Populated Region / Hazra, Kanai Lal
1387. Ladakh: Land of Magical Monasteries / Gibbons, Bob & Pritchard-Jones, Sian
1388. Ladakh's Traditional Ties with Buddhist Tibet / Joldan, Sonam
1389. The Lalita Vistara or Memories of the Early Life of Sakya Sinha; 2 Volumes (in Sanskrit) / Mitra, Rajendra Lal
1390. Lalitavajra's Manual of Buddhist Iconography / Lohia, Sushama
1391. Lalita-vistara, edited by P.L. Vaidya and Shridhar Tripathi
1392. Lama of Lamas: The Life of the Vajra-Master Chogye Trichen Rinpoche, 2 Volumes / Jackson, David P
1393. Lamahood: A Sociological Study of Young Lamas of Leh / Hajazi, Armugaan
1394. Lamaism of Tibet and the Dalai Lamas / Hazra, K.L.
1395. Lamayuru Monastery of Ladakh Himalaya / Jina, Prem Singh & Namgyal, Konchok
1396. The Lamp That Enlightens Narrow Minds: The Life and Times of a Realized Tibetan Master, Khyentse Chokyi Wangchug / Norbu, Chogyal Namkhai
1397. A Lamp to Illuminate the Five Stages: Teachings on Guhyasamaja Tantra / Tsongkhapp
1398. The Land of Bliss: The Paradise of the Buddha of Measureless Light (Sanskrit and Chinese Versions of the Sukhavativyuha Sutras) / Gomez, Luis O. (Tr.)
1399. The Land of the Lamas: Notes of a Journey through China, Mongolia and Tibet / Rockhill, William Woodville
1400. Language and Truth in Buddhism / Basak, Jyotish Chandra & Ghosh, Raghunath
1401. Lankavatara Sutra: A Mahayana Text (Translated for the first time from the Original Sanskrit) / Suzuki, Daisetz Teitaro
1402. Lankavatara Sutra: An Epitomized Version / Suzuki, Daisetz Teitaro (Tr.)
1403. The Large Sutra on Perfect Wisdom: With the divisions of the Abhisamayalankara, Prajnparamita / Conze, Edward (Ed.)
1404. The Larger Sukhavati-Vyuha, The Smaller Sukhavati-Vyuha,  The Vajracchedika, The Larger Prajna Paramita Hridaya Sutra, The Smaller Prajna Paramita Hridaya Sutra, The Amitaayur Dhyana Sutra (The Buddhist Mahayana Text) / Muller, F. Max & Takakusu, J. (Trs.)
1405. The Last Days of Lord Buddha: The Strangely Moving Story Cited In The Famous Mahaparinibbana Sutta / Rhys Davids, T.W.
1406. The Law and Morality in Ancient China: The Silk Manuscripts of Huang-Lao / Peernboom, R.P.
1407. The Lawudo Lama: Stories of Reincarnation from the Mount Everest Region / Wangmo, Jamyang (Helly Pelaez Bozzi)
1408. Legacy of Dr. Ambedkar and Buddhism: Educate, Agitate and Organize / Naik, C.D.
1409. The Legend of King Asoka: A Study and Translation of the Asokavadana / Strong, John S.
1410. The Legends and Theories of the Buddhists: Compared with History and Science with Introductory Notice of the Life and System of Gotama Buddha / Hardy, R. Spence
1411. Lhasa and Central Tibet / Das, Sarat Chandra
1412. Lhasa: An Account of the Country and People of Central Tibet and of the Progress of the Mission sent there by the English Government in 1903-4; 2 Volumes / Landon, Perceval
1413. Lhasa: The Holy City / Chapman, F. Spencer
1414. Lhasa: The Open City: A Journey to Tibet / Suyin, Han
1415. Liberating Intimacy: Enlightenment and Social Virtuosity in Ch'an Buddhism / Hershock, Peter D.
1416. Life and Legend of Buddha / Saint Hilaire, J. Barthelemy
1417. Life and Legend of Buddha / Saint-Hilaire, J. Barthelemy
1418. The Life and Times of Gautam Buddha / Tiwari, Arun K.
1419. Life in Ancient India: As Depicted in the Digha Nikaya / Patra, C.
1420. Life in Relation to Death / Rinpoche, Chagdud Tulku
1421. The Life of Buddha / Warren, Henry Clarke
1422. The Life of Buddha as Legend and History / Thomas, Edward J.
1423. The Life of Buddha by Asvaghosha Bodhisattva (Translated from Chinese into English) / Beal, Samuel (Tr.)
1424. Life of Buddha in Indian Sculpture: Atasha-Maha-Pratiharya / Parimoo, Ratan
1425. The Life of Buddha: According to the Legends of Ancient India / Herold, A. Ferdinand
1426. Life of Buddha: Asvaghosha Bodhisattva / Jha, R. (Ed.)
1427. The Life of Buddha: Translation of the Fo-Sho-Hing-Tsan-King / Beal, Samuel
1428. The Life of Buddhism / Reynolds, Frank E. & Carbine, Jason A. (Eds.)
1429. The Life of Gautama Buddha: Original Pali Text with English Translation / Panda, N.C. (Ed.)
1430. The Life of Hsuan-Tsang / Hui-li & Yen-ts'ung
1431. The Life of Hsuan-Tsang: Hui-li and Yen-ts'ung / Lokesh Chandra
1432. Life of Lord Buddha / Rana, Ganesh
1433. Life of Lord Buddha: Compiled by Monk Pao-ch'eng from Chinese Sutras and Illustrated in Woodcuts in the Ming Period / Lokesh Chandra & Sushama Lohia
1434. The Life of Lord Buddha: India's First Prophet of Peace who is Still Active / Cowell, E.B. (Tr.)
1435. The Life of Marpa: The Translator / Trungpa, Chogyam
1436. The Life of Milarepa / Lhalungpa, Lobsang P. (Tr.)
1437. The Life of Sakyamuni Buddha / Ryojun, Sato
1438. Life of Shabkar: The Autobiography of a Tibetan Yogin / Wilkinson, Constance & et. al. (Eds.)
1439. The Life of the Buddha and the Early History of His Order / Rockhill, William Woodville
1440. Life of Women in Buddhist Literature / Talim, Meena
1441. Life, Profile & Biography of Buddha / Sharma, Shiv
1442. Like a Waking Dream: The Autobiography of Geshe Lhundub Sopa / Sopa, Geshe Lhundub & Donnelly, Paul
1443. The Lion Roars: Interview with the 17th Karmapa / Haber, Daniel B
1444. Lion's Roar of Queen Srimala: A Buddhist Scripture on the Tathagatagarbha Theory / Wayman, Alex & Wayman, Hideko (Trs.)
1445. A Literary Appraisal of Pali Poetical Works / Das, Asha (Dr.)
1446. Literary History of Sanskrit Buddhism from Winternitz Sylvain Levi, Huber / Nariman, J.K.
1447. Literature of the Personalists of Early Buddhism / Chau, Bhikshu Thich Thien
1448. The Little Buddha: Finding Happiness / Mikosch, Claus
1449. Lives of Early Buddhist Monks: The Oldest Extant Biographies of Indian and Central Asian Monks / Chaudhuri, Saroj Kumar
1450. The Lives of Freda: The Political, Spiritual and Personal Journeys of Freda Bedi / Whitehead, Andrew
1451. Lives of the Nuns: Biographies of Chinese Buddhist Nuns from the Fourth to Sixth Centuries / Tsai, Kathryn Ann (Tr.)
1452. Living by Zen / Suzuki, Daisetz Teitaro
1453. Living Dharma: Teachings and Meditation Instructions from Twelve Theravada Masters / Kornfield, Jack
1454. The Living Goddess: A Journey into the Heart of Kathmandu / Tree, Isabella
1455. Living Meaningfully, Dying Joyfully: The Profound Practice of Transference of Consciousness / Gyatso, Geshe Kelsang
1456. The Living Thoughts of Gotama the Buddha / Coomaraswamy, Ananda K. & Horner, I.B.
1457. Looking Directly at Mind: The Moonlight of Mahamudra by Thrangu Rinpoche / Levinson, Jules (Tr.)
1458. Lord Buddha Thoughts (Art of Survival) / Wagh, B.G.
1459. Lord Siva and Buddha in the Golden Isles: In Search of Classical Indonesia / Lokesh Chandra
1460. The Lotus and the Lion: Buddhism and the British Empire / Franklin, J. Jeffrey
1461. Lotus in the Fire: The Healing Power of Zen / Bedard, Jim
1462. The Lotus Sutra / Watson, Burton (Tr.)
1463. The Lotus-Born: The Life Story of Padmasambhava / Tsogyal, Yeshe
1464. Love, Kindness and Universal Responsibility / Dalai Lama, H.H. the XIV
1465. Lumbini Tourism / Giri, Gitu
1466. Lumbini: Birth Place of the Buddha / Piplayan, Madhukar
1467. Luminous Bliss: A Religious History of Pure Land Literature in Tibet / Halkias, Georgios T.
1468. Madhya Bharat ki Bouddh Sanskriti evam Kala (in Hindi) / Rai, Vinay Kumar
1469. Madhya Ganga Ghati ke Bauddha Kendra (in Hindi) / Kumari, Priti
1470. Madhyamaka Schools in India: A Study of the Madhyamaka Philosophy and of the Division of the System into the Prasangika and Svatantrika Schools / Santina, Peter Della
1471. Madhyamakasastra of Nagarjuna, with the commentary Prasannapada by Candrakirti, edited by Dr. P.L. Vaidya and Sridhar Tripathi
1472. Madhyamika and Yogacara: A Study of Mahayana Philosophies / Nagao, Gadjin M.
1473. Madhyanta-Vibhaga-Sastra: Containing the Karika-s of Maitreya Bhasya of Vasubandhu and Tika by Sthiramati / Pandeya, Ram Chandra (Ed.)
1474. Magical Maha Maya: Epic Dimensions in Buddhist Art / Sengupta, Arputharani
1475. Mahabodhi or the Great Buddhist Temple under the Bodhi Tree at Buddha-Gaya / Cunningham, Alexander
1476. The Mahabodhi Temple at Bodh Gaya / Sato, Ryojun
1477. Mahamayatantram with Gunavati by Ratnakarasanti (in Sanskrit & Tibetan)
1478. Mahamudra and Atiyoga / Baroetto, Giuseppe
1479. Mahanirvana Tantra: With the commentary of Hariharananda Bharati (in Sanskrit) / Avalon, Arthur
1480. Mahapratisara-Mahavidyarajni: The Great Amulet Great Queen of Spells (Introduction critical editions and annotated translation) / Hidas, Gergely
1481. Mahar, Buddhist and Dalit: Religious Conversion and Socio-Political Emancipation / Beltz, Johannes (Ed.)
1482. The Mahasudarsanavdana and the Mahasudarsanasutra (Romanised Sanskrit and Tibetan Text) / Matsumura, Hisashi
1483. Mahatma Buddha ki Kahaniyan (in Hindi) / Sharma, Bharat Lal
1484. Mahavaggo: Pathamo Bhago, Vinay Pithake by Prof. Mahesh Tiwari
1485. Mahavairocans-Sutra translated by Chikyo Yamamoto
1486. The Mahavamsa or The Great Chronicle of Ceylon / Geiger, Wilhelm (Tr.)
1487. Mahavamsa: Pali Text with English translation by Wilhelm Geiger; 2 Volumes / Panda, N.C. (Dr.) (Ed.)
1488. Mahavansa / Singh, Parmanand
1489. Mahavanso: Pathamo Bhago, with English translation by Prof. Mahesh Tiwari
1490. Mahavastu Avadana, edited by Dr. S. Bagchi; 3 Volumes (Original Sanskrit Texts)
1491. Mahavyutpatti / Minaev, I.P. (Ed.)
1492. Mahayan ki Aitihasik aur Sanskritik Pristhabhoomi / Dubey, Dinesh Kumar (Dr.)
1493. Mahayana and Hinayana Buddhism / Kimura, R.
1494. Mahayana Bauddhadharma ki Ruparekha [Hindi translation of Outlines of Mahayana Buddhism by D.T. Suzuki] / Sharma, Tulsiram (Dr.) (Tr.)
1495. Mahayana Buddhism / Dutt, Nalinaksha
1496. Mahayana Buddhism / Dwivedi, K.S.
1497. Mahayana Buddhism in Andhradesa / Sitaramamma, J. (Dr.)
1498. Mahayana Buddhism: History and Culture / Bryant, Darrol & Bryant, Susan (Eds.)
1499. Mahayana Buddhist Meditation: Theory and Practice / Kiyota, Minoru (Ed.)
1500. Mahayanasutralamkara by Asanga; Sanskrit text, translated into English by Dr. (Mrs.) Surekha Vijya Limaye

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