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1201. Megalithic Culture of Kerala: A Study of Pamba River Basin / Ambily, C.S.
1202. Megalithic Monuments in Asia / Jai, Lee Hoen
1203. Mekong-Ganga Axis / Mittal, Pankaj; Bhushan, Ravi & Daisy (Eds.)
1204. Men Gymnastics Coaching Manual / Jain, Renu
1205. Merchandising of Fashion Products / Khurana, Kamal
1206. Meru Temples of Angkor: A New Historical Perspective / Jain, Jineshwar Das (Dr.)
1207. Mesolithic India / Misra, V.D. & Pal, J.N. (Eds.)
1208. Metalcrafts of Eastern India and Bangladesh / Chattopadhyay, P.K.
1209. Metallic Art of India / Trivedi, S.D. & Dwivedi, U.C.
1210. The Methodologies of Art: An Introduction (2nd Edition) / Adams, Laurie Schneider
1211. Methods of Food Preservation / Shrivastava, Pradeep
1212. Mev evam Unka Sangeet / Vimal (Dr.)
1213. Mi Fu on Ink-Stones / Gulik, Robert H. van (Tr.)
1214. Michael Jackson - Legend, Hero, Icon: A Tribute to the King of Pop (with CD) / Aldis, James
1215. Military Architecture in England During the Middle Ages / Thompson, A.H.
1216. Miniature Paintings and Sculpture on Krsna: With Particular Reference to Bhagavata Purana and other Texts / Nagar, Shanti Lal
1217. Miniature Paintings on the Holy Ramayan / Nagar, Shanti Lal
1218. Miniatures from Central India: Nigam's Madhumalati by Nandlal / Misra, R.N. & Misra, Veena
1219. Mirror of Consciousness: Art Creativity and Veda / Bonshek, Anna
1220. Mirth of Jaipur Wall Painting / Chaturvedi, Mamta (Dr.)
1221. Mixing 100 Different Cocktails / Bernard
1222. Modem Weaving Technology / Arora, J.K.
1223. A Modern Book on Art and Culture / Bhardwaj, Manohar
1224. Modern Dictionary of Tourism / Raj, Karan
1225. The Modern Drama; 2 Volumes / Maurice, Maeterlinck
1226. Modern Indian Films on Rural Background / Agnihotri, Ram Avtar
1227. A Modern Introduction to Indian Aesthetic Theory: The Development from Bharata to Jagannatha / Barlingay, S.S.
1228. Modern Knitting Technology / Kapoor, Seema
1229. Modern Methods of Teaching Music and Dance / Sharma, Prem Lata
1230. Modern Principles of Athletic Training / Kumar, V. Lawrence Gray & et. al.
1231. Modern Textile Management / Rattan, J.B.
1232. Modern Textile Technology / Rattan, J.B.
1233. Modern Weaving Technology / Tyagi, Anita
1234. Money and Microenterprises in Bhutan: The Land of Zorig Chug Sum Thirteen Arts and Crafts / Chetri, Saamdu & Dhar, Samirendra Nath
1235. Monks' Cookbook: Vegetarian Recipes from Kauai's Hindu Monastery: A Collection of Jaffna-Style and Indian Dishes from around the World for Daily Meals and Elaborate Festivals / Satguru Sivaya Subra (Muniyaswami)
1236. Monolithic Temples of Madhya Pradesh / Dayalan, D. (Dr.)
1237. Monsoon Feelings: A History of Emotions in the Rain / Rajamani, Imke; Pernau, Margrit & Schofield, Katherine Butler (Eds.)
1238. Monumental Heritage of Mandi / Pande, B.M. & Dorje, Chhering
1239. Monumental Heritage of Pangi: A Forgotten Valley / Dorje, C.
1240. Monumental Kumbhalgarh / Kaur, Harpreet
1241. The Monuments in Old Goa / Nunes, Judila
1242. Monuments of Delhi: Architectural and Historical / Nath, R. & Nath, Ajay
1243. Monuments of Delhi: Lasting Splendour of the Great Mughals and Others; 4 Volumes (in 3 bindings) / Hasan, Maulvi Zafar (Comp.)
1244. Monuments of India and the Indianized States: The Plans of Major and Notable Temples, Tombs, Places and Pavilions of Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Java, The Khamer, Pagan, Thiland, Vietnam and Malaysia from 3rd C. BCE to CE 1854 / Bunce, Fredrick W. (Prof.)
1245. Monuments of Mandu / Singh, A.P. & Singh, S.P. (Eds.)
1246. Monuments of Orchha / Singh, A.P. & Singh, S.P.
1247. Monuments of Sanchi; 3 Volumes / Marshall, Sir Jones & Foucher, Alfred
1248. Monuments: A Vision of Harmony / Singh, A.P. (Dr.)
1249. Moorish Remains in Spain: Being a Brief Record of the Arabian Conquest of the Peninsula; With a Particular Account of the Mohammedan Architecture and Decoration in Cordova Seville and Toledo / Calvert, A.F.
1250. Morphology of Jaina Architecture / Nagarajaiah, Hampa
1251. Moslem Architecture: Its Origins and Development / Rivoira, Giovanni Teresio
1252. The Mosques of the Indian Subcontinent / Bunce, Fredrick W.
1253. Mother Goddess in Indian Art, Archaeology and Literature / Srivastava, M.C.P.
1254. Mother India / Chatterjee, Gayatri
1255. Mother-Goddesses in Kathmandu / Tachikawa, Musashi
1256. Motivational Analysis in Music and Dance / Balasubrahmanyam, D. Laavanya
1257. Mountain Environment: Understanding the Change / Pirazizy, A.A.
1258. Movement and Mimesis: The Idea of Dance in the Sanskritic Tradition / Bose, Mandakranta
1259. Mridangam: An Indian Classical Percussion Drum / Gopal, Shreejayanthi
1260. Mudras in Buddhist and Hindu Practices: An Iconographic Consideration / Bunce, Fredrick W.
1261. Mughal and Persian Paintings and Illustrated Manuscripts in The Raza Library, Rampur / Schmitz, Barbara & Desai, Ziyaud-Din A.
1262. Mughal Art: A Study in Handicrafts / Swarup, Shanti
1263. Mughal Chitrakatha / Mughal Paintings (in Hindi) / Deeba, Faraha (Dr.)
1264. Mughal Imperial Costumes and Desgins / Chaudhary, Pooja
1265. Mughal Inlay Art / Nath, R.
1266. Mughal Monuments in the Punjab and Haryana / Parihar, Subhash
1267. Mughal Painter of Flora and Fauna-Ustad Mansur / Verma, Som Prakash
1268. Mughal Painting: An Interplay of Indigenous and Foreign Traditions / Srivastava, Ashok Kumar
1269. Mughal Sculpture: Study of Stone Sculptures of Birds, Beasts, Mythical Animals, Human Beings & Deities in Mughal Architecture / Nath, R.
1270. Muhammadan Architecture in Kashmir / Nicholls, W.H.
1271. Multicultural Theatre and Drama / Mouli, T. Sai Chandra
1272. Mural Paintings of Andhra / Krishnakumari, Myneni
1273. Murals for Goddesses and Gods: The Tradition of Osakothi Ritual Painting in Orissa, India / Fischer, Eberhard & Pathy, Dinanath
1274. Music and Fine Arts in the Devotional Traditions of India: Worship through Beauty / Goswami, Saurabh & Thielemann, Selina
1275. Music as History in Tamilnadu / Venkatasubramanian, T.K.
1276. Music Contexts: A Concise Dictionary of Hindustani Music / Ranade, Ashok Da.
1277. Music Education and Other Essays / Mehta, R.C. (Prof.)
1278. Music in India: The Classical Traditions / Wade, Bonnie C.
1279. Music in the Sky: The Life, Art & Teachings of the 17th Karmapa Ogyen Trinlety Dorje / Martin, Michele
1280. Music in the Vedas: Its Magico-Religious Significance / Thite, G.U.
1281. Music in Traditional Indian Theatre / Kaur, Rani Balbir
1282. Music in Valmiki's Ramayana / Desai, Subhadra
1283. Music India / Sharma, Manorma (Dr.)
1284. Music Information Retrieval / Iyer, Padma
1285. Music of India / Reignald & Massey, Jamila
1286. The Music of South Asia / Thielemann, Selina
1287. Music of the Nations: A Comparative Study / Prajnanananda, Swami
1288. Music Perception and Cognition / Iyer, Padma
1289. Music, Dance and Drama in Literature: Mainly Based on Buddhist Atthakatha Literature / Kulshreshtha, Sushma
1290. Music, Time & Place: Essays in Comparative Musicology / Clayton, Martin
1291. Musical Culture of the Munda Tribe / Topno, Sem
1292. The Musical Heritage of India / Gautam, M.R.
1293. Musical Heritage of India / Ramakrishna, Lalita
1294. Musical Heritage of India / Sharma, Manorma
1295. Musical Instruments of India: Their History and Development / Deva, B. Chaitanya
1296. Musical Instruments of the World / Engel, Carl
1297. Musical Instruments of Tribal India / Bhattacharya, Dilip
1298. Musical Modes in Visual Forms: A Journey through the Creative Minds / Jacob, Ambalicka Sood
1299. Music-Dance and Musical Instruments: During the Period of Nayakas (1673-1732) / Bai, K. Kusuma (Dr.)
1300. Mysore Royal Dasara / Sivapriyananda, Swami
1301. The Mystery of Art / Chandra, D.K.
1302. The Myths And Gods Of India / Tripathi, A Dr.
1303. Myths and Legends in Indian Art / Trivedi, S.D. & Jairath, Atul
1304. Myths and Symbols in Indian Art and Civilization / Zimmer, Heinrich
1305. Nadagama: The First Sri Lankan Theatre / Goonatileka, M.H.
1306. Naga Cultural Attires and Musical Instruments / Mongro, Kajen
1307. Nagarjuna: The Second Buddha (Great Indian Buddhist Masters) / Kent, Mohini
1308. Nainital: The Land of Trumpet and Song / Shah, Giriraj
1309. Nainsukh of Guler: A Great Indian Painter from a Small Hill-State / Goswamy, B.N.
1310. Nakshi Kantha of Bengal / Basak, Sila
1311. Nalanda and its Epigraphic Materials / Sastri, Hiranand
1312. Nalanda, 3 Volumes / Misra, B.N.
1313. Nandikesvara's Abhinayadarpanam: A Manual of Gesture and Posture used in Hindu Dance and Drama / Ghosh, Manomohan
1314. Narrative Art of South Indian Temples: Srisailam / Venkataramayya, G. (Dr.)
1315. Nartananirnaya of Padarika Vitthala; 3 Volumes / Sathyanarayana, R. (Ed.)
1316. Nataraj: The Divine Dance of Cosmos / Mishra, Kamal Kishore
1317. Nataraja in South Indian Art / Soundararajan, J.
1318. Nataraja: The Dancing God / Banerjee, P.
1319. Nathdwara Paintings from the Anil Relia Collection: The Portal to Shrinathji / Krishna, Kalyan and Talwar, Kay
1320. National Museum Bulletin; Nos. 7 & 8
1321. The Natya Sastra of Bharatamuni: Translated into English by A Board of Scholars
1322. Natyadarpana of Ramacandra and Gunacandra: With their own commentary 'Svopajnavrtti', Edited with Hindi Translation and 'Vimarsa' by Pt. Thanesh Chandra Upreti
1323. Natyasastra
1324. Natyasastra and the Indian Dramatic Tradition / Tripathi, Radhavallabh (Ed.)
1325. Natyasastra in the Modern World / Tripathi, Radhavallabh (Ed.)
1326. Natyasastra of Bharatamuni: Text and Romanized Text with Abhinavabharti commentary and English translation of M.M. Ghosh; 4 Volumes / Kumar, Pushpendra (Ed.)
1327. Natyasastra of Bharatamuni: With the commentary Abhinavabharati of Abhinavagupta; 4 Volumes (in Sanskrit) / Nagar, R.S. & Joshi, K.L. (Eds.)
1328. Natyasastra of Bharatmuni (Adhyayas 1-3 With Abhinavabharati-6) / Nandi, T.S. (Ed.)
1329. Natyasastra: A Treatise of Ancient Indian Dramaturgy and Histrionics, ascribed to Bharata-Muni; Completely translated for the first time from the original Sanskrit with an Introduction and Various Notes by Manomohan Ghosh; 2 Volumes (4 Parts)
1330. The Natyasastra: English translation with critical notes by Adya Rangacharya
1331. Natyasastravimarsa / Natya Shastra Vimarsh (Sanskrit text with Hindi translation) / Bhoi, Shuk Dev (Prof.)
1332. Natyashastra Viswakosh (Encyclopaedia of Natyasastra); 2 Volumes, 2nd Revised & Enlarged Edition (in Sanskrit & Hindi) / Tripathi, Radhavallabh (Ed.)
1333. Navaho Weaving / Amjden
1334. Nayika Bheda in Kathak: Abhinava Grantha Mala - Dvitiya Puspa / Jyotishi, Chetana
1335. The Nepal Cookbook / Association of Nepalis in the Americas
1336. Nepal: A Guide to the Art and Architecture of the Kathmandu Valley / Hutt, Michael
1337. Nepalese Architecture / Banerjee, N.R.
1338. Nepalese Casted Vessels, Decanters & Bowls / Friedman, Matthew S.
1339. The New Architecture of Europe / Smith, G.E.K.
1340. New Aspects of History and Culture of South Kosala / Nayak, P.K. (Ed.)
1341. New Facets of Early Historical Archaeology and Buddhist Art and Architecture (Essays in Honour of Dr. R.C. Agrawal) / Patil, C.B. & Vinay Kumar (Eds.)
1342. New Facets of Indian Art, Architecture and Epigraphy / Padigar, S.B.; Shivanada, V. & Patil, C.B.
1343. New Handbook of Textiles / Vidyasagar, P.V. (Prof.)
1344. New Horizons of Indological Research / Adat, Dharmraja
1345. New Instrumental Compositions for North Indian Music / Mihiripenna, Anil
1346. Non Conventional Textiles / Ghosh, G.K.
1347. Normal Architecture / Browne, E.A.
1348. Nritanjali: An Introduction to Hindu Dancing / Ragini, Sri
1349. Nrtyadhyaya of Ashokamalla: An Important Treatise of Bharatiya Natyashastra (Sanskrit Text with Hindi Translation) / Vacaspati Gairola (Tr.)
1350. Numbers: Their Iconographic Consideration in Buddhist & Hindu Practices / Bunce, Fredrick W.
1351. Nupura: The Anklet in Indian Literature & Art / Tewari, S.P.
1352. Nutrition and Religion / Reddy, M.V. Sudhakara
1353. Nutritious Food Recipes / Johri, Poonam
1354. Nyasa in Raga: The Pleasant Pause in Hindustani Music / Dey, Ananya Kumar (Dr.)
1355. Oak Tasar Culture: Aboriginal of Himalayas / Goel, R.K. & Rao, J.V. Krishna
1356. Odissi Yaatra: The Journey of Guru Mayadhar Raut / Kaktikar, Aadya & Raut, Madhumita
1357. Odissi: An Indian Classical Dance Form / Hejmadi, Priyambada Mohanty & Patnaik, Ahalya Hejmadi
1358. Odissi: The Dance Divine / Gauhar, Ranjana & Parasher, Dushyant
1359. The Old City of Lhasa: Report from a Conservation Project / Alexander, Andre & Pimpim de Azevedo
1360. Old Delhi New York / Jhabvala, C.S.H.
1361. Old Delhi: Living Traditions / Quraishi, S.Y.
1362. On Indian Music / Chaudhuri, Debu & Chaudhuri, Prateek
1363. One Life to Ride: A Motorcycle Journey to the Himalayas / Harisinghani, Ajit
1364. Oracles and Demons of Tibet: The Cult and Iconography of the Tibetan Protective Deities / Nebesky-Wojkowitz, Rene-de
1365. Orchha Paintings / Aruna
1366. Ordinary Life in Mughal India: The Evidence from Painting / Verma, S.P.
1367. Oriental Art and Culture: A Study of Indian, Chinese and Japanese Art; 2 Volumes / Waley, A.
1368. Oriental Heritage: Art, Literature and Thought; 3 Volumes / Durant, Will
1369. The Origin and Development of the Sarod: A Classical Musical Instrument / Ghosh, Avijit
1370. The Origin Of Indian Art / Tiwari, D. N.
1371. Origin of Jaganath Deity / Jaitamitra & et. al.
1372. The Origin of Raga: A Concise History of the Evolution, Growth and the Treatment of Raga from the Age of Bharatamuni to Bhatkhande / Bandyopadhyaya, B.
1373. Original Indian Cookery / Chopra, Veena
1374. Orissa: History, Art and Culture (Rare Book) / Rath, Bijaya Kumar & Patnaik, Satyendra
1375. Orissan Temple Architecture / Bose, N.K.
1376. Ornamentation and Textile Design / Barker
1377. Ornamentation and Textile Design / Barker
1378. Outline of Abhinavagupta's Aesthetics / Kulkarni, Vaman Mahado
1379. P.T. Drill for Children / Oxley, Charles
1380. Padma: The Jewel of Tibetan Remedies / Feyerer, Gabriele
1381. Padmasambhava: The Great Indian Pandit / Rinpoche, Neten Chokling
1382. A Pageant of Indian Culture, Art and Archaeology; 2 Volumes / Bhattacharyya, A.K.
1383. Pahari Masters: Court Painters of Northern India / Goswamy, B.N. & Fischer, Eberhard
1384. Pahari Paintings of an Ancient Romance: The Love Story of Usha-Aniruddha / Dehejia, Harsha V. & Sharma, Vijay
1385. Pahari Style of Mural Tradition / Charak, S.D.S.
1386. Painted Scrolls of Asia: Hindu, Buddhist and Lamaistic / Sharma, Shiv Kumar
1387. Painted Words: Kangra Paintings of Matiram's Rasraj / Dehejia, Harsha V. & Sharma, Vijay
1388. The Painter in Ancient India / Sivaramamurti, C.
1389. Paintings and Lifestyles of Jammu Region: From 17th to 19th Century A.D.; 2 Volumes / Kumar, Raj (Dr.)
1390. Palas of Sri Kavi Karna; 4 Volumes / Panda, Bisnupada
1391. The Pallava Sculpture / Rajeswari, D.R.
1392. Pancha Mahadevas in the Indian Art / Singh, S.B.
1393. Panorama of Himalayan Architecture; 2 Volumes / Handa, O.C.
1394. Panorama of Himalayan Art / Handa, O.C.
1395. Panorama of Indian Culture; 4 Volumes / Manihara, Utsav & Peter, Rohan
1396. A Panorama of Indian Dances / Rao, U.S. Krishna & Devi, U.K. Chandrabhaga
1397. Panorama of Jain Art: South India / Sivaramamurti, C.
1398. A Panorama of the Life of Lord Buddha / Haldar, Asitkumar
1399. Pashmina: The Kashmir Shawl and Beyond, 2nd Revised Edition / Rizvi, Janet & Ahmed, Monisha
1400. A Passage through India / Saili, Ganesh & Gill, Kamal
1401. Past and Present Trends in fashion Technology / Mclaud, Peter
1402. The Path to Liberation: The Tsering Art School Manual for the Basic Gradual Stages of Study of Deity Drawing (in Tibetan) / Lhadrepa, Konchog
1403. Penugonda Fort: A Defence Capital of Vijayanagara Empire History, Art & Culture / Vasantha, R.
1404. Performing Artistes in Ancient India / Iravati (Dr.)
1405. Performing Arts in India: A Policy Perspective / Narayan, Shovana
1406. Performing Arts of Rajasthan: Lokrang / Singh, Chandramani (Ed.)
1407. Performing for Tourists: Redefining Performances, Performers and Audiences / Rijal, Shiva
1408. Perspaecive in Sports Education / Sharma, V.K. & Sareen, Rajeev (Eds.)
1409. Phantasmic Anatomy of the Status of Mathura / Gill, Sandrine
1410. Philosophy of Indian Music: Contribution of the Trinity / Kommalapudi, John Christopher
1411. Physical Education and Sports Science / Singh, Yadvinder
1412. Physical Education and Sports: Practical Book / Shrivastava, Abhay Kumar
1413. Physical Education Fitness and Sports; 3 Volumes / Lakshmi, Vijaya & Chandrashekar, K.
1414. Physical Education for Children / Seefeld, E.A.
1415. Physical Education Sports and Games / Singh, Yadvinder
1416. Physical Education Sports Health and Games Encyclopaedia; 9 Volumes / Shrivastava, Abhay Kumar & et. al. (Eds.)
1417. The Picturesque Architecture of Mexico / Beaume, L.L. & Papin, Wm. B.
1418. Piety and Splendour: Sikh Heritage in Art / Goswamy, B.N.
1419. Pilgrim Shrines of India: Mythology, Archaeology, History and Art / Khanna, Amar Nath
1420. Pilgrim, Exile, Sorcerer: The Painterly Evolution of Jehangir Sabavala / Hoskote, Ranjit
1421. Pillar Inscriptions of Rajasthan / Mishra, Ratanlal
1422. A Place in the Shade: The New Landscape and Other Essays / Correa, Charles
1423. Play and Learn: Games / Balayan, Sunil
1424. Play and Learn: Indoor Sports with Latest Rules / Balayan, Sunil
1425. Play and Learn: Karate with Latest Rules / Balayan, Sunil
1426. Play and Learn: Running with Latest Rules / Balayan, Sunil
1427. Play and Learn: Throwing with Latest Rules / Balayan, Sunil
1428. Playing Field Manual: Handbook for Planning Construction and Maintenance / Vanaik, Anil Kumar & S. Kahlon, Daljinder
1429. The Plays of Girish Karnad and Tradition / Pandey, Manoj K.
1430. The Plays of Girish Karnad: Critical Perspectives / Dodiya, Jaydipsinh
1431. Pleasure of Microwave Cookery / Reddy, Vijayalakshmi
1432. The Plunder of Art / Pal, Hamendar Bhisham
1433. Pocket Guide to Good Food / Wittenberg, Margaret M.
1434. Poetic Art and Craft of Prof. P.K. Mishra / Mishra, Arun Ranjan & Panda, Tapan Kumar
1435. Poetry, Creativity and Aesthetic Experience: Sanskrit Poetics and Literary Criticism / Joshi, Natavar Lal
1436. Poetry, Drama and Aesthetics (Selected Papers) / Tripathi, Radhavallabh & Chakraborty, Satyanarayan (Eds.)
1437. The Politics of Literary Theory and Representation: Writings on Activism and Aesthetics / Singh, Pankaj K. (Ed.)
1438. Portrayal of the Women in Art, Architecture of Ancient Deccan / Deglurker, G.B. (Dr.)
1439. Potential of Adventure Tourism in India / Malik, Satyender Singh (Dr.)
1440. Pots and Palaces: The Earthenware Ceramics of the Noblemen's Quarter of Vijayanagara / Sinopoli, Carla M.
1441. Pottery-Making Cultures and Indian Civilisation / Saraswati, Baidyanath
1442. The Power of the Female: Devangana Sculptures of Indian Temple Architecture / Krishnan, Gauri Parimoo
1443. Pracheen Bharatiya Sikke (Hindi) / Verma, Nidhi (Dr.)
1444. A Practical Guide to Fibre Science / Kaplan, N.S.
1445. A Practical Guide to Spinning; 2 Volumes / Murphy, W.S.
1446. Practice of Magic: An Introductory Guide to the Art / Mickaharic, Draja
1447. Prajnadhara: Essays on Asian Art, History, Epigraphy and Culture; 2 Volumes (in Honour of Gouriswar Bhattacharya) / Mevissen, Gerd J.R. & Banerji, Arundhati (Eds.)
1448. Pratihara Art in India / Ali, Rehman
1449. Pratna Bharatam: Glory of Archaeology, Art, Epigraphy and Protection of Cultural Heritage (Dr. Phanikanta Mishra Felicitation Volume), 2 Volumes / Patnaik, Jeeban Kumar & Sattar, Noor Bano (Eds.)
1450. Pratnakirti: Recent Studies in Indian Epigraphy, History, Archaeology and Art (Essays in Honour of Prof. Shrinivas Ritti); 2 Volumes / Padigar, Shrinivas V. & Shivananda, V.
1451. Pre and Early Harappan Culture of Western India / Shirvalkar, Prabodh
1452. Pre-Historic Art and Archaeology of South Asia: Palaeolithic Age; 2 Volumes / Sharma, Deo Prakash; Singh, Sanjib Kumar & Sharma, Madhuri
1453. Prehistoric Art of India / Chandra, Amiya & Singh, Jaspal
1454. Prehistoric Cultures of Odisha: A Study of the Tel River Valley / Rana, Nalinikanta
1455. Prehistory and Protohistory of Eastern India: With Special Reference to Orissa / Chauley, Milan K.
1456. Preparation of Textile Fiber / Murphy, W.P.
1457. Pre-Proto and Early Historic Culture of Krsna Tungabhadra Valley / Subrahmanyam, B. (Dr.)
1458. Prevention and Treatment of Sports Injuries / Ambasht, Anju
1459. Primitive Arts & Crafts / Sayce, R.U.
1460. Princely Terrain: Amber, Jaipur and Shekhawati / Shikha Jain (Ed.)
1461. Princes and Painters: In Mughal Delhi 1707-1857 / Dalrymple, William & Sharma, Yuthika (Eds.)
1462. Principles and History of Physical Education and Sports / Kamlesh, M.L.
1463. Principles of Design through Photography / Mathew, Deepak John (PhD)
1464. Principles of Sports Training / Uppal, A.K.
1465. Printing and Washing of Textile / Neelima
1466. Priyadarshi Ashok: Ek Naveen Rajnitik-Sanskritik Adhyayan / Goyal, Sriram
1467. Proceedings of Indian Art History Congress / Sinha, C.P. & et. al.
1468. Producing Bollywood: Inside the Contemporary Hindi Film Industry / Ganti, Tejaswini
1469. Product Safety and Restricted Substances in Apparel / Das, Subrata (Dr.)
1470. Protected Monuments of Rajasthan / Singh, Chandramani (Ed.)
1471. Protecting the Cultural Heritage: National Legislation and International Conversation / Biswas, Sachindra Sekhar
1472. Psycho Social Aspects of Sports / Singh, Bhupinder
1473. Psychological Implications in Physical Education and Sports / Singh, Bhupinder & Mittal, Madalsa
1474. Punjab Murals / Aryan, K.C.
1475. Punjab Painting / Srivastava, R.P.
1476. Pura-Prakasa: Recent Researches in Epigraphy, Numismatics, Manuscriptology, Persian Literature, Art, Architecture, Archaeology, History and Conservation; 2 Volumes / Sharma, A.K. & et. al. (Eds.)
1477. Puraratna: Emerging Trends in Archaeology, Art, Anthropology, Conservation and History; 3 Volumes (in Honour of Shri Jagat Pati Joshi) / Margabandhu, C.; Sharma, A.K. & Bisht, R.S. (Eds.)
1478. Quaternary Studies in The Manipur Valley / Singh, Thokchom Angou
1479. The Quest Continue: Lost Heritage the Sikh Legacy in Pakistan / Singh, Amardeep
1480. The Quest: Script of Goutam Ghose's Film Moner Manush, Based on a Novel by Sunil Gangopadhyay / Sen, Shankar (Tr.)
1481. Quiz on Sports / Iyer, Vijayalakshmi
1482. Raag of Raj King of Dhrupad Pandit Ramchatur Mallick / Das, C.L. (Prof.)
1483. Raag Sanchayita: Gaayan va Vaadan ki Madhur Bandishein / Gyan Chand & Dev Raj (Drs.)
1484. Raag Vishleshan; 2 Parts (bound in 1) / Garg, Uma (Dr.)
1485. Rabindra Chitravali: Paintings of Rabindranath Tagore; 4 Volumes / Kumar, R. Siva (Ed.) (Prof.)
1486. Rabindranath Tagore; 2 Volumes / Sinha, Biswajit
1487. Raga and Music in the Sikh Holy Scriptures / Bakshi, Savita
1488. Ragarnavam: With Ragacandrika Vyakhya / Shukla, Bhagavatsharan
1489. Ragas and Raginis: A Pictorial and Iconographic Study of Indian Musical Modes based on original sources; Vol.1: Text: History of Ragas Iconography, Ragamala Texts and Criticism / Gangoly, O.C.
1490. Ragas in Hindustani Music: Conceptual Aspects / Mahajan, Anupam
1491. Raj Kapoor Speaks / Nanda, Ritu
1492. Rajasthana ke Mandiro ka Vastushastriya Adhyayan (in Hindi) / Umashankar
1493. Rajavijayam: A Spectrum of Historical Studies: Festschrift to Prof. K. Rajayyan / Reddy, P. Chenna (Ed.)
1494. Rajesh Khanna: The First Superstar of Bollywood / Khan, I.U. & Usmani, B.D.
1495. Rajput Paintings: Being an Account of the Hindu Paintings of Rajasthan and the Panjab Himalayas from the Sixteenth to the Nineteenth Century Described in Their Relation to Contemporary Thought with Texts and Translations; 2 Volumes / Coomaraswamy, Ananda K.
1496. The Ramachandra Temple at Vijayanagara / Dallapiccola, Anna L.; Fritz, John M.; Mitchell, George & Rajasekhara
1497. Ramachandran Icons of the Raw Earth / Chawla, Rupika
1498. The Ramayana Culture Text Performance and Iconography / Bose, Mandakranta (Ed.)
1499. The Ramayana in Bengali Folk Paintings / Bose, Mandakranta
1500. The Ramayana in Kathakali Dance Drama / Singh, N.K. (Ed.)

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