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1. Arya Dharm: Hindu Consciousness in 19th Century Punjab / Jones, Kenneth W.
2. Asceticism in Ancient India: Brahmanical, Buddhist and Jaina / Mishra, Ratanlal (Dr.)
3. The Asrama System: The History and Hermeneutics of a Religious Institution / Olivelle, Patrick
4. Ayodhya: The Abode of Rama; And the Dharmaksetra of Lord Buddha and the Jaina Tirthankaras A Historical and Cultural Study / Pandey, Lalta Prasad
5. Banaras: City of Light / Eck, Diana L.
6. The Bhakti Cult in Ancient India / Goswami, Bhagavat Kumar
7. Bhavabhuti's Uttararamacaritam (With Sanskrit commentary, English translation, critical and explanatory notes) / Roy, Saradaranjan
8. Bhisma Gita: Selection from the Mahabharata Peace Canto in English and Hindi Verses [With full Samskrta Texts and Roman Transliterations] (King's Duties and Path of Salvation) / Pathak, Bhawesh Nath
9. The Brahmo Samaj and the Shaping of the Modern Indian Mind / Kopf, David
10. A Brief History of Dharmasastra / Banerji, S.C.
11. Buddhist Himalaya: Studies in Religion, History and Culture (3 Volumes) / Balikci-Denjongpa, Anna & McKay, Alex (Eds.)
12. Buddhist Sites and Shrines in India: History, Art and Architecture / Ahir, D.C.
13. Buddhist Western Himalaya, Part 1 - A Politico-Religious History / Handa, O.C.
14. Cambridge Illustrated History of Religions / Bowker
15. Chalukyas of Kalyans: A Study of Religious Conditions / Hiremath, Vishwanath R.
16. Chips from a Vedic Workshop / Khosla, Inder Dev
17. Christianity is Chrisn-Nity: Is Bible the Story of a Chrisn Temple Dispute? Is Christianity an off Shoot? / Oak, P.N.
18. Christians and the National Movement: The Memoranda of 1919 and the National Movement, with special reference to Protestant Christians in Tamilnadu 1919-1939 / Jeyakumar, D. Arthur
19. Chronological Identity in Indian Art / Paddhi, Braja Kishor (Dr.)
20. A Comprehensive History of Jainism; 2 Volumes / Chatterjee, Asim Kumar
21. The Concept of Gods in Ancient World: A Comparative Study of Gods according to Ancient Tradition and Mythology / Jones, Sir William
22. Construction of an Identity Discourse: Oriya Literature and the Jagannath Cult (1866-1936) / Behera, Subhakanta
23. Cosmology of the Sacred World: The Vision of the Cosmos of Different Peoples of the World / Saraswati, Baidyanath & et. al. (Eds.)
24. Couplets of Kabir...A Vision of Beyond: A Collection of Four Hundred Dohas of Kabir; Translated in Couplet Form from Hindi into English / Mahajan, Sushila
25. Dardistan: In 1866, 1886 and 1893 / Leitner, G.W.
26. Dharmashastra ka Brihad Itihas (Part 1) / Nathani, Dilip Kumar (Dr.)
27. Discovering the Rigveda: A Bracing text for Our Times / Raghavan, G.N.S.
28. The Dynamics of Folk Religion in Society: Pericentralisation as Deconstruction of Sanskritisation / Ponniah, K. James
29. Educators of Ancient India / Pandey, Ram Shakal
30. Encyclopaedic History of the Light of Civilization: How the Vision of God Has Inspired All the Great Civilization / Hagger, Nicholas
31. An Episodic Interpretation of the Mahabharata / Sarkar, R.N.
32. Essays on the Punjab History / Bajwa, Kulwinder Singh
33. Explore Rural India
34. Exploring Science in Ancient Indian Texts / Singh, Bal Ram (Ed.)
35. Facets of Vedic Religion and Culture / Bora, Maitreyee
36. Facets of Vedic Studies / Ray, Bidyut Lata (Ed.)
37. First Raj of the Sikhs: The Life and Times of Banda Singh Bahadur / Dhillon, Harish
38. Genesis and Evolution of the Rama Katha in Indian Art, Thought, Literature and Culture: From the Earliest Period to the Modern Times; 3 Volumes / Nagar, Shanti Lal
39. The Geography of the Ramayana / Shukla, R.K. (Dr.)
40. The Gita and its Culture / Chatterjee, R.K.
41. God as Political Philosopher: Buddha's Challenge to Brahminism / Shepherd, Kancha Ilaiah
42. Gods, Sages and Kings: Vedic Secrets of Ancient Civilization / Frawley, David
43. The Greeks in India: A Survey in Philosophical Understanding / Vassiliades, Demetrios Th.
44. Guru Nanak Devji and Sikh History in Murals / Khalsaji, Sohan Singh (Ed.)
45. Guru Nanak's Japuji: A Look Anew / Kaur, Satnam & Saxena, S.K.
46. Hindu Life and Customs / Gordon, Helen Cameron (Mrs.) (b. 1867)
47. Hinduism in India: The Early Period / Oddie, Geoffrey A.
48. Hindus of India / Singh, Jagdev (Brig.)
49. The Hindus: An Alternative History / Doniger, Wendy
50. Historical Studies in the Cult of the Goddess Manasa (A Socio-Cultural Study) / Maity, Pradyot Kumar
51. Historical Value of the Qur'an and the Hadith / Khan, A.M.
52. Historicity of Rama and Krsna: Literary, Historical, Archaeological and Scientific Perspectives / Singh, G.P.
53. History of Dharmasastra: Ancient and Mediaeval Religious and Civil Law; 5 Volumes in 8 parts / Kane, Pandurang Vaman (Dr.)
54. History of Kabirpanth / Ranjan, Purnendu
55. History of Religion of Tripura / Palit, Projit Kumar
56. History of Religion: Buddhism / Melancon, Nevaeh
57. History of Religion: Hinduism (4 Volumes) / Steward, Shin
58. History of Religion: Islam (3 Volumes) / Melancon, Nevaeh
59. History of Religious Thought / Samuel W.
60. A History of the Early Ganga Monarchy and Jainism / Nagarajaiah, Hampa (Dr.)
61. History of the Sakta Religion / Bhattacharyya, Narendra Nath
62. History Revealed by the Ramayana Astronomy / Chaudhuri, Puspendu
63. Incredible India: Fairs and Festivals / Vasudev, Uma
64. Indian Festivals and Society / Aggrawal, Usha (Dr.)
65. The Indian Historical Quarterly 1925-1963; 39 Volumes / Law, Narendra Nath (Ed.)
66. Indian Religious Historiography, Vol.1 / Bhattacharyya, N.N. (Ed.)
67. Influences of Ancient Hinduism on Early Christianity / Herman, A.L.
68. Introduction to World Religions / Sarkar, Bhaskar
69. Jain Dharam Ka Itihas; 3 Volumes / Jain, Kailash Chand
70. Kashi ka Sankshipt Itihas / Manav, Shambhunath
71. Kevala-Bodhi: Buddhist and Jaina History of the Deccan; 2 Volumes / Sen, Aloka Parasher (Ed.)
72. The Later Gangas: Mandali-Thousand / Nagarajaiah, Hampa (Dr.)
73. Light on Vedic and Puranic Studies / Rath, Prativa Manjari (Dr.)
74. Lord Siva and Buddha in the Golden Isles: In Search of Classical Indonesia / Lokesh Chandra
75. Loss of Our Religious Identity: How the term "Hindu" has hijacked our Vedic and Upanishadic Religion / Ghosh, Suresh Chandra
76. Madhyakalin Bharat Ki Samajik, Aarthik, Dharmic evam Rajnitik Samasyen (in Hindi) / Gajarani, Shiv (Dr.)
77. Mahabharata / Subramaniam, Kamala
78. The Mahabharata; Volume 7 / Debroy, Bibek
79. The Mahabharatam / Shrimanmahaabhaaratam (Shriman Nilakantha Virachita Bhaaratabhaavadipaakhya Tika, Naamaanukramani Tatha Bhumikaa Sahita) 8 Volumes / Mishra, Mandan (Prof.)
80. Major Religions in Contemporary World / Gangchen, T.Y.S. & et. al.
81. The Many Faces of Murukan: The History and Meaning of a South Indian God / Clothey, Fred W.
82. Maritime India: Trade, Religion and Polity in the Indian Ocean / Malekandathil, Pius
83. Mekong-Ganga Axis / Mittal, Pankaj; Bhushan, Ravi & Daisy (Eds.)
84. Mission, Religioin, and Caste: Themes in the History of Christianity in India / Joshi, Shashi
85. Modern Religious Movements in India / Farquhar, J.N.
86. Modern Religious Tragedy: 1900-1955 / Abram
87. Narrative Art in the Mahabharata: The Adi Parva / Bhattacharya, Pradip
88. Negotiating Religion: Perspectives from Indian History / Bahuguna, Rameshwar; Dutta, Ranjeeta & Nasreen, Farhat
89. The New Knighthood: A History of the Order of the Temple / Barber
90. The Nirankari Sikhs, 2nd Edition / Webster, John C.B.
91. Outlines of the History of Religion: To the Spread of the Universal Religions / Tiele, C.P.
92. Priests, Kings, and Women in the Early Upanisads: The Character of the Self in Ancient India / Black, Brian
93. Purana-Itihasa-Vimarsah: Prof. S.G. Kantawala Felicitation Volume / Nanavati, R.I.
94. Purano mein Naari / Jain, Uma (Dr.)
95. Ramayana: Comics, Graphic Novels and Films / Kaul, Aarttee
96. Religion in 21st Century / Saheed, Suhail (Dr.)
97. Religion in Social Flux: As Seen in the Main Purana's / Bakre, Alka
98. Religions of the World: Their Nature and Their History / Clemen, Carl
99. Religious and Cultural impact of India on Dunhuang Caves of China: A Comparative and Critical Study / Talim, Meena
100. Religious and Social Revolution in Ancient India / Singh, Mahesh Vikram & Shrivastava, Brij Bhushan
101. The Religious Heritage of India / Mitchel, Murray, J.
102. Religious History of Arunachal Pradesh / Tripathy, B. & Dutta, Prof. S. (Eds.)(Dr.)
103. Religious History of Early Medieval Punjab / Dhillon, Sukhninder Kaur
104. Religious History of India / Vaid, S.K.
105. Religious Movements in Medieval India: Bhakti Creation of Alternative Spaces / Pande, Rekha
106. Religious Movements in Orissa in 19th Century / Mishra, Bibhuti Bhusan (Dr.)
107. The Rigveda: A Historical Analysis / Talageri, Shrikant G.
108. The Ritual of Battle: Krishna in the Mahabharata / Hiltebeitel, Alf
109. Samudra Manthan: Sino-Indian Rivalry in the Indo-Pacific / Mohan, C. Raja
110. Secret History of the Khalsa Durbar / Smyth, G. Carmichael
111. The Secret History of World Religions; 2 Volumes / Schure, Edouard
112. Sikh Revivalist Movements: The Nirankari and Namdhari Movements in Punjab in the Nineteenth Century: A Socio-Religious Study / Jolly, Surjit Kaur
113. The Sikhs in Ferment: Battles of the Sikh Gurus / Nayyar, Gurabacana Singh
114. Song of the Lord: Gita in Yoga-Vasistha / Bharati, Swami Veda
115. Spy Net-work in Mahabharata / Sanyal, Ramendra Narayan
116. The Srimadbhagavata Mahapuranam: Text with English Translation, Notes and Index; 3 Volumes / Dutta, M.N. & Kumar, Pushpendra
117. Srimanta Sankaradeva: An Epoch Maker / Borkakoti, Sanjib Kumar
118. Studies in Jaina History and Culture: Disputes and Dialogues (Special Indian Edition) / Flugel, Peter (Ed.)
119. Sudras in Ancient India: A Social History of the Lower Order Down to Circa A.D. 600 / Sharma, Ram Sharan
120. The Taj Mahal is Tejo-Mahalya: A Shiva Temple / Oak, P.N.
121. The Transcendent Unity of Religions / Schuon, Frithjof
122. Trika: The Kashmir Saiva Essence / Raina, Tej
123. A Universal History of the Religious Rites: Ceremonies and Customs of the Whole World; 2 Volumes / Hurd, W.
124. Vedic India: A History / Ajithkumar, M.P.
125. Vedic Science and Culture in India / Sharma, H.C.
126. Vedic Studies / Kulkarni, Nirmala R.
127. Vedic Studies (in Hindi) / Tiwari, Shashi
128. Vedic Studies: Language, Texts, Culture, and Philosophy / Hock, Hans Henrich (Ed.)
129. World Vedic Heritage: A History of Histories; 2 Volumes / Oak, P.N.
130. Yadavas through the Ages, 2 Volumes / Yadav, J.N. Singh
131. Yuktikalpataru of Sribhojaraja: Sanskrit text with Hindi translation by Dr. Bhagwatilal Rajpurohit


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