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1. 1857 in North East India: A Reconstruction From Folk and Oral Sources / Kar, Subir
2. 50 Years after Daojali-Hading: Emerging Perspectives in the Archaeology of Northeast India (Essays in Honour of Tarun Chandra Sharma) / Jamir, Tiatoshi & Hazarika, Manjil (Eds.)
3. ABC of Naga Culture and Civilization / Haksar, Nandita
4. Academic Achievement of Girls in Meghalaya / Hangsing, Elizabeth
5. Adi Tribes of Arunachal Pradesh / Rizvi, S.H.M. & Roy, Shibani
6. Adivasis and the Culture of Assam / Chhetri, Harka Bahadur
7. Administration of Forestry in North East India; 2 Volumes / Bhattacharyya, Runu
8. Administration of Justice in Mizoram / Prasad, R.N. & Chakraborty, P.
9. Administration Reports of Tripura State Since 1902; 4 Volumes / Chakravarty, Mahadev (Ed.)
10. Ageing in Women: A Study in North-East India / Devi, S. Dayabati & Bagga, Amrita
11. Agenda for Assam and the North East; 2 Volumes / Das, Jogendra Kumar (Ed.)
12. Agenda for North-East India / Ray, B. Datta (Ed.)
13. Agony of Plantation Workers in North-East India / Sharma, K.R. & Das, T.C.
14. Agrarian Structures and Land Reforms in Assam / Karna, M.N.
15. Amazing Arunachal Pradesh: Land, People, Culture / Behera, M.C. & Misra, K.K.
16. Amazing North East: Arunachal Pradesh / Devi, Aribam Indubala (Ed.)
17. Amazing North East: Assam / Devi, Aribam Indubala (Ed.)
18. Amazing North East: Manipur / Devi, Aribam Indubala (Ed.)
19. Amazing North East: Meghalaya / Devi, Aribam Indubala (Ed.)
20. Amazing North East: Mizoram / Devi, Aribam Indubala (Ed.)
21. Amazing North East: Nagaland / Devi, Aribam Indubala (Ed.)
22. Amazing North East: Sikkim / Devi, Aribam Indubala (Ed.)
23. Amazing North East: Tripura / Devi, Aribam Indubala (Ed.)
24. An Analysis of Fiscial Reform in Manipur / Singh, Shri K. Jibankumar
25. Ancient Naga Head Hunters: Lives and Tales in Prose and Poetry / Penzu, T.
26. Ancient North-East India (Pragjyotisha): A Pan-India Perspective (Up to Seventh Century AD) / Shastri, Ajay Mitra
27. Andaman and Nicobar Islands: Development and Decentralization / Murthy, R.V.R.
28. The Angami Nagas / Suri, Renu
29. Antiquities of Gandhamardan Mountain in Orissa / Samal, Shashanka Sekhar (Dr.) (Tarani)
30. The Ao Naga Grammar: With Illustrations Phrases and Vocabulary / Clark, Mary M.
31. The Ao Naga Tribe of Assam / Smith, W.C.
32. Applied Economics on North-East India / Datta, Kanchan & Mukhopadhyay, C.K.
33. Appropriate Technologies for North East India / Murty, U.S.N. (Ed.)
34. Archaeological Exploration in Sikkim / Mishra, P.K. (Dr.)
35. Archaeology of Brahmaputra Valley of Assam / Choudhary, Rabin Dev
36. Archaeology of Orissa: With Special Reference to Nuapada and Kalahandi / Singh Deo, Jitamitra Prasad
37. Architecture of Assam / Sharma, P.C. (Dr.)
38. Art History of Meghalaya / Bareh, Hamlet
39. Art of Manipur / Roy, Nilima
40. Arunachal Pradesh and the Tribes: Select Bibliography / Sen, Sipra
41. Arunachal Pradesh: Environmental Planning and Sustainable Development - Opportunities and Challenges / Sundriyal, R.C.; Trilochan, S. & Sinha, G.N.
42. Arunachal Pradesh: Past and Present / Joshi, H.G.
43. Arunachal Pradesh: Village State to Statehood / Pandey, B.B. (Dr.)
44. Arunachal Women and Education / Mibang, T. & Abraham, P.T. (Drs.)
45. The Aryans History of Vedic Period / Aryan, K.C. & Aryan, Subhashini
46. Ashram School in Andhra Pradesh / Ananda, G.
47. Assam Bhutan Trade Ralations 1865-1949: A Socio Economic Study / Das, Smriti
48. Assam Through the Ages; 3 Volumes / Bakshi, S.R.
49. Assam under the Ahoms / Gohain, U.N.
50. Assam: Its Heritage and Culture / Bhushan, Chandra
51. Assamese Response to Regionalism / Boruah, Chandra Nath
52. Assamese Women in Indian Independence Movement / Pathak, Guptajit
53. Assam's Hinterland / Chakraborty, Gorky
54. Assam's History and its Graphics / Pathak, Niranjan Ch. & Pathak, Guptaajit
55. Bamboo Flowering Induced Famine and Coping Mechanisms of Shifting Cultivators / Lalnilawma
56. Bangladeshi Immigrants in Meghalaya: Causes of Human Movement and Impact on Garo Hills / Sangma, Sengjrang N.
57. Bengal District Gazetteers: Bhagalpur / Byrne, J.
58. Bengal District Gazetteers: Champaran / O'Malley, L.S.S.
59. Bengal District Gazetteers: Cuttack / O'Malley, L.S.S.
60. Between Sikkim and Bhutan: The Lepchas and Bhutias of Pedong / Awasty, Indira
61. Beyond Borders: Look East Policy and North East India / Gogoi, Dilip (Ed.)
62. Beyond North East: Insurgency, History, Development / Das, H.N. (IAS)
63. Bhutan (A.D. 1837-1838): Journals of Travels in Bootan / Griffith, William
64. Big Game Shooting in Eastern and North Eastern India / The Maharajah of Cooch Behar
65. Bihu Festival of Assam: Music, Dance and Performance / Borah, Utpola
66. Binding Undulations of Sikkim / Bhutia, Kunga Gyatso
67. Bio-Cultural Diversity and Sustainable Development in North East India / Jha, Ajeya; Jha, Sangeeta & Manjul, S. (Ed.)
68. Biocultural Knowledge Systems of Tribes of Eastern Himalayas / Singh, Ranjay K. & Women, Adi
69. Biodiversity of Assam: Status Strategy and Action Plan for Conservation / Bhagabati, A.K.; Kalita, M.C. & Baruah, S. (Eds.)
70. Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation of Rivers and Streams of North East India / Kosygin, Laishram (Ed.)
71. Birds of Nepal with reference to Kashmir and Sikkim / Fleming, Sr. Robert L.; Fleming, Jr. Robert L. & Bangdel, Lain Singh
72. The Bishnupriya Manipuris in North East India: Society, Economy and Development / Sinha, Harendra
73. The Bodos: Emergence and Assertion of an Ethnic Minority / Choudhury, Sujit
74. A Book of Paintings: On Themes from the Hills of Northeast India / Miri, Sujata
75. Border Trade: North-East India and Neighbouring Countries / Das, Gurudas & Purkayastha, R.K. (Eds.)
76. British Colonization and Restructuring of Naga Polity / Venuh, Neivetso
77. British Forest Policy in Assam / Handique, Rajib
78. Buddhism and Culture of North-East India / Panth, R. (Dr.)
79. Buddhism in North-East India / Dutta, Sristidhar & Tripathy, Byomakesh (Eds.)
80. The Buddhist Women of North-East India and South-West China / Alam, Jayanti
81. Bureaucracy and Rural Development in Mizoram / Sinha, Harendra
82. Ceramics of North-East India: Ethno-Archaeological Perspectives / Roy, S.K. (Dr.)
83. Challenges of Economic Policy in Manipur: Essay in Honour of Prof. M. Lboton Singh; 2 Volumes / Singh, E. Bijoykumar & Singh, KSH. Jhaljit
84. Changing Agricultural Scenario in North East India / Deb, Bimal J. & Ray, B. Datta (Eds.)
85. Changing Face of Tripura Tribe / Tripura, Babu Dhan & Jena, K.N.
86. Changing Perception of Freedom: Civil Society and its Response to United Liberation Front of Asom / Barman, Prateeti
87. Changing Status of Women in North Eastern States / Lalneihzovi
88. Chin+Kuki+Zo Genesis and Exodus / Suantak, Joseph
89. China's Shadow Over Sikkim: The Politics of Intimidation / Bajpai, G.S.
90. Civil Society and Decentralised Governance: A Perspective in Manipur / Haokip, Sonkhogin
91. Coalition Politics in North-East India / Pakem, B.
92. Cold Deserts of India / Negi, S.S.
93. Colonial Legacy and Environmental Crisis in North East India / Sinha, A.C.
94. Colonialism in Orissa: Resisting Colonialism: Shifting Paradigms / Chandra, Padhy Subash & Chittaranjan, Satapathy
95. Coming Out of Violence: Essays on Ethnicity, Conflict Resolution and Peace Process in North-East India / Hussain, Monirul (Ed.)
96. Commerce Education in North-East India / Singh, A. Rajmani (Ed.)
97. A Concise History of the Darjeeling District since 1835 with A Complete Itinerary of Tours in Sikkim and the District / Dozey, E.C.
98. Conflict to Reconstruction: Some Observations on Nagaland and Manipur / Gopalakrishnan, R. & Thomas, C. Joshua (Eds.)
99. Consequences of Longterm Conflicts in Northeast India / Ragahvan, V.R. (Ed.)
100. Constraints in Development of Manipur / Thomas, C. Joshua; Gopalakrishnan, R. & Singh, R.K. Ranjan (Eds.)
101. Constraints of Economic Development in North-East India: Problems and Prospects / Saikia, P.D. & Borah, Durgeswar (Eds.)
102. Contesting Marginality: Ethnicity, Insurgency and Subnationalism in North-East India / Nag, Sajal
103. A Corpus of Tripura / Chaudhari, J. Gan
104. Cross-Border Migration Mizoram / Sangkima
105. Crossing the Frontiers of Conflict in The North East and Jammu and Kashmir: From Real Politik to Ideal Politik / Nayar, V.K. (Lt. Gen.)
106. Cultivation of Medicinal Plants and Orchids in Sikkim Himalaya / Sundriyal, R.C. & Sharma, E.
107. Cultural Fiesta in the "Island of Peach" Arunachal Pradesh / Pathak, Guptajit & Gogoi, Raju
108. Cultural Heritage of Arunachal Pradesh / Nagaraju, N. & Tripathy, Byomakesh
109. Cultural Identity of Tribes of North-East India: Movement for Cultural Identity Among the Adis of Arunachal Pradesh / Dawar, Jagdish Lal
110. Customary Law and Practices of the Maram Nagas / Tiba, Th. R.
111. Customary Law and Women: The Chakhesang Nagas / Vitso, Adino (Dr.)
112. Customary Laws of Nyishi Tribe of Arunachal Pradesh / Hina, Nabam Nakha (Dr.)
113. Decentralisation and Rural Development in North East India / Sinha, Harendra & Zorema, J.
114. Development and Environment / Husain, Zahid & Barik, S.K. (Eds.)
115. Development Dynamics in North East India / Ray, Jayanta Kumar & Bhattacharya, Rakhee (Eds.)
116. Development Issues in North-East Region / Megu, Kangki
117. Development Priorities in North-East India / Deb, Bimal J. (Ed.)
118. Development Problems and Prospects of Mizoram / Upadhyaya, K.K.
119. Development Strategies for Barak Valley (Assam) / Bhattacharjee, J.B.
120. Development Strategies for Break Vally: Assam / Bhattacharjee, J.B.
121. Dialogue on Tipaimukh Dam / Dena, Lal (Ed.) (Prof.)
122. Diaries of Two Tours in the Unadministered Area East of The Naga Hills / Hutton, J.H.
123. Dictionary Making: English-Manipuri / Singh, Leihaorambam Sarbajit
124. Dimensions of Displaced People in North-East India / Thomas C. Joshua (Ed.)
125. Dimensions of Rural Development in North-East India / Datta Ray, B. & Das, Gurudas (Eds.)
126. Dimensions of Transformation in Tribal Societies with reference to Andhra Pradesh / Rao, P. Venkata
127. Discovery of North-East India: Geography, History, Culture, Religion, Politics, Sociology, Science, Education and Economy; 11 Volumes / Sharma, S.K. & Sharma, Usha (Eds.)
128. Diversity and Distribution of Bamboos in Assam / Barooah, C.
129. Document on Peace Education / Barman, Prateeti & Goswami, Triveni
130. Documents on North East India: An Exhaustive Survey; 11 Volumes / Sharma, S.K. & Sharma, Usha
131. Documents on Sikkim and Bhutan / Sharma, S.K. & Sharma, Usha (Eds.)
132. Dynamics of Development and Planning: Mizoram a Comprehensive Regional Analysis / Kumar, Girindra
133. Dynamics of Identity and Intergroup Relations in North-East India / Aggarwal, Kailash S. (Ed.)
134. Dynamics of Power Relations in Tribal Societies of North-East India / Ray, Basudeb Dutta & Ray, Asok Kumar (Eds.)
135. Dynamics of Tribal Village in Arunachal Pradesh: Emerging Realities / Mibang, Tamo & Behera, M.C.
136. Early Man in Eastern Himalayas: North East India and Nepal / Sharma, A.K.
137. Early States in North East India / Bhattacharjee, J.B. & Syiemlieh, David R.
138. Early Village Farming Culture: With Special Reference to Eastern and North Eastern India / Dey, Mukta Raut
139. Eastern Bengal and Assam District Gazetter: Rangpur / Vas, J.A.
140. The Eastern Frontier of India / Pemberton, R.B.
141. Ecology Myth and Mystery: Contemporary Poetry in English from Northeast India / Chandra, N.D.R. & Das, Nigamananda
142. Ecology, Culture, and Change: Tribal of Sikkim (Himalayas) / Bhasin, Veena
143. Economic Development and Employment in Sikkim / Chakrabarti, Anjan
144. Economic Development of Arunachal Pradesh / Bhattacharaya, R.P. (Dr.)
145. Economic Development of Mizoram / Lianzela
146. Economic Development of North East India / Adhyapok, Prodip Kumar & Saikia, Hemanta
147. An Economic History of North East India 1826 to 1947 / Ganguly, Jalad Baran
148. Economic Planning and Development of North-Eastern States / Banerjee, Amalesh & Kar, Biman
149. The Economic Plants of North East India / Kumar, Sudhir
150. Economy of the North-East: Policy, Present Conditions and Future Possibilities / Sachdeva, Gulshan
151. Education in Arunachal Pradesh Since 1947: Constraints, Opportunities Initiatives and Needs / Begi, Joram
152. Education in North-East India / Biswas, Nikunja Behari (Dr.)
153. Education in North-East India: Experience and Challenge / De, Utpal Kumar & Lyndem, Biloris (Eds.)
154. Emergence of Early Culture In North-East India / Sharma, A.K.
155. Emergent Women: Mizo Women's Perspectives / Aleaz, Bonita
156. Emerging Pattern of Tribal Leadership in Arunachal Pradesh / Karlo, Rejir
157. Emerging Religious Identities of Arunachal Pradesh: A Study of Nyishi Tribe / Rikam, Nabam Tadar
158. Emerging Trends of Indian Polity / Pylee, M.V. (Prof.)
159. Empowerment of Women in North East India: Socio-Economic Perspectives / Singh, Harendra & Zorema, J. (Eds.)
160. Encyclopaedia of Arunachal Pradesh; 2 Volumes / Aier, Lima Sasai
161. Encyclopaedia of Assam; 2 Volumes / Hazarika, Dilip
162. Encyclopaedia of Manipur; 2 Volumes / Singh, Jatra
163. Encyclopaedia of Manipur; 3 Volumes / Lisam, Khomodon Singh
164. Encyclopaedia of Meghalaya; 2 Volumes / Borathakur, Kumud
165. Encyclopaedia of Mizoram; 2 Volumes / Thou, Teisi
166. Encyclopaedia of Nagaland; 2 Volumes / Aier, Lima Sasai
167. Encyclopaedia of North-East India / Khanna, S.K.
168. Encyclopaedia of North-East India; 11 Volumes / Kumar, R. & Ram, S.
169. Encyclopaedia of North-East India; 3 Volumes / Raatan, T.
170. Encyclopaedia of North-East India; 5 Volumes / Prakash, Ved (Col.)
171. Encyclopaedia of North-East India; 7 Volumes / Husain, Majid (Gen. Ed.)
172. Encyclopaedia of North-East India; 8 Volumes / Bareh, H.M. (Ed.)
173. Encyclopaedia of Scheduled Tribes in India; 5 Volumes / Mohanty, P.K.
174. Encyclopaedia of Sikkim and Bhutan; 3 Volumes / Sharma, S.K. & Sharma, Usha (Eds.)
175. Encyclopaedia of Sikkim; 2 Volumes / Dutt, Shyamal
176. Encyclopaedia of Tourism Resources in India; 2 Volumes / Sajnani, Manohar
177. Encyclopaedia of Tripura; 2 Volumes / Roy, Subroto
178. Endemic Bioresources of India Conservation and Sustainable Development with special reference to North-East India / Singh, N. Irabanta (Ed.)
179. Engagement and Development: India's Northeast and Neighbouring Countries / Thomas, C. Joshua (Ed.)
180. Entrepreneurship and Rural Development in North East India / Mandal, Ram Krishna (Ed.)
181. Environment and Tribes in India: Resource Conflicts and Adaptations / Menon, Vineetha (Ed.)
182. Environmental History of Naga Hills (1881-1947): Land and Forest the Colonial Policy / Deori, Pushpanjoli
183. Environmental Issues of North East India / Husain, Zahid (Ed.)
184. Ethnic Autonomy Question in N.E. India: Search for an Answer / Hazarika, Niru
185. Ethnic Issues Secularism and Conflict Resolution in North East India / Deb, Bimal J. (Ed.)
186. Ethnicity in Manipur: Experience, Issues and Perspectives / Zehol, Lucy (Dr.)
187. Ethnobotanical Wisdom of Khasis (Hynniew Treps) of Meghalaya / Ahmed, Ayesha Ashraf & Borthakur, S.K.
188. Ethno-Medicinal Plants of Mizoram / Lalramnghinglora, H. (Dr.)
189. Ethnomedicine of North-East India: Proceedings of National Seminar on Traditional Knowledge Base on Herbal Medicines and Plant Resources of North-East India - Protection, Utilization and Conservation (13-15 March 2001, Guwahati, Assam) / Singh, Gian; Singh, H.B. & Mukherjee, T.K.
190. Ethnomedicines of the Tribes of Arunachal Pradesh / Mibang, Tamo & Chaudhuri, Sarit Kumar
191. Ethno-Ornithology of Lepshas of Sikkim / Jha, Vanya & Jha, Ajeya
192. Ethno-Social Mobility in North East India / Bera, Gautam Kumar & SVD, K. Jose
193. Ethnoveterinary Plants of North East India / Sharma, U.K.
194. The Evolution of Khasi Music: A Study of the Classical Content / Syiem, Lapynshai
195. Exploring Highlanders of Tripura and Chittagong Hill Tracts / Debnath, Rupak
196. Exploring North-East Indian Writings in English; 2 Volumes / Swami, Indu
197. Fairs and Festivals of India; 6 Volumes / Bezbaruah, M.P. & Gopal, Krishan (Chief Ed.)
198. Female Emancipation: Trends and Issues in North East India / Ray, Asok Kumar & Jyrwa, rbanoris (Eds.)
199. Ferns and Fern - Allies of Tripura (North-East India): A Morpho-Antomical Studies / Das, N.C. (Dr.)
200. Ferns and Fern-Allies of Arunachal Pradesh; 2 Volumes / Singh, S. & Panigrahi, G.
201. Ferns of Nagaland / Jamir, N.S. & Rao, R.R.
202. Flora of Andhra Pradesh State (India); 4 Volumes / Pullaiah, T. & Chennaiah, E.
203. Flora of Barak Valley, Assam: With their Economic Utility (Volume 1) / Dutta, P.S.; Chaudhury, M. Dutta & Dutta, B.K.
204. Flora of Eastern Ghats: Hill Ranges of South East India; 3 Volumes / Pullaiah, T.; Rao, D. Muralidhara; Ramamurthy, K. Sri & Karuppusamy, S.
205. Flora of Medak District, Andhra Pradesh / Pullaiah, T.; Prabhakar C. & Rao, B. Raviprasad
206. Flora of Nalgonda District (Andhra Pradesh, India) / Rao, P.N. with Swamy, B.V. Raghava & Pullaiah, T.
207. Flora of Sambalpur (Orissa) / Panda, S. & Das, A.P.
208. Floral Diversity and Ecosystem Function in North-East India / Kamei, Jenpuiru
209. Folk Culture and Oral Literature from North East India / Mibang, Tamo & Chaudhuri, Sarit K. (Eds.)
210. Folk Culture of Manipur / Singh, M. Kirti (Dr.) (Padma Shri)
211. Folk Culture of the Misings of Assam: Tradition and Change / Sarma, Ashok (Dr.)
212. Folk Music of the Himalayas / Ghosh, Mandira
213. Folk Songs of Arunachal Pradesh / Pandey, B.B. (Dr.)
214. Folk Theatre Beyond Boundaries / Mohanty, Bharat Bhusan
215. Folk-Lore and Customs of the Lap Chas of Sikhim / Stock Beauvoir C.De
216. Folklore in North East India / Sen, Soumen (Ed.)
217. Forest Flora of Meghalaya; 2 Volumes / Haridasan, K. & Rao, R.R.
218. Forest Resources in North East India / Ray, B. Datta
219. Forest Tribes of Orissa: Lifestyle and Social Conditions of Selected Orissan Tribes; 3 Volumes / Seeland, K. & Schmithusen, F. (Eds.)
220. Forgotten Friends: Monks, Marriages, and Memories of Northeast India / Chatterjee, Indrani
221. From Pekin to Sikkim: Through the Ordos, the Gobi Desert, and Tibet / Lesdain, Count De
222. Frontier Officers in Colonial: Northeast India / Chatterjee, Suhas
223. Functioning of Autonomous District Councils in Meghalaya / Dutta, Sujit Kumar
224. Fungi of Northern and Eastern India: A Monograph on Biology of Keratinophilic vs Keratinolytic Fungi / Ghosh, Gouri Rani
225. Gaan Ngai: A Festival of the Zeliangrong Nagas of North East India / Kamei, Jenpuiru
226. Garo (Achik) Tribe of Meghalaya / Rizvi, S.H.M. & Roy, Shibani
227. The Garo Tribal Religion: Beliefs and Practices / Marak, Paulinus R.
228. Gazetteer of Bengal and North-East India / Allen, B.C.; Gait, E.A.; Allen, C.G.H. & Howard, H.F.
229. Gazetteer of Naga Hills and Manipur / Allen, B.C.
230. The Gazetteer of Sikhim / Risley, H.H.
231. Gender, Peace and Development in North East India / Talukdar, Daisy Bora (Ed.)
232. Geo: Manipur Alert / Singh, R.K. Ranjan & Devei, Ch. Debala
233. Geoecology of Kameng Himalaya / Husain, Zahid
234. Geography of Intergrated Rural Area Development: Manipur / Devi, Phajabi (Dr.)
235. Geography of Well-Being of North-East India: Sikkim, Andaman and Nicobar Islands / Hazra, Jayanti
236. Glimpses of North East India: People, Places, Culture, History, Politics (A box containing 200 knowledge cards and an information pamplet) / Haksar, Nandita
237. Glimpses of Northeast India Archaeology / Sharma, Dhritiman
238. Glimpses of Northern Region: Poeple Culture Religion and Economy; 2 Volumes / Sharma, B.R.
239. Globalisation and Development Dilemma: Reflections from North East India / Behera, M.C. (Ed.)
240. Globalisation and North-East India / Dubey, Amaresh; Kumar, M. Satish; Srivastav, Nirankar & Thomas, Eugene D. (Eds.)
241. Globalisation, Growth and Inequility in North East India; 2 Volumes / Dutta, Paritosh Chandra & Mandal, Ram Krishna
242. The Glory Hunt: A Socio-cultural Spectrum of Konyak Nagas / Jadav, Kishore (Dr.)
243. A Grammar of the Manipuri Language: Vocabulary and Phrase Book: To Which are Added Some Manipuri Proverbs and Specimens of Manipuri Correspondence / Primrose, A.J.
244. Grasses of North-Eastern India / Shukla, U.
245. Growth of Totalitarianism in Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram / Balwally, Darshan
246. A Guide to the Orchids of Sikkim / Bruhl, P.
247. Handbook of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of North East India
248. Health and Development in Rural North East India / Sinha, Harendra (Ed.)
249. Health Care Practices Among the AO Nagas: Socio-Cultural Study of Nagaland / Boruah, Pranjal
250. Health Information System in North East India / Singh, Ch. Ibohal
251. The Herbal Flora of Assam and North-Eastern India / Sharma, S.N.
252. Heroes of North East India / Mukherjee, Sumitra
253. Himalayan Vignettes: The Garhwal and Sikkim Treks / Naoroji, Kekoo
254. Hinduism in Manipur / Singh, G.P.
255. Historians and Historiography of Northeast India / Bhattacharjee, J.B.
256. Historical Development of Legal Literature on Customary Laws in Assam: A Critical Study / Rohman, Wakidur
257. Historical Researches into some Aspects of the Culture and Civilization of North-East India / Singh, G.P.
258. History and Archaeology of North-East India / Das, Paromita
259. History and Ethnic Identity Formation in North-East India / Hluna, John V.
260. History and Historiography of Assam / Pathak, Niranjan Ch. & Patak, Guptajit
261. History Culture and Traditions of North East India / Akoijam, Tangjakhombi
262. History of Assam / Gait, Sir Edward
263. History of Darjeeling and the Sikkim Himalaya / Bhanja, K.C.
264. A History of Modern Manipur, 1826-2000 (3 Volumes) / Kamei, Gangmumei
265. A History of Nagas and Nagaland: Dynamics of Oral Tradition in Village Formation / Sanyu, Visier
266. History of Religion of Tripura / Palit, Projit Kumar
267. The History of the Welsh Calvinistic Methodists' Foreign Mission: To the End of the Year 1904 / Morris, John Hughes
268. History, Culture and Customs of Sikkim / Subba, Jash Raj
269. History, Geography and Travels of Sikkim and Bhutan / Sharma, S.K. & Sharma, Usha (Eds.)
270. History, Religion and Culture of North East India / Raatan, T.
271. Holy Shrines of Assam: Brahmanical, Bauddha, Christian, Islamic, Jain and Sikh / Sarma, Pradip
272. Human Development and Rural Indebtedness in North East India / Purkayasthan, Gautam
273. Human Development: Experiences of North East India / Chakraborty, Kiran Sankar & Das, Gurudas (Eds.)
274. Human Ecology of Sikkim / Gulia, Brig. K.S.
275. Human Rights and Insurgency: The North East India / Dhamala, Ranju R. & Bhattacharjee, Sukalpa (Eds.)
276. Human Rights and Social Security in North-East India / Haokip, George T.
277. Hundred Years of Education in Manipur: 1896-1996 / Valui, R. Wonkhuimi
278. Hydraulic Management in Manipur: From Pre-State Formation to 19th Century / Singh, Herisnam Nilkant (Dr.)
279. Icons and Sculpture of Early and Medieval Assam / Bhattacharjee, Arun
280. Identity Issues in Northeast India / Bhattacharya, Ruma (Ed.)
281. Identity of Advasis in Assam / Pullophilllil, Thomas (Ed.)
282. Impact of Ethnic Violence on Youth: A Study of Tribal-Nontribal Violence in Kokrajhar, Assam / Bhan, Susheela
283. In Abor Jungles of North East India / Hamilton, Angus
284. In Search of Praxis Theology for the Nagas / Nuh, V.K. (Ed.)
285. In the Shadow of the Himalayas: Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, Sikkim: A Photographic Record by John Claude White 1883-1908 / Meyer, Kurt & Meyer, Pamela Deuel
286. Incredible North India: Folk Cultural Traditions / Pandey, S.P.; Singh, A.K.; Misra, Roli & Pandey, Sanjay
287. India and North-East India: Mind, Politics and the Process of Integration (1946-1950) / Nag, Sajal
288. India Under the Shadow of Terrorism / Hegde, H. Parameshwar
289. India's Refugee Regime and Resettlement Poligy: Chakma's and the Politics of Nationality in Arunachal Pradesh / Prasad, Chunnu
290. Indigenous Faith and Practices of the Tribes of Arunachal Pradesh / Behera, M.C. & Chouduri, S.K. (Drs.)
291. Indigenous Industries of Assam (1870-1925) / Purkayastha, Sudeshna
292. Indigenous Industries of Assam: Retrospect and Prospect / Goswami, Priyam
293. Indigenous Knowledge Traditions / Sengupta, Sarthak
294. Indigenous System of Governance in the Tribal Society of Arunachal Pradesh / Modi, M. (Dr.)
295. Indo-Ceylonese Relations: B.C. 400 - 1200 A.D. / Mishra, Shambhu Nath
296. Industrial Sickness in Manipur: Causes and Remedies / Prasain, G.P. & Singh, Elangbam Nixon
297. Informality and Poverty: Urban Landscape of India's North-East / Ray, B. Datta & Das, Gurudas (Eds.)
298. Inside Sikkim: Against the Tide / Kazi, Jigme N.
299. Insurgencies in North-East India: Moving Towards Resolution / Das, Gautam
300. Insurgency and Economic Development in North-East India / Sonowal, Paramananda (Ed.)

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