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Perspectives in Agroecosystem / Kumar, Arvind
Perspectives in Agroecosystem
Kumar, Arvind
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  Book ID : 18393
  ISBN-10 : 81-7035-311-4 / 8170353114
  ISBN-13 : 978-81-7035-311-9 / 9788170353119
  Place of Publication : Delhi
  Year of Publication : 2003
  Edition :
  Language : English
  xiv, 414p., Figs., Tables, Index, 23 cm.
1. Role of vermicompost in agroecosystem/Arvind Kumar and Chandan Bohra.
2. Use of green manure and green leaf manure in rice agroecosystem/A. Solaimalai, P.T. Ramesh and M. Baskar.
3. Accumulated soil enzymes in a soil profile under different agroecosystems/V. Sunitha and M.A. Singara Charya.
4. Cement dust pollution in Kashmir : response of Phaseolus vulgaris to cement dust treatment under soil amendments/A.H. Zargar, M.Y. Zargar and M.A. Khan.
5. Weed control efficiency of different herbicides in transplanted paddy under temperate conditions of Kashmir Himalaya/Zafar Reshi and B.L. Sapru.
6. Effect of Azospirillum inoculation and growth regulators application of sunflower (Helianthus annus L.)/D. Reetha, D. Stella and M.D. Sundaram.
7. Climatic-planning and weather-monitoring of crop production/Venkataraman.
8. Biodegradation of lignocelulosic paddy straw by soil fungi/Ch. Vijaya and M.A. Singaracharya.
9. Influence of irrigation schedules and herbicide application methods on nodulation in groundnut/G.M. Sujith.
10. Effect of rice-cum-fish culture on soil fertility status of soil in rainfed lowland ecosytem of coastal saline zone of West Bengal/M. Ghosh, D. Maiti, P.K. Jana, P. Bandyopadhyay and A.K. Pal.
11. Management of radish mosaic disease in Himachal Pradesh/Usha Sharma, S.C. Chowfla, Anil Handa, P.D. Thakur and Bhupesh Gupta.
12. Effect of simulated acid rain on germination and seedling of Cymopsis tetragonoloba Var. Cazg-9819/T.I. Khan and Shikha Devpura.
13. Isoproturon : a suitable herbicide for weed management in one of the rabi cereal – wheat/Jaishree Dubey.
14. Effect of moisture conservation practices on soil moisture content and growth of Khejri (Prosopis cineraria)/B.L. Jat, S.R. Naga, Mahendra Singh and G.L. Yadav.
15. Correlation, path coefficient and partition of correlation in summer groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) under irrigated environment/J.M.L. Gulati, D. Lenka and B. Mishra.
16. Performance of castor genotypes on growth and yield under rainfed condition/R. Govindan, B. Sannappa, V.P. Bharathi, M. Byre Gowda, M.P. Singh and D.M. Hegde.
17. Effect of mulching; nitrogen management and organic manure and fertilizer doses on the growth and yield of sorghum/Shiva Kant, Bhagwan Singh, Vinod Kumar and Hiralal Prasad.
18. Edible oil extraction from sunflower seeds : a review/Ritu Srivastava, B.N. Mishra, D.S. Bhargava and Shipra Agrawal.
19. Effect of zinc nutrition on grain yield of cowpea under rainfed condition/Narayana S. Mavarkar, C. Sunil, C.J. Sreedhara and K.S. Kamath.
20. Combined effect of organic and inorganic nitrogen sources on growth and yield of sugarcane/D.A. Sonawane.
21. A protocol to reduce the cost of nutrient media for large scale multiplication of ginger/M.C. Gayatri, Seema Prakash and S. Kiran.
22. Inheritance of resistance in interspecific hybrid cotton to Helicoverpa armigera (Hubner)/B. Mohite Pandurang and S. Uthamasamy.
23. Studies on the effects of pesticidal seed treatments on morphological and physiological changes in some cultivars of sunflower during germination/G. Panduranga Murthy and S. Leelavathi.
24. Impact on secretion of pectolytic and cellulolytic enzymes by blight pathogen Alernaria triticina on tomato plant parts extract of susceptible and resistant/M.P.N. Singh, J. Ahmed and M.P. Sinha.
25. Trends in biotechnology and genetic engineering of horticultural crops/Anil Handa, Bunty Shylla and Uday Sharma.
26. Microflora population and phenol content in the root-zone soil of rice cultivars under problem soils/R. Saraswathy, G. Arunachalam and P.V. Jeegadeeswari.
27. Effect of EMS on sex expression and yield in Cucumis pubescens Willd/M. Babu Rao and J.K. Bhalla.
28. Performance of NB4D2 silkworm breed reared at varied feeding regimes on rainfed mulberry raised at different levels of calcium ammoniumnitrate/B. Sannappa, M.C. Devaiah, R. Govindan and Ramakrishna Naika.
29. Performance of sunflower-groundnut intercropping system as influenced by sowing dates of groundnut/Sumit Chakravarty, K.K. Dhingra and Maninderpal Singh.
30. Germination performance of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) genotypes as influenced by application of saline water/Gurmeet Singh Buttar.
31. Effect of spacings, nitrogen levels and bio-fertilizers on growth and yield of sugarcane/M. Dinesh Kumar, H. Narayanaswamy and S. Pradeep.
32. Plate trapped antigen-elisa and partial characterization of a distinct potyvirus in chillies/Anil Handa, P.D. Thakur, S.C. Chowfla and Usha Sharma.
33. Effect of growth regulators in seed production of sunflower (Helianthus Annuus L.)/Sanket Sharma, R.K. Bajaj, Narinder Kaul and Gurmit Singh.
34. Effect of post-inoculation sprays of virus inhibitors of plant origin on inhibition of tomato mosaic virus/Bhupesh Gupta and Anil Handa.
35. Adsorption of cadmium in selected sewer water irrigated soil of semi-arid zone/J.S. Brar.
36. Heavy metal removal by food and non-food crops in sludge amended soils/T. Chitdeshwari and P. Savithri.
37. Nutrient management in groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) cultivation through different sources—a review/D.A. Sonawane and S.B. Kharbade.
38. Growth and yield attributes of some castor genotypes under rainfed condition/R. Govindan, B. Sannappa, V.P. Bharathi, M.P. Singh and D.M. Hedge.
39. Study of the combined effect of herbicide clomazone with pendimethalin for weed control in soybean/D.A. Sonawane and R.M. Gethe.
40. Quality parameters of leaves of some castor varieties with varied cultivation practices in different locations of Karnataka/R. Govindan, B. Sannappa, V.P. Bharathi, M.P. Singh and D.M. Hegde.
41. Recycling of waste water for agricultural production/M. Elayarajan and P. Jothimani.
42. Par interception and light use efficiency of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) and groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) in intercropping system/Sumit Chakravarty, K.K. Dingra and Maninderpal Singh.
43. Study of correlation of coefficient of physical, chemical and biological characteristics with catalse activity in industrially polluted and unpolluted soils of Warangal (D.T.) A.P./B. Lalitha Kumari and M.A. Singara Charya.
44. Assessment of polluted soils near aluminium industry (industrial estate) Warangal, Andhra Pradesh/B. Lalitha Kumari and M.A. Singara Charya.
45. Development of issues on mulberry cultivation in relation to silk production/N. Chenthilnayaki, Selvi Sabhanayakam and V. Mathivanan.
46. Population dynamics of sucking pests in rainfed cotton and its relationship with the weather parameters at Akola, Maharashtra/Pradnya Kadam and H.G. Dandale.
47. In vitro micropropagation of Cardiospermum halicacabum Lin. From nodal segments/Anamika Baro and M.C. Kalita.
48. Effect of plant growth regulators on physiological disorders, quality and yield of summer tomato/A.B. Bhosale, A.N. Wagh, S.B. Kharbade and D.P. Pacharne.
49. Soil nutrient content and correlations in an apple growing region of Himachal Pradesh/Uday Sharma, B. Shyalla and S.K. Chaudhary.
50. Flowering and fruitset in Gherkin (Cucumis anguria L.) as influenced by plant densities and ethrel concentrations/G.M. Sujith and Mallikarjun Janamatti.
51. Cytological effect of sewage water on root meristem of Allium cepa/M. Sakthivel and S. Muthalagi.
52. Partial characterization of a Potyvirus causing mosaic disease in radish (Raphanus sativus) from Himachal Pradesh/Usha Sharma, S.C. Chowfla, P.D. Thakur, Anil Handa and I.D. Garg.
53. In vitro interspecific hybridization in the genus Gossypium/Pandurang B. Mohite and S. Uthamasamy.
54. Influence of sulphur sourse and level on yields uptake and sulphur use efficiency of rice/M. Ravichandran, M. Rasavel and M.V. Sriramachandrasekharan.
55. Dry matter production and nutrient uptake by rice in rice-cum-fish farming system in coastal saline zone of West Bengal/M. Ghosh, D. Maiti, G. Sounda, A.K. Pal and P. Bandyopadhyay.
56. Performance of different fish species in rice-fish farming system in coastal saline zone of West Bengal/M. Ghosh, D. Maiti, D. Datta, A.K. Pal and P. Bandyopadhyay.
57. Deposition and movement of mercury in MEMC exposed rice seeds during germination/Narasingh Prasad Padhi, Pallabi Padhi and Ashok Kumar Panigrahy.
58. Influence of feeding leaves of some castor varieties on rearing performance of ERI silkworm, Samia Cynthia Ricini Boisduval/R. Govindan, B. Sannappa, V.P. Bharathi, M.P. Singh and D.M. Hedge.
59. Successional trends of vegetation on 2-10 years of coal waste dump of Jharia coal field/S.K. Singh.
60. Effect of salinity stress in the chlorophyll content of three rice cultivars of Manipur under low temperature exposures/M.H. Khan and P.K. Singh.
61. A study on impact of hinterland farm practices on Coringa mangroves with some eco-economic and sustainable solutions/E.U.B. Reddi.
62. Study on adoption of scientific farm innovations in some selected areas of Andaman and Nicobar Islands/A.K. Bandyopadhyay and Shakila Nawaz.
63. Correlation and regression studies in Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum L.)/Banwari Lal Jat and M.S. Shaktawat.
64. Autogamy studies in sunflower (Helianthus annus L.)/R.K. Bajaj, Sanket Sharma, Narinder Kaur and S.R. Sharma.
65. Influence of weather parameters on the incidence of mosaic disease of broadbean/Anil Handa, S.V. Bhardwaj, Usha Sharma and Bhupesh Gupta.
66. Effect of different herbicidal and mechanical methods for weed control in Kharif soybean/D.A. Sonawane and R.M. Gethe.
67. Seed mycoflora of some paddy (Oryza sativa) varieties grown in Karnataka (India)/V. Lalitha and K.A. Raveesha.
68. Yield and yield attributes of maize (Zea mays L.) as influenced by flooding under different planting methods and nitrogen levels/S.S. Mahal, D.G. Dejenu, M.S. Gill and D.S. Kler.
69. Effect of vermicompost of Lantana on two cultivars of wheat/Kavita Garg and Nagendra Bhardwaj.
70. The changing pattern of demand for jute goods in the context of environment—an economic analysis/Tapati Bhattacharya and Kamal Ray.
71. Mechanism of lodging and its control in maize (Zea mays L.): a review/D.S. Kler, Sumit Mishra, Anshuman Kohli, R.S. Uppal and Monica Mahajan. Index.
Indian agriculture has witnessed a remarkable progress during the past three decades. Apart from high yielding varieties and modern agricultural technologies, a number of agricultural inputs have played a key role in achieving the phenomenal increase in agricultural production. The present book provides the state of agroecosystem vis-à-vis environment and outlines future directions so that sustainable agriculture is achieved without causing extensive damage to the fragile agroecosystem. This book is a unique compilation of 71 research articles of eminent scientists, which would prove useful to students, teachers and research scholars in various disciplines of agricultural science. It would be also helpful to administrators and policy planners to devise strategy to provide pollution-free environment and food to the teeming population.



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