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2101. Warfare, Religion, and Society in Indian History / Aquil, Raziuddin & Roy, Kaushik (Eds.)
2102. Water Worries Bottling the Blue Gold / Sheeba, V.T.
2103. The Way of Life: Studies on Environmental, Social and Cultural Issues / Raha, M.K.; Chatterjee, S.K. & Coomar, P.C.
2104. Weakening Welfare: The Public Distribution of Food in India / Swaminatha, Madhura
2105. Welfare and Development Administration in India / Kaushik, Archana
2106. Welfare of Scheduled Castes in India / Bhardwaj, Anil
2107. Welfare Policy and Social Development / Chaudhary, Sunil
2108. Welfare State & Globalization: Critique of Amartya Sen / Jhunjhunwala, B.
2109. West Asia and India: Changing Perspectives / Naaz, Farah
2110. Western Classics of Physhology; 10 Volumes
2111. Western Thinkers on Indian Society / Madan, G.R.
2112. What Congress and M.K. Gandhi have done to the Untouchables / Ambedkar, B.R. (Dr.)
2113. Whither Socialism: Quest For a Third Path / Sinha, K.K.; Sinha, Uma & Krishna, Priyam (Eds.)
2114. Who Were the Shudras? How they came to be the Fourth Varna in the Indi-Aryan Society / Ambedkar, B.R. (Dr.)
2115. Why I am Not a Policeman? / Vadackumchery, James
2116. Why Reservation for Muslims? / Rehman, Habibur
2117. Why Unitary Social Science? / Mukherjee, Ramkrishna
2118. Widows in India: Social Economic and Policy Implications / Niswade, Jyoti
2119. Wild Races of the Eastern Frontier of India / Lewin, T.H.
2120. Woman: Physiologically Considered as to Mind, Morals, Marriage, Matrimonial Slavery, Infidelity and Divorce / Walker, Alexander (1779-1852)
2121. Women and Child Trafficking in India: A Human Right Perspective / Roy, Rekha
2122. Women and Crime / Qureshi, M.U.
2123. Women and Crime; 2 Volumes / Kumar, A.K. (Ed.)
2124. Women and Family Welfare / Kumari, Madhu (Dr.)
2125. Women and Food Security: Role of Panchayats / Chaturvedi, Pradeep (Ed.)
2126. Women and Health: Intersectional Issues and Social Constraints / Bijli, Heena K.
2127. Women and Indian Society: Options and Constraints / Andal, N.
2128. Women and Law: Muslim Personal Law Perspective / Ephroz, K.N.
2129. Women and Panchayati Raj / Trivedi, B.R.
2130. Women and Professional Development in India / Vats, S. & et. al. (Eds.)
2131. Women and Religion: A Sociological Analysis / Renavikar, M.D.
2132. Women and Rural Development Programmes / Verma, Binoy N. & Nath, Madhuri
2133. Women and Rural Entrepreneurship in India / Sharma, D.D. & et. al.
2134. Women and Social Change / Pradhan, Krishna Chandra (Dr.)
2135. Women and Social Development in India / Vats, S. & et. al.
2136. Women and Social Reform in Modern India (2 Volumes) / Sarkar, Sumit & Sarkar, Tanika (Eds.)
2137. Women and Society in Ancient India / Vats, S. & et. al. (Eds.)
2138. Women Criminals in India: Sociological and Social Work Perspective / William, A. Thomas & Christopher, A.J.
2139. Women Education and Social Change / Rajvanshi, J.
2140. Women Empoerment in Rural India / Thakur, Sadhana
2141. Women Empowerment / Reddy, K. Rajender (Dr.)
2142. Women Empowerment and Panchayati Raj / Ambedkar, S.N. & Nagendra, Shilaja
2143. Women in Agriculture: A Sociology-Economic Analysis / Varma, Shashi Kanta
2144. Women in Changing Society / Sarkar, I. (Ed.)
2145. Women in Panchayati Raj Institutions / Mandal, Amal
2146. Women in Slums: A Study of Women in Muslim Slums of Visakhapatnam / Ramana, P.V.L.
2147. Women in Society / Gandhi, E. Arumuga & Vijayanchali, S.S.
2148. Women Population of North East India: A Study in Gender Geography / Kar, Bimal K.
2149. Women Social Justice and Human Rights / Devaisa, V.V. & et. al.
2150. Women Socio-Economic Empowerment / Samiuddin, Abida & Khanam, R.
2151. Women Status and Empowerment in India / Mishra, Shyam Kartik & Pandey, Pradeep Kumar
2152. Women Workers in India / Yadav, Ravi Prakash; Chandradeep, Kumar & Barsa
2153. Women Writing Violence: The Novel and Redical Feminist Imaginaries / Subramanian, Shreerekha
2154. Women, Children and Poverty / Anand (Dr.)
2155. Women, Gender and Everyday Social Transformation in India / Nielsen, Kenneth Bo & Waldrop, Anne (Eds.)
2156. Women, Gender and Human Rights: A Global Perspective / Agosin, M. (Ed.)
2157. Women, Gender and Work / Loutfi, M.J. (Ed.)
2158. Women, Work and Family / Kaila, H.L.
2159. Women: Human Rights, Religion and Violence / Tanwar, Reicha
2160. Women's Employment and Social Disadvantage / Barik, Sanghamitra
2161. Women's Liberation and Modern World / Awasthi, Bela
2162. Women's Memory and Youth's Spirit / Addams, Laura Jane
2163. Women's Movements / Kumari, Madhu (Dr.)
2164. Women's Self Help Groups: Restructuring Socio-Economic Development / Parthasarathy, D.; Thekkekara, Thanksy F. & Poonacha, Veena
2165. Women's Studies / Jayapalan, N.
2166. Wonder that is Culture / Subba, T.B.
2167. Working Class and Freedom Struggle / Reddy, K. Venugopal
2168. Working Women and Child Development: A Sociological Study / Nisa, Sham Sun
2169. Working Women and Children; 6 Volumes / Rai, C.P. (Ed.)
2170. Working Women and Retirement / Anand, U.K.
2171. Working Women in India / Singh, Bharat
2172. Working Women in India; 2 Volumes / Rai, C.P.
2173. World Assembly on Aging / Rao, D. Bhaskara
2174. World of Contradictions: Socialist Register 2002 / Panitch, Leo & et. al.
2175. World Peace and Disarmament / Parmer, Leena
2176. World Peace Problems of Global Understanding and Prospect of Harmony / Chattopadhyay, Santi Nath (Ed.)
2177. Youth Vision 2020: Towards Building an India of Our Choice / Satapathy, Sachidananda (Ed.)

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