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901. Ideology and Theory in Indian Sociology / Singh, Yogendra
902. Immoral Trafficking of Women and Children: Transnational Crime and Legal Process / Goenka, Sunanda
903. Impact of Communism of the Working Class and Peasantry: A Case Study of Maharashtra / Kude, U.L.
904. Impact of Micronutrient Malnutrition on Child Development / Mumtaj, A.
905. In Diasporic Lands: Tibetan Refugees and their Transformation since the Exodus / Basu, Sudeep
906. In Search of Alternatives: Tribal Women in Desert Scenario / Dasgupta, Samira
907. In the Name of Child Labour: Eradication and Evaluation Programme / Zutshi, Bhupinder & et. al.
908. Inclusion of the Excludes in Education: Status and Perceptions of Scheduled Castes Towards Education / Reddy, P. Adinarayana; Devi, D. Uma & Reddy, E. Mahadeva
909. Increasing Suicides in Kashmir: A Sociological Study / Dabla, B.A.
910. Indentured Indian Emigrants to Natal, 1860-1902: A Study Based on Ships' Lists / Bhana, Surendra
911. The Indentured Indian in Natal, 1860-1917 / Henning, C.G.
912. India / Mayer, Adiran
913. India 2000: A Reference Annual
914. India 2025: Social, Economic an Political Stability / Sinha, R.K. (Ed.)
915. India and South-East Asia: Socio-Econo-Cultural Contacts / Chakravarti, Adhir
916. India and the West: A Cultural Contrast / Madan, G.R. (Dr.)
917. India at the End of the Twentieth Century / Bhattacharya, Sanjukta Banerji (Ed.)
918. India: A Cultural Decline or Revival? / Gupt, Bharat
919. India: Decentralised Planning Theams and Issues / Sanyal, B.M.
920. India: Department of Labour: Labour in West Bengal 1998
921. India: Dilemma of Development / Prasad, Pradhan H.
922. India: Globalization and Change / Smith, Pamela Shurmer
923. India: Ministry of Labour: Sixth Digest of Indian Labour Research: 1988-92
924. India-Dilemma of Development / Krishna, Meeta
925. Indian Affairs Annual 2005: Chronology of Events (1 April 2004 to 31 March 2005) 9 Volumes / Gaur, Mahendra (Ed.)
926. Indian Affairs Annual 2006: Chronology of Events (1 April 2005 to 31 March 2006) 9 Volumes / Gaur, Mahendra (Ed.)
927. Indian Affairs Annual 2007; 9 Volumes / Gaur, Mahendra
928. Indian Affairs Annual 2008; 9 Volumes / Sengar, Shailendra
929. Indian Approach to Women's Empowerment / Jhunjhunwala, B.
930. Indian Community and Social Development / Tiwari, P.S.
931. Indian Culture: A Socio Spiritual Profile / Kaur, Satvinder
932. Indian Democracy: Issues and Challenges / Mishra, Savita & Datta, Krittibas
933. Indian Diaspora: Trends and Issues / Sahoo, Ajaya Kumar & Narayan, K. Laxmi (Eds.)
934. Indian Economics and Social Traditions / Somani, Krishna Kumar
935. Indian Economy and Socio-Economic Transformation / Misra, S.N.
936. The Indian Entrepreneur: A Sociological Profile of Businessmen and Their Practices / Dorin, Bruno (Ed.)
937. Indian Family System: The Concept, Practices and Current Relevance / Singh, Bal Ram (Ed.)
938. The Indian Family: Change and Persistence / Roy, P.K. (Ed.)
939. Indian Festivals and Society / Aggrawal, Usha (Dr.)
940. Indian Immigrants in United Kingdom: A Socio-Economic Analysis / Dhindsa, K.S.
941. Indian Labour in the Post-Liberalisation Period / Sen, Raj Kumar (Ed.)
942. Indian Life Religious & Social Cults, Customs and Superstitions of India / Oman, John Campbell
943. Indian Medium Towns: Their Role as Growth Centres / Diddee, J. (Ed.)
944. Indian Migration to the Middle East: Trends, Patterns and Socio-economic Impacts / Prakash, B.A. (Ed.)
945. Indian Modernity: Contradictions Paradoxes and Possibilities / Pathak, Avijit (Dr.)
946. Indian Muslim Labour / Sharieff, Afzal (Dr.)
947. Indian Population / Tiwari, Satish
948. Indian Public Management: Case Studies for Good Governance / Ashok, B. & Mishra, H.M. (Eds.)
949. Indian Rural Problems / Madan, G.R.
950. Indian Rural Problems / Narang, Ashok
951. Indian Social System / Ahuja, Ram
952. Indian Social System in Twenty First Century / Saxena, Anil
953. Indian Society and Culture / Narang, Ashok
954. Indian Society and Culture (3rd Revised Edition) / Nanda, S.P.
955. Indian Society and Social Institutions; 2 Volumes / Jayapalan, N.
956. Indian Society: Culture and Ideologies / Jatava, D.R.
957. Indian Society: Institutions and Change / Sharma, Rajendra K.
958. Indian Society: Structure & Change / Ruhela, Satya Pal (Dr.)
959. Indian Sociology from Where to Where / Yogesh, Atal
960. Indian Women; 3 Volumes / Arya, Anita (Dr.)
961. Indian: An Ideal Labour or Slave / Arunachalam, Krishnan
962. India's Billion Plus People: 2001 Census Highlights, Methodology and Media Coverage / Bose, Ashish
963. India's Changing Villages / Tabassum, Heena
964. India's Development Agenda: Issues Challenges and Policies; 2 Volumes / Prasad, B.K. (Ed.)
965. India's Population Problem / Ameri, Anuja
966. India's Refugee Regime and Resettlement Policy: Chakma's and the Politics of Nationality in Arunachal Pradesh / Prasad, Chunnu
967. India's Social Problems in Twenty First Century / Qureshi, M.U.
968. Indigenous Knowledge Traditions / Sengupta, Sarthak
969. Indigenous People's Struggles for Self-Determination / Louis, Prakash
970. Indigenous Resource for Rural Development / Jain, Sures Chandra
971. Industrial Resurgence in Rural India: Scope and Strategies / Soundarapandian, M.
972. Inequality: Issues and Indices / Chaubey, P.K.
973. Infant Mortality and Maternal Mortality: Socio-Economic Causes and Determinants / Seth, Padma
974. Inferiority Feelings in the Individual and the Group / Brachfeld, Oliver
975. Informal Sector Workers: Problems & Prospects / Tiwari, R.S.
976. Information System for Rural Industries / Vijayalakshmi, K.
977. Infrastructure and Social Sector Development for Economic Growth / Murty, S.
978. Innovative Extension Approaches in Technology Transfer / Hansra, B.S.; Ananth, P.N.; Suraj, P.T.; Varghese, John Jo; Prabhukumar, S. & Chandragowda, M.J.
979. Inside Indian Police / Singh, Joginder
980. Insight Gayland / Talwar, Rajesh
981. Institutions and Social Change / Singh, Surjit & Versha Joshi
982. Insurgencies in North-East India: Moving Towards Resolution / Das, Gautam
983. Integrated Approach for Social Work / Gupta, Sunil Kumar
984. Integrated Approach to Rural Development: Policies, Programmes and Strategies. / Karalay, G.N.
985. Integrated Area Development / Shrivastava, R.K.
986. Integrating the Rural Poor into Markets / Debroy, Bibek & Khan, Amir Ullah (Eds.)
987. Intellectual Property Rights Under Globalisation / Sabanna, Talwar
988. International Encyclopaedia of AIDS; 11 Volumes (13 parts) / Rao, D. Bhaskara
989. International Encyclopaedia of Crime and Corruption; 3 Volumes / Day, C.R.
990. International Encyclopaedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences; 2 Volumes / Basal, Manisha
991. International Encyclopaedia of Social Science; 20 Volumes / Shashi, S.S.
992. International Encyclopaedia of Sociology; 2 Volumes / Magill, Frank N. (Ed.)
993. International Encyclopaedia of Women and Crime; 2 Volumes / Pandey, B.N.
994. International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences; 26 Volumes / Smelser, N.J. & Baltes, P.B. (Eds.)
995. International Library of Psychology; 80 Volumes
996. International Library of Sociology; 100 Volumes
997. International Organisations and Rural Employment Programmers in India: Emerging Trends / Ramulu, Ch. Bala (Dr.)
998. Interpreting Globalisation / Harshe, R. (Ed.)
999. Interrogating Caste: Understanding Hierarchy and Difference in Indian Society / Gupta, Dipankar
1000. The Intimate Circle / Narayan, S.K.B.
1001. Intregated Nutrient Supply Management System / Singh, N.P. (Ed.)
1002. An Introduction to Demographic Behaviour in India / Reddy, M.M. Krishna
1003. Introduction to Indian Social Anthropology / Rao, K.S. Krishna
1004. Introduction to Modern Sociology / Sharma, Nirmala
1005. An Introduction to NGO Accountability: Issues and Challenges / Aswal, B.S.
1006. Introduction to Rural Settlement / Mandal, R.B.
1007. An Introduction to Social Psychology / McDougall, William
1008. An Introduction to Social Work / Jha, Jainendra Kumar
1009. Introduction to Social Work and Practice in India / Roy, Sanjay
1010. Introduction to Sociological Research / Dutta, Sumit
1011. Introduction to Sociology / Alam, Gajnafar
1012. Introduction to Sociology / Mohanty, P.K.
1013. An Invitation to Environmental Sociology, 4th Edition / Bell, Michael Mayerfeld
1014. Invitation to social and Cultural Anthropology / Dash, K.N.
1015. Involuntary Migration / Sah, D.C.
1016. IRDP & Poverty Alleviation / Joshi, Sandeep
1017. Is Social Science a Science? / Bhattacharjee, J.B. (Ed.)
1018. Islam: Gender Justice: Muslim Gender Discrimination / Engineer, Asghar Ali
1019. Issues and Perspectives on Social Work and Social Development / Sarkar, Profulla C.
1020. Issues in Urbanisation / Hesselberg, J. (Ed.)
1021. Issues of Communication, Development and Society / Saxena, Ambrish
1022. The Jaintias: Studies in Society and Change / Lamare, Shobhan N.
1023. Jammu and Kashmir: Impact on Polity, Society and Economy / Raghavan, V.R. (Ed.)
1024. Janjatiya Bhashaye aur Esai Middionary / Singh, Nageshwar
1025. Janjatiya Vikas Ke Naveen Ayaam / Mishra, Rajender Kumar
1026. Japanese Policies in the Middle East / Kunju, M. M.
1027. John Rawls: Concepts of Justice / Upadhyay, A.K.
1028. Judicial Activism in India: With Special Reference to the Quest for Social Justice / Jain, Nilanjana
1029. Jurenile Crime and delinquency: Shootouts in School / Khosla, Anju
1030. Juvenile Delinquency and the Urban Society: A Study of Juvenile Delinquents in Reforms Homes in Orissa / Panda, Sudhakar & et. al.
1031. Juvenile Justice: An Indian Scenario / Bhattacharyya, Sunil K.
1032. The Kannadas: The People, Their History, and Culture; 5 Volumes / Narasimhacharya, R. A.P. (Ed.)
1033. Kashmir Enigma: Entangled Strands - A Kashmiri View Point / Hussain, Syed Tassadque
1034. Kashmir: State of Impunity ...Social, Economic and Poltical Issues / Iqbal, Javid
1035. Kerala's Development Experience; 2 Volumes / Oommen, M.A. (Ed.)
1036. Key Concepts Human Rights / Freeman, Michael
1037. Khadi and Village Industries in North-East India: Challenges and Opportunities / Mandal, Ram Krishna (Ed.)
1038. Kharia: The Victim of Social Stigma / Mukhopadhyay, Chandidas
1039. Kinship Sociology / Desai, Vibha
1040. Know Yourself Your Personality / Kumar, Satish
1041. Labour in Tea Gardens / Gupta, Manas Das
1042. Labour in Unorganised Sector: The Devalued and the Deprived / Panda, Damodar
1043. Labour Movement in India / Sahoo, Basudeb
1044. Labour Welfare and Personnel Service / Reddy, R. Jayaprakash
1045. Land and Caste Politics in Bihar / Barik, R.K.
1046. Land and People of Indian States and Union Territories; 36 Volumes (28 States, 7 Union Territories, 1 National Volume) / Bhatt, S.C. & Bhargava, Gopal (Eds.)
1047. Land Reforms in Gujarat / Batra, S.L. & et. al.
1048. Land System and Rural Society in Early India / Sahu, Bhairabi Prasad (Ed.)
1049. Language and Social Development / Riley, B.T.
1050. Languished Hopes: Tuberculosis, the State and International Assistance in Twentieth-century India / Brimnes, Niels
1051. Law and Child Labour in India / Kanna, V. Venkat
1052. Law and Society / Chandra, Satish
1053. Law Relating to Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Working Women / Pandey, Pradeep Kumar
1054. Law, State and Society: Indian Context / Gandhi, J.S.
1055. Laws Relating to Cooperative Societies: A Commentary / Nainta, Rishpal
1056. Legal Aid: Human Rights to Equality / Singh, S.
1057. Legal Protection of Scheduled Castes and Tribes / Srivastava, Deepak Kumar
1058. Legally Combating Atrocities on Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes / Naval T.R.
1059. Leisure, Family and Lifestyle / Lobo, Francis
1060. Leprosy in India / Sinha, Harshit
1061. Leprosy in Rural India / Rao, K. Venkateswara
1062. Liberal Aristocracy: A Viable Alternative of Democracy / Behera, Lakshman
1063. Liberalisation and Urban Social Services / Ray, C.N.
1064. Liberation and Social Articulation of Dalits; 2 Volumes / Chandra, Ramesh (Prof.)
1065. Liberation in the Garo Religious Tradition / Marak, Shallindro R.
1066. Library and Literacy Movement for National Development / Singh, SAhib (Dr.)
1067. Life and Conditions of the People of Hindustan, 1200-1550 A.D.: Mainly based on Islamic Sources / Ashraf, Kunwar Muhammad
1068. Literacy and Development / Reddy, P. Adinarayana
1069. Literacy and Social Change / Reddy, P. Adinarayana
1070. Literacy Campaign in Urban Area by Volunteers / Yadav, K.S.
1071. Literary India: Comparative Aesthetics, Colonialism & Culture / Hogan, P.C. & et. al.
1072. Living 'Life' with HIV/AIDS: Striving Towards Basic Rights / Ravichandran, N.
1073. Local Government Rural and Urban / Sharma, Manoj
1074. Lokpriya Cinema Aur Samajik Yatharth / Parakh, Javarimall
1075. Loktantra Avem Vishva Shanti / Kumar, Manoj (Dr.)
1076. Madak Dravya Sandarshini: Upyog, Durupyog evam Prabhav / Tandon, Kamal Narayan
1077. Madhya Pradesh Development Challenges / Kumar, B. Venkatesh (Ed.)
1078. Madhyakalin Bharat Ki Samajik, Aarthik, Dharmic evam Rajnitik Samasyen (in Hindi) / Gajarani, Shiv (Dr.)
1079. Mahan Samajshastriya Vicharak: Great Sociological Thinkers (in Hindi) / Goyal, Sunil & Goyal, Sangeeta
1080. Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Programme and Poverty in India / Arunachalam, P.
1081. Mahatma Jyoti Rao Fule: Father of Indian Social Revolution / Pawar, N.G.
1082. Making of Sociology: Study Sociological Theory; 2 Volumes / Fletcher, Ronald
1083. The Malayalese: The People, Their History, and Culture; 5 Volumes / George, K.M. (Ed.)
1084. Malayali Diaspora: From Kerala to the Ends of The World / Geogrge, Sam & Thomas, T.V. (Ed.)
1085. Man, Society and Culture / Singh, Devender Pal (Dr.)
1086. Man, Society, Culture and Civilization / Rampal, Vivek
1087. Managing A Vision: Democracy, Development Governance / Rao, G.R.S.
1088. Managing Development for Future: A Study in Transition; 2 Volumes / Seth, Satish C.
1089. Managing Distress: Possession and Therapeutic Cults in South Asia / Carrin, Marine (Ed.)
1090. Managing Safety: Challenges Ahead; 2 Volumes / Chaturvedi, Pradeep (Ed.)
1091. Manavadhikar, Samajik Nyaya aur Bharat ka Samvidhan (2nd Revised Edition) (in Hindi) / Mal, Puran (Dr.)
1092. Manners and Customs of the Uncivilized Races of Men; 2 Volumes / Wood, J.G.
1093. A Manual of International Humanitarian Laws / Sanajaoba, Naorem (Ed.)
1094. Maoist Movement in Nepal: A Sociological Perspective / Pyakurel, Uddhab P.
1095. Mapping Multiculturalism / Deb, K. (Ed.)
1096. Marginal Communities and Social Development / Chandra, Snehlata
1097. Marginal Farmers and Agricultural Labourers: Socio-Economics Problems and Poverty Allevaition Measures / Chinna, S.S.
1098. Marriage and Family: In Diverse and Changing Scenario / Ratra, Amiteshwar; Kaur, Praveen & Chhikara, Sudha
1099. Marriage and Worship in Early Societies: A treatise on Totemism & Exogamy; 4 Volumes / Frazer, J.G.
1100. Marriage Customs and Modes of Courtship of the World / Moore, Theophilus
1101. Marriage Family & Socialization / Sood, S. & et. al.
1102. Marriage in Indian Society: From Tradition to Modernity; 2 Volumes / Sharma, Usha (Ed.)
1103. Marriage, Divorce and Morality / Rathnaswamy, P.
1104. Marriage, Dowry Practice and Divorce / Gokilavani, S. & Jelestin, S.G.
1105. Marriage, Family and Kinship Among the Paite Tribe of Manipur / Ching, Grace Don Nem
1106. Marriage, Family and Kinship in India / Alam, Gajnafar
1107. Marriage, Love and Caste: Perceptions on Telgu Women During the Colonial Period / Thirumali, Inukonda
1108. Marriages in Indian Society / Mehta, Prakash Chandra
1109. The Marwari Community in Eastern India / Saha, Narayan Chandra (Dr.)
1110. Marxism & Social Revolution in India / Joshi, P.C.
1111. Mass Communication and Social Development / Singh, Dharmendra
1112. Masters of Sociological Thought / Coser, L.W.
1113. A Matter of Equity: Freedom of Faith in Secular India / Dayal, John
1114. Max Weber and Modern Sociological Theories / Agarwal, A.
1115. The Measure of Time in the Appraisal of Social Reality / Mukherjee, Ramkrishna
1116. Media and Social Life in India / Prasad, B.K.
1117. Medical Sociology / Sundar, I & Manickavasagam, B.
1118. Medieval Indian Mindscapes: Space, Time, Society, Man / Vanina, Eugenia
1119. Mental Retardation and Social Responsibility / Pandey, Veena Pany
1120. A Methodology for Social Research / Sjoberg, G. & Nett
1121. Methodology of Research in Social Sciences, 2nd Edition / Krishnaswamy, O.R. & Ranganatham, M.
1122. Methods in Political and Social Research / Rath, Sharada
1123. MGNREGA and Rural Development / Purohit, Ashok
1124. Micro Enterprise and Rural Development in India / Ray, Subrata Kumar
1125. Microfinance and Sustainable Development in North East India / Sarmah, Gunindra Nath (Ed.)
1126. Migration and Migrants / Lobo, Norbert
1127. Migration in India: Links to Urbanization, Regional Disparities and Development Policies / Mukherji, Shekhar
1128. Migration in South India / Mathew, K.S. with Singh, Mahavir & Varkey, Joy (Eds.)
1129. Migration, Refugees and Security in 21st Century / Patil, V.T. & et. al.
1130. Military & Society an International Perspective / Sood, S. & et. al.
1131. Minority Education and Eocial Change in Contemporary India / Nayak, Pabitra Mohan
1132. Minority: Social and Political Conflict; 3 Volumes / Chandra, Ramesh
1133. Mizoram: The Emerging Issues of Development / Laskar, Baharul Islam (Ed.)
1134. Mob Justice / Khosla, Anju
1135. Mobile Men: Limits to Social Change in Urban Punjab / Seberwal, Satish
1136. Mobilisation of Backward Communities in India / Bhosale, B.V. (Ed.)
1137. Modern History and Social Status of Women / Bakshi, S.R. & Sharma, S.R.
1138. Modern International Encyclopaedia of Social Work; 12 Volumes / Ramaswamy, B.
1139. Modern Perspectives on Vedanta: Proceedings of the 20th International Congress of Vedanta (December 28-31, 2011, JNU, New Delhi) / Jha, Girish Nath; Singh, Bal Ram; Singh, R.P. & Mishra, Diwakar (Eds.)
1140. Modern Primitives: Sensations and Visions in Rave / Khosla, Anju
1141. Modern Sociological Theory / Kumar, Arvind
1142. Modern Sociology; 2 Volumes / Mohanthy, G.S. (Ed.)
1143. Modern Trends in Social Work / Singh, A.K.
1144. Modernisation and Ethnicity: Locating the Telugu Community in Bangalore / Kumar, D.V.
1145. Modernity, Postmodernity & Neo-Sociological Theories / Doshi, S.L.
1146. Modernization of Indian Tradition / Yogendra Singh
1147. Muhajirs and the Nation: Bihar in the 1940s / Ghosh, Papiya & Ali, Kamran Asdar
1148. The Mundas and their Country / Roy, Sarat Chandra
1149. Muslim Communities of South Asia: Culture Society and Power / Madan, T.N. (Ed.)
1150. Muslim Ethos: As Reflected in Urdu Literature / Jain, M.S.
1151. The Myth of Indian Feudalism / Yadav, Sima
1152. Mythical Origin of India / Pruthi, R.K.
1153. The Naga Resistance Movement: Prospects of Peace and Armed Conflict / Aosenba
1154. Narcotic Drugs and Substance Abuse; 3 Volumes / Bagchi, Debasis
1155. Nation, Nationalism and Social Structure in Ancient India / Acharya, Shiva
1156. National and State Tourism Marketing / Srivastava, Manish
1157. National Co-operative Organisations in India / Sami, Lamaan
1158. Nationalism and Social Reform in a Colonial Situation / Ganachari, Aravind
1159. Nature & Types of Sociological Theories / Martindale, Don
1160. Nature of Child Prostitution / Agarwal, Indrani
1161. The Nature of Living Tradition: Distinctive Features of Indian Parampara / Saraswati, Baidyanath (Ed.)
1162. Need for New Strategies to Eradicate Poverty / Singh, J.L. & et. al. (Eds.)
1163. Negative Impact of Rural Development / Prakash, Jai & Mishra, P.
1164. Negotiating Adolescence in Rural Bangladesh: A Journey through School, Love and Marriage / Franco, Nicoletta Del
1165. Nehru and Modern India: An Anatomy of Nation-Building / Kumar, G. Gopa
1166. Nepal: Dilemmas of Development and Change in Far-Western Hills / Upreti, B.C.
1167. The Nepalis of North Eastern Frontier of India / Sharma, Khemraj (Dr.)
1168. Networking of Organisations Working for Care of Older Persons In Mumbai: Issues and Implications / Raju, S. Siva
1169. New Concept of Population / Barua, Ashish (Dr.)
1170. New Dimensions and Challenges for Human Rights / Symonides, Janusz (Ed.)
1171. A New Face of Durga Religious and Social Change in Sri Lanka / Shanmugalingam, Nagalingam
1172. The New Home of Tribals / Lakra, Christopher
1173. New Horizons of Critical Theory: Collective Learning and Triple Contingency / Strydom, Piet
1174. A New India?: Critical Reflections in the Long Twentieth Century / D'Costa, Anthony P. (Ed.)
1175. New Issues in Panchayati Raj / Bandyopadhyay, D. & Amitava Mukherjee
1176. New Millennium and the Social Change / Panchal, R.K.
1177. New Panchayati Raj at Work / Ambedkar, S. Nagendra
1178. New Panchayati Raj: A Study of Socio-Political and Administrative Dynamics / Bhuyan, Dasarathi & Pradhan, Purna Chandra (Drs.)
1179. New Sociological Aspects of India / Tiwari, P.S.
1180. New Vista in Rural Development: Strategies & Approaches / Samanta, R.K. (Ed.)
1181. Ngo and Social Development / Sujatha, A.S.
1182. NGO and Socio-Economic Development Opportunities / Prasad, Kamta & et. al.
1183. NGOs and Development; 2 Volumes / Prasad, B.K.
1184. NGOs and Global Policy Current Issue and New Challenges / Mathur, V.
1185. NGOs and Government Organisation: Role, Duties and Function / Dobriyal, N.C.
1186. NGOs and Rural Development: Theory and Practice / Bhose, Joel SGR
1187. NGOs and Rural Poverty / Narasaiah, M.L.
1188. NGOs As Prime Movers: Sectoral Action for Social Development / Dharmarajan, Shivani
1189. NGOs in Development / Lawani, B.T.
1190. NGOs in India: Role Guidelines and Performance Appraisal / Chandra, Puran (Ed.)
1191. NGO's in North East India: A Kaleidoscopic Observation / Singha, Seema S. (Dr.)
1192. NGOs, Civil Society and Global Future / Pruthi, R.K. (Dr.)
1193. Night Work: Socio-Economic Effects / Solanki, R.R.
1194. Nissim Ezekiel Poetry as Social Criticism / Talat, Qamar & Khan A.A.
1195. Nobody Can Love You More: Life In Delhi's Red Light District / Soofi, Mayank Austen
1196. Non-Farm Economy and Rural Development / Mehta, G.S.
1197. Non-Violence in the 21st Century: Application and Efficacy / Sharma, Manish
1198. Northeast and Globalisation: Issues Betwixt and Between / Behera, M.C. (Ed. & Prof.)
1199. North-East India: Dispersion and Discontent; Historical, Cultural and Socio-Political and Perspectives; 2 Volumes / Chatterjee, Sarajit Kumar
1200. Nutrition Education / Venkataiah, S. (Ed.)

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