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901. Sermons of the Prophet (P.B.U.H): Arabic text with English translation and annotation / Faizi, S.F.H.
902. Shah Bano Judgement in Islamic Perspective: A Socio-Legal Study / Akhtar, Saleem (Dr.)
903. Shah Jahan and His Paradise on Earth: the Story of Shah Jahan's Creations in Agra and Shahjahanabad in the Golden Days of the Mughals / Sarker, Kobita
904. Shahjahanabad: The Sovereign City in Mughal India 1639-1739 / Blake, Stephen P.
905. Shahnama-e-Islam
906. Shamail-E-Tirmidhi / Zakariya, M.M.
907. Shatibi's Philosophy of Islamic Law / Masud, Muhammad Khalid
908. Sheikh Ali Hujveri: His Life and Contributions / Akhgar, Abdul Halim (Dr.)
909. The Shi'a of India / Hollister, John Norman
910. Shias and Shia Islam in India: A Study in Society and Culture / Hsanain, Nadeem
911. Shikwah, Jawah-i-Shikwah: Representation and Reply (English rendering, translation with comparative Urdu text) / Akhtar, Sultan Zahur
912. A Short History of Aurangzib (Aurangzeb) / Sarkar, Jadunath
913. A Short History of the Saracens: Being a Concise Account of the Rise and Decline of the Saracenic Power and of the Economic, Social and Intellectual Development of the Arab Nation / Ali, Syed Amir
914. Signs of the Unseen: The Discourses Jalaluddin Rumi / Thackston, W.M.
915. A Simple Guide to Islam / Khanam, Farida
916. A Simple Guide to Islam's Contribution to Science / Karim, Maulvi Abdul
917. A Simple Guide to Muslim Prayer / Al-Sawwat, Muhammad Mahmud
918. Sir Banister Fletcher's A History of Architecture (20th Edition) / Cruickshank, Dan (Ed.)
919. Sirat-un-Nabi (The Life of the Prophet P.B.U.H.) 5 Volumes / Numani, Allama Shibli
920. Social Behaviour in Islam / Husain, Muzaffar
921. Social Ethnography of the Hill Muslims of Nepal / Upadhyay, Prakash (Dr.)
922. Social Exclusion and Muslim Ethnography / Irfan, Mohammed
923. Social Institutions od Shia Muslims / Husain, S.K.
924. Social Justice and Human Rights in Islam / Singh, N.K.
925. Social Justics in Islam / Shujaat, Mohammad
926. Social Revolution of Islam / Husain, Muzaffar
927. Social Stratification Among the Muslim-Hindu Community / Ali, A.F. Imam
928. Society and Cuture During the Mughal Age / Chopra, P. N.
929. Socio-Demographic Profile of Muslims (Study of Bhopal City) / Lehri, Chandralekha
930. Some Aspects of Indo-Islamic Architecture / Parihar, Subhash
931. Some Prominent Sufi Saints / Khan, Masood Ali & Ram, S. (Eds.)
932. The Soul of the Quran / Khan, Saniyasnain
933. Source of Mughal History / Gupta, Lal Manik
934. Spanish Islam: A History of the Muslims in Spain / Dozy, Reinhart
935. Speaking Peace: Women's Voice from Kashmir / Butalia, Urvashi (Ed.)
936. Spectacle of Death: Including Glimpses of Life Beyond the Grave / Islam, K.M.
937. The Spirit of Islam: A History of the Evolution and Ideals of Islam with a Life of the Prophet / Ali, Syed Ameer
938. Spiritual and Political Revolutions in Islam / Valyi, Felix
939. The Spread of Islam in France / Reeber, Michel
940. The Spread of Islam in the World / Arnold, T.W. (Prof.)
941. Standard 21st Century Dictionary (Urdu to English) / Qureshi, Bashir Ahmad (Prof.)
942. Standard Urdu-English Dictionary / Qureshi, B.A.
943. Status of Muslim Societies / Farooqi, M.I.H. (Dr.)
944. Status of Muslim Women in North India / Roy, Shibani
945. Status of Women Among the Muslims in India: A Case Study of Surat / Ghanchi, Samiullah M.
946. Status of Women in Islam / Khan, Mohammad Shabbir
947. Status of Women in Islamic Society; 2 Volumes / Afsar, Bano (Ed.)
948. Story of Islamic Calligraphy / Siddiqui, Atiq R.
949. The Story of Islamic Spain / Rahman, Syed Azizur
950. The Story of Prophet Yusuf / Khan, Saniyasnain
951. Stranger Than Fiction: Images of Islam and Muslims in English Fiction / Kidwai, A.R. (Ed.)
952. Structure of Politics Under Aurangzeb 1658-1707 / Husain, S.M. Azizuddin
953. Studies in History of Indian Muslims: A Critical Commentary on Elliot & Dowson's History of India / Hodivala, Shahpurshah H.
954. Studies in Islam / Ansari, Amir
955. Studies in Islam / Sell, Canon
956. Studies in Islamic Law Religion and Society / Bhatia, H.S.
957. Studies in Islamic Mysticism / Nicholson, Reynold. A.
958. Studies in Islamic Poetry / Nicholson, R.A.
959. Studies in Mughal Economy (1556-1707) / Singh, M.P.
960. Studies in Muslim Philosophy / Shaikh, M. Saeed
961. Studies in Quran / Taher, Mohamed (Ed.)
962. Studies in the Anatomy of a Transformation Awadh from Mughal to Colonial Rule / Jafri, Saiyid Zaheer Husain
963. A Study of Persian Ghazal and Ruba'i Under the Great Mughals (1526-1707) / Qamaruddin, Muhammad (Dr.)
964. Subjects of Qur'an / Malik, Zahid
965. The Sufi Alchemy of Peace / Badawi, Abdelfattah M. & Hassnain, Mohammad Khan
966. Sufi Mysticism / Bahadur, Krishna Prakash
967. Sufi Saints / Taher, Mohamed (Ed.)
968. Sufi Saints and Mysticism / Santideva, Sadhu (Ed.)
969. Sufi Saints of Kashmir: Sufi Orders in Kashmir / Shah, Sayid Ashraf
970. The Sufi Saints of the Indian Subcontinent / Sharib, Zahurul Hassan
971. Sufi Thought of Shaikh Sayyid 'Abdu'l Qadir Jilani: And its Impact on the Indian Subcontinent / Bhat, Manzoor Ahmad
972. Sufis and Saints Bodies: Mysticism, Corporeality, and Sacred Power in Islam / Kugle, Scott
973. Sufis and Sufism: A Study of Hashimpeer of Bijapur (984-1056/1576-1646) / Peerzade, Sayed Afzal (Dr.)
974. Sufis Galore (Based on Classical Tazkirahs) / Ansari, Ishrat Husain & Hamid Afaq Qureshi al-Taimi al-Siddiqi (Trs.)
975. Sufis of Bijapur 1300-1700: Social Roles of Sufies in Medieval India / Eaton, Richard Maxwell
976. Sufis of Kashmir / Khan, Mohammad Ishaq
977. Sufis of Naqshbandiya Mujddidia Order (Translated into English) / Ansari, Ishrat Husain & Hamid Afaq Qureshi al-Taimi al-Siddiqi (Tr.)
978. Sufism and Indian Mysticism / Wasey, Akhtarul & Ehsas, Farhat
979. Sufism and Naqshbandi Order / Khan, Masood Ali & Ram, S.
980. Sufism and Suhrawardi Order / Khan, Masood Ali & Ram S. (Eds.)
981. Sufism in India; 2 Volumes / Khan, Masood Ali & Ram, S. (Eds.)
982. The Sufism of the Rubaiyat or The Secret of the Great Paradox alongwith Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, The Astronomer-Poet of Persia (Rendered into English Verse) / Hazeldine, N.F.W.
983. Sufism Tenets, Orders and Saints / Khan, Masood Ali & Ram, S.
984. Sufism: An Account of the Mystic of Islam / Arberry, A.J.
985. Sufism: Evolution and Practice / Taher, Mohamed (Ed.)
986. Sufism: The Heart of Islam / Dehlvi, Sadia
987. Sufism: The Mystical Doctrines and the Idea of Personality / Nicholson, R.A. & Stoddart, William
988. Sunan Abu Dawood; 3 Volumes (Urdu-Arabic) / Zaman, Waheeduz
989. Sunan Abu Dawud; 3 Volumes / Hasan, Ahmad (Prof.)
990. Sunan Ibne Majah; 2 Volumes / Akhtar, A. Hakeem
991. Sunan Ibn-i-Majah: Imam Abu Abdullah Muhammad B. Yazid Ibn-i-Maja Al-Qazwini; 5 Volumes (Arabic-English) / Ansari, Muhammad Tufail (Tr.)
992. Sunan Nisai; 3 Volumes (Urdu-Arabic) / Zaman, Waheeduz
993. Tabligh Movement / Khan, Maulana Wahiduddin
994. Tadabbur-e-Quran; 9 Volumes (Arabic-Urdu) / Islami, Amin Ahsan
995. Tafheemul Quran; 6 Volumes (Arabic-Urdu) / Maudoodi, Sayyid
996. Tafsir Bayanul Quran; 2 Volumes (Urdu-Arabic) / Thanvi, Ashraf A.
997. Talkhees Tafheem Ul Qur'an, 2 Parts (in Hindi) / Maududi, Maulana Syed Abul Ala
998. Tareekh-e-Dawat-o-Azeemat; 5 Volumes / Naddwai, Abul hasan
999. Tareekh-E-Islam; 3 Volumes / Naji, Akbar Shah
1000. Tarekh-i-Rashdi of Mirza Muhammad Haidar, Dughlat: Travels in the Mughals of Central Asia / Elias, N. (Ed.)
1001. Tarikh-i Firoz Shahi (An English Translation of Zia ud Din Barani’s original) / Zilli, Ishtiyaq Ahmad (Tr.)
1002. Tarikh-i-Akbari: Muhammad Arif Qandhari / Ahmad, Tasneem
1003. The Tarikh-i-Mubarakshahi / Sirnindi, Yahiya Bin Ahmed Bin Abdullah
1004. Tarjuma-E-Quran: Maudoodi (Urdu-Arabic) / Maudoodi, Sayyid
1005. The Tarjuman Al-Ashwaq: A Collection of Mystical Odes by Muhyi'ddin Ibn Al-'Arabi (Edited from three manuscripts with a literary version of the text and an abridged translation of the author's commentary thereon) / Nicholson, Reynold A. (Ed.)
1006. The Tarjuman al-Qur'an (Al-Fatiha to Al-Muminun); 3 Volumes / Azad, Maulana Abul Kalam
1007. Tarjumanul Hadees; 2 Volumes / Qasmi, Mehmood H.
1008. Taxtual Critical Study of Hadith / Amini, Muhammad Taqi (1924)
1009. Tazuk-i-Jahangiri or Memoirs of Jahangir; 2 Volumes (bound in 1) / Rogers, Alexander (Tr.)
1010. Teaching of Islamic Education / Siddiqui, Mujibul Hasan
1011. Tell Me about Hajj: What the Hajj is, Why It's So Important and What it Teaches Me / Khan, Saniyasnain
1012. Tell Me About the Creation: Scientific Evidence Demonstrates that all Living Things Have Been Created by God / Yaha, Harun
1013. Tell Me About the Prophet Muhammad / Khan, Saniyasnain
1014. Tell Me About the Prophet Musa / Khan, Saniyasnain
1015. Tell Me About the Prophet Yusuf / Khan, Saniyasnain
1016. Theory and Practice of Muslim State in India / Lal, K.S.
1017. Theory and Practices of Chishti Sufi in 19th Century Awadh: Life and Works of Shah Muhammad Mehdi 'Ata of Salon (Translated from Persian into English) / Ansari, Ishrat Husain & Hamid Afaq Qureshi al-Taimi al-Siddiqi (Trs.)
1018. The Thoughtful Guide to Sufism / Haeri, Shaykh Fadhlalla
1019. Time Changes and Islamic Law / Khan, Ghulam Ahmed & Amini, Mohammad Taqi
1020. Tirmizi Shareef; 2 Volumes / Badi-uz-Zama
1021. Topographical List of Arabic, Persian and Urdu Inscriptions of South India / Desai, A. Ziyaud-Din
1022. Towards Interest-Free Banking / Ahmad, Shaikh Mahmud
1023. Towards Understanding the Qur'an (New English Version of Urdu, Tafheemul Qur'an); 8 Volumes / Maududi, Sayyid Abul A'la
1024. The Translation of the Meanings of Sahih Al-Bukhari; 9 Volumes (Arabic-English) (Revised Edition) / Khan, Muhammed Muhsin (Dr.)
1025. Travels in the Mogul Empire A.D. 1656-1668 / Smith, V.A.
1026. The Travels of Ibn Battuta / Gibb, H.A.R. (Tr.)
1027. The Travels of Ibn Jubayr: A Mediaeval Sapnaish Muslim Visists Makkah, Madinah, Egypt Cities of the Middle East / Broadhurst, Roland
1028. A Treasury of the Quran / Khan, Maulana Wahiduddin
1029. The True Jihad: The Concepts of Peace, Tolerance and Non-Violence in Islam / Khan, Maulana Wahiduddin
1030. The Tuzuk-i-Jahangiri or Memoirs of Jahangir, 2 Volumes / Beveridge, Henry (Ed.)
1031. The Ulama of Farangi Mahall and Islamic Culture in South Asia / Robinson, Francis
1032. Umar: The Great Administrator / Razi, Muhammad & Syed, M.H.
1033. Understanding Islam / Schuon, Frithjof
1034. Understanding the Muslim Mind / Gandhi, Rajmohan
1035. Universal Encyclopaedia of Islam; 5 Volumes / Shehenshah, Muhammad Isar Ahmad
1036. Upanishads and Islamic Mysticism / Malek, Intaj (Dr.)
1037. Urdu Poetry: An Anthology upto 19th Century; (Transliteration and Translation in English) / Salam, Shah Abdus
1038. Uthman: The Rich Companion / Razi, Muhammad & Syed, M.H.
1039. Vedic Dharma and Islam / Suman, Anand (Dr.)
1040. Verses from the Holy Qur'an and the Facts of Science / Nurbaki, Haluk (Dr.)
1041. Voice of Truth / Mishra, S.
1042. Wailing Beauty: The Perishing Art of Nawabi Lucknow / Abbas, Saiyed Anwer
1043. Wakf: Islamic Law of Charitable Trust / Qadir, Abdul
1044. Waqfs in India: A Study of Administrative and Statutory Control / Qureshi, M.A.
1045. The War that Wasn't: The Sufi and the Sultan / Hussain, Fatima
1046. The Way of the Prophet: A Selection of Hadith / Hasan, Abd-Al Ghaffar
1047. What is a Madrasa? / Moosa, Ebrahim
1048. What is in The Quran? Message of the Quran in Simple English / Kidwai, Raheem
1049. What is Moderate of Islam? / Benkin, Richard L. (Ed.)
1050. What is Riba? / Suhail, Iqbal Ahmad Khan
1051. What is Shariah? / Ajijola, Alhaj A.D.
1052. What is Sufism? / Lings, Martin
1053. Who is Allah? / Lawrence, Bruce B.
1054. Who Says Akbar Was Great ? / Oak, P.N.
1055. Why Muslims Rebel / Hafez, Mohammed
1056. Why Reservation for Muslims? / Rehman, Habibur
1057. Widening Divide: An Insight Into Hindu-Muslim Relations / Zakaria, Rafiq
1058. Woman and Religion: An Encyclopadia on Women in Different Religions of the World; 8 Volumes / Anil Dutta Mishra (Ed.)
1059. Woman Between Islam and Western Society / Khan, Maulana Wahiduddin
1060. Women and Islam: An Historical and Theological Enquiry / Mernissi, Fatima
1061. Women Education in Ancient and Medieval India / Sharma, Usha & Sharma, B.M. (Eds.)
1062. Women in Islam / Ahmed, M. Mukarram (Mufti) (Ed.)
1063. Women in Islam / Fatma, Shabana
1064. Women in Islam / Mullick, Iqbal
1065. Women in Islam / Siddiqi, M. Mazheruddin
1066. Women in Islam; 2 Volumes / Ahmad, Naseem (Ed.)
1067. Women in Islamic Culture and Society: A Study of Family, Feminism and Franchise / Sikri, Rehana
1068. Women in Islamic Shari'ah / Khan, Maulana Wahiduddin
1069. Women in Muslim Personal Law / Singh, Alka
1070. Women's Education in Ancient and Muslim Period / Sharma, S. Ram
1071. Women's Role Under Islam / Husain, Shujaat
1072. The Wonderful Universe of Allah / Khan, Saniyasnain
1073. Words of the Prophet Muhammad / Khan, Maulana Wahiduddin
1074. The World Comes Under Islam: Transformation of Civilizations / Nanda, Gangadhar (Dr.)
1075. World Encyclopaedia of Islamic Empires; 5 Volumes / Husain, Syed Akhtar
1076. World Muslim Gazetteer
1077. The World of Fatwas or the Shariat in Action / Shourie, Arun
1078. World of Great Muslims: A Biographical Dictionary (5 Volumes) / Shewan, M.A.
1079. Yogis in Silence: The Great Sufi Masters / Gupta, R.K.
1080. Ziyauddin Barani's Tarikh-i-Firoz Shahi / Hamadani, S.M. Azizuddin Husain (Ed.) (Prof.)

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