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1. 100 Tributes to Gandhiji on his 100 Portraits by his 100 Contemporaries in their own Handwritings (English, Hindi and Gujarati) / Thaakar, Ramesh
2. 21vin Sadi Ki Chunautian Aur Bhartiya Mahilaon Ki Bhumika: Proceedings of National Seminar on Birth Anniversary of Ba'Kasturba Gandhi / Tyagi, Sharda
3. Agriculture and Rural Development: A Gandhian Perspective / Reddy, K. Venkata
4. Ahimsa: Based on Buddhism and Gandhism / Nath, Meeta (Dr.)
5. Alternative Economics: Economics of Mahatma Gandhi & Globalisation / Sharma, Jai Narayan
6. American African Gandhis: An Analytical Synthesis of Three Gandhis / Gulati, M.N.
7. An American Looks At Gandhi: Essays in Satyagraha, Civil Rights and Peace / Hunt, James D.
8. Autobiographical Writings of Mahatama Gandhi / Sharma, Rashmi
9. Azad Bharat: Ek Avalokan / Gangrade, K.D.
10. Bapu-Bal Vichar: A Compilation of Creative Writings of Students from Gandhi Kendras in Delhi Schools
11. Census of India 2011: Administrative Atlas of India
12. Challenges of 21st Century and Gandhiana Alternative / Mishra, Anil Dutta
13. Champaran and Bardoli Non-Violent Satyagrah / Bakshi, S.R. & Sharma, S.R.
14. Champaran to Quit India Movement / Kumar, Ravindra
15. The Charkha, Gandhi and Rural Poverty: It Explores the Spiritual, Social and Economic Importance of Charkha in Present Times / Radhakrishnan, N.
16. Chauri Chaura Violence: Suspension of Movement / Sharma, M.N.
17. A Chronological Biography of Mahatma Gandhi / Mishra, Anil Dutta; Jha, Saroj Kumar & Tater, Sohan Raj
18. Comparative Ethics of Gandhi and Kant / Kumari, Prem
19. The Complete Biography of Mahatma Gandhi: 3 Volumes / Mishra, Anil Dutta & Tater, Sohan Raj
20. Congress and Gandhi / Saxena, Anil
21. Consciousness, Gandhi and Yoga: Interdisciplinary, East-West Odyssey of K. Ramakrishna Rao / Prasad, B. Sambasiva (Ed.)
22. Constructive Programmes of Mahatma Gandhi / Singh, Radhey Shayam
23. Contemporary Society Gandhian Appraisal / Mathur, J.S.
24. Contributions Towards an Agenda for India / Banerjee, Samir & Ghotge, Sanjeev (Eds.)
25. Devendra Bhai-Karmath Gandhivadi: A Compilation of Tributes Paid to Late Devendra Kumar Gupta Popularly Known as Devendra Bhai, a Committed Gandhian Constructive Worker and a Great Visionary
26. Ecology and Development in Conflict: A Gandhian Approach / Parida, G.
27. Education: Comparative Study of Gandhi and Freire / Ananda, G.
28. Educational Thoughts of Mahatama Gandhi / Joshi, Sudharma
29. Encyclopaedia of Gandhian Thought; 10 Volumes / Pruthi, R.K. & Chaturvedi, Archna
30. Encyclopaedia of Gandhian Thought; 6 Volumes / Bharathi, K.S. (Dr.)
31. Encyclopaedia of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi; 3 Volumes / Prasad, A. & Pabla, A.S.
32. Environmental Problems and Gandhian Solutions / Kumar, S.B.
33. Ever Unto God: Essays on Gandhi and Religion / Saxena, Sushil Kumar
34. Experiments with Truth and Non-Violence: China Challenged / Vyas, Bhaskar & Vyas, Rajni
35. Faith and Freedom: Gandhi in History / Hasan, Mushirul
36. A Fire that Blazed in the Ocean: Gandhi and the Poems of Satyagraha in South Africa 1909-1911 / Bhana, Surendra & Bhatt, Neelima Shukla (Trs.)
37. Gandhi and Ambedkar: A Study in Contrast / Roy, Ramashray
38. Gandhi and Ambedkar: Saviours of Untouchables / Chavan, Shri Sheshrao
39. Gandhi and Globalisation / Reddy, A. Ranga
40. Gandhi and Gutierrez: Two Paradigms of Liberative Transformation / Chathanatt, John & Saxena, S.K.
41. Gandhi and His Religion / Raju, P.A. (Dr.)
42. Gandhi and Humanity / Tripathi, Kamalapati
43. Gandhi and Mao in Quest of Analogy / Das, Ratan
44. Gandhi and Modern Indian Liberals / Bourai, Himanshu
45. Gandhi and the Challenge of Religious Diversity: Religious Pluralism Revisited / Chatterjee, Margaret
46. Gandhi and the Challenges of the 21st Century: It Contains Two Lectures Delivered on the Occasion of 50th Anniversary of Martyrdom of Mahatma Gandhi at Chandigarh / Radhakrishan, N.
47. Gandhi and the Changing Facets of India: It Contains 16 Freedom: 50 Lectures Organised in Different Parts of India Involving Senior and Distinguished Thinkers, Activists, Academicians and Intellectuals / Gangrade, K.D. & et. al.
48. Gandhi and the Geeta / Mishra, A.D.; Jha, Saroj K. & Tater, Sohan Rai
49. Gandhi and the Good Life / Khanna, Suman
50. Gandhi and the Indian Labour Movement / Aprajita (Dr.)
51. Gandhi and the Moral Life / Puri, Bindu
52. Gandhi and the New Millennium / Singh, Ramjee
53. Gandhi and the Nonconformists: Encounters in South Africa / Hunt, James D.
54. Gandhi and The Present Global Crises / Roy, Ramashray (Ed.)
55. Gandhi and the World Order / Singh, Ramjee
56. Gandhi and Women's Empowerment: Lecture Delivered on the Annual Women's Meet on the Occasion of Kasturba Gandhi's Death Anniversary / Jaitly, Jaya
57. Gandhi Aur Gram Swaraj / Nirmala, Deshpande
58. Gandhi Aur Sampradayik Sadbhavana: It is a Documentation of the Proceedings of National Convention on Communal Harmony and Contains the View-point of Several Eminent Public Figures of India / Pande, B.N.
59. Gandhi Before India / Guha, Ramachandra
60. Gandhi Going Global: A Celebration of Gandhi's 150th Birth Anniversary
61. Gandhi in 21st Century / Das, Ratan
62. Gandhi in Current Perspective / Kumar, Ravindra
63. Gandhi in His Time and Ours / Hardiman, David
64. Gandhi in London / Hunt, James D.
65. Gandhi Ji's Murder and After / Godse, Gopal
66. Gandhi Ke Adarsh Aur 21vin Sadi Ek Chunauti: It Contains Gandhiji's Ideas on Different Topics / Gangrade, K.D.
67. Gandhi ke Shiksha Sambandhi Krantikari Vichar: It Contains the Genesis of Gandhiji's View on Education / Gangrade, K.D.
68. Gandhi Kendras in School: A Report on the Launching of Gandhi Kendras in Schools
69. Gandhi Mahatma: Samagra Chintan: A Survey of Gandhiji's Life, Philosophy and Views on Different Facets of Our Life and Society / Pande, B.N.
70. Gandhi Revisited / Rao, A.B.S.V. Ranga & Raju, M. Lakshmipathi (Eds.)
71. Gandhi Rowlatt Satyagraha and British Imperialism / Singh, Hari
72. Gandhi to Gandhi: Private Faces of Public Figures / Harvani, Ansar
73. Gandhi Vision of Rural Development: Its Relevance in Present Time / Patel, Asha
74. Gandhi, Freedom and Self Rule / Bhattacharya, Santanu
75. Gandhi: A Humanistic Model / Kumar, Ch. Prema
76. Gandhi: A Political and Spiritual Life / Tidrick, Kathryn
77. Gandhi: A Prophecy / Mallik, B.K.
78. Gandhi: A Wise Man / Lester, Muriel
79. Gandhi: Ahimsa and Non-Violence in Practice / Sharma, S.R.
80. Gandhi: Appropriate Technology and Rural Development: A Collection of Articles by Eminent Personalities Giving the Gandhian Perspective for Rural Uplift through Cottage Industries, Youth Orientation and Various Gandhian Concepts on Economics
81. Gandhi: As Spelt out by Vinoba / Das, Ratan (Dr.)
82. Gandhi: As We Have Known Him / Gora, Lavanam & Lindley, Mark
83. Gandhi: His Life and Views / Tripathi, Sridhar
84. Gandhi: Since 50 Years of Azadi: A Collection of Some of the Studies Presented During the 50th Anniversary of Gandhiji's Martyrdom / Gangrade, K.D.
85. Gandhi: The Man Among Men / Sharma, Shri Ram
86. Gandhi: The Man, His Life and Vision / Kumar, Vijay
87. Gandhi: The South Africa Years / Sanghavi, Nagindas
88. Gandhi: The Super Star, the Book Contains a Collection of Sketches of Mahatma Gandhi Which Captures the Essence of his Great Life / Maharathi, Upendra
89. Gandhi: Theory and Practice: Social Impact and Contemporary Revalance / Biswas, S.C. (Ed.)
90. Gandhi: Yuva Kalakaron Ki Drishti Mein: The Book is a Collection fo Award Winning Poems and Paintings Presented by Young Artists on the Occasion of 50th Anniversary of India's Independence
91. Gandhian Alternative; 5 volumes / Misra, R.P. & Gangrade, K.D.
92. Gandhian Approach to Development and Social Works / Gangrade, K.D.
93. Gandhian Approach to Integrated Rural Development / Pasricha, Ashu
94. Gandhian Concept of the Force of Truth, Satyagraha and Humanistic Secularism: The Author Tries to Analyse Gandhi's Concept of Truth and His Quest for Humanistic Secularism / Guha, Amalendu
95. The Gandhian Dimensions of Education / Chakrabarti, Mohit
96. Gandhian Environmentalism / Sharma, R.C.
97. Gandhian Holistic Economics / Sharma, Shashi Prabha
98. Gandhian Ideology and Modern World / Rao, A.B.S.V. Ranga (Ed.)
99. Gandhian Ideology and the Indian Novel Chaman Nahal's The Gandhi Quartet / Rayudu, A.V. Subba
100. Gandhian Initiative Towards a Violence Free Bihar: A Report on the Initiatives Taken by Noted Gandhians After the Endemic Violence in Bihar
101. Gandhian Mysticism / Chakrabarty, Mohit
102. Gandhian Nonviolence: A Trainer's Manual: The Book Contains the Guidelines for the Trainers Practising in Nonviolence / Radhakrishnan, N.
103. The Gandhian Path to Development: It Discusses the Challenges of Development and a Search for Solutions to the Problems that the Humanity Faces Today / Gangrade, K.D.
104. Gandhian Perspective on Global Interdependence, Peace and Role of Professional Social Work / Gangrade, K.D.
105. Gandhian Perspectives on Human Rights: This Pamphlet Contains the Discussion on the Gandhian Perspectives on Human Rights / Guanson, Ms Lou Ann
106. Gandhian Perspectives on Industrial Relations: A Study of Textile Labour Association / Goel, S.K.
107. Gandhian Philosophy and Human Development / Sarma, P.V. (Ed.)
108. Gandhian Philosophy and Terrorism / Singh, U.V.
109. Gandhian Philosophy of Education / Shukla, Ramakant
110. The Gandhian Philosophy of the Spinning Wheel / Chakraborti, Mohit
111. Gandhian Philosophy: Its Relevance Today / Veerraju, Gummadi
112. Gandhian Religion / Chakrabarti, Mohit
113. Gandhian Sarvodaya: Realising a Realistic Utopia / Vettickal, Thomas
114. Gandhian Satyagraha an Analytical and Critical Approach / Rai, Ajay Shanker (Dr.)
115. Gandhian Satyagraha and his Techniques / Verma, B.R. & Bakshi, S.R. (Eds.)
116. Gandhian Social Work / Joshi, Sarat C.
117. Gandhian Strain in the Indian English Novel / Sharma, Ambuj
118. Gandhian Technique of Non-Cooperation Movement / Bakshi, S.R. & Sharma, S.R.
119. Gandhian Theory and Perspectives / Rohmetra, Seema
120. Gandhian Vision / Aggarwal, Khanna Suman
121. The Gandhian Vision / Singh, Ramjee
122. Gandhians Rise to Power: National Movement, Power Politics & Independence 1920-47 AD / Pradhan, P.K.
123. Gandhigiri: Satyagraha After Hundred Years / Ray, B.N.
124. Gandhiji's Lost Jewel Harilal Gandhi / Parikh, Nilam
125. Gandhi's Autobiography: Moral Lessons: Reinterpretation and Refreshing Analysis of Gandhi's Autobiography / Gangrade, K.D.
126. Gandhi's Diagnostic Approach Rethought: Exploring a Perspective on his Life and Work / Chatterjee, Margaret
127. Gandhi's Editor: The Letters of M.H. Nazar, 1902-1903 / Bhana, Surendra & Hunt, James D. (Eds.)
128. Gandhi's First Step: Champaran Movement / Singh, Shanker Dayal
129. Gandhi's Law of Conscience / Valecha, Simmi
130. Gandhi's Legacy and New Human Civilization / Mohanan, B.
131. Gandhi's Responses to Islam / Mcdonough, Sheila
132. Gandhi's Social Philosophy: Perspective and Relevance / Ganguli, B.N.
133. Gandhism After Gandhi / Mishra, Anil Dutta (Ed.)
134. Gandhism: A Quest for New Civilization / Singh, Dashrath (Late Prof.)
135. Gandhism: A Vision for Peace / Chaturvedi, Satiish & Shukla, Rajesh
136. Gene Sharp on Political Development of Nonviolent Struggle: A Report on a Two Day Workshop at Gandhi Darshan / Sreekumar, R.
137. The Girmitiya Saga / Kishore, Giriraj
138. Gita and Gandhiji / Betai, Ramesh S.
139. Glenn D. Paige and Nonviolent Political Change: The Pamphlet Contains a Critique of Glenn D. Paige's Book "Nonviolence Political Science" / Radhakrishnan, N.
140. The Global Vision of Mahatma Gandhi / Das, Ratan
141. Globalization, Democracy and Culture: Situating Gandhian Alternatives / Kaushik, Asha
142. The Greatness of Gandhian Era: This Pamphlet Contains the Recollections of the Author About Some Great Personalities of the Era Like Mahatma Gandhi, Kasturba Rabindranath Tagore, Jawaharlal Nehru, Father Andrews and Horace Alexander / Ramachandran, G.
143. Gujarat Holocaust: Communalism in the Land of Gandhi / Sharma, R.N.
144. Hind Swaraj (in Hindi) / Mahatma Gandhi
145. Hind Swaraj (Indian Home Rule) / Mahatma Gandhi
146. Hind Swaraj: A Deconstructive Reading / Mishra, Prem Anand
147. Hindi Kahani Mein Gandhivad; 2 Volumes (in Hindi) / Gehlot, Nisha (Dr.)
148. Hindu Dharma / Gandhi, M.K. (Mahatma Gandhi)
149. The Hindu-Muslim Problem: This Book Traces the Origin of Hindu-Muslim Problem Which Culminated in the Partition of India / Pande, B.N.
150. Homage to Dr. Julius Nyerere: A Compilation of Tributes Paid by Distinguished Personalities in a Condolence Meeting Held at Gandhi Smriti
151. Immortal Sarvoday / Hazary, Narayan & Buddhapriya, Sanghamitra
152. India and her Neighbours: The Need for Confidence Building: It Contains the Proceedings of a Round Table Discussion with Special Reference to Pakistan / Singh, Savita (Ed.)
153. India in the Shadow of Gandhi and Nehru / Dutt, Guru
154. International Community's Homage to the Mahatma: It Contains Tributes Paid to Gandhiji by Ambassadors High Commissioners and Other Representatives of Diplomatic Corps on the 50th Anniversary of Gandhiji''s Martyrdom
155. International Political Thought of Gandhi, Nehru and Lohia / Anadkar, Nalin
156. An Introduction to Gandhian Thought / Sharma, G. Ranjit
157. Islam versus Gandhi Mahatma / Rao, P.A. Ramachandra
158. Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan: An Apostle of Nonviolence: This Pamphlet Explains the Views and Experiences of the Author with Badshah Khan / Radhakrishnan, N.
159. Lawyer to Mahatma: Life, Work and Transformation of M.K. Gandhi / Malhotra, S.L.
160. The Life and Death of Mahatma Gandhi / Payne, Robert
161. The Life of Mahatma Gandhi / Fischer, Louis
162. Literature and Social Morality: A Gandhian Overview / Patil, Hemalatha V. & Patil, V.T.
163. Mahatma Gandhi / Parokode, P.L. Sreedharan
164. Mahatma Gandhi and Education / Pruthi, Raj Kumar (Ed.)
165. Mahatma Gandhi and Hindu Muslim Unity: During Transfer of Power and Partition of India (1944-48) / Naidu, Ch. M.
166. Mahatma Gandhi and His Contemporaries / Puri, Bindu (Ed.)
167. Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru: A Historical Partnership 1916-1948; 4 Volumes / Limaye, Madhu
168. Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King: A Re-appraisal: This Pamphlet is Based on the Proceedings of an International Conference on Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.
169. Mahatma Gandhi and the Indian Writers: The Pamphlet Contains the Proceedings of the Regional Seminar on Gandhi and Postindependence Indian Writers / Nair, N. Gopal Krishnan (Ed.)
170. Mahatma Gandhi at the Close of Twentieth Century / Kumar, Ravindra
171. Mahatma Gandhi Aur Ahimsa / Kumar, Ravinder
172. Mahatma Gandhi Aur Samajik Nyay: The Book Outlines the Indian Heritage of Religion and Social Justice and Gandhiji's Contribution there on / Radhakrishnan, N.
173. Mahatma Gandhi Aur Unki Mahila Mitra / Kumar, Girja
174. Mahatma Gandhi Ka Trustiship Siddhant / Tattvamasi
175. Mahatma Gandhi to Modi / Acharya, Rajeshkumar & Tanna, Girishchandra
176. Mahatma Gandhi: A Multifacted Person / Mahmud, Jafar
177. Mahatma Gandhi: A Psycho-Dynamic Critique / Sodhi, Satpal Kaur
178. Mahatma Gandhi: Apostle of Non-Violence / Kripalani, Coonoor
179. Mahatma Gandhi: Essays and Reflections / Radhakrishan, Sarvapalli
180. Making Gandhi Relevant: Rural Development in the Context of Globalisation / Behera, M.C. (Ed.)
181. The Man Before the Mahatma: M.K. Gandhi, Attorney at Law / DiSalvo, Charles
182. Manu Gandhi and Ambedkar: Policy and Other Essays / Limaye, Madhi
183. The Meaning of the Mahatma for the Millennium / Pandikattu, Kuruvilla (Ed.)
184. Meditations on Gandhi: A Ravindra Varma Festschrift / Mathai, M.P. with John, M.S. & Joseph, Siby K. (Eds.)
185. The Messenger of Harmony: Writer Discusses His Experiences with Dr. B.N. Pande / Pande, B.N.
186. Millennium without Violence: A Report on the Proceedings of World Youth Conference / Sharma, Pramod (Ed.)
187. Modernity, Civilization and Conflict Resolution: Hermeneutical Explorations in Gandhian Thought / Dadhich, Rita
188. The Moral Philosophy of Gandhi / Pal, Jaladhar
189. My Experiments with Truth or Evolution of the Science of Satyagraha: An Autobiography by Mahatma Gandhi / Kulasrestha, Mahendra (Ed.)
190. Natanbharati: Gandhi Gatha: It is an Epic Depicting the Charismatic Life of the Greatest Man of the Twentieth Century-Mahatma Gandhi / Kurup, N. Damodar
191. A New Curve in the Ganges: Mahatma Gandhi's Interpretation of Hinduism / Sharma, Arvind
192. Non-Cooperation Techniques: The Critical Analysis / Sharma, B.L.
193. Nonviolence in a Violent World: A Gandhian Response: A Detailed View of the Gandhian Concept of Nonviolence and Satyagraha and its Need to the Strife-torn World of Today / Anand, Y.P.
194. Panchayati Raj: Gandhiana Perspective / Mishra, A.D. & et. al.
195. Peace, Ahimsa and Gandhi / Rohmetra, Seema
196. Peace, Non-Violence and Gandhian Concerns / Jain, Vidya
197. Perspectives in Gandhian Thought / Singh, Dashrath
198. Perspectives on Gandhian Thought / Kumar, Sanjay
199. Politico Economic Ideas of Mahatma Gandhi: Their Relevance in the Present Day / Mazumder, Sukhendu
200. Politics, Symbols and Political Theory: Rethinking Gandhi / Kaushik, Asha
201. Post-War Development: Pathway to Swaraj; 2 Volumes / Sharma, D.C.
202. Poverty of Gandhian Philosophy / Roy, Himansu
203. Power, Politics and Corruption: A Gandhian Solution / Sharma, J.N.
204. Prepairing Children for a Nonviolent Future: This Pamphlet Contains Some of the Programmes the Samiti Organised for the Children with the Specific Aim of Initiating them into the Creative World of Discovery, Beauty, Communication and Awareness / Singh, Savita
205. Principles of Gandhi / Pabla, A.S.
206. Quit India Movement: A Challenge to the British Power in India / Sharma, S.K.
207. Quotable Quotes of Mahatma Gandhi / Rao, A.B.S.V. Ranga & Kumar, P. Kishore
208. Quotes of Mahatma Gandhi / Mishra, Anil Dutta; Rao, A.B.S.V. Ranga; Panakal, Thomas & Tater, Sohan Raj
209. Reading Gandhi / Ray, B.N.
210. Rediscovering Ghandhi / Mishra, A.D.
211. Re-Exploring Gandhi / Mishra, Anil Dutta & Thakur, Sadhana
212. Religion in Politics: Gandhian Perspective in the Present Context / Singh, Amar
213. Relivance of Mahatma Gandhi in the Twenty First Century / Prasad, Lala Gopal
214. Right to Equality in the Indian Constitution / Saraswati, Shashi Nath
215. Sabko Sanmati De: A Report of 50th Anniversary of Gandhiji's Martyrdom
216. The Sarvodaya Movement: Gandhian Approach to Peace and Non-Violence / Narayanasamy, S.
217. Selected Essays Mostly on Buddhism and Gandhism / Kumar, Ravindra
218. Selected Letters and Speeches of Mahatma Gandhi / Srivastava, Kamal S. & Srivastava, Sangeeta
219. Self-Education: A Gandhian Perspective / Flug, Bernd P.
220. Shrishivgovindtripathivichrit: Shrigandhigauravam Ki Samiksha; (in Hindi) / Tandan, Kiran & Tandan, Kumud
221. Social and Political Thought of Mahatma Gandhi / Tandon, Sumit
222. The Sparks of Nonviolence: The Book Gives Glimpses of Gandhian Nonviolence. It is Quite Useful for Young Gandhian Activists / Radhakrishnan, N.
223. Swaraj Party and Gandhi / Bakshi, S.R.
224. Theory and Practice of Gandhian Non-Violence / Kumar, Ravindra
225. Thundering Speeches of Gandhi Which Shook the British Raj / Mishra, Anil Dutta & Tater, Sohan Raj (Drs.)
226. Tilak and Gandhi: Perspectives on Religion and Politics / Sharma, Jyoti T.
227. Understanding Gandhi: Speeches and Writings that Reveal His Mind Methods and Mission / Mishra, Anil Dutta
228. Vivekananda Aurobindo and Gandhi on Education / Pani, S.P.
229. Women in Gandhi's Mass Movements / Thakur, Bharti
230. World Peace and Global Order: Gandhian Perspectives / Misra, R.P.; Gopal, D. & Gullapalli, Sailaja (Eds.)
231. Youth and Society: A Study of Old and Young Generation: The Book Discusses the Understanding Between Older and Younger Generations Views Arising Out a Different Perspectives / Gangrade, K.D.
232. Youth as Torch Bearers of Change: Report of Gandhi Smriti Sadbhavana Yatras Participants Meeing with the Vice-President of India / Singh, Savita


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