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2101. A Textbook of Pteridophyta / Johri, R.M.; Lata, Sneh & Sharma, Sandhya
2102. Textbook of Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System / Reddy, M.Anji
2103. A Textbook of Taxonomy / Malhotra, Manas & Das, Susheela M.
2104. Textbook of Virology / Dutta, Somnath (Dr.)
2105. Textbook on Forest Management / Jerram, M.R.K.
2106. Theory and Practice of Silviculture System / Ram Parkash & Khanna, L.S.
2107. Theory of Fish Population Dynamics / Nikolshii, G.V.
2108. Therapeutic Gardening / Sasmitha, R. & Arunachalam, R.
2109. Tiger! My Own fondness for the tiger is a kind of love affair: love at first sight, complete and everlasting / Shukla, Rahul
2110. Timber Industries and Non-Timber Forest Products / Shrivastava, M.V.
2111. The Timber Trees, Timber and Fancy Woods, as also the Forests of India and of Eastern and Southern Asia / Balfour, E.
2112. The Timbers of Commerce and their Identification / Stone, H.
2113. Tools of Pharmacogenomics / Debnath, Mousumi
2114. Tourism and Biodiversity / Chawla, Romila
2115. Tourism, Biodiversity and Sustainable Development; 6 Volumes / Kandhari, O.P. & et. al.
2116. Toxic Metal and Environmental Issue / Singh, V.P.
2117. Traditional Forestry Management of the Thadou-Kukis / Singsit, Seiboi (Dr.)
2118. Trailing The Tiger / Bradley, Mary Hasting
2119. Training Manual on People's Biodiversity Register / Bhattacharya, A.K. (IFS)
2120. Transgenic Plants: Promise or Danger / Kakralya, B.L. & Ahuja, I.
2121. Translocation in Plants / Mishra, Shubhrata R. (Dr.)
2122. A Treatise on Wildlife Conservation in India / Das, Chhanda
2123. Treatment of Cancers by Medicinal Plants / Pandey, Govind
2124. Tree Improvement and Biotechnology / Shanmughavel, P.
2125. Tree Planting Practices for Arid Zones / F.A.O.
2126. Tree Planting Practices in Temperate Asia: Burma - India - Pakistan / F.A.O.
2127. Trees & Shrubs of Gardens: What to Grow & How to Grow Them / Grant, John A.
2128. Trees and Shrubs of Haryana: A Comprehensive Taxonomic Account of Arboreal and Arborecent Taxa / Kumar, S. & Nagiyan, P.
2129. The Trees of Calcutta and its Neighbourhood / Benthall, A.P.
2130. Trees of Chandigarh / Singh, Chhatar; Wattas, Rajnish & Dhillon, Harjit Singh
2131. Trees of Delhi: A Field Guide / Krishen, Pradip
2132. Trees of India: Medicinal, Commercial, Religious and Ornamental (A Colour Atlas) / Warman, C.K.
2133. The Trees of Northern Bengal: Including Shrubs, Woody Climbers Bamboos, Palms and Tree Ferns / Cowan, A.M. & Cowan, J.M.
2134. Trees of Rajasthan / Mishra, R.N. & Chandra, V.
2135. Trees on Marginal Lands: Afforestation Techniques and Systems / Sagwal, Sewa S.
2136. Trees: A Hand Book of Forest Botany / Ward, H.M.
2137. Trends in Biodiversity and Aquaculture / Wanganeo, Ashwani & Langer, R.K.
2138. Trends in Plants Research / Govil, C.M. & Kumar, V.
2139. Trends in Wildlife Biodiversity Conservation and Management; 2 Volumes / Hosetti, B.B. & Venkateshwarlu, M.
2140. Trends in Zoology / Sharma, Charulata
2141. Tribal Medicine / Burman, J.J. Roy
2142. Tribal Welfare Development and Administration / Negi, S.S.
2143. Tribal Wisdom on Medicinal and Economic Plants (Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal) / Singh, K.K. & Prakash, Anand
2144. Tribals and Community Forest Management / Bandi, Madhusudan
2145. Tropical Deforestation: The Human Dimension / Sponsel, Leslie E.; Healthland, T.N. & Bailey, R.C.
2146. Tropical Diseases
2147. Tropical Forage Legume / F.A.O.
2148. Tropical Forest Eco-System Soil Fauna in Sub-Tropics / Bahuguna, V.K.
2149. Tropical Forest Ecosystems: Structure and Function / Singh, V.P.
2150. Tropical Forest Produce / Tewari, D.N. (Dr.)
2151. Tropical Forested Watersheds: Hydrologic & Soils Response to Major Uses of Conservation / Hamilton, L.S. & King, P.N.
2152. Tropical Rain Forest and the World Atmosphere / Prance, Ghillean T. (Ed.)
2153. Tropical Silviculture: New Imperatives: New Systems / Lal, J.B.
2154. The True Grasses / Hackel, Ed.
2155. A Tryst with Mango: Retrospect, Aspects, Prospects / Prakash, Om & Khan, R.M.
2156. Two Decades of New Indo-Burmese Species and a note on the Himalayan Species of Daphane / Smith, W.W.; Banerjee, S.C. & Ramaswami, M.S.
2157. Uncommons in the Commons: Community Initiated Forset Management in Central India / Ghate, Rucha
2158. University Handbook of DNA Expression and Analysis / Dey, Padmalakshmi
2159. Upper-Triassic and Liassic Faunae of the Exotic Block of Malla Johar in the Bhot Mahals Kumaon / Diener, C.
2160. Urban and Recreational Forestry / Negi, S.S.
2161. The Useful Plants of India / Ambasta, S.P. (Chief Ed.)
2162. The Useful Plants of India: With Notices of Their Chief Value in Commerce Medicine and the Arts / Drury, C.H.
2163. Useful Plants of the District of Lakhimpur in Assam / Carter, H.G. & Carter. D.N.
2164. Uses of Energy, Minerals and Changing Techniques / Chatterjee, Kaulir Kisor
2165. Utilization of Salt Affected Soils and Saline Water for Growing Trees and Grasses / Singh, R.P.; Gupta, I.C. & Yadav, J.S.P.
2166. Uttaranchal: Environment and Development: A Geo-Ecological Overview / Joshi, S.C.
2167. The Valley of Flowers: Myth and Reality / Kala, Chandra Prakash (Dr.)
2168. Van Rheede's Hartus Malabaricus: English Edition with Annotations and Modern Botanical Nomenclature; 12 Volumes / Matilal, K.S.
2169. Vanspati Shabdkosh: Upyodi Podho ke Hindi Latin Angrezi Shabdkosh (in Hindi) / Jain, Sudhansu Kumar
2170. The Variation of Animals & Plants Under Domestication; 2 Volumes / Darwin, Charles
2171. Vegetable Drugs of India / Sanyal, D.
2172. Vegetable Materia Medica of India and Ceylon / Roberts, E.
2173. Vegetation Description and Analysis / Kent, Martin & Pady coker
2174. Vegetation Flora of Ujjain District (M.P.) / Singh, V.P. & Khare, V.S.
2175. The Vegetation of the Districts of Hughle-Howrah and the 24 Pergunahs / Prain, D.
2176. Vegetation Studies of Goa: Close to Mining Site / Torne, S.G. & Nyabuto, H.N.
2177. Vegetative Propagation of Tree: Principles and Practices / Vanangamudi, K.; Parthiban, K.T.; Paramathma, M.; Sathyasheela, K.R.V.; Natarajan, K. & Saravanan, T.
2178. Vermiresource Technology / Tripathi, G. (Ed.)
2179. Verms and Vermitechnology / Kumar, Arvind (Prof.) (Dr.)
2180. Vertebrate Zoology and Evolution / Yadav, B.N.
2181. Vertebrate Zoology of Sind / Murray, J.A.
2182. Veterinary Anatomy of the OX / Srinivasan, P.
2183. Views on Physiology of Flowering Plants / Purohit, A.N. & Gurumurti, K.
2184. Virology / Sawant, K.C.
2185. Vistas in Mycology and Plant Pathology / Gangawane, L.V. & et. al.
2186. Vistas of Palynological Science: Journal of Palynology, Volume 46, 2010: Dr. M.S. Swaminathan Festschrift Volume / Nair, P.K.K. (Chief Ed.)
2187. The Vittarioid Ferns of India / Bhandari, J.B. & Mukhopadhyay, R.
2188. Water Plants: A Study of Aquatic Angiosperms / Arber, A.
2189. Waterbirds of Northern India / Alfred, J.R.B. & et. al.
2190. Weed Flora of Kashmir Valley / Kaul, M.K.
2191. Wetlands of Bottomland Hardwood Forests / Clark, J.R. & Benforado, J.
2192. Wheeler's Dental Anatomy, Physiology, & Occlusion / Ash, M. & Nelson, Stanley J.
2193. Wild Animal Life of the World / Boulenger, E.G.
2194. Wild Animals / Boulenger, E.G.
2195. The Wild Animals of India; (Second Indian Impression)
2196. Wild Animals of Ladakh / Sharma, B.D. (Ed.)
2197. Wild Animals: Their Minds and Manners / Hornaday, William T. (1854-1937)
2198. The Wild Beasts of India / Sanderson, G.P.
2199. Wild Flowers Kashmir; 3 Volumes / Coventry, B.O.
2200. Wild Life / Trivedi, P.R.
2201. Wild Medicinal Plants of India: With Ethnomedicinal Uses / Dhiman, Anil Kumar
2202. Wild Plants of Indian Sub-Continent, Their Economic Use / Raju, R.A.
2203. Wild Silk Technology / Kavane, R.P. & Sathe, T.V.
2204. Wild Wonders of India / Chowdhury, Biswajit Roy
2205. The Wildings / Roy, Nilanjana
2206. Wildlife / Chitkara, M.G.
2207. Wildlife & Ground Flora: An Interaction Scenario of Forests / Chaudhuri, A.B.
2208. Wildlife and Disease in India / Long, Arnold C.
2209. Wildlife and Diseases in India / Sharma, Budh Dev (Ed.)
2210. Wildlife Biodiversity Conservation / Reddy, Mallapureddi Vikram
2211. Wildlife Facts / Malhotra, A.K. (Dr.)
2212. Wildlife in Central India: A Biographic Treatise; 3 Volumes / Tiwari, S.K.
2213. Wildlife in India / Basra, Gurkamal
2214. Wildlife in India / Jugale, K.P.
2215. Wildlife Management in India / Hosetti, B.B.
2216. Wildlife Management in India (2nd Enlarged Edition) / Hoseti, B.B.
2217. Wildlife Resources and Economic Development / Eltringham, S.K.
2218. Wildlife Sanctuaries of Madhya Pardesh / Tiwari, S.K.
2219. Wildlife Tourism and Conservation / Mallya, Abhilash
2220. Withania Somnifera: The Indian Ginseng Ashwagandha / Singh, Sandhya & Kumar, Sushil
2221. Wood Anatomy of Legumes of India: Their Identification, Properties and Uses / Chauhan, Luxmi & Rao, R. Vijendra
2222. Wood Preservation Manual / F.A.O.
2223. Wood Science and Technology / Negi, S.S.
2224. A Working List of the Flowering Plants of Baluchistan / Burkill, I.H.
2225. World Forestry / Negi, S.S.
2226. World Index of Biotechnology / Singh, Anupam & Sing, Ashwani Kumar
2227. The World of Animal Life / Smith, F.
2228. World of Pests and Parasites / Pandey, B.N; Trivedi, Sunil P.; Jaiswal, Kamal & Gupta, Neelima (Eds.)
2229. Zoological Garden of Kolkata: Dedication of R.B. Sanyal / Mittra, Dilip & Nag, Prithvish

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