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1. Abhidhanarajendrah: Jain Encyclopaedia: A Dictionary of Prakrit Magadhi to Sanskrit; 7 Volumes / Suri, Vijayarajendra
2. Abhidharmakosa: A Study with a New Perspective / Bapat, Lata
3. Abhidharmakosa-Bhasya of Vasubandhu: The Treasury of Abhidharma and its (Auto) Commentary, 4 Volumes / Sangpo, Gelong Lodro (Tr.)
4. Abu Bakr: The Champion of Truth / Razi, Muhammad & Syed, M.H.
5. Advanced 21st Century Dictionary (English into English and Urdu) (Revised & Enlarged) / Qureshi, Bashir Ahmad (Prof.) (Comp.)
6. Afro-Asian Directory of Art & Cultural Centres / Chaudhury, Ashok K. & et. al. (Eds.)
7. The Agama Encyclopaedia; 12 Volumes / Rao, S.K. Ramachandra
8. Ali: The Lion of Almighty / Razi, Muhammad & Syed, M.H.
9. All India Directory of Art Culture and Allied Centres / Choudhury, Ashok & Keith, A.B.
10. Alphabetical Index of Shrimad-Bhagavata Verses / Kulkarni, Padma
11. Amarakosa and its Tibetan translation 'chi med mdzod: A metrical dictionary of Sanskrit Language by Amarasimha with its Tibetan translation made by Mahapandita Kirticandra and yar-luns Lo-tse-ba Grags-pa-rgyal-mtshan / Vidyabhusana, Satish Chandra (Ed.)
12. Amarakosa with the commentary of Mahesvara / Bhandarkar, Ramakrishna Gopal & Jhalakikar, Vamanacharya
13. Ancient Indian Tradition and Mythology: Mahapuranas translated into English; Volumes 1-75 edited by J.L. Shastri & G.P. Bhatt (To be published in Approx. 100 Volumes)
14. Arabic-English Dictionary for Advanced Learners / Hava, J.G.
15. Ardas of the Sikhs: A Distinctive Prayer / Neki, Jaswant Singh
16. Ardha Magadhi Dictionary: Illustrated Literature, Philosophic & Scientific by Shatabhadani Ratana Chandji Maharaj; 5 Volumes (in Prakrit, Hindi, Sanskrit, Gujarati & English)
17. Asiatic Mythology: A Detailed Description and Explanation of the Mythologies of all the Great Nations of Asia / Hackin, Huart & et. al.
18. Asiatic Researches: History and Antiquities, the Art, Sciences, and Literature of Asia; 24 Volumes / Jones, William
19. Atlantic's English to English and Urdu Dictionary
20. A Basic Dictionary of Islam / Maqsood, Ruqaiyyah Waris
21. Bauddha Tantra Kosa (3 Parts) / Shashni, Thinlay Ram (Ed.)
22. Bhoti Parichay: Vyakaran aur Anuvad - Grammar and Translation (in Tibetan & Hindi) / Tobdan
23. Bibliography on Buddhism / Hanayama, Shinsho
24. Biographical Dictionary of Sufism in South Asia / Khan, Mohammad Ishaq
25. Biographical Encyclopaedia of Islam; 4 Volumes / Houtsma, M. Th.; Arnold, T.W.; Basset, R. & Hartmann, R. (Eds.)
26. Biographical Encyclopaedia of Sufis: Africa and Europe / Hanif, N.
27. Biographical Encyclopaedia of Sufis: South Asia / Hanif, N.
28. Bod brda'i tshig mdzod: Tibetan Dictionary containing 22195 words & many newly coined words to keep abreast with modern Tibetan Studies / Dagyab, Loden Sherap (Brag-gyab-Blo-ldan Ses-rab)
29. The Book of the Gradual Sayings: (Anguttara-Nikaya) or More-Numbered Suttas; 5 Volumes / Woodward, F.L. & Hare, E.M. (Trs.)
30. Brihad Vaidiksahimtadhatukosh: Comprehensive Dictionary of Vedic Roots; 7 Volumes (in Sanskrit & Hindi) / Chaturvedi, Satyadevnigmalankar
31. Buddha (8 Volumes Box Set) / Tezuka, Osamu (1928-1989)
32. Buddhism and Environment / Chitkara, M.G.
33. Buddhism and its Social Significance for the Asian World / Loseries, Andrea
34. Buddhism and Religions / Pruthi, R.K.; Ram, S. & Chaturvedi, Archna
35. Buddhism and Social Values / Pruthi, R.K.; Ram, S. & Chaturvedi, Archna
36. Buddhism and World Culture / Pruthi, R.K.; Ram, S. & Chaturvedi, Archna
37. Buddhism in India: Rediscovery, Revival and Development / Ahir, D.C.
38. Buddhism in India: Status Growth and Development / Ahir, D.C.
39. Buddhism Reflection on Religious Conversion / Gupta, Sameer Das
40. Buddhism The Way to Wisdom / Chaterjee, Suman
41. Buddhism: Philosophy, Culture and Religion / Singh, Ratan (Ed.)
42. Buddhist and Western Psychology: Comparative Study / Nithiyanandam, V.
43. The Buddhist Encyclopaedia of Buddhism; 5 Volumes / Kapoor, Subodh (Ed.)
44. Buddhist Ethics in Impermanence / Ratnam, M.V. Ram Kumar & Srinivas K.
45. Buddhist Ethics: A Very Short Introduction / Keown, Damien
46. The Buddhist Forum; 4 Volumes / Skorupski, Tadeusz
47. The Buddhist Handbook: The Complete Guide to Buddhist Schools, Teaching, Practice, and History / Snelling, John
48. Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit Grammar and Dictionary, 2 Volumes / Edgerton, Franklin
49. A Buddhist Manual of Psychological Ethics (Buddhist Psychology) of the Fourth Century BC / Rhys Davids, Caroline A.F.
50. Buddhist Masters Marpa: Tibetan Translator Mystic / Lhama, Jungney
51. Buddhist Psychology / Barua, Amal K.
52. Buddhist Tradition Series (60 Volumes) / Wayman, Alex (Founder Ed.)
53. Buddhist Translations: Problems and Perspectives / Tulku, Lama Doboom (Ed.)
54. Buddhistische Triglotte (A Sanskrit-Tibetan-Mongolian Glossary): A xylographic print from Mongolia preserved in the Baron Schilling Yon Canstadt Collection
55. Buddhopedia: Everyone's Essential Encyclopedia of Buddhism; 6 Volumes / Kulasrestha, Mahendra (Ed.)
56. Caste Society and Religion in India / Tripathi, Vishnu Kant
57. A Catalogue of Arms & Armours in Bharat Kala Bhavan / Pant, G.N. & et. al.
58. Catalogue of the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives: Vol.1: Historical Works (Manuscripts Section) / Shastri, Jampa Samten (Comp.)
59. Catalogue of the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives: Vol.2: Historical Works (Manuscripts Section) / Shastri, Lobsang (Comp.)
60. Catalogue of the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives: Vol.3: Biographical Works (Manuscript Library) / Shastri, Lobsang (Ed.)
61. Catalogue of the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives: Vol.4: Tibetan Medicine and Astrology (Manuscript Library) / Shastri, Lobsang
62. Catalogue of the Phug-brag Manuscripts Kanjur / Shastri, J.S.
63. Catalogue of Tibetan Manuscripts in the Collection of the Asiatic Society: Vol.1 / Ngawang, Lama Jumpa (Ed.)
64. Chhoekay-English Dictionary: Dayig Ngagdon Composed By Palkhang Lotsawa / Dorji, C.T. (Dr.) (Comp.)
65. Chronological Identity in Indian Art / Paddhi, Braja Kishor (Dr.)
66. The Civilizations of the East: An Indepth Study of Asiatic Arts and Cultures from the Earliest Times to the Dawn of Modern Era; 4 Volumes / Grousset, Rene
67. A Classical Dictionary of Hindu Mythology and Religion, Geography, History and Literature / Dowson, John
68. A Classical Dictionary of India: Illustrative of the Mythology, Philosophy, Literature, Antiquities, Arts, Manners, Customs &c. of the Hindus / Garrett, John
69. Collected Papers on Buddhist Studies / Jaini, Padmanabh S. (Ed.)
70. The Collected Works of Dilgo Khyentse (3 Volumes) / Ricard, Matthieu & Kurz, Vivian (Eds.)
71. The Collection of the Middle Length Sayings (Majjhima-Nikaya); 3 Volumes (Translated from the Pali) / Horner, I.B. (Tr.)
72. A Complete Book on Mughal Architecture History / Ansari, Amir
73. The Complete Works of Atisa: Sri Dipamkara Jnana, Jo-Bo-Rje; The Lamp for the Path and Commentary, together with the newly translated Twenty-five Key Texts (Tibetan and English Texts) / Sherburne, S.J. Richard (Tr.)
74. A Comprehensive Guide Book of Islam / Kherie, Alhaj Altaf Ahamed
75. Concise Classified Dictionary of Hinduism; 6 Volumes / Soundara Rajan, K.V.
76. Concise Pali-English Dictionary / Mahathera, A.P. Buddhadatta
77. Concordance of Tibetan and Sanskrit Texts / Negi, J.S. & Tshering, Tashi (Eds.)
78. Contemporary Religious Conversions / Mathew, Joseph (Prof.)
79. Conversational English-Tibetan Dictionary / Gupta, Anil
80. Creation and Existence in Indian Tradition / Tiwari, Shashi
81. Descriptive Catalogue of Rare Arabic Mss. Preserved in Khuda Bakhsh Library; 3 Volumes / Husain, Zakhir (Comp.)
82. A Descriptive Catalogue of Sanskrit Manuscripts in the Government Collection; 10 Volumes in 11 Parts / Shastri, Mahamahopadhyaya Haraprasad
83. Dharma Samagraha: An Ancient Collection of Buddhist Technical Terms / Kasiwara, M.N.
84. The Dharma-Samgraha: An Ancient Collection of Buddhist Technical Terms / Kasawara, Kenjiu (Ed.)
85. Dharmasangraha-Kosah: Tibetan-Sanskrit Dharma Terms with Categories / Negi, J.S.
86. Dialogues of the Buddha: Translated from the Pali of the Digha Nikaya; 3 Volumes / Rhys Davids, T.W. & Rhys Davids, C.A.F. (Trs.)
87. Dictionary English-Persian Persian-English / Haim, S.
88. A Dictionary of Antiques / Stuart, Sheila
89. Dictionary of Bhakti: North-Indian Bhakti Texts into Khari Boli Hindi and English; 3 Volumes / Callewaert, Winand M. & Sharma, Swapna
90. Dictionary of Buddhism, 2nd Revised Edition / Gakkai, Soka
91. Dictionary of Buddhism: Indian and South-East Asian / Ling, Trevor
92. A Dictionary of Buddhist and Hindu Iconography: Illustrated: Objects, Devices, Concepts, Rites and Related Terms, 3rd Edition / Bunce, Fredrick W.
93. Dictionary of Buddhist Doctrinal and Technical Terms / Chaudhury, Binayendra Nath (Comp.)
94. Dictionary of Buddhist Iconography; 15 Volumes / Lokesh Chandra (Dr.)
95. A Dictionary of Buddhist Proper Names / Akanuma, Chizen
96. A Dictionary of Chinese Buddhist Terms with Sanskrit and English Equivalents and a Sanskrit-Pali Index / Soothill, William Edward & Hodous, Lewis (Comps.)
97. Dictionary of Early Buddhist Monastic Terms (Based on Pali Literature) / Upasak, C.S. (Prof.)
98. Dictionary of Films and Film Technology / Mahambare, Gangadhar
99. Dictionary of Hindu Gods and Goddesses / Iyengar, T.R.R.
100. A Dictionary of Hinduism: Its Mythology, Folklore and Development 1500 B.C.-A.D. 1500 / Margaret & Stutley, James
101. The Dictionary of Hindustani Classical Music / Roychaudhari, Bimalakanta
102. A Dictionary of Indian Mythology / Bhattacharyya, Narendra Nath
103. Dictionary of Indo-Persian Literature / Hadi, Nabi
104. Dictionary of Jaina Terms (Prakrit to English/Hindi) / Mehta, Mukul Raj
105. A Dictionary of Muslim Names / Ahmed, Salahuddin
106. A Dictionary of Muslim Names / Rahman, S.A. (Ed.)
107. A Dictionary of Non-Classical Mythology / Edwardes, Marian & Spence, Lewis
108. Dictionary of Oriental Philosophy; 2 Volumes (bound in one) / Reyna, Ruth (Ed.)
109. A Dictionary of Science, Literature and Art; 3 Volumes / Brande, W.T. & Cox, Rev. George W.
110. A Dictionary of the Pali Language / Childers, Robert Caesar
111. Dictionary of Vedas / Rengarajan, T. (Dr.)
112. Dominant's Encyclopedia of Movers & Shakers: Saints Sages & Spirituals / Bennice, Warren G.; Seally, Peter & Menon, Meenakshi (Eds.)
113. Durga-Kosha / Rao, S.K. Ramachandra (Prof.)
114. The Early Mustang Kanjur Catalogue / Eimer, Helmut
115. Educational Developments in Muslim World: Encyclopaedic Survey of Islamic Culture Series / Taher, Mohamed (Ed.)
116. An Eighteenth Century Agrarian Manual: Yasin's Dastur-i-Malguzari / Mahmud, S. Hasan
117. Elite Collectors of Modern and Contemporary Indian Art / Bhaggeria, Purrshottam & Malhotra, Pavan
118. Encyclopaedia Indica: A Grand Tribute to Indian Culture, Art, Architecture, Religion and Development: India - Pakistan - Bangladesh, 200 Volumes / Shashi, S.S. (Chief Ed.)
119. Encyclopaedia of Art and Culture in India; 27 Volumes / Bhargava, Gopal (Ed.)
120. Encyclopaedia of Art, Archaeology and Literature in Central India from Earliest Times to 13th Century A.D.; 2 Volumes / Sharma, R.K.
121. Encyclopaedia of Bhutanese Buddhism (5 Volumes) / Singh, Raman & Haldhar, Siya Mishra (Eds.)
122. Encyclopaedia of Buddhism / Kumar, L.
123. Encyclopaedia of Buddhism: A World Faith / Chaddha, D.N.
124. Encyclopaedia of Buddhism: A World Faith; 21 Volumes / Chitkara, M.G.
125. Encyclopaedia of Buddhism; 15 Volumes / Pruthi, R.K.; Ram, S. & Chaturvedi, Archna
126. Encyclopaedia of Buddhism; 4 Volumes / Gupta, Lokesh
127. An Encyclopaedia of Buddhist Deities, Demigods, Godlings, Saints & Demons: With Special Focus on Iconographic Attributes; 2 Volumes / Bunce, Fredrick W.
128. Encyclopaedia of Buddhist Pantheon, 2 Volumes / Mackenzy, Donald A.; Getty, Hampden C. Dubose Alice & Waddell, L. Austine
129. Encyclopaedia of Buddhist Tantra; 5 Volumes / Santideva, Sadhu (Ed.)
130. Encyclopaedia of Buddhist World (10 Volumes) / Singhal, Ranjana Rani & Kumar, Pradeep (Eds.)
131. Encyclopaedia of Church Architecture: English Churches from the Eleventh to the Sixteenth Century; 2 Volumes / Bond, Francis
132. Encyclopaedia of Classical Mythology and Culture: Including Art Biography and Ancient Geography; 3 Volumes / Marindin, G.E.
133. Encyclopaedia of Dharmashastra; 2 Volumes / Pandey, Braj K.
134. Encyclopaedia of Gods and Goddesses; 30 Volumes / Singh, Nagendra Kumar (Ed.)
135. Encyclopaedia of Hadith; 10 Volumes / Afridi, Maulana Muhammad Razi Khan
136. Encyclopaedia of Hindu Civilisation, Customs and Traditions; 4 Volumes / Ram, S.
137. Encyclopaedia of Hindu Civilization Then and Now / Bhardwaj, Manohar
138. An Encyclopaedia of Hindu Deities, Demi-Gods, Godlings, Demons and Herors: With special Focus on Iconographic Attributes; 3 Volumes / Bunce, Fredrick W.
139. Encyclopaedia of Hindu Iconography: Early Medieval; 4 Volumes (in 5 Parts) / Kalidos, Raju
140. Encyclopaedia of Hinduism; 10 Volumes / Kumar, R. & Ram, S.
141. Encyclopaedia of Hinduism; 60 Volumes / Singh, Nagendra Kumar (Chief Ed.)
142. Encyclopaedia of Indian Art and Architecture / Chaturvedi, Patanjali Nandan
143. Encyclopaedia of Indian Folk Literature; 12 Volumes
144. Encyclopaedia of Indian Heritage: Descriptive Work of Indological Research in Philosophy, Religion Sacred Literature, Society, Thought, Traditions and Ancient Sciences; 90 Volumes / Kapoor, Subodh (Ed.)
145. Encyclopaedia of Indian Heritage; 5 Volumes / Chandra, Ramesh (Ed.)
146. Encyclopaedia of Indian History: Land, People, Culture and Civilization; 30 Volumes / Saxena, Anil (Dr.)
147. Encyclopaedia of Indian Iconography: Hinduism - Buddhism - Jainism; 3 Volumes / Rao, S.K. Ramachandra (Prof.)
148. Encyclopaedia of Indian Theatre; Volume 1-9 / Sinha, Biswajit & Choudhury, A.K.
149. Encyclopaedia of Islam: Muslims Life in the Present-Day World; 3 Volumes / Ahmed, Salahuddin
150. Encyclopaedia of Islam; 10 Volumes / Khan, Masood Ali & Iqbal, Shaikh Azhar (Eds.)
151. Encyclopaedia of Islam; 25 Volumes / Ahmed, M. Mukarram (Ed.)
152. Encyclopaedia of Islamic Culture and Civilization; 30 Volumes / Ashraf, Shahid (Ed.)
153. Encyclopaedia of Islamic Jurisprudence (5 Volumes) / Rahim, Abdur
154. Encyclopaedia of Islamic Mysticism and Sufism; 23 Volumes
155. Encyclopaedia of Islamic Philosophy; 5 Volumes / Afridi, M.R.K. & Khan, Arif Ali (Eds.)
156. Encyclopaedia of Islamic Thought; 3 Volumes / Ilyas, Muhammad
157. An Encyclopaedia of Jainism / Nahar, P.C. & Ghosh, K.C. (Eds.)
158. Encyclopaedia of Jainism: Jain Sanskriti Kosh; 3 Volumes / Bhaskar, Bhag Chandra Jain (Prof.)
159. Encyclopaedia of Jainism; 30 Volumes / Singh, Nagendra Kumar (Ed.)
160. Encyclopaedia of Muslim Biography: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh; 5 Volumes / Singh, Nagendra Kumar (Ed.)
161. Encyclopaedia of Muslim World; 15 Volumes / Bahl, Taru & Syed, M.H. (Eds.)
162. Encyclopaedia of Oriental Philosophy and Religion; 16 Volumes / Singh, N.K. & Mishra, A.P. (Eds.)
163. Encyclopaedia of Pakistan; 11 Volumes / Ali, Rao Arif
164. Encyclopaedia of Pakistan; 5 Volumes / Sharma, S.R. (Ed.)
165. Encyclopaedia of Pali Literature; 20 Volumes / Tripathi, Sridhar (Ed.)
166. Encyclopaedia of Philosophy of Indian Religion: An Exposition of the Principle Religion-Philosophical System and Critical Examination Different School of Thought; 2 Volumes / Santinath, Sadhu
167. Encyclopaedia of Puranas; 2 Volumes / Sharma, P.R.P.
168. Encyclopaedia of Quranic Studies; 26 Volumes / Afridi, Maulana Mohammad Razi Khan & Navaid, Mohammad Ilyas
169. Encyclopaedia of Religion / Sen, Adeep
170. Encyclopaedia of Religion and Culture; 11 Volumes / Kulkarni, Jagmohan & Kumar, Raj
171. An Encyclopaedia of Religions / Canney, M.A.
172. Encyclopaedia of Religions: Faiths of Man; 3 Volumes / Forlong, J.G.R. (Ed.)
173. Encyclopaedia of Saints of India; 25 Volumes / Bakshi, S.R. & et. al. (Eds.)
174. Encyclopaedia of Science and Religion in Islam / Ansari, Shahzad Ahmed
175. Encyclopaedia of Science Heritage of India: From Original and Rare Sanskrit Resources by Famous European Indologists and Sanskrit Scholars; 35 Volumes (in 45 Parts)
176. Encyclopaedia of Sikhism: Religion and Culture; 2 Volumes / Ralhan, O.P. (Ed.)
177. The Encyclopaedia of Sikhism; 4 Volumes / Singh, Harbans (Ed.)
178. Encyclopaedia of Sociology of Religion; 3 Volumes / Nayar, V.G. & et. al.
179. Encyclopaedia of Tantra; 2 Volumes / Das, Swami Ramashankar
180. Encyclopaedia of Tantra; 5 Volumes / Santideva, Sadhu (Ed.)
181. Encyclopaedia of Textiles; 5 Volumes / Vidyasagar, P.V. (Ed.)
182. Encyclopaedia of the Synthesis of Science, Philosophy and Religion; 5 Volumes / Blavatsky, H.P.
183. Encyclopaedia of the World Muslims: Tribes, Castes and Communities; 4 Volumes / Singh, N.K. & Khan, A.M. (Eds.)
184. Encyclopaedia of Tibetan Buddhism (5 Volumes) / Agnihotri, Kuldeep Chand & Kumar, Sanjay (Eds.)
185. Encyclopaedia of Vedanta Philosophy; 5 Volumes / Kapoor, Subodh (Ed.)
186. Encyclopaedia of World Heritage; 8 Volumes / Monerieff, A.R.
187. Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Christian Antiquities; 9 Volumes / Smith, Sir William & Cheetham, Samuel (Eds.)
188. Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Hinduism / Kapoor, Subodh (Ed.)
189. An Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Indian Culture / Dash, Narendra Kumar
190. Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Music; 2 Volumes / Pandey, Ashish (Ed.)
191. Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Persian, Arabic and English; 3 Volumes / Johnson, Francis
192. Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Religion; 3 Volumes / Chopra, Ramesh (Ed.)
193. Encyclopaedic Dictionary of The Dharmasastra; 3 Volumes / Parmeshwaranand, Swami
194. Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Urdu, Hindi and English; 3 Volumes / Platts, John T.
195. Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Vedic Terms; 2 Volumes / Swami Parameshwarananda
196. Encyclopaedic Index of the Quran / Osama, Syed Muhammad (Dr.)
197. Encyclopaedic Survey of Islamic Culture; Volumes 1-20 (A continuing series) / Taher, Mohammed (Ed.)
198. Encyclopedia of Buddhism, 2 Volumes / Singh, I.N. (Dr.)
199. Encyclopedia of Holidays and Celebrations: A Country-by-Country Guide; 3 Volumes (Explores Major Holidays and Festivals in 206 Countries) / Dennis, Matthew
200. Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies; 19 Volumes (in 20 Parts) (To be completed in 28 Volumes) / Potter, Karl H. (Gen. Ed.)
201. Encyclopedia of Jain Religion; 11 Volumes / Chanchreek, K.L. & Jain, Mahesh K. (Eds.)
202. English Persian Dictionary: Complied from Original Sources / Wollanston, Arthur N.
203. English-Pali Dictionary / Mahathera, A.P. Buddhadatta
204. English-Pali Dictionary, edited posthumously by Lokesh Chandra / Raghu Vira (Prof.) (Dr.) (1902-1963)
205. English-Tibetan Dictionary of Modern Tibetan / Goldstein, Melvyn C. with Narkyid, Ngawangthondup (Comp.)
206. An English-Tibetan Dictionary: Containing a Vocabulary of Approximately Twenty Thousand Words and their Tibetan Equivalents / Kazi, Lama Dawasamdup (Comp.)
207. The Essence of Islam / Reza, Saiyed Jafar
208. Ethical Conflicts in Buddhist Society / Pathak, P.
209. Fatawa Darul Uloom Deoband; 16 Volumes (in Urdu) / Tayyab, Qari
210. Foundational Crises in South and Southeast Asia: Bangladesh, Indonesia and Malaysia / Ahmed, Abu Nasar Saied
211. From Shakyamuni Buddha to Science Parks Taiwan / Bhartiya, Rakesh
212. Fundamentals of Islamic Culture / Khan, Arif Ali
213. Gautama Buddha / Pattanaik, P.K. (Dr.)
214. Glimpses of Northern Region: Poeple Culture Religion and Economy; 2 Volumes / Sharma, B.R.
215. Global Religious Vision: Quarterly Research Journal; Volumes 1-12
216. Glossary of Buddhist Terms / March, A.C.
217. A Glossary of Indian Religious Terms and Concepts / Bhattacharyya, Narendra Nath
218. Glossary of Pali Proper Names / Muller, Edward
219. A Grammar of the Tibetan Language / Csoma de Koros, Alexander
220. A Grammar of the Tibetan Language: Literary and Colloquial / Hannah, Herbert Bruce
221. Great Books of Islamic Civilization / Baloch, N.A.
222. Great Personalities in Islam / Azimabadi, Badr
223. Hand Book of Chinese Buddhism / Eitel, Ernest J.
224. Hand Book of Colloquial Tibetan: A Practical Guide to the Language of Central Tibet / Sandberg, Graham (1852)
225. A Handbook of Buddhist Languages / Varma, Chandra B.
226. Hanuman Kosa; 2 Volumes / Rao, S.K. Ramachandra (Prof.)
227. Historical Dictionary of Buddhism / Prebish, Charles S.
228. History, Religion and Culture of India; 6 Volumes / Gajrani, S. (Prof.)
229. How to Read Classical Tibetan, 2 Volumes / Preston, Craig
230. Human Rights in Cultural and Religious Perspective / Joshi, Sarat C.
231. Human Rights in Islam / Kumar, P.
232. Ibn Khallikan's Biographical Dictionary (Wafayat al-A'yan wa Anba' Abna' al-Zaman) 7 Volumes / Haq, S. Moinul (Ed.)
233. Iconographic Dictionary of the Indian Religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism / Liebert, Gosta
234. The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Buddhist Wisdom: A Complete Introduction to the Principles and Practices of Buddhism / Farrer-Halls, Gill
235. Illustrated Library of World Knowledge: Encyclopaedia of Art, Architecture, Literature, Science and Technology; 4 Volumes / Ogilvie, John & Andale, Charles
236. Incredible India (10 Volumes)
237. The Indian Antiquary: A Journal of Oriental Research in Archaeology, Epigraphy, Ethnology, Geography, History, Folklore, Languages, Literature, Numismatics, Philososphy, religion, etc.; 62 Volumes + Index / Jas, Burgess (Ed.)
238. Indian Art Collection: by Several Authors; 22 Volumes
239. Indian Culture and Environment Protection / 'Suneela', Sunil Sud (Tr.)
240. Indian Culture and India's Future / Danino, Michel
241. The Indian Encyclopaedia: Biographical, Historical, Religious, Administrative, Ethnological, Commercial and Scientific; 25 Volumes / Kapoor, Subodh (Ed.)
242. International Encyclopaedia of Buddhism (3 Volumes) / Gupta, S.D.; Chaterjee, S. & Bhardwaj, M.
243. International Encyclopaedia of Buddhism; 75 Volumes / Singh, Nagendra Kr. (Ed.)
244. International Encyclopaedia of Islam; 9 Volumes / Qasmi, A.H. (Ed.)
245. International Encyclopaedia of Islamic Dynasties; 45 Volumes / Singh, Nagendra Kumar
246. International Encyclopaedia of Islamic History; 15 Volumes
247. International Encyclopaedia of Islamic Traditions and Beliefs; 7 Volumes
248. International Encyclopaedia of Tribal Religion; 12 Volumes / Channa, S.M. (Ed.)
249. Introduction to Pali / Warder, A.K.
250. An Introduction to the Grammar of the Tibetan Language: With the texts of Situ Sum-Tag, Dag-je Sal-wai Melong and Situi Shal Lung / Das, Sarat Chandra
251. Islam Denounces Terrorism / Ansari, Amir
252. Islamic Festival and Their Religious Importance / Ahmed, Sharif
253. Islamic Institutions / Taher, Mohamed (Ed.)
254. Islamic Militancy in South Asia / Singh, Pragya
255. Islamic Resurgence: Sayyid Abul Hasan 'Ali Nadwi and His Contemporaries / Choughley, Abdul Kader
256. Jagadisayasolaksmih Indology on Cloud 9: Prof. Jagdish Sahai Kulshreshtha Ekanavatimahotsava Festschrift / Sharma, Ram Karan; Kulshreshtha, Sushma & Kulshreshtha, Abha
257. Jame Firoz-ul-Lughat (Urdu-Urdu) / Maulvi Firozuddin
258. The Jataka or Stories of the Buddha's Former Births; 6 Volumes / Cowell, Edward B.
259. Lamahood: A Sociological Study of Young Lamas of Leh / Hajazi, Armugaan
260. Languages of Belonging: Islam, Regional Identity, and the Making of Kashmir / Zutshi, Chitralekha
261. Letters of Mir Saiyid Ali Hamadani: An Annotated Edition with English Translation and Historical Analysis / Rafiqi, A.Q.
262. Mahabharat Gyan Kosh, 5 Parts (in Hindi) / Mudgil, Srikrishna
263. Mahabharata: Cultural Index; 3 Volumes / Mehendale, M.A. (Ed.)
264. The Mahabharata: The Critical and Illustrated Edition; 19 Volumes in 22 parts
265. Manual of Buddhism / Varma, Chandra B.
266. A Manual of Buddhism: In its Modern Development / Hardy, R. Spence (Tr.)
267. Manual of Chinese, Tibetan and English Words / Manual of Chinese, Tibetan & English Words
268. Manual of Colloquial Tibetan / Bell, Charles
269. Manual of Indian Buddhism / Kern, H.
270. Manual of Key Buddhist Terms: Caergorization of Buddhist Terminology with commentary / Paltseg, Lotsawa Kaba
271. A Manual of Pali / Joshi, C.V.
272. Masterpiece Library of Islam; 8 Volumes / Irving, Washington
273. Media and the Transformation of Religion in South Asia / Babb, Lawrence A. & Wadley, Susan S.
274. A Modern Book on Art and Culture / Bhardwaj, Manohar
275. Modern Spoken Tibetan (Lhasa Dialect) / Goldstein, Melvyn C. & Normang
276. Mongolia in the 21st Century: Society, Culture and International Relations / Warikoo, K. & Soni, Sharad K.
277. Muslim Feminism and Feminist Movement: South Asia; 3 Volumes / Samiuddin, Abida & Khanam, R. (Eds.)
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