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1. Advancements in Insect Biodiversity / Gupta, Rajiv K. (Ed.)
2. Advances in Zoology, Environmental Degradation and Biodiversity / Pandey, B.N. & Singh, B.K.
3. Aquatic Biodiversity in India: The Present Scenario / Khanna, D.R.; Chopra, A.K. & Prasad G.
4. Aromatic and Spice Plants: Utilisation and Conservation / Baruah, Akhil & Nath, Subhan C. (Eds.)
5. Basic Latin for Plant Taxonomists / Baranov, A.
6. Biocultural Knowledge Systems of Tribes of Eastern Himalayas / Singh, Ranjay K. & Women, Adi
7. Biodiversity / Chakraborty, Supriyo
8. Biodiversity / Pandey, B.N.; Deshpande, Sadhna & Joshi, B.D.
9. Biodiversity / Singh, Mahesh Prasad
10. Biodiversity and Conservation / Joshi, P.C. & Joshi, Namita
11. Biodiversity and Conservation / Kumar, Arvind
12. Biodiversity and Ecosystem Conservation / Dutta, Ashish
13. Biodiversity and Environment / Aditya, A.K. & Haldar, P. (Eds.)
14. Biodiversity and Environment / Agarwal, S.K.; Tiwari, Swarnlata & Dubey, P.S. (Eds.)
15. Biodiversity and Environmental Management / Joshi, B.D.
16. Biodiversity and Irrigation / Narasaiah, M. Lakshmi
17. Biodiversity and its Conservation in India: Status, Threats and Conservation / Negi, S.S.
18. Biodiversity and its Significance / Tandon, Pramod; Kumaria, Suman & Abrol, Y.P. (Eds.)
19. Biodiversity and Sustainable Development / Narasaiah, M.L.
20. Biodiversity and Vegetation of Pachmarhi Hills / Singh, V.P. & Kaul, Ashok
21. Biodiversity Conservation / Trivedi, P.C.
22. Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development / Khan, T.I. & Shishodia, Y.S. (Eds.)
23. Biodiversity Conservation and Utilisation / Gupta, Asha
24. Biodiversity Conservation in the Western Himalaya: Western Himalayan Ecoregional Strategy and Action Plan / Singh, Surendra P. & Thadani, Rajesh
25. Biodiversity Conservation, Environmental Pollution and Ecology; 2 Volumes / Pandey, B.N. & et. al.
26. Biodiversity Dynamics: Turnover of Population, Taxa and Communities / Michael, L.; McKinney & Drake, J.A. (Eds.)
27. Biodiversity in India (Floristic Aspects) / Rao, R.R.
28. Biodiversity in India: Issues and Concerns / Kannaiyan, S. & Gopalam, A. (Eds.)
29. Biodiversity in India; 6 Volumes / Pullaiah, T. (Ed.)
30. Biodiversity in the Shivalik Ecosystem of Punjab / Jerath, N.; Puja; & Chadha, J. (Eds.)
31. Biodiversity of Assam: Status Strategy and Action Plan for Conservation / Bhagabati, A.K.; Kalita, M.C. & Baruah, S. (Eds.)
32. Biodiversity of Desert National Park, Rajasthan / Singh, V. & Singh, Monika
33. Biodiversity of Mangroves / Chaudhuri, A.B.
34. Biodiversity of the Kashmir Himalaya / Dar, G.H.; Bhagat, R.C. & Khan, M.A.
35. Biodiversity of the Western Ghats of Maharashtra / Jagtap, Ajit P. & Singh, N.P.
36. Biodiversity: An Overview / Kumar, Mukesh; Gupta, Rajan Kumar & Paliwal, G.S.
37. Biodiversity: Extinction and Conservation / Kartikeya, Kumar
38. Biodiversity: Global Concerns / Sinha, R.K. (Ed.)
39. Biodiversity: Issues Threats and Conservation / Pandey, B.N.; Sharma, A.P.; Jha, B.C.; Pandey, P.N.; Katiha, P.K. & Jaiswal, K.
40. Biodiversity: Strategies for Conservation: Dr. S K Agarwal Commemoration / Dadhich, L.K. & et. al. (Eds.)
41. Biological Diversity Acts / Ao, Imotemsu; Lakshminath, A. & Jha, L.K. (Drs.)
42. Biological Diversity: Origin, Evolution and Conservation / Sharma, Arun Kumar
43. Bioresources and Genepool Conservation / Singh, M.P. & Dey, Soma
44. Biotech's Dictionary of Biodiversity / Francis, Meena
45. Changing Landscape of Plant Sciences / Daniel, M.
46. Climate Change and Biodiversity / 'Bharti', Pawan Kumar & Chauhan, Avnish
47. Community-based Biodiversity Conservation in the Himalayas / Gokhale, Yogesh & Negi, Ajeet K. (Eds.)
48. Conservation of Biodiversity and Natural Resources / Singh, M.P.; Dey, Soma & Singh, S. Vijay
49. Conservation of Natural Resources / Prasad, Govind
50. Diversity of Plant Life; 2 Volumes / Knight, A.E. & et. al.
51. Ecology and Plant Diversities / Drummond, J.M.F.
52. Ecorestoration and Biodiversity Conservation / Mishra, G.P. & Gupta, Asha
53. Encyclopaedia of Biodiversity; 3 Volumes / Prabhakar, V.K.
54. Environmental Management and Conservation; 2 Volumes / Khitoliya, R.K.
55. Ethnobiology: Role of Indigenous and Ethnic Societies in Biodiversity Conservation, Human Health Protection and Sustainable Development / Sinha, Rajiv K. & Sinha, Shweta
56. Eucalyptus: Enduring Myths Stunning Realities / Abbasi, S.A.; Ramesh, N. & Vinithan, S.
57. Field Manual on Herbarium Techniques / Singh, H.B. & Subramaniam, B.
58. Floristic Diversity and Conservation Strategies in India; 5 Volumes / Mudgal, V. & Hajra, P.K. (Eds.)
59. Floristic Diversity of Assam Study of Pabitora Wildlife Sanctuary / Bora, P.J. & Kumar, Yogendra
60. Forest Biodiversity and its Conservation Practices in India / Nautiyal, S. & Kaul, A.K.
61. Forest Environment and Biodiversity / Singh, M.P. & Singh, J.K., Mohanka, Reema & Sah, R.B.
62. Fungi: Diversity and Biotechnology / Rai, M.K. & Deshmukh, S.K. (Eds.)
63. Garden Flowers & Their Cultivation / Hibberd, Shirley
64. Garden Plants in Colour: House Plants (Revised and Expanded from Tropical Garden Plants in Colour) / Bose, T.K.; Chowdhury, B.; Sharma, S.P. & Pal, P. (Eds.)
65. Garden Plants in Colour: Trees - Tropical and Subtropical; (Revised and Expanded from Tropical Garden Plants in Colour) / Bose, T.K.; Chowdhury, B.; Cameron, P.M.; Maiti, G.G. & Maiti, R.G. (Eds.)
66. Geography of Plants: The Uses of the Principal Cultivated Plants on which the prosperity of nations in based / Meyen, F.J.F.
67. Gleanings in Plant Sciences / Ramaswamy, N.; Reddy, N. Pratap; Pullaiah, T.; Murthy, G.V.S. & Rao, G.P.
68. Glimpses of Biodiversity / Hosetti, B.B.
69. Gymnosperm: Naked Seeds Plant: Structure and Development / Singh, V.P.
70. Handbook of the British Flora: A Description of the Flowering Plants / Bentham, G.
71. Herbal Medicines, Biodiversity and Conservation Strategies / Rajak & Rai, M.K.
72. Hunting For Sustainability in Topical Forests / Robinson, John & Bennett, E. (Eds.)
73. Indian Gondwana Plants: A Revision / Sewards, A.C. & Sahni, B.
74. Indian Valerianceae / Prakash, Ved
75. Insect Transmission of Plant Diseases / Leach, Julian Gilbert
76. Intellectual Property Rights and Conservation of Forest Resources / Gupta, Sudhanshu (I.F.S.)
77. Introduction to Plant Science; 2 Volumes / Vines, S.H.
78. Jim Corbett of India / Khati, A.S.
79. Landscape Gardening and Design with Plants (2nd Edition) / Bhattacharjee, Supriya Kumar
80. The Latest Portfolio of Theory and Practice in Plant Taxonomy / Das, Susheela M.
81. Life Histories of Familiar Plants / Ward, John J.
82. The Living Planet in Crisis Biodiversity Science and Policy / Cracraft, J. & Grifo, F.T.
83. Lower Gondwana Plants From the Golabgarh Pass Kashmir / Sewards, A.C.
84. Mechanisms of Plant Fertilization / Sharma, Ramniwas
85. Medicinal Plants: Biodiversity, Conservation and Traditional Knowledge; 4 Volumes / Srivastava, A.K.
86. Mesozoic Plants From Afghanistan Turkistan / Seawards, A.C.
87. Methods in Plant Tissue Culture; (2nd Enlarged Edition) / Kumar, U.
88. Modern Trend in Plant Sciences, Vol.1 / Pundir, Y.P.S.
89. Natural Resources Conservation / Trivedi, P.R. (Prof.)
90. Orchids of India: Commercialization & Conservation / Sharma, Jauti
91. Origins of Plant Names / Patil, D.A. (Ed.)
92. Ornamental Flowering Trees & Shrubs / Webster, A.D.
93. Ornamental Plant Propagation in the Tropics / FAO
94. Ornamental Plants: Role of Mutation / Datta, S.K.
95. Palm-Leaf Minatures: The Art of Raghunath Prustiof Orissa / Das, J.P. & Williams, Joanna
96. Perspectives of Plant Biodiversity / Das, A.P.
97. Perspectives on Tourism and Biodiversity / Poddar, Rakesh
98. Photosynthesis in Plants / Mishra, Shubhrata R.
99. Plant Biodiversity and Taxonomy / Singh, M. P. & et. al.
100. Plant Bio-Diversity of the World / Rao, M. Lokeswara
101. Plant Diseases: Biocontrol Management / Nehra, Sampat
102. Plant Diversity and Conservation / Ramachandran, V.S.
103. Plant Diversity and Conservation in India: An Overview / Chowdhery, H.J. & Murti, S.K.
104. Plant Diversity Hotspots in India: An Overview / Hajra, P.K. & Mudgal, V. (Eds.)
105. Plant Diversity in India: Present Status and Conservation Strategies / Dargan, J.S. & Sarma, T.A.
106. Plant Diversity in Lower Gori Valley, Pithoragarh, U.P. (Hydro-Electric Project Area) / Murti, S.K.; Singh, D.K. & Singh, S.
107. Plant Diversity in the Tiger Reserves of India / Hajra, P.K.; Gangopadhyay, M. & Chakraborty, T. (Eds.)
108. Plant Diversity of Some Wetlands of Doon Valley / Kumar, S.
109. Plant Ecology / Singh, S.K.
110. Plant Ecology / Woodhead, T.W.
111. Plant Genotyping: The DNA Fingerprinting of Plants / Henry, R.J. (Ed.)
112. Plant Growth and Development / Naidu, C.K.
113. Plant Pathology in India: One Hundred Years of Plant Pathology in India / Chahal, S.S. & et. al. (Eds.)
114. Plant Pigments and their Manipulation / Davies, Kevin
115. Plant Protection and Pest Management / Mishra, Shubhrata R.
116. Plant Resources of Uttar Pradesh / Srivastava, R.C.
117. Plant Tissue Culture / Singh, S.K. & Srivastava, Seema
118. Plant Tissue Culture and Molecular Markers: Their Role in Improving Crop Productivity / Kumar, Ashwani & Shekhawat, N.S. (Eds.)
119. Plant Tissue Culture: Techniques and Experiments / Smith, Robert A.H.
120. Plant Wealth of the Lower Ganga Delta; 2 Volumes / Naskar, Kumudranjan
121. Plants and Vitamins / Schopfer, W.H. & Noecker, N.L.
122. Poisonous Plants / Long, H.C.
123. Research Methods in Plant Sciences Allelopathy; 5 Volumes / Narwal, Shamsher S.; Dahiya, S.S. & Singh, I.P. (Eds.)
124. Restoration and Conservation Ecology / Prasad, Govind
125. Roses and How to Grow Them / West, R. Barton
126. Studies on the Impact of Environmental Pollution on Pharmacognostical, Phytochemical and Bioactive Properties of an Aquatic Weed (Hydrilla Verticillata (L.F.) Royle and a Terrestrial Weed (Ruellia Tuberosa L.) Species / Kensa, V. Mary (Dr.)
127. Textbook of Plant Anatomy / Singh, Sanjay Kumar
128. Textbook of Plant Anatomy / Stevens, W.C.
129. Textbook of Plant Propagation and Nursery Management / Sharma, R.R. & Hare Krishna
130. Tourism, Biodiversity and Sustainable Development; 6 Volumes / Kandhari, O.P. & et. al.
131. Training Manual on People's Biodiversity Register / Bhattacharya, A.K. (IFS)
132. Trends in Biodiversity and Aquaculture / Wanganeo, Ashwani & Langer, R.K.


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