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1. Academic's Dictionary of Botany / Srivastava, K.P. & Garg, P.K. (Dr.)
2. Achievements and Prospects Mycology and Plant Pathology / Chahal, S.S.; Prashar, I.B.; Randhawa, H.S. & Arya, S.
3. Advances in Plant Hormones Research: Indian Scenario / Malik, C.P.
4. Advances in Plant Pathology / Sinha, Satish Kumar (Dr.)
5. An Aid to the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature / Henry, A.N. & Bose, M. Chandra
6. Aquatic Biology in India / Kachroo, P.
7. Basics of Botany (Basics of the Hard Sciences) / Pradhan, Madhusmita
8. Basics of Plant Physiology (Basics of the Hard Sciences) / Pradhan, Nirmal Chandra
9. Bee Botany of Bhimtal in Western Himalayas: Melissopalynological Analysis / Garg, Arti
10. Bicentenary Celebration of Indian Botanic Garden: A Pictorial Glimpse / Samaddar, U.P. & Roy, B. (Ed.)
11. Biofertilizers and Biopesticides / Suri, Shalini (Dr.)
12. The Biology of Aquatic Vascular Plants / Sculthorpe, C.D.
13. Botanicals as Ecofriendly Pesticides / Mahulikar, Pramod P. & Chavan, Kshama M.
14. Cacti: Botany, Culture and Uses / Bhattacharjee, Supriya Kumar
15. A Comprehensive Dictionary of Botany / Norman, James F.
16. Cultivated Plants: Their Propagation and Improvement / Burbidge, Frederick William
17. Current Researches in Plant Science; 2 Volumes / Sarma, T.A.; Saini, S.S.; Trivedi, M.L. & Sharma, M.
18. The Dispersal of Plants throughout the World / Ridley, Henry N.
19. Ecofriendly Management of Plant Diseases / Ahamad, Shahid & Udit Narain (Eds.)
20. Encyclopaedia of Plant Ecology; 3 Volumes / Bukhari, A.Z.
21. Encyclopaedia of Plants; 3 Volumes / Loudon, J.C.
22. Encyclopaedia of Tissue Culture; 3 Volumes / Ahmad, M.S.
23. Encyclpaedia of Modern Methods of Teaching Science; 7 Volumes / Malhotra, Vinayak
24. Endemic and Threatened Flowering Plants of Maharashtra / Mishra, Dipak Kumar & Singh, N.P.
25. An Enumeration of the Plant Resources of Shimla Himachal Pradesh in the Northwest Himalayas / Seth, M.K. & Jaswal, Sunil
26. Ethnobotany of Dadra, Nagar Haveli and Daman (Union Territories) / Sharma, P.P. & Singh, N.P.
27. Floriculture in Hills / Raj, Desh
28. Fly Ash Amendment & Plant Growth / Mohan, Sumedha Mehta (Dr.)
29. Frontiers in Microbial Biotechnology and Plant Pathology / Manoharachary, C.; Purohit, D.K.; Reddy, S. Ram; Charya, M.A. Singara & Girisham, S.
30. Fundamentals of Plant Pathology / Pathak, V.N.; Khatri, N.K. & Pathak, Manish
31. Gardening in India / Sinha, Nishi
32. Genera of Indian Polypores / Sharma, J.R.
33. Glimpses of Plant Sciences / Sharma, M.R. & Gupta, B.K.
34. GMP for Botanicals: Regulatory and Quality Issues on Phytomedicines / Verpoorte, Robert & Mukherjee, Pulok K. (Eds.)
35. Handbook of Biofertilizers and Biopesticides / Deshmukh, A.M.; Khobragade, R.M. & Dixit, P.P. (Eds.)
36. Himalayan Athyrioid Frens / Fraser, Jankins
37. Hymenochaetaceae of India / Sharma, J.R.
38. Important Plants of India / Tewari, D.N.
39. Information Technology Plant Pathology and Biodiversity / Murthy, Parthav Narayan
40. Information Technology, Plant Pathology and Biodiversity / Bridge, P. & et. al. (Eds.)
41. International Directory of Botanical Gardens / Heywood, C.A. & Jackson, P.W.
42. Introduction to Plant Virology / Bos, L.
43. Journal of Botany; 4 Volumes / Hooker, W.J.
44. Key Works to the Taxonomy of Flowering Plants of India; 5 Volumes / Nayar, M.P.
45. Laboratory Manual on Plant Pathology, 2nd Rev. Edn. / Jha, D.K.
46. Leafy Vegetables / Rajan, G. Baskar
47. A Manual of Cultivated Palms in India / Basu, S.K. & Chakraverty, R.K.
48. Manual of Plant Pathological Techniques / Chattopadhyay, S.B.
49. Meliolales of India; 2 Volumes / Hosagoudar, V.B.
50. Methods of Bacterial Plant Pathology / Chakravarti, B.P.
51. Monograph on Indian Diospyros L. (Persimmon, Ebony) Ebenaceae / Singh, V.
52. Network of Botanic Gardens / Nayar, M.P.
53. Nitrogen-Metabolism in Plants / Beevers, L.
54. Nutritional and Medicinal Values of Plant Foods / Basak, S.L.
55. Ontogeny and Systematics / Humphries, C.J.
56. Ornamental Plants for Gardening / Chopra, V.L. & Singh, Markadey
57. Phytochemical Techniques / Raaman, N. (Prof.)
58. Plant Pathology / Butler, E.J. & Jones, S.C.
59. Plant Pathology / Trivedi, Pravin Chandra
60. Plant Reproduction / Mishra, Shubhrata R. (Dr.)
61. Plant Tissue Culture / Kumar, Sunil & Singh, M.P.
62. Plant Wealth of Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve / Hajra, P.K. & Balodi, Bipin
63. Plants for Reclamation of Wastelands / Sastry, Tenjarla C.S. & Kavathekar, K.Y. (Eds.)
64. Plants in Ancient Indian Civilizations / Sinh, Ajay
65. Quality Control of Herbal Drugs: An Approach to Evaluation of Botanicals / Mukherjee, Pulok K. (Dr.)
66. Recent Advances in Botany / Kachroo, P.
67. Recent Advances in Plant Pathology / Akhtar, Husain with Singh, Kishan; Singh, B.P. & Agnihotri, V.P.
68. Red Data Book of Indian Plants; 3 Volumes / Nayar, M.P. & Sastry, A.R.K. (Eds.)
69. Soil Microflora / Gupta, Rajan Kumar; Kumar, Mukesh & Vyas, Deepak
70. Species Concepts and Phylogenetic Theory / Wheeler, D. & Meier, R.
71. Standardization of Botanicals: Testing and Extraction Methods of Medicinal Herbs, 2 Volumes (2nd Edition) / Rajpal, V. (Dr.)
72. Status Report on Aromatic and Essential Oil-bearing Plants in NAM Countries / Husain, Akhtar
73. Taxonomic Analysis in Biology / Abbott, L.A.; Bishy, F.A. & Rogers, D.J.
74. Teaching of Botany / Tiwari, Manish
75. A Textbook of Botany; 2 Volumes / Singh, S.K. & Srivastava, Seema
76. A Textbook of Plant Diseases / Kumari, Sanju
77. Textbook of Plant Diseases / Singh, S.K. & Srivastava, Seema
78. Textbook of Plant Pathology / Singh, S.K. & Srivastava, Seema
79. A Textbook of Practical Botany; 2 Volumes / Singh, M.P.; Chaudhary, S.B. & Sahu, H.B.
80. Textbook of Practical Botany; 4 Volumes / Sunara, Rajan, S.
81. Translocation in Plants / Mishra, Shubhrata R. (Dr.)
82. A Tryst with Mango: Retrospect, Aspects, Prospects / Prakash, Om & Khan, R.M.
83. The Useful Plants of India / Ambasta, S.P. (Chief Ed.)
84. Vistas in Mycology and Plant Pathology / Gangawane, L.V. & et. al.
85. Water Plants: A Study of Aquatic Angiosperms / Arber, A.
86. Wood Anatomy of Legumes of India: Their Identification, Properties and Uses / Chauhan, Luxmi & Rao, R. Vijendra


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