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1. The Aconites of India (A Monograph) / Stapf, Otto.
2. Additamenta et Corrigenda ad Floram SSSR (Tomi 1-30) Code of additions and changes to the 'Flora of the USSR' (Volumes 1-30) / Cherepanov, S.K.
3. Additamenta et Corrigenda ad Floram SSSR (Tomi 1-30): Code of Additions and Changes to the 'Flora of the USSR'; Volumes 1-30 / Cherepanov, S.K.
4. Additional Elements in Indian Flora; Vol. 1 / Samaddar, U.P. & Roy, B.
5. Additional Notes on Plants of North Gujarat / Saxton, W.T.
6. Advanced Commercial Floriculture; 2 Volumes / Bhattacharjee, S.K. & De, Lakshman Chandran
7. Advances in Legume Research in India / Rao, R.R. & Chaudhary, L.B.
8. Algal Flora of Dehradun District, Uttaranchal / Gupta, R.K.
9. Algal Flora of Sundarbans Mangal / Sen, Neera & Naskar, Kumudranjan
10. Alpine Plants of Western Himalaya: A Palyno-Taxonomical Study / Sharma, C.M.
11. Beautiful Flowers of Kashmir; 2 Volumes / Blatter, Ethelbert
12. Bengal Plants; 2 Volumes / Prain, D.
13. A Botanical Tour in the Tinnevelly Hills / Ramaswami, M.S.
14. The Botany of Bihar and Orissa: An Account of All the Known Indigenous Plants of the Province and of the Most Important or Most Commonly Cultivated Exotic Ones; 6 Parts (bound in 3) / Haines, H.H.
15. The Botany of South Kanara District / Arora, R.K.; Wadhwa, B.M. & Raizada, M.B.
16. The Botany of the Abor Expedition / Burkill, I.H.
17. The Botany of the Afghan Delimitation Commission / Aitchison, J.E.T.
18. Case Studies in Plant Taxonomy: Exercises in Applied Pattern Recognition / Stuessy, Tod F.
19. Catalogue of the Plants of Kumaon and of the Adjacent Portions of Garhwal and Tibet / Strachey, R.
20. A Catalogue of the Plants of the Punjab and Sind / Aitchison, J.E.T.
21. Commercial Protected Floriculture / Bose, U.S. (Dr.)
22. The Commoner Flowering Plants of Western India / Isaacs, Mozelle
23. Compositae Indicae (Book on Grasses) / Clarke, C.B.
24. A Contribution to the Flora of Namdapha, Arunachal Pradesh / Chauhan, A.S.; Singh, K.P. & Singh, D.K.
25. Contributions towards a Flora of South America and the Islands of the Pacific (Illustrated) / Arnott, G.A.W. & Hooker, W.J.
26. Contributors to the Flora of Kerala The Family Acanthaceae / Ramdevi, S. & Kumar, B.M.S.
27. Correction and Nomenclature Changes to the Forest Flora of the Bombay Presidency and Sindh by W.A. Talbot / Raizada, M.B.
28. Cyperaceae of Uttar Pradesh: A Checklist / Uniyal, B.P.
29. Dicotyledonous Plants of Uttar Pradesh: S Check List / Khanna, K.K.; Mudgal, V.; Uniyal, B.P. & Sharma, J.R.
30. Die Laubmoose Europas, Andreaeales-Bryales: Dr. L. Rabenhorsts Kryptogamen-Flora Von Deutschland Oesterreich und der Schweiz; Band IV / Monkemeyer, W.
31. Die Lebermoose Europas; (Bound in One) / Mueller, K.
32. The Dispersal of Plants throughout the World / Ridley, Henry N.
33. Diversity and Classification of Flowering Plants / Takhtajan, Armen
34. Endemic Plants of India-Camp for the Endemics of Agasthiyamalai Hills, S.W. Ghats / Gopalan, R. & Henry, A.N.
35. Enumeration of Burmese Palms / Kurz, S.
36. Epicrisis Systematis Mycologici Seu Synopsis Hymenomycetum / Fries, E.
37. Eppiphytes and Parasitesof Kerala, India / Khan, Shanavas, A.E. & Sivadasan, M.
38. The Ethnobotany of Eastern Ghats in Andhra Pradesh / Rao, N. Rama & Henry, A.N.
39. Euphorbiaceae Novae E. Peninsula Malayana / Gage, A.T.
40. Families of Flowering Plants, Arranged According to a New System Based on Their Probable Phylogeny / Hutchinson, J.
41. The Family Eriocaulaceae in India / Ansari, R. & Balakrishnan, N.P.
42. The Family Euphorbiaceae in India: A Synopsis its Profile, Taxonomy and Bibliography / Balakrishnan, N.P. & Chakrabarty, T.
43. Family Rosaceae in India; Vol.I: Revisionary Studies on Some Genera / Purohit, K.M. & Panigrahi, G.
44. Family Rosaceae in India; Vol.II: Revisionary Studies on Six Genera / Ghora, C. & Panigrahi, G.
45. Family Rosaceae in India; Vol.III / Kumar, A. & Panigrahi, G.
46. The Family Rosaceae in India; Vol.IV: Revisionary Studies on Potentilla L. Sibbaldia L. & Brachycaulos / Dikshit, B.K. & Panigrahi, G.
47. Fauna and Flora of Nepal Himalayas: Scientific Results o the Japanese Expeditions to Nepal Himalaya 1952-1953 / Kihara, H.
48. Fern Flora of South India: Taxonomic Revision of Polypodioid / Nampy, Santosh
49. Flora Aegyptiaco-Arabica, Sive Descsriptiones Plantarum Quas Per Aegyptum Inferiorem et Arabiam Felicem / Forskal, P.
50. Flora and Fauna of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh / Qadri, Shafi Ahmad
51. Flora Andhrica: A Vernacular and Botanical List of Plants Commonly Met Within the Telugu District of the Nortern Circars / Elliot, W.
52. Flora Arabica; Volumes 1-8 / Blatter, E.
53. Flora Brasiliensis; Volume II-1, II-2, II-3, III-1, III-2, III-3, III-4, IV-1, V-2, VI-2, VI-3, VI-4, XIII-1 / C.F.P. von Martius, A.G. Eichler & I. Urban (Eds.)
54. Flora De Portugal: Plantas Vasculares / Coutinho, A.P.
55. Flora Exotica of Jammu and Kashmir / Bhellum, B.L.; Magotra, Rani & Jee, Vir
56. Flora indica or Descriptions of Indian Plants / Carey, William & Roxburgh, William
57. Flora Indica: Being A Systematic Account of the Plants of British India, together with Observations on the Structure and Affinities of their Natural Orders and Genera; Vol.1: Ranunculaceae to Fumariaceae / Hooker, J.D. & Thomson, Thomas
58. Flora Indica: Cui Accedit Series Zoophytorum Indicorum, Nec Non Prodromus Florae Capensis / Burmann, N.L.
59. Flora of Aden / Blatter, E.
60. Flora of Agasthyamala Kerala / Mohanan, N. & Sivadasan, M.
61. Flora of Ahmednagar District (Maharashtra) / Pradhan, S.G. & Singh, N.P.
62. Flora of Alappuzha of District Kerala, India / Swami, A; Sunil, C.N. & Sivadasan, M.
63. Flora of Allahabad District (Uttar Pradesh, India) / Misra, Bal Krishna & Verma, Birendra Kumar
64. Flora of Anantapur District, Andhra Pradesh / Pullaiah, T. & Yesoda, N.
65. Flora of Andhra Pradesh State (India); 4 Volumes / Pullaiah, T. & Chennaiah, E.
66. Flora of Assam; 5 Volumes / Kanjilal, Upendra Nath; Kanjilal, P.C & Das, A.
67. Flora of Bankura District: West Bengal / Sanyal, M.N.
68. Flora of Barak Valley, Assam: With their Economic Utility (Volume 1) / Dutta, P.S.; Chaudhury, M. Dutta & Dutta, B.K.
69. Flora of Calicut / Manilal, K.S. & Sivarajan, V.V.
70. Flora of Chamba District (Himachal Pradesh) / Singh, H. & Sharma, M.
71. Flora of Coimbatore / Chandrabose, M. & Nair, N.C.
72. Flora of Davanagere District, Karnataka, India / Pullaiah, T.; Manjunatha, B.K. & Krishna, V.
73. Flora of Dudhwa National Park / Singh, K.K.
74. Flora of Eastern Ghats: Hill Ranges of South East India; 4 Volumes / Pullaiah, T.; Rao, D. Muralidhara; Ramamurthy, K. Sri & Karuppusamy, S.
75. The Flora of Eastern Himalaya; 3 Volumes / Hara, Hiroshi
76. Flora of Great Himalayan National Park Himachal Pradesh / Singh, S.K. & Rawat, G.S.
77. Flora of Guntur District Andhra Pradesh, India / Pullaiah, T.; Ramakrishnaiah; Rani, S. Sandhya & Rao, P.N.
78. Flora of Haryana (Materials) / Kumar, S.
79. Flora of Himalayas: With Special Reference to Kumaon, Nepal and Tibet / Atkinson, J.E.T.
80. Flora of Howrah District (West Bengal) / Bennet, S.S.R.
81. Flora of Indravati Tiger Reserves / Kumar, Anand
82. The Flora of Jabalpur / Oommachan, M. & Shrivastava, J.L.
83. Flora of Jalgaon District, Maharashtra / Kshirsagar, S.R. & Patil, D.A.
84. Flora of Jammu and Plants of Neighbourhood; 2 Volumes / Sharma, Brij Mohan & Kachroo, P.
85. Flora of Kullu District: Himachal Pradesh / Dhaliwal, D.S. & Sharma, M.
86. Flora of Kurnool (Andhra Pradesh) / Raju, R.R. Ventaka & Pullaiah, T.
87. Flora of Ladakh / Kachroo, P.; Sapru, B.L. & Dhar, U.
88. Flora of Ladakh: Western Tibet / Stewart, R.R.
89. Flora of Lahaul-Spiti: A Cold Desert in North West Himalaya / Aswal, B.S. & Mehrotra, B.N.
90. The Flora of Majuli / Islam, M.
91. Flora of Manipur, Volume 1 (Ranunculacea - Asteraceae) / Singh, N.P.; Chauhan, A.S. & Mondal, M.S. (Eds.)
92. Flora of Medak District, Andhra Pradesh / Pullaiah, T.; Prabhakar C. & Rao, B. Raviprasad
93. Flora of Mussoorie, Vol.1 / Raizada, M.B. & Saxena, H.O.
94. A Flora of New Mexico; 2 Volumes / Martin, W.C. & Hutchins, C.R.
95. Flora of Nilambur (Western Ghats, Kerala) / Sivarajan, V.V. & Mathew, P.
96. Flora of Nilgiri and Pulney Hill Tops; 3 Volumes / Fyson, P.F.
97. Flora of Nizamabad / Pullaiah, T. & Rao, B.R.
98. Flora of Palghat (Kerala State) / Subramanian, K.N.; Venkatasubramanian, N. & Nallaswamy, V.K.
99. Flora of Pathanamthitta: Western Ghats, Kerala / Kumar, N. Anil; Sivadasan, M. & Ravi, N.
100. Flora of Pulwama, Kashmir / Kachroo, P. & Navchoo, Irshad Ahmed
101. Flora of Rajasthan: Series Inferea / Sharma, K.K. & Sharma, S.
102. Flora of Rajasthan: South and South-East Region / Tiagi, Y.D. & Aery N.C.
103. Flora of Ranga Reddi District / Pullaiah, T. & Mohammed, M. Silar
104. Flora of Sambalpur (Orissa) / Panda, S. & Das, A.P.
105. Flora of Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali-Mumbai (Bombay) / Pradham, S.G.; Sharma, B.D. & Singh, N.P.
106. The Flora of Savantwadi; 2 Volumes / Almeida, S.M.
107. Flora of Sirmaur District (Himachal Pradesh) / Kaur, Harsimerjit & Sharma, M.
108. Flora of Sundribuns / Prain, D.
109. Flora of Syria, Palestine and Sinai: From the Taurus to Ras Muhammad: And from the Mediterranean Sea to the Syrian Desert / Post, George E.
110. Flora of Telangana, 3 Volumes / Pullaiah, T.
111. The Flora of the Anamalai Hills / Fischer, C.E.C.
112. Flora of the Cape Coast, Part II / Chakravarty, H.L.
113. Flora of the Indian Desert: Their Economic and Medicinal Value, 2nd Edition / Bhandari, M.M. & Vyas, S.P.
114. The Flora of the Indus Delta / Blatter, E.; C. McCann & Sabnis, T.S.
115. Flora of the Jabalpur Group (Upper Gondwanas) in the Son-Narbada Region / Feistmantel, O.
116. Flora of the Kuram Valley, Afghanistan / Aitchison, J.E.T.
117. The Flora of the Presidency of Bombay; 2 Volumes / Cooke, T.
118. Flora of the Presidency of Madras; 3 Volumes / Gamble, J.S.
119. Flora of the Punjab Plans and Associated Hill Regions / Sabins, T.S.
120. The Flora of the South Indian Hill Stations: Ootacamund, Coonoor, Kotagiri Kodaikanal, Yercaud and the Country Round; 3 Volumes / Fyson, P.F.
121. Flora of the U.S.S.R. (Index to Vols.I-XXX) / Gahlot, G.S. & Gahlot, A.
122. Flora of the Upper Gangetic Plain and of the Adjacent Siwalik and Sub Himalayan Tracts; 3 Volumes (bound in 2) / Duthie, J.F.
123. Flora of the USSR (Flora SSSR); 30 Volumes (English translation from the Russian) / Flora of the USSR (Flora SSSR); 30 Volumes
124. Flora of Thummalapalle Uranium Mining Area, Andhra Pradesh, India / Pullaiah, T.; Rani, S. Sandhya; Sadasivaiah, B. & Kullayiswamy, K. Raja
125. Flora of Tons Valley, Garhwal Himalaya (Uttaranchal) / Rana, T.S.; Datt, Bhaskar & Rao, R.R.
126. Flora of Trikuta Hills (Shri Vaishno Devi Shrine) With Special Reference to the Distribution Pattern of Minor Forest Products / Kapur, S.K. & Sarin, Y.K.
127. Flora of Udhampur / Swami, A. & Gupta, B.K.
128. Flora of Upper Liddar Valleys of Kashmir Himalays; 2 Volumes / Sharma, B.M. & Jamwal, P.S.
129. Flora of Visakhapatnam District: Andhra Pradesh, Vol. 1 / Rao, G.V. Subba & Kumari, G.R.
130. Flora of West Chambaran District, Bihar / Bhattacharyya, P.K. & Sarkar, Krishnendu
131. Flora Simlensis: A Flowering Plant of Simla (Himachal Pradesh) / Collett, H. & Hemsley, W.B.
132. Flora Simlensis: A Handbook of Flowering Plants of Shimla and the Neighbourhood / Collett, H.
133. Flora Sylvatica for Southern India; 3 Volumes / Beddome, R.H.
134. Floriculture and Landscating, Volume 1 / Bose, T.K.; Maiti, R.G.; Dhua, R.S. & Das, P. (Eds.)
135. Floristic Diversity and Conservation Strategies in India; 5 Volumes / Mudgal, V. & Hajra, P.K. (Eds.)
136. Floristic Diversity of Arunachal Pradesh: Upper Subansiri District / Ambrish, Kumar
137. Floristic Diversity of Chhattisgarh (Angiosperms) / Khanna, K.K.; Kumar, Anand & Jha, Ajay Kumar
138. Floristic Plants of the World; 3 Volumes / Vardhana, Rashtra
139. Floristic Regions of the World / Takhtajan, A.
140. The Flowering Plants of Kurseong / Mathew, K.M.
141. Flowering Plants of Madras City and its Immediate Neighbourhood (with Supplement) / Mayuranathan, P.V.
142. Flowering Plants of Thrissur Forests (India) / Sasidharan, N. & Sivarajan, V.V.
143. Flowering Plants of Travancore / Rao, M.R.
144. Flowering Plants of Uttarakhand - A Check List / Uniyal, B.P.; Sharma, J.R.; Choudhery, U. & Singh, D.K.
145. The Flowering Plants of Western India / Nairne, A.K.
146. Flowering Plants, Origin and Dispersal / Takhtajan, Armen
147. A Forest Flora For Kumaon / Osmaston, A.E.
148. Forest Flora for Melghat / Patel, R.I.
149. A Forest Flora for Pilibhit, Oudh, Gorakhpur and Bundelkhand / Kanjilal, K.C.
150. Forest Flora of British Burma; 2 Volumes / Kurz, S.
151. A Forest Flora of Chota Nagpur / Haines, H.H.
152. Forest Flora of Goa / Naithani, H.B.; Sahni, K.C. & Bennet, S.S.R.
153. Forest Flora of Meghalaya; 2 Volumes / Haridasan, K. & Rao, R.R.
154. The Forest Flora of North-West and Central India; 2 Volumes (Text & Plates) / Brandis, D. & Stewart, J.L.
155. Forest Flora of Pir Panjal Range: Western Himalaya / Singh, J.B. & Kachroo, P.
156. Forest Flora of Srinagar and Plants of Neighbourhood / Singh, G. & Kachroo, P.
157. A Forest Flora of the Andaman Islands (2nd Edition) / Parkinson, C.E.
158. Forest Flora of The Bombay Presidency and Sind; 2 Volumes / Talbot, W.A.
159. Forest Flora of the Chakrata, Dehradun and Saharanpur Divisions, Uttar Pradesh (3rd Edition) / Kanjilal, Upendra Nath
160. A Forest Flora of the Punjab with Hazara and Delhi (3rd Edition) / Parker, R.N.
161. The Forest Trees of Travancore / Bourdilon, T.F.
162. The Genera of Flowering Plants: Angiospermae; 2 Volumes / Hutchinson, J.
163. Genera Plantarum Ad exemplaria imprimis in Herbariis kewensibus servata definita; 3 Volumes / Bentham, G. & Hooker, J.D.
164. Genera Plantarum Secundum Ordines Naturales Disposita / Endlicher, Stephano
165. Genera Plantarum: Ad Expemplaria Imprimis in Herbaris Kewensibus Srvata Definita; 3 Volumes / Benthem, G. & Hooker, J.D.
166. The Genus Phoma: Identity and Taxonomy / Rai, M.K.
167. Germplasm Diversity and Evaluation-Angiosperms / Atri, N.S.; Gupta, R.C.; Saggoo, M.I.S. & Singhal, V.K.
168. A Hand Book of the Flora of Ceylon; 6 Volumes / Trimen, H.
169. Hand Book of the Indian Flora; 3 Volumes / Drury, H.
170. Handbook of Common Water and Marsh Plants of India & Bruma (1936) / Biswas, K. & Calder, C.C.
171. Higher Plants of Indian Sub-Continent, Volume I - XI / Gupta, B.K. (Ed.)
172. Hooker's Icones Plantarum Volumes XXI,XXII,XIII&XIV : Series 4 (Bound in 1) / Oliver, D.
173. Hortus Malabaricus, 1678-1703; 12 Volumes / Rheede, Van
174. Icones Palantarum Asiaticarum; 8 Volumes / Griffith, William
175. Icones Palantarum Indiae Orientalis; 6 Volumes (Bound in 3) / Wight, R.
176. Icones Plantarum Asiaticarum, 1845-54, Icones Palantarum Asiaticarum; 8 Volumes / Griffith, William
177. Icones Plantarum Indiae Orientalis; 6 Volumes (bound in 3) / Wight, R.
178. An Illustrated Fern Flora of the Western Himalaya; 2 Volumes / Khullar, S.P.
179. Illustrated Flora: Part of Western Uttar Pradesh and Delhi NCR India / Tripathi, Amit K.; Sharma, Jyoti K. & Ahmad, Mohd.
180. Illustrations De La Flore DeL' Archipel Indien / Miquel, F.A.W.
181. Illustrations of Jammu Plants: A Supplement to Flora of Jammu and Plants of Neighbourhood With General Key and Annotation / Sharma, B.M.
182. Index Generum Phanerogamorum / Durand, T.H.
183. The Indian Verbenaceae: A Taxonomic Revision / Rajendran, A. & Daniel, P.
184. An Integrated System of Classification of Flowering Plants / Cronquist, Arthur
185. An Interpretation of Rumphius's Herbarium Amboinense / Merrill, E.D.
186. Introduction to Palaeobotany / George, Peter
187. Key to the Families of Flowering Plants of the World / Hutchinson, J.
188. Key Works of the Floristics of India; 2 Volumes / Nayar, M.P.; Giri, G.S. & Paul, T.K.
189. Legumes of India / Sanjappa, M.
190. Linnaeus: The Man and His Work / Frangsmyr, T.
191. List of Species and Genera of Indian Phanerogams not Included in Sir J.D. Hooker's Flora of British India / Calder, C.C.; Narayanaswami, V. & Ramaswami, M.S.
192. List of Trees, Shrubs and Principal Climbers, Etc. Recorded From Burma / Lace, J.H.
193. The Magnoliaceae of British India / King, G.
194. Mangroves of Andaman and Nicobar Islands: Taxonomy and Ecology: A Community Profile / Debnath, H.S.
195. Mangroves of Goa / Kothari, M.J. & Das, K.M.
196. Mangroves of Orissa Coast and Their Ecology / Banerjee, L.K. & Rao, T.A.
197. Megadiversity Conservation: Flora Fauna and Medicinal Plants of India's Hot Spots / Chaudhuri, A.B. & Sarkar, D.D.
198. Mistletoes of Western Himalayas: Biology, Damage and Control / Pundir, Y.P.S.
199. Monocotyledonous Plants of Uttar Pradesh: A Check List / Uniyal, S.K.; Swami, A. & Uniyal, B.P.
200. Monocotyledons A Monographic Study / Arber, A.
201. Monograph on the Genus Toona (Meliaceae) / Bahadur, K.N.
202. Monographie Phanerogamarum; 9 Volumes / Candolle, A.L.P.P. de & Candolle, A.C.P.
203. Name Changes in Flowering Plants of India and Adjacent Regions / Bennet, S.S.R.
204. The Natural Heritage of Jammu-Kashmir-Ladakh: Wildlife, Forests, Flora, River, Lakes / Dewan, Parvez (IAS)
205. Natural Resources of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh / Hussain, Mir Nazim & Hussain, Mir Ashaq
206. Note on the East Himalayan Species of Alangium and Species Novae Plantarum in Herbario Horti Reg / Cave, G.H. & Smith, W.W.
207. Palms of British East India / Griffith, William
208. The Palms of British India and Ceylon (Sri Lanka) / Blatter, E.
209. Pflanzenreich (Das) (Regni vegetabilis Conspectus); 108 Hefts (Volumes) / Begr. von. A. Engler, fortgefuehrt von L. Diels. Hefts 1-108 Leipzig
210. A Photo Guide to Flowers of Bhutan / Namgyal, Thinley & Tenzin, Karma
211. The Phyto-Geography of Legumes of Madhya Pradesh (Central India) / Tiwari, S.D.N.
212. Piperaceae Novae Peninsula Malayana / Candolle, C.E. de
213. Plant Anatomy: Principles and Practices / Desai, Renuka
214. Plant Diversity of Eastern Nepal: Flora of Plains of Eastern Nepal / Sivakoti, M. & Varma, S.K.
215. Plant Records (Published in Bulletin of the B.S.I. 1959-1999) / Uniyal, B.P.
216. Plant Resources of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands; 2 Volumes / Dagar, J.C. & Singh, N.T.
217. Plant Taxonomy / Prasad, Sushmita
218. Plant Taxonomy: The Systematic Evaluation of Comparative Data / Stuessy, Tod F.
219. Plant, Speciation / Grant, V.
220. Plantae Asiaticeae Rariores; 3 Volumes / Wallich, N.
221. Plantae Wilsonianae; 3 Volumes / Sargent, C.S.
222. Plants and Man / Bower, F.C.
223. Plants and Man / Hylander, C.J. & et. al.
224. Plants from Upper Burma and Shan States / Collett, H. & Hemsley, W.B.
225. Plants of Kohima and Muneypore / Clarke, C.B.
226. Plants of Northern Gujarat / Saxton, W.T. & Sedgwick, L.J.
227. Plants of the Coast of Coromandel; 3 Volumes / Roxburgh, W.
228. Plants of the Punjab: A Descriptive Key to the Flora of the Punjab, North-West Frontier Province and Kashmir / Bamber, C.J.
229. Prodromus Florae Nepalensis / Don, D.
230. Prodromus Florae Penninsulae Indiae Orientalis; Vol.1 / Wight, R. & Arnott, G.A.W
231. Punjab Plants Check List / Sharma, M.
232. Punjab Plants: Comprising Botanical and Vernacular Names and Uses of Most of the Trees, Shrubs, and Herbs of Economical Value, Growing within the Province / Stewart, J.L.
233. Recent Advances in Plant Sciences / Sharma, M.R. & Gupta, B.K.
234. Records of the Botanical Survey of India; Vols.-11,13, 1893-1935
235. A Revision of the Indo-Malayan Species of Glycosmis / Narayanaswami, V.
236. A Revision of the Labiatae of the Indian Empire / Mukerjee, S.K.
237. The Scrophulariaceae of the Western Himalayas / Pennell, Francis W.
238. Select Extra Tropical Plants / Mueller, Von, B.F.
239. A Sketch of the Flora of British India / Hooker, J.D.
240. A Sketch of the Vegetation of British Baluchistan / Lace, J.H. & Hemsley, W.B.
241. Some Additional Leguminosae / Prain, D.
242. Some Plants of the Zor Hills, Koweit, Arabia / Carter, H.G.
243. The Species of Oxalis Now Wild in India and a New Indian Vernonia / Calder, C.C.
244. The Species of Pedicularis of the Indian Empire / Prain, D.
245. Species Plantarum; 2 Volumes / Linnaeus, C.
246. Spicilegium Neilgherrense or a Selection of Neilgherry Plants; 2 Volumes / Wight, R.
247. Strobilanthes Blume (Acanthaceae) in Peninsular India / Venu, P.
248. Supplement to Duthie's Flora of the Upper Gangetic Plain and of the Adjacent Siwalik and Sub-Himalayan Tracts / Raizada, M.B.
249. Systematic Botany / Mohanka, Reena & et. al.
250. Systematic Studies in Polygonaceae of Kashmir Himalaya / Munshi, A.H. & Javeid
251. Taxonomy of Angiosperms / Mathur, Neeru
252. Taxonomy of Angiosperms (4rd Revised Edition) / Pullaiah, T.
253. Taxonomy of Moths in India / Srivastava, Ajai
254. Tentaman Flora Nepalensis Fascicle 1 / Wallich, N.
255. A Textbook of Plant Anatomy / Saxena, Pratibha & Das, Susheela M.
256. A Textbook of Plant Genetics / Mishra, Madhusudan & Sharma, Prabhakar
257. A Textbook of Plant Taxonomy / Kumar, Suresh
258. A Textbook of Taxonomy / Malhotra, Manas & Das, Susheela M.
259. Theory and Practice of Silviculture System / Ram Parkash & Khanna, L.S.
260. The Trees of Calcutta and its Neighbourhood / Benthall, A.P.
261. Trees of Rajasthan / Mishra, R.N. & Chandra, V.
262. Two Decades of New Indo-Burmese Species and a note on the Himalayan Species of Daphane / Smith, W.W.; Banerjee, S.C. & Ramaswami, M.S.
263. The Valley of Flowers: Myth and Reality / Kala, Chandra Prakash (Dr.)
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265. The Vegetation of the Districts of Hughle-Howrah and the 24 Pergunahs / Prain, D.
266. Vegetation Studies of Goa: Close to Mining Site / Torne, S.G. & Nyabuto, H.N.
267. Weed Flora of Kashmir Valley / Kaul, M.K.
268. Wild Flowers Kashmir; 3 Volumes / Coventry, B.O.
269. A Working List of the Flowering Plants of Baluchistan / Burkill, I.H.


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