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1. Asoka: History and Inscriptions / Panda, N.C. (Dr.)
2. Aspects of Indian History and Archaeology / Sankalia, H.D.
3. Aspects of Indian History and Culture / Bandyopadhyay, Sudipa Ray; Chaudhuri, Rita & Chakrabarti, Mahua (Eds.)
4. Bharatiya Prachin Lipimala (The Palaeography of India) / Ojha, Rai Bahadur Pandit Gaurishankar Hirachand
5. Bias in Indian Historiography / Devahuti (Ed.)
6. Brahmi Script: Development in North-Western India and Central Asia; 2 Volumes / Sharma, Ram
7. Brahmi Script: Its Palaeography (From Third Century A.D. to Sixth Century A.D.) / Vasistha, Ravindra Kumar (Dr.)
8. Buddhism and Buddhist Literature in Early Indian Epigraphy / Hazra, Kanai Lal
9. Coastal Archaeology of Western India (With special reference to Goa) / Nambirajan, M.
10. Computer Application in Indian Epigraphy; 3 Volumes / Dayalan, D.
11. Contribution of Andhra Epigraphy to Temple Architecture / Reddy, A.K.V.S.
12. Copper-plate Inscriptions of Odisha: A Descriptive Catalogue (Circa Fourth Century to Sixteenth Century CE) / Acharya, Subrata Kumar
13. Cultural, Historical and Political Aspects of Perso-Arabic Epigraphy of India / Bhattacharyya, A.K.
14. Culture Under the Gahadavalas: A Epigraphical Study / Dubey, Ashish Kumar
15. Deciphering the Indus Script / Parpola, Asko
16. Descriptive Catalogue of Sanskrit Inscriptions: From 300 B.C. to 19th century A.D.; 7 Volumes / Kumar, Pushpendra (Prof.)
17. A Descriptive Catalogue of Sanskrit Manuscripts in the Government Collection; 10 Volumes in 11 Parts / Shastri, Mahamahopadhyaya Haraprasad
18. Early Inscriptions / Sastri, Sadhu Subrahmanya (Ed.)
19. The Epic Civilisation / Pruthi, R.K. (Ed.)
20. Epigraphical Glossary on Inscriptions / Vijayaraghavacharya, V. (Ed.)
21. Epigraphical Studies of Rajasthan Inscriptions / Mishra, Ratan Lal
22. Epigraphy and Art / Singh, S.B.
23. Epigraphy of India / Bhattacharyya, A.K.
24. The Glorious Heritage of India; 2 Volumes (In Memory of Prof. R.C. Sharma) / Trivedi, S.D. (Ed.) (Dr.)
25. The Hathigumpha Inscription of Kharavela and the Bhabru Edict of Asoka: A Critical Study / Kant, Shashi
26. Hemakuta: Recent Research of Art, Archaeology, Museology, Numismatics and Epigraphy; 2 Volumes / Murthy, A.V. Narasimha; Suresh, K.M.; Poonacha, K.P. & Basavaraj, K.R. (Eds.)
27. A Historical Development of Middle-Indo-Aryan Language (With reference to Buddhist Literature and Epigraphy) / Das, Saheli
28. History and Heritage; 3 Volumes / Shukla, S.P.; Bisht, R.S.; Joshi, M.P. & Srivastava, Prashant (Eds.)
29. History and Palaeography of Kharosti Script / Upasak, C.S.
30. The Indian Antiquary: A Journal of Oriental Research in Archaeology, Epigraphy, Ethnology, Geography, History, Folklore, Languages, Literature, Numismatics, Philososphy, religion, etc.; 62 Volumes + Index / Jas, Burgess (Ed.)
31. Indian Epigraphy / Sircar, D.C.
32. Indian Epigraphy: A Guide to the Study of Inscriptions in Sanskrit, Prakrit, and the other Indo-Aryan Languages / Salmon, Richard
33. Indian History and Epigraphy / Ramesh, K.P. & et. al.
34. Indian Palaeography / Dani, Ahmad Hasan
35. Indian Paleography / Buhler, Georg
36. The Indic Scripts: Palaeographic and Linguistic Perspectives / Patel, P.G.; Pandey, Pramod & Rajgor, Dilip (Eds.)
37. Indus Script Deciphered / Rao, M.V.N. Krishna
38. Indus Script on its Way to Decipherment / Sharma, D.P.
39. Inscriptions of Achyutaraya's Times / Vijayaraghavacharya, V. (Ed.)
40. Inscriptions of Asoka / Rastogi, Naresh Prasad
41. Inscriptions of Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Kashmir and Adjoining Hilly Tracts / Agrawal, Jagannath (Prof.) (1905-1993)
42. Inscriptions of Krishnaraya's Time / Vijayaraghavacharya, V. (Ed.)
43. Inscriptions of Orissa / Tripathy, Snigdha
44. Inscriptions of Orissa, Volume 2: Inscriptions of the Bhuma-Karas / Tripathy, Snigdha (Dr.) (Mrs.)
45. Inscriptions of Sadasivaraya's Time / Vijayaraghavacharya, V. (Ed.)
46. Inscriptions of Saluva Narasimha's Time / Sastri, Sadhu Subramanya & Vijayaraghavacharya, B. (Eds.)
47. Inscriptions of Venkatapatiraya's Time; Part-I / Vijayaraghavacharya, V.
48. Kalamukha Temples of Karnataka: Art and Cultural Legacy (Somanatha at Haralahalli and Kadambeshvara at Rattihalli) / Filliozat, Vasundhara & Filliozat, Pierre-Sylvain
49. Kalhar (White Water-Lily): Studies in Art, Iconography, Architecture and Archaeology of India and Bangladesh (Professor Enamul Haque Felicitation Volume) / Bhattacharya, Gouriswar; Mevissen, Gerd J.R.; Mitra, Mallar & Sinha, Sutapa (Eds.)
50. Kharosthi Inscriptions: Discovered by Sir Aurel Stein in Chinese Turkestan / Aurel Stein
51. Krishnabhinandana: Archaeological, Historical and Cultural Studies (Festschrift to Dr. V.V. Krishna Sastry) / Reddy, P. Chenna (Dr.) (Ed.)
52. Literature and Epigraphy of Tamilnadu / Krishnan, A.
53. Madhya Pradesh: Cultural and Historical Geography from Place Names in Inscriptions; 2 Volumes / Mahajan, Malati
54. Madhyabharata Mein Utkirnana Evam Lekhan Takneek Udbhav Evam Vikas / Parihar, Dinesh Nandini (Dr.)
55. Mahasenasiri: Riches of Indian Archaeological and Cultural Studies; 2 Volumes (A Felicitation Volume in Honour of Dr. I.K. Sarma) / Reddy, P. Chenna (Ed.)
56. Materials Used for Indian Epigraphical Records / Diskalkar, D.B. (Prof.)
57. Nalanda and its Epigraphic Materials / Sastri, Hiranand
58. New Facets of Indian Art, Architecture and Epigraphy / Padigar, S.B.; Shivanada, V. & Patil, C.B.
59. Notes on the Amaravati Stupa / Burgess, J. (Dr.)
60. Palaeography of Orissa / Acharya, Subrata Kumar
61. Pancha Mahadevas in the Indian Art / Singh, S.B.
62. Prachin Bhartiya Abhilekh (in Hindi) / Rajpurohit, B.L.
63. Prajnadhara: Essays on Asian Art, History, Epigraphy and Culture; 2 Volumes (in Honour of Gouriswar Bhattacharya) / Mevissen, Gerd J.R. & Banerji, Arundhati (Eds.)
64. Pratna Bharatam: Glory of Archaeology, Art, Epigraphy and Protection of Cultural Heritage (Dr. Phanikanta Mishra Felicitation Volume), 2 Volumes / Patnaik, Jeeban Kumar & Sattar, Noor Bano (Eds.)
65. Pratnakirti: Recent Studies in Indian Epigraphy, History, Archaeology and Art (Essays in Honour of Prof. Shrinivas Ritti); 2 Volumes / Padigar, Shrinivas V. & Shivananda, V.
66. Pre and Early Harappan Culture of Western India / Shirvalkar, Prabodh
67. Pura-Prakasa: Recent Researches in Epigraphy, Numismatics, Manuscriptology, Persian Literature, Art, Architecture, Archaeology, History and Conservation; 2 Volumes / Sharma, A.K. & et. al. (Eds.)
68. Report on the Inscriptions / Sastri, Sadhu Subrahmanya
69. Royal Attendents in Ancient Indian Literature, Epigraphy and Art / Tewari, S.P.
70. Sanskrit Education and Literature in Ancient and Medieval Tamil Nadu: An Epigraphical Study / Madhavan, Chithra
71. Secular Architectural Landscape of Vijayanagara Period / Thakur, Priya (Dr.)
72. A Socio-Cultural History of the Later Colas: As Gleaned through Epigraphy / Karuppiah, K.
73. South Indian Feudatory Dynasties / Venkatesha
74. Sri Puspanjali: Recent Researches in Prehistory, Protohistory, Art, Architecture, Numismatics, Iconography and Epigraphy; 2 Volumes (Dr. C.R. Srinivasan Commemoration Volume) / Ramesh, K.V. (Ed.)
75. A Study of Telugu Place-Names: Based on Inscriptions from the Earliest to the 13th Century / Ramachandramurty, S.S.
76. Symphony in Stone: Festivities in Early Buddhism / Kaushik, Garima
77. Tamil Civilization in Epigraphy / Krishnan, A. (Dr.)
78. Tantric Cult of South India / Nagaswami, R.
79. Temples of Karnataka: An Epigraphical Study (From the earliest to 1050 A.D.) / Bolar, Varija R.
80. Traditional Indian Economy: A Reconstruction Based on Sanskrit Epigraphs / Misra, Kamal K.
81. Ujjayini: A Numismatic and Epigraphic Study / Singh, Vijaya Laxmi
82. Women and Gender in Ancient India: A Study of Texts and Inscriptions / Singh, Vijaya Laxmi


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