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1. The Abhidhamma Philosophy or the Psycho-Ethical Philosophy of Early Buddhism, 2 Volumes / Kashyap, Bhikkhu J.
2. Abhidharma Buddhism to 150 A.D. / Potter, Karl H.; Buswell, Robert E.; Jaini, Padmanabh S. & Reat, Noble Ross (Eds.)
3. Abhidharmakosa-Bhasya of Vasubandhu: The Treasury of Abhidharma and its (Auto) Commentary, 4 Volumes / Sangpo, Gelong Lodro (Tr.)
4. Advayasiddhi: The Tantric View of Laksminkara (Sanskrit text with English translation and critical annotation) / Mishra, Ramprasad
5. Advice on Dying and Living a Better Life / Dalai Lama, H.H. the XIV
6. After Buddhism: Rethinking Dharma for a Secular Age / Batchelor, Stephen
7. Against a Hindu God: Buddhist Philosophy of Religion in India / Patil, Parimal G.
8. Anagatavamsa Desana: The Serman of the Chronicle To-Be / Holt, John Clifford (Ed.)
9. Ancient Indian Culture / Singh, P.
10. Anthology of Well-Spoken Advice on the Graded Paths of the Mind / Dhargyey, Geshe Ngawang
11. Archaeology of Religion in South Asia: Buddhist, Brahmanical and Jaina Religious Centres in Bihar and Bengal, c. AD 600-1200 / Prasad, Birendra Nath
12. The Art of Peace: Nobel Peace Laureates Discuss Human Rights, Conflict and Reconciliation / Hopkins, Jeffery (Ed.)
13. The Aryan Path of the Buddha (Rare Book) / Gupta, K. Manohar
14. Ashoka and Buddhism / Singh, Arimardan (Dr.)
15. Back Over the Mountains: A Journey to the Buddha Within / Marshall, Jane
16. Bauddh Dharma Darshan (in Hindi) / Dev, Narendra
17. Bauddha Darsana Mimamsa: A Comprehensive Exposition of the Buddhist Religion and Philosophy with the Origin and Development of the Important Schools of the Buddhistic Thought / Upadhyaya, Acharya Baladeva
18. Bauddha Darshan tatha anya Bharatiya Darshan: Aetihasik Shodhpurna, Pakshapatrahit, Tulnatamak Vivechan (2 Parts in Hindi) / Upadhyay, Bharatsingh
19. Bauddha Dharma aur Paryavaran (in Hindi) / Kumar, Dhruv (Dr.)
20. Baudh Gyan-Mimansha / Sharma, Hariprakash (Dr.)
21. Baudh Viharo ke Arthik Aayam (Hindi) / Shukla, Jaishankar (Dr.)
22. Being As Consciousness: Yogacara Philosophy of Buddhism / Tola, Fernando & Dragonetti, Carmen
23. Being Nobody, Going Nowhere: Meditations on the Buddhist Path / Khema, Ayya
24. Beyond Eternity through Mysticism / Bhutia, Lama Thinley Dorjey
25. Beyond the Word: Buddhist Approach to Knowledge and Reality / Pandit, Motilal
26. Bhikkhuni Patimokkha of the Six Schools (Translated into English) / Singh, Charsumaran Kabil (Tr.)
27. The Bhutanese Guide to Happiness: 365 Proverbs from the World's Happiest Nation / Tshering, Gyonpo
28. Boddh Pragya Sindhu, Vols.1-8 (in Hindi) / Sharma, Satya Prakash & Labh, Baid Nath (Eds.)
29. The Bodhicaryavatara of Santideva: Entering the Path of Enlightenment (Translation with a Guide) / Matics, Marion L. (Tr.)
30. Bodhisattva Doctrine in Buddhism / Kawamura, Leslie S. (Ed.)
31. The Bodhisattva Path: Based on the Ugrapariprccha, a Mahayana Sutra (A Study and Translation) / Nattier, Jan
32. The Bodhisattva Warriors: The Origin Inner Philosophy, History and Symbolism of the Buddhist Martial Art within India and China / Tomio, Shifu Nagaboshi
33. The Bodhisattva's Brain: Buddhism Naturalized / Flanagan, Owen
34. Bodhisattvas of the Forest and the Formation of the Mahayana: A Study and Translation of the Rastrapalapariprccha-sutra / Boucher, Deniel
35. Bodhisiri: A Festschrift to Annapareddy Venkateswara Reddy (Buddhaghoshudu) / Reddy, P. Chenna & Reddy, E. Siva Nagi (Eds.)
36. Breathe! You Are Alive: Sutra on the Full Awareness of Breathing / Hanh, Thich Nhat
37. The Buddha and His Disciples / Pruthi, R.K.; Ram, S. & Chaturvedi, Archna
38. The Buddha and His Relation to the Vedas (The Buddha-Mimansa) / Maitreya
39. Buddha and the Christ: Explorations in Buddhist and Christian Dialogue / Lefebure, D. Leo
40. Buddha at Work: Finding Purpose, Balance and Happiness at Your Workplace / Pandit, Geetanjali
41. The Buddha Mimansa: The Buddha Relation to Vedic Religion / His Holiness The Swami Maharaja Yogiraja (Ed.)
42. Buddha Mind, Buddha Body: Walking Toward Enlightenment / Hanh, Thick Nhat
43. The Buddha Rediscovered In The Light of J. Krishnamurti / Deshpande, Sudhakar
44. Buddha Within: Tathagatagarbha Doctrine according to the Shen-tong interpretation of the Ratnagotravibhaga / Hookham, S.K.
45. Buddha: A Path of Virtue / Singh, Vidyotma
46. Buddha: Birth to Nirvana / Pant, Jitendra
47. Buddha: The Intelligent Heart / Shearer, Alistair
48. Buddha: The Living Way / Iyer, Pico
49. Buddhanusmrti: A Glossary of Buddhist Terms / Acharya, Kala (Dr.)
50. Buddha's Doctrine of Suffering and Salvation; 2 Volumes / Nithiyanandam, V. (Ed.)
51. Buddhism / Pande, G.C. & Chattopadhyaya, D.P.
52. Buddhism and American Thinkers / Inada, Kenneth K. (Ed.)
53. Buddhism and Ethics / Srivastava, M.
54. Buddhism and Philosophy / Pruthi, R.K.; Ram, S. & Chaturvedi, Archna
55. Buddhism and Sarvodaya: Sri Lankan Experience / Ariyaratne, A.T.
56. Buddhism and Vedanta: Contrast and Similarity / Singh, Chandrika & Sisodiya, Suraj Singh
57. Buddhism for World Peace / Pruthi, R.K.; Ram, S. & Chaturvedi, Archna
58. Buddhism in Comparative Light / Nakamura, Hajime
59. Buddhism in Global Perspective; 2 Volumes / Panth, R.
60. Buddhism is Not What You Think: Finding Freedom Beyond Beliefs / Hagen, Steve
61. Buddhism is True (The Undivided Path) / Wagh, B.G.
62. Buddhism on the Path to Nirvana / Chopra, Swati
63. Buddhism Through the Ages / Pruthi, R.K.; Ram, S. & Chaturvedi, Archna
64. Buddhism Wheel of the Law / Henry Alabaster, Esq.
65. Buddhism, Philosophy and Culture / Sharma, A.R. (Ed.)
66. Buddhism: A Practical Psychology / Sai, Ch. Venkata Siva (Dr.)
67. Buddhism: A Study of the Buddhist Norm / Davids, M.A. Rhys
68. Buddhism: A Way of Values: A Dialogue on Valorisation Across Time and Space / Lokesh Chandra & Ikeda, Daisaku
69. Buddhism: Art, Architecture, Literature and Philosophy; 2 Volumes / Kamalakar, G. (Ed.)
70. Buddhism: Its Historical, Theoretical and Popular Aspects / Eitel, Ernest J.
71. Buddhism: Philosophy, Culture and Religion / Singh, Ratan (Ed.)
72. Buddhisms and Deconstructions / Park, Jin Y. (Ed.)
73. Buddhist Aesthetics and Ethics / Prasad, H.
74. Buddhist and Western Philosophy / Katz, Nathan (Ed.)
75. Buddhist Art and Thought / Shashibala
76. Buddhist Avadanas / Sharma, Sharmistha
77. Buddhist Concepts: Old and New / Kirtisinghe, Buddhadasa P. (Ed.)
78. Buddhist Cosmology / Singh, N.K.
79. Buddhist Cosmology: Science and Theology in the Images of Motion and Light / Kloetzli, W. Randolph
80. Buddhist Doctrine and Philosophy / Das, Sanjib Kumar
81. A Buddhist Doctrine of Experience: A New Translation and Interpretation of the Works of Vasubhandhu the Yogacarin / Kochumuttom, Thomas A.
82. Buddhist Ecology: In the Pitaka and Kikayas / Huong, Gioi
83. Buddhist Epistemology / Bhatt, S.R. & Mahrotra, Anu
84. Buddhist Epistemology Logic and Language / Chhatre, Lata Dilip
85. Buddhist Ethics: Relevance and Impact on Contemporary Society / Kumar, Suresh
86. The Buddhist Jurisprudence / Talim, Meena
87. Buddhist Law / Singh, Indra Narayan (Dr.)
88. Buddhist Logic and Epistemology: Studies in the Buddhist Analysis of Inference and Language / Matilal, Bimal Krishna & Evans, Robert D.
89. Buddhist Logic and Quantum Dilemma / Burde, Jayant
90. Buddhist Logic; 2 Volumes / Stcherbatsky, Th.
91. Buddhist Metaphysics and Ethics / Prasad, H.
92. Buddhist Mode of Education in Modern Context / Kumar, Ajit
93. The Buddhist Path to Enlightenment: Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy and Practice / Tulku, Lama Doboom
94. The Buddhist Perspectives on Human Rights / Das, A.N.
95. Buddhist Phenomenology: A Theravada Perspective / Varma, C.B.
96. Buddhist Philosophy / Dwivedi, Arvind
97. Buddhist Philosophy from 350 to 600 A.D. / Potter, Karl H. (Ed.)
98. Buddhist Philosophy from 600 to 750 A.D. (The Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies, Volume 21) / Potter, Karl H. (Ed.)
99. Buddhist Philosophy from 750 onward (The Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies, Volume 22) / Potter, Karl H. (Ed.)
100. Buddhist Philosophy in India and Ceylon / Keith, A. Berriedale
101. Buddhist Philosophy of Social Activism / Nithyianandam, V. (Dr.)
102. Buddhist Philosophy of the Theravada / Bhagwat, N.K.
103. Buddhist Philosophy of Universal Flux: An Exposition of the Philosophy of Critical Realism as Expounded by the School of Dignaga / Mookerjee, Satkari
104. Buddhist Poetry, Thought and Diffusion; 2 Volumes
105. Buddhist Positiveness: Studies on the Lotus Sutra / Tola, Fernando & Dragonetti, Carmen
106. Buddhist Practice of Concentration / Wai-Dau, Bhikshu & Goddard, Dwight
107. Buddhist Reflections / Govinda, Lama Anagarika
108. Buddhist Religious Texts and Thoughts / Ahluwalia, S.P.
109. Buddhist Rules for the Laity: A Translation of the Sigalowada and Vyaggapajja Sutras / Subasinha, D.J.
110. Buddhist Sects and Philosophies / Mahendra & Mittal, P. (Comp.)
111. Buddhist Symbolism of Wish-Fulfilment / Senadeera, Karunaratne Gunapala
112. Buddhist System of Education: Modern Approach (2nd Edition) / Nithiyanandam, V.
113. Buddhist Tantra: A Philosophical Reflection and Religious Investigation / Singh, Lalan Prasad
114. Buddhist Theory of Causation and Einstein's Theory of Relativity / Bharucha, Filita P.
115. Buddhist Theory of Meaning and Literary Analysis / Mishra, Rajnish Kumar
116. Buddhist Theory of Momentariness / Aggarwal, Vibha
117. Buddhist Thought and Ritual / Kalupahana, David J.
118. Buddhist Thought in India: Three phases of Buddhist Philosophy / Conze, Edward
119. Buddhist Thought: A Complete Introduction to the Indian Tradition (2nd Edition) / Williams, Paul with Tribe, Anthony & Wynne, Alexander
120. The Buddhist Unconscious: The alaya-vijnana in the context of Indian Buddhist thought / Waldron, William S.
121. The Buddhist View of Knowledge and Reality / Pandit, Moti Lal
122. Buddhist Vinayas: A Focus (W.R.T. Mulasarvastivada Vinaya) / Ghosh, Anandamayee
123. Buddhist Wisdom: The Mystery of the Self / Grimm, George
124. Buddhist World Peace and Harmony / Pathak, S.K.
125. Build A Better Buddha: The Guide Remaking Yourself Exactly As You Are / Robbins, James
126. Caste and Buddhist Philosophy: Continuity of Some Buddhist Arguments against the Realist Interpretation of Social Denominations / Eltschinger, Vincent
127. Causality and its Application: Samkhya, Bauddha and Nyaya / Shaw, J.L.
128. The Central Conception of Buddhism / Stcherbatsky, Th.
129. The Central Philosophy of Buddhism: A Study of Madhyamika System / Murti, T.R.V.
130. Cetana and the Dynamics of Volition in Theravada Buddhism / Devdas, Nalini
131. The Circle of Karma / Mack, Joshua
132. Classical Indian Ethical Thought: A Philosophical Study of Hindu, Jaina and Bauddha Morals / Tiwari, Kedar Nath
133. Clear Light of Bliss: The Practice of Mahamudra in Vajrayana Buddhism / Gyatso, Geshe Kelsang
134. Collected Papers on the Tathagatagarbha Doctrine / Takasaki, Jikido
135. Compassion and Peace in Buddhism / Sai, Chintala Venkata Siva
136. Compassion in Buddhism and Puranas / Soonthorndhammathada, Phra
137. Compendium of Philosophy: Translation from the Original Pali of the Abhidhammattha-Sangaha. Revised and Edited by Mrs. Rhys Davids / Aung, Shwe Zan
138. Conception of Buddhist Nirvana: with Sanskrit Text of Madhyamakakarika by Theodore Stcherbatsky / Singh, Jaideva (Ed.)
139. Concepts of Dhamma in Dhammapada / Lien, Bhikkhuni T.N. Tiu
140. Concise Encyclopaedia of Early Buddhist Philosophy: Based on the study of the Abhidhammatthasangahasarupa / Verma, C.B.
141. Confession of a Buddhist Atheist / Batchelor, Stephen
142. Craving and Salvation: A Study in Buddhist Soteriology / Mathews, Bruce
143. The Cult of Nothingness: The Philosophers and the Buddha / Vohnson, Pamela; Streight, David & Droit, Roger-Pol
144. Cultivating the Mind of Love: The Practice of Looking Deeply in the Mahayana Buddhist Tradition / Hanh, Thich Nhat
145. Cutting through Spiritual Materialism / Trungpa, Chogyam
146. Dawn of Chinese Pure Land Buddhist Doctrine: Ching-ying Hui-yuan's Commentary on the Visualization Sutra / Tanaka, Kenneth K.
147. The Debate of King Milinda: An Abridgement of the Milinda Panha / Pesala, Bhikkhu (Ed.)
148. Delog: Journey to Realms Beyond Death / Drolma, Delog Dawa
149. Depth of Humility: Commentaries on the Gnostic and Buddhist Concept of Humility / Weber, Jorg & et. al. (Eds.)
150. The Dhamma-Cakka-Pavattana Sutta: The First Sermon of Buddha Delivered at the Deer-Park (Sarnath) about Two Thousand Five Hundred Years Ago in the Month of July (Asadha) / Sister Vajira
151. Dhamma-Nayaka: A Memorial Volume in Honour of Ven. Bhadant Anand Kausalyayan / Naik, C.D.
152. The Dhammapada / Radhakrishnan, S. (Ed.)
153. Dhammapada / Sharan, Mahesh Kumar (Tr.)
154. The Dhammapada: The Sayings of Buddha
155. The Dhammasangani: Enumeration of the Ultimate Realities; 2 Volumes / Khine, U. Kyaw (Tr.)
156. Dharma: That Illuminatives All Beings Impartially Like the Light of the Sun and the Moon / Rinpoche, Kalu
157. Dharmakirti on Compassion and Rebirth with a Study of Backward Causation in Buddhism / Franco, Eli
158. Dharmakirti's Rupavatara: A Critical Study / Lalithambal, K.S. (Dr.)
159. Dharmapravicaya: Aspects of Buddhist Studies: Essays in Honour of N.H. Samtani / 'Shravak', Lalji & Willemen, Charles (Eds.)
160. Dharmasutra Parallels: Containing the Dharmasutras of Apastamba, Gautama, Baudhayana, and Vasistha / Olivelle, Patrick (Ed. & Tr.)
161. Dialogues with the Masses in Ancient India / Rituraj, Arvind (Dr.)
162. A Dose of Emptiness: An Annotated Translation of the sTong thun chen mo of mKhas grub dGe legs dpal bzang / Cabezon, Jose Ignacio
163. Early Buddhism and Indian Thoughts / Pathak, P.
164. Early Buddhist Jurisprudence (Theravada-Vinaya-Laws) / Bhagvat, Durga N.
165. Early Buddhist Metaphysics: The Making of a Philosophical Tradition / Ronkin, Noa
166. Early Buddhist Theory of Knowledge / Jayatilleke, K.N.
167. Ecological Responsibility: A Dialogue with Buddhism: A Collection of Essays and Talks / Martin, Julia (Ed.)
168. Ekayana Philosophy of the Saddharmapundarika Sutra / Kinh, Ven. Nguyen Xuan (Thich Tam Duc) & Bhatt, S.R.
169. Emptiness and Becoming: Integrating Madhyamika Buddhism and Process Philosophy / Kakol, Peter Paul
170. The Emptiness of Emptiness: An Introduction to Early Indian Madhyamika / Huntington, (Jr.) C.W. & Wangchen, Geshe Namgyal
171. Encounter with Buddhism: A Study of the Evolution of Buddhist Thought / Pandit, Moti Lal
172. Encyclopaedia of Indian Wisdom; 2 Volumes (Prof. Satya Vrat Shastri Felicitation Volume) / Sharma, Ram Karan (Prof.) (Ed.)
173. Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies; 19 Volumes (in 20 Parts) (To be completed in 28 Volumes) / Potter, Karl H. (Gen. Ed.)
174. Endless Path: Buddhism / Diane & Sutherland, Jon
175. Engaging Buddhism: Why it Matters to Philosophy / Garfield, Jay L.
176. Enlightenment to Go: The Classic Buddhist Path of Compassion and Transformation / Michie, David
177. Epistemological Approach to Ch'an Enlightenment: A Philosophical Study / Huang, Hsin-chun
178. Essays on Time in Buddhism / Prasad, H.S. (Ed.)
179. The Essence of Buddhism: An Introduction to Its Philosophy and Practice / Kyabgon, Traleg
180. The Essence of Nectar / Tsondu, Yeshe
181. Essence of the Heart Sutra: The Dalai Lama's Heart of Wisdom Teachings / Gyatso, Tenzin (H.H. the XIV Dalai Lama)
182. The Essentials of Buddhist Philosophy / Takakusu, Junjiro
183. Ethics in Buddhism / Vashishth, Suraj
184. The Ethics of Buddhism / Tachibana, S.
185. Ethics of Tibet: Boddhisattva Section of Tsong-Kha-Pa's Lam Rim Chin Mo (Translated from the Tibetan Original) / Wayman, Alex (Tr.)
186. An Evaluation of the Vedantic Critique of Buddhism / Darling, Gregory Joseph
187. Existence and Enlightenment in the Lankavatara-sutra: A Study in the Ontology and Epistemology of the Yogacara School of Mahayana Buddhism / Sutton, Florin Giripescu
188. Experiencing Buddhism: Ways of Wisdom and Compassion / Habito, Ruben L.F.
189. Exploring the Structure of Emptiness: Philosophical Hermeneutics of the Text Catusstava of Nagarjuna: A Translation and Interpretation / Varghese, Mathew
190. Facets of Early Buddhism: A Study of Fundamental Principles / Bhattacharya, Bela
191. Faith and Devotion in Theravada Buddhism / Saibaba, V.V.S.
192. Faith and Philosophy of Buddhism / Bhaskar, V.S.
193. Fearless Simplicity: The Dzogchen Way of Living Freely in a Complex World / Rinpoche, Tsoknyi
194. The Five Aggregates: Understanding Theravada Psychology and Soteriology / Boiscert, Mathieu
195. The Foundational Standpoint of Madhyamaka Philosophy / Nagao, Gadjin M.
196. Four Illusions: Candrakirti's Advice to Travelers on the Bodhisattva Path / Lang, Karen C. (Tr.)
197. Fragments from Dinnaga / Randle, H.N.
198. The Framework of Nagarjuna's Philosophy / Padhye, A.M.
199. A Garland of Views: A Guide to View, Meditation, and Result in the Nine Vehicles / Padmasambhava
200. Gates to Buddhist Practice / Tulku, Chagdud
201. Glimpses of Buddhism / Srivastav, Diwakar Lal (Dr.)
202. The Gospel of the Buddha / Carus, Paul
203. A Guide to the Bodhisattva's Way of Life / Shantideva
204. A Guide to the Bodhisattva's Way of Life of Shantideva: A Commentary by The Venerable Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche (Geshe Lharampa) / Holmes, Ken & Doctor, Thomas with Matics, Marion (Trs.)
205. A Handbook of Buddhism: Art Architecture, Literature and Philosophy / Tripathi, P.
206. A Handbook of Buddhism: Art Architecture, Literature and Philosophy / Vashishth, Suraj
207. The Harmony of Emptiness and Dependent-Arising: A commentary to Tsongkhapa's - the essence of eloquent speech praise to the Buddha for teaching profound dependent-arising / Gyatso, Ven. Lobsang
208. Healing Emotions: Conversations with the Dalai Lama on Mindfulness, Emotions, and Health / Goleman, Daniel (Ed.)
209. Heart of Buddhist Philosophy: Dinnaga and Dharmakirti / Singh, Amar
210. Heart of the Shin Buddhist Path: A Life of Awakening / Shigaraki, Takamaro
211. The Heart of Understanding: Commentaries on the Prajnaparamita Heart Sutra / Hanh, Thich Nhat
212. A History of Buddhist Philosophy: Continuities and Discontinuities / Kalupahana, David J.
213. A History of Pre-Buddhistic Indian Philosophy / Barua, Benimadhab
214. The I Concept: The Mahamudra Concerning the Union of a Buddha and His Consort / Balsys, Bodo
215. The Idea of Self: A Study of Buddhist Philosophy in East & West / Hoffmann, Y.
216. Idealistic Thought in Indian Philosophy: Rise and Growth from the Vedic Times to the Kevaladvaita Vedanta up to Prakasananda of 16th Century, Including as Propounded in the Mahayana Buddhism / Divatia, Suchita C.
217. Illuminating Silence: The Practice of Chinese Zen / Chan, Master Sheng-Yen
218. Illuminations: A School for the Regeneration of Man's Experience, Imagination and Intellectual Integrity / Saran, A.K.
219. In My Own Words: An Introduction to My Teachings and Philosophy / Dalai Lama, H.H. the XIV
220. In the Mirror of Memory: Reflections on Mindfulness and Remembrance in Indian and Tibetan Buddhism / Gyatso, Janet
221. In the Shadow of the Buddha: Secret Journeys and Spiritual Discovery in Tibet / Pistono, Matteo
222. Indian Buddhist Theories of Persons: Vasubandhu's "Refutation of the Theory of a Self" / Duerlinger, James
223. Indian Philosophy of Knowledge: A Comparative Study, 2nd Edition / Shastri, L.C.
224. Indian Philosophy: An Introduction to Hindu and Buddhist Thought / King, Richard
225. Indian Philosophy: Past to Present / Ramaswamy (Dr.)
226. An Indian Rational Theology: Introduction to Udayana's Nyayakusumanjali / Chemparathy, George
227. Indo-Tibetan Madhyamika Studies
228. Inference and Fallacies Discussed in Ancient Indian Logic: With Special Reference to Nyana and Buddhism / Gokhale, Pradeep P.
229. Insights into Buddhism: Selected Essays on Buddhist Philosophy, Art and History / Gupta, Sunil K. (Ed.)
230. An Introduction to Abhidharmakosa Bhasyam (Prathama Kosasthana) [Sanskrit Text in Devanagari and Roman Script with English Translation] / Singh, Indra Narain (Ed. & Tr.)
231. Introduction to Buddhism: An Explanation of the Buddhist Way of Life / Gyatso, Geshe Kelsang
232. An Introduction to Buddhist Art and Thoughts / Gupta, S.D.
233. An Introduction to Buddhist Philosophy / Laumakis, Stephen J.
234. An Introduction to Buddhist Philosophy in India and Tibet / Ahmad, Zahiruddin
235. Introduction to Buddhist Philosophy: Vijnanavada and Madhyamika / Sharma, T.R.
236. An Introduction to Madhyamaka Philosophy / Singh, Jaideva
237. An Introduction to Mahayana Buddhism: With Special Reference to Chinese and Japanese Phases / McGovern, Willam Montegomery
238. Introduction to the Middle Way: Chandrakirti's Madhyamakavatara with Commentary, translated by the Padmakara Translation Group / Mipham, Jamgon
239. Jnanagarbha on the Two Truths: An Eighth Century Handbook of Madhyamaka Philosophy / Eckel, Malcolm David
240. Joyful Wisdom: Embracing Change and Finding Freedom / Rinpoche, Yongey Mingyur & Swanson, Eric
241. Kalachakra Meditations: Based on the Discussion Between J. Krishnamurti and David Bohm in the Ending of Time / Grover, Ramesh
242. Karma and Rebirth: Post Classical Developments / Neufeldt, Ronald W. (Ed.)
243. Karma, Destiny and your Career / Hucknall, Nanette V.
244. Kathavatthu: A Critical and Philosophical Study / Barua, Alka
245. King of Samadhi: Commentaries on the Samadhi Raja Sutra and the Song of Lodro Thaye / Khenchen Rinpoche
246. Kumarajiva: Philosopher and Seer / Shashibala (Ed.)
247. Language and Truth in Buddhism / Basak, Jyotish Chandra & Ghosh, Raghunath
248. The Large Sutra on Perfect Wisdom: With the divisions of the Abhisamayalankara, Prajnparamita / Conze, Edward (Ed.)
249. Liberating Intimacy: Enlightenment and Social Virtuosity in Ch'an Buddhism / Hershock, Peter D.
250. Lion's Roar of Queen Srimala: A Buddhist Scripture on the Tathagatagarbha Theory / Wayman, Alex & Wayman, Hideko (Trs.)
251. The Living Thoughts of Gotama the Buddha / Coomaraswamy, Ananda K. & Horner, I.B.
252. Lord Buddha Thoughts (Art of Survival) / Wagh, B.G.
253. Love, Kindness and Universal Responsibility / Dalai Lama, H.H. the XIV
254. Madhyamaka Schools in India: A Study of the Madhyamaka Philosophy and of the Division of the System into the Prasangika and Svatantrika Schools / Santina, Peter Della
255. Madhyamika and Yogacara: A Study of Mahayana Philosophies / Nagao, Gadjin M.
256. Mahayana Buddhism / Dutt, Nalinaksha
257. Mahayana Buddhism in Andhradesa / Sitaramamma, J. (Dr.)
258. Mahayana Buddhism: History and Culture / Bryant, Darrol & Bryant, Susan (Eds.)
259. Mahayana Buddhism: Literature, Language and the Ramification / Sircar, S.C. (Ed.)
260. Mahayanasutralamkara by Asanga; Sanskrit text, translated into English by Dr. (Mrs.) Surekha Vijya Limaye
261. Major Hetvabhasas: A Formal Analysis with reference to Nyaya and Buddhism / Pandeya, Raghavendra
262. A Manual of Buddhist Cosmology / McGovern, William Montgomery
263. A Manual of Buddhist Law: Being Sparks' Code of Burmese Law with Notes of All the Rulings on Points of Buddhist Law / Lutter, Henry M.
264. Manual of Buddhist Philosophy / McGovern, William Montgamery
265. Materials for the Study of Aryadeva, Dharmapala and Candrakirti: The Catuhsataka of Aryadeva, Chapters XII and XIII with the commentaries of Dharmapala and Candrakirti; 2 Volumes (bound in 1) / Tillemans, Tom J.F.
266. Meaningful to Behold: The Bodhisattva's Way of Life / Gyatso, Geshe Kelsang
267. A Metaphorical Study of Saundarananda / Covill, Linda
268. Metaphysical Aspects of Buddhism / Vashishth, Suraj
269. The Middle Way: A Commentary on Santaraksita's Madhyamakalamkara by Mipham Jamyang Namgyal Gyatso / Doctor, Thomas H. (Tr.)
270. Millennium of Buddhist Logic, Part 1 / Wayman, Alex
271. Mimamsa in Controversy / Bhat, Shripad
272. Mind and Mental States in the Dhammapada and the Bhagvadgita (Rare Book) / Bandyopadhyay, A.K.
273. Mind as Mirror and the Mirroring of Mind: Buddhist Reflections on Western Phenomenology / Laycock, Steven W.
274. The Mind Illuminated: A Complete Meditation Guide - Integrating Buddhist Wisdom and Brain Science for Greater Mindfulness / Culadasa & Matthew Immergut with Jeremy Graves
275. The Mind in Early Buddhism / Thanh, Thich Minch
276. Mind Only: A Philosophical and Doctrinal Analysis of the Vijnanavada / Wood, Thomas E.
277. Mipam on Buddha-Nature: The Ground of the Nyingma Tradition / Duckworth, Douglas S.
278. Modern Relevance of Theravada Buddhist Ethics / Tater, Sohan Raj & Agarwal, Suresh Kumar
279. My Life My Culture: Autobiography and Lectures on the Relationship Between Tibetan Medicine, Buddhist Philosophy and Tibetan Astrology and Astronomy / Wangyal, Lobsang (Dr.)
280. Mystical Verses of a Dalai Lama / Mullin, Glenn H.
281. Nagarjuna in Context: Mahayana Buddhism and Early Indian Culture / Walser, Joseph
282. Nagarjuna Revisited: Some Recent Interpretations of his Madhyamaka Philosophy / Joy, A.P.
283. Nagarjuna: A Translation of his Mulamadhyamakakarika with an Introductory Essay / Inada, Kenneth K.
284. Nagarjuna's Letter: The Suhrllekha / Tharchin, Geshe Lobsang & et. al. (Trs.)
285. Nagarjuna's Philosophy of No-Identity: With Philosophical Translation of Madhyamaka Karika, Sunyata-Saptati and Vigrahavyavartani) / Pandeya, Ramchandra & Manju
286. Nagarjuna's Philosophy: As presented in the Maha-Prajnaparamita-Sastra / Ramanan, K. Venkata
287. Nagarjuna's Refutation of Logic (Nyana) Vaidalyaprakarana (Zib mo rnam par hthag pa, Zes bya bahi rab tu byed pa) / Tola, Fernando & Dragonetti, Carmen (Eds.)
288. Nagarjunian Disputations: A Philosophical Journey through an Indian Looking-Glass / Wood, Thomas E.
289. Nagarjuniana: Studies in the Writings and Philosophy of Nagarjuna / Lindtner, Chr.
290. The Nature of Perception: With Special Reference to Nyaya and Buddhism / Kotwal, Anita
291. Nibbana in Early Buddhism: Based on Pali Sources from 6th B.C. to 5th A.D. / Sobti, Harcharan Singh
292. Nidana Samyutta: Group of Related Discourses on Casual Factors from Nidanavagga Samyutta: Division Containing Groups if Discourses on Casual Factors
293. Nine Yana: Teaching on the Nine Vehicles According to the Buddhist Philosophy / Rinpoche, Khenpo Chimed
294. The Ninth Karmapa's Ocean of Definitive Meaning / Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche
295. Nirvana in Candrakirti's Prasannapada: A Study in the Madhyamika Concept of Nirvana in the Context of Indian Thought / Nayak, G.C.
296. Nirvana in Tibetan Buddhism / Obermiller, E.
297. Nirvana: Concept, Imagery, Narrative / Collins, Steven
298. Nonviolence to Animals, Earth, and Self in Asian Traditions / Chapple, Christopher Key
299. The Notion of Ditthi in Theravada Buddhism: The Point of View / Fuller, Paul
300. The Nyaya Sutras of Gautama / Sinha, Nandlal (Ed.)

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