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1. The Advaita of Art / Dehejia, Harsha V.
2. The Ananda-Vana of Indian Art: Dr. Anand Krishna Felicitation Volume: With contributions by the foremost specialists in Indian Art / Krishna, Naval & Krishna, Manu (Eds.)
3. Ancient Art Architecture and Environment / Pathak, H.K.
4. Antiquities of the Chenab Valley in Jammu: Inscription-Copper Plates-Sanads-Grants-Firmans and Letters in Brahmi-Sharda-Takri-Persian and Devnagri Scripts / Kaul, P.K.
5. Appreciation of Indian Art: Ideals & Images / Sinha, C.P. & Dwivedi, U.C. (Eds.)
6. Apsara in Indian Art and Literature / Varadpande, M.L.
7. Architect of Human Destiny / Kaushik, R.K.
8. Art and Archaeology of Orissa: Recent Perspectives / Pradhan, Sadasiba (Ed.)
9. The Art and Architecture of Ancient America / Kubler, G.
10. The Art and Architecture of China / Sickman, L.
11. The Art and Architecture of the Kakatiyas / Singh, B. Satyanarayana
12. Art and Architecture Recent Researches: Neerajam - A Festschrift Volume in Honour of Prof. P. Neerajakshulu Naidu / Jawaharlal, G.
13. Art and Architecture: Remains in the Western Terai Region of Nepal / Giri, Gitu
14. Art and Architecure of South Asia Changes and Continuity / Dhar, R.N.
15. Art and Artists of Rajasthan / Vashistha, R.K.
16. Art and Culture / Qaisar, Ahsan Jan & Verma, S.P.
17. Art and Culture: Endeavours in Interpretation / Qaisar, Ahsan Jan & Verma, Som Prakash
18. Art and Culture: Painting and Perspective: Volume 2 / Qaisar, Ahsan Jan & Verma, Som Prakash
19. Art and Meditation / Govinda, Anagarika
20. The Art and Practice of Astral Projection / Ophiel
21. The Art and Science of Public Relations; 8 Volumes / I.P.R.
22. Art and Swadeshi / Coomaraswamy, Ananda K.
23. Art in Art / Sharma, Omprakash
24. Art Manufactures of India / Mukharji, T.N.
25. Art of Central Asia / Bhattacharya, Chhaya
26. The Art of Getting Well: A Five-Step Plan for Maximizing Health When You Have A Chronic Illness / Spero, David
27. The Art of Indian Asia: Its Mythology and Transformations; 2 Volumes / Zimmer, Heinrich (Comp.)
28. The Art of Jewellery: Ancient to Modern Period / Smith, H. Clifford
29. Art of Manipur / Roy, Nilima
30. Art of Paramaras of Malwa / Sharma, R.K.
31. Art Traditions of the Paramaras of Vagada / Trivedi, P.K.
32. Art Treasures of Rajasthan / Singh, Chandramani
33. Art, Archaeology and History of Ratlam: Including Extracts of Old State Gazetteers / Raizada, Ajit
34. The Arts of Hinduism, Buddhism and Zen: Its Religious Belief's and Philosophy / Ross, Nancy Wilson
35. Arts of India / Chaitanya, Krishna
36. The Arts of India; 2 Volumes / Birdwood, George C.M.
37. Astrology and Religion in Indian Art / Sivapriyananda, Swami
38. Bharatiya Kala aur Sanskriti (in Hindi) / Rajpurohit, Bhagwatilal (Dr.)
39. Bharatiya Kala Main Naag / Srivastava, R.N. (Dr.)
40. Bhutan / Nestroy, Harald N.
41. The Bounteous Tree: Treasure of Indian Art and Culture; 2 Volumes / Chakravarty, K.K. (Ed.)
42. Celebrating Krishna / Goswami, Shrivatsa
43. A Celebration of Love: The Romantic Heroines in the Indian Arts / Dehejia, Harsha V. (Ed.)
44. Concept of Stridhana in Northern India / Narang, B.S.
45. Cultural Contours of India / Srivastava, Vijay Shankar
46. The Decision: The Story of Kumar, A Young Gurung Boy / Stephenson, Joanne
47. Defensive Art of India / Singh, A.P.
48. Dimensions of Indian Art; 2 Volumes / Lokesh Chandra & Jain, Jyotindra (Eds.)
49. Dunhuang Art: Through the Eyes of Duan Wenjie / Chung, Tan (Ed.)
50. Elephant in Indian Art and Mythology / Gupta, S.K.
51. Encountering the Indian: Contemporary European Images of India / Maurya, Vibha (Ed.)
52. Essays on Indian Art and Architecture / Kumar, Raj (Ed.)
53. Essence of Art and Culture / Ganguli, Kalyan Kumar (Prof.)
54. Ethno-Archaeometallurgy of Iron in India: A Research based on Chhotanagpur and Bastar Regions / Mishra, Ashok K.
55. Figures of Speech or Figures of Thought: Collected Essays on the Traditional or "Normal" View of Art (Second Series) / Coomaraswamy, Ananda K.
56. Fine Arts in Ancient India / Ganguly, Anil Baran
57. Gaddi Land in Chamba: Its History, Art and Culture / Handa, O.C.
58. Ganga: A Divinity in Flow / Singal, Vijay
59. The Glory of Puttaparthi / Balu, V.
60. Harappan Art / Sharma, Deo Prakash
61. Himalayan Art / Chopra, Swati
62. The Himalayas in Indian Art / Havell, E.B.
63. In the Kingdom of the Gods: An Artist's Impression of the Emerald Valley / Doig, Desmond
64. India: The Spirit of Enterprise / Malik, Ashok
65. The Indian Art of War: The Mahabharata Paradigm (Quest for an Indian Strategic Culture) / Bakshi, G.D. (Brig.)
66. Indian Art: Forms, Concerns and Development in Historical Perspective / Goswamy, B.N. & Singh, Kavita (Eds.)
67. Indian Influence on the Art of Japan / Biswas, Sampa
68. Indo-Greek Jewellery / Chandra, Rai Govind (Dr.)
69. Indological Researches in India: Selected Works of Prof. K.D. Bajpai / Bajpai, S.K. (Dr.)
70. Indological Studies: Literary and Performing Arts - Prakrit and Apabhramsa Studies; 2 Volumes / Bhayani, H.C.
71. The Influence of the Jatakas on Art and Literature / Ahir, D.C.
72. Interaction Between Brahmanical and Buddhist Art / Sharma, R.C. & Ghosal, Pranati (Eds.)
73. Jaina: Philosophy, Art and Science in Indian Culture; 2 Volumes / Jain, Dharam Chand & Sharma, R.K. (Eds.)
74. Jatakas in Indian Art / Nagar, Shanti Lal
75. Kaladarsana: Studies in the Art of India / Williams, Joanna G. (Ed.)
76. Kiratarjuniyam in Indian Art / Rao, M.S. Nagaraja
77. Know India Better
78. Kusumanjali: New Interpretation of Indian Art and Culture; 2 Volumes / Nagarjuna, M.S. (Ed.)
79. Let A Thousand Flowers Bloom: Contemporary Art of Orissa / Pathy, Dinanath (Ed.)
80. Living with Insurgency: Northeast India through the Eyes of a Photojournalist / Banerjee, Dilip
81. The Lost Art of Happiness / Dobrin, Arthur (Prof.) (Dr.)
82. Love and Eroticism in Indian Art / Srivastava, Kamal Shankar
83. Martial Arts: A Critical Analysis of Orissa / Rath, S.S.
84. Marwar Murals / Agarawala, R.A.
85. Mathura Kala
86. The Methodologies of Art: An Introduction (2nd Edition) / Adams, Laurie Schneider
87. Mirror of Consciousness: Art Creativity and Veda / Bonshek, Anna
88. The Mystery of Art / Chandra, D.K.
89. Myths and Symbols in Indian Art and Civilization / Zimmer, Heinrich
90. Nepalese Casted Vessels, Decanters & Bowls / Friedman, Matthew S.
91. Oriental Art and Culture: A Study of Indian, Chinese and Japanese Art; 2 Volumes / Waley, A.
92. Oriental Heritage: Art, Literature and Thought; 3 Volumes / Durant, Will
93. Pahari Style of Mural Tradition / Charak, S.D.S.
94. Palas of Sri Kavi Karna; 4 Volumes / Panda, Bisnupada
95. Panorama of Indian Culture; 4 Volumes / Manihara, Utsav & Peter, Rohan
96. Performing Arts in India: A Policy Perspective / Narayan, Shovana
97. The Plunder of Art / Pal, Hamendar Bhisham
98. Pratihara Art in India / Ali, Rehman
99. Recent Researches in Oriental and Indological Studies (Including Meiteilogy) / Singh, M. Kirti
100. Revealing India's Past: Recent Trends in Art and Archaeology; 2 Volumes / Sharma, R.K. & Handa, Devendra (Eds.)
101. The Roots of South Asian Art; 2 Volumes / Sharma, D.P. & Sharma, Madhuri
102. Royal Jaipur / Jafa, Jyoti
103. Samapaadan Kala ke Vividh Aayam / Srivastava, Shikha
104. Sectarian Rivalry in Art and Literature / Kalidos, Raju (Ed.)
105. Selected Art Pieces of Aligarh Archaeology Museum / Gaur, R.C.
106. Sermons from Stones Contribution of Andhras to Art, Culture and Thought / Kumari, Krishna
107. Some Select Inscription / Gai, G.S.
108. South Asian Archaeology and Art 2014 / Myrdal, Eva (Ed.)
109. South Asian Archaeology and Art 2016, 2 Volumes / Greaves, Laxshmi Rose & Hardy, Adam (Eds.)
110. A South Indian Treatise on the Kamasastra: The Rati-Ratna-Pradipika of Praudha-Devanaja Maharaja / Sivapriyananda, Swami
111. The Square and the Circle of the Indian Arts / Vatsyayan, Kapila
112. Srihastamuktavali by Maheswar Neog
113. Studies in Art and Archaeological Conservation (Dr. B.B. Lal Commemaration Volume) / Bisht, A.S. & Singh, S.P. (Eds.)
114. Stylistics of Early Khmer Art; 2 Volumes / Benisti, Mireille
115. Surya and Sun Cult: In Indian Art, Culture, Literature and Thought / Nagar, Shanti Lal
116. Susama-Kalasrih Gems of Literature and Arts: (Prof. Sushma Kulshreshtha Festschrift) Grandeur of Literary & Art Excelence During 50 Years of Independence / Jani, Arunoday N. & et. al.
117. Tantric Art of Orissa / Deo, Jitamitra Prasad Singh
118. Terracotta Art of Northern India / Srivastav, S.
119. The Tharu: Their Arts and Crafts / Maiti, Sameera
120. Traditional Arts and Crafts of Japan and Nepal / Gajurel, Chhabilal
121. The Transformation of Nature in Art / Coomaraswamy, Ananda K.
122. Translation: A Holistic Art of Orientation / Pal, Surya
123. Transmissions and Transformations: Learning through the Arts in Asia / Vatsyayan, Kapila (Ed.)
124. Treasure of Indian Art
125. Triratna: Heritage, Governance and Equity; (Hon'ble Shri T.N. Chaturvedi Festschrift) 5 Volumes / Tripathi, R.C.; Prasad, Agam & Shalini, Awasthi (Eds.)
126. Vajapeya: Essays on Evolution of Indian Art and Culture (Prof. K.D. Bajpai felicitation volume) 2 Volumes / Bajpai, K.D.; Shastri, Ajay Mitra; Sharma, R.K. & Prasad, Agam (Eds.)
127. Wailing Beauty: The Perishing Art of Nawabi Lucknow / Abbas, Saiyed Anwer
128. Westernisation Indian Art / Mishra, T.N.
129. Women in Indian Art / Bhadouria, G.S.
130. The World Heritage Sites of Unesco: The Tresures of Art / Cattaneo, Marco


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