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301. India's Nuclear Policy / Singh, Manoj K.
302. India's Policy of No First Use of Nuclear Weapons / Kamath, P.M.
303. India's Role in SAARC / Sinha, H.K.
304. India's Role in South Asian Regional Co-operation / Sharan, Vyuptakesh
305. India's Security in 21st Century: Challenges and Responses / Prasad, Rajendra
306. India-Sri Lanka: Relations and Sri Lanka's Ethnic Conflict Documents 1947-2000; 5 Volumes / Bhasin, Avtar Singh (Ed.)
307. Indo-Bhutan Relations through Prism of History / Rajput, Madhu
308. Indo-Nepal Foreign Policy / Jha, Anil Kumar
309. Indo-Nepal Trade Relations: 1846 to 1947 / Tiwary, Vijay Kumar
310. Indo-Pak Relations: Beyond Pulwama and Balakot, 4th Edition / Singh, Uday Vir (Dr.)
311. Indo-Pak Relations: Challenges Before New Millennium / Chitkara, M.G.
312. Indo-Pak Relations: Glamour, Drama or Diplomacy? (Updated Edition) / Singh, U.V. (Dr.)
313. Industrial Accumulation in Sri Lanka: Impact of Polity Shift / Samarawickreme, Navaratna Dissanayake
314. Inequality, Mobility and Urbanisation: China and India / Kundu, Amitabh (Ed.)
315. Information Technology and Poverty Reduction in South Asia / Mishra, R.C.
316. Inside Nepal / Prasad, L.K. (Dr.)
317. Inside Nepal: The Walk-In (Inspired by a True Story) / Bhushan, Amar
318. Inside Story of Jammu and Kashmir State / Bakshi, S.P.
319. Insight Pocket Guide: Nepal / Choegyal, Lisa
320. Insurgency and Terrorism in India and Pakistan (with special references to Benazir Bhutto) / Elyas, Mohammad
321. Internal Conflict in Nepal: Transnational Consequences / Raghavan, V.R. (Ed.)
322. Internal Conflicts - A Four State Analysis: India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar / Raghavan, V.R.
323. Internal Conflicts in Nepal: Transnational Consequences / Raghavan, V.R. (Ed.)
324. Internal Security Threats to South Asia / Dwivedi, Manan & Chakravarty, Devaditya
325. International Institutions and Economic Development of Underdeveloped Countries / Aggarwal, M.R.
326. International Relations in South Asia: Directory of Institutions / Boquerat, Gilles
327. International Relations in South Asia: Search for an Alternative Paradigm / Behera, Navnita Chadha
328. International Relations: Theory and Practice / Malhotra, Jyoti
329. Internationalisation of Kashmir Issue / Kaul, S.N.
330. Interpretations of Jihad in South Asia: An Intellectual History / Rahman, Tariq
331. Islam and Muslim Communities in South Asia / Hasnain, Nadeem
332. Islam and Muslims in South Asia / Ahmad, Zafar
333. Islam in South Asia; 6 Volumes / Hasan, Mushirul (Ed.)
334. Islam Politics and the State: The Pakistan Experience / Khan, Mohammad Asghar (Ed.)
335. Islam, South Asia and the Cold War / Noorani, A.G.
336. Islam: America and South Asia / Kidwai, M. Saleem
337. Islamic Fundamentalism in South Asia / Multani, R.K.P.
338. Islamic Heritage in South Asian Subcontinent; 2 Volumes / Ahmad, Nazir & Siddiqui, I.H.
339. Islamic Militancy in South Asia / Singh, Pragya
340. Islamicate Traditions In South Asia: Themes from Culture and History / KuczkiewiczFras, Agnieszka
341. Jammu and Kashmir (1990 and Beyond): Competitive Politics in the Shadow of Separatism / Chowdhary, Rekha
342. Jammu and Kashmir: Impact on Polity, Society and Economy / Raghavan, V.R. (Ed.)
343. Jammu and Kashmir: Paradise on Earth Turned into Hell / Chavan, Sheshrao
344. Journey of Overseas Indians: Labour to Investors; 2 Volumes / Yadav, Surya Narain (Dr.)
345. Journey to Peace: The Stable South Asia / Jarg, M.C.
346. Kala Azar Emerging Perspectives and Prospects in South Asia / Thakur, Harshad P.
347. Kargil 1999: Pakistan's Fourth War for Kashmir / Singh, Jasjit
348. Kargil: Blood on the Snow? Tactical Victory, Strategic Failure / Verma, Ashok Kalyan (Maj. Gen.)
349. Kashmir Crisis: Unholy Anglo-Pak Nexus / Sundarajan, Saroja (Dr.)
350. Kashmir First: The Kashmir Story; 2 Volumes / Ashraf, Mohammad
351. Kashmir Issue, 3 Volumes / Deora, M.S. & Grover, R.
352. The Kashmir Issue: Bone of Contention in India and Pakistan Relation / Prasad, Nitin (Dr.)
353. Kashmir Problem and its Solution / Ratnaparkhi, M.S.
354. The Kashmir Story through the Ages, 2 Parts / Chaku, Arjan Nath & Chaku, Inder K.
355. Kashmir to Karachi / Hafiz, Nighat
356. Kashmir: A Tale of Partition; 2 Volumes / Chitkara, M.G.
357. Kashmir: Exposing the Myth behind the Narrative / Ahmad, Khalid Bashir (Former Civil Servant, Kashmir Administrative Services)
358. Kashmir: LoC / Chitkara, M.G.
359. Kashmir: The Nuclear Flashpoint / Nath, Birbal
360. Khenpo Sangye Tenzin and the Career of Serlo Shedrup Zungdrel Ling Gonpa, that evolved into one of the Most Important Monasteries Among the Sherpas of NE Nepal / Berg, Eberhard
361. The Kingdom of Nepal / Chopra, J.K.
362. Kishtwar Cauldron: The Struggle against ISI's Ethnic Cleansing / Bakshi, G.C. Maj. Gen. (Dr.) SM,VSM (Retd.)
363. Korean Studies in India and South Asia / Samajdar, Neerja
364. Languished Hopes: Tuberculosis, the State and International Assistance in Twentieth-century India / Brimnes, Niels
365. Leadership in Nepal: A Pilot Study / Baral, Lok Raj; Hachhethu, Krishna & Sharma, Hari
366. The Legacy of Kashmir: A Study of the Ancient Faiths of Kashmir / Yatoo, Altaf Hussain (Dr.)
367. Liberation War in Bangladesh and Aftermath / Singh, Nagendra Kumar (Ed.)
368. Lifelines: New Writing from Bangladesh / Ghuznavi, Farah
369. Linguistic Structure and Language Dynamics in South Asia: Papers from the Proceedings of SALA XVIII Roundtable / Abbi, Anvita; Gupta, R.S. & Kidwai, Ayesha (Eds.)
370. Lived Islam in South Asia: Adaptation, Accommodation and Conflict / Ahmad, Imtiaz & Reifeld, Helmut (Eds.)
371. Local Initiatives: Collective Water Management in Rural Bangladesh / Duyne, Jennifer E. with Seeland, Klaus & Schmithusen, Franz
372. Local Self Government in Bangladesh / Singh, Nagendra Kumar (Ed.)
373. Making Business Count for Peace: Reflections from Tourism Sector in Nepal / Upreti, Bishnu Raj; Sharma, Sagar Raj; Upadhayaya, Pranil Kumar; Ghimire, Safal & Iff, Andrea
374. Making New Nepal: From Student Activism to Mainstream Politics / Snellinger, Amanda Therese
375. The Making of 'Cash Maoism' in Nepal: A Thabangi Perspective / Patel, Pawan
376. Maldives and SAARC / Sharma, Rashmi
377. Malvaceae of Southern Peninsular India: Taxonomic Monograph / Sivarajan, V.V.
378. Management of Social and Natural Resource Conflict in Nepal Realities and Alternatives / Upreti, Bishnu Raj
379. Managing Distress: Possession and Therapeutic Cults in South Asia / Carrin, Marine (Ed.)
380. Maoist Movement in Nepal: A Sociological Perspective / Pyakurel, Uddhab P.
381. Maoist People’s War and the Revolution of Everyday Life in Nepal / Zharkevich, Ina
382. Maoist Threat in India: A Red Corridor from Nepal to Tamil Nadu / Saha, B.P. (Dr.)
383. Maoists in Nepal: From Insurgency to Political Mainstream / Upreti, B.C.
384. Marriage Among Muslims: Preference and Choice in Northern Pakistan / Donnan, Hastings
385. Married to Bhutan: How One Woman Got Lost, Said "I Do," and Found Bliss / Leaming, Linda
386. Medieval Kashmir / Sadhu, S.L. (Ed.)
387. The Men Who Served Jammu and Kashmir / Bloeria, Sudhir S. (Dr.)
388. Migration, State Policies and Citizenship: A Historical Study on India, Bangladesh and Bhutan / Barman, Rup Kumar (Dr.)
389. Militarism and Women in South Asia / Chenoy, Anuradha M.
390. Military Rule and Democratization: Changing Perspectives / Gupta, Asha
391. Minorities and Human Rights in Bangladesh / Sengupta, Dipankar & et. al.
392. Miscellanae Nepalicae: Early Chinese Reports on Nepal The Foundation Legend of Nepal in its Trans-Himalayan Context / Deeg, Max
393. Missing Boundaries: Refugees, Migrants, Stateless and Internally Displaced Persons in South Asia / Chari, P.R.; Joseph, Mallika & Chandran, Suba (Eds.)
394. Modern Ladakh: Anthropological Perspectives on Continuity and Change / Beek, Martijn van & Pirie, Fernanda (Eds.)
395. Modernisation of National Security in South Asia / Chattopadhyay, H.P. & Sarkar, S.K.
396. Modernism and the Art of Muslim South Asia / Dadi, Iftikhar
397. The Monsoon War: Young Officers Reminisce - 1965 India-Pakistan War / Singh, Amarinder & Lieutenant General Tajindar Shergill, PVSM
398. More than Maoism: Politics, Policies and Insurgencies in South Asia / Jeffrey, Robin; Sen, Ronojoy & Singh, Pratima (Eds.)
399. Multi-Party Democracies in South Asia / Dharamdasani, M.D. (Ed.)
400. Musharraf: The Year in Power / Razvi, Murtaza
401. The Muslim Communities of Nepal / Seddon, David
402. Muslim Communities of South Asia: Culture Society and Power / Madan, T.N. (Ed.)
403. Muslim Feminism and Feminist Movement: South Asia; 3 Volumes / Samiuddin, Abida & Khanam, R. (Eds.)
404. My Second Wonderful Life: Courtesy Pakistani Massiah (Angel) and Role of Civil Society in Peace Making Between India and Pakistan / Luthra, V.P.
405. Myth and Reality of Terrorism in South Asia / Singh, Rajkumar
406. Nadagama: The First Sri Lankan Theatre / Goonatileka, M.H.
407. National Security in South Asia: A New Paradigm / Chari, P.R. (Ed.)
408. National Unity: The South Asian Experience / Israel, Milton (Ed.)
409. Negotiating Adolescence in Rural Bangladesh: A Journey through School, Love and Marriage / Franco, Nicoletta Del
410. Neighbours Major Powers and Indian Foreign Policy / Chatterjee, Aneek
411. Nepal and China: A Historical Perspective / Bhattarai, Niranjan
412. Nepal and SAARC / Sharma, Rashmi
413. Nepal as a Federal State: Lessons from Indian Experience / Ragahvan, V.R. (Ed.)
414. The Nepal Cookbook / Association of Nepalis in the Americas
415. Nepal Culture Shift: Reinventing Culture in the Himalayan Kingdom / Acharya, Madhu Raman
416. Nepal Forests and Environment: Distortion of Ecosystem, Remedial Approach / Shrestha, Bom Prasad (Maskey)
417. Nepal from Monarchy to Democracy / Pruthi, R.K. (Dr.)
418. Nepal Government and Politics / Grover, Verinder
419. Nepal Himalaya: A Journey through Time
420. Nepal in Crisis: Growth and Stagnation at the Periphery / Blaikie, P.M.; Cameron, John & Seddon, John David
421. Nepal in Transition to Democracy / Upadhyaya, Anjoo Sharan (Ed.)
422. Nepal in Transition: A Way Forward / Tripathi, D.P. (Ed.)
423. The Nepal New Constitution and Madhesi Movement / Jha, Prashant Kumar & Krishna Kumari
424. Nepal: A Guide to the Art and Architecture of the Kathmandu Valley / Hutt, Michael
425. Nepal: An Historical Miscellany / Regmi, Mahesh C.
426. Nepal: Democracy in Transition / Mishra, Navin
427. Nepal: Dilemmas of Development and Change in Far-Western Hills / Upreti, B.C.
428. Nepal: Local Leadership & Governance / Baral, Lok Raj & et. al.
429. Nepal: Transition to Democratic Republican State (2008 Constituent Assembly Elections) / Upreti, B.C.
430. Nepal: Trauma of Political Development: Essays on Nepal and South Asia / Baral, Lok Raj
431. Nepal: Where the Gods Live / Beguin, Michele
432. Nepal-India and Nepal-China Relations Documents: 1947 June 2005; 5 Volumes / Bhasin, Avtar Singh (Ed.)
433. Nepal-India Open Border's Security and Challanges / Naidu, Sushil K.
434. Nepal-India Open Borders: Problems and Prospects / Baral, Lok Raj & Pyakurel, Uddhab P.
435. Nepal-Nation-State in the Wilderness: Managing State, Democracy and Geopolitics / Baral, Lok Raj
436. Nepal's Foreign Policy / Dharamdasani, M.D. (Ed.)
437. Nepal's Relations with India and China: Documents 1947-1992; 2 Volumes / Bhasin, Avtar Singh (Ed.)
438. Nepal's Republic and India: Corridors of Power / Joshy, Dhruva
439. New Dimensions of Security Challenges in South Asia: Diagnosis and Prognosis / Arora, V.N.; Nand Kishore & Singh, Abhaya K. (Eds.)
440. New Nepal: The Fault Lines / Pandey, Nishchal
441. New Perspectives on South Asian Women / Das, P.S.
442. The Newars of Sikkim: Reinventing Language, Culture and Identity in the Diaspora / Shrestha, Bal Gopal
443. Newly Discovered Copper Hoard Weapons of South Asia / Sharma, Deo Prakash
444. The Nexus: International Terrorism and Drug Trafficking from Afghanistan / Shanty, Frank
445. Nobodies to Somebodies: The Rise of the Colonial Bourgeoisie in Sri Lanka / Jayawardena, Kumari
446. Non-State Armed Groups in South Asia: A Preliminary Structured Focused Comparison / Anant, Arpita (Ed.)
447. Nuclear and Missile Race in South Asia: Relevance of Military Restructuring / Malhotra, Vinay Kumar
448. Nuclear Stability in Southern Asia / Chari, P.R.; Gupta, Sonika & Rajain, Arpit (Eds.)
449. Nuclear Terrorism in South Asia / Singh, M.K.
450. Nuclearisation in South Asia / Khilnai, R.K.
451. Of Clowns and Gods, Brahmans and Babus: Humour in South Asian Literature / Oesterheld, Christina & et. al. (Eds.)
452. Operation Triple X: An Indian Spy Run in Pakistan / Dhar, Maloy Krishna
453. The Origins of the Kashmir Dispute and Pakistan / Ankit, Rakesh
454. Pakistan After 9/11 / Sreedhar (Ed.)
455. Pakistan and SAARC / Sharma, Rashmi
456. Pakistan as an Islamic State / Chopra, J.K.
457. Pakistan at Crossroads: Balochistan in the Line of Fire / Bansal, Alok
458. Pakistan at the Crosscurrent of History / Ziring, Lawrence
459. Pakistan Betrayed Bangladesh: Rediscovering the War / Singh, N.B. (Retd. Air Cmde.)
460. The Pakistan Cauldron: Conspiracy, Assassination and Instability / Farwell, James P.
461. Pakistan Engagement of the Extremes / Misra, Ashutosh
462. Pakistan Insight / Devasher, Tilak (Ed.)
463. Pakistan Nationalism without a Nation? / Jaffrelot, Christophe (Ed.)
464. Pakistan Occupied Kashmir: The Untold Story / Gupta, Virendra & Bansal, Alok (Eds.)
465. Pakistan Party Politics Pressure Groups and Minorities / Chand, Attar
466. Pakistan Peoples Party: Zulfikar Ali Bhutto to Benazir Bhutto / Kumar, Raj (Dr.)
467. Pakistan to Burma: Re-Birth of India / Dayal, Arvind (Dr.)
468. Pakistan Today / Akbar, M.K.
469. Pakistan, Afghanistan and Balochistan: The Distrubed Areas / Mishra, K.N. (Dr.)
470. Pakistan: A Mullah-Military Enterprise Unlimited / Joshi, P.C.
471. Pakistan: Democracy, Development and Security Issues / Kukreja, Veena & Singh, M.P. (Eds.)
472. Pakistan: In the Face of the Afghan Conflict 1979-1985 at the turn of the cold war / Grare, Frederic
473. Pakistan: Islamisation, Army and Foreign Policy / Chengappa, Bidanda M.
474. Pakistan: Past and Present / Chander, Prakash
475. Pakistan's Downfall in Kashmir / Gulati, M.N. (Col.)
476. Pakistan's Foreign Policy / Patnaik, Sudhansu Kumar
477. Pakistan's ISI: Network of Terror in India / Ghosh, S.K.
478. Pakistan's Military and Its Strategy / Chawla, Shalini
479. Pakistan's Nuclear Policy / Pande, Savita
480. Paradox of Participation; 5 Volumes / Kumar, Raj (Dr.)
481. Parliamentary Democracy in Bhutan: A Journey from Tradition to Modernity / Sebastian, Sarish
482. Partisans of Allah: Jihad in South Asia / Jalal, Ayesha
483. Partition Observed: British Official Reports from South Asia; 2 Volumes / Carter, Lionel
484. Partition, Indo-Pak Relations and Kashmir / Puniyani, Ram
485. Peace and Conflict in Ladakh: The Construction of a Fragile Web of Order / Pirie, Fernanda
486. Peace in the Indian Ocean: A South Asian Perspective / Suresh R.
487. Peasants and Workers in Nepal / Seddon, D. & et. al.
488. Pentagon's South Asia Defence and Strategic Year Book 2013 (7th Edition) / Singh, Harjeet (Col.) (Retd.) (Ed.)
489. The People's War in Nepal: Left Perspectives / Karki, Arjun & et. al. (Eds.)
490. People-to-People Contact in South Asia / Behera, Navnita Chadha; Gunawardena, Victor; Kardar, Shahid & Mahmood, Raisul Awal
491. Perception, Politics and Security in South Asia: The Compound Crisis of 1990 / Chari, P.R.; Cheema, Parvaiz Iqbal & Cohen, Stephen Philip
492. The Persistence of High Fertility in Nepal / Tuladhar, Jayanti Man
493. Personas of Holy Pretence / Kaleem, Zahir
494. Perspectives on National Security in South Asia: In Search of a New Paradigm / Chari, P.R. (Ed.)
495. Perspectives on Nepal: Recent History and Indo-Nepal Relations / Mukharji, Deb
496. Perspectives on South Asia; 5 Volumes / Chopra, J.K.
497. A Photographic Guide to the Birds of Bhutan and the Indian Subcontinent, including Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and the Maldives / Grewal, Bikram with Harvey, Bill & Pfister, Otto
498. Political and Security Dynamics of South and Southeast Asia / Singh, Daljit (Ed.)
499. Political Developments in Afghanistan: Implications for India / Tennyson, K.N.
500. Politics and Power in South Asia / Prajapati, Vishnu
501. The Politics of Citizenship, Identity and the State in South Asia / Bhattacharyya, Harihar; Kluge, Anja & Konig, Lion
502. The Politics of Counterterrorism in India: Strategic Intelligence and National Security in South Asia / Mahadevan, Prem
503. The Politics of Ethnicity in India, Nepal and China / Carrin, Marine; Kanungo, Pralay & Toffin, Gerard (Eds.)
504. Politics of Geo-Politics: Continuity and Change in India-Nepal Relations / Baral, Lok Raj (Ed.)
505. Population in South Asia / Tiwari, Satish
506. Population in South Asia: Migration as a Survival Strategy / Mishra, Naveen
507. Population Redistribution & Development in South Asia / Kosinski, L.A. & et. al.
508. Post-Independence Political Reconstruction in Bangladesh / Singh, Nagendra Kumar (Ed.)
509. Poverty in South Asia / Mishra, Naveen (Dr.)
510. The Power of Tantra: Sexuality and the Politics of South Asian Studies / Urban, Hugh B.
511. Power Struggle in South Asia / Chandra, Puran
512. The Prabhakaran Saga: The Rise and Fall of an Eelam Warrior / Murari, S.
513. Pre-Historic Art and Archaeology of South Asia: Palaeolithic Age; 2 Volumes / Sharma, Deo Prakash; Singh, Sanjib Kumar & Sharma, Madhuri
514. Pre-Partition Political Upheavals in Bangladesh / Singh, Nagendra Kumar (Ed.)
515. Problems & Progress of Wheat Pathology in South Asia / Joshi, L.M.; Singh, D.A. & Srivastava, K.D.
516. Problems of Urban Governance in Bangladesh / Panday, Pranab Kumar
517. Public Administration in Bangladesh / Singh, Nagendra Kumar (Ed.)
518. Punjab Muslims and Partition / Jahan, Amir (Dr.)
519. The Quest Continue: Lost Heritage the Sikh Legacy in Pakistan / Singh, Amardeep
520. A Quiet Case of Ethnic Cleansing: The Murder of Bangladesh's Hindus / Benkin, Richard L. (Dr.)
521. Racial Basis of Indian Culture: Including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal / Chakraberty, C.
522. The Raj Lives: India in Nepal / Upadhya, Sanjay
523. Rajbanshis of Nepal / Gautam, Rajesh (Dr.)
524. Reconstructing Afghanistan: Prospects and Limitations / Azad, Maulana Abul Kalam
525. Red Jihad: Battle for South Asia / Khan, Sami Ahmad
526. Regional Cooperation in South Asia: Emerging Dimensions and Issues / Upreti, B.C. (Ed.)
527. Regional Cooperation in South Asia: New Dimensions SAARC / Reddy, K.C. & Devi, T. Nirmala
528. Regional Economic Cooperation in South Asia: Nepalese Perspective / Banskota, N.P.
529. Regional Security and Regional Cooperation: A Comparative Study of ASEAN and SAARC / Chhibber, Bharti
530. Regional Security in Southeast Asia and the South Pacific: Prospects of Nuclear Free Zone / Pande, Amba
531. Religion and Conflict in Modern South Asia / Gould, William
532. Religion and Society in the Himalayas / Subba, Tanka B. & Datta, Karubaki
533. Religions in Nepal: With Reference to Religions of Tibet and India / Majupuria, Trilok Chandra & Rohit Kumar (Majupuria)
534. Restructuring Pakistan: A Global Imperative (Including Afghanistan's Inside Truth) / Saighal, Vinod
535. Restructuring South Asian Security / Saighal, Vinod
536. A Resurgent China: South Asian Perspectives / Muni, S.D. & Yong, Tan Tai (Eds.)
537. Revisiting Contemporary South Asia: Politics, Economics and Security / Lange, Klaus; Knapp, Klara & Panda, Jagannath P.
538. The Rise of China: Perspectives from Asia and Europe / Malik, V.P. & Schultz, Jorg (Eds.)
539. Roots of Confrontation in South-Asia / Sharma, S.R. (Dr.)
540. The Roots of South Asian Art; 2 Volumes / Sharma, D.P. & Sharma, Madhuri
541. Rural Development in South Asia / Sharma, Jitendra Kumar
542. Rural Local Government in India and South Asia: India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka / Khanna, B.S.
543. SAARC As A Regional Alliance / Sharma, P.L.
544. SAARC Nations: New Role and Challenges Ahead / Khan, Rao Arif Ali
545. SAARC Perspective / Bhuimali, Anil & Mukhopadhyay, Chandan Kumar (Eds.)
546. SAARC: Challenges Before New Millennium / Bhusan, K. & Katyal, G.
547. SAARC: Concept, Growth and Development / Sharma, Rashmi
548. SAARC: Political and Economic Aspects / Kher, R.S.
549. Saarc: Problems and Prospects / Dwivedi, Dhirendra
550. SAARC: Sapta to Safta / Gupta, Anshuman
551. SAARC: The Road Ahead: A Case for Constructive Diplomacy / Jha, Indra Mohan
552. Sacred Complex of Lumbini / Giri, Gitu (Dr.)
553. The Sacred Dichotomy: Thoughts and Comments on The Duality of Female and Male Iconography in South Asia and the Mediterranean / Bunce, Fredrick W.
554. A Saga of Agony and Shame: Child Labour and Child Abuse in India and the SAARC Countries / Bhattacharya, M.S.
555. Sakyamuni's Return Journey to Lumbini (lumbiniyatra): A Study of a Popular Theme in Newar Buddhist Art and Literature / Buhnemann, Gudrun
556. Scene Changes in Kashmir, India and Pakistan / Chopra, Pran
557. The Search for Lanka / Mishra, Dwarka Prasad
558. Searching for Peace in Central and South Asia / Mekenkamp & Veen
559. Security in South Asia: Comprehensive and Cooperative / Banerjee, Dipankar (Maj. Gen.)
560. Security in South Asia: Cross Border Analysis / Mishra, R.C. (Dr.)
561. Security in South Asia: Trends and Directions / Asthana, Vandana & Shukla, A.C.
562. Security Studies in South Asia: Change and Challenges / Benarji, Dipankar (Ed.)
563. The Select Documents of India-China Relations: Politics of Resources, Identity and Authority
564. Shades of Kashmir: Landscape - Daily Life - People - Protest / Basu, Shome
565. Shadow War: The Untold Story of Jihad in Kashmir / Jamal, Arif
566. Shifting Body Politics: Gender: Nation: State in Pakistan / Rouse, Shahnaz
567. Singha Durbar: Rise and Fall of the Rana Regime of Nepal (Revised and Updated Edition) / Rana, Sagar S.J.B.
568. Social Agenda of South Asia; 2 Volumes / Barik, S.
569. Social and Cultural Heritage of Sikkim and Bhutan / Sharma, S.K. & Sharma, Usha (Eds.)
570. Social Ethnography of the Hill Muslims of Nepal / Upadhyay, Prakash (Dr.)
571. Social Inclusion of Ethnic Communities in Contemporary Nepal / Mandal, Monika
572. Socio-Economic and Political Development in South Asia; 3 Volumes / Sareen, T.R. & Bakshi, S.R. (Eds.)
573. Some Aspects of Value-Orientation: A Study of the Adults in Nepal and India / Upadhyay, Niranjan Prasad
574. South Asia and Beyond Discourses on Emerging Security Challenges and Concerns / Rizal, Dhurba (Dr.)
575. South Asia Bibliography and Documentation; 9 Volumes / Gupta, B.M. (Ed.)
576. South Asia Security and China's Security Environment / Sharma, L.K.
577. South Asia: Envisioning a Regional Future / Pattanaik, Smruti S.
578. South Asia: Peace Security and Development / Agarwal, Prashant (Dr.)
579. South Asia: Political Priorities and Economic Imperatives / Prajapati, Vishnu
580. South Asia: Political, Security and Terrorism Trends / Bhonsle, Rahul K. (Brig.)
581. South Asia: Polity, Literacy and Conflict Resolution; 3 Volumes / Pandey, Aditya (Ed.)
582. South Asia: Post-Nehruvian Dynamics of Diplomacy / Ibrahim, K.M. Sajad
583. South Asia: Power and Politics: Studies in Political Identity and Regional Resurgence; 3 Volumes / Prajapati, Vishnu (Ed.)
584. South Asian Cultures Studies: A Biblioraphy / Lal, Vinay
585. South Asian Feminisms / Loomba, Ania & Lukose, Ritty A. (Eds.)
586. South Asian Literature: Criticism and Poetry / Barman, Bhaskar Roy
587. South Asian Prehistory: Archaeology of South Asia / Agrawal, D.P. & Kharakwal, J.S.
588. South Asian Texts in History: Critical Engagements with Sheldon Pollock / Bronner, Yigal & Cox, Whitney & McCrea, Lawrence (Eds.)
589. South Asian Transnationalisms: Cultural Exchange in the Twentieth Century / Sinha, Babli (Ed.)
590. South Asian Union: Problems, Possibilities and Prospects / Kumar, Ranjit
591. South Asia's Nuclear Security Dilemma: India, Pakistan and China / Dittmer, Lowell (Ed.)
592. South-East Asia: People's Struggle and Political Identity / Sinha, Rameshwar P.
593. Sri Lanka and SAARC / Sharma, Rashmi
594. Sri Lanka as an Ethnic State / Chopra, J.K.
595. Sri Lanka ke Jatiya Sangharsh ke Samadhan mein Bharat ki Bhumika / Pandey, Dhirendra Kumar
596. Sri Lanka: Past & Present / Reddy, L.R.
597. Sri Lanka: Search for Peace / Bansal, Alok; Mayilvaganan, M. & Podder, Sukanya (Eds.)
598. Sri Lanka: United States Relations / Sinha, Ramashish Prasad
599. Sri Lankan Crisis: Anatomy of Ethnicity, Peace and Security / Kulandaswamy, M.S.
600. Sri Lankan Monastic Architecture / Basnayake, H.T.

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