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1201. Non-Farm Economy and Rural Development / Mehta, G.S.
1202. Non-Violence in the 21st Century: Application and Efficacy / Sharma, Manish
1203. Northeast and Globalisation: Issues Betwixt and Between / Behera, M.C. (Ed. & Prof.)
1204. North-East India: Dispersion and Discontent; Historical, Cultural and Socio-Political and Perspectives; 2 Volumes / Chatterjee, Sarajit Kumar
1205. Nutrition Education / Venkataiah, S. (Ed.)
1206. The OBCs and the Dynamics of Social Exclusion in India / Verma, H.S.
1207. The OBCs and the Ruling Classes in India / Verma, H.S. (Ed.)
1208. Old-Age Care and Welfare Administration: Planning, Polity Imperatives and Projection / Joshi, Pratap
1209. Older Persons in India / Joshi, Arvind K. (Dr.)
1210. Older Women in India: The Context Issues and Concerns / Nayar, P.K.B. (Ed.)
1211. One Billion Indians: Socio-Economic Conditions Problems and Prospects / Sen, Gulab
1212. Open Society / Soros, George
1213. Oral Tradition, Society and History / Pasayat, Chitrasen
1214. Organisations of Scheduled Castes and Social Change / Sindhe, Jaganath R.
1215. Organised Crime / Gandhirajan, C.K.
1216. Organised Crime / Padhy, Prafullah (Ed.)
1217. Organizing for Social Change / Bobo, Kim & et. al.
1218. Origin of Life / Arora, Richa
1219. Origin of Untouchability / Sharma, T.L.
1220. Other Backward Classes in India: Myth & Reality; 2 Volumes / Kumar, Arvind (Ed.)
1221. Other Backward Classes in India: Recognition & Researvation / Sekhar, V. Chandra
1222. Other Half of the Society: Backward Caste and Politics of Bihar / Sinha, Sushil Kumar
1223. Overseas Indians: The Global Family / Singh, Shubha
1224. Pain and Awakening: The Dynamics of Dalit Identity in Bihar, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh / Femando, Franco (Ed.)
1225. The Pain the Horror: Gujrat Earthquake / Reddy, L.R.
1226. Pakistan or the Partition of India / Ambedkar, B.R. (Dr.)
1227. Palliative Care for the Elderly in India / Bhatia, Sugan
1228. Panchayat Raj and Rural Development: Experiences and Perspectives / Rawat, S.S.; Sood, C.S. & Panwar, Sarita
1229. Panchayati Raj and Dynamics of Rural Development / Jha, Pawan Kumar & et. al.
1230. Panchayati Raj and Education; 2 Volumes / Vohra & et. al.
1231. Panchayati Raj and Rural Development / Dass, Arvind
1232. Panchayati Raj and Rural Development / Goel, Ravi
1233. Panchayati Raj and Rural Development / Kansal, Subhash
1234. Panchayati Raj and Urban Planning / Dua, S.P.
1235. Panchayati Raj in India / Goel, Ravi
1236. Panchayati Raj in India: Emerging Trends Across the States / Joshi, R.P. & et. al.
1237. Panchayati Raj in West Bengal: Democratic Decentralisation or Democratic Centralism / Bhattacharya, Moitree
1238. Panchayati Raj Institutions / Baluchamy, S.
1239. Panchayats and Good Governance / Singh, S.R.
1240. Panchayats, Democracy and Development / Vyasulu, V.
1241. Paradigms in Social Science Research: A New Horizon / Mangaleswaran, R.
1242. Paradox of Poverty and Economic Prosperity / Mani, N.
1243. Parental Involvement in the Education of Mentally Handicapped Children / Sukumaran, P.S.
1244. Parents Child Relationship / Jaiprakash & et. al.
1245. Participation of Women in the Panchayati Raj System / Mehta, G.S.
1246. Participatory Rural Appraisal in Micro Level Planning / Chaudhary, S. (Dr.)
1247. Partition of India and its Impact on the Scheduled Castes of Bengal / Barman, Rupkumar
1248. Patterns of Gender Violence / Yadav, Sushma & et. al.
1249. Payment of Daily Wages Labour in India / Pattanayak, Pradeep Kumar
1250. Peace and Bread in Time of War / Addams, Laura Jane
1251. Peace Technology & Development / Sharma, K.N. (Ed.)
1252. Pecuniarisation: A New Theory of Social Change in India / Mahendrakumar, M.S.
1253. Pension Reform in India: The Unfinished Agenda / Sadhak, Hira
1254. People and Forest in North East India / Verma, Rajesh
1255. People at the Bottom: A Portrait of the Scavengers / Sachchidananda
1256. People of the Maldive Islands / Maloney, Clarence
1257. People's Movements in the Princely States / Vaikuntham, Y. (Ed.)
1258. The Peoples of India: A Continuing Series; Volumes 1-36
1259. A Perfect Book on Human Evolution / Goswami, Kartikay
1260. Perilous Journey: Deates on Security and Development in Assam / Bhattacharya, Rakhee & Pulipaka, Sanjay
1261. The Periphery Strikes Back: Challenges to Nation-State in Assam and Nagaland / Misra, Udayon
1262. Perspectives in Sociology / Cuff, E.C. & Others
1263. Perspectives on Human Rights / Dube, M.P. & et. al. (Eds.)
1264. Perspectives on Multiculturalism: Pre-Soviet, Soviet and Post-Soviet Central Asia / Doraiswamy, Rashmi (Ed.)
1265. Perspectives on Northeast India: Tradition and Modernity in Arunachal Pradesh / Pulipaka, Sanjay; Bhattacharya, Rakhee & Chaudhuri, Sarit K. (Eds.)
1266. Phases of Dalit Revolt / Chandra, Ramesh & Mittra, Sangh
1267. Philosophical and Sociological Basis of Education / Dash, B.N.
1268. Philosophical and Sociological Perspectives in Education / Talawar, M.S. & Benakanal, V.A.
1269. The Philosophy of Social Ecology / Bookchin M.
1270. Planning and Rural Development / Devi, Shakuntala
1271. Planning for Integrated Rural Development Programme / Jatav, B.L. & et. al. (Eds.)
1272. Planning Inter-locked Markets & Rural Development / Hooja, R.
1273. Plantation Sociology of North-East India / Sharma, Khemraj
1274. Plight of Child Labour / Bishaoyi, K.N.
1275. Plight of the Minorities: Problems & Grievances in their Education / Thakur, R.N.
1276. Police Enforcement Crimes and Injustice / Vedackumchery, James (Dr.)
1277. Police in Democretic Societies / Sen, Sanker
1278. Policies and Legislation for Children in India / Yadav, C.P.
1279. Policies and Strategies for Tribal Development / Hooja, M.
1280. Political Demography of India: Determinants and Consequences / Krishnan, Parameswara
1281. Political Socialization of Student in Metropolitan Calcutta / Chakraborty, Roma
1282. Political Sociology / Jayapalan, N.
1283. Political Sociology / Nagla, B.K. (Ed.)
1284. Political Sociology / Narang, Ashok
1285. The Political Sociology of Dalit Assertion / Louis, Prakash
1286. Politics, Society and Development: Insights from Sikkim / Yasin, Mohammad & Chhetri, Durga P.
1287. Polity Reader in Gender Studies
1288. Polity Reader in Social Theory
1289. Ponder it Again: Population Explosion / Shah, K.S.
1290. Poor and Pregnant in New Delhi, India / Vallianatos, Helen
1291. Poor in Urban India / Lobo, Lancy & et. al.
1292. Poorn Viram Se Poorva; (in Hindi) / Atreya, Acharya
1293. Population and Cities / Narasaiah, M. Lakshmi
1294. Population and Community Ecology / Prabhakar, V.K. (Ed.)
1295. Population and Community Ecology / Trivedi, P.R. & Sudrashan, P.R.
1296. Population and Family Life Education / Prasad, B.K.
1297. Population and Poverty / Singh, Naunihal
1298. Population and Poverty: Current Status and Future Approaches / Walter, M.
1299. Population and Society in India / Reddy, M.M. Krishna
1300. Population and Sustainable Development / Sroaff, Meera
1301. Population and Sustainable Development in India / Haq, Ehsanul & Singh, Sudhir Kumar
1302. Population Awareness and the Impact of Educational Interventions / Bahuguna, Arun Kumar
1303. Population Challenge and Family Welfare in India / Mehta, S.M.
1304. Population Development and the Environment: The Dynamic Interface / Nambiar, A.C.K. (Dr.)
1305. Population Development, Environment and Health / Shrivastava, A.K.
1306. Population Ecology / Aaradhana, P.S.
1307. Population Education / Gupta, P.K.
1308. Population Education / Nanda, S.K.
1309. Population Education / Pandey, V.C. (Ed.)
1310. Population Education / Rao, V.K.
1311. Population Education / Reddy, M.V. Lakshmi
1312. Population Education / Singh, U.K.
1313. Population Education and Family Planning / Sinha, P.N.
1314. Population Education in India / Grover, R.P. & Bhardwaj, Ramesh Kumar
1315. Population Education: Concepts, Principles and Approaches / Sharma, Yogendra K.
1316. Population Environment and the Challenge of Development / Saikia, Anup
1317. Population Geography / Husain, Ahmad (Dr.)
1318. Population Geography / Qazi, S.A. & Qazi, Navaid Shabir
1319. Population Geography; 2 Volumes / Yadav, J.P. (Ed.)
1320. Population Growth / Narasaiah, M.L.
1321. Population Growth and Child Labour / Prasad, Narendra
1322. Population Growth and Global Stability / Sinha, Purnendu Narayan (Dr.)
1323. Population Growth in Assam (1951-1991) / Saikia, Anil & Goswami, Homeswar
1324. Population Health and Development in India: Changing Perspectives / Roy, T.K. & et. al. (Eds.)
1325. Population in South Asia / Tiwari, Satish
1326. Population in South Asia: Migration as a Survival Strategy / Mishra, Naveen
1327. Population of India / Bose, Ashish
1328. Population of India 2001 / Dubey, Surendra Nath
1329. Population of India 2011 Census Research & Methodology
1330. Population Pattern and Urban Development / Shanker, Urvija
1331. Population Policy and Family Welfare / Goel, S.L. (Dr.)
1332. Population Projections and Their Accuracy / Agrawal, Usha D.
1333. Population Reproductive Health and Development; 2 Volumes / Ravichandran, N.
1334. Population Society in West Asia: Essays in Comparative Demography / Jain, Prakash C.
1335. Population Stabilization through District Action Plans: Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh / Wadhva, Charan D. & Saxena, Badri N. (Eds.)
1336. Population Structure of Indian Cities / Singh, Ram Dayal
1337. Population Theories and Policy / Kumar, Arun (Ed.)
1338. Population, Environment and Development: A Global Challenge for the 21st Century / Sinha, B.R.K. (Ed.)
1339. Population, Poverty and Environment in North East India / Ray, B. Datta; Mazhari, H.K.; Passah, P.M. & Pandey, M.C. (Eds.)
1340. Population, Reproductive and Child Health: Perspective and Challenges / Somayajulu, Ulimiri V.; Panda, Gopal Krishna; Kar, Ranjana; Mishra, Pradeep & Singh, Kaushalendra Kumar (Eds.)
1341. Population, Spatial Mobility and Environment: Issues and Challenges for Sustainable Development / Kaistha, Keshav C. & Sharma, Satish K.
1342. Population: The Ultimate Resource / Mitra, Barun S.
1343. The Portuguese in Malabar: A Social History of Luso Indians / Dias, Charles
1344. The Postmodern Controversy: Understanding Richard Rorty, Jacques Derrida and Jurgen Habermas / Biswas, P.
1345. Poverty Allevation and Rural Development / Mudgal, Rahul
1346. Poverty Allevation Strategies of NGO's / Rajasekhar, D.
1347. Poverty Alleviation among Rural Women / Lakshmi, P.S.
1348. Poverty Alleviation and Rural Diversification / Gaur, Keshav Dev
1349. Poverty Alleviation and Rural Poor / Krishna, Meeta
1350. Poverty Alleviation through Self Employment / Chennappa, D.
1351. Poverty and Environmental Education / Narasaiah, M.L.
1352. Poverty and Human Rights of Women / Bhuimali, Anil
1353. Poverty and Hunger: Causes and Consequences / Das, Ratan
1354. Poverty and its Alleviation / Misra, S.N.
1355. Poverty and Social Conflict / Singh, Neerja
1356. Poverty and Social Exclusion in India: Issues and Challenges / Chattopadhyay, Aparajita (Ed.)
1357. Poverty Health and Development / Paul, Sujit Kumar
1358. Poverty in India / Sethi, Shibaram
1359. Poverty in India - Fundamental Issues: A Social Science Perspective / Malik, Bibhuti Bhushan
1360. Poverty in North East India / Ramliana, P.L.
1361. Poverty in South Asia / Mishra, Naveen (Dr.)
1362. Poverty in Urban Area / Ajamuddin, Khaja
1363. The Poverty Question: Search for Solutions / Atal, Yogesh
1364. Poverty, Food Security and Sustainability / Majumdar, B.
1365. Poverty, Globalization and Human Development / Jugale, V.B.
1366. Poverty, Population and Sustainable Development / Mehta, S.R. (Ed.)
1367. Poverty: A Global Review / Oyen, E.
1368. Power Elite in Indian Society: Study of the Shekhawati Region in Rajasthan / Sharma, Rajendra
1369. Power, Politics and Corruption: A Gandhian Solution / Sharma, J.N.
1370. Practical Approach to Research Methodology / Verma, S.P.
1371. Practice of Social Research: Social Work Perspective, 2nd Edition / Das, D.K. Lal
1372. Practice of Social Work / Jha, Jainendra Kumar
1373. Pragmatic Rural Development for Poverty Alleviation: A Pioneering Paradigm / Jalihal, K.A. & Shivamurthy, M.
1374. Pramukh Samajshastriya Vicharak (in Hindi) / Rajkumar (Ed.)
1375. Press: Political & Socialization / Mishra, Madhusmita
1376. Preventing Violence, Caring for Survivors: Role of Health Profession and Services in Violence / Jesani, Amar; Deosthali, Padma & Madhiwalla, Neha (Eds.)
1377. Prevention of Discrimination and protection of Minorities / Rajan, R.C.
1378. Prevention of HIV/AIDS and Drug Abuse / Satpathy, G.C.
1379. The Prime Movers of Indian Society: A Focus on the Sociology (A Focus on the Sociology of Professions) / Gandhi, J.S. & Bali, Arun P. (Eds.)
1380. Primitive Paternity: The Myth of Supernatural Birth in Relation to the History of Family; 2 Volumes / Hartland, E.S.
1381. Primitive Society / Lowie, Robert H.
1382. Principles of Economic Sociology / Swedberg, R.
1383. Principles of Social Work / Samuel, Kirubakran & Lakshmanapathi, V.
1384. The Principles of Sociology: An Analysis of the Phinomena of Association and of Social Organisation / Giddings, Franklin Henry
1385. Problem of Peace Making in Mizoram / Hmingthanga, Lal
1386. Problems and Perspectives on Social Work and Social Welfare / Kumar, Vijendra
1387. Problems of Child Labour / Chopra, J.K.
1388. Problems of Child Labour in India / Sen, R.K.
1389. Problems of Nutrition and Child Care / Kaushik, V.K.
1390. Problems of Widows in India / Reddy, P. Adinarayana (Dr.)
1391. Problems of Youth / Singh, Renuka
1392. Process of Social Change among Tribes / Sharma, S.R.
1393. Progressive Women and Political Identity / Mehta, Arati
1394. Prostitution in Thailand: Myth and Reality / Ghosh, Lipi
1395. Prostitution is a Curse / Rizwi, A.K.
1396. Protective Discrimination Policy and Social Change: An Analytical Study of State Action on Scheduled Castes in Aurangabad City / Gaikwad, S.L.
1397. Protective Discrimination Policy in Search of Equality / Mandal, Bankim Chandra
1398. Protective Discrimination: Other Backward Classes in India / Sharma, Shish Ram
1399. Protest Movements of Bhils Under the British Raj / Mathur, L.P.
1400. Psychology and Child Development / Sharma, S.R.
1401. Psychology and Child Growth / Ram, S.
1402. Psycho-Social Correlates of Achievement / Kumari, Balusu Veena & et. al.
1403. Psycho-Social Dimensions of Ageing in India / Jaswal, Nidhi (Dr.)
1404. Psycho-Social Factors Learning English at School / Sharma, Kusum
1405. Psycho-Social Problems of Women Teachers / Kaur, Ravinder & Kaur, Naginder
1406. Public Administration: Reflections & Explorations / Haldipur, R.N.
1407. Public Health & Social Aspects: Some Selected Essays / Dutta, P.K.
1408. Public Relation Association / Singh, B.R.
1409. Punjab Culture / Chawla, Romila
1410. Purity-Pollution, Discrimination and Caste System in India / Pasayat Chitrasen
1411. Raj Dharma: A Theoretical Analysis for Social Achievements / Ozarkar, Govind T.
1412. Raja Ram Mohan Roy / Singh, Y.K.
1413. Rammohan Roy: The Era of Socio-Economic Reforms / Mittra, Sangh
1414. Rationalisation of Social Life / Singh, Jaspal
1415. Readings in Ancient Society and Social Issues / Dhar, R.N.
1416. Readings in Crime and Criminology; 4 Volumes / Atri, Parvesh K.
1417. Readings in Environmental Ethics: Multidisciplinary perspective / Srivastva, D.C. (Ed.)
1418. Readings in Feminist Psychology / Moorthi, K.S.
1419. Readings in Modern Sociology; 3 Volumes / Birdi, Renuka
1420. Readings in Social and Labour Welfare; 3 Volumes / Yadav, L.B.
1421. The Realm of Faith: Subversion, Appropriation and Dominance in the Western Himalaya / Sharma, Mahesh
1422. Reasserting the Co-Operative Movement: Published on the Occasion of Centennial Celebration of Indian Co-Operative Movement / Jugale, V.B. & Koli, P.A.
1423. Recasting the Devadasi: Patterns of Sacred Prostitution in Colonial South India / Vijaisri, Priyadarshini
1424. Reconceptualising Caste, Class and Tribe / Sharma, K.L.
1425. Reconciling Work and Family Responsibilities: Practical Ideas from Global Experience / Hein, Catherine
1426. Reconfiguring Identities and Building Territories in India and South Africa / Lambony, Philippe Gervais; Landy, Frederic & Oldfield, Sophie (Eds.)
1427. Red Light Area Social Environment of Sex Workers / Karmakar, Sumati
1428. Rediscovering Rural Development: A Reflection on Potentia and Prospects / DC, Nanjunda
1429. Reflection of Human Behaviour: Impression, Emotion and Perception / Das, Bholanath
1430. Reflections on Comprehensive Human Development / Setty, E.D.
1431. Reflections on Crime Against Women / Mahapatra, Subhasini
1432. Reflections on Dalit and Minorities Issues: An Anthology / Khan, Mohd. Mujtaba (Ed.)
1433. Reflections on Economy and Society of Tripura / Sinha, Amitabha & Chakraborty, Kiran Sankar
1434. Reform Prospectus for Rural Development; 2 Volumes / Soni, Balbir
1435. Refugee Management: Sri Lanka Refugees in Tamil Nadu (1983-2000) / Das, Sumita
1436. Refugees and Forced Displacement: International Security, Human Vulnerability, and the State / Newman, Edward & Selm, Joanne Van
1437. Refugees and Human Rights / Patil, V.T. & et. al.
1438. Refugees and Human Rights / Roy, S.K. (Ed.)
1439. Regional Development and Family Planning / Raju, S. Siva
1440. Regional Disparities in Developng Economy / Pal, Gopal Krishna
1441. Regional Disparities in India's Socio-economic Development / Bagchi, Kanak Kanti (Ed.)
1442. Regional Planning in India; 2 Volumes / Shekhar, Sudhanshu
1443. Regionalism, Ethnicity and Left Politics / Basu, S.
1444. Rehabilitation Policy and Law in India: A Right to Livelihood / Fernandes, Walter & Paranjpye, Vijay (Eds.)
1445. Rehabilitation Programmes for Bounded Labour / Rao, P. Narasimha
1446. Reinventing Regional Development / Kant, Surya & et. al. (Eds.)
1447. Relevance of Information, Education and Communication in Family Welfare / Patro, Bishnu Charan & Rao, J.S. Giri
1448. Relevance of Modernization to Population Change / Shastri, Pothukuchi Purushotham
1449. Religion and Caste Politics / Agarwalla, S.S.
1450. Religion and Culture in Indian Civilization: Essays in Honour of Prof. C.N. Venugopal / Sharma, Amit Kumar (Ed.)
1451. Religion and Society in North East India / Nath, D. (Ed. & Prof.)
1452. Religion and Society in Sovereign Tripura / Bera, Gautam Kumar
1453. Religion, Caste and Politics in India / Jaffrelot, Christophe
1454. Religion, State and Social Policy: Changing Social Organisation of Hindu Temples / Selvam, S.
1455. Religions and Communities of India / Chopra, P.N.
1456. Religious Beliefs and Practices in India / Kumar, S. & et. al. (Eds.)
1457. Religious Conversion in Ancient India / Benjamin, B.N. (Dr.)
1458. Religious Converts in India: Socio-Political Study of Neo-Buddhists / Shastree, Uttara
1459. Religious Festivals and Caste System in India During 19th Century / Oman, John Campbell
1460. Reproductive Health in Delhi Slums / Gulati, S.C.; Tyagi, R.P. & Sharma, Suresh (Eds.)
1461. Research for Social Workers / Alston & Bowles
1462. Research Methodology in Behavioural and Social Science / Chaudhary, Nisha (Dr.)
1463. Research Methodology in Social Science / Kumar, Arvind
1464. Research Methodology in Social Sciences / Babu, G. Ramesh
1465. Research Methodology in Social Sciences / Patnaik, Asit Kumar
1466. Research Methodology in Social Sciences / Thakur, Devendra
1467. Research Methods / Ahuja, Ram
1468. Research Methods and Techniques in Social Science / Anand, Shelley
1469. Research Methods in Social Science / Yadav, B.S. & Jain, Mohit
1470. Research Methods in Social Sciences: A Manual for Designing Questionnaires / Singh, S.P.
1471. Researches in Social Science (Prof. Amreshwar Awasthi Felicition Volume) / Mishra, J.P. (Ed.)
1472. Reservation in India: Recent Perspective in Higher Education / Kaur, Harpreet & Suri, R.K.
1473. Reservation Policy and OBC Movement in Assam / Gogoi, Troilukya
1474. Reservation Policy and Social Justice / Singh, Shail
1475. Reservation Policy and the Law: Myth and Reality / Jaswal, S.S.
1476. Reservations for Women in Rural and Urban Local Bodies in India: Equal Partners in Decision-Making Process / Ram, D. Sundar (Ed.)
1477. Resource Management & Contours of Development / Barik, B.C. (Ed.)
1478. Resurgent Rural India: Decade After the Constitutionalisation of Panchayati Raj / Biju, M.R.
1479. Rethinking Development: Putting an End to Poverty / Bartoli, H.
1480. Re-thinking Gandhi: Interrogation and Exploration / Handique, Palash; Gohain, Monjit & Saikia, Hemanta (Eds.)
1481. Rethinking Social Transformation / Giri, A. (Ed.)
1482. Rethinking Sociology: Critique Contemporary Theory / Zeitlin, I.M.
1483. The Right of the Child in India / Singh, Justice Rajkumar Manisana
1484. Right to Education Act 2009: It's Implementation as to Social Development in India / Kumar, K. Vijaya (Prof.)
1485. Rights of Dalit / Samel, Swapna H.
1486. Rights of the Disabled Persons / Rao, Digumarti Bhaskara
1487. Riots and after in Mumbai: Chronicles of Truth and Reconciliation / Menon, Meena
1488. Rise of Dalit Power in India / Kumar, Vijendra
1489. Rise of Terrorism and Successionism in Eurasia / Chopra, V.D. (Ed.)
1490. Road to Dignity: Socio-Economic Rehabilitation of Valmikis / Khan, Mohammad Zahir & et. al.
1491. Road to Freedom: A Sociological Study on the Abolition of Scavenging in India / Pathak, Bindeshwar
1492. Role Multiplicity of Lower Middle Class Working Women / Shrivastava, Abhilasha
1493. Role of Co-Operative Structure in Village Development / Jai Prakash & et. al.
1494. The Role of National Human Rights Commission in Protection of Human Rights / Palai, Arun Kumar
1495. Role of NGO's in the Empowerment of the Disabled / Panigrahi, Santosh Kumar
1496. Role of Women Enterpreneurship in Social Development / Chaudhury, Suman Kalyan
1497. Rural and Urban Development in India / Dubey, M.K.
1498. Rural and Urban Women: Perspective and Nutrition / Shettar, Shakuntala C. & Hubballi, Santosh N.
1499. Rural Artisans in India / Misra, R.N & Tata Rao, D.
1500. Rural Development / Singh, Sita Ram

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