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2101. Smithells Metals Reference Book (8th Edition) / Gale, W.F. & Totemeir, T.C. (Eds.)
2102. A Source Book of World Politics: Encyclopaedia, Historical Perspectives Political Developments and Sources; 2 Volumes / Gupta, V.P. & et. al.
2103. South Asia Bibliography and Documentation; 9 Volumes / Gupta, B.M. (Ed.)
2104. South Asian Cultures Studies: A Biblioraphy / Lal, Vinay
2105. Sports Web Encyclopaedia; 2 Volumes / Ashok, C.
2106. Srautapadarthanirvachanam: A Dictionary of Sacrificial Terms (in Sanskrit) / Joshi, Vishwanatha Shastri & Agnihotri, Prabhudatta (Eds.)
2107. Sri Abhidhan Rajendra Kosa: Hindi translation of all 7 parts by Udai Chandra Jain (in 3 Volumes)
2108. Sri Aurobindo: Saga of a Great Indian Sage / Huchzermeyer, Wilfried
2109. Sri Subodhini: Commentry on Srimad Bhagvata Purana; 25 Volumes / Vallabhacharya, Shri Mahaprabhu
2110. The Standard Encyclopaedia of Modern Agriculture and Rural Economy; 12 Volumes / Wright, R. Patrick
2111. Story of Tea / Damu, T.
2112. Story of the Civilization: The Life Story of the Earth and of all Nations; 15 Volumes / Innes, A.D. & et. al.
2113. The Student's English-Sanskrit Dictionary / Apte, Vaman Shivram
2114. Students English-Tibetan Colloquial Dictionary: Text Incorporating Corrections Listed in the Errata / Bell, C.A.
2115. Synonyms and Antonyms for All / Michelson, R.
2116. Taine's Encyclopaedia of English Literature; 4 Volumes / Taine, H.A.
2117. The Teacher's Encyclopaedia; 7 Volumes / Laurie, A.P. (Ed.)
2118. TERY Energy Data Directory & Yearbook
2119. A Tibetan English Dictionary: With Special Reference to the Prevalling Dialects (To which is added - An English-Tibetan Vocabulary) / Jaschke, H.A. (1817-1883)
2120. Tibetan-English Dictionary / Csoma de Koros, Alexander
2121. Tibetan-English Dictionary (with Supplement) / Buck, Stuart H.
2122. Tibetan-English Dictionary of Buddhist Terminology (Revised and Enlarged Edition) / Rigzin, Tsepak
2123. A Tibetan-English Dictionary with Sanskrit Synonyms (Compact Edition) / Das, Sarat Chandra
2124. Tibetan-Russian-English Dictionary (with Sanskrit parallels), 2 Volumes / Roerich, Y.N.
2125. Tibetan-Sanskrit Dictionary (Compact Edition) / Lokesh Chandra
2126. Tibetan-Sanskrit Dictionary (Supplementary Volumes), 7 Volumes / Lokesh Chandra
2127. Tibetan-Sanskrit Dictionary; 16 Volumes / Negi, J.S.
2128. Transliteration Manual: Proper Names: Person and Place / Monlam, Karma (Ed.)
2129. Treasury of Spiritual Wisdom: A Collection of 10,000 Powerful Quatations for Transforming Your Life / Zubko, Andy
2130. Tribes in Perspective: Encyclopaedia on ST, SC and Disadvantaged Peoples-I / Burman, B.K. Roy
2131. The Twentieth Century Encyclopaedia; 3 Volumes / Morris, Charles
2132. Understanding Alcohol and Other Drugs Abuse; 2 Volumes / O'Brien, Robert; Chafetz & Cohen
2133. Universal Encyclopaedia of Islam; 5 Volumes / Shehenshah, Muhammad Isar Ahmad
2134. Universal Encyclopaedia of the World Literature; 3 Volumes / Botta, Anne C. Lynch
2135. The Universe Encyclopaedia of Natural History / Pouchet, F.A.
2136. Universities of India - Address Book: Covering Members of AIU & New Private Universities Under Section 2(f) and section 3 of UGC Act / IBI (Compiled)
2137. Upanisad Vakya Mahakosha; 2 Volumes / Sadhale, S. Shambhu Gajanan
2138. Vacaspatyam: A Comprehensive Sanskrit Dictionary, compiled by Sri Taranath Tarka Vachaspati Bhattacharya; 6 Volumes
2139. Vanspati Shabdkosh: Upyodi Podho ke Hindi Latin Angrezi Shabdkosh (in Hindi) / Jain, Sudhansu Kumar
2140. Vedic Bibliography / Renou, Louis
2141. Vedic Bibliography; 6 Volumes / Dandekar, R.N. (Ed.)
2142. A Vedic Grammar for Students / Macdonell, Arthur Anthony
2143. Vedic Kosha (3 Volumes) / Upadhyaya, Chandrasekhar & Upadhyaya, Anil Kumar
2144. Vedicvangmaya-Nirvachankosa by Rup Kishor Shastri
2145. Vishwa Itihas Ka Vishwakosh / Encyclopaedia of World History; 6 Volumes (in Hindi) / Sharma, Rashmi & Sharma, Mahesh
2146. Von Rundstedt: The Soldier and the Man / Blumentritt, Guenther
2147. The War Encyclopaedia: The Clash of Nations. Its Causes and Consequences / Johnson, R.
2148. Watershed Management: An Encyclopaedia / Kurothe, R.S.; Kumar, Gopal & Vishwakarma, A.K.
2149. The White Conch Dictionary: Dud dkar Tshig mdzod chen mo: Mkhas dban Dud dkar Blo bzan phrin las mchog gis mdzad pa'i Bod rig pa'i tshig mdzod chen mo Ses bya rab gsal ses bya ba bzugs so: Dungkar Tibetological Great Dictionary, 2 Volumes (Tibetan-Tibetan) / Dungkar Losang Khrinley
2150. The William Shakespeare Encyclopaedia; 8 Volumes / Irving, Henry & Marshall, Frank A. (Eds.)
2151. Woman and Religion: An Encyclopadia on Women in Different Religions of the World; 8 Volumes / Anil Dutta Mishra (Ed.)
2152. The Work Culture Handbook / Harris, Philip R.
2153. World Atlas / Encyclopedia Britannica
2154. World Directory of Environmental Organisations / Vandana, S.
2155. World Encyclopaedia of Islamic Empires; 5 Volumes / Husain, Syed Akhtar
2156. World Encyclopaedia of Nations and Nationalites; 17 Volumes (in 34 parts) / Ravenstein, E.G. & Keane, A.H. (Eds.)
2157. World Encyclopaedia of Women Who Shaped History / Bennice, Warren G.
2158. World Encyclopedia of Political Systems and Parties; 3 Volumes / Schlager, Neil & Weisblatt, Jayne
2159. World Fact-Book of Countries: A Listing of 256 Countries of the World, of their Socio-Economic, Cultural and Political Scenario, Issues and Movements, Borderline Disputes and Defence; 2 Volumes / Mark, Mary A. & et. al.
2160. World Infopaedia: South East Asia; 9 Volumes in 12 Parts / Syed, M.H. (Ed.)
2161. World Muslim Gazetteer
2162. World of Great Muslims: A Biographical Dictionary (5 Volumes) / Shewan, M.A.
2163. Wright's Encyclopaedia of Poultry Science / Lewer, S.H.
2164. Yog Sadhana Pranayam (VCD in English) / Swami Ramdev
2165. Yog Sadhana Pranayam (VCD in Hindi) / Swami Ramdev

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