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301. Herbs of Manipur; 2 Volumes / Ghosh, G.K.
302. Herbs, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Cultivation
303. Himalayan Athyrioid Frens / Fraser, Jankins
304. Hindu Chemistry (Text with English Translation) / Seal, B.N.
305. The Hindu System of Medicine / Wise, T.A.
306. Histories of Mercury in Medicine Across Asia and Beyond / Wujastyk, Dagmar (Ed.)
307. History of Hindoo Medical Science / Singh, H.H. Bhagvat
308. A History of Indian Medical Literature, 3 Volumes (in 5 Parts) / Meulenbeld, G. Jan.
309. History of Medicine in India: The Medical Encounter / Palit, Chittabrata & Dutta, Achintya (Eds.)
310. History of Medicine: Study of Indian, Arabian, Egyptian, Greek Medicine: From the Time of the Pharaohs to the End of the 18th Century / Cumston, Charles Greene
311. History of Mental Illness in India: A Cultural Psychiatry Retrospective / Fabrega, Horacio (Jr.)
312. Home Remedies: A Handbook of Herbal Cures for Common Airments; 4 Volumes / Sairam, T.V.
313. Homeopathy aur Darshan (in Hindi) / Chaturvedi, R.K.
314. Homeopathy for Common Ailments / Hayfield, Robin
315. Homeopathy: A Comparative Materia Medica; 2 Volumes / Kumar, Santosh
316. Homoeopathic Guide to Family Health / Tondon, R.K. & Bajaj, V.R.
317. Homoeopathic Materia Medica with Repertory (in Hindi) / Boericke, William (Dr.)
318. Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia of India (HPI / H.P.I.), Volume 1-2, 5-7, 9 and 10 with Homoeopathic Pharmaceutical Codex (Volume 1)
319. The Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States, 1897
320. Homoeopathy: Heart and Soul Treatments for Emotional Problems / Souter, Keith M.
321. Homoeopathy: The Modern Prescriber: A Practical Guide to Treatment / Wells, Henrietta
322. Honey: Its Value Added Products for Human Health / Sharma, R.C.
323. A Hope for Survival in the New Millennium: Oyo / Avinash
324. Hot Water Therapy: How to Save Your Back, Neck and Shoulders in 10 Minutes A Day of Exercise in Your Shower, Bath or Hot Tub / Horay, Patrik (Dr.)
325. Identification of Common Indian Medicinal Plants / Naik, V.K.
326. Illustrated Guide to the Homeopathic Treatment / Khaneja, Harbans Singh
327. Imagery in Healing: Shamanism and Modern Medicine / Achterberg, Jeanne
328. Important Plants of India / Tewari, D.N.
329. Indian Clinical Neurosurgery; 2 Volumes / Singh, Anil K. (Ed.)
330. Indian Ethnomedicinal Plants: Traditional Practices to Cure Diseases / Baruah, Akhil
331. Indian Herbs for Touch Therapy Tatooing and Adornments / Sood, S.K.; Sharma, Vipula; Lakhanpal, T. N.; Sharma, Romita & Kumar, Suresh
332. Indian Materia Medica: with Ayurvedic Unani-Tibbi, Siddha, Allopathic, Homeopathic Naturopathic and Home Remedies; 2 Volumes / Nadkarni, A.K. & Nadkarni, K.M.
333. Indian Medical and Aromatic Plants Facing Genetic Erosion / Sushil Kumar, Janardan Singh, N.C. Shah & Vinay Ranjan
334. Indian Medicinal Plant Seeds / Singh, Renu & Fernandes, Ancy J.
335. Indian Medicinal Plants / Singh, M.P. & Dey, Soma
336. Indian Medicinal Plants, Vol.1 (A-G) / Gupta, Prakash
337. Indian Medicinal Plants: A Compendium of 500 Species, Volume 2 to 4 [Volume 1 not available] / Warriar, P.K.; Nambiar, V.P.K. & Ramankutty, C.
338. Indian Medicinal Plants; 11 Volumes (2nd Edition) / Kirtikar, K.R. & Basu, B.D.
339. Indian Medicinal Plants; 8 Volumes / Kirtikar, K.R. & Basu, B.D.
340. Indian Medicine; (with Supplement) / Jolly, Julius
341. Indian Plants and Drugs: With Their Medical Properties and Uses / Nadkarni, K.M. (Ed.)
342. Indian Traditional Veterinary Medicinal Plants / Srivastava, G.N. & et. al.
343. Indigenous Drugs of India / Mair, William
344. Indigenous Health Care and Ethno-Medicine / Sharma, Awadesh N.; Gautam, Rajesh K. & Gharami, Ajay K.
345. Indigenous Medicinal Plants and Their Practical Utility / Lakshman, H.C. & Inchal, R.F.
346. Indigenous Medicinal Plants Social Forestry and Tribals / Singh, M.P.; Srivastava, J.L. & Pandey, S.N.
347. Indigenous Medicinal Plants: Including Microbes and Fungi / Kaushik, Purshotam (Ed.)
348. Indigenous Medicinal Specialities / Narayanrao, U.B.
349. International Directory of Buyers/Sellers/Processors/Manufacturers and Developers of Herbal/Traditional Single and Compound Medicine Material/Essential Oils/Spices, Gums, Dyes and Other Materials / Kumar, Sushil & et. al.
350. International Encyclopaedia of Medicinal Plants; 18 Volumes / Verma, Vijay (Chief Ed.)
351. International Pharmacopoeia / WHO
352. Introduction to Al-Umur Al-Tibi'yah: Principles of Human Physiology in Tibb / Ahmed, Sayed Ishtiaq (Hakim)
353. An Introduction to Herbal Medicine in Ethnobotany / Ali, Rahat
354. An Introduction to Herbal Medicine in Ethnobotany / Ali, Rahat
355. An Introduction to Medicinal Plants / Dutt, Ashwini
356. Inventory of Animal Products Used in Ayurveda Siddha and Unani: National Bio-Resources Development Board, Department of Bio-Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology Government of India; 2 Volumes / Lavekar, G.S. (Ed.)
357. Jadi Bution ki Kheti: Labhdayak Mashroom ki Kheti Sahit (in Hindi) / Rawat, S.S.
358. The Jungle and the Aroma of Meats: An Ecological Theme in Hindu Medicine / Zimmermann, Francis
359. Kitab al-Taklis (in Urdu) / Kabiruddin, Hakim Mohammed
360. Leafy and Edible Plants of North-East India / Kumar, Sudhir
361. Leucoderma (Vitiligo) / Gupta, Ramji
362. A Lexicon of Medicinal Plants in India; 2 Volumes / Bakshi, D.N. Guha; Sensarma, P. & Pal, D.C. (Eds.)
363. Life After: A Conceptual Study of Vedas, Upanishads and other Literature / Makkar, Mohan & & Geeta (Comp.)
364. The Little Giant Encyclopedia of Aromatherapy / Schiller, David & Schiller, Carol
365. The Little Giant Encyclopedia of Home Remedies / Wall, Carly
366. The Looming Epidemic: The Impact of HIV & AIDS in India / Godwin, Peter (Ed.)
367. Luminous Essence: Exploring the Body Consciousness / Santos, Daniel
368. Magnetic Cure for Common Diseases / Bansal, H.L. & Bansal, R.S.
369. Major Medicinal Plants of India / Thakur, R.S.
370. The Male Herbal: Health Care for Men and Boys / Green, James
371. Managing Distress: Possession and Therapeutic Cults in South Asia / Carrin, Marine (Ed.)
372. Mantras, Yantras and Fabulous Gems: The Healing Secrets of the Ancient Vedas / Beckmen, Howard
373. A Manual of Chinese Herbal Medicine: Principles and Practice for Easy Reference / Fan, Warner J-W.
374. A Manual of Laboratory Techniques / Raghuramulu, N.; Nair, K. Madhavan & Kalyanasundaram, S.
375. A Manual of Medicinal Trees / Prasad, G.
376. Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference, 2 Volumes (40th Edition) / Buckingham, Robert (Ed.)
377. Masalon Main Keet Prabandhan; (In Hindi) / Shukla, Abhishek (Dr.)
378. Materia Indica, Volume 1 / Anislie, Whithlaw
379. Materia Medica of India and their Therapeutics / Khory, Rustomjee Naserwanjee & Katrak, Nanabhai Navrosji
380. The Materia Medica of the Hindus / Dutt, U.C.
381. The Materia Medica of the Nosodes with Provings of the X-ray / Allen, H.C.
382. Materia Medica of Tibetan Medicine (with Illustrations) / Dash, Vaidya Bhagwan
383. Materia Medica: A Medium System Approach; 2 Volumes (bound in one) / Honigberger, John Martin
384. Materia Medica: Being an Account of the More Important Crude Drugs of Vegetable and Animal Origin / Greenish, Henry G.
385. Medherb Green Pages 2012: India and France: A Handbook of Updated Trade Information on Medicinal Plants' Sector / Rawal, Janak Raj
386. Medherb Green Pages 2013: India and Indonesia: A Handbook of updated Trade Information on Medicinal Plant's Sector / Rawal, Janak Raj
387. Medical and Economical Botany / Lindley, J.
388. Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Abstracts (Bimonthly Journal)
389. Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Cultivation and Uses / Muralia, Suresh & Pathak, Akshey Kumar
390. Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of Himachal Pradesh, 2nd Edition / Chauhan, Narain Singh (Dr.)
391. Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of India / Khanum, Atiya & Khan, Irfan Ali
392. Medicinal and Aromatic Plants: Essential Oils and Pharmaceutical Uses / Jose, Joseph & R., Rajalakshmi
393. Medicinal and Nutraceutical Plants from the Himalayas / Chopra, V.L.
394. Medicinal and Poisonous Plants of India / Alagesaboopathi, C. (Dr.)
395. The Medicinal and Poisonous Plants of India / Caius, Jean Ferdinand
396. Medicinal and Poisonous Plants of the Tropics / Leeuwenberg, A.J.M. & et. al.
397. Medicinal Flora, Ecology in Central in India: A Study of Narmada Basin / Deolia, R.K.
398. Medicinal Herbs and Flowers / Bhattacharjee, S.K.
399. Medicinal Herbs with their Formulations; 2 Volumes / Singh, M.P. & Panda, Himadri
400. Medicinal Plant Biotechnology / Veeresham
401. Medicinal Plant Cultivation: A Scientific Approach (Including Processing and Financial Aids) / Purohit, S.S. & Vyas, S.P.
402. Medicinal Plants / Agarwal, Mala (Dr.)
403. Medicinal Plants / Ahmed, Moshrafuddin
404. Medicinal Plants / Grewal, R.C.
405. Medicinal Plants / Joshi, Shankar Gopal
406. Medicinal Plants / Kumar, Anil
407. Medicinal Plants / Kurian, Alice & Sankar, Asha
408. Medicinal Plants / Pagare, P.K.
409. Medicinal Plants / Sharan, Suniti
410. Medicinal Plants / Shrivastava, A.K.
411. Medicinal Plants / Singh, M.P.; Oraon, B.C. & Prasad, Narendra
412. Medicinal Plants and Ethnobotany / Ranjalkar, Karunakar M. (Dr.)
413. Medicinal Plants and Glossary of Selected Terms / Desai, B.S.; Parabia, Em.; Jasrai, Y.T. & Parabia, M.H.
414. Medicinal Plants and Mushrooms of India, 2 Volumes (2nd Edition) / Sarma, Jatindra
415. Medicinal Plants and Natural Products / Ghaemghami, J. & Cuerrier, A.
416. Medicinal Plants and Raw Drugs of India / Kaushik, P. & Dhiman, A.K.
417. Medicinal Plants and Their Cultivation / Husain, Akhtar
418. Medicinal Plants Cultivation / Ali, Nursadh
419. Medicinal Plants Cultivation / Choyal, Rajaram
420. Medicinal Plants Cultivation and Their Uses / Panda, H.
421. Medicinal Plants First Aid Remedies: Their Sources and Methods of Uses / Shiva, Alka
422. Medicinal Plants for Bioprospection / Singh, Janardan & et. al.
423. Medicinal Plants for Health and Wealth / Das, S.N.
424. Medicinal Plants in Andhra Pradesh (India) / Pullaiah, T.
425. Medicinal Plants in India: Conservation and Sustainable Utilisation in the Emerging Global Scenario / Kumar, Pradeep
426. Medicinal Plants in India: Importance and Cultivation (4 Volumes) / Gosh, S.N.; Nath, Amit & Bakshi, Parshant (Drs.)
427. Medicinal Plants in India; 2 Volumes / Pullaiah, T.
428. Medicinal Plants in Skin Care / Kumar, S. & et. al.
429. Medicinal Plants in the Traditions of Prophet (Prophetic Medicine) / Farooqi, M.I.H. (Dr.)
430. Medicinal Plants of Arunachal Pradesh / Shankar, Rama & Rawat, M.S.
431. Medicinal Plants of Assam / Sharma, U.K.
432. Medicinal Plants of Britain and Europe / Hensel, Wolfgang
433. Medicinal Plants of East Godawari District / Chacko, T.V.
434. Medicinal Plants of Himalayas; 2 Volumes / Pandey, Gyanendra
435. Medicinal Plants of India / Mathur, Neeru
436. Medicinal Plants of India / Singh, Meenakshi & Lal, Satish Narain
437. Medicinal Plants of India / Wanchoo, K.N.
438. Medicinal Plants of India / Zafar, Rasheeduz (Prof.)
439. Medicinal Plants of India and Ceylon: Their Chemistry and Pharmacology / Chandrasena, J.P.C.
440. Medicinal Plants of India: An Encyclopaedia / Sharma, Ravindra
441. Medicinal Plants of India: Vol. 2 / Satyavati, G.V. & Gupta, Ashok K. (Eds.)
442. Medicinal Plants of Indian Trans-Himalaya: Focus on Tibetan Use of Medicinal Resources / Kala, C.P.
443. Medicinal Plants of Kashmir and Ladakh: Temperate and Cold Arid Himalaya / Kaul, M.K.
444. Medicinal Plants of Latin America / Deshmukh, Laxman P. (Dr.)
445. Medicinal Plants of Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh / Jadhav, Dinesh
446. Medicinal Plants of Nagaland / Deorani, S.C. & Sharma, G.D.
447. Medicinal Plants of North East India: Status Diversity Conservation Cultivation and Trade / Handique, Pratap Jyoti
448. The Medicinal Plants of North-East India / Kumar, Sudhir
449. Medicinal Plants of Saharanpur / Ahuja, B.S.
450. Medicinal Plants of Sikkim Himalaya: Status, Uses and Potential / Rai, L.K. & Sharma, E.
451. Medicinal Plants of South West Pakistan / Baquar, S.R.
452. Medicinal Plants of the Arid Zones / Chopra, I.C.; Abrol, B.K.; Handa, K.L.; Paris, R. & Dillemann, G.
453. Medicinal Plants of the Globe, 3 Volumes / Bhattacharjee, Supriya Kumar & Bhattacharjee, Sushmita
454. Medicinal Plants of the World, 5 Volumes / Vardhna, Rashtra
455. Medicinal Plants of Uttaranchal State / Dhiman, Anil Kumar (Dr.)
456. Medicinal Plants of Uttarankhand: Diversity Livelihood and Conservation / Kala, Chandra Prakash
457. Medicinal Plants of West Pakistan / Baquar, Syed Riaz & Tasnif, M.
458. Medicinal Plants with Macro and Microscopic Study / Khuswaha, Indrajit Singh & Sharma, Rajesh
459. Medicinal Plants, Forests and Their Conservation / Bhandari, Ramesh
460. Medicinal Plants: An Illustrated Guide to More Than 180 Herbal Plants / George, Graves
461. Medicinal Plants: Applied Biology of Domestication and Export / Singh, Karan & Tyagi, Susheel Kumar
462. Medicinal Plants: Aspects and Prospects / Kumar, Mukesh
463. Medicinal Plants: Bibliography of CSIR Contributions (1950-1987)
464. Medicinal Plants: Biodiversity, Conservation and Traditional Knowledge; 4 Volumes / Srivastava, A.K.
465. Medicinal Plants: Conservation, Cultivation and Utilization / Chopra, A.K.; Khanna, D.R.; Prasad, G.; Malik, D.S. & Bhutani, R.
466. Medicinal Plants: Descriptions with Original Figures of the Principal Plants Employed in Medicine and an Account of the Characters, Properties and Uses of their Parts and Products of Medicinal Value; 4 Volumes / Bentley, Robert & Trimen, Henry
467. Medicinal Plants: Ethnobotanical Approach / Trivedi, P.C.
468. Medicinal Plants: Ethnomedicine and Biotechnological Potential / Thatoi, Hrudayanath & Rout, Srustidhar
469. Medicinal Plants: Importance and Benefits / Puri, Sriniwas
470. Medicinal Plants: Phytochemistry, Pharmacology and Therapeutics; 4 Volumes / Gupta, V.K. (Ed.)
471. Medicinal Plants: Traditional Knowledge / Trivedi, P.C. (Ed.)
472. Medicinal Plants: Utilisation and Conservation / Trivedi, P.C.
473. Medicinal Plants; 2 Volumes / Tiwari, Manisha & Tondon, Vibha
474. Medicinal Resources of the Tropical Forest: Biodiversity and Its Importance to Human Health / Balick, Michael J.; Elisabetsky, E. & Laird, S.A. (Eds.)
475. Medicinal Uses and Properties of Fruit / Burchett, Christopher N.
476. Medicinal Values of Indian Spices / De, Amit Krishna (Ed.)
477. Medicine and Life Sciences in India (History of Science, Philosophy and Culture in Indian Civilization, Volume IV, Part 2) / Subbarayappa, B.V. (Ed.)
478. The Medicine Buddha: A Himalayan Journey / Crow, David
479. Medicine in South India / Devi, R. Niranjana (Dr.)
480. Medicine, Disease and Ecology in Colonial India: The Deccan Plateau in the 19th Century / Satya, Laxman D.
481. Medico-Botany of Andaman and Nicobar Islands: Recent Study / Dhiman, K.S. & Srikanth, N. (Eds.)
482. Medico-Ethno-Botanical Explorations of Sikkim Himalayas
483. Medico-Ethno-Botany of Sonebhadra District
484. Megadiversity Conservation: Flora Fauna and Medicinal Plants of India's Hot Spots / Chaudhuri, A.B. & Sarkar, D.D.
485. Microscopic Profile of Powdered Drugs Used in Indian Systems of Medicine; 3 Volumes / Chauhan, Malati G. & Pillai, A.P.G.
486. Modern and Alternative Medicine for Diabetes / Khan, Adnan Ahmed; Khanum, Atiya & Khan, Irfan Ali
487. Modern Trend in Plant Sciences, Vol.1 / Pundir, Y.P.S.
488. Monograph on Indian Leucas R. Br. (Dronapushpi) Lamiaceae / Singh, V.
489. A Monograph on Neem (Azadirachta Indica A. Juss.) / Tewari, D.N. (Dr.)
490. Multifacial Application of Drug Plants / Khanna, D.R.; Chopra, A.K.; Prasad, G.; Malik, D.S. & Bhutiani, R.
491. Music Therapy in Management, Education and Administration / Nalapat, Suvarna
492. Mutra-Pariksa: Urine Examination in Indo-Tibetan Medicine (Traditions, Concepts and Practice in Tibetan Medicine and Ayurveda) / Dash, Vaidya Bhagwan
493. My Life My Culture: Autobiography and Lectures on the Relationship Between Tibetan Medicine, Buddhist Philosophy and Tibetan Astrology and Astronomy / Wangyal, Lobsang (Dr.)
494. Natal Planet and Fatal Diseases / Trivedi, Mridula & Trivedi, T.P.
495. National Formulary of Unani Medicine (N.F.U.M.), Volume I - Part 2, 3, 4 and 6)
496. National Formulary of Unani Medicine, Volume 1 (in HINDI)
497. National Parks of India / Khati, A.S.
498. Natural Drugs: Morphologic and Taxonomic Consideration / Youngken, Heber Wilkinson
499. Natural Healing for Babies and Children / Romm, Aviva Jill
500. Natural Healthcare at Home: Doctor Mum's Quick Reference Guide / Duerr, Kathy
501. Natural Home Remedies for Common Ailments / Bakhru, H.K.
502. Natural Products: World Manufacturers Directory 2003
503. Natural Remedies: An Everyday Guide to Herbal Teas, Infusions and Decoctions / Dhar, D.N. (Prof.)
504. The Natural Remedy Book for Women / Stein, Diane
505. The Nature of the Whole: Holism in Ancient Greek and Indian Medicine / Pitman, Vicki
506. Naturopathy and Yoga / Handa, Pravesh
507. Neem: Herbal Medicinal Plants / Singh, M.P. & Kumar, Vivek (Drs.)
508. Neem: The Ultimate Herb / Conrich, John
509. New Age Encyclopaedia: A Mind Body Spirit Reference Guide / Whitworth, Belinda
510. The New Reiki Magic / Makkar, Mohan (Dr.)
511. The New Science of Healing or the Doctrine of the Unity of Diseases Forming the Basis of a Uniform Method of Cure without Medicines and Without Operations / Kunhe, Louis
512. NIMMAP 2002 - Proceedings of First National Interactive Meet on Medicinal & Aromatic Plants (2003) / Mathur, A.K. & et. al. (Eds.)
513. Novel Therapeutic Agents from Plants / Carpinella, Maria Cecilia & Rai, Mahendra (Eds.)
514. Nutraceuticals and Phytopharmaceuticals / Saklani, Sarla
515. Nutritional and Medicinal Values of Plant Foods / Basak, S.L.
516. Oils and Their Medicinal Uses / Burchett, Christopher N.
517. The Opium Poppy / CIMAP
518. The Origin of the Life of a Human Being: Conception and the Female according to Ancient Indian Medical and Sexological Literature / Das, Rahul Peter
519. The Original Reiki Handbook of Dr. Mikao Usui: The Traditional Usui Reiki Ryoho Treatment positions and Numerous Reiki Techniques for Health and Well-Being / Usui, Mikao & Petter, Frank Arjava
520. Padma: The Jewel of Tibetan Remedies / Feyerer, Gabriele
521. Palm-Leaf Etchings of Orissa / Patnaik, Durga Prasad
522. Perspectives of Indian Medicinal Plants in the Management of Liver Disorders / Handa, S.S. (Comp. & Ed.)
523. Perspectives of Indian Medicinal Plants in the Management of Lymphatic Filariasis / Shenoy, R.K.
524. Pharmaceutical Wealth of Fruits, Vegetables and Spices / Khan, Irfan Ali & Khanum, Atiya (Eds.)
525. Pharmacogenomics: An Approach to New Drug Development / Chakraborty, Chiranjib & Bhattacharya, Atana
526. Pharmacognosy of Indigenous Drugs; 3 Volumes
527. Pharmacographia Indica: A History of the Principal Drugs of Vegetable Origin; 3 Volumes / Dymock, William; Warden, C.J.H. & Hooper, David
528. Pharmacographia: A History of the Principal Drugs of Vegetable Origin Met with in Great Britain and British India / Fluchiger, Friedrich Argust & Hanbury, D.
529. Pharmacology of Ayurvedic Medicinal Plants / Karnick, C.R.
530. Pharmacopoea Homoeopathica Polyglotta, 1880 / Schwabe, Willmar & Steffens, Lemuel
531. Pharmacopoeia of India: Prepared under the authority of her majesty's secretary of state for India in council / Waring, Edward John
532. Pharmacopoeia of Tibetan Medicine / Dash, Vaidya Bhagwan
533. Photoperiodism & Vernalization in Plants / Mazumdar, Bibhas Chandra
534. Phytochemical Reference Standards of Selected Indian Medicinal Plants; 4 Volumes / Tandon, Neeraj
535. Plant Growth and Development / Naidu, C.K.
536. Plant Myths and Traditions in India / Gupta, Shakti M.
537. Plant Pest Management / Trivedi, P.C.
538. Plant Protection: A Biocontrol Approach / Trivedi, P.C.
539. Plant Tissue Culture and Biotechnology of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants / CIMAP
540. Plants and Drugs of Sindh / Murray, J.A.
541. Plants and Drugs: Their Uses in Medicine, Commerce and the Arts / Murray, J.A.
542. Plants for Good Health / Jain, Manisha
543. Plants of Sharangdhara: A Critical Study of Drugs Mentioned in Different Chapters of Sharangdhara (in Hindi) / Chunekar, K.C.; Poudel, K.N. & Sharma, S.K.
544. Plants of the Quran / Farooqi, M.I.H. (Dr.)
545. Pocket Guide to Aromatherapy / Keville, Kathi
546. Pocket Guide to Batch Flower Essence / Hasnas, Rachelle
547. Pocket Guide to Chinese Patent Medicines / Schoenbart, Bill
548. Pocket Guide to Herbal First Aid / Evelyn, Nancy
549. Pocket Guide to Naturopathic Medicine / Boice, Judith
550. Pocket Guide To Self Hypnosis / Burke, Adam
551. Pocket Guide to Stress Reduction / Hanlon, O. Brenda
552. Pocket Manual of Homoeopathic Materia Medica: Comprising the Characteristic and Guide Symptoms of All Remedies (Clinical and Pathogenetic) / Boericke, William (M.D.)
553. Policy and Practice in the Management of Tropical Watersheds / Pereira, H.C.
554. Positive Health in Tibetan Medicine based on Sman-'tsho-ba'i mdo (Vidya-Jiya-Sutra) / Dash, Vaidya Bhagwan & Tulku, Ven. Doboom
555. Power in a Magnet to Heal / Bhattacharya, A.K.
556. Practical Chinese Medicine: Understanding the Principles and Practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Making them for you / Ody, Penelope
557. Principles of Tibetan Medicine: The Only Introduction You'll Ever Need / Bradley, Tamdin Sither
558. Proceedings of a Seminar on Harvesting Herbs 2000: Medicinal and Aromatic Plants: An Action Plan for Uttarakhand / Nautiyal, A.R. & Nautiyal, M.C.
559. Proceedings of International Symposium on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants / CIMAP
560. Progress in Controlled and Novel Drug Delivery Systems / Jain, N.K. (Ed.)
561. Protein Based Drugs: Techno Commercial Approach / Chakraborty, Chiranjib & Jhingan, Rajesh
562. Psychoactive Medicinal Plants: Hallucinogenic and Narcotic Drugs / Singh, Rita
563. Pulses Plant Resources of South East Asia-1 / Maesen, J.G. Vander & et. al.
564. Purva Mimamsa from an Interdisciplinary Point of View (History of Science, Philosophy and Culture in Indian Civilization, Volume II, Part 6) / Pandurangi, K.T.
565. Quality Assessment of Selected Indian Medicinal Plants (Volume 1) / Agarwal, Amit & Murali, Balasubramanian
566. Quality Control of Herbal Drugs: An Approach to Evaluation of Botanicals / Mukherjee, Pulok K. (Dr.)
567. Quality Standards of Indian Medicinal Plants; 17 Volumes (except Vol. 2 and 3) / Gupta, A.K.; Tandon, Neeraj & Sharma, Madhu (Eds.)
568. The Quintessence Tantras of Tibetan Medicine / Clark, Barry (Dr.) (Tr.)
569. Ragacikitsa (Music Therapy) / Nalapat, Suvarna
570. Rainbow Reiki: Expanding the Reiki System with Powerful Spiritual Abilities / Lubeck, Walter
571. Recent Advances in Bioinformatics / Khan, Irfan Ali & Khanum, Atiya (Eds.)
572. Recent Advances in Herbal Drug Research and Therapy / Ray, Arunabha & Gulati, Kavita (Eds.)
573. Recent Advances in Medicinal Plants Research / Prabhuji, S.K.; Rao, G.P. & Patil, S.K. (Eds.)
574. Recent Progress in Medicinal Plants; 30 Volumes / Govil, J.N. & Singh, V.K.
575. Recent Trends in Spices and Medicinal Plants Research / De, Amit Krishna (Ed.)
576. Regulatory Roadmap for Herbal Medicines / Kumar, G. Sudesh
577. Reiki and the Healing Buddha / Kelly, Maureen J.
578. Reiki at Hand: A Guide to Self-empowerment and Natural Healing / Collins, Teresa
579. Reiki Fire: New Information about the Origins of the Reiki Power (A Complete Manual) / Petter, Frank Arjava
580. Reiki for First Aid / Lubeck, Walter
581. Reiki Guide: Usui, Tibetan and Modern Techniques / Modi, S.
582. Reiki with Gemstones: Activating Your Self Healing Powers Connecting the Universal Life-Force Energy with Gemstone Therapy / Omenka, Ursula Klinger
583. Reiki: 108 Questions and Answers: Your Dependable Guide for a Lifetime of Reiki Practice / Horan, Paula
584. Reiki: A Key to Your Personal Healing Power / Johansson, Lena
585. Reiki: A Unique Art of Healing / Malvai, Sukhdeepak
586. Reiki: The Legacy of Dr. Usui: Rediscoverd documents on the origins and developments of the Reiki system, as well as new aspects of the Reiki energy / Petter, Frank Arjava
587. Remarks on the Uses of Some of the Bazar Medicines and Common Medicine Plants of India / Waring, E.J.
588. A Report on Medicinal Plants of Kachchh (Gujarat) / Goyal, H.R. (Chief Ed.)
589. Resistance to Diseases and Pests in Forest Trees / Heybroek, H.M.; Stephan, B.R. & Weissenberg, K. Von
590. Review of Medicinal Plants used in Veterinary Practices / Padhi, M.M. (Chief Ed.)
591. Reviews on Indian Medicinal Plants; 27 Volumes / Gupta, A.K.; Tandon, Neeraj & Sharma, Madhu (Eds.)
592. Rgyun mkho'i zas skom sna tshogs kyi phan yon dang bsten thabs snying bsdus gsal ba'i sgron me (in Tibetan) / Rtsom sgrig pa, Sman pa Tshe-brtan-mi-'gyur
593. Rice Blast Disease / Rao, K Manibhushan
594. Role of Biotechnology in Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (Volumes 3-22) / Khanum, Atiya & Khan, Irfan Ali (Eds.)
595. Root Drug Plants of Ethnic India / Sood, S.K. & Sudershna
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597. Safed Musli: A White Gold / Manjunatha, Gondi; Tyagi, Sanjay Kumar & Srinivasan, K.
598. Safety Reviews on Selected Indian Medicinal Plants, Volume 1 / Yadav, Satyapal Singh & Tandon, Neeraj (Eds.)
599. Sanatul Taklees (in Urdu) / Hafeez, Hakim Abdul (Prof.)
600. Sankshipt Homoeopathic Parivarik Chikitsa / Bhattacharyya, M.

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