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301. Intellectual Property Rights: Heritage Science and Society Under International Treaties / Subbian, A.
302. Intellectual Property Rights: Issues and Challenges in Music and Entertainment Industries / Vaish, Anurika
303. Intellectual Property Rights: Issues and Challenges in Pharmaceutical Industries / Vaish, Anurika
304. Intelligence and Security Management / Asthana, N.C. & et. al.
305. International Encyclopaedia of Crime and Corruption; 3 Volumes / Day, C.R.
306. International Encyclopaedia of Crime, Criminology and Mafia; 3 Volumes / Sinha, P.
307. International Encyclopaedia of Environmental Law; 15 Volumes / Sinha, P.C.
308. International Encyclopaedia of Environmental Pollution Control and Law; 3 Volumes / Sinha, P.C.
309. International Encyclopaedia of Intelligence, Terrorism Laws and Security; 10 Volumes / Chaudhary, R.L.
310. International Encyclopaedia of Terrorism Laws; 3 Volumes / Mehta, R.S. (Maj. Gen.)
311. International Environmental Law / Ballabh, Parikshit
312. International Environmental Law / Sethi, Purnima & Kulkarni, V.S.
313. International Human Rights Law / Ramaswamy, B.
314. International Law / Ku, Charlotte & Diehl, Paul F.
315. International Law and Human Rights (17th Edition) / Kapoor, S.K.
316. International Law and Politics of Intervention / Shahid, Mohd. & Khalid, Mohd.
317. International Law in Globalized world: Voice from Asia / Hamid, Abdul Ghafur & Sein, Khim Maung
318. International Law of the Sea / Rahman, M. Habibur
319. Internet Marketing E-Commerce and Cyber Laws / Thakur, L.K. & Narayan, Asit
320. Interpretation of Treaties: Law and Practice / Aryal, R.S.
321. Interpretation of Treties: Law and Practice / Aryal, R.S.
322. An Introduction to Demographic Behaviour in India / Reddy, M.M. Krishna
323. An Introduction to Jurisprudence / Sharma, Gokulesh
324. An Introduction to Legal Theories / Sharma, Gokulesh
325. Islam and Gender Justice: Questions at the Interface / Ashrof, V.A. Mohamad
326. Islam: Gender Justice: Muslim Gender Discrimination / Engineer, Asghar Ali
327. Islamic Company Law: A Comparative Juristic Analysis / Roshash, Mustafa A.A. (Prof.)
328. Islamic Law in Indian Courts Since Independence: Fifty Years of Judicial Interpretation / Mahmood, Syed Tahir
329. Issues of Media Policy, Regulation and Ethics / Saxena, Ambrish
330. A Judge's Extra-Judicial Miscellany / Iyer, V.R. Krishna
331. A Judge's Miscellancy on Superannuation / Iyer, V.R. Krishna
332. Judicial Accountability: Welfare and Globalisation / Shukla, Mona
333. Judicial Activism in India: With Special Reference to the Quest for Social Justice / Jain, Nilanjana
334. Judicial Creativity in Constitutional Interpretation / Jayadevan, V.R.
335. Judicial Independence and Accountability / Bishnoi, Narender Kumar
336. Judicial Response to The Problems of Reservations / Bajpai, Anil Kumar
337. Judiciary in India / Jain, U.C.
338. Jurisprudence and Indian Legal Theory (4th Edition) / Dhyani, S.N. (Prof.)
339. Jurisprudence in India: Through the Ages / Aggarwal, D.D.
340. Justice for Judges: The Bitter Experiences / Srivastav, V.P.
341. Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer on Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles / Chander, S.
342. Knowledge Power: Intellectual Property, Information, and Privacy / Marlin-Bennett, Renee
343. Labour Law / Saiyed, I.A.
344. Labour Law, Work and Development: Essays in honour of P.G. Krishnan / Saini, Debi S. (Ed.)
345. Law and Gender: A Quest for Justice / Bandyopadhyay, R. & Dubey, R. Dhar (Drs.)
346. Law and Illegitimate Child / Kohli, Hari Dev
347. Law and Social Justice / Shukla, B.M.
348. Law and Society / Chandra, Satish
349. Law Enforcement and Cross Border Terrorism / Sen Sankar
350. Law Enforcement and Human Rights / Bhuimali, Anil
351. Law Examination UGC-JRF/NET: Solved Question Papers from 2004-2012 / Pandey, P.K. (Dr.)
352. Law for UGC-NET/JRF : Paper I, II, and III (Previous Years' Solved Papers)
353. Law of Contempt of Court in India / Nair, K. Balasankaran
354. Law of Cyber Crimes and Informations Technology Law / Rao, Joga
355. Law of Damages and Compensation alongwith Law of Negligence, with Latest Case Laws, 3 Volumes (7th Edition) / Rao, Kameshwara
356. Law of Injunctions alongwith Model Forms and Allied Laws, 2 Volumes (New 9th Edition) / Nelson
357. The Law of Land Acquisition and Compensation: A Criticism / Varghese, M.P.
358. The Law of Nations / Brierly, J.L.
359. The Law of the Sea; 2 Volumes / Gupta, U.N.
360. Law of Torts: Consumer Protection Act, 8th Edition / Kapoor, S.K. (Dr.)
361. Law Relating to Cheques: New Horizons, Digital Signature, E-Cheques, and Dishonour of Cheques as Penal Offence / Chaudhary, R.N.
362. Law Relating to Drugs and Cosmetics, 2 Volumes (27th Edition, 2022) / Malik, Vijay
363. Law Relating to Gambling, Betting, Lotteries etc. (Central and States) with Latest Case Laws (4th Edition) / Sethi
364. Law Relating to Intellectual Property: Patents, Trade Marks, Copyright, Designs, Geographical Indications, Semiconductor Integrated Circuits Layout-Design, Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers' Rights, TRIPS (5th Edition) / Wadehra, B.L. (Dr.)
365. Law Relating to Receivers with Latest Case Laws (8th Edition) / Woodroffe
366. Law, State and Society: Indian Context / Gandhi, J.S.
367. Laws for Dalit Rights and Dignity / Ramaiah, A.
368. Laws of Kautilya Arthasastra / Reddy, Sujatha
369. Laws Relating to Cooperative Societies: A Commentary / Nainta, Rishpal
370. Lawyer to Mahatma: Life, Work and Transformation of M.K. Gandhi / Malhotra, S.L.
371. Legal Aid: Human Rights to Equality / Singh, S.
372. Legal Control of Radiation Pollution / Noomani, Md. Zafar Mahfooz
373. Legal Justice Education: Vision Plan for Legal School / Bhatia, K. L.
374. Legal Metrlogy: Labelling and Packaging Case Law 2000-2018 / Nijhawan, Rajan (Comp.)
375. Legal Metrology Act, 2009 Along with Allied Rules
376. Legal Systems of the World: A Political, Social and Cultural Encyclopaedia; 4 Volumes / Kritzer, Herbert M. (Ed.)
377. Managing Intellectual Property: The Strategic Imperative / Sople, Vinod V.
378. Manava Dharma Shastra, or the Institutes of Hindu Laws: Laws of Manu; 4 Volumes / Haughton, G.C.
379. Manavadhikar, Samajik Nyaya aur Bharat ka Samvidhan (2nd Revised Edition) (in Hindi) / Mal, Puran (Dr.)
380. Manipur Between Justice and Law / Nag, Dulali
381. A Manual of Business Laws / Maheshwari, S.N. & Maheshwari, S.K.
382. Manual of Disinvestment in Public Sector: Policy and Procedures / Jain, Rajiv
383. A Manual of Forest Law / Baden, Powell B.H.
384. A Manual of International Humanitarian Laws / Sanajaoba, Naorem (Ed.)
385. Manual of Medical Jurisprudence and Toxicology / Saxena, J.P. (Dr.) (Prof.)
386. Manual on Doctor and Law / Goel, R.N.; Malhotra, Narendra & Goel, Shashi (Eds.)
387. Manual on Drugs and Cosmetic, 10th Edition (With Free CD containing Notification issued under DPCO) / Garg, Ram Avtar (Adv.)
388. Media Law and Ethics / Sahay, Mukul
389. Media Law and Ethics: Reading in Communication Regulation; 2 Volumes / Prasad, Kiran (Ed.)
390. Media Laws and Indian Constitutes / Kundra, S.
391. Medical Jurisprudence and Toxicology with Latest Case Laws, 2 Volumes / Subrahmanyam, B.V. (Dr.)
392. Medical Law and Ethics / Behera, Purosottam
393. Mercantile Law; 2 Volumes / Kumar, Arun
394. Migrant Workmen and the Law / Singh, G.
395. Minor Law Books: Narada Brihaspati / Jolly, Julius (Tr.)
396. Minority Rights / Garg, V.K.
397. Minority Rights Discourse in India / Massey, I.P.
398. Modern Governments and Constitutions; 2 Volumes / Jayapalan, N.
399. Modern UGC NET/SLET: Law by A Team of Experts
400. Morality and Social Justice / Singh, Abha (Ed.)
401. The Mrcchakatikam and the Indian Laws / Naikar, Chandramouli S. (Dr.)
402. Mulla's The Code of Civil Procedure (Abridged), 17th Edition / Mulla, Sir Dinshaw Fardunji
403. Narcotic Drugs and Substance Abuse; 3 Volumes / Bagchi, Debasis
404. National Security Laws: In Indian Scenario / Singh, Shailesh K. & Chadha, Sanjeev, K. (Drs.)
405. New Law Relating to Benami Properties, with Latest Case Laws / LP
406. NGOs and Protection of Human Rights / Dhingra, Rajni Malhotra
407. Nine Degrees of Justice: New Perspectives on Violence Against Women in India / Datta, Bishakha (Ed.)
408. Offences Relating to Public Servants with Latest Case Laws (2nd Edition) / Gour
409. On Cyber Crime and Cyber Law / Bajpai, G.S.
410. Organised Crime / Gandhirajan, C.K.
411. Organised Crime / Padhy, Prafullah (Ed.)
412. Osborn's Concise Law Dictionary
413. Patent Law (4th Edition) / Narayanan, P.
414. Performance of Women Police: Tamil Nadu / Ali, A.P. Mohamed (IPS)
415. The Personal Law of the Mahomedans / Ali, Ayed A.
416. Philosophy of Crime / Kumar, Pradeep
417. The Pocket Law Lexicon / Motion, S.K.
418. Police Administration and Investigation of Crime / Chaturvedi, J.C. (Ed.)
419. Police and Magisterial Code: Police Diaries, Statements, Reports, Investigations, Emergency and Identification, Surveillance, Security Police Organisation, Discipline and Duties of Police Officers, 2 Volumes (New 12th Edition) / Mitter, V.
420. Police and Policing in India / Ashraf, Nehal
421. Police Criminology and Crimes / Vedackumchery, James
422. Police Morality / Vadackumchery, James
423. Police Protection to Victims of Crime / Ghazvini, M.F.
424. Police Victim and Victim Justice / Vadackumchery, James
425. Police, Crime and Human Rights / Kalyani, R.
426. Policing the Police: A Nation's Cry / Vadackumchery, James
427. Political, Legal and Military History of India; 10 Volumes / Bhatia, H.S. (Ed.)
428. Population Law / Tandon, Usha
429. The Position of Women in Hindu Law; 2 Volumes / Mitter, Dwarka Nath
430. Powers of President and Cabinet / Jain, U.C.
431. Practice and Law of Banking / Sohal, N.P.S.
432. Presidential Powers of Pardon on Death Penalty / Jai, Janak Raj (Dr.)
433. Press Laws and Ethics of Journalism / Ravindranath, P.K.
434. Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Mionrities / Rajan, R.C.
435. Prevention of HIV/AIDS and Drug Abuse / Satpathy, G.C.
436. Principles of Hindu Jurisprudence, 2 Volumes / Banerji, S.C.
437. Prison Management: Problems and Solutions / Manaworker, M.B.
438. Property Rights of Women / Devi, K. Uma (Dr.)
439. Prophet's Teaching and Islamic Law / Ilyas, Muhammad & Syed, M.H.
440. Proprietary Knowledge: Politics of Intellectual Property Rights; 2 Volumes / Gopal, Krishan & Sharma, Sarbjit
441. Protection of Human Rights National and International Perspectives as Amended by Protection of Human Right (Amendment) Act, 2019 (Act 19 of 2019) alongwith Allied Laws with Latest Case Laws (3rd Edition) / Muntaqim, Khwaja A.
442. Protection of Intellectual Property in Cyber Space / Menon, Shailaja
443. Public Health Law, Ethics and Human Rights / Pattnaik, Pushpalata
444. Public Interest Litigation / Jain, Sampat
445. Random Reminiscences of a Police Officer Under two Flags / Bhatacharya, D.G.
446. Reading in Crime and Criminal Behaviour / Dawar, Parvez (Ed.)
447. Reconstitution of the Constitution of India / Sharma, Kanahaiyalal
448. Reflections on Crime Against Women / Mahapatra, Subhasini
449. Reform Forward: Constitution and Law Judiciary and Police Secularism and Social Justice Religion and Polity / Reddy, G.Ramachandra
450. Regulating Oceanic Fishing: International Laws and Treaties / Dixit, Ram Naresh
451. Rehabilitation Policy and Law in India: A Right to Livelihood / Fernandes, Walter & Paranjpye, Vijay (Eds.)
452. Religion and Law in Independent India / Baird, Robert D. (Ed.)
453. Religion and Personal Law in Secular India: A Call to Judgement / Larson, Gerald James (Ed.)
454. Reservation Policy and Judicial Activism / Vijayan, P.P.
455. Reservation Policy and Social Justice / Singh, Shail
456. Reservation Policy and the Law: Myth and Reality / Jaswal, S.S.
457. Right to Education Act 2009: It's Implementation as to Social Development in India / Kumar, K. Vijaya (Prof.)
458. Right to Information (RTI) and Rural Development in India / Mishra, Sudhansu; Das, Sudhansu Kumar & Sahoo, Rajan Kumar
459. The Right to Information Act in India: Concepts and Problems / Banerjee, Ritu
460. Right to Information: Concept, Law and Practice / Jain, N.K.
461. Right to Information: Implementing Information Regime / Sharma, Sarbjit & Gopal, Krishan
462. Right to Privacy Under Indian Law / Deshta, Kiran
463. Rights of Muslim Women / Mullick, Iqbal
464. Role of Universities in Promotion of Intellectual Property / Rao, K. Raja Mohan
465. S.N. Katju's Encyclopaedia on Law of Drugs: With latest amendments upto date on drugs and cosmetics alongwith narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances act and notifications (5th Edition) / Katju, S.N.
466. SEBI and the Regulatory Framework / Tapadia, Shriniwas
467. Select World Constitutions; 2 Volumes / Sharma, Gokulesh (Dr.)
468. Separated and Divorced Women in India: Economic Rights and Entitlements / Singh, Kirti
469. Social Action through Courts / Antony, M.J.
470. Social Justice / Ahmed, Shehzad
471. Social Justice and Dalits / Rajawat, Mamta (Ed.)
472. Social Justice and the Constitution / Bhattacharjea, Ajit (Ed.)
473. Social Justice and the Politics of Reservation in India / Kumar,V Santosh
474. Social Justice in India / Purohit & Joshi
475. Social Justice, Law and Human Rights / Assadi, Muzafer
476. Social Laws and Child Rights / Bhatia, Vanita
477. Social Legislation and Crime / Padhy, Prafullah
478. Society and the Law / Kaur, Gurkirat
479. State Financial Corporation Act with Rules and Allied Laws as amended by Banking Laws (Amendment) Act, 2012 (Act No. 4 of 2013) (With Latest Case Laws) / Malik
480. Status of Muslim Women in India: Law Relating to Marriage, Divorce and Maintenance / Tabasum, Mufti Samiya
481. Status on Crime Against Women in Different Countries / Mukherjee, Doel (Dr.)
482. Structure and Reform of Taxation in India / Sreekantaradhya, B.S.
483. Studies of Social Laws; 3 Volumes / Jones, Sir Williams
484. Supreme Court & High Court Judgements: Relating to Women & Children / Walikhanna, Charu & Rao, Nandita
485. The Supreme Court in United States; 4 Volumes / Warren, W.
486. Supreme Court on Carriage of Goods and Persons by Air, Land and Sea (1950 to 2019), 2 Volumes / Malik, Surendra & Malik, Sudeep
487. Supreme Court on Government Contracts and Tenders (Since 1950 to date), 2017 Edition / Malik, Surendra & Malik, Sudeep
488. A Text Book of Media Laws: An Advance Resource Book / Shinde, Deepak M. (Dr.)
489. Trends in Travel, Tourism and Law / Singh, L.K.
490. Trial Courts Management / Bhatia, K.L.
491. Tribal Customs, Law and Justice: A Teleological Study of Adis / Pathak, Manjushree
492. Tribals in Criminal Web / Ansari, M.A.
493. Tryst with Law Enforcement and Human Rights / Sen, Sankar
494. Uniform Civil Code: An Ignored Constitutional Imperative / Ratnaparkhi, M.S.
495. United Nations and the Rights of Disabled Persons: A Study in Indian Perspective / Karna, G.N.
496. United nations Framework and Rule of Law / Udara, Bhavana & Ramcharit, Sujatha
497. Unofficial Guide to Ethnical Hacking / Fadia, Ankit
498. Untouchability and the Law / Chandra, Ramesh & Mittra, Sangh
499. Verdict on an Outeraged Constitution: Distorted Perception of Our Constitutional Framework / Markandan, K.C.
500. Victimology / Talwar, Prakash (Ed.)
501. Violence, Law and Rights in South Asia / Sagar, Rajiv
502. Wages of Crime: Black Markets, Illegal Finance and the Underworld Economy / Naylor, R.T.
503. Wake Up Call for Indian Republic / Iyer, Justice V.R. Krishna
504. Wakf Laws in India, As amended by Wakf Amendment Act, (27 of 2013) with Latest Case Laws) (7th Edition) / Jafri, S.I.
505. Water Institutions in India: Economics, Law and Policy / Saleth, R. Maria
506. Women and Crime / Kumar, A.
507. Women and Crime / Sharma, Seema & Sharma, Kanta
508. Women and Law / Kumar, Raj (Ed.)
509. Women and Law: Muslim Personal Law Perspective / Ephroz, K.N.
510. Women and Protective Laws / Chawla, Monica
511. Women and the Law / Bharti, Dalbir
512. Women and the Law / Chouhan, Laxmidhar
513. Women and the Law / Kant, Anjani (Dr.)
514. Women and the Law / Kaur, Gurkirat
515. Women and Urban Crimes / Mukherjee, Doel (Dr.)
516. Women Criminals and Their Life-Style / Maniyar, Mridula
517. Women in Law / Ramaswamy, B.
518. Women Workers and the Law / Mir, G.Q.
519. Women, Law and Public Opinion / Gupta, K.
520. Wounded Justice and the Story of Indian Police / Vadackumchery, James
521. Wrongful Restraint, Wrongful Confinement, alongwith Criminal Force, Assault, Kidnapping Rape and Unnatural Offences with Latest Case Laws (2nd Edition) / Gour
522. WTO and Intellectual Property Rights / Sabanna, Talwar
523. Young Criminals: Crime and Punishment in Juvenile Delinquency / Menon, Sugata

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