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601. Maariful Quran; 8 Volumes (Arabic-Urdu)
602. Made for Mughal Emperors: Royal Treasures from Hindustan / Stronge, Susan
603. Madhyakaleen Islam / Sinha, Vipin Bihari
604. Madrasa Education: Framework / Qasmi, Muhammad Sajid
605. Madrasa Education: Its Strength and Weakness / Qasmi, Muhammadullah Khalili
606. Mahatma and the Muslims / Bhave, Y.G.
607. The Mahdawi Movement in India / Qamaruddin (Dr.)
608. Management of Education in Muslim Institutions / Siddiqui, Mohd. Akhtar
609. Manipuri Muslims: Historical Perspectives (615-2000 CE) / Ahmed, Farooque
610. Manna and Cedar: In the Light of The Quran, The Bible and Science / Farooqi, M. Iqtedar H. (Dr.)
611. Manners in Islam / Ahmed, M. Mukarram (Mufti) (Ed.)
612. The Mansabdari System and The Mughal Army / Aziz, Abdul
613. Maps of Mughal India: Drawn by Colonel Jean-Baptiste-Joseph Gentil, Agent for the French Government to the Court of Shuja-ud-daula at Faizabad in 1770 / Gole, Susan
614. Marriage Among Muslims: Preference and Choice in Northern Pakistan / Donnan, Hastings
615. Marriage and Kinship Among Muslims in South India / Khan, C.G. Hussain
616. The Masnavi; 2 Volumes / Rumi, Jalalu D-Din
617. Masterpiece Library of Islam; 8 Volumes / Irving, Washington
618. The Masterpiece of Sufism, 7 Volumes / Nicholson, R.A.; Shah, S. Iqbal Ali; Ahmed, M.M. Zuhuruddin & Shushtry, A.M.A.
619. Maulavi Flute: Select Articles on Maulavi Rumi / Qasemi, S.H.
620. The Meaning of the Qur'an; 5 Volumes / Al-Fatiha-Annisa, Surahs & et. al.
621. The Meanings of the Glorious Qur'an (Arabic text with English translation and Surah Introduction) / Pickthall, Muhammad Marmaduke
622. The Meanings of the Holy Qur'an (Arabic text with English translation, commentary and notes) / Ali, Abdullah Yusuf
623. The Meanings of the Illustrious Qur'an (English translation with Introduction without Arabic text) / Ali, Abdullah Yusuf (Tr.)
624. Medicinal Plants in the Traditions of Prophet (Prophetic Medicine) / Farooqi, M.I.H. (Dr.)
625. Medieval History of India / Jayapalan, N.
626. Medieval India: Under Mohammedan Rule (A.D. 712-1764) / Lane-Poole, Stanley
627. The Mercy of Qur'an and the Advent of Zaman: Commentary on Four Suras / Haeri, Shaykh Fadhlalla
628. The Message of Muhammed / Wadia, Ardaser Sorabjee
629. Militant Islam in Southeast Asia / Abuza, Zachary
630. Mir Saiyid Ali Hamadani and Kubraviya Sufi Order in Kashmir / Gull, Surayai (Naqati)
631. Miracles of Holy Prophet / Ahmed, M. Mukarram (Mufti) (Ed.)
632. Mishkat-ul-Masabih; 3 Volumes (with Arabic text) / Siddiqui, Abdul Hameed (Tr.)
633. Modern Reformist Thought in the Muslim World / Siddiqi, Mazheruddin
634. Modernisation of Muslim Youth / Banerjee, Bani
635. Modernism and the Art of Muslim South Asia / Dadi, Iftikhar
636. Modernization of Muslim Education in India / Fahimuddin
637. The Modest Status of Women in Islam / Siddiqi, Muhammad Sa'eed
638. Modesty and Chastity in Islam / Miftahi, M. Zafeeruddin
639. Mogul India or Storia Do Mogor, 4 Volumes / Manucci, Niccolao
640. Mohammad and the Rise of Islam; 2 Volumes / Margoliouth, D.S.
641. Mohammed and His Successors; 2 Volumes / Irving, Washington
642. Mohammed and Mohammedanism / Smith, Bosworth
643. Mohammed and Mohammedanism / Smith, R. Bosworth
644. Mohammed and the Rise of Islam / Margoliouth, D.S.
645. Monuments of Delhi: Lasting Splendour of the Great Mughals and Others; 4 Volumes (in 3 bindings) / Hasan, Maulvi Zafar (Comp.)
646. The Moral Values of the Qur'an / Yahya, Harun
647. The Moral Vision: Islamic Ethics for Success in Life / Khan, Maulana Wahiduddin
648. Morals and Manners in Islam: A Guide to Islamic Adab / Al-Kayasi, Marwan Ibrahim
649. Mosque in Islam / Mufti, Zafeeruddin
650. The Mosques of the Indian Subcontinent / Bunce, Fredrick W.
651. Mughal and Persian Paintings and Illustrated Manuscripts in The Raza Library, Rampur / Schmitz, Barbara & Desai, Ziyaud-Din A.
652. The Mughal and the Pathan Archives: Nazar's Urdu Aasar-i-Malwa: A History of Malwa, Tonk and Sironj (57 B.C. - 1926 A.D.) (Translated into English) / Ansari, Ishrat Husain & Hamid Afaq Qureshi al-Taimi al-Siddiqi (Trs.)
653. Mughal Art: A Study in Handicrafts / Swarup, Shanti
654. Mughal Documents, Volume II: 1628-1659 / Tirmizi, S.A.I.
655. Mughal Documents: 1628-1659; Vol.2 / Tirmizi, S.A.I.
656. Mughal India; 2 Volumes / Taher, Mohamed (Ed.)
657. Mughal Inlay Art / Nath, R.
658. Mughal Kaleen Bharat / Verma, Dinanath
659. Mughal Kaleen Bharat; (In Hindi) / Pruthi, R.K. (Dr.)
660. Mughal Monuments in the Punjab and Haryana / Parihar, Subhash
661. Mughal Painter of Flora and Fauna-Ustad Mansur / Verma, Som Prakash
662. Mughal Painting: An Interplay of Indigenous and Foreign Traditions / Srivastava, Ashok Kumar
663. Mughal Romances / Verma, Chob Singh
664. Mughal Rule in India / Edwards, S.M. & Garrett, H.L.O.
665. Mughal Sculpture: Study of Stone Sculptures of Birds, Beasts, Mythical Animals, Human Beings & Deities in Mughal Architecture / Nath, R.
666. The Mughal State and Culture 1556-1598: Selected Letters and Documents from Munshaat-i-Namakin / Zilli, Ishtiyaq Ahmad (Ed.)
667. The Mughal Strategy of War / Sabahuddin, Abdul & Shukla, Rajshree
668. Mughal-Iranian Relations During Sixteenth Century / Barzegar, Karim Najafi
669. Muhammad and His Power / Johnstone, P.
670. Muhammad and the Qur'an / Zakaria, Rafiq
671. Muhammad As A Military Leader / Rehman, Afzal Ur
672. Muhammad in World Scriptures / Vidyarthi, Maulana Abdul Haque
673. Muhammad: A Mercy to All the Nations / Jairazbhoy, Qassim Ali
674. Muhammad: A Prophet for All Humanity / Khan, Maulana Wahiduddin
675. Muhammad: The Hero As Prophet / Carlyle, Thomas
676. Muhammadan Architecture in Kashmir / Nicholls, W.H.
677. Muhammadan Law / Wilson, Roland Knyvet
678. Muhammadan Law; 2 Volumes / Ali, Syed Ameer
679. Muhammed: The Final Messenger / Khan, Majid Ali (Dr.)
680. Muhanmmad: A Mercy to All the Nations / Jairazbhoy, Al-Hajj Qassim Ali
681. Muslim Administration in Orissa 1568-1751 A.D. / Haque, M.A.
682. Muslim Attitudes Towards British Rule and Western Culture in India, in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century / Mukeeb, Ashraf (Dr.)
683. Muslim Behaviour / Hasan, S. Badrul
684. Muslim Calligraphy: With 63 Illustrations of its Various Styles and Ornamental Designs / Ziauddin, M.
685. The Muslim Communities of Nepal / Seddon, David
686. Muslim Communities of South Asia: Culture Society and Power / Madan, T.N. (Ed.)
687. The Muslim Creed: Its Genesis and Historical Development / Wensinck, A.J.
688. Muslim Endowments and Society in Bitish India / Kozlowski, Gregory C.
689. Muslim Ethos: As Reflected in Urdu Literature / Jain, M.S.
690. Muslim Feminism and Feminist Movement: Africa; 2 Volumes / Samiuddin, Abida & et. al. (Eds.)
691. Muslim Feminism and Feminist Movement: Central Asia / Samiuddin, Abida & et. al. (Eds.)
692. Muslim Feminism and Feminist Movement: Middle-East Asia; 2 Volumes / Samiuddin, Abida & et. al. (Eds.)
693. Muslim Feminism and Feminist Movement: South Asia; 3 Volumes / Samiuddin, Abida & Khanam, R. (Eds.)
694. Muslim Feminism and Feminist Movement: South-East Asia / Samiuddin, Abida & et. al. (Eds.)
695. Muslim Feminism and Feminist Movement; 9 Volumes / Samiuddin, Abida & et. al. (Eds.)
696. Muslim Freedom Fighters of India: Selected Documents; 2 Volumes / Ansari, Md. Yakub
697. Muslim Freedom Fighters of India; 3 Volumes / Ganjoo, S.
698. Muslim Inscriptions in the Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh / Parihar, Subhash
699. Muslim Isolationism and Communalism; 4 Volumes / Johari, J.C. (Ed.)
700. The Muslim Kashmir: 1320-1589 / Hassnain, Fida (Prof.)
701. Muslim Kingship in India / Singh, N.K. (Ed.)
702. Muslim Law of Inheritance / Ullah, Al-Haj Muhammad
703. The Muslim Law of Marriage / Ullah, Al-Haj Muhammad
704. The Muslim Marriage Guide / Maqsood, Ruqaiyyah Waris
705. Muslim Nationhood in India: Perceptions of Seven Eminent Thinkers / Amir, Safia
706. Muslim Philosophy and Philosophers / Khan, Mohd. Sharif
707. Muslim Philosophy, Science and Mysticism / Naseem, Hamid
708. Muslim Political Identity / Jain, M.S.
709. Muslim Political Thought in India / Taher, Mohamed (Ed.)
710. Muslim Revivalist Movements in Northern India in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries / Rizvi, S. Athar Abbas
711. Muslim Rule in Deccan / Taher, Mohamed (Ed.)
712. Muslim Rule in Kashimr (1554 A.D. to 1586 A.D.) / Wani, Nizam-Ud-Din
713. Muslim Rule in Medieval India / Verma, B.R. & Bakshi, S.R. (Eds.)
714. Muslim Saints and their Shrines / Khatoon, Zohra
715. Muslim Separatism and the Partition of India / Chakravarty, Debadutta
716. Muslim Slave System in Medieval India / Lal, K.S.
717. Muslim Societies: Rise and Fall (Wake Up Call and Revival Efforts) / Farooqi, M.I.H. (Dr.)
718. Muslim Society in India 712-1200 A.D. / Begum, Jafri
719. Muslim Society in Northern India: 15th and Early Half of the 16th Century / Zaki, Muhammad
720. Muslim Society in Transition (A Study of Hyderabad) / Javed, Arifa Kulsoom
721. Muslim Women / Sharma, Seema & Sharma, Kanta
722. Muslim Women and Islamic Tradition: Studies in Modernisation / Allana, Mariam
723. Muslim Women in India: Political and Private Realities 1890s-1980s / Lateef, Shahida
724. Muslim Women Rights / Ahmed, M. Mukarram (Ed.)
725. Muslim Women: Educational Awareness, Decision-making and Aspirations / Shaik, Nasar Saheb
726. Muslim World: Islam Breaks Fresh Ground / Rastogi, Tara Charan
727. Muslims (India: 50 Years of Independence (1947-1997): Status, Growth and Development, Vol. 18) / Rizvi, S.H.M.; Roy, Shibani & Dutta, B.B.
728. Muslims and Development Deficit Micro Realities in Uttar Pradesh / Waheed, Abdul & Shahid, Mohd.
729. Muslims and India's Freedom Movement / Ahluwalia, Shashi & Ahluwalia, B.K.
730. Muslims and Modernization: A Study of Their Changing Role Structure and Norms in an Urban Setting / Jain, Sushila
731. Muslims and the Congress: Select Correspondence of Dr. M.A. Ansari 1912-1935 / Hasan, Mushirul
732. Muslims and the Indian National Congress 1885-1924 / Saxena, Vinod Kumar
733. Muslims and the Third World Politics / Chand, Attar
734. Muslims in Assam Politics / Kar, Makhanlal (Dr.)
735. Muslims in India / Singh, S.N.
736. Muslims in India and Abroad: Caste and Ethnicity / Matin, Abdul
737. Muslims in India: Recent Contributions to Literature on Religion, Philosophy, History and Social Aspects / Taher, Mohamed
738. Muslims in India; 4 Volumes / Ahmad, Aijazuddin
739. Muslims in Indian Democracy / Puniyani, Ram
740. The Muslims in Spain / Lane-Poole, Stanley
741. Muslims in the Process of Rural Development in India: A Study of Karnataka / Khan, Mumtaz Ali
742. Muslims of India Exclusionary Processes and Inclusionary Measures / Matin, Abdul (et. al.) (Eds.)
743. Muslims of India: Their Literature on Education, History Politics, Religion, Socio-Economic and Communal Problems / Haroon, Mohammed (Dr.)
744. The Muslims of Manipur / Irene, Salam
745. The Muslims of the Indian Sub-continent after the 11th September Attacks / Grare, Frederic (Ed.)
746. Muslims Struggling for National Renaissance (1930 Onwards) / Choudhary, Sukhbir
747. The Muslims: Encyclopaedia of Islam; 11 Volumes
748. Muslims: India 50 Years of Indepence: 1947-97 Status, Growth and Development: Volum. 18 / Rizvi, S.H.M. & et. al.
749. Muwatta' of Imam Malik (Translated with Exhaustive Notes) / Rahimuddin, Muhammad (Prof.)
750. My Discovery of Islam / Asad, Muhammad
751. Mystic Musings in Art and Poetry: Thematic Essays from the International Conference 'Mysticism without Bounds' / Kachappilly, Kurian (Dr.)
752. Mystical Esctasy: Sufi Practices / Hassnain, F.M. with Raghuvanshi, Vivek & Badawai, Abdel Fatteh
753. The Myth of Authenticity: A Study in Islamic Fundamentalism / Sayeed, S.M.A. (Prof.)
754. The Names of Allah / Dewan, Parvez
755. Nationalism or Islam: Indo-Pakistan Episode / Ahmad, Akhtaruddin
756. The New Soldier in the Age of Asymmetric Conflict / Sarkar, Rumu
757. The New Terrorism: Islamist International / Sharma, D.P.
758. The Nobility Under Akbar and Jahangir: A Study of Family Groups / Husain, Afzal
759. The Noble Qur'an (with Arabic) / Khan, Muhsin M.
760. The Noble Qur'an: Tafseef-e-Usmani; 3 Volumes / Ahmad, M. Aahfaq
761. Notable Mughal and Hindu Women in the 16th and 17th Centuries A.D. / Nath, Renuka
762. Obligations in Islam: Shahadah, Salaat, Saum, Zakaat and Hajj / Ahmed, M. Mukarram (Mufti) (Ed.)
763. On Islamic History and Culture: Historical Studies / Nizami, Khaliq Ahmad
764. On Sources and Source Material / Nizami, Khaliq Ahmad
765. On Understanding Islam: Selected Studies / Smith, Wilfred Cantwell
766. One Religion / Ahmed, Zaheer U.
767. The Only Son Offered for Sacrifice Isaac or Ishmael: With Zamzam, al-Marwah and Makhah in the Bible and a Brief Account of the History of Solomon's Temple and Jerusalem / Ghauri, Abdus Sattar & Ghauri, Ihsanur Rahman
768. Origin and Developments of Islam: Life of the Holy Prophet / Sarwar, Hafiz Ghulam
769. Out of the Harem Women Studies / Singh, J.
770. Overview of Indian Muslim Politics in India (1920-1947) / Ashraf, Kunwar Muhammad
771. Ownership and Partnership in Islam / Khan, M.M. & Syed, M.H. (Eds.)
772. Paighambar Mohammad, Qu'ran Hadees aur Islami Darshan: A Chronicle of the Life and Message of Prophet Mohammad, Teachings of Qu'ran Philosophy of Islam its Emphasis on the Equality of all Religions / Pande, B.N.
773. Painted Grey Ware: Proceedings of the Seminar on Archaeology Held At the Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh / Gaur, R.C.
774. Pakistan as an Islamic State / Chopra, J.K.
775. Pakistan: A Mullah-Military Enterprise Unlimited / Joshi, P.C.
776. Pakistan's Thrust in the Muslim World: India As A Factor (A Study of Red) / Chopra, Surendra
777. Partisans of Allah: Jihad in South Asia / Jalal, Ayesha
778. Pathway to India's Partition, 3 Volumes / Prasad, Bimal
779. The People of Mosque: The Study of Islam / Jones, L. Bevan
780. The Permitted and the Prohibited in Islam / Azimabadi, Badr
781. The Persian Poets / Dole, N.H. & Walker, Belle M. (Eds.)
782. Personas of Holy Pretence / Kaleem, Zahir
783. Perspectives in Islmic Law / Taher, Mohamed (Ed.)
784. Philosophy and Ethics in Islam / Sharma, S.R.
785. Philosophy of Buddhism, Christianity and Islam / Suman Lata (Dr.) (Ed.)
786. Philosophy of Islam / Sharma, Shiv (Dr.)
787. The Pilgrimage to Makkah / Burton, Sir Richard F.
788. Piri-Muridi Relationship: A Study of the Nizamuddin Dargah / Pinto, Desiderio
789. Planning Processes and Muslim Responses to Rural Development in India / Khan, Mumtaz Ali
790. Plants of the Quran / Farooqi, M.I.H. (Dr.)
791. Plight of Indian Muslims After Partition / Rehman, Habibur
792. Political and Cultural History of Mughal India / Jha, Ajay Kumar
793. Political History of Indian Muslims (1958-1947) / Gopal, Ram
794. Political Islam in the Indian Subcontinent the Jamaat-i-Islami / Grare, Frederic
795. Political, Legal and Military History of India; 10 Volumes / Bhatia, H.S. (Ed.)
796. The Powerful Ephemeral: Everyday Healing in an Ambiguously Islamic Place / Bellamy, Carla
797. Presenting the Quran / Khan, Saniyasnain
798. Presidential Addresses on Arab-Islamic Studies / Ali, Abdul
799. Principles of Islam / Khan, Maulana Wahiduddin
800. The Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence / Rahim, Abdur (Sir)
801. The Principles of Muhammadan Jurisprudence: According to the Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi'i and Hanbali School / Rahim, Abdur
802. Private Life of the Mughals of India / Nath, R.
803. Progressive Pathways: Muslim Novelists from 1925 to 1975 / Maner, Nasar
804. The Prophet / Giban, Kahlil
805. The Prophet Life of Muhammad; 2 Volumes / Shaikh, Wazir Muhammad
806. Prophet Mohammad's Relations / Ahmed, M. Mukarram (Mufti) (Ed.)
807. Prophet Muhammad and His Companions / Singh, N.K. (Ed.)
808. Prophet Muhammad: Peace Be Upon Him / Razi, Muhammad & Syed, M.H.
809. Prophet Muhammad: The Greatest Benefactor / Ganjoo, Satish
810. Prophethood and Prophecies / Ahmed, M. Mukarram (Mufti) (Ed.)
811. Prophets of Islam / Razi, Muhammad & Syed M.H.
812. Prophet's Relatives / Razi, Muhammad & M.H. Syed
813. Prophet's Teaching and Faith and Belief / Ilyas, Muhammad & Syed, M.H.
814. Prophet's Teaching and Freedom and Rights / Ilyas, Muhammad & Syed, M.H.
815. Prophets' Teaching and God and Wisdom / Ilyas, Muhammad & Syed, M.H.
816. Prophet's Teaching and Islamic Institutions / Ilyas, Muhammad & Syed, M.H.
817. Prophet's Teaching and Islamic Law / Ilyas, Muhammad & Syed, M.H.
818. Prophet's Teaching and Knowledge and Philosophy / Ilyas, Muhammad & Syed M.H.
819. Prophet's Teaching and Life and Routine / Ilyas, Muhammad & Syed, M.H.
820. Prophet's Teaching and Morality and Ethics / Ilyas, Muhammad & Syed, M.H.
821. Prophet's Teaching and Social Organisation / Ilyas, Muhammad & Syed, M.H.
822. Prophet's Teaching and Women and Marital Relations / Ilyas, Muhammad & Syed, M.H.
823. Punjab Under the Great Mughals / Gandhi, Surjit Singh
824. Pura-Prakasa: Recent Researches in Epigraphy, Numismatics, Manuscriptology, Persian Literature, Art, Architecture, Archaeology, History and Conservation; 2 Volumes / Sharma, A.K. & et. al. (Eds.)
825. Purdah and the Status of Women in Islam / Al-Ash-Ari
826. The Quest for Serenity in World Religions / Sharma, Arvind
827. The Quran / Irving, T.B. (Tr.)
828. The Quran and Future of Science / Kirmani, M. Zaki
829. Quran and the Contemporary Challenges / Ismail, S.M. & S.F. Rab, S.F.
830. The Qur'an for All Humanity / Khan, Maulana Wahiduddin
831. The Qur'an for Astronomy / Husaini, Waqar (Prof.)
832. Qur'an the Living Truth: An Effort to Convey its Meaning / Mohyidin, Bashir Ahmad
833. The Quran, Bible and Science / Bucaille, Maurice (Dr.)
834. The Quran: An Abiding Wonder / Khan, Maulana Wahiduddin
835. Quran; 2 Volumes / Palmer, E.H. (Tr.)
836. Quranic Concept of History / Malik, S.K.
837. The Qur'anic Concept of History / Siddiqui, Mazheruddin
838. Qur'anic Concept of Human Psyche / Singh, N.K.
839. Qur'anic Cosmology / Siddiqui, Moid
840. The Qur'anic Foundations and Structure of Muslim Society; 2 Volumes / Ansari, Muhammad Fazl-ur-Rahman (Dr.)
841. Qur'anic Prism: Mansoor-e-Qur'an; Trilingul Quranic Subjects Index / Malik, Abdul Hakim (Comp.)
842. The Quranic Sufism / Valiuddin, Mir
843. Ram Janmabhoomi through the Ages: Babri Masjid Controversy / Chowdhry, N.K.
844. Rampur Raza Library Monograph / Siddiqi, W.H.
845. Rational Approach to Islam / Engineer, Asghar Ali
846. Readings in Islamic Social System / Ali, Masood
847. Reconstruction of Culture and Islam / Taqi Amini, Maulana Muhammad
848. The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam / Iqbal, Allama Muhammad
849. Rediscovering Islam: Encyclopaedia of Islamic Studies; 35 Volumes
850. Reflection on Islamic Beliefs and Resurrection / Ahmed, Sharif
851. Regionalizing Pan-Islamism: Documents on the Khilafat Movement / Hasan, Mushirul & Pernau, Margrit (Eds.)
852. Religion and Ethnicity among Muslims / Saiyed, A.R.
853. Religion and Science / Khan, Maulana Wahiduddin
854. Religion of Islam: Sources and Foundations of Islamic Religion / Klein, A.C.
855. Religious Asceticism / Gupta, G.B. (Ed.)
856. Religious Concept of Sin / Singh, N.K. (Ed.)
857. Religious Mysticism: Hinduism and Islam / Adhlakha, S.K.
858. Religious Rites and Festivals of India / Kar, G.R. Sholapur
859. The Religious Thought in Islam / Iqbal, M.
860. The Renaissance of Islam / Mez, Adam
861. Return to Roots: Emancipation of Indian Muslims / Lal, K.S.
862. Revelation and Revolution in Islam / Haque, Ziaul
863. Revenue Free Land Grants in Mughal India: Awadh Region in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries (1658-1765) / Mohammed, Jigar
864. Rights and Liberties Under Islam / Ahmed, M. Mukarram (Mufti) (Ed.)
865. Rights of Allah and Human Rights / Shad, Abdur Rahman
866. Rights of Minorities in Islam / Komeili, Mahadi
867. Rights of Muslim Women / Mullick, Iqbal
868. The Rise and Fall of Mohammad Bin Tughlaq / Hasan, Agha Mehdi
869. Riyadh-us-Saleheen; 2 Volumes (Arabic-English) (Translated by S.M. Madani Abbasi) / Yahya, Imam Abu Zakariya Bin Sharaf An-Nawawi (Comp.)
870. Road to Makkah / Asad, M.
871. The Role of Diplomacy in the Policy of the Prophet (PBUH) / Siddiqui, Suhaib Alam
872. Role of Muslim League in National Politics / Pandey, Deepak
873. Role of Muslims in Indian Politics (1857-1947) / Sharma, Kamlesh
874. Role of Muslims in the National Movement (1912-1930): A Study of Bihar / Imam, Mohd. Muzaffar
875. Role of Quran in Islam / Khan, Masood Ali & Iqbal, Shaikh Azhar (Eds.)
876. Roman Transliteration of Holy Qur'an / Eliasi, Mohammad Abdul Haleem.
877. Royal Mughal Ladies and Their Contribution / Mukherjee, Sooma (Dr.)
878. The Rubaiyat of Sarmad (Translated Into English Poetry from Persian) / Behari, Bankey (Tr.)
879. Rumi Mystic and Poet / Nicholson, Reynold A.
880. Rumi's Impact on Iqbal's Religious Thought / Qaiser, Nazir (Dr.)
881. Rural Muslims in Transition / Ahmad, Sarfarazuddin
882. Sahih Al-Bukhari Shareef: Sayings and Doings of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) by Imam Bukhari, Urdu by Waheeduz Zaman; 3 Volumes (Arabic-Urdu)
883. Sahih Bukhari; 3 Volumes (Urdu-Arabic) / Akhtar, A. Hakeem
884. Sahih Muslim by Imam Muslim: Being traditions of the sayings and doings of the prophet muhammad as narrated by his companions and compiled under the title Al-Jami'-Us-Sahih; 4 Volumes (Rendered into English) / Siddiqi, Abdul Hamid (Tr.)
885. Sahih Muslim; 3 Volumes (Urdu-Arabic) / Zaman, Waheeduz
886. Sahih Muslim; 8 Volumes (Arabic-English) / Siddiqui, A.H.
887. Sahih-al-Bukhari; 9 Volumes (Arabic & English) / Matraji, Dr. Muhammad
888. Sain Bulleh Shah: The Mystic Muse / Duggal, Kartar Singh (Tr.)
889. Saint Heritage of India; Volume 1 to 10 (A Continuing Series) / Abbott, Justin E.
890. Saints and Saviour of Islam / Rafiabadi, Hamid Naseem
891. Sales and Contracts in Early Islamic Commercial Law / Hasan, 'Abdullha' Alwi Haji
892. Sardar Patel and Indian Muslims: An Analysis of His Relation with Muslims Before and After India's Partition / Zakaria, Rafiq
893. The Sayings of Muhammad / Suhrwardy, Sir Abdullah
894. Sayyid Abul Hasan 'Ali Nadwi: Life and Works / Choughley, Abdul Kader
895. The School of Islamic Jurisprudence: A Comparative Study / Khan, Muhammad Hameedullah (Dr.)
896. Science in Islam / Ahmed, M. Mukarram (Mufti) (Ed.)
897. Secret of the Self: Asrar-I-Khudi / Iqubal, S.M.
898. Seeking the Master / Murray, M.
899. Select Constitutions: Documents on Muslim State / Lal, Shiv
900. Selections from Muhammadan Traditions: Being a Carefully Chosen and Throughly Representative Collection of the Most Authentic Traditions from the Celebrated (Translated from the Arabic) / Mishkatu 'L-Masabih, William Goldsack (Tr.)

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