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1. Affirmative Action in India / Singh, Bir Pal
2. Ageing and Human Development: Global Perspectives / Modi, I.P. (Ed.)
3. Alternative Sexuality, Morality and Law / Gautam, Prem Kumar
4. Annual Digest of Human Rights Judgements 2008 / Antony, M.J.
5. The Art of Peace: Nobel Peace Laureates Discuss Human Rights, Conflict and Reconciliation / Hopkins, Jeffery (Ed.)
6. Ashoka's Law Relating to Women and Their Rights / Bhatnagar, J.P.
7. Basaveshwara and Human Rights / Palekar, S.A.
8. Basic Documents on Human Rights; (First Indian Edition) / Brownlie, Ian & Gill, Guy S. Goodwin
9. The Begums of Bhopal / Khan, Shaharyar
10. Burning Issues of Human Rights / Rajawat, Mamta
11. Challenges to Police, Human Rights and National Security / Mathur, Krishna Mohan (Dr.)
12. Child Abuse and Human Rights; 2 Volumes / Jha, A.K.
13. Child Abuse and Human Rights; 2 Volumes / Tiwari, Jyotsna
14. Child Human Rights: Legal Perspectives / Ramaswamy, B.
15. Child Labour and Human Rights: A Prospective / D.C., Nanjunda
16. Child Labour: The Indian Perspective / Rajawat, Mamta
17. Children and the Human Rights / Khanna, S.K.
18. Common Property Resources and Human Rights: Politics of Water Struggles in India / George, Rose Mary (Dr.)
19. Comparative and International Human Rights / Thakur, L.K.
20. The Concept of Equality in Human and Gender Right Discourse / Roy, Rekha
21. Conflicts Resolution, Human Rights and Democracy / Queck, Gert W.
22. Consumer Empowerment: Rights and Responsibilities / Sivaprakasam, P. & Rajamohan, S.
23. Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Rights / Patil, V.T. & Sharma, Sarbajit
24. Crime, Human Rights and National Security / Mathur, K.M.
25. Critical Readings in Human Rights and Peace / Kumar, Ram Narayan & Rappar, Sonia Muller
26. Dalit and Human Rights / Bakshi, R.K.
27. Dalit and Human Rights / Rathore, Dinesh Singh
28. Dalit Women and Human Rights / Sinha, Surbhi & Roy, Srikant
29. Dalits and Human Rights / Sinha, Rakesh K.
30. Dalits and Human Rights; 3 Volumes / Shinde, Prem Kumar (Ed.)
31. Dalits, Tribals and Human Rights / Bhatt, Savita
32. Democracy and Human Right / Rao, Ashwini (Dr.)
33. Democracy Indian Style / Pelinka, Anton
34. Democratic Process, Foreign Policy and Human Rights in South Asia / Benjamin, Joseph
35. Development, Deprevation and Human Rights Violation / Katare, P.M. & et. al.
36. Dialectics and Dynamics of Human Rights in India, The Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (Tagore Law Lectures) / Iyer, V.R. Krishna
37. Distressed Migrant Labour in India: Key Human Rights Issues / Iyer, K. Gopal (Ed.)
38. Diversities: Essays in Economics, Sociology & Social Problems / Mukerji, D.P.
39. Domestic Violence against Women / Goel, Shashi
40. Echoes from Beyond the Banihal-Kashmir: Human Rights and Armed Forces / Kanungo, Sujata
41. Ecology and Human Adaptation: Studies in Cultural and Social Perspectives / Channa, S.M. (Ed.)
42. Education and Human Rights / Parashar, M.R.
43. Education and Human Rights / Qureshi, Muniruddin
44. Education and Socio-Economic Perspective of Women Development and Empowerment / Goel, Aruna
45. Education for Human Rights and Democracy / Chatrath, K.J.S. (Ed.)
46. Education for Values, Environment and Human Rights / Sharma, Y.K. & Katoch, K.S.
47. Education, Culture and Human Values / Pandey, V.C. (Ed.)
48. Encyclopaedia of Dalit: An Analytical Study; 3 Volumes / Tiwari, Ankit & Thakur, Sanjeet
49. Encyclopaedia of Education and Human Development; 3 Volumes / Farenga, Stephen J. & Ness, Daniel (Eds.)
50. Encyclopaedia of Human Rights and Duties; 10 Volumes / Dubey, R.K.
51. Encyclopaedia of Human Rights and Social Justice; 4 Volumes / Kanan, Satya P.
52. Encyclopaedia of Human Rights and Women's Development; 5 Volumes / Kaushik, Vijay & Sharma, Bela Rani
53. Encyclopaedia of Human Rights Development of Under Privileged; 3 Volumes / Kumar, Anuradha
54. Encyclopaedia of Human Rights, Violence and Non-Violence; 3 Volumes / Kumar, Arvind
55. Encyclopaedia of Human Rights; 10 Volumes / Naik, Varun & Sahni, Mukesh
56. Encyclopaedia of Human Rights; 5 Volumes / Sinha, P.C.
57. Encyclopaedia of Social Welfare, Justice and Human Rights; 12 Volumes / Sinha, P.C. (Dr.) (Ed.)
58. Encyclopaedia of Terrorism, Law and Human Rights / Bharti, Avinash
59. Encyclopaedia of World Great Human Rights Activists; 2 Volumes / Seth, Nalin (Dr.)
60. Enforcement of Human Rights / Parashar, P.
61. Essentials of POTA and the other Human Rights Law / Thakur, Lalit Kumar
62. European Convention on Human Rights: Sixty Years and Beyond / Krishnamurthy, B. & Ganapathy-Dore, Geetha
63. Feminism and Women's Human Rights; 2 Volumes / Chatterjee, Mohini Dr.
64. Fighter Children in Maoist Struggle of Nepal: A Human Right Perspective / Ishshan, M.S.
65. Forced Migrants, Refugees, Welfare Policies and the State / Bushra Beegom R.K. (Dr.) (Ed.)
66. Forced Migration in South Asian Region: Displacement, Human Rights & Conflict Resolution / Mishra, Omprakash (Ed.)
67. Fundamental Human Rights / Deshta, S. & Deshta, K.
68. Gandhian Perspectives on Human Rights: This Pamphlet Contains the Discussion on the Gandhian Perspectives on Human Rights / Guanson, Ms Lou Ann
69. Gender and Human Rights: Status of Women Workers in India / Saksena, Anu
70. Gender, Land and Land Rights: Tribes and Caste Hindus / Acharya, P.K. & Mohanty, R.P.
71. Gilgit-Baltistan and its Saga of Unending Human Rights Violations / Bansal, Alok
72. Girl Child and Human Rights / Tripathy, S.N. & Chaudhury, Debadutta (Eds.)
73. Global Governance, Development and Human Security / Thomas, Caroline
74. Global Human Rights: Issues and Initiatives / Kanan, Satya P.
75. Global Sourcebook on Human Rights; 2 Volumes / Sinha, P.C.
76. Global Trends in Human Rights Education / Joshi, Sarat C.
77. Global Trends of Human Rights / Rao, L R Madhav
78. Globalisation and Human Rights / Bhumali, Anil
79. Globalisation and Human Rights in India / Singh, Neelima & Tripathi, Rajnana
80. Globalisation of Human Rights / Rai, Rahul
81. Globalization and Human Rights / Chauhan, Rajinder S. & Thakur, Harish K.
82. Globalization and Inequality / Repley, John
83. Globalization of Human Rights / Coicaud, Jean-Marc; Doye, Michael W. & Gardner, Anne Marie (Eds.)
84. Going Nowhere: Trafficking of Women & Children in International Sex Trade; 2 Volumes / Abraham, Shailaja
85. Governance and Human Rights: Through the Ages / Jhunjhunwala, Bharat
86. Governance of Human Rights Challenges in the Age of Globalization / Mishra, R.C.
87. Governance of Indigenous People in Latin America / Singh, Priti
88. Handbook of Human Rights / Chaudhary, Jayant
89. Handbook on Women and Human Rights: A Guide for Social Activists; 2 Parts / Siddiqi, Fatima Ehtesham & et. al.
90. HIV/AIDS Health Care and Human Rights / Bindra, Anju
91. Human Behaviour and Personality Disorders / Murthy, M.R.
92. Human Development and Globalisation / Chaturvedi, Inakshi
93. Human Development: Dimensions and Strategies / Rout, Himanshu Sekher & Panda, Prasant Kumar (Eds.)
94. Human Insecurity in a Global World / Chen with Parr & Fukunda
95. Human Resource Development / Dawra, Sudhir
96. Human Right / Mishra, R.
97. Human Right as a West / Panikkar, Raimundo & Sharma, Arvind
98. Human Rights / Jayapalan, N.
99. Human Rights / Talwar, Prakash (Ed.)
100. Human Rights & Poverty in India: Theoretical Issues and Empirical Evidences; 5 Volumes / Chaudhary, S.N.
101. Human Rights Abuse on Elderly People / Janetius, S.T.; Kulandaiswamy, V. & Padmanabhan, R.
102. Human Rights among Indian Population: Knowledge, Awareness and Practice / Gupta, Shilpy & Kapoor, A.K.
103. Human Rights and Bail / Sharma, Roopa
104. Human Rights and Criminal Justice Administration / Thilagaraj, R.
105. Human Rights and Criminal Justice Administration in India / Bava, Noorjahan (Ed.)
106. Human Rights and Dalits / Rajawat, Mamta
107. Human Rights and Development in Emerging World Order / Samal, Sunita
108. Human Rights and Economic Development / Ramachandran, V.
109. Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms / Rai, Rahul
110. Human Rights and Gender Violence / Nigam, Aruna
111. Human Rights and Health Care / Kanmony, J. Cyril
112. Human Rights and Human Rights Education / Singh, A.K. (Dr.)
113. Human Rights and Indigenous Peoples / Das, J.R.
114. Human Rights and Inhuman Wrongs / Sen, Sankar
115. Human Rights and Justice System / Gautam, Ashwani Kant
116. Human Rights and Legal Remedies / Sharma, Gokulesh
117. Human Rights and Peace / Narasaiha, M.L.
118. Human Rights and Policing / Mishra, R.C.
119. Human Rights and Refugees / Subramanya, N. (Dr.)
120. Human Rights and Social Justice / Narsimha, R.K.
121. Human Rights and Social Justice / Sharma, G.
122. Human Rights and Social Justice: Concept and Perception / Kanan, Satya P.
123. Human Rights and Social Realities / Khandela, Man Chand
124. Human Rights and Social Security in North-East India / Haokip, George T.
125. Human Rights and Social Security; 2 Volumes / Yadav, J.P. (Ed.)
126. Human Rights and Social Welfare / Kumar, Amit
127. Human Rights and Social Work: Issues, Challenge and Response / Kohli, A.S.
128. Human Rights and Sustainable Development / Kumar, Anuradha
129. Human Rights and Terrorism: Universal Dimensions and Jurisdiction / Subbian, A.
130. Human Rights and the Constitution / Saksena, K.P.
131. Human Rights and the Deprived / Rehman, Kanta
132. Human Rights and the Law: Universal and Indian / Diwan, P.
133. Human Rights and Women: A Global Perspective / Bhatnagar, Sanjeev
134. Human Rights Complaints Systems: International and Regional / Subbian, A.
135. Human Rights Concern of the Future / Bhargava, Gopal
136. Human Rights Development in India / Rathore, Dinesh Singh
137. Human Rights Development of Under Privileged / Kumar, Anuradha
138. Human Rights Developments in South Asia / Patil, V.T.
139. Human Rights Education / Mohanty, Jagannath
140. Human Rights Education / Muthuja, Babu; Usharani R. & Prasad Khagendra
141. Human Rights Education / Pathak, C.K.
142. Human Rights Education / Rao, D. Bhaskara (Ed.)
143. Human Rights Education: Conceptual and Pedagogical Aspects / Naseema, C.
144. Human Rights Global Issues / Mishra, Pramod (Ed.)
145. Human Rights Human Wrong / Gill, M.S.
146. Human Rights in a Developing Society / Biju, M.R.
147. Human Rights in Cultural and Religious Perspective / Joshi, Sarat C.
148. Human Rights in Developing Countries / Prasad, L.K. (Dr.)
149. Human Rights in Environmental Perspective / Joshi, Sarat C.
150. Human Rights in Global Perspectives / Basu, L.N.
151. Human Rights in India / Akhtar, Saud & Kumar, Pramod
152. Human Rights in India / Das, Asish Kumar & Mohanty, Prashant Kumar
153. Human Rights in India / Nirmal, Chiranjivi J. (Ed.)
154. Human Rights in India / Srivastava, Deep Kumar
155. Human Rights in India and Pakistan / Singh, Indu & Saxena, Ajay
156. Human Rights in India: Issues and Perspectives / Begum, S. Mehartaj (Dr.) (Ed.)
157. Human Rights in India: Problems and Perspectives / Sehgal, B.P.S.
158. Human Rights in Islam / Hussain, Shaikh Shaukat (Dr.)
159. Human Rights in Islam / Kumar, P.
160. Human Rights in Islam: The Modern Perspective; 2 Volumes / Syed, M.H. (Ed.)
161. Human Rights in Justice / Pal, Jagat
162. Human Rights in New World Order / Shamsi, Nayyar
163. Human Rights in Pre-Trial Detention / Upadhyay, Chandra Mohan
164. Human Rights in South Asia / Mishra, Pramod (Ed.)
165. Human Rights in the New Millennium / Shamsi, Nayyar (Ed.)
166. Human Rights in the World / Akhtar, Saud & Kumar, Pramod
167. Human Rights Law in India: Protection and Implementation of the Human Rights Act, 1993 / Harsh, Bhanwar Lal
168. Human Rights of Accused and Juveniles: Delinquent in Conflict with Law / Jaiswal, Jaishree
169. Human Rights of Dalits: Societal Violation / Pal, R.M. & Bhargava, G.S. (Eds.)
170. Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples; 2 Volumes / Gupta, Aman (Ed.)
171. Human Rights of Minority and Women's; 4 Volumes / Gupta, Indrani Sen (Ed.)
172. Human Rights of the Adopted Girl Child / Deshkar, Mangala V. (Dr.)
173. Human Rights of the Non-Citizen: Law and Reality / Bandyopadhyay, Rathin
174. Human Rights of Tribals; 2 Volumes / Thomas, John K. (Ed.)
175. Human Rights of Women / Roy, Ashine
176. Human Rights of Women in India / Sharma, Anjuli
177. Human Rights of Women: Legal Perspectives / Ramaswamy, B.
178. Human Rights of Women: National and International Perspectives / Reddy, D. Chenna
179. Human Rights Perspective on Detention and Prisoners / Mishra, Jagmohan
180. Human Rights Protection / Usmani, B.D.
181. Human Rights to Environment in India / Uddin, Mohd. Sharif
182. Human Rights Training; 2 Volumes / Subramanian, S. (Dr.)
183. Human Rights Violation / Kanmony, J. Cyril
184. Human Rights Violation: A Global Phenomenon / Sharma, Vinod
185. Human Rights Violation: Contemporary Concerns and Remedies / Mishra, Jagmohan
186. Human Rights Violation: Facts and Foes / Bhatnagar, Sanjeev
187. Human Rights Violations in Police Custody / Kumar, N. Krishna
188. Human Rights: A Broad Prospective / Tiwari, Ashok
189. Human Rights: A Compilation of International Instruments: Universal Instruments; Volume 1 (in 2 Parts)
190. Human Rights: Acts, Statutes and Constitutional Provisions; 2 Volumes / Gupta, D.N. & et. al.
191. Human Rights: An Interdisciplinary Approach / Freeman, Michael
192. Human Rights: Changing Perspectives / Subramanyam, I.
193. Human Rights: Concept and Standards / Symonides, Janusz (Ed.)
194. Human Rights: Concept, Issues, Emerging Problems / Soni, Suresh Kumar
195. Human Rights: Concern to the Future / Bahrgava, Gopal
196. Human Rights: Conflict to Build Peace / Bhargava, Gopal
197. The Human Rights: Conventions and Indian Law / Gupta, U.N.
198. Human Rights: Dimensions / Kanan, Satya P.
199. Human Rights: Dimensions and Issues; 2 Volumes / Kumar, Vijay (Ed.)
200. Human Rights: Evolution and Development / Kanan, Satya P.
201. Human Rights: Free and Equal / Shah, Giriraj & et. al.
202. Human Rights: Global Issues / Mishra, Promod
203. Human Rights: Global Perspectives / Kumar, Anuradha
204. Human Rights: International Challenges; 2 Volumes / Subramanian, S. (Dr.)
205. Human Rights: International Protection, Monitoring, Enforcement / Symonides, J. (Ed.)
206. Human Rights: Issues and Concepts / Kala, Vishal
207. Human Rights: Issues in India / Anuradha, K.P.
208. Human Rights: Many Sides to a Coin / N.S. Sreenivasulu
209. Human Rights: New Perspectives: New Realities / Pollis, Adamantia
210. Human Rights: Perspectives and Challenges / Sachar, Rajinder (Justice)
211. Human Rights: Problems and Solutions / Kartikeyan, D.R.
212. Human Rights: Standard for Right to Health / Malik, Aruna Kumar
213. Human Rights: Theories and Practice / Mohanasundaram, K.
214. Human Rights: Third Millennium Vision / Patil, V.T.
215. Human Rights: UN Initiatives / Rai, Rahul
216. Human Rights: Violations and the Law / Sahu, A.
217. Human Sacrifies and Religious Change: The Kondhs / Boal, Barbara M.
218. In Diasporic Lands: Tibetan Refugees and their Transformation since the Exodus / Basu, Sudeep
219. India and Human Rights: No.9-PRIS(POL) LARRDIS/98 / Gopalan, S. (Ed.)
220. India and Human Rights: Reflections / Sastry, T.S.N. (Ed.)
221. Indian Affairs Annual 2005: Chronology of Events (1 April 2004 to 31 March 2005) 9 Volumes / Gaur, Mahendra (Ed.)
222. Indian Affairs Annual 2006: Chronology of Events (1 April 2005 to 31 March 2006) 9 Volumes / Gaur, Mahendra (Ed.)
223. Indian Affairs Annual 2007; 9 Volumes / Gaur, Mahendra
224. Indian Affairs Annual 2008; 9 Volumes / Sengar, Shailendra
225. India's Global Human Rights Obligations: A Status Report; 2 Volumes / Sinha, P.C.
226. India's Human Rights Regime: A Comprehensive Presentation; 2 Volumes / Sinha, P.C.
227. International Dimension of the Human Rights; 4 Volumes / Chauhan, S.R. & Chauhan, N.S. (Eds.)
228. International Encyclopaedia of Human Rights; 7 Volumes (in 13 parts) / Rao, D. Bhaskara
229. International Human Rights Law / Ramaswamy, B.
230. International Human Rights; 6 Volumes / Rajkhowa, Subhram & Deka, Stuti
231. International Law and Human Rights (17th Edition) / Kapoor, S.K.
232. International Relations: Democracy and Human Rights / Vadkar, Praveen
233. Islamic Concepts of Human Rights / Assheha, Abdur Rehman
234. Islamic Views on Human Rights: Viewpoints of Iranian Scholars
235. Issues in Human Rights / Chowdhury, Azizur Rahman, Bhuiyan, Md. Jahid Hossain & Alam, Shawkat (Eds.)
236. Issues of Intellectual Property Rights / Chandra, Ramesh (Prof. & Ed.)
237. Kashmir Military and Human Rights / Teng, M.K. & et. al.
238. Key Concepts Human Rights / Freeman, Michael
239. Land, Labour and Rights: 10 Daniel Thorner Memorial Lectures / Thorner, Alice (Ed.)
240. Law Enforcement and Human Rights / Bhuimali, Anil
241. Legal Aid: Human Rights to Equality / Singh, S.
242. Manavadhikar aur Kartavya / Human Rights and Duties (in Hindi) / Natani, Prakash Narayan
243. Manavadhikar Aur Rajya: Badalte Sandharbh, Ubharte Aayam; (in Hindi) / Kaushik, A.
244. Manavadhikar Aur Sanyukt Rashtra Sangh / Chaturvedi, S.
245. Manavadhikar, Samajik Nyaya aur Bharat ka Samvidhan (2nd Revised Edition) (in Hindi) / Mal, Puran (Dr.)
246. Mass Media and Human Rights Development / Mehta, Abhinav Kumar
247. Meaning and Sources of Human Rights / Bahrgava, Gopal
248. Migrant Labour and Human Rights in India / Iyer, K. Gopal
249. Minorities and Human Rights in Bangladesh / Sengupta, Dipankar & et. al.
250. Monitoring International Human Rights / Rai, Rahul
251. National Human Rights Comission of India: Formation Functioning and Future Prospects; 2 Volumes / Ray, Arun
252. National Human Rights Commission of India Formation, Functioning and Future Prospects / Mohapatra, Arun Ray
253. New Dimensions and Challenges for Human Rights / Symonides, Janusz (Ed.)
254. NGOs and Protection of Human Rights / Dhingra, Rajni Malhotra
255. NGOs Human Rights Activism / Chandra, Puran
256. NGOs in the Human Rights Management / Aswal, B.S.
257. The Noxious Web: Insurgency in the North-East / Maitra, Kiranshankar
258. Origins of Human Rights / Aswal, B.S.
259. Perspectives in Human Rights Development / Sharma, R.S. & Sinha, R.K. (Eds.)
260. Perspectives on Human Rights / Dube, M.P. & et. al. (Eds.)
261. The Philosophical Understanding of Human Rights / Dhar, Benulal
262. Police, Crime and Human Rights / Kalyani, R.
263. Poverty and Human Rights of Women / Bhuimali, Anil
264. Printiples and Theories of Human Rights / Jha, Aditya
265. Prisoners of War: The Battle of their Human Rights / Flamingo, Curtis & et. al.
266. Property Rights of Women / Devi, K. Uma (Dr.)
267. Protecting Human Rights of Refugees: Issues and International Intervention / Joshi, Sarat C.
268. Protecting Human Rights: Role of State Human Rights Commissions in Northeast India / Roy, Anuj Kanchan Datta
269. Protection of Human Rights / Paul, R.C.
270. Protection of Human Rights National and International Perspectives as Amended by Protection of Human Right (Amendment) Act, 2019 (Act 19 of 2019) alongwith Allied Laws with Latest Case Laws (3rd Edition) / Muntaqim, Khwaja A.
271. Public Health Law, Ethics and Human Rights / Pattnaik, Pushpalata
272. Refugee and Human Rights / Sri Krishna, S. & Samudrala, Anil Kumar (Eds.)
273. Refugees and Human Rights / Patil, V.T. & et. al.
274. Refugees and Human Rights / Roy, S.K. (Ed.)
275. Reproductive Technology and Human Rights / Rathi, Seema (Dr.)
276. Right to Information (RTI) and Rural Development in India / Mishra, Sudhansu; Das, Sudhansu Kumar & Sahoo, Rajan Kumar
277. Right to Information: Implementing Information Regime / Sharma, Sarbjit & Gopal, Krishan
278. Rights of Allah and Human Rights / Shad, Abdur Rahman
279. Rights of Children / Gopalkrishnan, B.
280. Rights of Dalit / Samel, Swapna H.
281. Rights of the Disabled Persons / Rao, Digumarti Bhaskara
282. Rights of the Disabled: Perspective, Legal Protection and Issues / Singh, Awadhesh Kumar
283. The Role of National Human Rights Commission in Protection of Human Rights / Palai, Arun Kumar
284. Sanitation and Hygiene: Promoting Dignity and Human Rights / Ray, Sushma
285. Select World Constitutions; 2 Volumes / Sharma, Gokulesh (Dr.)
286. Situation of Human Rights in India / Paul, R.C.
287. Social Justice and Human Rights in India / Singh, Subhash Chandra (Dr.)
288. Social Justice and Human Rights in Islam / Singh, N.K.
289. Social Justice, Law and Human Rights / Assadi, Muzafer
290. Social Work and Human Rights / Ghosh, Sharda
291. Social Work and Human Rights / Gupta, Bhuvanesh (Dr.)
292. Social Work and Human Rights / Kumar, M.
293. Social Work and Human Rights: A Foundation for Policy and Practice / Reichert, Elisabeth
294. The Status of Dalit and Human Right in India / Rawat, Gyanendra Singh
295. Status of Human Rights in India / Rao, Ashwini (Dr.)
296. Structural Adjustment and Implications of Human Rights / Saibaba, G. & Rao, K. Sreenivasa
297. Structure and Functions of the United Nations Organisation / Singh, Sukhbir
298. Struggle for Human Rights: Nelson Mandela / Anand, Meena
299. Teaching Human Rights: A Handbook for Teacher Educators / Dhand, Harry
300. Teaching of Human Rights / Kaur, Manjot

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