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2101. Medieval Sinhalese Art: Being a Monograph on Medieval Sinhalese Arts and Crafts, Mainly as Surviving in the Eighteenth Century, With an Account of the Structure of Society and the Status of the Craftsmen / Coomaraswamy, Ananda K.
2102. Medieval Society and Culture / Husain, S.M. Azizuddin (Prof.)
2103. Megalithic Builders of South India: Archaeo-Anthropological Investigations on Human Skeletal Remains from Kodumanal / Mushrif-Tripathy, Veena; Rajan, K. & Walimbe, S.R. (Eds.)
2104. Megalithic Culture of the Godavari Basin / Murthy, Pulugundla Ramachandra (Dr.)
2105. Meghalaya: Past and Present / Joshi, H.G.
2106. Mein Kampf (My Struggle), 2 Volumes (bound in 1) / Adolf Hitler
2107. Meitei Family in Flux: An Empirical Study / Basanta, N.
2108. The Mekong River: Space and Social Theory / Sahai, Sachchidanand
2109. Memoirs and Correspondence of the Most Noble Richard Marquess Wellesley; 3 Volumes / Pearce, Robert Rouiere
2110. Memoirs of the Archaeological Survey of India, No. 1 to 69 (in 31 Bindings)
2111. Memorial Monuments in Ancient and Medieval India / Mishra, Ratan Lal
2112. Memory as History: The Legacy of Alexander in Asia / Ray, Himanshu Prabha & Potts, Daniel T. (Eds.)
2113. The Men Who Served Jammu and Kashmir / Bloeria, Sudhir S. (Dr.)
2114. Men Without Hats: Dialogue, Discipline and Discontent in the Madras Army, 1806-1807 / Hoover, James W.
2115. The Merchant and the State: The French in India (1666-1739); 2 Volumes / Ray, Aniruddha
2116. Meru Temples of Angkor: A New Historical Perspective / Jain, Jineshwar Das (Dr.)
2117. Mesolithic India / Misra, V.D. & Pal, J.N. (Eds.)
2118. Message of Global Family in the Vedics / Sharma, Indu
2119. Metal Implements in Ancient India: From Earliest Times Upto Circa 2nd Century B.C. / Upadhyaya, Jagdambaprasad
2120. Metal Technology in Medieval India / Mahmud, Syed Jafar
2121. Metalcrafts of Eastern India and Bangladesh / Chattopadhyay, P.K.
2122. Methodological Issues in Indian Archaeology / Paddayya, K.
2123. Methodology in Indological Research / Murti, M. Srimannarayana
2124. Methodology of Numismatic Study and History-Writing / Dubey, Sitaram (Ed.)
2125. Methods of Teaching History / Shukla, Chhaya
2126. Metro Rail Projects in India: A Study in Project Planning / Ramachandran, M.
2127. Mewat: Folklore, Memory, History / Gulati, G.D.
2128. Militancy in Kashmir: The Untold Saga of Counter Insurgency Operations / Soneja, A.C.
2129. Military Architecture in Ancient India / Mishra, Ratanlal
2130. Military Atlas of the First World War / Pagare, G.K.
2131. Military Costume and Accoutrements in Ancient India / Thapliyal, Uma Prasad
2132. Military Flags of India: From the Earliest Times / Thapliyal, U.P.
2133. Military History of British India: 1607-1947 / Bhatia, H.S. (Ed.)
2134. Military History of the World / Dixit, A.K.
2135. Millennium Trends in Travel and Tourism / Sethi, Praveen
2136. Minerals and Merals in Ancient India; 2 Volumes / Biswas, Arun Kumar & et. al.
2137. Minerals and Metals in Pre-Modern India / Biswas, Arun Kumar
2138. Miniatures from Central India: Nigam's Madhumalati by Nandlal / Misra, R.N. & Misra, Veena
2139. Mirza Haidar Dughlat as Depicted in Persian Sources (Original text, translated and introduced) / Haidar, Mansura (Comp. & Tr.)
2140. Missing Link of World Civilization Indo-Aryan Colonization / Verma, Vishnu Kant
2141. A Mission in Kashmir / Whitehead, Andrew
2142. Mizoram under the British Rule / Chatterjee, Suhas (Dr.)
2143. Mizoram: Past and Present / Joshi, H.G.
2144. Mlechchhas in Ancient India: Their History and Culture / Bhattacharyya, Alakananda
2145. Modern Haryana: History and Culture, 1803-1966 / Yadav, K.C.
2146. Modern History and Social Status of Women / Bakshi, S.R. & Sharma, S.R.
2147. Modern History of Constitutional Development: A Critical analysis / Bakshi, S.R. & Sharma, S.R.
2148. Modern History of India / Rajendra, K.V.
2149. Modern History of the World; 2 Volumes / Clare, I.S.
2150. A Modern India / Chopra, P.N. & et. al. (Eds.)
2151. Modern Indian History / Mathur, Ramprakash
2152. Modern Indian History / Mullick, Animesh
2153. Modern Indian History / Saharan, M.S.
2154. Modern Sikh Historiography: Analysis of Times of Maharaja Ranjit Singh by Baba Prem Singh Hoti / Samra, Mandeep Kaur
2155. Modern Sikh Studies and Historiography (1846-1947) / Singh, Nazer (Dr.)
2156. Modern Teaching of History / Sharma, Seema
2157. Modern UGC NET/SLET: History by A Team of Experts
2158. Modern World: A New Perspectives / Mishra, P.K.
2159. Modernity, Civilization and Conflict Resolution: Hermeneutical Explorations in Gandhian Thought / Dadhich, Rita
2160. Mogul India or Storia Do Mogor, 4 Volumes / Manucci, Niccolao
2161. Mohammad Ali Jinnah: The Great Enigma / Chavan, Sheshrao
2162. Mohammedan Theories of Finance: With an Introduction to Mohammedan Law Aghnides; 2 Volumes / Nicholas, P. Aghnides
2163. Mohan Singh's Waqai-Holkar / Sinh, Raghubir (Ed.)
2164. Mohenjo-Daro and the Indus Civilization: Being an Official Account of Archaeological Excavations at Mohenjo-Daro Carried out by the Government of India Between the Years 1922 and 1927, 3 Volumes / Marshall, Sir John (Ed.)
2165. Money and Credit in Indian History: From Early Medieval Times / Bagchi, Amiya Kumar (Ed.)
2166. Money, Income, Prices in 19th Century India / Brahmananda, P.R.
2167. The Monsoon War: Young Officers Reminisce - 1965 India-Pakistan War / Singh, Amarinder & Lieutenant General Tajindar Shergill, PVSM
2168. Monuments of Delhi: Architectural and Historical / Nath, R. & Nath, Ajay
2169. Monuments of India and the Indianized States: The Plans of Major and Notable Temples, Tombs, Places and Pavilions of Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Java, The Khamer, Pagan, Thiland, Vietnam and Malaysia from 3rd C. BCE to CE 1854 / Bunce, Fredrick W. (Prof.)
2170. Mother-Goddesses in Kathmandu / Tachikawa, Musashi
2171. Mugalkaleen Bharat / Paruthi, R.K. (Dr.)
2172. Mughal Administration / Saxena, Anil
2173. Mughal Chitrakatha / Mughal Paintings (in Hindi) / Deeba, Faraha (Dr.)
2174. Mughal Haram: Samkalin Rajneeti, Samaj, Sanskriti evam Mahilaye / Ahmad, Shamoon
2175. Mughal Kaleen Bharat / Verma, Dinanath
2176. Mughal Kaleen Bharat; (In Hindi) / Pruthi, R.K. (Dr.)
2177. Mughal Rule in India / Edwards, S.M. & Garrett, H.L.O.
2178. The Mughal State 1526-1750: Themes in Indian History / Alam, Muzaffar & Subrahmanyam, Sanjay (Eds.)
2179. The Mughal State and Culture 1556-1598: Selected Letters and Documents from Munshaat-i-Namakin / Zilli, Ishtiyaq Ahmad (Ed.)
2180. The Mughal Strategy of War / Sabahuddin, Abdul & Shukla, Rajshree
2181. Mughal Weapons in the Babur-nama / Pant, G.N.
2182. Mughal-Iranian Relations During Sixteenth Century / Barzegar, Karim Najafi
2183. The Mughals, the English and the Rulers of Awadh: From 1722 A.D. to 1856 A.D. (A Kaleidoscopic Study) / Qureshi, Afaq Hamid
2184. Muhajirs and the Nation: Bihar in the 1940s / Ghosh, Papiya & Ali, Kamran Asdar
2185. Multiple Histories: Culture and Society in the Study of Rajasthan / Babb, Lawrence A.
2186. Mumbai Factfile / O'Brien, Derek
2187. Museography for Ethno-Cultural Material / Das, A.K.
2188. Museum and Cultural Heritage of India / Banerjee, N.R.
2189. Music as History in Tamilnadu / Venkatasubramanian, T.K.
2190. Musings on Current Problems and Past Events / Limaye, Madhu
2191. Muslim Communities in Rajputana (During Medieval period) / Alam, Ishtiyaue
2192. Muslim Freedom Fighters of India; 3 Volumes / Ganjoo, S.
2193. Muslim Isolationism and Communalism; 4 Volumes / Johari, J.C. (Ed.)
2194. The Muslim Kashmir: 1320-1589 / Hassnain, Fida (Prof.)
2195. Muslim Kingdom of South / Saxena, Anil
2196. Muslim Rule in Deccan / Taher, Mohamed (Ed.)
2197. Muslim Rule in Medieval India / Verma, B.R. & Bakshi, S.R. (Eds.)
2198. Muslim Separatism and the Partition of India / Chakravarty, Debadutta
2199. Muslim Slave System in Medieval India / Lal, K.S.
2200. Muslims (India: 50 Years of Independence (1947-1997): Status, Growth and Development, Vol. 18) / Rizvi, S.H.M.; Roy, Shibani & Dutta, B.B.
2201. Muslims and India's Freedom Movement / Ahluwalia, Shashi & Ahluwalia, B.K.
2202. Muslims of India: Their Literature on Education, History Politics, Religion, Socio-Economic and Communal Problems / Haroon, Mohammed (Dr.)
2203. My Experiments with Truth or Evolution of the Science of Satyagraha: An Autobiography by Mahatma Gandhi / Kulasrestha, Mahendra (Ed.)
2204. My Life: A Fragment An Autobiographical Sketch of Maulana Mohamed Ali / Hasan, Mushirul (Ed.)
2205. My Second Wonderful Life: Courtesy Pakistani Massiah (Angel) and Role of Civil Society in Peace Making Between India and Pakistan / Luthra, V.P.
2206. My Years with Sheikh Abdullah: Kashmir 1971-1987 / Ahmad, Ghulam
2207. The Mysore Tribes and Castes; 5 Volumes / Iyer, L.K.A.
2208. Mystery of Death of Subhash Chandra Bose / Banerjee, Tapan
2209. The Nadars of Tamilnad: The Political Culture of a Community in Change / Hardgrave, Robert L.
2210. Naemet Ullah's History of Afghans / Dorn, Bernhard
2211. Nalanda to World Civilisation / Singh, Shambhu Prasad
2212. Narrative of the Indian Revolt: From its Outbreak to the Capture of Lucknow / Campbell, Sir Colin
2213. Narrative of Various Journeys in Balochistan, Afghanistan and the Panjab, including a residence in those countries from 1826 to 1838, 4 Volumes / Masson, Charles
2214. Narratives from the Margins: Aspects of Adivasi History in India / Gupta, Sanjukta Das & Basu, Raj Sekhar
2215. A Nation Flawed: Lessons from Indian History / Chopra, P.N.
2216. National Movement and Communal Strife in India from 1937 to 1947: A Study in Strategy and Interactions / Singh, Anshu
2217. National Movements in a Princely State / Mishra, S.C.
2218. Nationalism and British Raj / Bakshi, S.R.
2219. Nationalism in the Study of Ancient Indian History / Chakrabarti, Dilip K.
2220. Nationality and Empire / Pal, Bipin Chandra
2221. Natural History of Animals: The Animal Life of the World in its various Aspect and Relations; 4 Volumes / Davis, J.R. Ainsworth
2222. Natural History of the Himalayas / Hingston, R.W.G.
2223. The Nature of Man and Culture: Alternative Paradigms in Anthropology / Saraswati, Baidyanath (Ed.)
2224. The Nawabs of Savanur / Chitnis, K.N.
2225. Nayankara System in Andhra during Vijayanagara Period / Babu, M. Bosu (Dr.)
2226. Negotiating India's Past: Essays in Memory of Partha Sarathi Gupta / Pati, Biswamoy & et. al. (Eds.)
2227. Negotiating Religion: Perspectives from Indian History / Bahuguna, Rameshwar; Dutta, Ranjeeta & Nasreen, Farhat
2228. Nehru and Indian Nation Building / Prasad, Suraj Nandan (Dr.)
2229. Nehru and Modern India: An Anatomy of Nation-Building / Kumar, G. Gopa
2230. Nehru and Morality in Public Affairs / Pabla, A.S.
2231. Nehru in Parliament: On Social Economic and Foreign Policy / Prasad, Ambika
2232. Nehru, Tibet and China / Bhasin, A.S.
2233. Nehru's Kashmir / Sahni, Sati
2234. Nehru's Literary Writings / Chansoria, Alok (Dr.)
2235. Nehru's Political Life in Pre-Independent India / Kishor, Raghuwendra (Dr.)
2236. Neighbours Major Powers and Indian Foreign Policy / Chatterjee, Aneek
2237. The Neolithic Origins / Singh, Purshottam
2238. Nepal and China: A Historical Perspective / Bhattarai, Niranjan
2239. Nepal as a Factor in India's Security During Post Cold War Era / Kumar, Sanjay
2240. Nepal: An Historical Miscellany / Regmi, Mahesh C.
2241. Networks in the First Global Age: 1400-1800 / Mukherjee, Rila (Ed.)
2242. The New Cambridge History of India: European Commercial Enterprise in Pre-Colonial India / Prakash, Om
2243. New Facets of Indian Art, Architecture and Epigraphy / Padigar, S.B.; Shivanada, V. & Patil, C.B.
2244. The New Gresham Encyclopaedia of the World; 12 Volumes / Rappoport & et. al.
2245. A New Light Upon the History of Rani Laxmibai of Jhansi / Renick, M.S. (Dr.)
2246. New Nepal: The Fault Lines / Pandey, Nishchal
2247. New Perspectives on the History and Culture of Orissa / Panda, Shishir Kumar
2248. The New Universal Encyclopaedia; 20 Volumes / Hummerton
2249. The Nirankari Sikhs, 2nd Edition / Webster, John C.B.
2250. The Nizam: History and Relations with British Government; 2 Volumes / Briggs, Henry George
2251. The Nobility Under Akbar and Jahangir: A Study of Family Groups / Husain, Afzal
2252. Nobodies to Somebodies: The Rise of the Colonial Bourgeoisie in Sri Lanka / Jayawardena, Kumari
2253. Non-Aligned Movement: Upipolar World and Beyond / Pavithran, K.S.
2254. Non-Cooperation Techniques: The Critical Analysis / Sharma, B.L.
2255. Non-Cooperation to Independence 1920-1947 / Mittra, Sangh & Bakshi, S.R.
2256. Nonviolence As a Way of Life: History, Theory and Practice / Cicovacki, Predrag & Hess, Kendy (Eds.)
2257. The North-East Frontier of India, 1865-1914 / Choudhury, D.P.
2258. North-East India: Dispersion and Discontent; Historical, Cultural and Socio-Political and Perspectives; 2 Volumes / Chatterjee, Sarajit Kumar
2259. North-Western Provinces of India / Crooke, William
2260. Notable Mughal and Hindu Women in the 16th and 17th Centuries A.D. / Nath, Renuka
2261. Numerals in Orissan Inscriptions / Acharya, S.K.
2262. Numismatic Art of India; 2 Volumes / Mukherjee, B.N
2263. Numismatic History of Himachal Pradesh and the Catalogue of Coins in Himachal State Museum, Simla and Bhuri Singh: Museum, Chamba / Gupta, Parmeshwari Lal
2264. Oceans Connect: Reflections on Water Worlds Across Time and Space / Mukherjee, Rila (Ed.)
2265. The Odyssey of Emperor Asoka Maurya: Kalinga War to Universal Peace; 2 Volumes / Das, Manmath Nath
2266. Official History of Operations in Jammu and Kashmir (1947-48) / Prasad, S.N. (Dr.)
2267. Old Chipped Stones of India / Logan, A.C.
2268. Old English Morphology and Indo-European / Ray, B.K.
2269. On Alexander's Track to the Indus / Aurel Stein
2270. On Being and What There is Classical Vaisesika and the History of Indian Ontology / Balbfass, Wilhelm
2271. On China / Kissinger, Henry
2272. On Edge: The Afghan Passage / Kumar, Sandeep
2273. On Rational Historiography: An Attempt at Logical Construction of a Historiography of Science in India / Shekhawat, V.
2274. On the Chronicles of Ceylon / Law, B.C.
2275. On the Cultural Revolution in Tibet: The Nyemo Incident of 1969 / Goldstein, Melvyn C. with Jiao, Ben & Lhundrup, Tanzen
2276. Open Boundaries: Jain Communities and Cultures in Indian History / Cort, John E. (Ed.)
2277. The Opera in South India / Durga, S.A.K.
2278. Oral Tradition, Society and History / Pasayat, Chitrasen
2279. Orban's Oral Histology and Embrology / Bhaskar
2280. Orchha Paintings / Aruna
2281. Order of Kabirpanth during Modern India / Ranjan, Purnendu
2282. Oriental Commerce: Containing a Geographical Description of the Principal Places in the East Indies, China and Japan, 2 Volumes / Milburn, William
2283. Oriental Heritage: Art, Literature and Thought; 3 Volumes / Durant, Will
2284. Oriental Memoirs: Selected From a Series of Familiar Letters Written During Seventeen Years Residence in India; 4 Volumes / Forbes, James
2285. Origin and Growth of Feudalism in Early India: From the Mauryas to AD 650 / Chauhan, Gian Chand
2286. Origin of Indian Civilization / Singh, Bal Ram (Ed.)
2287. The Origin of the Life of a Human Being: Conception and the Female according to Ancient Indian Medical and Sexological Literature / Das, Rahul Peter
2288. Origin of Untouchability / Sharma, T.L.
2289. Original Documents Relating to Ranee Lakshmi Bai of Jhansi (1839-1859) / Gupta, Sudha
2290. Origins of Civilization: New Light and Fresh Perspectives on Ancient History / Sinha, Sureshwar D. & Mani, B.R. (Eds.)
2291. The Origins of the Islamic State: Being a Translation from the Arabic of the Kitab Futuh Al-Buldan; 2 Volumes / Murgotten, F.C.
2292. The Origins of the Kashmir Dispute and Pakistan / Ankit, Rakesh
2293. The Origins of War in South Asia / Ganguly, Sumit
2294. Orissa from Place Names in Inscriptions C. 260 B.C.-1200 A.D.: Cutural and Historical Geography / Mahajan, Malati (Ed.)
2295. Orissa Through the Ages; 4 Volumes / Bakshi, S.R. & Sharma, B.L. (Ed.)
2296. Orissa: History, Art and Culture (Rare Book) / Rath, Bijaya Kumar & Patnaik, Satyendra
2297. Orissan History, Culture and Archaeology / Pradhan, S.
2298. Ornaments of Orissa / Mohapatra, R.P.
2299. Other Backward Class Revolution in India / Singh, Naunihal
2300. The Other Kashmir: Society, Culture and Politics in the Karakoram Himalayas / Warikoo, K. (Ed.)
2301. Our Freedom Struggle 1857-1947 / Sharma, Shri Ram
2302. Our History, Their History: The Contrasting Historical Narratives of East and West / Cheema, G.S.
2303. Outline History of the World; 2 Volumes / Wells, H.G.
2304. An Outline of Modern World History (1500-1950 A.D.) / Jain, Hukam Chand & Mathur, Krishna Chandra
2305. Outlines of the History of Religion: To the Spread of the Universal Religions / Tiele, C.P.
2306. The Oxford Companion to Modern Warfare in India: From the Eighteenth Century to Present Times / Roy, Kaushik
2307. Paidigutta Excavations: A Proto Historic Site in Lower Thungabhadra Valley Mahaboobnagar District, Andhra Pradesh / Sastry, D.L.N.
2308. Paisra: The Stone Age Settlement of Bihar / Jaiswal, Vidula & Pant P.C.
2309. Pakistan at the Crosscurrent of History / Ziring, Lawrence
2310. Pakistan Betrayed Bangladesh: Rediscovering the War / Singh, N.B. (Retd. Air Cmde.)
2311. Pakistan Insight / Devasher, Tilak (Ed.)
2312. Pakistan or the Partition of India / Ambedkar, B.R. (Dr.)
2313. Pakistan Resolution to Pakistan 1940-1947 / Sherwani, L.A.
2314. Pakistan, Afghanistan and Balochistan: The Distrubed Areas / Mishra, K.N. (Dr.)
2315. Palace Culture of Lucknow / Hasan, Amir
2316. Palaeohistory of India / Jaiswai, Vidula
2317. Palaeohistory of Man and His Culture / Dutta, Asok
2318. Paleography of Bhrami Script / Verma, T.P.
2319. The Palestine Question A Historical Perspective / Hussain, Fatima & Shamsi, Fareed Ali
2320. Pancatantra: Recent Researches in Indian Archaeology; 2 Volumes / Suresh, K.M.; Kotraiah, C.T.M. & Somashekhar, S.Y. (Eds.)
2321. Pancharamas in Medieval Andhradesa / Krishna, Kumari M.
2322. Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru / Ranjan, Ravi & Singh, M.K.
2323. Pangs of Partition; 2 Volumes / Settar, S. & Gupta, Beptista (Eds.)
2324. Panorama of Indian Culture; 4 Volumes / Manihara, Utsav & Peter, Rohan
2325. Panorama of Modern Indus Valley / Khilnani, N.M.
2326. Paper Respecting the Succession by Adoption of Sovereign Princes in India / Colebrooke, Sir Edward
2327. Paradigms of Dissent and Protest: Social Movements in Eastern India (c.AD 1400-1700) / Mallik, Basanta Kumar
2328. Paradise at War: A Political History of Kashmir / Kumar, Radha
2329. Paradox of Participation; 5 Volumes / Kumar, Raj (Dr.)
2330. The Parchment of Kashmir: History, Society, and Polity / Khan, Nyla Ali (Ed.)
2331. Parmeshwari Lal Gupta's Coins and History of Medieval India / Garg, Sanjay (Comp. & Ed.)
2332. Participatory Decentralised Planning: Issues and Experiences with Reference / Sau, Sachinandan
2333. Partisans of Allah: Jihad in South Asia / Jalal, Ayesha
2334. Partition and Genocide Manifestation of Violence in Punjab 1937-1947 / Hansen, Anders Bjorn
2335. Partition of India and its Impact on the Scheduled Castes of Bengal / Barman, Rupkumar
2336. Partition of India, Indo-Pak Wars and the UNO / Grover, V. & Arora, R.
2337. Partition of Punjab-1947 (India and Pakistan) / Singh, Kirpal (Dr.)
2338. Partition, Indo-Pak Relations and Kashmir / Puniyani, Ram
2339. Past of the Present: A Historical Quest / Al-Ahmed, Saikh Md. Sabah
2340. Pathway to India's Partition, 3 Volumes / Prasad, Bimal
2341. Peace and Bread in Time of War / Addams, Laura Jane
2342. Peasant Movement in PEPSU, Punjab / Singh, Mohinder
2343. Peasant Movements in Rajasthan / Sharma, B.K.
2344. Peasant Paddy Production Indebtedness and Dispossession: A Study of Bengal Districts 1901-1941 / Sanyal, Manoj Kumar
2345. Peasants, Landlords, and Princes in East Punjab States (1920-1956) / Gajrani, S.D.
2346. Penugonda Fort: A Defence Capital of Vijayanagara Empire History, Art & Culture / Vasantha, R.
2347. The People and Culture of Jammu-Kashmir-Ladakh / Dewan, Parvez (IAS)
2348. People of the Maldive Islands / Maloney, Clarence
2349. A People's Collector in the British Raj: Arthur Galletti / Stoddart, Brian
2350. People's Movements in the Princely States / Vaikuntham, Y. (Ed.)
2351. Peoples of All Nations: Their Life Today and Story of Their Past; 14 Volumes (An Illustrated World Gazetteer written by 70 World's Scholars) / Hammerton, J.A. (Ed.)
2352. The Peoples of India: A Continuing Series; Volumes 1-36
2353. Peoples of the World / Ferrera, Mirella
2354. People's Role in 1857 Uprising: Delhi and Neighbouring Region / Singh, Vir (Ed.)
2355. The Periplus of the Erythraean Sea: Travel and Trade in the Indian Ocean by a Merchant of the First Century / Schoff, Wilfred H.
2356. Personalities and Legends of J & K / Ahmad, Hilal & Meena, S.
2357. Personality Behind Oration: Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah (Agreements, Speeches and Statements) / Gockhami, Abdul Jabbar (Dr.)
2358. Perspectives in History and Nature of Geography / Husain, Majid
2359. Perspectives on Indian National Movement: Selected Correspondence of Lala Lajpat Rai / Dhanki, Joginder Singh (Ed.)
2360. Perspectives on Indian Socety and History: A Critique / Jha, Hetukar (Ed.)
2361. Perspectives on Modern, Economic & Social History / Sharma, B.K.
2362. Perspectives on Orissa: Cultural-Intellectual Contributions / Mohapatra, P.K. & Pradhan R.C. (Ed.)
2363. Perspectives on Sikh Gurdwaras Legislation / Gandhi, S.S.
2364. Perspectives on Sikh Gurus / Singh, Kirpal (Dr.)
2365. Perspectives on Sikh Religion and History / Dhillon, G.S.
2366. Perspectives on South Asia; 5 Volumes / Chopra, J.K.
2367. Peshwa Maratha Relations and Malhar Rao Holkar / Nagarale, N.N.
2368. Phila India 2008: Guide Book (1800-2007)
2369. Philosophical Consciousness and Scientific Knowledge: Conceptual Linkages and Civilizational Background (History of Science, Philosophy and Culture in Indian Civilisation, Volume XI, Part 1) / Chattopadhyaya, D.P. & Sen Gupta, A.K. (Eds.)
2370. A Philosophy for nefa: North East Frontier Agency / Elwin, Verrier
2371. Philosophy of History: Some Reflections on North-East India / Daniel, S.C. (Dr.)
2372. The Philosophy of Saivism: History Philosophy and Literature of Saivism; 2 Volumes / Kapoor, Subodh (Ed.)
2373. Physical Education in Ancient India / Deshpande, S.H. (Dr.)
2374. Piecing Together: Memoirs of an Archaeologist / Lal, B.B.
2375. Pilgrim Shrines of India: Mythology, Archaeology, History and Art / Khanna, Amar Nath
2376. Pillars of Modern Indian 1757-1947 / Mahmud, Sayed Jafar
2377. Plain Tales From the Raj / Allen, Charles (Ed.)
2378. Plant Myths and Traditions in India / Gupta, Shakti M.
2379. Plants in Ancient Indian Civilizations / Sinh, Ajay
2380. Playing for Freedom: A Historic Sports Victory / Bandyopadhyay, Kausik
2381. Plight of Indian Muslims After Partition / Rehman, Habibur
2382. Political and Cultural History of Mughal India / Jha, Ajay Kumar
2383. Political and Cultural History of Orissa / Panda, S.K.
2384. The Political Biography of a Mughal Noble: Munim Khan-i-Khanan 1497-1575 / Khan, Iqtidar Alam
2385. Political Parties of Jammu and Kashmir / Shah, Mushtaq Ahmad & Meena, S.
2386. Political Thought in Ancient India: Emergence of the State, Evolution of Kingship and Inter-State Relations based on the Saptanga Theory of State / Singh, G.P.
2387. Political Thought in Mahabharatha / Kasim, K.
2388. Political Thoughts in India (400 B.C. 1980) / Appadorai, A.
2389. Political Views and Thoughts of Nehru / Gusain, H.K.
2390. Political, Legal and Military History of India; 10 Volumes / Bhatia, H.S. (Ed.)
2391. Political, Legal and War Philosophy in Ancient India / Bhatia, H.S. (Ed.)
2392. The Politics of Trade: Anglo-French Commerce on the Coromandel Coast 1763-1793 / Sinha, Arvind
2393. Polyandry in Ancient India / Singh, Sarva Daman
2394. Polygamy and Purdah: Women and Society among Rajputs / Joshi, Varsha
2395. Popular Culture and Religion in Medieval India / Babu, Victor
2396. Popular Translations of Nationalism Bihar: 1920-1922 / Singh, Lata
2397. Population: Today and Tomorrow - Policies Theories and Methodologies, 3 Volumes / IUSSP
2398. Portraits of India's Parliamentarians for the New Millennium, Vol.1: Lok Sabha / Rajamani, R.C.
2399. Portrayal of the Women in Art, Architecture of Ancient Deccan / Deglurker, G.B. (Dr.)
2400. The Portuguese in Malabar: A Social History of Luso Indians / Dias, Charles

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