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3001. Trivikrama Bhatta and His Times / Sharma, Rajendra Prasad
3002. The True India: A Plea for Understanding / Andrews, C.F.
3003. Trumpets and Tumults: The Memoirs of a Peace Keeper / Rikhye, Indar Jit
3004. The Turning Points: 1965 War / Singh, Sonnia
3005. The Tuzuk-i-Jahangiri or Memoirs of Jahangir, 2 Volumes / Beveridge, Henry (Ed.)
3006. The Twentieth Century Encyclopaedia; 3 Volumes / Morris, Charles
3007. Twentieth Century World / Mathur, L.P.
3008. Twenty Five Years in Kashmir / Ray, John
3009. Twenty Years of Economic Reforms in India: 1991-2011 / Sury, M.M.
3010. Twilight of the Past: Probing Indian History and Archaeology / Chandramouli, N.
3011. Twilight of the Pepper Empire: Portuguese Trade in Southwest India in the Early Seventeenth Century / Disney, A.R.
3012. Tyranny of Partition: Hindus in Bangladesh and Muslims in India / Kerkhoff, Kathinka Sinha
3013. Udayana: New Horizons in History, Classics and Inter-Cultural Studies (Essays in Honour of Professor Udai Prakash Arora) / Sinha, Atul Kumar & Singh, Abhay Kumar (Eds.)
3014. Under the Painted Eyes: A Story of Nepal / Mehlar, Rerd
3015. Understanding Bhagat Singh / Lal, Chaman
3016. Understanding Harappa: Civilization in the Greater Indus Valley, 4th Edition / Ratnagar, Shereen
3017. Understanding Kashmir and Kashmiris / Snedden, Christopher
3018. Understanding North East India: Cultural Diversities, Insurgency and Identities / Rajput, Madhu (Ed.)
3019. Undivided India: Orientalism and Society (1865-1919) / Singh, Nazer
3020. Unfolding Indian Elections: Journey of the Living Democracy / Election Commission of India
3021. United Nations Peacekeeping Operations India's Participation: Select and Completed Mission: Post-Cost War Period / Satyanarayana, R. (Dr.)
3022. The United Provinces Through the Ages; 3 Volumes / Bakshi, S.R.
3023. The United States of America: A History / Parkes, Henry Bamford
3024. United States Policy towards Egypt 1953-1958: A Reappraisal / Arya, Anita Nahal
3025. Universal History of Music / Tagore, Raja Sir S.M.
3026. Unsealing the Indus Script Anatomy of its Decipherment / Shendge, Malati J.
3027. Untouchability and Caste System in India / Naronakar, A.R.
3028. The Untouchables: Who were they and why they Became Untouchables / Ambedkar, B.R. (Dr.)
3029. Uprising of 1857: A Movement that Defined India of August 15, 1947 / Reddy, Devireddy Subramanyam
3030. Urban Crafts and Craftsmen in Medieval India; (Thirteenth - Eighteenth Centuries) / Vanina, Eugenia
3031. Urban Development in Ancient India / Chakravarti, Adhir
3032. Uttar Pradesh Through the Ages / Husain, Afzal & Jafri, S.Z.H. (Eds.)
3033. Uttar Vedic Samaj evam Sanskriti (in Hindi) / Rao, Vijay Bahadur (Dr.)
3034. Uttarakhand Sangeet evam Sanskarti / Yajurvedi, Sarita Pathak (Dr.)
3035. Uttaranchal Etihasik Avem Sanskritik Aayam; (in Hindi) / Thapliyal, Uma Prasad
3036. Uttaranchal: Historical and Cultural Perspectives / Thapliyal, Uma Prasad
3037. Uttar-Purva Bharat ka Itihaas (inHindi) / Verma, Rajesh
3038. The Vaipheis: Their History and Culture / Suantak, Joseph
3039. Vajrasuci of Asvaghosa and The Concept of Varna-Jati Through the Ages / Bhardwaj, Ramesh
3040. Values We Share: World Heritage Sites in the India - ASEAN Region / Ray, Himanshu Prabha
3041. Vande Mataram and Islam / Mazumdar, Aurobindo
3042. Varanasi Vista Early Views of the Holy City / Mahajan, Jagmohan
3043. Varanasi: Myths and Scientific Studies / Jayaswal, Vidula (Ed.)
3044. The Varied Facets of History: Essays in Honour of Aniruddha Ray / Alam, Ishrat & Hussain, Syed Ejaz (Eds.)
3045. The Varied Facets of Indian History and Culture / Ansari, Ishrat Husain; Tewari, Yogeshwar & Nazir, Parwez (Eds.)
3046. Varuneya Kshetra ka Puratatvika Itihas [in Hindi] / Yadav, Surendra Kumar
3047. The Vedic Age and the Coming of Iron c. 1500-700 B.C. / Habib, Irfan & Thakur, Vijay Kumar
3048. Vedic and Harappan Culture / Kumar, Pushpendra (Prof.)
3049. Vedic Heritage for Global Harmony and Peace in Modern Context / Dwivedi, Surendra N. & Singh, Bal Ram (Eds.)
3050. Vedic India: A History / Ajithkumar, M.P.
3051. Vedic Sacrifices Early Nature: Some Problems and Discussions; 2 Volumes / Dange, Sadashiv Ambadas
3052. Vedic Sahitya ka Itihas / History of Vedic Literature (in Hindi) / Jain, Kunwarlal (Dr.)
3053. Vedic Studies / Kulkarni, Nirmala R.
3054. Vedic Studies (in Hindi) / Tiwari, Shashi
3055. Vedic Studies: Language, Texts, Culture, and Philosophy / Hock, Hans Henrich (Ed.)
3056. Vedic Tradition and Modern Crisis / Kumar, Pushpendra (Ed.)
3057. Verbal Forms in the Rgveda / Devi, Shantipriya
3058. Vestiges of Old Madras (1640-1800); 4 Volumes / Love, Henry Davison
3059. Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit: Role in Freedom Movement and Diplomacy / Gajrani, Shiv & Ram, S. (Drs.)
3060. Vijayanagara: Archaeological Exploration, 1900-2000 Papers in Memory of Channabasapa S. Patil; 2 Volumes / Fritze, M. John; Brubaker, P. Robert; & Raczek, P. Teresa (Eds.)
3061. Vijayanagara: Architectural Inventory of the Sacred Centre; 3 Volumes / Michell, George & et. al.
3062. Village Culture of Orissa Under the British: A Case Study of South Orissa / Mahankuda, Bipra Charan
3063. Violence in Society: The Formative Years / Vas, E.A.
3064. Violence, Martyrdom and Partition: A Daughter's Testimony / Datta, Nonica
3065. Vishnugupta Chanakya: The Architect of India's Destiny / Gupta, Virendra Kumar
3066. Vishva Aayurvigyan ka Itihas (in Hindi) / Mehta, Bhanushankar (Dr.)
3067. Vishwa Itihas Ka Vishwakosh / Encyclopaedia of World History; 6 Volumes (in Hindi) / Sharma, Rashmi & Sharma, Mahesh
3068. Vishwa-Sabhyatao ka Itihas (in Hindi) / Chandra, Ray Govind (Dr.)
3069. Visible Heritage: Essays on the Art and Architecture of Great Ladakh / Linrothe, Rob & Heinrich Poll (Eds.)
3070. A Vision of United India: Problems and Solutions / Reddy, Kittu (Prof.)
3071. Visit to High Tartary Yarkand and Kashgar / Shaw, Robert
3072. Visvakarmiya Rathalakshanam: A Study in Ancient Indian Chariots (with a Historical note, References, Sanskrit Text and Translation in English) / Kulkarni, R.P.
3073. Voices of Indian Freedom Movement; 10 Volumes (in 32 parts) / Johari, J.C.
3074. Wajid Ali Shah: The Tragic King / Sinh, Ranbir
3075. Wandering Along the Himalayan Foothills and Beyond: A Veterans Travelogue / Gahatraj, Mani K. (Col.) (Retd.)
3076. Wanderings Through the Garhwal Himalaya / Saili, Ganesh
3077. War Against the Planet: The Fifth Afghan War, Imperialism, and Otehr Assorted Fundamentalisms / Prashad, Vijay
3078. War and Diplomacy in Kashmir, 1947-48 / Dasgupta, C.
3079. War History of Indian Army / Prashad, Rameshwar
3080. Warfare in Ancient India - In Historical Outline / Basu, Soma
3081. Warfare in Ancient India: Organizational and Operational Dimensions / Thapliyal, Uma Prasad
3082. Warfare, Religion, and Society in Indian History / Aquil, Raziuddin & Roy, Kaushik (Eds.)
3083. Warren Hasting: Indian Rulers / Hunter, Sir William Wilson
3084. Warren Hastings: The First Governor-General of India / Prakash, Om (Ed.)
3085. Water Conduits in the Kathmandu Valley, 2 Volumes / Raimund O.A. Becker-Ritterspach
3086. Water Polity and Kashmir / Ali, Rao Farman
3087. Ways of Understanding the Human Past: Mythic, Epic, Scientific and Historic / Chattopadhyaya, D.P.
3088. We Lived Together / Settar, S. & et. al. (Eds.)
3089. Wellington: The Iron Duke / Haythornthwaite, Philip
3090. West German Realpolitik: Unification, EU and European Security, 1949-95 / Bava, Ummu Salma
3091. Western India in Historical Transition / Kotani, Hiroyuki
3092. What Congress and M.K. Gandhi have done to the Untouchables / Ambedkar, B.R. (Dr.)
3093. What is Postmodernism? / Kaviraj, Narahari
3094. When Generals Failed: The Chinese Invasion (Abdication from Battle: Tawang, Sela and Bomdila - 1962) / Khullar, Brig. Darshan (Retd.)
3095. Where Mortals and Mountain Gods Meet: Society and Culture in Himachal Pradesh / Thakur, Laxman S.
3096. White and Black: Journey to the Centre of Imperial Calcutta / Das, Soumitra & Taylor, Christopher
3097. Who Says Akbar Was Great ? / Oak, P.N.
3098. Who Were the Shudras? How they came to be the Fourth Varna in the Indi-Aryan Society / Ambedkar, B.R. (Dr.)
3099. Who's Who in the History of Punjab (1800-1849) / Saggar, Balraj
3100. Why? The Deeper History Behind the September 11th Terrorist Attack on America / Smith, J.W.
3101. Will the Iron Fence Save A Tree Hollowed by Termites? Defence Imperatives beyond the Military / Shourie, Arun
3102. Wingate's Raiders: An Account of the Incredible Adventure that Raised the on the Battle for Burma / Rolo, Charles J.
3103. Wings of Fire: An Autobiography / Kalam, A.P.J. Abdul & Tiwari, Arun
3104. The Wisdom of Ananda Coomaraswamy / Singam, S. Durai Raja
3105. Wit and Humour in Colonial North India / Hasan, Mushirul
3106. Without Baggage: A Personal Account of The Jammu and Kashmir Operations (1947-49) / Vas, E.A.
3107. Witness to Tibet's History / Wangyal, Baba Phuntsok
3108. Women and the Indian Freedom Struggle; 7 Volumes / Kumar, Raj; Devi, Rameshwari & Pruthi, Romila
3109. Women in Ancient and Medieval India / Chandel, Bhuvan (Ed.)
3110. Women in Ancient India: Vedic to Vatsyayana / Sinha, S.N. & Basu, N.K.
3111. Women in Early Medieval North India / Pal, Raj
3112. Women in India's Freedom Struggle / Mody, Nawaz B. (Ed.)
3113. Women's Education in Ancient and Muslim Period / Sharma, S. Ram
3114. Women's Movement and Freedom Struggle / Kumar, Raj & et. al.
3115. The Wonder That Was India; 2 Volumes / Basham, A.L. & Rizvi, S.A.A.
3116. The Wonders of the World; 4 Volumes / Johnston, Sir Harry & et. al.
3117. Wondrous Whispers of Wisdom from Ancient India; 3 Volumes / Subramanian, V.K.
3118. The Word of Lalla: Known also as: Laleshwari, Lalla Yogeshwari & Lalishri Between 1300-1400 A.D. / Temple, Richard Carnac
3119. World Civilizations and India / Madan, G.R.
3120. World Encyclopaedia of Islamic Empires; 5 Volumes / Husain, Syed Akhtar
3121. World Encyclopaedia of Nations and Nationalites; 17 Volumes (in 34 parts) / Ravenstein, E.G. & Keane, A.H. (Eds.)
3122. World Encyclopaedia of Women Who Shaped History / Bennice, Warren G.
3123. World Great Philosophers / Kumar, Raj & Kulkarni, Jagmohan
3124. The World of Fatwas or the Shariat in Action / Shourie, Arun
3125. World of Great Muslims: A Biographical Dictionary (5 Volumes) / Shewan, M.A.
3126. The World of Kuki People / Haokip, P.S.
3127. The World of Rock Art: An Overview of the Five Continents / Malla, Bansi Lal (Ed.)
3128. World Vedic Heritage: A History of Histories; 2 Volumes / Oak, P.N.
3129. World's Five Great Monarchies: The History, Geography & Antiquities; 4 Volumes / Rawlinson, George (1812-1902)
3130. The World's Great Speeches / Iyer, Vijaylakshmi
3131. World's Greatest Scientists / Srivastava, Kamal S.
3132. Writers and Poets of Jammu and Kashmir / Ahmad, Hilal & Prakash, A. (Eds.)
3133. Writers, Editors and Reformers: Social and Political Transformantions of Maharashtra / Wagle, N.K. (Ed.)
3134. Xuan Zhang's Mission to the West with Monkey King / Bhat, Rama B.
3135. Yadavas through the Ages, 2 Volumes / Yadav, J.N. Singh
3136. Yogi Heroes and Poets: Histories and Legends of the Naths / Lorenzen, David N. & Munoz, Adrian (Eds.)
3137. The Young Husband Expedition (To Lhasa): An Interpretation / Mehra, Purshotam
3138. Youth at the Crossroads: A Study of North East India / Bora, Shiela & Goswami, SD (Eds.)
3139. Yuktikalpataru of Sribhojaraja: Sanskrit text with Hindi translation by Dr. Bhagwatilal Rajpurohit
3140. Zanskar to Ziro: No Stilettos in the Himalayas / Sen, Sohini
3141. Ziyauddin Barani's Tarikh-i-Firoz Shahi / Hamadani, S.M. Azizuddin Husain (Ed.) (Prof.)

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